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30.04.2008 07:33
16 Animal Activists Cited and/or Arrested in Utah
On Sunday April 27, 2008, 16 animal activists held an outreach protest at the neighborhood of two University of Utah primate vivisectors to educate the neighborhood about the atrocities occurring at the University of Utah animal resource center. When activists showed up - they discovered that the University of Utah had hired 24 hour security for the homes of some of its personnel - surely with a hefty price tag!

Activists were well-aware that the city had recently adopted an anti-speech ordinance requiring activists to remain off of public property near a 'targeted residence' during a 'targeted residential protest' - so they tailored their protest with that in mind. Rather than do a targeted picket, activists continually marched around the neighborhood - never remaining stationary - to educate the general neighborhood about the barbaric treatment of animals at the U of U facilities. The march also had no targeted residence - no names were ever even mentioned as being associated with the cruelty inside labs.


30.04.2008 07:31
May Day Immigrant Rights demo
In support of workers' and immigrants' right, Portland Immigrants Rights Coalition has organized a demonstration at the South Park Blocks. There will be a puppet handling workshop at three, rally at four, and march at five.


30.04.2008 07:29
Reportback from April 17th Action at Mexican Consulate
Members of Portland State University student groups M.E.Ch.A., Las Mujeres, North American Solidarity, Amnesty International PSU, and community groups Portland Central America Solidarity Committee, Cascadia Root Force, Oregon Oaxaca Solidarity [held] a march and rally outside the Mexican Consulate to demand a thorough investigation of the ambush and murder of two women community media activists in Oaxaca, Mexico. These groups also condemn the paramilitary repression of indigenous women and community media projects.

There was a vibrant turnout of 40 students and allies, who marched from PSU with three banners, two coffins to symbolize the deaths of these women, and chants for justice. Once arriving at the consulate, a delegation of four students from M.E.Ch.A., Las Mujeres, North American Solidarity, and one person from Oregon Oaxaca Solidarity went into the Mexican consulate to deliver the letter. Ursula Rojas greeted us and listened to our grievances and demands for justice. We were told that a copy of the letter would be sent to Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, governor of Oaxaca. We also spoke of our concern that US military aid under Plan Mexico would be used for further repression under the guise of the War on Drugs. We held a sit-in until 5pm at which time we left together peacefully. Below are the demands we made as well as the contact information we gave so that the Consulate officials may respond:


28.04.2008 12:11
Candle-Light Vigil for Animals in Labs at Eliot Spindel's House Last Night
Picture of Thimble In a last chance to commemorate World Lab Animal Liberation Week and World Week for Animals in Labs(WWAIL), local activists took to Lake Oswego's streets, & sidewalks to deliver their message of compassion toward animals and disgust for vivisectors, to Eliot Spindel's house, a ONPRC Researcher for OHSU. Standing across the street, in silence, after a brief intro, vigil attendees held signs, cameras, and candles. The event even sparked a flame in a local neighbor to quickly go inside and make a sign, then came back out and join-in. (holding a sign that read "you suck" over at Spindel's house.)


27.04.2008 05:36
Queens, NY: Rebellion over Sean Bell verdict
Rebellion in Jamaica, Queens last night.

Breakaway march of hundreds of mostly Black youth took to the streets after the official march dispersed. At the invitation of local organizers, a good number of anarchists stayed on to support all the way. People from the community marched through the "40 Projects" and on to the 103rd Precinct. Street battles broke out along the way. Local youth fighting back with rocks, bottles, and impromptu barricades along Jamaica Avenue. Many arrests.

Full report and photos to come later.

We are all Sean Bell, NYPD go to hell.



27.04.2008 05:34
The conspiracy to divide Bolivia must be denounced
The conspiracy to divide Bolivia must be denounced

The process of changes in favor of the Bolivian majority is at risk of being brutally restrained. The rise to power of an Indigenous president with unprecedented support in that country and his programs of popular benefits and recovery of the natural resources have had to face the conspiracies of the oligarchy and United States interference from the very beginning.

In recent days the increase in conspiracy has reached its climax. The subversive and unconstitutional actions of the oligarchic groups to try to divide the Bolivian nation reflect the racist and elitist minds of these sectors and constitute a very dangerous precedent not only for the country's integrity, but for other countries in our region.

History shows with ample eloquence, the terrible consequences that the divisionary and separatist processes supported and induced by foreign interests have had for humanity. Faced with this situation the signers below would like to express their support for the government of Evo Morales Ayma, for his policies for change and for the sovereign constituent process of the Bolivian people. At the same time we reject the so-called Santa Cruz Autonomy Statute due to its unconstitutionality and the attempt against the unity of a nation of our America.

Support Bolivia:  http://www.todosconbolivia.org/index.php?lang=2


27.04.2008 05:32
Tacoma: Anti-ICE March Attacked
Police Attack March

The march today in Tacoma has just ended. There have been two confirmed arrests. There are still people unaccounted for. The massive police presence attacked the march at its end. There will be another update when we have confirmed everything.

~ Tacoma Smash ICE

Tacoma Smash ICE Live Blog


26.04.2008 16:35
ALF Cascadia - 40 Mink Freed in Jefferson,OR
anonymous communique: "04-21-08: We, the masked avengers of the Animal Liberation Front released around 40 Blue Iris mink from the breeding stock at Jefferson Fur Farm, 1477 SE Talbot Road, Jefferson, OR. Breeding records containing genetic history were also permanently destroyed. It will be a hard road ahead for these mink and their offspring, but with our help they now have a chance at survival. These animals are not capitalist commodities to be bought and sold for fashion or vanity, but unique individuals deserving of liberation from human exploitation. Even if some of the mink do not make it we feel it is better to die free, then at the hands of their speciesist captors.

To the Posches, owners of Jefferson Fur Farm: Consider this your first warning. Tear down this death camp and let the mink live free. If you don't we will be back to finish the job.

We want to make it very clear that we will not be intimidated by the states continued witch hunt against the earth and animal liberation movements. Draconian prison sentences and repressive legislation will not deter us from our goal of total earth, animal, and human liberation. For every liberator you throw in prison, there will two more to take her place. For every activist's house you raid, there will ten times that many cages emptied. You can take our freedom, but you will never extinguish the flame that burns in our heart. Let your passion mirror the animals oppression and our persecution. ~ALF-Cascadia"



26.04.2008 05:23
Biotech Bets on Agrofuels
There is a new participant in the international deliberations on global warming and agrofuels: the biotechnology industry. The corporate giants of the genetics industry propose new technologies, including genetically modified trees, second generation cellulosic ethanol, and synthetic biology, to wean society off fossil fuels and fight climate change.

The implications for Latin America are breathtaking. The biotechnology industry's massive move into the energy sector brings together major social and ecological issues in the region, such as agrofuel promotion, genetically modified (GM) crops, and the growth of agribusiness monocultures. Latin American civil society's aspirations of land reform, environmental protection, alternatives to neoliberalism, and food and energy sovereignty, are at stake.



26.04.2008 05:15
BREAKING NEWS: Sea Lions safe for now
Judge overturns Mosman's ruling

Last week, Judge Mosman refused to grant an injunction to postpone the killing of sea lions until the trial has come to a close. This week, another judge granted an appeal to that ruling, allowing safety to the sea lions for now. Still a lot of work to be done, so don't rest yet!


26.04.2008 05:09
EVENT - This Sunday 5pm WWAIL Candle Light Vigil!
In remembrance of countless beings who have and continue to live, suffer, and die in labs throughout the world.

In recognition of our commitment to- and solidarity with those who suffer - You are invited to a very special candle light vigil this Sunday at an undisclosed location.

- Meet 5pm Sunday at Red & Black Cafe 400 SE 12th Ave, Portland, OR
- Bring $5 for public transportation
- Wear comfortable walking shoes
- Dress warm enough to be out for several hours
- Bring a few candles :-)

Please plan to come out and voice our opposition to the continuing, failed disgrace that is animal testing!


26.04.2008 05:08
RIP Roger
Roger Troen, a long time animal activist in the Portland area, died April 23. He will be missed.

Roger Troen put the 'active' in activist. He never gave up, he never stopped believing that we would make a difference and bring about change for the animals. His voice was always heard above everyone else at protests, no one would ever call him the 'strong, silent type'. He had something to say and he wanted to make sure he was heard. Goodbye, Roger. You gave your all to the animals who you so loved and protected.


26.04.2008 05:06
Central Washington University Students protest Rodeo
Article-in all its twistedness In a town where animal cruelty is the claim to fame, a couple of students stand up with (gasp)sidewalk chalk! The College Rodeo is this weekend and, in a town where rodeos are the biggest thing happening, its difficult but more necessary than ever for a couple people to stand up for the animals.

Two students went out in the middle of the night (Sunday April 20th) to simply lay the truth out... on the sidewalk... with chalk. These students were once members of the Animal Rights Club but had recently resigned due to disagreements with the president over MULTIPLE issues. These students covered the sidewalks on campus with text including "Animal Cruelty is not Entertainment", "The Rodeo is not a Sport", "Don't Support Animal Cruelty" in addition to others.

The following day both students received phone calls from the police, saying that they had been informed that these students were involved in "grafitti" on campus and that they'd heard that these students have been involved in animal rights protests before. The students told the police that they were, in fact, responsible for the display and that this was MUCH less harmful that what is done to animals in the rodeo.
The following day the attached article came out in the campus paper.... more animal rights "grafitti" showed up on the sidewalks early this morning in addition to some phrases about FREEDOM OF SPEECH
The police are looking for these unruly anarchists.


26.04.2008 05:03
ALF keepin the heat on HLS: Staples delivery truck firebombed
Sunday 4/20/2008: An incendiary device was left under a Staples delivery truck in Garden Grove, CA.

We did this due to Staples continued support of Huntingdon Life Sciences (the notorious animal murder and torture laboratories). Unmarked Staples trucks have been spotted making deliveries to the HLS lab in the UK. Trying to sneak in with unmarked vans... shame on you Staples executives. Now you have to think about this, do you, as a company with stores and warehouses filled with paper, want to take a stand against those of us who are notorious for bringing fire???
DO THIS: Cut your ties with HLS... -ALF"



25.04.2008 12:17
Kidnapped Panchen Lama's Birthday
. APRIL 25: HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY, YOUR HOLINESS!! April 25th is the Birthday of a little boy kidnapped by the Chinese government...perhaps a nice birthday present for him would be your signature on this petition...

Tibet's stolen child is Gedhun Choekyi Nyima; the boy recognized by His Holiness the Dalai Lama as inherently and potentially one of Tibet's most important religious and cultural persons. He is known as the Panchen Lama and is one of the young victims of China's brutal repression of the Tibetan people.

Determined to control religion in Tibet, the Chinese authorities kidnapped this young boy and his family in 1995 just days after he was recognized as the Panchen Lama. He is growing up under house arrest. Despite repeated appeals to gain access to him, no international agency or human rights organization has been granted contact with the young Panchen Lama or His family.

But the story is not over...

petition for the release of the 11th Panchen Lama


23.04.2008 05:29
ALF Cascadia: 40 Mink Freed in Jefferson,OR
[Reposted from www.directaction.info] anonymous communique: "04-21-08

We, the masked avengers of the Animal Liberation Front released around 40 Blue Iris mink from the breeding stock at Jefferson Fur Farm, 1477 SE Talbot Road, Jefferson, OR. Breeding records containing genetic history were also permanently destroyed. It will be a hard road ahead for these mink and their offspring, but with our help they now have a chance at survival. These animals are not capitalist commodities to be bought and sold for fashion or vanity, but unique individuals deserving of liberation from human exploitation. Even if some of the mink do not make it we feel it is better to die free, then at the hands of their speciesist captors.

To the Posches, owners of Jefferson Fur Farm: Consider this your first warning. Tear down this death camp and let the mink live free. If you don't we will be back to finish the job.


23.04.2008 05:20
Interview with CAPISE Speaker on Ominous Situation in Chiapas
[7min] Video of an interview with Capise Speaker on Ominous Situation in Chiapas. Mexican government paramilitaries are intensifying their activity, Mexican special forces units surround the Zapatista autonomous councils, and the low-intensity conflict is threatening to escalate further.

Also read Gloria Mu?oz Ramirez's book (released in the USA in 2008 with an updated last chapter), and listen to the interview with her on Radio Zapatista (broadcasting from occupied Aztlan)

It is time to prepare!

Inform yourself, start an affinity group, LIVE ZAPATISMO in your community, go down to Chiapas and help setting up vital infrastructure projects or be a human rights observer, boycott commercial tourism to Mexico, look to see what projects/investments/etc. of the Mexican "malgobierno" exist in your area...

Related: Movement for Justice in the Barrio


23.04.2008 05:18
Olympia Anarchist Bookfair was awesome
While I didn't make it to the shows, or talks, I had a wonderful time at the olympia anarchist bookfair this past weekend. The atmosphere was the most laid-back and anti-capitalist I've yet witnessed at an anarchist bookfair; while many tables were selling things, there was a 'pay-what-you-can' book distro, plenty of donation-only tables, and several tables dedicated solely to free materials. Most of the workshops seemed well-attended, and there was an excellent turn-out on Saturday despite the small and un-adorned venue. (In fact, my biggest critique is simply that there was no external markings to indicate that one had found the right place.) Despite the late-april heavy snowfall on the drive up, and the hail and cold, it seems as though everyone had a pretty good time. I wish, of course, that the weather had been a bit more accommodating and a bit less apocalyptic, but that can hardly be blamed on the organizers (despite those famed Washington State anarchist witches and wizards.)

I picked up some interesting books and zines, met plenty of interesting people, and sure hope there is a sequel next year. It's wonderful for anarchists to get together for something other than a protest... building our own culture is every bit as important as facilitating the fall of the mainstream culture.


23.04.2008 05:11
The Injustice Continues: MOVE 9 women denied parole
The Philadelphia Inquirer announced today that the three remaining MOVE 9 women (Debbie Sims Africa, Janet Hollaway Africa and Janine Phillips Africa) were denied parole by the PA Parole Board. The Inquirer quotes parole board spokesperson Leo Dunn as saying that parole had been denied because the three MOVE prisoners had "minimized or denied the 'nature and circumstances' of the offense, 'refused to accept responsibility' and lacked remorse. He said the fourth reason for the rejections was the 'negative recommendation' by the prosecutor."

video - you tube



19.04.2008 20:14
Un-Dam the Klamath Film Nights Reach PacifiCorp Ratepayers on the Oregon Coast
The Egyptian Theater in downtown Coos Bay Klamath Riverkeeper and the Karuk Tribe reached hundreds of citizens on the Oregon coast last week with a series of film nights aimed at connecting fishermen and Pacificorp ratepayers to the campaign to un-dam the Klamath River. The film nights were preceded by mailings to all of PacifiCorp's customers on the Oregon Coast. The mailer stated, "There's Something Fishy About Your Power Bill" and featured a tear-off postcard telling the Oregon Public Utilities Commission to reject increased power rates for keeping the Klamath dams.

The film nights, held in Astoria, Newport, Coos Bay, and Brookings, showed how PacifiCorp's dams are hurting salmon on the Klamath River, as well as how the Klamath's declining Chinook salmon runs impact commercial fishing communities from southern California to northern Oregon. Filmgoers also learned about how PacifiCorp is planning to pay for upgrading and re-licensing its aging dams by increasing power rates to its customers.

Both the California Energy Commission and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission have shown that overhauling the dams to meet current federal fish passage standards may cost hundreds of millions of dollars more than simply removing the Klamath dams and buying replacement power. PacifiCorp can use "cost recovery" to pass these increased costs on to its customers, a practice which must first be approved by the Oregon Public Utilities Commission (PUC).



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