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17.02.2009 08:19
Ireland: occupiers keep factory alive
Hundreds of workers are occupying the plant in Waterford in southeast Ireland to keep the factory open after its receiver, David Carson, tried to lock them out. They have occupied the workplace since 30 January.

Workers describe it as "our factory" - and it is. They are running a six-hour shift system to occupy the building... The furnace must stay working for production at the factory to continue. If the furnace stops, the glass will solidify and the repairs would cost 8 million euros.


17.02.2009 08:17
Eric McDavid Update - Lockdowns, Move and New Address
Eric McDavid Dear friends,

Last month marked the 3rd year that Eric has spent behind bars. His arrest and imprisonment were a direct result of government infiltration and entrapment - Eric has spent the last three years of his life in a cage for what amounts to thought crime. Those years have been full of challenges and struggle, but Eric has met all of them with the utmost courage and integrity.

The appeals process has been delayed multiple times. Eric's opening brief is now due March 5. He has multiple strong arguments on appeal, and we look forward to getting the process moving. If all goes well, everything could be filed for review by the appeals court sometime this summer. Thank you all for your continued support. Eric has been receiving your letters and they have definitely helped him through these winter months - especially during these lockdowns when he has not been able to have contact with his loved ones.

Please remember that Eric has been moved - which means he has a new address:



15.02.2009 08:45
A Call to Pitchforks: Portland Urban Farming 2009
Meet farmers that are changing Portland's urban landscape as they grow food in all kinds of places. Learn about their methods, philosophies & where we're going with urban farming. Q & A discussion panel with farmers, land-lenders, CSA subscribers, community organizers, and other working to create an urban foodshed in the City of Roses.



15.02.2009 08:42
Occupation 101 Film Screening: Mon 2/16 @ Hollywood Theatre 7pm
Palestine - Occupation 101 Were you confused or upset by the recent Israeli invasion of Gaza? Not sure what to do next? Maybe you feel like you are missing information about the conflict, and want to find out more.

Come to a screening of Occupation 101, a thought-provoking and powerful documentary film on the current and historical root causes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This is an important and ground-breaking film that includes the voices of Jewish and Palestinian scholars, and background on the conflict that helps fill in the gaps. Unlike any other film ever produced on the conflict -- 'Occupation 101' presents a comprehensive analysis of the facts and hidden truths surrounding the never ending controversy and dispels many of its long-perceived myths and misconceptions. This screening will also include a question and answer session with Alison Weir, of 'If Americans Knew', who appears in the film.

Monday February 16th
Hollywood Theatre - 4122 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland OR
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


14.02.2009 16:35
Videos:: Keep Guard in Oregon "Camp Homebound" gets tickets from State Police 2.11.09
Camp Homebound Gets Tickets 2.11.09 Tuesday evening, on the State Capital Steps
Four people were sited [.] The police will be back the next day, as will the vigil (most likely)it will be right around 11pm when the police will start their "enforcement"[.] They are claiming that after 11pm no one can be on the state capital steps ? [.] They may be wrong on that?

Citizens trying to film the vigil were told to delete their cell phone video by the state police, for NOT notifying the police that they were recording (sic)audio - (see video #3) [.] Please make a call to the Governor in support of not sending the National Guard to Iraq[.] Congress switchboard: 202 224 3121 [.] Governor Office Oregon: 503-378-4582


14.02.2009 16:33
VIDEO:: Human Rights Meeting on Racial Profiling Feb 5 09 Portland Oregon
This was a separate meeting from the regular Human Rights Committee in Portland Oregon. They met and I filmed the discussion on "Racial Profiling" here in Portland. The Portland police were invited, but no one representing them was present at this meeting.

If I am correct, there were 5 committee members. There were 2 citizen present and 2 city offices represented. This is meeting is open to the public. This meeting is "continued" in 2 weeks (Wednesday) (2.18.09)[.] It is held at their office located at 5315 N Vancouver street [.] Fell free to sit in on the next meeting and if inclined speak up and share your thoughts


11.02.2009 20:36
Oregon State Senate Hears Case for Klamath Dam Removal Project
The Oregon State Senate heard testimony from many interested parties concerning the proposed removal of 4 dams on the Klamath river. If passed, the bill will be the first of many steps towards dam removal - something which many people feel is necessary for the ecological and political health of the region, while others believe is wasteful and unnecessary.



11.02.2009 16:08
Human Rights Meeting on Racial Profiling Feb 5 09 Portland Oregon
PDX Human Rights 2009 I went to the Portland Human Rights Committiee's public meeting and filmed the two hour discussion on Racial Profiling. This was a separate meeting from the regular Human Rights Committee in Portland Oregon. They met and I filmed the discussion on "Racial Profiling" here in Portland. The Portland police were invited, but no one representing them was present at this meeting.

If I am correct, there were 5 committee members. There were 2 citizen present and 2 city offices represented. This is meeting is open to the public.


This meeting is "continued" in 2 weeks (Wednesday) (2.18.09). It is held at their office located at 5315 N Vancouver street


09.02.2009 06:25
Marie Mason sentenced to almost 22 years
Green Scare prisoner Marie Mason has been sentenced to almost 22 years for two acts of property destruction in which no one was injured. On Feb 5, 2009 in Lansing, Michigan Marie Mason was sentenced to a little under 22 years (262 months) for two acts of property destruction in 1999 and 2000; no one was hurt or killed in the actions. She was also ordered to pay $4+ million in restitution.

The prosecution had asked for 20 years and agreed not to appeal if the sentence was at least 15. Mason's lawyer John Minock had argued that, compared to the other Green Scare cases in Oregon, "a non-disparate sentence would be less than 10 years."

Mason's sentence is the longest given to any Green Scare defendant to date. The sentenced is expected to be appealed.

A court report will be posted soon on www.supportmariemason.org.

Marie's statement to the court


08.02.2009 11:28
Scamps Protest, Activist Arrested
The Radical Cheerleaders for Animal Rights performed today in front of Scamps store inside Lloyd Center Mall to bring attention to scamps history of selling puppies from puppy mills. After the performance, an activist is aggressively detained by mall security resulting in angry shoppers expressing their disgust with the security guards.



07.02.2009 12:29
VIDEO:: Economics Crisis Town Hall Portland Oregon Jan 29 2009
Economic Crisis Town Hall 1.29.09 I went to The Economics Crisis Town Hall at The First Unitarian Church and have three videos to share. Each one is an hour or longer.

Tape 1 Session One[:]The opening speakers for the Portland Oregon "Town Hall Economic Crisis"

Tape 2 Session Two [:]The last part of the Town Hall [including..] JoeAnn Bowman

Tape 3 Workshop[:] Ending Military, and Promoting a peace and Development Foreign policy


05.02.2009 01:17
VIDEO:: FREE PALESTINE! Activists Speak Out Against the Massacre in Gaza! 1.29.09
FREE PALESTINE! Activists Speak Out Against the Massacre in Gaza!
Thursday, January 29 2009 7:15pm.
PSU Smith Memorial Student Union, Room 101

Featured Speakers:
1. Waddah Sofan, Students United for Palestinian Human Rights
2. Hala Gores, Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights
3. Adam Sanchez, International Socialist Organization
4. Jenka Soderberg, Oregon Campaign to Boycott & Divest from Israel


03.02.2009 07:05
Josh Harper, not out yet.
josh harper t shirt logo Keep writing pretty please...
Hi there everybody. We talked to Josh today and he asked that we let everybody know he is not getting out anytime soon. So PLEASE don't stop writing. If things were fair, he'd already be out, but... things are not. It may (hopefully) change, but right now it's still looking like the end of July before he's released.

So, again, please keep those letters coming, they mean the world to him.

Joshua Harper #29429-086
FCI Sheridan
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 5000
Sheridan, OR 97378

PS. Don't forget the rest of the SHAC7 too, and every other political prisoner. We need to all be better and letting them know we're out here working and thinking of them.



02.02.2009 09:35
New Interview with Jeff Luers
Jeff Luers CRCI August 2008 Our world is being physically and geographically altered by the greenhouse gasses that we're putting into the environment. Local and global climates are changing. These events have been happening for decades, but it is only now that this makes news.

"Industry giants and corporate hooligans are making millions of dollars destroying the planet I love. They are putting people's lives at risk. You ask me what moved me to follow through with these actions. I ask, what has not moved others?"

Oppression is designed to break the free spirit of the people and force them to accept their lot. The whole nature of and desire for freedom is to break free at all costs. There is a world beyond this one just waiting to be created. The right to clean air, water and food is a birthright. Freedom is ours by right of birth. It cannot be granted by any government. It cannot be bought at any price. It is ours and we must only choose to wear its mantle.



02.02.2009 07:45
Stay halting lethal sea lion removal below Bonneville is denied
Activists Take a Stance Against the Deaths of 7 Sea Lions "A federal court judge on Thursday denied a request that he put on hold state plans to begin in March trapping and removing salmon-eating California sea lions from below the Columbia River's Bonneville Dam."

In his denial, the judge weighs "irreparable harm" effect on either pinniped or fish stocks with respect to the anticipated effect of removal or non-removal of the sea lions predating on an unknown/unpredictable number of ESA protected salmonids. Humane Society of the U.S. and other plaintiffs immediately take their request for a stay to the U.S. Ninth Circuit Appeals Court

From Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife News Bulletin:


02.02.2009 07:42
Video: Community Response to Economic Crisis
In part to advertise the Economic Town Hall which took place today, January 31, 20079, I was fortunate to bring one of the Plenary speakers on the Public Access program, "A Growing Concern," on the evening before. Martin Hart-Landsberg talks at length about the many causes of the crisis, stating that they are part of our social system, rather than something as simple as a housing bubble or recent examples of corporate greed. Our government and the Media lead us to believe that if we can repair conditions which brought about the "recession," we could then continue on from there and be in good shape. But the truth of the matter is that the social and financial conditions which culminated in this debacle go much further back and are actually at the root of our Capitalistic system itself.

Martin explains how we arrived at this place and what it will take to repair the damage. He says that Obama must be bold and that his stimulus package is far too small and lacking in the vision necessary to bring this country back to prosperity. With a handful of graphs and a wealth of information, Landsberg skillfully demonstrates many of the components of the problem, most of which you won't hear about on Corporate Media reports. Big Surprise, as they have been gorging themselves on this errant and increasingly top heavy economy.

Much of what Martin says on the program formed the foundation of his presentation at the First Unitarian Church the next afternoon. This event was well covered by independent and community media, so please continue to watch this news wire for continuing reports.

homepage:  http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8489514804963014979


28.01.2009 08:02
Citizens Applaud LUBA Decision Denying Bradwood LNG Terminal
Astoria, OR - Columbia Riverkeeper and partners won their appeal today when the Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) overturned Clatsop County's decision to approve the Bradwood Landing liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal and pipeline. "This decision is a victory for healthy communities and clean energy," said Columbia Riverkeeper executive director Brett VandenHeuvel.



26.01.2009 22:58
Tacoma Spies on Regional Activists
Although long suspected, new documents show that the Tacoma PD and Port Police collected and shared intelligence information with GEO Group Inc concerning legitimate 1st Admendment activities by U.S. Citizens from the Puget Sound Region.

The Bill of Rights Defense Committee - Tacoma has confirmed that the Tacoma PD and Port of Tacoma Police have collected and shared intelligence data on various local and regional activist groups such as OneAmerica (formerly Hate Free Zone Seattle), Community-to-Community (Bellingham), People for Peace Justice and Healing (Tacoma), the Pierce County ACLU, BORDC-Tacoma, and the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) since at least 2006.


24.01.2009 12:06
Reportback from the Sam Adams Rally
another sign Last night, 200+ people showed up at Portland City Hall, starting around 5:30 pm to show their support for the recently elected mayor Sam Adams who is now the subject of a gay witch hunt.

People brought their signs, support and voices as they gathered en-masse in front of City Hall. Most signs read something such as, "We Still Support Sam" and "Apology Accepted." Others reflected this reporter's sentiments with "Transportation is an issue. Homelessness is an issue. The economy is an issue. And all you want to talk about is SEX? Go F*ck Yourselves!"


24.01.2009 06:09
FBI Announces Sighting of Fugitive in BC
The Oregonian and other corporate media published articles yesterday announcing a sighting of Rebecca Rubin, fugitive in the Northwest "Green Scare" cases, who is indicted for Arson and other charges related to actions at Vail Ski Resort, a Susanville, CA wild horse corral, and other actions.

The articles are reprinted nearly verbatim from an FBI press release, and beg the question, "Why would they show their hand?" Logically, it would seem that letting Rebecca know she had been sighted (via the media) would only give her an advantage.

It is my opinion that the intention of this release is a calculated attempt to stir chatter to assist in the hunt for Rebecca and other fugitives. Have no doubt that they are listening in on the phone conversations and email accounts of anyone they suspect of having a connection to Rebecca.

This may seem obvious to some, but warrants pointing out.


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