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06.04.2010 15:05
Video: Live Interview With Karen Coulter, Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project
Live interview with Karen Coulter, director and co founder of Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project, an organization seeking to protect, defend, and restore the natural ecosystems of the Blue Mountains and eastern Oregon Cascades bioregions.
In this 1/2 hour excerpt from the weekly Public Access program, "A Growing Concern," Karen speaks about her work in four National Forests in Central Oregon, the Umatilla, Malheur, Ochoco, and Deschutes - as well as the Prineville Bureau of Land Management(BLM )District.


06.04.2010 12:57
Collateral Murder
WikiLeaks has released a classified US military video depicting the indiscriminate slaying of over a dozen people in the Iraqi suburb of New Baghdad -- including two Reuters news staff. Reuters has been trying to obtain the video through the Freedom of Information Act, without success since the time of the attack. The video, shot from an Apache helicopter gun-site, clearly shows the unprovoked slaying of a wounded Reuters employee and his rescuers. Two young children involved in the rescue were also seriously wounded. For further information please visit the special project website www.collateralmurder.com.


06.04.2010 09:52
There has been another night trapping at Bonnevlle dam, trapping sleeping animals as they lay hauled out on the platforms. We do not know at this time how many sea lions might have been taken, or who they are.
SLDB monitors reporting from the Sea Wolf One could hear the activity in the dark. At around 4am, they heard the gate clanking open, and turned a spotlight onto the area. The light flooded over agents who had hoped to be in and out of there under cover of darkness, but monitors were able to see what they were doing anyway. The same sad ritual of removal. It is believed that Solo may be among the trapped and probably doomed animals.


05.04.2010 14:28
We Need To Support Net Neutrality
Comcast, AT&T and Verizon have deployed hundreds of lobbyists in a final push to kill the open Internet. Their goal: Take control of Internet content away from Internet users. Their tactic: Tell outrageous lies about Net Neutrality ? which is the only thing stopping them from interfering with your online experience. Free Press and our allies in the Save the Internet Coalition are gathering hundreds of thousands of signatures to show the FCC that Internet users -- and not corporations -- should control the Internet.

You now have four days left to convince the FCC that these companies are wrong.

Debunk Their Junk; Demand Net Neutrality.


05.04.2010 14:15
Video: M20- Portland Protests Seven Years In Iraq
Video from the M20 rally at Terry Schrunk Plaza. The Rally blossomed from a smaller crowd to over 100 when a feeder march arrived from Portland State University. The rally was moderated by Darlene, AKA "Black Butterfly," who welcomed the crowd, introduced the two speakers and entertained with some spoken word performance.


05.04.2010 14:07
North American Animal Liberation Front Press Office Communique Update
Date: April 1, 2010
Institution Targeted: University of Utah

Received anonymously:

Salt Lake City, Utah

It may be april fools day, but the last thing we were doing was fooling around.

On the morning of april 1st, our cell visited the homes of three vivisectors from the University of Utah who have been known to test, torture, and kill many animals from local shelters in unjustified 'scientific' experiments. Unlike their drunken, wife abusing colleague Audie Levanthal who decided to quit vivisecting at the U of U after pressure from underground activists, these vivisectors decided to stay, praying that the new laws & legislation's against Above Ground Activists would help protect them. Well we aren't above ground activists & laws won't stop us from doing what is right & helping animals.


05.04.2010 09:13
A communique from the Black Bloc on 3/29
On 3/29, people from Portland marched down from PSU for over five hours in the rain in response to a murder by the Portland Police of one of our own. On that same day, police on bikes, horses, cars, mopeds, and even a chopper, armed with tear gas, guns, and batons, physically attacked demonstrators and even passers by, blocked streets, shouted at us, and demonstrated to us and onlookers the reality of the police state we live in.


03.04.2010 14:06
Sea Lion Party and Faux Fish Fry in the Gorge
What: A sea lion party, faux fish fry, keg and educational Columbia River outing
When: Saturday, April 10th, 11:30 AM (Cool Bus will leave at noon, and return in Portland between 6 PM and 7 PM)
Where: Bus pick up at the IDA office, 1732 NE Alberta St.
RSVP: to matt@idausa.org or 503-249-9996

Mark your calendars and reserve your spot on the Cool Bus for a road trip party in the Columbia River Gorge with beer, food and friends! On Saturday, April 10th, In Defense of Animals (IDA) and Sea Lion Defense Brigade are hosting a chauffeured day of community building for the sea lion campaign on the Columbia River at the Bonneville Dam, complete with field discussions about the campaign, river ecology, salmon and sea lions with the breathtaking view of the gorge as the backdrop. The designated driver has all been arranged so we can safely share a keg of local micro brew and fire up the deep fryer for a faux fish fry feast with friends. You won't want to miss it so RSVP now for a seat on the bus today! Reserve your spot at matt@idausa.org or 503-249-9996.

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Solo Still Mourning the Dead Out on the Columbia

It was beautiful up on the Columbia today. The sun lit the edges of huge, dramatic clouds, and the jagged mountains above the dam were laced with snow. Down on the water, both Steller and California sea lions drifted through the jade green water, lazily blowing little puffs of steam out into the crisp morning air. As I sat there on the grassy bank above the water, with three other sea lion defenders, it was almost possible, at least momentarily, to forget the pain we had felt here on this very spot, only a few days before, as we watched two sea lions being hauled away to die.

But just across the water, almost hidden against the dark rocks beneath the wall along Cascades Island, we could see the dark form of a sea lion, silhouetted against gray concrete. This is Solo. We were sobered by the sound of his wailing cries. Growing less insistent now, he seems to be giving up. He went for some time without uttering a sound. But he never left the place of his lonely vigil, all through the day. Now and then, we would hear him and be reminded of what was lost here. He has refused to leave this spot for two days and nights, not even to eat. He watches the traps and calls out for the sea lions who will never return. Every now and then, Solo's song broke hauntingly through the bright day, a reminder of the sorrow that still hangs in the air here.

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01.04.2010 13:12
Portland Anti-Racists: Downtown Shooting was Likely a Neo-Nazi Ambush
Portland, Oregon - In a city that still remembers the 1988 beating death of Mulugeta Seraw by three racists, a recent downtown shooting may thrust the issue of white supremacist violence into the forefront of public consciousness once again.

A local anti-racist organization claims that the early morning shooting in downtown Portland on March 27, whose survivor remains in Intensive Care,
was most likely an attempted murder by one or more neo-Nazis. The victim of the shooting, Luke Querner, is an entrenched and beloved figure in the
anti-racist community. He has devoted over a decade of his life to opposing Portland's white power movement.

Luke Querner was shot at approximately 12:20AM on Saturday morning, in an unprovoked attack on SW 5th Avenue, between Stark and Washington Street.
The shooting appears to have been well-orchestrated; the assailant concealed his identity, fleeing at least initially by foot in a closely-surveilled area.

The attempted murder of Querner occurs in the context of escalating activity from a racist underground that believes it can operate with impunity.


01.04.2010 13:05
Fossil Fools!
Late last night volunteers with Portland Rising Tide blasted the city with over 3,000 fake newspaper covers wrapping the Willamette Week. With content including an interview with Bigfoot about pipeline plans through Mt. Hood and a chart explaining the Columbia River Crossing project as understood by Glen Beck. The action was part of Fossil Fools Day, a national day-of-action with the tag-line, "Pull a prank that packs a punch" meant to inspire playful actions targeting the fossil fuel industry.


01.04.2010 12:57
Solo the Sea Lion Mourns on the Banks of the Columbia
The last couple days have been really difficult at the Sea Wolf outpost. A couple nights ago, during an evening patrol, I was walking along the bank when I saw a couple sea lions swimming together in the river. I've been out observing the government's trapping, hazing, and killing program for the last couple weeks so I've been watching the sea lions a lot over that time. I've always known that sea lions are very social animals and form close bonds with each other and since I've been here, watching the river and these animals everyday, I've seen the close relationships they form with each other. it's not uncommon to see pairs of sea lions playing, swimming, fishing, and hauling out on the rocks together.


01.04.2010 12:42
VIDEO: Keep Nestle Out of the Columbia Gorge
On Monday, March 29, 2010, Keep Nestle Out of the Gorge, a coalition of environmental and social justice organizations led by the consumer advocacy group Food & Water Watch, launched a coordinated campaign to prevent Nestle Waters North America from opening a water bottling facility in Cascade Locks.

VIDEO: Press Conference: Keep Nestle Out of the Gorge


01.04.2010 08:49
Op-ed: A student perspective on Monday's protest
3.29.10 PSU campus Upset over the local media's portrayals of Monday's protestors, this student writes her perspective of her involvement in the protest.
On Monday evening, I was a student leaving my graduate-level class to meet my boyfriend in the Smith Memorial Student Union. I was tired from a full day of work and then my first class of the term and just wanted to go home and relax.

Four hours later, I was being called a "violent anarchist" on all of the major local news shows.


30.03.2010 21:54
The Anti-Police Demo has come and gone. Now what?
The demonstration has come and gone. So where do we go from here?
The Anti-Police demonstration last night was many things. First off, it was... well, it was long. But more than that, it was a sign that Portlanders would not be deterred by the torrential rain that poured down from the clouds for nearly the entire day. And it was a sign of a potential larger movement being born, comprised of different communities uniting under their shared goal of freedom from the police state of america.

I was pleased to see a decent turnout - about 100 people at the start, eventually growing to 150 people by 10pm that night, though from what I could tell, the crowd wasn't extremely diverse. The debates over tactics that heated up on Indymedia and elsewhere in the days before the march were, as usual, pretty pointless. People ended up doing their thing, and caused no more harm or provocation from the cops than everyone's mere presence did. Some of the most violent actions by the cops, including arrests, were not directed at and in fact had nothing to do with the black bloc. Instead, their frustration was aimed at Indymedia videographers, students and even a random passerby.


30.03.2010 13:12
Portland Police Assault Protesters with Bicycles!
Fuck the Police!
Everyone who was assaulted by the police in tonights march should file charges against the officers who assaulted them. They jailed someone for assaulting a police officer with a bike, then the same week use the same tactic against civilians. We have video of the police using their bicycles as weapons against unarmed nonviolent protesters. Even the mainstream media posted video of the police hitting people with their bikes. Lets get a roll call of all the assaulting officers, they were all repeat offenders. Lets coordinate some actions against the Portland Police Bureau. Infringing on freedom of assembly, and freedom of speech, use of excessive forces, assault...

We can't just let them get away with these tactics!

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Send your stories from tonight's protest to the Portland Alliance

Tonight was an amazing experience. I'm in the middle of putting together the April issue of the Alliance and it will be filled with stories and photos showing the many facets of this growing movement for police accountability. I would like to print short statements and photos from as many people who were at this rally as possible. You can submit anonymously or use your real name, whatever makes you comfortable. Send any contributions to editor@thePortlandAlliance.org. I can give folks until Wednesday to get stuff in. Thank you for being in the streets! Solidarity Forever! Andrea, Editor

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Breaking News Archive Anti-Police Brutality/Murder March 3/29/10

5:52PM PDT: bike cops beginning to catch up, banner is blocking some cops way. cops again slamming bikes into people to push them out of the road
5:52PM PDT: moving away from back-up destination. marchers very angry. heading up columbia running, broken free from police line. YEAH
5:50PM PDT: on 3rd and salmon heading to main police presence ridiculously overwhelming, bike cops, horse cops, motorcycle cops.
5:50PM PDT: marchers not being allowed to approach justice center destination, cops blocking that area. back-up area may be used
5:49PM PDT: almost to destination, people attempting to cross the street are being slammed by police's bicycles over and over again
5:45PM PDT: police slamming bikes into peoples bodies, even though they are on the sidewalk they aren't riding, but holding these bikes no provocation by protesters, no property destruction, police acting pre-emptively
5:42PM PDT: march taking off, cops already getting agressive, pushing people back onto sidewalk with their bikes... forcing people onto sidewalk
5:25PM PDT: Jail support numbers are (503)246-4270 & (503)493-6050
5:13PM PDT: currently about 100 people gathered at the park blocks between SW Salmon and Main. lots of corporate media. LOTs of cop

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Portland Police Bureau News Report of Portland 03/29 Protests

Portland Police Respond to Downtown Protest - 03/30/10
Last night Portland Police Officers responded to protesters in Downtown Portland. The protest went on for several hours and eight people were arrested for various crimes that included Disorderly Conduct, Criminal Mischief and Riot. Officers are continuing to investigate property damage that did occur but a report was taken for damage to broken windows at the Bank of America located at 1001 SW 5th Avenue.

Three officers were injured during the protest and investigators are continuing to investigate these assaults in order to make future arrests of the individuals that assaulted the officers.

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Legal Support For Protesters

Lawyers for last night's arrestees Thanks everyone for your participation in last night's protest. For those who are arrested, your contact to get hooked up with a lawyer is Paul Loney, 503.234.2694. If you need to get through to someone right away, my cell number is 503.944.9779. I'm out of town at the moment, but Paul's agreed to coordinate during my absence.

Please call Paul and he'll hook you up with an attorney for free, as always.

Read More >>>

An hour of audio from tonight.

VIDEO: stop the killing "police anti violence protest"


29.03.2010 13:45
Tenant Rights Project Holds Second Picket Of Downtown Portland Slumlord
Tenant Rights Project, together with community allies, on March 24 held a second picket and protest at downtown Portland nonprofit slumlord admin office, of Central City Concern, over retaliatory eviction notices, and violations of Oregon's landlord-tenant law. Activists also talked at Portland City Council before the picket.
The informational picket included housing activists, students from Reed and Willamette, and included a number of picket signs protesting recent retaliatory eviction notices against tenant activists, lack of livability and habitability in CCC housing units and buildings, and lack of transparency by the CCC board of directors.

CCC is a $33,000,000 per year landlord, with about $50,000,000 in capital projects in addition. Tenant organizers have sent three demand letters to the CCC board of directors requesting better pest control, better repairs, safety improvements to the buildings, and requesting that tenants be allowed to attend and speak at CCC monthly board meetings, held on a Wednesday evening once a month at the CCC admin office where last Wednesday's picket was held, at the corner of NW 6th and Everett streets.


29.03.2010 13:09
Everyday People Anti Police Violence Vigils held across Portland on Palm Sunday
Anti police violence vigils were held this afternoon all over the city. The Everyday People coalition stopped for short rallies and prayers at 5 different spots where lives have been lost due to the Portland Police using excessive force.
This rolling vigil stopped at where the following citizens were killed:

(1) Deontae Keller
(2) Kendra James
(3) Jahar Perez
(4) Dickie Dow
(5) James Chasse
(6) Aaron Campbell

The vigil lasted from 3 - 7 PM

I will have some video footage... soon it will be posted right here on PIMC. I did arrive minutes late at the start and missed the very first vigil ceremony

More actions and more vigils as well as State legal addressees are all coming in the very near future.


29.03.2010 13:03
Joel Dow, Artist, Activist, Anarchist, Musician, and Rochestarian Held in Jail
Portland, OR?On Tuesday, March 23, Joel Dow, artist, activist, anarchist, musician, and Rochestarian, was arrested for allegedly throwing a bicycle at a police officer who was driving his motorcycle into demonstrators at a police accountability march. Dow has been charged with assault II, a class B felony; assault of a police officer, a class C felony; recklass endangerment, a class A misdemeanor; and disorderly conduct 2, a class B misdemeanor. His bail is set at $259,000 and he is currently being held at the Multnomah County Inverness Jail. He was arraigned yesterday morning where he plead not guilty to all charges and was assigned Gary Gedrose from the Public Defender's Office. Supporters in Portland stated that Joel has been in contact with activist lawyers who may represent him pro bono. Dow is not receiving vegan meals and supporters are urged to call the jail and demand he be given things he can eat: 503-988-5060


27.03.2010 19:18
DC Peace Of The Action Kicked out of Capital Building for trying to protest
Reporting on the Peace of the Action (POTA) attempt to go to a hearing on war funding gets nixed ...Cops follow activists and eventually stifle free speech

POTA were dogged and followed the moment they stepped on to the Capital property. They were informed they couldn't protest at all inside or it would be a federal crime and you would be put in jail overnight and not released till they seen a judge. The group was met standing in the tour line outside ...singled out with at least 5 cops informing (intimidating) them of what they were not able to do. As Cindy told them ...are you telling this to everyone or just us?.

Cindy Sheehan at one point went up some stairs and was taken to the exit immediately. One member took a picture of a cop and he demanding her to delete the picture.

homepage:  http://www.joe-anybody.com/id153.html


26.03.2010 18:38
Front Image for Flyer
In response to the brutal murder of a PDX community member we encourage all people who desire to protect and avenge their communities to form affinity groups.
These affinity groups will act as small autonomous groups taking actions they feel are appropriate.

Affinity groups allow for more efficient communication between folks involved in the attack and defense of themselves, their comrades and all involved with the march or action. Creating spokes councils to coordinate with other affinity groups (who you know and trust) also encourage more successful actions.
Forming affinity groups also encourages the use of a diversity of tactics. Each group can safely and securely decide what are appropriate actions for them to participate in. These groups do not take actions on behalf of anyone but themselves therefore are free to do what they feel is most effective.

Read More >>>

Independent Police Review- Wednesday, March 31 to City Hall (1221 SW 4th Av)


Please come out next Wednesday, March 31 to City Hall (1221 SW 4th Av) for
the continuation on the hearing regarding strengthening the "Independent"
Police Review Division (IPR). There will be public testimony allowed--it's
just not clear whether the people who spoke on the 18th will be able to
speak again.

We're still trying to make sense of the fact that a Portland Police
Officer shot and killed a homeless man carrying what's been described as a
crafts knife inbetween the historic March 18 first hearing about
strengthening the IPR (the professional office in the Auditor's portfolio
that includes the city's "police review board," the Citizen Review
Committee) and the continuation of that hearing, which is coming up next

Read More >>>

Get your Fliers Here


Another Flyer for the Monday Mobilization


Related Article

For those who believe that the latest killing by the police was indeed justified


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