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10.07.2009 22:41
TriMet is proposing to limit Fareless Square to rail-only The Transit Riders Union rejects any cuts or changes that do not include expansion to Fareless Square. TRU activists will be mobilizing communities against this proposal and again raising issues of an elected board and rejecting all cuts to services. Join us.

Public Hearing: Monday, July 13th at 5-7 p.m.
City of Portland Building
Conf, Room C and Auditorium, 2nd Floor
1120 SW 5th Ave.
Portland, OR 97204


10.07.2009 10:39
Time is Running Out to Support Parole for Leonard Peltier
Leonard Peltier, Waiting for Freedom Leonard Peltier, Native American leader, Ojibwa-Sioux of Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation in North Dakota, has been unjustly imprisoned for 34 years in U.S. federal prison, a victim of FBI political persecution. His upcoming parole hearing is Monday, July 27.

Act Today! Letters should be received by the BOP before July 14. Add your voice to help free Leonard Peltier!

Click here to send a letter (via the web) to the parole commission today!


10.07.2009 10:30
Forest Defenders Descend On The Home Depot To Protest River Destruction
Roseburg, OR - Following its annual national gathering, the no-compromise group Cascadia Earth First!, along with Cascadia Rising Tide, dropped a huge "Dam Home Depot, Save Chile's Rivers" banner at the corporation's Roseburg, Oregon store. The store is at 3000 NW Aviation Drive.

The groups are protesting The Home Depot's buying of timber products from the Matte Group, which is involved in a proposal to build five big dams on two pristine rivers in Patagonia, southern Chile. The dams and their associated transmission lines would ruin the Baker and Pasqua river ecosystems, flood rare endangered forests and destroy livelihoods.



09.07.2009 13:33
Elliot Blockade Currently Disengaged! Remaining 8 Arrested! 20 People Released!
No Deal, Asshole. On July 6th forest defenders from Cascadia and across the country set up road blockades at the Umpcoos Ridge timber sale to save some of the last native forests in Oregon from clearcutting. The Elliot State Forest is one of the few remaining intact coastal forest ecosystems, and provides critical habit for Spotted Owls, Coho Salmon, and Marbled Murrelets.

Logging has been halted in the forest but the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF), the state patrol, and the Douglass County Sheriffs have begun extracting people from the blockades using heavy handed police state tactics. So far over 23 people have been confirmed arrested in police raids on the blockade.

** We just got word that the remaining people in the forest have been arrested and the blockade taken down. These remaining 8 people will be processed today. All of these people desperately need your support!


08.07.2009 14:08
Elliot Free State Locks Down, Resists Police Raid
THE BLOCKADE WILL HOLD - NO COMPROMISE 60+ Law enforcement officers(LEO) have arrived to raid Elliott Free State. Protesters respond by locking down to all devices possible. 15 activists respond by locking down to multiple creative and beautiful devices from sky pods and bi pods to a lock down device in the road with an activist's arm locked to the road through the side of the overturned van.

Spirits are very high and confidence of holding the blockade is strong. "Our message to the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) and Roseburg Forest Products is that they permanently halt all logging in the Umpcoos and Fishing Cougar timber sales. Large private forests owned by big businessess are exempted from timber harvest taxes so that when it comes time to fund schools, the public has to foot the bill. I feel like folks are getting tired of this 'Good for Wall Street and bad for Main Street' phrase, but it is still extremely relevant. ODF, change your business practices." said Joshua Partridge of Cascadia Rising Tide (CRT). | read more >>



Elliot Free State! | Road Blockade Stops Logging In Elliott State Forest: Call For Action | POLICE ARRIVE AT ELLIOTT FREE STATE - 10AM - 6/8/09 | Free State Update | Raids, Rallies, and Free State Eternal!!! | Elliot Free State Arrestees NOT getting vegan food | Photos from logging in the Elliot Free State


08.07.2009 14:06
California Sea Lions Need Public Protection From Being Killed by Oregon Fish and Wildlife
California Sea Lions are being killed in the spring at the Columbia River by Oregon and Washington Fish and Wildlife. They eat a small number of salmon, but a senseless policy of killing them to protect salmon is going forward. If citizens got involved and requested this to end, then the Oregon and Washington Fish and Wildlife would stop this. It is just a matter of citizen pressure and media attention.



08.07.2009 14:03
Rose City Antifa Expose Nazi Trash
Julian Lee On the night of Tuesday, July 7, members of Rose City Antifa posted 200 flyers along NW 21st and 23rd Avenues in Portland, exposing Julian Lee, a white supremacist who has been plastering that neighborhood—-amongst others—-with racist propaganda for months. Julian Lee lives in the St. Francis apartments at 526 NW 21st Avenue. We encourage neighbors and residents to discourage Lee from further propaganda sprees.

Rose City Antifa / Portland Anti-Racist Action
fight_them_back [at] riseup [dot] net
voicemail: 971.533.7832


08.07.2009 14:02
City of Sandy, and Murdering Cop off the hook
This is now old news, but there may be some who are fortunate enough to have avoided the corporate news for a week or two, so I am posting it here. Fouad deserves all of our attention.

The city of Sandy and the murdering thug with a badge, Willam Bergin (more about him elsewhere) have reached a $1 million settlement with the family of Fouad Kaady, who was unarmed, naked, burned and bleeding (and according to Bergin's own statement, "catatonic, sitting Indian style,") alongside a rural county road when Bergin, and a Clackamas County Depute, David Willard, shot him to death in 2005.

The shooting sparked outrage from the family, and anyone with an ounce of human feeling. Extensive coverage here, at PDX Indymedia finally garnered a modicum of attention and calls for a public inquest even after a not so grand jury, spoon fed by a politically motivated District Attorney, cleared the officers of wrongdoing.
The settlement, entered in U.S. District Court in Portland, means the family of Fouad Kaady has agreed to drop its wrongful death claims against the city and former officer William J. Bergin.


08.07.2009 14:00
Congrats, Oregonians, for your excellent work on behalf of peace and democracy!
Way to go, Oregon! FROM LIBERTY TREE: On January 21st of this year, Oregonians joined veterans, military families, peace, and other pro-democracy organizations across the country in launching the Bring the Guard Home! It's the Law campaign.

Since then, Guard Home legislation has been introduced in a dozen states, and new efforts are underway in another dozen states. The big highlights of the first half of 2009 were Maryland, Oregon, New Mexico, and New Hampshire. The Guard Home campaign is a long-term effort, and we did not expect to see legislative action this early in the campaign. Yet legislative action we got, with hearings in all four states, and an (unexpected) floor vote in New Hampshire. The highlight of the session was undoubtedly Oregon, where a spirited effort won majority support in the House.



07.07.2009 12:02
Sit/Lie Unconstitutional! Cause for Celebration? Well...Not Really...
The Civic Action Group A judge has ruled the Sit/Lie unconstitutional but Police Chief Rosie Sizer released a memo stating that all the judge ruled was that Portland should just use disorderly conduct instead of Sit/Lie. That is not what the judge ruled and her vague memo creates NO meaningful distinction between the Sit/Lie and disorderly conduct. This is not how the city should react to the loss of the constitutional legitimacy of the Sit/Lie. Two many good people have worked to hard on this issue for the Police Chief to take such a step without analysis and public input....


07.07.2009 09:14
Road Blockade Stops Logging In Elliott State Forest: Call For Action
Batmobile! Today, a group of Cascadia Earth First!ers and Rising Tide members took action against the continued liquidation and destruction of Oregon's Elliot State Forest. Using sky pods, bipods, road blockades, overturned cargo vans, lock downs and many other beautiful installations, the road to Umpcoos Ridge timber sale has been occupied, held and reclaimed for the forest, the people and future generations.

The blockade stands, and WE CAN HOLD THE ROAD, but NOT WITHOUT YOUR HELP! Please take some time to protect your public land!



anti-fascism 05.07.2009 11:39
David Irving’s Holocaust-Denial Speaking Tour: The Show that Must Not Go On
This July, David Irving, a British neo-fascist and fraudulent historian, goes on the road in the United States, planning to hold approximately one and a half dozen speaking engagements over the course of a month. As militant anti-racists and anti-fascists, we are making a public call for resistance at each stop along the way of this tour.

We believe that fascist activism and movement-building should meet with organized resistance. As the Anti-Racist Action Network states in its Points of Unity:

"Whenever fascists are organizing or active in public, we're there. We don't believe in ignoring them or staying away from them. Never let the nazis have the street!"

We invite you to help this effort along, by organizing in your own community.


02.07.2009 14:27
Cascadia Trans’ & Womyn’s Action Camp 2009 Reportback
This year Cascadia made home to the now annual Trans & Womyn's Action Camp.
Cascadia hasn't hosted a camp of this sort in a few years, unfortunately. This camp alone brought out so many new faces and introduced them to the radical environmental movement that we decided it must continue out here, in coordination with other Trans and Womyn's spaces that correlate with future Earth First! Rendezvous.
Taking place in workshops spaces such as Learn First! and Share Garden, the schedule was widely diverse with issues of forest defense techniques, tactics of non-violent direct action, strategic campaigning, supporting mental health wellness & burnout, gender identity, sex work, DIY reproductive health (where many women saw a cervix for the first time!), how to call out oppressive behavior in a constructive way, etc. There was a large focus on anti-oppression by having three unique AO scheduled workshops, with additions of an impromptu critical discussion on privilege and oppression in the larger EF! movement, which eventually turned into a discussion about environmental racism and environmental justice. And prior to that there was an in-depth discussion on how to incorporate the safer space of TWAC- trans-inclusiveness, solidarity, and anti-oppression- at the upcoming EF! Round River Rendezvous, which eventually turned into trying to rally folks to attend the EF! RRR.

Beyond having some really amazing & critical workshops, we also had lots of fun ones!


01.07.2009 16:24
Post Let Live Demonstrations Report Back
Le Pigeon, at SE 8th & Burnside, and Sel Gris, at SE 18th & Hawthorne, weren't expecting 50+ activists to roll up on Saturday night to call them out on grotesque animal abuses. Charged chanting and severe shaming went non-stop for almost an hour at each foie gras restaurant Saturday night. Force-feeding geese and ducks until they die is a cruel tradition for a disgusting delicacy of despair. You can do what you want, I'm going to act to remove foie gras from menus and markets whenever possible.

Dr. Eliott Spindel was cooling out in his Lake Oswego castle on Sunday night when around 40 demonstrators, most with their identities concealed behind bandannas and hoodies, sent him vocal hell for a half hour. Next, Ungar Furs owner Horst Grim was paid a visit all the way in Happy Valley where the defenders of fur bearers raised an uproar for another 30 minutes. Just after the activists drove away in a bio-diesel bus named "Cool", a cop cited a legal observer for littering when a piece of video camera tape wrapper was accidentally dropped. Otherwise they were as kind as defenders of animal abusers and greedy corporate capitalism could be.


01.07.2009 16:16
Murdering thug, William Bergin does jail time
Former Sandy Cop, and murdering, stalking, drunk driving, thug, William Bergin plead guilty to a very reduced charge last Thursday: From the original indictment by a (not so) grand jury, for felony identity theft, first-degree official misconduct and use of an invalid driver's license, he was allowed by the infamous John Foote (DA for Clackamas County), to plead guilty to misdemeanor "official Misconduct," and to do the perp walk to jail for a very harsh sentence: twenty four freakin hours in jail, no doubt in the VIP suite. WTF?

Mr. Bergin, for those who do not remember, is one of two (protect and serve) officers from Clackamas County, who, finding a badly burned, injured, naked (clothes burned off his body) and totally unarmed, "catatonic" according to their statements, Fouad Kaady, could think of no way to help him, so they tasered him until their alter penises were completely discharged of electricity, and then pumped five shots into his body.


01.07.2009 16:03
Columbia River Crossroads: info on the Columbia River Crossing
A 10 lane bridge, while still too big, would be preferable to the current 12 lane concept, and there are signs that a smaller bridge might become the new concept
One of the things that jumped out at me from the fact sheets I got at the recent Columbia River Crossing "open house", (last Wednesday), was a projection from a sheet titled, "Traffic Effects of 8, 10 and 12 Lane Scenarios." This sheet compares the "local streets impacted by I-5 backups" in a 10 lane and 12 lane bridge scenario. In the 12 lane scenario, of course, there are no local streets impacted by an I-5 backup, either in Portland or Vancouver.

But in the 10 lane scenario, there are six streets or highways that are impacted. All but one of them are in Vancouver. So this really is a Clark County thing. The new bridge must be as large as possible so drivers from the northernmost reaches of Clark County, and probably beyond, can get to Portland in time for...whatever.


01.07.2009 16:00
Racist Activity in the NW District
Racist propaganda found
Recently in the NW district there have been overtly racist stickers being put on signs, posts, newspaper dispensers, phone booths, etc. The stickers are for a group or individual called WILD (White Identity Love Defense). Some stickers have a picture of a tiger, and read, "WILD Portland," while others simply state, "White Identity." However, this weekend a new variety that reads, "Resist The Jews" was seen, so be on the lookout, not just for these, but any new variety of racist propaganda. The heavy concentration of the stickers has been on NW 21st and 23rd avenues. Furthermore, they have been quickly replaced once taken down. Some of these stickers have a website on them. The website itself is not much more than a hub with links to other sites, however the sites that the creator linked to is cause for concern. Some are anti-Semitic, some bemoan immigration (not merely undocumented immigration, but all immigration that "threatens a white majority."), and one is to Stormfront, the leading far-right forum whose members have celebrated such recent tragedies as the murder of Dr. Tiller in Kansas.


26.06.2009 11:34
Sit/Lie Protests in Portland
As Portland's Sit/Lie ordinance is deemed as unconstitutional, there is evidence all over Portland of underground actions protesting the law. (Some popped up all over the city before the circuit court decision).
The signs the figures are holding have some of the following statements on them:

* "This city wide ordinance has been deemed unconstitutional by circuit court. Sit/Lie in unity to the supreme court. FREEDOM FOR ALL."


Some that I spotted before the circuit court decision simply stated, "SIT LIE" and appeared to be attached with metal to what they were sitting on.


22.06.2009 21:51
Elephant Supporters Turn Out for IDA's International Day of Action for Elephants in Zoos
Last Saturday, dozens of elephant supporters turned out at the Oregon Zoo to educate the public about the plight of elephants in zoos. This was part of an international day of action, in which people all over the world rejected the premise that forcing elephants to entertain humans in tiny enclosures is worth the cost to the animals.

If you want to see the real face of elephant "handling," here is a shocking undercover video of an elephant being abused so that she can entertain the public:  http://ida.convio.net/site/MessageViewer?em_id=4621.0&printer_friendly=1. If you think exhibiting elephants is remotely acceptable, I urge you to watch this video.

For much more information about elephants in zoos, please see  http://www.helpelephants.com/about_us.html.


22.06.2009 07:27
Stumptown Joustdown
The Stumptown Joustdown is one of those events in Portland that make this such an amazing city. Today I made my way over to Col. Summers Park in SE Portland with my brother Andrew to take in the action.

Portland's bike culture did not disappoint. The Stumptown Joustdown is absolutely insane. Competitors speed their bicycles, chariots and other wheeled craft straight at each other while wielding a jousting pole with which to pummel their opponent, hopefully to the ground. The action was fast and the impacts spectacular. There is no way I would compete in this event. My hats off to those that picked up the joust and competed today. We saw bicycles, mini bikes, a bride/groom match and chariots but had to leave before the open class. Thanks Portland.. you weirdo. ~H


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