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07.09.2008 08:13
Prominent PDX Activist Arrested For Bogus Charge At Anti-Foie Gras Demonstration!
Foie Gras Makes Me Sick Mike D, a prominent Portland activist (AR, Human Rights, Earth, Labor) was arrested at the Anti-Foie Gras demonstration Saturday night. Police say that he was arrested for using a tiny 99-cent plastic toy cone while chanting. This is a total Bogus charge - and an example of the PPB serving the desires of business over the rights of human beings!

The PPB and Blue Hour are working hand in hand to oppress the small number of dedicated AR activists that demonstrate every weekend to end Foie Gras cruelty in Portland. There will be a full report soon. SHAME on the PPB and Blue Hour for your oppression!!!!


06.09.2008 18:08
VERY Disturbing Reports From Prisons In MN(Severe Torture being used)
Severe torture being used for the hell of it. Not even to get information, just to see people suffer. It's very reminiscent of the torture used on International Workers of the World unionists and Anarchists in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Reports I've heard so far(there is sure to be more as people are released):


06.09.2008 17:57
Video: Interview with Richard Riot & Fay Kalius, Portland Indymedia, 9/5/08
Richard and Fay discuss a chaotic street battle they witnessed in downtown St. Paul and the experience of having been struck with a police baton, being detained and later dropped off outside of town -- as well as reflect on their general impression of events over the past week and where they think direct resistance might be headed.


06.09.2008 17:55
Arrested Street Medic Speaks
R. Westlund - the author of this Press Release - is one of the Portland Street Medics who were arrested in Minneapolis-St. Paul this week during the Republican National Convention; is also a trained Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and eyewitness to some of the abuses and atrocities.

This Press Release includes the names of some of the arrested Street Medics and describes some of the details of the incidents from the battle zones, including Police attitudes and behavior plus the level of violence and injuries sustained by peaceful demonstrators at the DNC who were engaged in activities entirely protected by the US Constitution.


06.09.2008 17:46
Video: Interview with Wendy Binion, Portland Indymedia, 9/5/08
Wendy Binion, who works with Portland Indymedia, was snatched from Mears Park in St. Paul during the rally prior to the March for Our Lives on September 2nd, 2008. She was surrounded by riot cops in the street and was taken away to a special facility for processing. Her detainment is part of a definite pattern by authorities during the RNC to disrupt and intimidate independent media journalists who were covering the demonstrators' perspective from the streets of St. Paul.


04.09.2008 20:09
Update - Portland Street Medics Arrested at the RNC
Weds, Sep. 3rd, 2008: In between explosions of concussion grenades and teargas clouds in Minneapolis-St. Paul, volunteer Street Medics from all over the country who have assembled there are continuing to provide much needed first aid and medical care to injured and frightened people everywhere in the city where lawful and peaceful assemblies, passersby, journalists and bystanders are getting attacked indiscriminately and without provocation by Police, National Guard and teams of unidentified Federal Agencies without badges or numbers.

Starting at dawn on Tuesday, Portland Street Medics who were arrested while treating injured people at the RNC were being released one by one by the illegitimate authorities who had seized them. One of our colleagues is still in jail and has not yet been charged with anything. All of the arrests of Portland Street Medics are entirely illegal.

Independent journalist caught in the middle of panic and mayhem during an attack with concussion grenades and teargas against a peaceful march: | Rubber bullets fired directly into a small crowd of peaceful people; Street Medics attacked: | Richard, Well Known Activist From Portland, Released From Jail | Ramsey County's Contempt For Justice: Tell Them To Stop The Torture

RNC Breaking News Archives #1, #2


04.09.2008 19:59
Sea Lion Trial: Report Back
Columbia River Sea Lions Oral arguments were heard today in the continuing saga over the fate of the sea lions of the Columbia. Here is a quick recap. (For those not familiar with the roots of this story, I refer you to other articles that I and others have written in the past. You can do a search of this site by using the search function on the top right of the screen.)

To many of us who were present in the courtroom last spring, when Judge Mosman inexplicably ruled that killing sea lions would not cause irrevocable harm, it has been clear that this would be an uphill battle in this particular courtroom. (Thank God for the appeals process. The 9th circuit court of appeals almost immediately overturned that decision, stating that, by definition, killing a living being would, in fact, cause irrevocable harm. They granted the injunction that Mosman had refused to grant, against killing any sea lions while the merits of the case were being decided. Those who remember the grisly deaths in the traps last spring realize the injunction did not protect the sea lions anyway.)


04.09.2008 19:57
Cascadia Earth First! Newlsetter- Spring/Summer 2008
* Fossil Fools Day
* Radical Eco-Feminist Westcoast Tour
* Disruption at NW Natural's Annual Shareholder Meeting
* Cascadia Earth First! Protests the International Whaling Commission

* Greed Continues to Threaten Cascadia Forests
* Sea Lion Trapping Results in Murder


03.09.2008 06:48
City, PPB to settle (FINALLY) with the family of Jahar Perez, to the tune of $350,000
On a Sunday in March of 2004, Jahar Perez looked in the rearview window of his car and saw something that surely caused his heart to beat faster. He saw a Portland police car cruising close behind his car. Perez had done nothing wrong. He had committed no crime, he had violated no ordinances, he had committed no traffic infractions. But there it was, just the same. Perez had reason to fear this sight even more than many of us in Portland: Jahar Perez was Black. And, as a Black man in Portland, he knew all too well that the police never need a reason to stop African Americans in this city. They never need a valid reason to search, harass, intimidate, beat, taser, and even kill Black people in Portland. They have done it over and over again. Not only have they gotten away with it; They've actually gotten medals for it. Again and again and again, the ridiculously inappropriate phrase, "I feared for my life," has gotten officer after officer off for murder.

And apparently, it was enough. Both officers were cleared by the obligatory secret grand jury. Although a toothless inquest later ruled the killing a homicide, no charges were ever filed. Both officers were allowed to keep their jobs and their guns. Sery later resigned, but is now carrying a badge and a gun out in Beaverton. Macomber is still prowling the streets of Portland. Yes, this is how it works. Again and again and again.

This week, word comes that the city of Portland will finally settle a lawsuit with Jahar Perez's family. They will hand the Perez family a check for $350,000, and business will go back to usual. I'm shocked by this "award." Although it is clearly an admission of guilt, it is way too little, way too late. The PPB should have changed its policies long ago, to prevent this kind of senseless killing. They should have disciplined Sery and Macomber severely. Both should have been stripped of their badges, and both should be serving lengthy prison sentences for the violent homicide which they committed. They should never be allowed to carry guns again. But none of this has happpened. I'm shocked that anyone could conclude that $350,000 is a fair price to pay for the taking of a life -- especially the predictable, repeated, savage taking of the life of yet another Black man on the streets of Portland.


02.09.2008 13:06
Portland Street Medics Arrested at RNC
A number of Street Medics from Portland were arrested on Monday afternoon (Sep 1st) while tending to injured protesters. All of them belong to one affinity group which has been participating in the actions as a unit of Street Medics acting together.

About half were released by evening, while a few individuals among them are still being held. They have been singled out for "special procedures". Legal support and lawyers are trying to help out with their case as it seems to be a unique situation wherein the Street Medics might be charged with unusual (and outrageous) offenses.

If you have any funds to help with bail money and related expenses for the Street Medics, please email us at: street.medix@portland-or.net Everything you give will go toward enabling us to continue doing much needed Movement work and providing essential community service.

Related:Please Support RNC Arrestees! | Amy Goodman arrested at RNC (she's out now)


02.09.2008 07:47
Labor Day Picnic Report back: What the fuck is my union doing endorsing BRADWOOD LANDING??
LNG Pipeline Route I went to the labor day picnic at Oaks Park. Frankly, the free food and rides are about all I get from my union anymore. My wages have failed to keep up with inflation, I work longer hours than I think anyone should, and my health benefits have eroded, yet again. But I get this one bone, year after year. The union picnic. So I went. And I could not help but notice a few things... First, I have to say, it was a strange epiphany to look around and realize, while listening to the lyrics of "Which Side Are You On" by the band General Strike, that almost everyone there was a public employee. I saw almost no representation from the manufacturing or trade jobs, for example. Is that because so very few workers outside of the public sphere are represented by a union? There's some food for thought we should be chewing on along with our free potato salad.

I have to really, seriously question why my union, of all things, would allow Bradwood Landing to hold their PR stunt at MY LABOR DAY PICNIC. Is nothing sacred? Bradwood Landing is NOT EVEN A UNION SHOP! The best they can claim, as they do on their website, is that they "plan" to hire union construction workers to build the unwanted facility. Sorry, that's not union enough. Do you think, for one moment, that once the plant is built, the workers who labor there will be allowed to unionize? Think again. I can't imagine a more stark illustration of how far unions have come from representing the interests of working people, to representing the status quo. This was really despicable.

If you care about keeping LNGs off your river, by the way, you should probably realize that the company that wants to force it on us has obviously launched a very far-reaching PR campaign. It was bad enough to be hearing their ads on NPR, but finding them salaciously doling out free ice cream in exchange for good will and signatures at a UNION PICNIC was beyond words. So much for solidarity.


31.08.2008 20:12
Salmon-Scarfing Culprits: Caught in the Act
This photograph was taken on the Columbia river, at St Helens, just off of Sand Island, earlier this week. These are gill nets, my friends. Gill nets, plying the waters of the Columbia river, going after Chinook Salmon.
It was Monday, very early in the morning, just barely getting light. I just happened to spot the twinkling lights and reeling nets, creeping stealthily through the waters just off shore. I stopped in the watery, gray light of dawn and climbed a nearby cliff with my camera, because this is important. THIS is why the salmon are disappearing from the waters of Cascadia. This is what is happening to the Chinook. No, it is not sea lions that are killing off the last salmon in the Columbia, as we have been told by the corporate media and by silly NW politicians afraid to face the truth. It is this. Many people do not realize that nets like these are permitted on the river. When told about it, they often refuse to believe it, pointing out that nets like these are almost universally illegal on inland waters. "Why would we allow nets on the river," I was recently asked, "When more than a dozen species of fish on this river are threatened with extinction?" A very good question.


31.08.2008 19:00
Portland Neo-Nazis "Out-ed" by Anti-Racists, August 29 & 30
From the Rally at Lents Park Nearly a year has passed since Portland anti-racists successfully shut down the main venue for the "Hammerfest" gathering of the white supremacist Hammerskin Nation, which was held in Sherwood, Oregon. The main hosts of the "Hammerfest" gathering were members of the Portland-based Volksfront International, a group that originated from Oregon and which is by far the most significant neo-Nazi organization in our state. Now Volksfront are on the move once again and we are called to respond.

Volksfront have small chapters nationally and internationally. This Labor Day weekend they are holding their annual organizational gathering, the "Althing," in Missouri. A clear and consistent message must be sent that Portland doesn't tolerate the maneuverings of violent racists, and we will continue to expose these hate-mongers as long as they continue to organize under the banner of white nationalism. We actively oppose them even when they have their events in other states.

Related: Aug 25, '08 Berlin - Protest against neo-nazi demonstration | Aug 3, '08 UK - fascist website hacked| Oct '07 Portland OR - Nazis Not Welcome rally (video)


30.08.2008 09:45
RNC Convergence Center Raid
press statement from rnc welcoming committee after sheriff and sppd raid of convergence space

FRIDAY AUGUST : Assitant Police Chief Bostrom has talked about the St. Paul Standard, and on the anniversary of last years' critical mass police riot, we saw its true face. The ramsey county sheriff's dept and the SPPD raided the RNC convergence space and detained over 50 people in an attempt to preempt planned protests of the rnc on Monday.

Looking for items found in any twin cities house like jars, paint, and rags, this attempt to portray us as criminals and destroy our credibility has already backfired as evidenced by the masses who have come to support us. Children and elderly people were inside the convergence center when the police violently busted down the doors. The police may claim that the raid was executed according to protocol - however, the violence inherent in this action may only be a hint of the violence to be expected on Monday and beyond, and is only a hint at the violence perpetrated daily by the police. The convergence center is simply a gathering place and is not used for illegal actions - it is a place for workshops and trainings. Tonight we were watching films and sharing food.

This action will not deter us from our plans to protest the RNC on September 1st. We want to invite all people who oppose this police oppression to join us on Septemeber 1st. See you in the streets.
[ Read More ]

Ongoing Coverage at: twincities indymedia

Anarchists Attack Bank in Pittsburgh

The Greater Pittsburgh Anarchist Collective received this anonymous communique and were asked to post it. ------ Late Tuesday night the National City Bank branch on Penn Avenue in Pittsburgh was attacked with iron bars. We damaged the front windows, smashed out the side windows, and destroyed the ATM. The reason we chose this target is obvious. It was an attack on a symbol of the entire capitalist system of exploitation. Primarily, however, we chose to carry out this attack as an act of solidarity with our friends and comrades who are fighting in Denver and the Twin Cities against the conventions. For those of us who cannot be there, this is the least we can do to stand in solidarity with you. We hope that this action inspires you and lets you know that you are not alone. We know that comrades all over the country are carrying out actions like this in solidarity, and we know that there will be many more. Fight your hardest, and we'll do the same.
[ Read More ]

Second Night of Anarchist Attacks In Pittsburgh


27.08.2008 14:04
At least four NW activists jailed Monday night / three out on bond
Three Seattle activists and one Portland activist involved with Team Victory, FNB, SSN, SDS and other projects arrested yesterday at the DNC demonstrations in Denver. They are Marianne, Nicole, Rik (from Seattle) and Scott (from Portland). Charges include interference, failure to disperse, disobeying an officer, as well as other more questionable charges including loitering, begging, and throwing missiles.
Bond set at $530 each and three are out as of 3:30 p.m. Tuesday. Please contact 206-600-1473 for more updates


Cascadians Hate Flyboys 27.08.2008 13:59
Protest the Black Helicopters Harassment
The Navy SEALS and PPB are, according to published accounts, are due back tonight for further Harassment. "The military and Police must have practice in controlling us." Check out the newest US Military Command "NorthComm". These flights are practice for the military to operate within US cities against US Citizens.

As the Black Death Machines fly over tonight, I urge Portlanders to shine flashlights on these that wish above all else to remain hidden in the shadows (low light operations). Let them know you are watching them.


27.08.2008 13:54
POLICE STATE OF MIND Black Helicopters Over Portland
I presented a Ground Zero Lounge about the possibility of a police state being declared in Denver if protestors rioted at the Democratic National Convention. It featured the Denver International Airport and the Masonic, religious and apocalyptic symbolism throughout the huge mural on the wall there and on other artwork throughout the building.

As I was preparing to go on stage at Dante's, I was called out of the bar by security guards. I wondered what was wrong.

"Come outside, Mr. Lewis. There is something that you should see."

I stepped out into the street, where, all along the curb, people scanned the sky with alarmed expressions. I thought that perhaps they were seeing some anomaly or UFO in the sky. "What's up?" I asked. "I don't see anything."

One security guard said, "Shhhh, listen!"

I heard a faint sound, rather like a lawn mower. As the sound got closer it drowned out the sounds of the downtown Portland streets.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. There were two low-flying black helicopters buzzing rooftops and dropping armed soldiers on top of buildings. The only time I had seen anything like this before was in an Alex Jones documentary.


26.08.2008 05:33
DNC protests in Denver - mass arrests
DNC pepperspray Spoke with a friend in Denver on Sunday afternoon who said that people had been peppersprayed and that things were getting a little more intense. I searched and searched mainstream media and alternative media that day to find news of this... never found a goddamned thing anywhwere... But there is now some coverage of Monday's events at comeuptodenver.org - click on the button that says "new" next to "NEWS" at the top of the site.

Here is their latest press release ... including a somewhat interesting bias against anarchist protesters' right to free assembly and speech here... Also Colorado Indymedia is providing coverage - this press release was reposted to that site as well, - so if anyone wants to comment on this press release, that might be a good place to do so, where it will get more attention. [ Full Press Release ]

Eyewitness Audio Interview on KHOW.com | Democracy Now DNC Coverage 8-26-08 | SDS ongoing coverage

Asheville, NC: Democratic Party Headquarters Trashed in Opposition to Oil Drilling and War

Last night, on the eve of the Democratic National Convention, we trashed the Democratic Party Headquarters in Asheville, NC. We dumped several gallons of used motor oil onto their front porch and painted, "No war, No warming, No Drilling" on their walls.

We took this action to express our outrage at the Democrats pandering to the oil companies. Instead of looking for real solutions to global warming, the Democratic party, including the head honcho himself, Barack Obama, is pushing to open up more of our fragile coastal ecosystems to oil drilling. If this plan is allowed to go forward thousands of miles of coastline could be devastated by this toxic industry. All the while, greenhouse gas emissions will escalate, and our Earth's climate will teeter closer to the tipping point.

Meanwhile the Democrats continue to fully support the war on terror. While making half hearted gestures about ending the Iraq war, they have remained unabashed supporter of the war in Afghanistan. One recent highlight of this "just" war was the massacre of over 90 civilians at a wedding last week. Democrats, may the ghost of these innocents haunt you for the rest of your lives.

This action was taken in solidarity with all those in the streets of Denver, and people around the world who refuse to be silent.
[ Read More ]


26.08.2008 01:37
Helicopters over Portland

Is anyone else watching the black helicopters fly low over southeast Portland right now? They are small and fast and going back and forth over Powell Blvd. There were four at first count, now there are only two. No numbers or insignia that I can see but my eyes are bad, as is my camera. They seem to be carrying some kind of instrument arrays (?). Anyone know who these people are or what they're doing?.. Besides making me vaguely uncomfortable?

Update: now they seem to be criss-crossing the neighborhood, though still too fast and low for me to photograph.

[ Helicopters | black helicpoters ]


25.08.2008 07:51
Report back on Blue Hour demo - Sat 8/23
Foie Gras On Saturday, August 23rd, somewhere between 15 to 20 people joined in the fight against Foie Gras in Portland. Protesters showed up at Blue Hour (NW 13th & Everett) around 7:00 PM to raise their voices for ducks and geese that are force fed to make Foie Gras. The protest was very lively and patrons of the restaurant had decided to leave or take their dinner inside by 7:30 PM. The patio was cleared, but the protest continued. There were many new faces, and a few people joined in after passing by on the street... along with lots of honks and thumbs up from people driving by. We are seeing more and more people in support of this campaign.

Foie Gras is produced by force-feeding ducks and geese 3 times a day, with the amount of grain that would be equivalent to 16 pounds of spaghetti in a human stomach. Many times, the long and inflexible pipe that is used to force-feed these animals punctures their throats and causes them to suffocate or choke to death on their own vomit. For more information about Foie Gras, please visit www.nofoiegras.org. Join us next Saturday, August 30th at 7:00 PM to protest this cruel and torturous process, and the businesses that perpetuate this violence on a daily basis. [ Report back on Blue Hour demo - Sat 8/23 | www.nofoiegras.org | More PDX IMC articles on Foie Gras ]


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