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20.11.2008 07:45
More Cop "Mistakes"
A Canby cop, with the apparent complicity of his chief, battered two wives, bought steroids while in uniform, on a police motorcycle, using cop shop stationary. Anyone surprised?
What's more, the seller -- Brian Jackson, then a strength and conditioning coach for the much-heralded Oregon City High School girls basketball team -- told the informant he didn't worry about getting caught by the police because he was selling to the police.


20.11.2008 07:43
Boise Cascade Closures in St Helens: Mixed Feelings
It is with very mixed feelings that those of us out here on the river respond to the news that the mill is shutting down. Yesterday, Boise Inc (formerly Boise Cascade) announced that the pulp and paper mill in St Helens will be "restructuring" operations. This translates to the permanent closure of much of the mill, and the laying off of 300 workers (out of 470). This comes on the heels of an announcement, two months ago, that the Boise veneer mill, a few blocks away, would be closing down as well.

This is a terrific blow to the local economy out here in St Helens. Aside from 300 mill jobs being gouged out of such a small town, there will also be an economic domino effect as the rest of the community adjusts to the shakeout. Some local officials estimate that, for every Boise job loss, there will be an additional 1.3 jobs lost in other sectors, including loggers who supplied the mill with wood, salespeople who served the mill families, restaurant jobs in the places where mill workers ate their lunch....



20.11.2008 07:33
Spanish bank occupied by workers
In the southern Spanish city of Granada today, a powerful workers demonstration has been taking place. It includes the simultaneous occupation of the offices of a local developer/estate agents and the main branch of the BBVA bank.

The Sindicat Andaluz de Trabajadores (Andalucian Workers Union) has been out in force on the streets of Granada today. This small activist union was formed in 2007 owing to disatisfaction with the representation offered by other larger trade unions. So far today city centre roads have been blocked and the offices of Osuna (major Spanish estate agent and developer) and BBVA bank have been occupied by several hundred protestors.

The occupation of the Osuna officers was ended by police at about 2pm but the protestors simply moved up the road to join their fellows at the BBVA offices which remain occupied as this is being written 7.30 pm To liven things up they decided to block a major city crossroads for about half an hour.

For photos and reports in spanish:  http://www.sindicatoandaluz.org


20.11.2008 07:29
The LAPD had other plans.... click on the link for the full story... X-Vandals Show in LA Raided by LAPD
On Sunday 11/16/08 the Hip-Hop duo know as X-VANDALS (MC Not4Prophet of RICANSTRUCTION and DJ Johnny Juice of Public Enemy) was scheduled to do a benefit show for RAC (Revolutionary Autonomous Communities) a dirt roots anarchist organization doing work in the communities that they work and live in...

The show was to be a benefit for an Anarchist Book-fair that RAC is

The LAPD had other plans.... click on the link for the full story...



20.11.2008 07:28
Video: Portland Interview with Members of X-Vandals
About a 45 minute interview with Not4Prophet and Johnny Juice of the rap group X-Vandals.

They appeared on the local Public Access program, "A Growing Concern." Also included in the segment was Walidah Imaresha, who produced their Northwest Tour.
Among her many talents, Walidah is a local spoken word artist.. Not4Prophet is a songwriter and the lead singer of the rock band Ricanstruction, as well as an MC, graffiti writer and radical political activist.Johnny Juice is also with the long running rap group Public Enemy.

Among the many topics of discussion were the national rap scene, the Puerto Rican struggle for independence, and the struggle for all people to be free of Capitalist oppression.

This program, including about 15 minutes of music video from the group, will repeat this Thursday evening, November 20, at 7:00 on channel 22.

X-Vandal Interview


16.11.2008 07:07
Veterans Direct Action in DC
On Saturday, November 15, at 8:00 am, at the National Archives Building on Connecticut Ave., eight military veterans and a military mother climbed a 9-foot retaining fence and occupied a ninety-foot high scaffolding to raise two 450 square foot banners stating, "DEFEND OUR CONSTITUTION. ARREST BUSH AND CHENEY: WAR CRIMINALS!" and "WE WILL NOT BE SILENT."

The same message will also be displayed at demonstrations in the Los Angeles area on Saturday. Members of Veterans for Peace (VFP) chose the Archives for their nonviolent protest because it is symbolic of their military oath to "defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

In September they occupied the Archives for 24 hours, and plan to stay longer this time. "The offenses of Bush, Cheney, and their accomplices are appalling," said Kim Carlyle, a VFP member and Army veteran. "Their misdeeds have killed or maimed more than a million people - American soldiers, innocent civilian children, women, and men. They have displaced almost five million people, with millions seeking refuge in other countries. Their total disregard for international agreements has severely tarnished the reputation of America in the world. Their unlawful wars have squandered billions of dollars that could have bolstered a troubled economy."



16.11.2008 07:00
Earth, Animal Liberationists Wage War in Mexico City
ALF action received anonymously (translation):


In the evening of Thursday, November 6 we painted various slogans referring to animal liberation on the walls and windows of a Burger King; immediately after, a couple of molotov cocktails were launched at strategic points in this place of capitalism and exploitation.
We claim this action as an act of solidarity with the FRENTE DE LIBERACION ANIMAL DE MEXICO for its strong activity and confrontation.
But it was also in memory of an active warrior for freedom: BARRY HORNE...
This week is already a week of action in his memory.
Fighters like Barry are remembered as they would like to be remembered:
Bringing war without mercy to the exploiters and capitalists.

Against the state and capital .... social war!
For freedom ... Until they fall!


Mexico City (D.F.) November 7 2008"


14.11.2008 08:35
VIDEO: Stop The WOPR Tree Sit stands but challenged by police / Communique
After a successful and safe first day, state police asked that tree sitter Jasmine Zimmer-Stucky come down. The group's police liaison explained that descending in the dark could be dangerous. The officer left, but is expected to return tomorrow and make the same request. The group believes that it is currently not operating in violation of any laws. Before this interaction, the group has had a successful day with many passers by giving words of encouragement, supplies and positive feed back.

Cascadia Rising Tide hopes the governor will reject the WOPR in favor of a more sustainable forest economy that prevents clear cutting, stops logging in native forest, and would not decrease the protections outlined in the North West Forest Plan. The group is part of a larger coalition called WOPR and Beyond. The group is holding a rally to convince governor Kulongoski not to accept the BLM's proposal.

Video Communique : HERE


12.11.2008 04:48
Urban Tree Sit in Salem Against the WOPR
WOPR [Nov 11] In the brisk hours of the morning a concerned citizen climbed into the branches of a tree opposite the capitol building unfurling a banner that read, "Don't Clear Cut Our Future." The sitter plans to sit in the tree to call attention to Governor Kulongoski's ability to stop the federal government from clear cutting Oregon's native forests." The event was organized by the group Cascadia Rising Tide to provide education about the WOPR leading up to a permitted rally on the Capitol Steps on Friday, Nov. 14.

Cascadia Rising Tide invites you to visit the capitol building lawn and show your support for our work against the Western Oregon Plan Revisions. These logging plan revisions would increase logging in Oregon by 436%. Pending the governor's blessing, 70% of the new logging would be clearcuts. Of the 2.6 million acres that the BLM manages (and does not pay Oregon land taxes for) timber harvesting would occur on 1 million acres. As for our last old growth, 100,000 acres would be cut.

With the recession weighing heavy on everyone's mind, proponents have touted the WOPR as a solution for Oregon communities. But others are concerned that this plan will actually lead to a loss of Oregon jobs. Recreation and tourism contribute more than twice as much money to Oregon's economy than the timber industry. Recreation, tourism, and fishing are projected to lose long-term jobs under the WOPR.

Nov 12 update: "Stop The WOPR Tree Sit stands but challenged by police | Salem Rally details | Free Bus to Salem from Portland @ 10:30 am


10.11.2008 20:25
VIDEOS: Human Rights Commission in Portland Oregon _First Meeting 11.05.08
Portlands Human Rights Commission 1st Meeting 11.05.08 I went to the first meeting for the "Human Rights Commission" here in Portland on November 5th 2008[.] It was two hours and there was no microphone [.] I recorded 3 videos that afternoon(one short one and two longer ones) [.] The sound quality is rated poor / fair. (sorry)[.] The sound was modified (edited) to help in hearing this event. [.] I went to this meeting with out planning on filming. Many of the participants talked very quietly. The message is worth hearing so I am sharing this important groups first meeting with the PIMC community


10.11.2008 19:58
Racist, Homophobic Ass gets measure passed in Columbia County
A self righteous resident of Columbia County had two anti-immigrant measures added to the ballot out here. One would have required signs proclaiming Columbia County to be an "illegal worker-free zone." That one failed, thank goodness. A second measure, however, mandates a fine of $10,000 for anyone who hires a so-called "illegal alien." Apparently, it could also mandate that the sheriff's office check people's papers. This one passed.


08.11.2008 15:20
Washington County Peace Vigil 11-05-08
About 30 people celebrated the 2008 presidential election results while protesting our continued occupation of Iraq.Hopefully, the new administration will be starting the withdrawal of US forces after they take office January 20th.Gordon Smith's 95% backing of Bush of the last 8 years will not be missed either.Feel free to join the group every wednesday at 5th and Hall in Beaverton from 6:30 to 7:30pm.Show your support of the miltary by urging our elected officials to bring the armed forces home from Iraq.


07.11.2008 16:37
Protesting the deployment of Oregon's National Guard members.
The other day I met a lady at the capitol building, she's protesting the deployment of the Oregon National Guard in Iraq and Afghanistan. She's on a hunger strike and camping on steps of the capitol building and collecting signatures on her petition. Here's a copy of her Open Letter.
If you happen to be in the area, I encourage you to stop by show your support and sighn her petitition


07.11.2008 16:31
Cascadia Rising Tide asks Governor Kulongoski to say NO to the WOPR
The Western Oregon Plan Revision (WOPR) will increase logging by 436% on BLM land and the only thing between the plan and our public forests is governor Kulongoski. Cascadia Rising Tide delivered a letter to the governor asking him to stand up for Oregon's future. Here's a quick video about it.

On Monday, members of Cascadia Rising Tide delivered a letter to Governor Kulongoski asking him to stand with the group against the WOPR and publicly announce his opposition to the BLM's plan. The Western Oregon Plan Revision (WOPR) would increase logging by 436% on BLM land in western Oregon. 70% of that would be clear cut and 100,000 acres would be old growth.

Rising Tide and the WOPR and Beyond Coalition will be holding a rally on the capitol steps in Salem on Friday November 14th at noon in an effort to move the governor to oppose this plan. Buses will be leaving from Portland and Salem.

Check www.epicocity.com/wopr.htm


06.11.2008 06:24
Local Nazis on Display (3 Parts)
Rose City Antifa is pleased to bring you this album containing photos of local members of Volksfront, the most significant neo-Nazi organization in our state. The vast majority of these photos are from 2008 events in Oregon which occurred after the release of Volksfront prospect "Red" (AKA "Big Red") from prison.

Those who have been following the Volksfront organization will see plenty of familiar faces in this collection. It should be noted that Randal and Abbie Krager?pictured in many of these photos?no longer seem to live in Portland. Our deep condolences go out to the state of Florida, especially those people living near Lakeland...

Photos 1| Photos 2 | Photos 3


05.11.2008 09:28
Oregon Convention Center!
FYI-I've been participating tonight at the Oregon Convention Center, headquarters to the Democratic Party of Oregon's Election night 2008, where Barack Obama was announced our new President of the USA. Shook hands with several elected officials in tow. People by the hundreds trickled out into the streets thereafter, waving blue signs and untold numbers of cars honking with a huge media presence.

From there, I then proceeded to Pioneer Courthouse Square, where a night-time rally of a few hundred people gathered to sing "Star Spangled Banner" and chants of "No More Bush", "Yes We Can", and so forth. A fantastic drum played beautifully. A conga line of a few dozen temporarily was formed, with joyous dancing and glee. Again, huge media presence.


03.11.2008 14:34
Video: Excerpts from Northwest WInter Soldier
Two of the Iraq Veterans who spoke at the Northwest Winter Soldier event in Portland on October 18, 2008. These two spoke at Panel One, "Voices of Veterans form Iraq and Afghanistan." Video is about 22 minutes in length.

Both are members of Iraq Veterans Against the War.The first, Christopher Arent, was a member of c 1-119 field artillery from 2001 - 2007. He deployed with charlie battery from 2004 - 2005 to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where he was a block guard and the escort control for 11 months. While deployed he co-founded the short lived radical G.I. Resistance group Motorcycle Awesome. He is a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) Chicago.

The second speaker is Josh Simpson, who spent six years in the US Army as a counterintelligence agent, including a one year tour in Mosul, Iraq. He is now involved with the GI Voice Project, Port Militarization Resistance and making Olympia a sanctuary city for war resisters and undocumented workers. Josh is a member of IVAW Olympia.



02.11.2008 07:11
Impeachment Treat or Blumenauer Trick Outside of Earl Blumenauer's Office (House District 3) [who also is running as a incumbent that has spoken out against Bush yet does very little to hold Bush/Cheney accountable and allows them to violate the constitution] ... The Lone Vet (Joe Walsh) and about a dozen citizens gather for the weekly vigil that has been going weekly (Thursdays at high noon - 2pm) for well over a year.

The Lone Vet has in the hospital and has missed the past 7 week of protesting[.] Well he is back..... and sounds as "hot on the issues as ever"[.] This video is 10 minutes from the 10-30-08 vigil


02.11.2008 07:07
Reportback from Deep Green Resistance
This October (2008) from the 24th through the 26th I had the pleasure of attending a convergence called "Deep Green Resistance" (DGR) just outside of Lincoln City, Oregon. Several previous DGRs have been held on the east coast and other locales.
In many respects, the works and theories of eco activist-turned-radical author (and Cascadian resident) Derrick Jensen have inspired these events, which are intended to accelerate the actuation of and preparedness for the collapse of civilization, as a means of halting current trends of environmental/biological disaster.


29.10.2008 04:26
Radical Richard Taken To Jail!
SOLIDARITY - HOMELESSNES IS NOT A CRIME Local activist jailed for smoking.
Radical Richard was cited for "offensive littering" while smoking on the opposite side of the street from Pioneer Square. He put his cigarette out on the ground and was immediately approached by police who announced that they were citing him for "offensive littering". Richard told them that many people put out their cigarettes on the street and that they (the cops) were only citing him because they targeted him as a potentially homeless person. Richard then told the cops that he would obtain a lawyer and fight his case if cited for this infraction. The cops then took him to jail, he spent several hours in Central Precinct. His court date is November 28th.
Richard needs our support, please contact Central Precinct (503)823-0097 and voice your concern about the obvious over handed jailing of a minor infraction offender.


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