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18.03.2008 07:10
"Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts and minds about food."
Gene Baur, author of "Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts and minds about animals and Food" will be in Portland, OR on March 27th, 2008. He will be discussing and signing his new book at the Clinton Street Theater.

"In 'Farm Sanctuary' Gene Baur highlights the appalling conditions billions of animals are forced to endure in factory farms - in order to produce more meat more cheaply in the shortest possible time. His descriptions of the courageous battles fought by many individuals to end such practices are touching. Filled with hope, this book is written for all who strive for a more compassionate world—I highly recommend it."
~Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE Founder, The Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace



18.03.2008 07:07
Raw Vegan Food not Bombs
FNB Logo cool colors every tuesday! free raw vegan food!

5:30 at nw couch and nw park, by the elephant and across from Powells technical books.


18.03.2008 07:05
Anarchist group claims responsibility for torched police cars
montreal cop cars torched A group calling itself Collectif Ton Pere has claimed responsibility for torching six Montreal Police cruisers in Hochelaga Maisonneuve early last Friday. Hours after the cars were set on fire at Station 23 on Hochelaga St., the group sent a message to Indymedia-Qu?bec, an alternative news outlet on the Internet, claiming they were behind the attack.

"This was an action against increasing oppression in the neighbourhood and everywhere else exploitation exists," the message wrote. It also urged people to torch not only police cars, but the "homes and hotels of capitalists." The arson attack occurred a day before a protest against police brutality where 47 people were arrested.

According to the message sent to Indymedia-Quebec, the group was also acting in "solidarity with aboriginals who are fighting for their freedom and autonomy."

original post at infoshop.org | Commentary and another infoshop report | more thoughtful commentary


17.03.2008 15:44
It Rained On Our Parade Today.........
Thousands of people gathered together in the South Park Blocks near Portland State University in Portland Oregon today, March 15, 2008, to commemorate the 5th year of the Iraq invasion and Occupation, which began on March 19, 2003. Despite the drizzle, the rain, the downpours and even the hail at one point, the event was well attended.

The Palestinians, the Iraqi, the Tibetans, refugees from oppression worldwide stood beside and in support of the Immigrant and the beleaguered American worker, victims of unfair Trade policies and Corporate greed. Everywhere I walked there Youth stood up and out, perhaps more than I have ever seen before, as it should be. They are the hope, not the Obama's and Clinton's, the mis-elected Democratic and Republican lackeys, steeped in cash and Corporruption.

Veterans stood out and delivered their message from inside the beast they once mistakenly served, these brave souls who have been to the battlefields of Viet Nam, Iraq and Afghanistan, have arrived victorious from the battlefields of their own doubts and uncertainties and now rise above the derision and ridicule of hawks and chicken hawks.


16.03.2008 17:50
Sea Lions: The Guns Could Begin Firing Within Days
I want to introduce you to someone. This is C404. He is a unique, intelligent being. In this photograph, you get a sense of his playful nature. He's like this. More than many sea lions, he seems to seek out human contact. I've known him for years, and although I always try to maintain a respectful distance from my wild neighbors, this guy has often followed me in the water when I am out on the river. The Columbia river is his home at this time of the year, as it has been home to countless generations of sea lions before him, for thousands, upon thousands of years. And he is in danger. Wildlife officials want to kill this being, perhaps as soon as next week,unless you stop them.

Salmon have been on the Columbia river for at least 100 million years.
Sea lions have been on the Columbia river for at least 10 thousand years. After at least ten thousand years of co-existence with sea lions, the salmon runs of the Columbia nevertheless numbered tens of millions of fish. Commercial fleets and capitalism came to the Columbia river about a century and a half ago, and more than 200 dams began cropping up in the region about a half century ago. While the sea lions were able to live with the salmon for at least 100 centuries without reducing the runs, the humans took only one century to drive the runs down from 20 million fish to roughly 1 percent of their historical levels. Human predation, under the demands and strange incentives of capitalism, has led the salmon toward extinction. The only way to lead the salmon away from that brink is by curbing human predation. Not by killing sea lions.


16.03.2008 14:43
Boycott KFC After 5 years of protesting, another KFC has closed down. We met at NE 7th & Weidler today and looked at what remains of the old KFC there...not much! Signs, Colonel and grisly pictures of animal parts, are gone. What remains is merely a ghostly shadow of its former tacky self.

Thank you, volunteers, for sacrificing 5 years of grueling, tedious, sometimes hilarious and deeply rewarding work on behalf of the world's most abused animals: chickens. Activists have staged more than 12,000 protests in front of KFCs since the launch of the campaign in 2003. They've crawled into cages, tied on bikinis in freezing cold, walked around on stilts and stood for hours in drenching rain, aging the chicken costumes.

(Fast Food update -- It was announced herein that 60% of all fast food produced in the U.S. is shipped to China and India. On March 13, 2008 it was announced on NPR that Brazilian company JBS plans to acquire two more U.S. meat-packing companies, giving this company 30 percent of the American market.)


16.03.2008 14:36
Portland Police and the radicals 3/15
Already Surrounded The Portland Police Bureau wasted no time in singling out the "black bloc." (Which was really just a group of people, mostly dressed in black, as the black bloc is a tactic, not a group.) They did this by having officers stand on all sides of the gathering that did not lead into the tent/tabling area, which had a foot patrol circling it. It bears mentioning that the radicals numbered about 15 to 20, as did the number of police assigned to watch them.

When the march began, the radical contingent joined in near, but not at the front of the parade. They were quickly flanked by bicycle cops, who seemed to favor the right side of the march. A group with a banner tried to take to the sidewalk. The police, using their bikes as a weapons, forced them back to the sidewalk. Around the next corner the police created a hostile situation by aggressively removing a single individual from the sidewalk, which according to city ordinance. is a part of the parade route. However, calmer heads prevailed, and the cops did not get the fight they were looking for. The rest of the parade went without altercation, though at least one group was followed by police as they were leaving.


12.03.2008 08:20
Breaking news: Marie Mason arrested!
At approximately 11:38 AM est. long time environmental activist and community organizer Marie Mason was arrested by federal agents. At the same time at a separate location Agents from the FBI, Dept. of Homeland Security and Cincinnati Intelligence Unit executed a search warrant on Marie's home, detaining Marie's 16 year old daughter for close to an hour before releasing her. Agents left with several boxes full of items from Marie's home as well as a computer. Roughly two months ago, Marie and her daughter were detained at gun point in their front lawn after discovering a plainclothes officer from Cincinnati's Police Dept. Intelligence Unit planting a GPS tracker on her car.

This represents the latest in a long and escalating line of harassment by the agents of the state. At the time of writing, she is being transported by Federal Agents to Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is unknown at this time what charges Marie is facing.

Comment:The raids appear to be linked to an arson at Michigan State University in 1999 and another arson at a logging site in 2000. Both arsons where claimed at the time by the Earth Liberation Front.

Well known American Earth First! activist, Frank Ambrose, (who has been wrongfully accused of ELF actions in the past) told ELP he has been charged on three counts of arson and conspiracy to commit arson. Other people listed in the indictment include Marie Mason, Aren Berthwick, Stephanie Sultz, and an "un-named participant known to the grand jury."

Photos | update from supporters - repost from infoshop.org | greenisthenewred.com coverage



12.03.2008 08:13
Visiting and writing to Tre Arrow
How you can support Tre...Tre is currently at Multnomah County Detention Center. It is likely that he will be moved soon (and we will let you know when that happens) but in the meantime, please feel free to write and visit him. Note the info below and click on the links for more detailed instruction. Please be mindful that all correspondence and visits will be copied and recorded. Thank you for your support!

Letters, preferably on scrap paper, (Tre's choice), or tree-free, can be written:

Tre Arrow (He was booked into MCDC under that name)
SWIS #640393
Multnomah County Detention Center
1120 S.W. 3rd Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97206

Letters can be mailed or dropped off at MCDC.



12.03.2008 08:08
Police admit fault in killing 2 California cyclists, no drug test, no answers given yet
Police in California report that an officer accidentally crossed the median and killed 2 cyclists Sunday March 9, 2008. A 3rd cyclist was seriously injured. An initial news report stating the "The group collided with the deputy's car" has been corrected. Despite this one correction the news media are not reporting if the officer was given a medical/blood test.


12.03.2008 08:06
Eugene Police Randomly Assult Naked Bike Ride of 100
During a mass Naked Bike Ride at 7:30 PM Saturday in Eugene officers harrased the procession and "attempted to arrest" some of the participants. Early evening event "protesting oil dependency and celebrating human body" was assulted Saturday. The local newspaper reports that as cyclists wended, "...down Charnelton, one officer stopped his car in the middle of the intersection, got out and ordered the cyclists to stop and women to put their tops on."

Several additional police and police vehicals showed up to act as voyeurs. "Most of the riders kept going, but when an officer grabbed one of hem, an angry group of naked bicyclists surrounded the officer, shouting and chanting for him to let the biker go." The officer released the cyclist free, but then, "grabbed the rear rack of another rider's bike." A policeman tackled Cassandra Hurd, a 21 year old Eugene student wearing only panties, to the ground. "Another officer trained his Taser on a naked man, who approached the scene.

The other cyclists chanted, "Leave her alone! Leave her alone!" After the brief assult, the policeman released her, without charge, and the riders continued. "We attempted to make arrests but the crowd turned on the two officers... they elected to disengage before someone got hurt." Eugene police Lt. Rich Stronach told the press later, covering the department's rear.


12.03.2008 08:03
Communiqué from ALF activists: Ask The Duck
duck As the Frente de Liberacion Animal Mexico (FLAM) we feel that if to save animals from being mistreated, tortured, persecuted, hunted, imprisoned and murdered is to be a terrorist, then that is what we are and we love it!

Throughout history all the progress of civilization has come from attacks against laws and each liberator has been listed as an illegal; this is why as a militant, clandestine group, we put our freedom at stake to avenge and give freedom to other living beings victimized by the ego-centrism and the degenerated feelings of the human animal influenced by capitalist, neo-liberal globalization.

The sun has already been hidden a thousand times, said the duck, while he watched the cars pass. He watched the people stop and with feelings of pity say: What a pretty imprisoned duck; the sad duck sleeps with no one for company, without knowing what it is to be truly free, waking every morning and looking at the sky, admiring his bird brothers and sisters flying from one side to the other. They stop in the trees and look for food; he listens to them singing happy songs; he dreams that some day freedom will arrive and pining to go from the cage where he is shut away, the body will mend itself from this monotony. On the night of March 2, while he was sleeping, he heard noises. Some humans dressed in black, with ski masks covering their faces approached. They jumped a gate; the duck quacked saying Free me immediately I don't want to be here! The humans wrapped him with a blanket, put him in a box and they carried him away.


12.03.2008 07:56
Spokane: Anarchist Sentenced For Damaging Recruiting Center
recruiting center action On Wednesday a Spokane man plead guilty to one count of damaging government property.

Travis Riehl was then sentenced to 1 year probation and ordered to pay $5,000 restitution. This stems back to an incident in 2005 in which someone smashed a window out of a Washington Air National Guard building and spray painted anti-war slogans on it's walls.



09.03.2008 18:29
"Hunters" Shoot Caged Birds to Death in Blood Sport Outside Scappoose
I borrowed a car this morning and headed out to Honeyman Road, just outside Scappoose. The mountains were lit up like jewels on the horizon, and heron, egrets, and red-tailed hawks filled the green fields and bare branches. But I was not out here for this today. I was tracking something more sinister. I was searching for a horrifying ritual that takes place far more often than most Cascadians would believe. I was on the trail of cowards with guns. And I found them.

I found them in a remote field owned by a dog kennel. (The sign at the entrance to the drive read "Meifert Kennels" on one side, and "Westend Kennels" on the other. The phone number for both is 503-543-6398. The address is 52745 E Honeyman Rd, Scappoose. Just outside of Portland. More on this later.) I could see them through the brambles along the road. As soon as I came near, I saw the first dog, bright, orange collar around its neck, anxiously pointing at the ground. I pulled my camera out of its bag, and crept up to a place where I could clearly see what was taking place.


08.03.2008 10:31
Japenese Open Fire on Sea Shepard Crew: Three Injured
JAPANESE toss flash bang grenades At 1545 hours (0445 GMT), a clash between the crew of the Sea Shepherd vessel Steve Irwin and the Japanese whaling ship Nisshin Maru turned violent when the Japanese Coast Guard began to throw flash grenades at the crew of the Steve Irwin.

Captain Paul Watson was struck by a bullet in the chest. Fortunately, the bullet was stopped by his Kevlar vest. The bullet struck just above the heart and mangled Captain Watson's anti-poaching badge, which was worn on his sweater underneath the Kevlar vest.Dr. David Page was videotaped prying the bullet from Captain Watson's Kevlar vest. "You have been hit by a bullet," he said. The Kevlar vest and anti-poaching badge effectively saved Captain Watson's life.

The Japanese Coast Guard was retaliating against Sea Shepherd crewmembers for tossing rotten butter onto the decks to discourage their illegal whaling activities. The clash came after a week long pursuit by the Steve Irwin of the Nisshin Maru, in an effort to stop illegal whaling activities in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.


06.03.2008 16:12
Tacoma Jury Convicts Briana Waters of Arson; Hangs on Other Counts
briana waters Tacoma, WA - A federal jury was unable to reach a decision on conspiracy and transportation of a destructive device but convicted Briana Waters, a 32-year-old mother and violin teacher and former resident of Olympia of arson. The government charged her with being a lookout in connection with the May, 2001 arson of the Center for Urban Horticulture at the University of Washington in Seattle. If convicted on all counts, Waters would have faced a sentence of 35 years. The two informants who testified against her in the case, who admitted to participating in the arson, face between three and seven years. Ms. Waters' sentencing is set for May 30.

Without any physical evidence linking Ms. Waters directly to the arson, the government built its case on the testimony of the two informants, and a number of pieces of circumstantial evidence. The defense argued that the informants falsely accused Waters in order to avoid 35-year prison sentences themselves, and that their testimony was demonstrably false. "The government's case was primarily based on character assassination and guilt by association," said civil rights attorney Ben Rosenfeld, a member of the Board of Directors of the Civil Liberties Defense Center. "Evidence of other people's writings never should never have been allowed to be used against her."


05.03.2008 09:18
Demand Justice! Free the SF8 info day.
Join us for a discussion about the case with Hank Jones of the SF8, Claude Marks and Maisha Quint of the Committee to Free the Eight, and former head of the Portland Black Panter Party Kent Ford. SF8 info day event presented by KBOO and Circle A Radio: Eight former members and supporters of the Black Panter Party now known as the San Francisco 8, have been targeted in a vindictive prosecution in San Francisco for their political activities of over 35 years ago.

Join us for a discussion about the case with Hank Jones of the SF8, Claude Marks and Maisha Quint of the Committee to Free the Eight, and former head of the Portland Black Panter Party Kent Ford.

Sunday March 9th
1-3 pm
Liberty Hall, 311 N. Ivy St.



05.03.2008 09:11
Report Back From Backbone Campaign Procession for the Future
Assembling at Pioneer Square, the Procession for the Future wound through through downtown Portland, finishing off at Portland State University where they transformed the Park Blocks into a Festival for the Future, an activist theme park and training ground. Immigration Rights and much more. Conspicuous at the head of the march was an enormous U.S. Constitution, probably 20 feet wide by 50 feet in length, carried by eight people. Organized by the Backbone Campaign, this Portland Procession for the Future was the first, and as it traveled through the city it drew smiles of support and approval of all complexions from those who in their daily course of life happened upon it.

At the PSU campus, Billl Moyer of the Backbone Campaign gives a brief synopsis of the group. "The organization was started by artists in 2004 to provide creative tools for the Progressive movement nationwide. We believe that regardless of who sits in the White House, that we the People, have an essential role in transforming this country into a true decent society and a responsible member of the world community." Audio file is about 3 minutes in length.

Bill Moyer, RealPlayer
Bill Moyer, MP3


05.03.2008 09:02
Peter Young Speaks in Santa Cruz
Peter Young in Santa Cruz On February 23rd, Peter Young, an animal liberation activist and former Green Scare prisoner, spoke at the Louden Nelson Center in Santa Cruz before a screening of "Behind the Mask" at a benefit for the SHAC 7.

Peter grew up in Los Gatos, California and moved to the state of Washington at the age of nine. He went to college at the University of Washington where he became involved in animal rights activism. In 1997, Peter and a friend liberated over 8,000 mink and foxes from various fur farms in a two-week road trip across three midwestern states. In 1998, indictments were handed down for his arrest and of accomplice, Justin Samuel. After nearly 7 years on the run, Peter was captured in San Jose in 2005 and served almost two years in prison until his release in early 2007.


04.03.2008 20:37
Venezuela 2008: A libertarian proposal for the current situation
El Libertario # 52 * The Collective Editorship of El Libertario, www.nodo50.org/ellibertario, expounds its vision of which path to follow in the current situation in Venezuela, summed up in the slogan, "Against the (B)oligarchy, demagoguery and corruption: Autonomous struggle of the underdogs!

Positive transformations in society are produced by the actions of popular movements and not by governments. As has been clearly illustrated in the case of Venezuela, as well in other parts of Latin America, the will for change of the majority has been channelled and co-opted by a new bureaucracy which tries, by all available means, to tighten its grip on power.


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