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Billionaires for Bush Spin the Roulette Wheel for WAR!
Billionaires for Bush The Portland chapter of the Billionaires for Bush visit the Northwest Republican Leadership Conference and Introduce a New Way to Start a War. The Group Unveils a Mysterious Roulette Wheel Decorated with Names of Future Military Targets.

Full Hilarious Article


early morning protests at the republican conference
several different groups have been acting to protest the republican conference for a variety of reasons. I went early this morning with the Forest Kids down to Jantzen Beach, the doubletree hotel.

People dressed like trees and owls attempted to go into the hotel, but were, not surprisingly, turned away. Not wanting to cause too much trouble, they took their banners, costumes and signs to the property limits. Once there a small banner was happily placed upon a street pole; an indignant cop immediatly told us in a rather amusing voice to 'not break the rules' and that we should 'act like adults.' in fact, we didn't 'see other people climbing all over other stuff.' we 'shouldn't climb on other people's things.'

so the banner duly came down and we continued to show our support to the forests, protesting the 'healthy forest initiave', the cosponsor of which was in attendance at this conference. Other portland activists came out and we represented a nice mix - dirty forest kids, bluejeans and tshirt short haired men, a few punks and Code Pink. Code Pink gets all the points, they had arranged to get a room in the hotel so they got to actually represent inside the hotel. A few people williningly engaged us in conversation, the media didn't want to have anything to do with us, and some republicans looked mad.

CFA press release on protests this morning>


LABOR SOLIDARITY 13.06.2003 22:37
Conflict resolution and compassion lead the way to solidarity at Janitors for Justice Rally
Justice for Janitors I went down to film the Janitors for Justice rally and march today. There was a great turnout, a banner drop, speeches, music. In short, it had it all. But the best thing about the march turned out to be something I almost didn't film. In spite of the tremendous show of solidarity among various groups present, there was a note of conflict. A small group of men who had been custodians with the Portland Public School system were present with signs and a loudspeaker... a person from SEIU explained that these men had experienced a lot of pain as a result of their positions being contracted out. As at least two people mentioned, some of them had lost their homes, some had watched their families break up as a result of their livelihoods being taken away from them. Many had put in years of labor for the school district, only to see their positions swept out from under them and contracted out to other workers who now make less money and receive few benefits. As it turned out, these former workers -- who had been part of SEIU Local 140 -- had directed their anger toward SEIU. They believed that SEIU had sold them out, since they felt the union did not do enough to protect their jobs, and they were angry that SEIU Local 49 is now representing the workers who took their jobs.

An angry unemployed custodian was shouting about how he had been deprived of a good job with good wages and good benefits, how he only wanted justice... This man really was in pain, and from everything I could see, he just wanted to be heard... Another woman stepped in and offered to mediate. Suddenly, it all began to change. Defenses dropped, people stopped arguing and began to really listen to each other. The custodians said they just wanted to sit down and meet with SEIU and Jobs for Justice, face to face. Contact information was exchanged, and the mood began to lighten. I don't know if the peace will hold, as I had to leave right after witnessing this exchange. But this was an extremely important step. I find I have more hope in the strength and power of the worker than I had before. [ SEIU - Justice for Janitors Banner Drop ]


SOCIAL JUSTICE 12.06.2003 18:31
Social Worker Rally - Pictures and Audio from June 12th
Social Workers at the County Bldg On the morning of June 12th Portland social workers rallied and County Comissioners met to finalize the 2003-4 Multnomah county budget. Numerous other articles on Portland Indymedia discussed the background of these issues.

At the rally the social workers and their allies were met with numerous honks of approval from motorists driving down Grand Ave. Local TV and radio stations were there interviewing people too.

During the packed meeting City Comissioners sounded supportive but also balked at the concept that they could put pressure on Salem to restore a larger amount of the cuts taking place. Lonnie Roberts, City Comissioner of District 4 said, "Do you know how hard it is for us to influence Salem?" like three or four times. I would personally like to know if our elected officials can't influence the state legislature, then who exactly can? [


Audio mp3's: Outside | Testimony | KBOO report ] [


Video ]


POLITICS | RACE | PLACE 12.06.2003 10:15
Eugene city council reverses itself on MLK Blvd Name
Signs will go up in 30 days on Eugene's new Martin Luther King Jr.Boulevard after the Eugene City Council reversed itself Wednesday and voted 6-2 to rename Centennial Boulevard after the slain civil rights leader. The remarkable turnaround came just two days after the council rejected an NAACP proposal to rename the boulevard for King and one day after outraged black leaders said they had no intention of participating in a committee charged with considering other ways to honor King.


11.06.2003 19:03
Portland Police Beat, Stun and Pepper-Spray Elderly St. Johns
Portland police respond to complaints from city officials who were attempting to serve a warrant to a St. Johns woman with pepper spray, physical intimidation and assault, and the use of a stun gun. Audio story produced for KBOO Community Radio.


CASCADIA SUMMER 11.06.2003 14:22
Oregon auctions off Old-Growth from Elliott State Forest
big big old old tree On Wednesday, June 18, the Oregon Department of Forestry auctions off some of the oldest trees left on state forest lands. The Lone Surprise Timber Sale contains dozens of centuries-old trees critically important to the declining Northern Spotted Owl population in the Elliott State Forest. This is in spite of Governor Kulongoski's campaign pledge not to cut old-growth.

The Lone Surprise timber sale (pictured) contains old-growth trees rarely found on the Elliott because, after the 1868 fire, the remaining old-growth was the first to be logged. Recent studies have found that these few remnant old-growth stands are vitally important to the survival of Owls on the Elliott, and recommends they not be logged. None the less, Roseburg Forest Products (541-679-3311) was seen cruising the sale to prepare a bid price. Why is Oregon Department of Forestry selling this forest to be clearcut when even Governor Kulongoski (503-378-3111) promised not to cut old-growth as a campaign pledge.

On the same day, the Larson Headwaters sale will be sold. ODF has rated this sale as "High Hazard for slope stability". The "probability" of a slope failure to enter a stream is rated as "High" and becoming a channelized debris flow is also rated "High". Downstream, Larson Creek still supports endangered salmon. But a NO tree-buffer (zero feet) will be left on the small tributaries flowing into Larson Creek, in spite of the landslide risk and endangered fish downstream. ODF claims cutting old-growth and clearcutting high-landslide-risk slopes in the Elliott is especially good for school children because the Elliott is "common school fund lands". The auctions on June 18 [occured] at 2:00 p.m. at the Coos District Oregon Department of Forestry, 63612 Fifth Road, Coos Bay, Oregon 97420. 541-267-4136 (voice) and 269-2027 (fax). For more information see umpqua-watersheds.org/local/elliott_state_forest.html [ Read More ] [ http://umpqua-watersheds.org ]


BUDGET | ACCOUNTABILITY 11.06.2003 12:23
Town Hall Meeting Avoids the Real Questions
Why are we wasting 200 million dollars of state money on corporate welfare for OHSU when people are dying from lack of social services? On Monday a large crowd of concerned citizens met at Grant High School to discuss the state budget crisis with about a dozen state representatives including House and Senate Democratic Leaders Kate Brown and Deborah Kafoury, Senate Ways and Means Co-Chair Kurt Schrader, Senator Avel Gordly, and Representative Jackie Dingfelder. Everyone seemed to agree that social services need to be funded yet there wasn't much in the way of solutions that address the heart of the problem, the misallocation of money we already have.

Senator Schrader presented some pretty modest figures for how much we need to fund basic health and human services, for maintaining environmental protections, etc. The figure he gave for all human services was about $300 million and for environmental protections $8-13 million. He asked the audience for suggestions on how to come up with the money.

One of the only suggestions offered was a well-intentioned but regressive sales tax being promoted by Senator Gordly to try to salvage life-saving programs. Unfortunately our "representatives" seem to have a blind spot about the massive corporate welfare going to OHSU while people are dying from lack of social service funding. The legislature is currently deciding on the second half of 200 million dollars of the tobacco settlement which is slated to be given to OHSU for their biotech venture "The Oregon Opportunity Plan". Compare this figure, approximately $100 million dollars, to Schrader's figures. According to those figures, that money would provide one third of the needed money for all social services. How many lives could this money save? [ Read More ] [ The Heist - History of the Tobacco Settlement Giveaway | Portland Trib article | Eugene Weekly article on corporate welfare: Boondoggle ]


Is PGE creating an "astroturf" campaign against public power?
PGE's advertising and PR agency, Gard & Gerber, is behind phony grassroots movement. While that doesn't DEFINITIVELY prove that PGE is behind it, I have a hard time thinking of anyone else with enough money to fork out to a high-powered ad agency to do such a thing.


POLICE STATE 10.06.2003 02:29
Portland Peace Encampment Raided: Signs and Art declared "Offensive Littering"
The Portland Police and Homeland Security raided the Portland Peace Encampment Monday evening, June 9th. The Portland Police threatened to cite the demonstrators with yet another ordinance, this time "Offensive Littering" for having signs and artwork on the sidewalk. The demonstrators moved their signs, art, etc. into Terry Schrunk Plaza, which is federal property. Homeland Security declined to cite the demonstrators or confiscate anything as long as the demonstrators agreed that they would "voluntarily" move their material if requested.


national conspiracy against critical mass?
Hey everyone, I'm from Buffalo NY, so I go to their IMC website every now and then... not as fancy or flashy as the one here in portland, but some similar things and more are happening there that I think folks here might want to know about... We often take such pride in our own city that we forget about the resistance and solidarity-building among movements struggling for change from this oppressive system that is happening in other cities on and off this continent... so here's a little from a "sister city"...


CYCLISTS' RIGHTS 09.06.2003 11:15
MAXimum zoobomb Exclusion: 20 Cyclists arrested/detained at MAX stop
Approximetly 20 bombers were arrested or detained for various Tri-Met offenses Sunday night. Citations for using the auxeriry bike space were very common the penalty being a six-month exclusion from Tri-Met.

Although a handful of bombers were ticked for riding without a ticket (or an improperly validated ticket) several bombers claimed to have been ticked for not using the bike hooks on the MAX. On a low MAX car there are 4 bike hooks and A few handicap spaces, some of which are designated "Additional Bike Parking".

Referring to the eight-man Tri-Met crackdown battalion, Mike quipped, "I was wondering when I was going to be able to use the 'Fajitias Platter' code call. Those guys made Airport security look professional and reasonable"

"Today's going to be a good day," said the 100th Monkey prior to boarding the MAX. On the whole could still agree with him. Zoobomb is one of the most successful bike organizations in the #1 bike city in America. On any given Sunday night as many as 70 bikers might meet to bomb the zoo. With those kinds of numbers you would think the MAX would be overwhelmed with bikes and bombers.


CREATIVE RESISTANCE 09.06.2003 09:07
Pink splashes disrupt parade-goers' placid gaze
pink parade! A fleet of pink ships appears suddenly in portland rose/war fest parade; and rose festival "senior court" princesses deliver floral messages to warship visitors. "We are Portland's Peace Fleet; we say war is obsolete!" rang the chant in the early hours of Saturday morning, as faithful parade-watchers lined the streets of rose city/cum warship harbor for the annual rose/warship festival parade. Just as streets were closing in preparation for the parade, a dozen or so pink-clad activists, mostly women, appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Six of the interlopers wore cardboard boats, all bearing the logo "Portland Peace Fleet" and sporting names like "PMS Pinkafore", "SS Minnow", and "PeaceMa". The boats were steered by keels consisting of fishnet-clad legs, around whichsmall pink fish appeared to be swimming. Sails for the ships bore legents such as "We do not have Torpedo Envy," "Warship Worship is Anti-Family," "Depleted Uranium Shrunk my Ship," and so on. The pink fleet sang "There's no business like War business" and other songs, and chanted for nearly the entire parade route, meeting little resistance, some hostile chants of "support the troops" (which some of thepink boaters joined, adding "bring them home!"), some thumbs up and peace signs, but mostly somewhat bewildered and seemingly oblivious parade-watcher stares. Police at one point attempted to direct thePeace Fleet down a non-parade-route street, but their directive was ignored, with no untoward consequences... [ Read More ] [ Code Pink! ]


WAR & RESISTANCE | EDUCATION 08.06.2003 19:40
Is The 'Couve Hip, Or What
We're trying in Vancouver. On Thursday a few of us hung our "Pre-Emptive Peace" banner over the I-5. On Friday, several of us hooked up with the P-Sq march, as usual. On Saturday, a few held a banner, "Ford --- Driving America's Oil Addiction", at the Auto Mall, & then moved the banner to our Farmers' Market. We had a table at the Market for the coalition, Vancouver for Peace, at which we offered a petition to have Jessica Lynch-related propaganda investigated, plus papers to sign in thanks to the Baghdad hospital staff which cared for her. We had a table for Green Party of Clark County, where we championed a number of issues, including Free Palestine & anti-LEIU... At least two of us have plans to hit Sac'to. Just thought i'd post this to let Cascadia know that even an "invisible" place like the 'Couve has stuff going on. We're trying. [ Read More ]


WAR AND RESISTANCE 08.06.2003 18:52
2 Arrested near Navy Ships
07.Jun.2003 22:47 Two people were arrested this morning standing on the Broadway Bridge next to a sign that read "WEAPONS OF DESTRUCTION, NOTHING TO CELEBRATE". The sign, which had been hung over the railing facing the 3 US Navy ships docked downtown, was tied to the railing and had 3 foot high letters which were visible from quite far off. The police arrived within minutes and told the Amy and Josh to step back, and immediately arrested them. The charges at this point are violations of city ordinances, -erecting a structure- and something called -bridge railing-. The were held for about eight hours before being released with a court date of July 8.

Several of the police who processed them talked about the importance of war and weapons to "protect our freedom", but apparently failed to notice the irony of arresting people exercising those freedoms nearby those weapons of war. [ Read More ]


LEIU | SEATTLE | POLICE STATE 03.06.2003 09:25
LEIU Seattle - Undercover Police Provoke Conflict; Legal Observer Shot and Hospitalized
LEIUAt least twelve people have been arrested following June 2 demonstrations against the LEIU conference in downtown Seattle, near where the secretive private intelligence network is holding its annual conference. In one confrontation between Seattle Police and demonstrators, National Lawyers Guild legal observer Larry Hildes was hospitalized after being shot in the back with "non-lethal" weapons. Following an early evening rally in Westlake Park, several hundred demonstrators began a nonviolent, permitted march toward the LEIU conference site, the Red Lion Hotel, where cordons of police waited in riot gear. The crowd continued to rally there with music from the Anti-Fascist Marching Band and the Infernal Noise Brigade; some burned and tore US flags. One protester climbed atop a nearby awning and attempted to burn a flag there; as he descended, other demonstrators huddled around him to protect him against identification and arrest. However, one or more of the people in this huddle turned out to be undercover police, and disorder broke out when one undercover cop reportedly provoked a fistfight while attempting to subdue the protester. The police then moved against the dispersing crowd, using pepper spray, concussion grenades, plastic clubs and guns loaded with non-lethal weapons. Several people were seriously hurt after receiving pepper spray in the face. Before being taken to the hospital, Hildes reportedly described the encounter as "the worst he had ever seen. [ Read More ] [ Seattle IMC cov'g 1, 2, 3 ] [ Photos 1, 2 ] [ Radio ]

Account from Portland Metro citizen: I just got in from Seattle. I'm too tired to make a huge report & need to get cap-stuff off me. (It burns!) People can read on Seattle IMC what came down last evening. I just want to emphasize some things. This was a PERMITTED march, supposedly, & we were told we could stay on three streets which abut the conference hotel. Yet, suddenly, with NO warning whatsover, cops attacked, with gas, cap-spray, bikes, horses, repeatedly & indiscriminately. I'll see how this gets written up, but I WAS THERE & SAW IT ALL. Cops attacked the crowd. Period. There was NO excuse. And the cops' tactics were contradictory, ineptly trying to scatter & corral people at the same time. However, cameras were everywhere, & this will be in the media, & the damn LEIU will be a secret no more. That was the goal, as it was with WTO, & we did it again. And we will do it again. And again. And again. [ Read More ]

[ BACKGROUND: A call to Action in Seattle, June 2 to 6th | Come to Seattle on J1, and shut down the Pig Conference | STOP THE LEIU | Fight the Consolidation of Police Terrorism in the US ]


CASCADIA SUMMER 02.06.2003 20:35
Giant mole digs trench in logging road at Solo timber sale; Forest defenders delighted
PORTLAND, OR--According to witnesses, a giant mole dug a trench through a logging road leading to the Solo timber sale in the Mt. Hood National Forest last night. By chance, seasonal restrictions on the Solo sale ended today, meaning that logging could have started at any time in the morning. The trench, however, would have needed to have been filled in first, which would have slowed down the commencement of logging operations.

By chance, the road was also blocked in several other places by large piles of logs and brush, also seemingly placed in such a way as to block logging equipment. Witnesses did not finger the mole for these actions, and speculated that perhaps a freak windstorm had occured during the night, or that perhaps a giant desert beaver had struck as well.


Salmon River Tree-Sits blocked by Feds, public land sales closed to public
treesitLaw enforcement has placed a closure order around the Salmon River Tree-sits in an attempt to starve tree siters out. The Klamath Salmon Action Network (KSAN) is planning an action camp on June 7-13 along with actions, and a closure protest to support tree-sitters. KSAN is still strong in their resolve to protect the wild public land of this free flowing tributary of the Klamath, and the species that use it.

The Salmon River is the only undammed, undiverted river that feeds the Klamath and has had three treesits blocking part of the Glassups Old Growth Timber Sale for a week and a half. The Klamath-Action Network is a group involved in the tree-sits and promises continued resistance for the Knob and Meteor Timber Sales, which are also public lands old growth sales in the Salmon River.

Columbia Helicopters, an international company that specializes in helicopter logging steep and unstable slopes, are clear-cutting and high grading native forest in the National Forest, which is why the tree-sits are there. Old growth logging destroy water quality, endangered species,and the forests natural resistance to fire. " These sales will hurt not help forest health by taking out the fire resistant old growth, leaving brush fields behind, destroying a rural town's drinking water, and endangering Klamath Salmon" stated Mari Posa, a spokes woman for the group.

Two men attempting to visit and photograph the tree-sits were detained for forty minutes Sunday by three federal agents who ticketed them. They were unaware they weren't allowed on public lands. The two men must appear in federal court in Redding on Tuesday. [ Read More ] [ http://www.mazamaforestdefense.org/ | http://www.cascadiasummer.org/ | Klamath Forest Alliance ]


CRITICAL MASS | COVERAGE 01.06.2003 22:43
Critical Mass: Splintered, But Never Broken
People are moving... "We took a right-hand turn, onto a street I personally had never been on. In front of us appeared to a dead end, but as we got closer to this perceived end, we saw that it was a small grass embankment, on top of which, almost totally obscured from view on approach, was the Benson High School was track and sports field. We instantly saw a golden opportunity... " to ditch the police that is.


PRISON ACTIVISM 31.05.2003 18:13
Anarchist Prisoner Wins Lawsuit
Brian McCarvill an anarchist prisoner caged in Oregon appears to have won his landmark lawsuit against the Oregon Department of Corrections(?)

In a recent letter, Cassidy wheeler asked if it was true that Brian McCarville won his lawsuit against the Oregon Department of corrections. As some of you may realize, Brian filed suit over his mail being rejected because it displayed the circle A, mentioned the word anarchist, anarchy, etc. or was from an Anarchist identified organization. This policy is based on an administrative finding that Anarchist, anti-authoritarian Prisoner are a Security threat group (STG) i.e. criminal gang. In order to answer Cassidy's question a phone call was made to Prison Legal News. Hans confirmed that settlement negotiations were happening and it appeared a resolution was forthcoming.

While the policy remains in place, it would be legal suicide for the Department to continue rejecting mail based on the disputed criteria.

It is a significant development that this negotiation is happening for it appears the Department finally realizes it cannot defend its ridiculous assumption Anarchists are a criminal like the Aryan Brotherhood. In the near future, Prisoner will be able to receive Anarchist materials. More importantly the attempt to criminalize Anarchist, anti-authoritarian Prisoners will have been finally defeated. This opens up a myriad of possibilities including better chance for early release, lowering of custody level and greater access to institutional programs.


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