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11.10.2010 18:14
Video: Portland Rally to Defend Public Education
Portland Oregon Student Rally held at Portland State University on October 7, 2010, as part of a national day of action to defend education.

The first speaker sets the theme for the event by calling attention to the reasons for this nationwide action: "education continues to be attacked by budget cuts, privatization, faculty and teacher lay offs, rising tuition, etc."
She then goes a little into the history of the student rebellion against this crisis, the successful March 4th 2010 Student Strike and the subsequent organizing.

The second speaker begins by "wanting to know where my money is?" She answers that much of our money is going to the bloated military budget and elaborates just what that amount of money could do for the people of this country.

The third speaker, a lawyer, talks at length about what people can do to save education.

Video is about 14 minutes in length.
Portland Rally to Defend Public Education


10.10.2010 14:47
Mavi Marmara and Piracy
Mavi Marmara We must do more, "If Not Now, When?

Ken O'Keefe And The Night of Terror
PSU, Portland, Oregon

I went to a lecture by Ken O'Keefe, at PSU on Friday night, October 8th and was stunned to find a person struggling with many of the same concepts of non-violent action as I have for over forty years. I was tired and going to things is getting harder, but I wanted to make sure he was greeted with the respect and support for the work he does for all of us. He is one of my heroes!

There were over a hundred people in attendance and there was standing room only as I arrived a few minutes late, (taking Public Transportation is getting less and less reliable.) I was happy to see many people I knew and Joe-Anybody was there with his video equipment so you will be able to see the lecture in its entirety; it was great!

The presentation gave us some feeling for what it was like during the assault on the flotilla that tried to bring aide to people who are dying from minor illnesses because of our blockade of Gaza. Yes, I know that I said "Our" because I mean that we, the United States, allow this madness to continue; day after day.

Ken O'Keefe, from my perspective, was telling us we have the responsibility; not our politicians or leaders, it is us!

[PIMC Link: Video of Event]


08.10.2010 07:54
Video: Robin Hahnel Discussion on Participatory Democracy - Portland 9.26.10
video: Robin Hahnel HOLA (HANDS OFF LATIN AMERICA) which is part of PCASC (Portland Central Solidarity Committee) held a discussion on "Participatory Democracy". This event discussed alternatives to the current failing capitalist system.

Professor of Economics
Robin Hahnel

A radical economist and political activist. Robin is Professor Emeritus at American University in Washington, D.C. where he taught in the Department of Economics from 1976 - 2008. Currently he is a visiting professor at Lewis & Clark College and Portland State University in Portland Oregon, while he has also served as a visiting professor or economist in Cuba, Peru and England. Politically he considers himself a proud product of the New Left and is sympathetic to libertarian socialism.

This was a great discussion on Participatory Democracy


05.10.2010 11:06
US Coast Guard admittedly spied in Olympia Activist circles
Clinton Donald Colvin has asked the court to remove him from the lawsuit against him and US Army employees who were caught spying on activists in Olympia, claiming that he was doing law enforcement and not impacting our First Amendment rights.

[L]ink to www.olyblog.net

The motion, filed on Sept. 30, argues that the Posse Comitatus Act, a federal law barring the military from engaging in domestic law enforcement duties, does not apply to the Coast Guard. [...]


03.10.2010 15:22
Is THIS, then, what democracy looks like?
Water cannons move in Some authors and even grassroots activists sometimes mention the European model as a way forward, into a smoother running capitalist society. An example this week is Steven Hill's "Dispatches from Europe".

But the argument against their pro-European positions is remarkable simple:

People here in Europe spend their days fighting against government policies favoring industry and elites, just the same way people everywhere else in the world do. Cars burn, factories are occupied, cops crack skulls.

There is nothing progressive or democratic about Europe. The vestiges of progressive labor laws and social safety nets are the result of CENTURIES of workers struggling at the grassroots level. They have absolutely nothing to do with Europe as a whole, or European bureaucrats in Brussels.



28.09.2010 09:40
Photos of Protest against police violence 9/25
Over a hundred people rallied and marched yesterday in downtown Portland against police violence, and the murders of Aaron Campbell, Jack Collins, James Chasse, Jr. and Keaton Otis. The rally and march was organized by the Albina Ministerial Alliance Coalition, which has called for an independent Police Review Committee to investigate and oversee the use of excessive violence by the police against civilians and the need to open police union contract talks to the public.

Reverend Dr. LeRoy Haynes of the AMA Coalition said, "The main goal of the rally is to continue mobilizing the community for justice and police reform....Our work is not done." While I was glad to see folks who showed up for the march, I wish more had come to voice their outrage at the police murdering people and getting away with it, and to support the ongoing struggle against police violence and lack of accountability. I think the issue goes beyond holding the police accountable for their actions; it's also crucial to examine and question the role of the police in society--who do they really "serve and protect"and why?

[related video / picture link]


26.09.2010 17:15
Anti-fascists Expose Neo-Nazis in the Oregon Black Metal Scene
volksfront On September 2 to September 5, the white supremacist organization Volksfront International held their "Althing" gathering on private land in Missouri, at the "Samuel Weaver Memorial Hall" approximately an hour outside of St. Louis. Rose City Antifascists noted with interest that one of the musical acts billed for Volksfront's gathering was the Oregon "National Socialist Black Metal" (NSBM) band Immortal Pride. Immortal Pride is part of a network of racist musical acts allied to Blood & Honour American Division, which is in turn largely guided by Volksfront. This is the first time that Immortal Pride has played a major neo-Nazi gathering. In recognition of this development, Rose City Antifascists wish to draw attention to the main forces in the neo-Nazi black metal underground in Oregon today, with the hope that they can be countered from both within and without the metal scene.

Volksfront was founded in 1994 within the Oregon prison system, but now organizes in several other regions in North America, and has also spread to other continents, with divisions in Europe and Australia. Volksfront also remains the dominant neo-Nazi organization in Oregon. The organization has a long history of violence in the Northwest, including the 2003 murder of Mark Randall Townsend, a homeless man in Tacoma, Washington, by the leader of a probationary Volksfront unit and his associates.


25.09.2010 19:27
class warfare: houseless person arrested for resting near abandoned downtown building
houseless person: This is a brief account of the detainment and arrest of a houseless person on the streets of downtown Portland, near the intersection of NW Hoyt St. & NW 4th Ave. This happened Thursday, September 23 @ 3PM.

I was biking down the street at about 3PM, and noticed that there were four officers on horseback surrounding a houseless person. The black male-bodied houseless person was charged with trespassing while outside this abandoned building, where they were resting under an overhang to avoid the rainfall.

For about 20 minutes four white officers questioned the houseless person and made small talk. Officers were on the radio numerous times, relaying information and calling for backup.

At about 3.20PM a fifth officer arrived in a police cruiser. This officer pulled out an electronic fingerprinting device, and attempted to fingerprint and ID the houseless person. The houseless person did not have ID, and did not want to be fingerprinted. He put his hands underneath his legs, and was rocking back and forth, afraid of physical violence. He yelled "I'm the only black person here, help! Help! I haven't done anything wrong, I'm not a criminal." And he later yelled, several times "Rodney King! Rodney King!" To which one of the officers just chuckled and said "oh yeah, that's a good one."

Two officers on horseback left the scene (and spoke with me briefly before departing), leaving the other three officers to finish up. The officer that pulled up in the vehicle was not able to fingerprint the houseless person, and in turn wrote up a quick report and handcuffed them. The houseless person was arrested and escorted into the police vehicle at about 3.30PM.

[qoute] houseless person: "I want people to know I haven't done anything wrong!"


25.09.2010 18:56
Video: Sharing Sidewalk Committee Meeting 9.13.10
This video is of the monthly (open to the public) meeting that discusses the sidewalk management plan. Usually held on the first Monday of the month, and usually held at the Portland Building.

The video is about an hour and a half long (I missed the first 5 minutes)


In this meeting, there was discussions about ticketing people who are not sitting in the correct place on the sidewalk.
A businessman who was welcoming some out of out of town associates reported; that they were hassled and bothered by panhandlers and wouldn't want to come back. (?)
The ACLU spokes-lady then spoke in return, stating all the out of town business folks crowd the sidewalks with suit cases and groups unloading cars (double parked) making traveling on the sidewalk difficult. It was a nice counter point to show how they too need to be polite and share the sidewalks.

Some stats were read by the police on the number of citations and warnings, details were discussed.
The committee asked that weather information could be documented (included) on the ticket report.

It seemed to me that the most ticket writers were police on bikes and the horses.


21.09.2010 07:24
Opportunity To Tell the Oregon Water Resources Department to stop Nestle!
The Oregon Water Resources Department is considering a water transfer application for a water exchange that would effectively allow Nestl? to access water coming out of Mt. Hood National Forest and bottle it.

This is another significant step forward in Nestl?'s plan to profit off of Oregon's clean drinking water sources in the town of Cascade Locks in the Columbia River Gorge. The Oregon Water Resources Department has the power to stop this transfer and could effectively shut down Nestl?'s plan's to bottle Oregon's water.

They are accepting public comments now.
Please take action by September 30th by using this action tool.

Enter your zip code to continue on and send a message to the Director telling them Oregonians don't want Nestle profiting from our water!

Bark Website


19.09.2010 15:52
[Video:] Bradley Manning Support Rally at Fort Lewis, Washington, Saturday, September 18.
On September 16-19, groups and individuals will call on the United States government to drop the charges against Army Private First Class Bradley Manning. Twenty-two year old Manning, held in solitary confinement since May, has been charged with releasing classified documents including a video that shows American troops shooting and killing Reuters journalists in 2007.

Watch the video [  http://www.collateralmurder.com/ ] at Collateral Murder Manning's imprisonment has resulted in an international outcry, with groups and activists throughout the US and abroad demanding his release and calling for transparency in America's war policies.

Famed Pentagon Papers whistle blower Daniel Ellsberg has called Mr. Manning, "A new hero of mine."

Greater Seattle Veterans For Peace (VFP 92)
[  http://www.vfp92.org/en/ ] is organizing a Bradley Manning support rally at Fort Lewis, Washington for Saturday, September 18. VFP members and friends from around the region will show up blowing whistles and carrying signs that say "Blow the Whistle on War Crimes." We will be reaching out to the GI's, giving them "goody bags" with cookies, copies of Sir, No Sir!, and stickers that say "Whistle While You Work," and give links to VFP and IVAW websites. We want the GI's to know it is their duty to expose war crimes, and that we will back them up when they do.

More information: projectsafehaven [at] hotmail [dot] com

[PIMC related picture & video post]  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2010/09/402456.shtml


18.09.2010 13:52
Portland Financial Focus Week of Action Schedule
Keeping up the pressure on the vital financial targets, this week of action is for all companies linked to HLS financially - from Fortress to their subsidiary companies and more. More info on HLS: http://www.shac.net

Who is Fortress?
In 2006 the Fortress Investment Group entered into a "secret" arrangement with Huntingdon Life Sciences, and loaned them $70 million. If Fortress had not loaned them $70m, HLS would have closed in 2006. If they were to withdraw their loan now, it is highly likely HLS would be forced to close. If ever there was a time for action, it is now. If ever there was a vital target it is Fortress. More info: http://www.shac.net/action/fortress/index.html

Portland Targets and Portland Schedule REMINDER WEDNESDAY DEMO


18.09.2010 10:06
Rally and Picket of the Portland Police Association Contract Negotiations
This morning, September 17, 2010, Rose City Copwatch and the Fire Frashour Campaign organized a Rally and Picket in front of the Portland Building in downtown Portland on the first day of the negotiations between the City and the Police Union.

Rally and Picket of Contract Negotiations

These negotiations today were being held in an open meeting, but the word is that the Police Association is pushing for future meetings to be held behind closed doors. This is unacceptable, and many in this gathering spoke out sharply against such meetings and for more transparency in the police department.
Rahsaan Muhammad of the Fire Rashour Campaign stated that these negotiations have been held up for some time now, due to just that position of the Portland Police Association.

There have been many questionable killings of Portland citizens at the hands of the police, yet, in some instances, due to something called the mandatory arbitration in their contract, these disciplined officers are reinstated and awarded back pay. Rose City Copwatch and Members of the Fire Frashour Campaign gathered to voice their opinion and put an end to this mandatory arbitration.

For further information, firefrashour@gmail.com, or 503-816-9205

[Report Back]

Portland Police Association Contract Negotiations, Day One


12.09.2010 12:30
Political Prisoner Correspondence and the FBI
Recent FOIA documents have uncovered some interesting information... Recently we began receiving documents in response to a FOIA request we filed with the FBI about Eric McDavid. The documents have uncovered a few alarming pieces of information, but one in particular we felt it necessary to share with the public as soon as possible. For years people have been speculating that writing political prisoners would result in a person being "put on a list." Unfortunately, it seems that those speculations were not unfounded.

We have received perhaps hundreds of pages documenting Eric's correspondence with other people. These letters are not just kept on file - the Sacramento County Main Jail forwarded all of these letters to the Sacramento FBI field office, which then forwarded them to local field offices around the country (and to law enforcement internationally) to warn the FBI in other cities of a "possible environmental/animal rights extremist" or "a possible anarchist extremist" in their community. Originally, the FBI's communications included a statement that "Sacramento is forwarding this communication for information purposes only." But later, they began including a much longer statement which read, in part: "this information has been determined to be of such a nature that some follow-up as to the possibility of criminal activity is warranted..." These statements were included no matter what was the content of the letter - often the documents include the statement that the letter was "benign in nature."

To view some of these documents, please visit:  http://ecoprisoners.org/news.htm


11.09.2010 12:11
Talk by Ali Abunimah on Olympia Food Coop's Boycott of Israeli Products.
Ali Abunimah talks about the significance of the Oly food Coop boycott of Israeli goods while supposed peace talks begin in the Middle East, Rachel Corrie's trial continues in Haifa Israel and proposals to boycott Israeli goods are put forward in California...
After much deliberation and debate, the Olympia Food Coop's members came to the decision that it would boycott Israeli goods in light of the country's continued attack on the Palestinian People. This symbolic action, part of the international Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) Campaign, will not hurt the economy of Israel (in the grand scheme of things) or leave any Israeli children starving as the Israeli embargo on the Palestinian People does to children in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, but rather serve to open dialogue about the continued collective punishment on residents of the Occupied Territories by the Israeli authorities.

The Coop's decision to remove the few Israeli products it stocked has made frontline news in Israel. Ali Abunimah, Palestinian journalist and author, came to Olympia Washington to explain more in his talk Boycott: A Non Violent Technology for Peace and Justice.

Check out the full talk here:  http://bmediacollective.org/?p=356


11.09.2010 11:50
Two Sea Lions Just Killed by the State at Astoria, more than 100 Miles from Bonneville
The lives of two more sea lions were taken from them this week by the State of Oregon and the federal government that granted permission to the state to kill them. They were killed for the crime of eating fish, and were more than 100 miles from the Bonneville dam at the time of the killing.
They were hauled out on a platform where tourists frequently gather to watch the sea lions. ODFW has turned the platform into a trap, and on Sept 9th and Sept 10th they caught the animals and killed them.

The animals branded U18 and C797 will never again grace the waters of the Columbia that had been their home. For tens of thousands of years, their ancestors made the annual journey deep into the river, following the ancient rythms of life that brought both the salmon and the sea lions together in the eternal dance of life that once nourished this entire ecosystem.

These graceful, friendly beings are gone. As gone as the thousand year old forests that once graces the shores of the Columbia, as gone as the clear and wild river that once fed all of Cascadia, as gone as the hearts and souls of those who have killed them.

We've traded the wild and the beautiful for the banal, the ugly, and the dead.


05.09.2010 17:22
An Elephant's Eye
abuse of baby elephant for circus There's nothing fun about the life of a circus animal.
I gave out leaflets with In Defense of Animals (IDA) against the Ringling Bros. animal circus at the Rose Arena. In just one short hour I came away disheartened and sad.

More than a dozen people stood with animal cruelty signs as I walked around trying to give the educational leaflets. In my soft words I asked them to look into an elephant's eye and see their pain. I asked them to THINK, do you have a brain? Cannot you see that it's archaic and a holdover from the days when the empire threw people to the lions, just for the entertainment of violence? No, they walk past you with smiles on their faces and children in their hands to pass on the sick entertainment to future generations.


05.09.2010 08:34
Video: Portland Bus Rally Report Back
This is a short interview with Martha Perez who is a Portland Activist. She gives a report back on the recent Bus Rally protest that happened in Portland on 9.1.10[.]

Martha was at an anti torture protest in front of Pioneer Courthouse when I ran into her on September 2 2010[.] She explains about the protest that happened yesterday regarding Tri Met raising fares and cutting services[.] The protest started at Pioneer Courthouse Square and walked to City Hall on 4th street[.]

There is more info on this topic at www.opalpdx.org

[Pics] [Video] [Report]


04.09.2010 16:43
ACTION! Tree sit in downtown Eugene - right now to protest cutting old growth
Happy Sitter! A Tree sit was set up this morning. Any information on this tree sit? Post pictures if you have them. tree sit deployed in downtown eugene, demands the forest service buy back trapper; cease old growth logging on public lands

[PIMC: Update][2010-09-04 15:21:22-07][Cascadia Rising Tide]

Activist occupies tree on the corner of Oak St and Park St within the Eugene Saturday Market

Eugene, OR- Early this morning activists with Cascadia Rising Tide deployed a tree sit within the Saturday Market in downtown Eugene. A platform was rigged around a tree approximately 40 feet from the ground, and a banner was hung reading "Forest Service: Give Back Trapper. Protect Our Water."

The platform is occupied by Grace Warner, who plans to remain through Saturday to inform Eugene of the horrendous logging practices advocated by the Forest Service, as well as threats to the drinking water supply that the Trapper timber sale poses.

According to Vivian Rivers of Cascadia Rising Tide, "It appalls me that the Forest Service is still logging old growth and native forests. This should have been stopped years ago. The time is now for the community to rise up and put an end to this atrocity once and for all." Trapper is a controversial timber sale that has been in the works for over a decade.

[PIMC: Update][2010-09-05]
Recent PIMC comment on tree sit


02.09.2010 15:48
Video: The Clothesline Project
Event organized by the Portland Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, featuring a large number of shirts decorated by female victims of abuse and rape. They then hang the shirt on a clothesline to be viewed by others as testimony to the problem of violence against women.

The Clothesline Project

This local Clothesline Project, the 19th annual exhibition of this project in Portland Oregon, was exhibited on August 26th, the 90th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote.

Some of the victims were as young as 4 years old; other shirts said 10 years of age, and 12 years of age.
Some referred to sexual abuse and rape by family members. Another stated, "the only time I was ever accepted was when they could touch my body."
Another, "October 1, today I want to kill my dad."


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