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13.02.2008 11:03
Another Fox Tower? Appeal Wed. 2 PM
The public is invited to comment at the hearing in the Council Chambers, 4th and Madison at 2 PM, Wednesday. Comments can also be e-mailed to Karla Moore-Love, Council Clerk  kmoore-love@ci.portland.or.us or given or mailed to her at 1221 SW 4th, Rm. 140, Portland 97204.

This is your opportunity to tell the Council what you think of more high-rise development, gentrification, and construction downtown. Moyer's architect is talking in the press like a planning Czar. He says he can put skyscrapers anywhere downtown using FAR stratagems if zoning does not allow, as with Moyer Tower. The Block-5 area has been a construction-sacrifice zone too often through the years :1997-2000, 2006-2008, and, if Moyer gets his way, it will be so again 2008-2011.

"What market collapse?" say developers, who claim they're building "ten years into the future" and for "an exclusive market." What do you say to the makeover of your city for the benefit of some hypothetical upscale market from out of town? Moyer Tower stands for all of that and more of that.


11.02.2008 08:16
Ways of supporting Briana Waters in Court. IMPORTANT!
For many of us wishing to support Briana in her trial, what we think of as "appropriate dress" for court is going to be a bit different than what her jury will think of as normal. Here are some important thoughts for those getting ready to go up to Tacoma tomorrow and over the next month...

First of all, one of the most important things to remember is that we are there to support Briana and help show the jury that she isn't part of some "family" of underground scary anarchists or even activists. We are not there to protest the unjust court process, we are there to show a jury that a large number of THEIR peers support this woman and don't believe the government line. Therefore: IT IS ESSENTIAL, that if you want to support Briana, to show up in the most mainstream type of clothes you can find. Do NOT wear black. No Patches. Piercings other than earrings should be taken out. Guys: If your scruffy, now is a great time to shave...

Also, if you want to help out in this case but don't know if you can pass yourself off as something you're not, WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP! There are plenty of ways to get involved behind the scenes that are just as important! Please email  olycivlib@riseup.net to find a way to help!



11.02.2008 08:04
Radio Free Utah: IN PRISON MY WHOLE LIFE's William Francome and Marc Evans
Radio Free Utah This one-hour interview with Francome and Evans is the most extensive one given yet, and provides background on MOVE, the Philadelphia PD's history of corruption and violence, and more.

The new British documentary about death-row journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal just premiered at The Sundance Film Festival. Listen to this radio show, and also check out the articles at The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Huffington Post, and My Space. There are new trailers (1, 2, 3 4), and a previous interview with Francome.


11.02.2008 08:02
H.R. 1955: Government Suppression of Free Thought and Free Expression
H.R. 1955 has been passed by the House, and is being debated in the Senate. Should this bill become law, those with "extremist belief systems" - as defined by the government - would be subjected to government scrutiny and worse for supposedly promoting "violent radicalization".

As defined by the government, do you have an "extremist belief system" which could be used to facilitate "ideologically based violence to advance political, religious, or social change"? Then you could be guilty of "violent radicalization", and find yourself in the crosshairs of H.R. 1955 (and companion bill S. 1959), the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007. This proposed federal law was co-written by its sponsor, California Democrat Jane Harman. It was passed by the House on October 23, 2007 by a vote of 404 to 6, and is currently being deliberated in the Senate.

See link to www.govtrack.us for Bringing the War on Terrorism Home: Congress Considers How to 'Disrupt' Radical Movements in the United States, an article by Jessica Lee written on November 16, 2007, describing this proposed law in detail, and its implications.
crime is called "9/11".


11.02.2008 08:00
47 Rats Liberated from Scripps Hospital in San Diego, California
47 rats rescued from Scripps Hospital vivisection breeding facility.
Recently, concerned citizens rescued 47 rats who were apparently part of a breeding program at Scripps "Mercy" Hospital in the Hillcrest area of San Diego. We entered through an unlocked door and found these beautiful innocent creatures living in squalor. Eight were crammed into each tiny barren cage. Their white fur was matted in urine and feces. Their babies were to be stolen from them and tortured in useless experiments, but now they are in loving homes where they will spend the rest of their lives as individuals, rather than research tools to be discarded when no longer necessary.

Who are the terrorists in this situation: those who peacefully rescue neglected beings from abuse and cruelty, or those who terrify, torture and destroy innocent life? This rescue is dedicated to the brave people who speak out and more importantly act in support of direct action and rescue.



11.02.2008 07:56
Jeffrey Free Luers resentencing update
Free Jeff Luers! Jeff attended a status hearing yesterday [Feb 7, '08], along with his attorneys, in Lane County Circuit court. It appears that his resentencing hearing will now take place on February 20th. Although we don't have a whole lot to report we wanted to keep you all informed. Jeff was moved from OSP to Lane County jail several months ago in anticipation of this resentencing hearing and we are continuing to be hopeful. Please write to Jeff and give him your support at this critical time.

Jeffrey Luers # 1306729
Lane County Adult Corrections
101 West 5th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401-2695

If you are able to donate money to Jeff's legal debt, please do. Jeff needs all the assistance you can offer. Options for donations are here:  http://freejeffluers.org/donate.html
Thank you for your support. It is greatly appreciated!
-Friends of Jeffrey Free Luers



09.02.2008 19:33
Migrant Caravan - Welcome to Portland Community Forum
The Thinker facing the Gates of Hell - Day of the Dead Art Show Calexico We want to invite everyone to come to Liberty Hall to welcome the volunteers that have traveled in fifty cars to Portland with the Migrant March III. They are traveling from San Diego to Canada and back, with border actions on the US/Canadian border.

The event will bring together organizers and concerned community members from the Northwest and the US/Mexico border region to share experiences and strategies for engaging immigrant and allied communities in movement building.

For the third consecutive year a group called "Gente Unida", lead by Enrique Morones, a well known activist in San Diego who works on behalf of immigrants, has organized an immigrant march to travel throughout the Western United States. This Sunday, February 8th the marchers will arrive in Portland, Oregon, where they will be greeted at Liberty hall, where a community forum will be held -- bringing together activists from the South with activists of the North. On the 12th of February they will arrive at the Canadian border where they will hold a special action, known as a "US Border Action".


07.02.2008 19:19
LNG Fight Heats Up
No LNG rally in Salem Yesterday, between 300 and 400 people gathered on the Capitol steps to stage a rally against liquefied natural gas (LNG) development in Oregon. These developments face huge local public opposition in Northern and Southern Oregon, and Wednesday marked the first time that the two groups joined, en masse, to send a message of resistance to fossil fuel speculators, politicians, and regulating agencies.

The fight continues to heat up, as the Governor has stated his belief that natural gas originating in LNG terminals may act as a "bridge fuel". The Governor appears to be on the wrong side of this issue, as he faced boos from a friendly crowd at a Focus the Nation event last week when he mouthed industry rhetoric in favor of LNG. Ultimately, the Wednesday event offered LNG and pipeline opponents throughout the region an opportunity to connect, share ideas, and lobby the State legislators with common themes on a day that highlighted the unity of all Oregonians against these huge foreign fossil fuel developments.

West Coast Groups fighting together against LNG: Oregon Citizens Against Pipelines | Columbia Riverkeeper | No California Pipeline | Citizens Against LNG | lngpollutes.org

photogs | More photogs & audio coverage on philosopherseed.org


06.02.2008 16:45
William Bergin hits Rock Bottom (More Details on the Killer Cop's Night Out)
Hey, Dad. I'm in Jail! Last week, Portland Indymedia ran an article detailing the curious downfall of officer William Bergin, the cop who tortured and shot Fouad Kaady to death. Bergin, it seems, was arrested almost a year ago, after drunkenly menacing his former girlfriend at around 3 in the morning on March 8, 2007. I want to make it clear that this incident was a serious one, especially given Bergin's record as a killer. I would like to know why this man is still working as an officer of the law. More than that, I want to use Bergin's own testimony to point out that there is a culture of violence, cover-up and dishonesty in the Sandy PD that bears looking into, especially if one is interested in justice for the many people who have suffered violence and injustices at the hands of Sandy police officers and been ignored. So this week, I am going to quote liberally from the Sherwood police report describing his arrest and subsequent behavior and statements to the police.

According to Newton's report: "As I was completing the paperwork for Mr. Bergin asked me if I could just take him to Detox [sic]. He said that he has pulled over plenty of drunken cops and has given them a ride home. I informed him that I had to do my job and that Detox was not an option, he was already arrested. He told me that in Sandy it is still the 'good old boy' system and he could just go to Detox or home. I informed him that I had a job to do and it was nothing personal. He told me that he understood and apologized for trying to mess with me. He told me that it was at least worth a shot."

The problems in Sandy go much deeper than this one man, and the public should know this. As Bergin himself has stated, there is a "good old boy system" in Sandy, that has caused immeasurable suffering for the people of that town. The Fouad Kaady murder has helped to bring this nest of nasties to light, but Mr. Kaady was not their only victim. For years, the people of Sandy have been telling horrific tales of racism, abuse, persecution, and cover-up.


05.02.2008 18:43
Action Needed! Save $24 Million for City of Portland Bike Plan
Parked cars often cut in front of bikes in paths, even when they see them first. Recently, the Portland City Council passed a resolution to approve $450 million dollars to fix bridges and streets throughout the city. Rolled into that plan was about an additional $24 million for bike safety and bike boulevards.

Most notably for cyclists, it would fund:
* 114-miles of new low-traffic Bicycle Boulevards
* Safer Routes to Schools for elementary and middle school kids
* Safety improvements to dangerous intersections
* New sidewalks
* SmartTrips programs that promote sustainable transportation options

It was an ambitious and forward reaching bike strategy for our city. It passed and then the Oregon Petroleum Association got involved. The plan was then blocked. This is where you come in...


04.02.2008 16:13
Shut Down Ungar Furs!
Please copy and post this flyer! Febuary 9th at 10am. Fur store protest! Please some and support the animals!

Portland made history with the shutting down of Schumacher furs, but there is still much more work to be done. We must continue the fight and let others know that we will not tolerate fur stores in our city.

The store is only open from the the hours of 10am to 1pm on Saturdays so lets all get out there!

Nicholas Ungar Furs
1137 SW Yamhill St


04.02.2008 16:05
Critical Mass has fun and stops by the auto show
This last Fridays Critical Mass , a monthly bicycle ride with a history of police harassment resulting in no fun and small turn outs, starts out with 60 plus riders, a human pyramid, a bitchen sound system, and pays a visit to the auto show.

We made it to the auto show and grouped up outside the main door. A good sized banner was unfolded and held up for all to see that were making their way into the auto show. People laid on their backs and made like they were pedaling.


01.02.2008 22:10
Officer William Bergin: Killer, Liar, Perpetrator, Convicted Criminal
Case # 07240403 On March 8th, 2007, a year and a half after he gunned down Fouad Kaady in the streets of Sandy, officer William Bergin had another kind of showdown, in another kind of town... A town where police officers are not so quick on the trigger, and not so shy on the truth.

Bergin, a violent and angry man, showed up at the home of his former girlfriend, in the wee hours of the morning, around 3am. He was drunk, he was frightening, and he was despicable. His ex girlfriend was terrified. With a shaking voice, she called the Sherwood police in tears, requesting assistance. When the police arrived at her home, they found the drunk and belligerent Bergin, and arrested him. He was charged with DUI, and taken downtown. So far as I know, despite the presence of intoxicants in his system, and despite his bizarre behavior, no one tasered him, and no one shot him. Apparently, Sherwood is a more enlightened town than Sandy.

Domestic violence is an enormous problem among police officers. Sometimes, this epidemic of violence makes the news, as when Tacoma police chief David Brame shot his estranged wife and himself in front of their two small children in 2003. Usually, however, this abuse is shrouded in secrecy. As Bergin's abuse has been, until now.It's a very serious breach of the public trust when an officer who has been a perpetrator of domestic violence is allowed to continue to work in a position of authority, carrying a badge and a gun. How are we to expect him to react when he is expected to respond to a domestic violence call? Will he take the crime seriously? Or will he identify with the perpetrator?


01.02.2008 18:49
24 - HOUR PEACE VIGIL (Fri - Sat) 4:00PM in Sandy Ore
To mark the one year anniversary of their weekly peace vigil the Oregon Trail Democrats, (Sandy Ore) along with other local peace and justice advocates, will be holding a "24 Hour Peace Vigil"on the corner of 362nd Ave and HWY 26 in Sandy, PM Friday,February 1st until PM Saturday, February 2nd, 2008.


01.02.2008 17:54
Audio: Washington House Committee approved resolution to roll back media consolidation
In Olympia this week, a Washington State House Committee approved a resolution asking Congress to roll back the FCC's recent deregulation of media ownership rules. At issue is a controversial FCC decision last December to allow media companies to control both a city's newspaper and TV/radio stations, in the 20 largest markets. The decision flies in the face of overwhelming opposition expressed by the thousands of people who testified against media consolidation at six public hearings, hundreds of thousands of comments submitted to the FCC, and an impressively bipartisan range of elected officials.

The FCC's final public hearing on the issue was held in Seattle on Nov 9. Despite having less than a week's notice of the hearing date, over 1100 people turned out to testify at the nine-hour marathon hearing.

This week, the Washington State House Committee on Technology, Energy and Communications unanimously endorsed a resolution urging Congress to enact the Media Ownership Act, a bill which would retroactively repeal the FCC's December ruling, and impose stronger public accountability requirements on future FCC decisions.


30.01.2008 19:30
Salmon Crisis: "Unprecedented Collapse"
Chinook Salmon Yesterday, an internal memo leaked out of the offices of the Pacific Fishery Management Council and into the hands of the press. The story outlined in that memo is horrific: The Chinook salmon of California's central valley, and indeed the salmon populations all up and down the west coast, are crashing. They are in "precipitous decline."

Since the salmon crisis on our own Columbia river is being blamed upon sea lions at Bonneville dam, sea lions who are being threatened with assassination this spring due to the dwindling salmon, it is important that we look at the real scope, depth, and breadth of this problem. It is not only the salmon of the Columbia, but those of every waterway along the west coast, who are in peril. According to the Pacific Fishery Management Council memo, this year's run of fall Chinook on the Sacramento river dropped by a shocking 67 percent over last year's run. Sixty-seven percent! This number is even more astonishing if we consider that, last year, the same organization lamented the unexpectedly low numbers of returning salmon, so that a 67 percent drop in an already calamitously low number raises the looming specter of extinction. In truth, the salmon population has been taking a precipitous nose-dive for years. Over-fishing, loss of habitat, and collapsing ecosystems are to blame. On the Columbia, we have the added burden of being the only river in the nation to actually allow commercial gill nets within the river channel -- a channel that is home to fish known to be "protected" under the Endangered Species Act. (If you want to see this for yourself, you will need to go out at night. Wisely, the commercial nets are not cast until after 7pm. They work at night, when there are few witnesses. But, despite the thousands of threatened and endangered salmon swept up in the nets, the ODFW declares that their activities are perfectly legal.)


30.01.2008 08:10
VIDEO FILE: Stop Nicotine Research On Animals!.
OHSU nicotine experiments Their purpose was to inform the public and workers at the Oregon Health Science University offices at that location about nicotine research performed by Eliot Spindel at the OHSU Primate Center.
For over 20 years Spindel has been receiving tax dollars to conduct nicotine experiments on monkeys, experiments which have devastating effects on these animals. Since 1992 the National Institute of Health (NIH) has given him $7.6 million for his research, money which will continue until 2012.

"Every time his funding runs out, he changes his experiment a little bit and gets funded again," said Matt Rossell, of In Defense of Animals." According to a flyer handed out at the event, "Spindel implants nicotine pumps into the backs of pregnant monkeys, delivering daily doses of the addictive substance to the mothers so that he can cut their babies out at various stages of development and dissect their lungs."

In Defense of Animals asks the public to please let OHSU and the National Heart, Lung and Heart Institute of the National Institute of Health hear that you want these experiments stopped.

This is a 7 minute video, which includes interviews with three of the participants

If you work in OHSU's animal labs or know someone who does,
please contact the Government Accountability Project

In Defense Of Animals


29.01.2008 14:37
WA State Democrat Central Committe Supports Impeachment
The Washington State Democratic Central Committee voted on January 26, 2008 to support SJM 8016 and HJM 4027,the two memorials in the state legislature calling for impeachment investigation of Bush and Cheney.

The resolution quotes the text of SJM 8016 : "WHEREAS, America has
only until January 20th, 2009 to signal to history that America will
not sanction torture, America will not sanction unprovoked war, and
America will not sanction illegal spying, including on its citizens"


27.01.2008 12:22
The Verdict: Portland's system of ensuring police accountability is desperately flawed
Seattle Police, Portland Police, US Military  all fit this description Earlier this week, a long-awaited report came out regarding the performance of the Independent Police Review division (IPR) including the Citizen Review Committee (CRC). The release of this document concludes a 6 month study by consultants into the competence, effectiveness, and behavior of the IPR, and by extension, the Portland police. And the report is scathing.

Many of us were skeptical about this report, since we have seen so many other reports, recommendations, panels, committees and so forth come and go nowhere, left to languish without response.

Some of the many problems described by Luna-Firebaugh et al include the following: 1. The majority of complaints filed against the PPB (67% in 2006) "were processed and closed by the IPR without any investigation of the propriety of police conduct."2. The sustain rate (or number of complaints whose allegations are sustained by the IPR) in Portland is exceedingly and unjustifiably low. In fact that rate is just over one percent. 3. The system lacks transparency. 4. The IPR has never once conducted any investigations of complaints against the police. Instead, it has always simply accepted the word of the Internal Affairs Division (IAD). 5. IAD "investigations" were often conducted in a very poor manner, in which only officers were interviewed, and no neutral witnesses were heard. Even so, the IPR failed to question the results of the IAD investigations. 6. There was often a failure to hold officers accountable for admitted misconduct, as well as for violations of PPB codes and protocols. 7. The system has failed to learn from its mistakes. The IPR has not participated adequately in facilitating changes of policies and procedures based on lessons learned from patterns of complaints. 8. Complaints involving even the most serious allegations of use of force, racism, and illegal activities by police are steered into mediation, rather than addressed in a manner that would result in a sanction for the officer involved.

This city wallows in process. We have processes for everything. Every time another citizen is gunned down in the street "accidentally," because some officer "feared for his life" for no apparent reason, there is a process for dealing with it. Every time we are beaten and pepper sprayed and dragged away for daring to speak, there is another process. When we are stopped in our cars or harassed on the streets for no other reason than the color of our skin or the emptiness of our pockets, there is yet another process. But none of these processes ever results in any changes. No new policies, no sanctions, no satisfaction. Indeed, no justice. Process without result is often worse than no process at all. Because it sets up an expectation that is never fulfilled. It gives the impression that, something is being done when it isn't. This is more disrespectful than being honest about doing nothing. Because it assumes that we are ignorant. That we are unable to recognize that nothing is being done, that we are fools who are easily duped into complacency with this simple minded sleight of hand. In fact, we are not fools, and this is why we are angry.


26.01.2008 17:38
Video: What Is The Northwest Detention Center?
The Northwest Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, Detention Center is a private immigration prison facility located on the tide flats of Tacoma, Washington. The detention center opened in 2004 under a contract with The US Department of Homeland Security, Though owners have changed over time, the facility is now owned by the GEO Group Which operates prison facilities in Australia, The UK, South Africa, the US and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

ICE does not need warrants to make arrests or to conduct raids. Since July 2007, raids have increased the number of detained migrants from 18,000 to 26,000 nationwide. Homeland Security relocates 700 detainees a week in the United States.

A contract with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, the largest and primary investigative branch of Homeland Security, expanded the Northwest Detention Center and and expanded its housing capacity, making it the largest detention center owned by GEO Group on the West Coast of the United States. The Migrants in the facility are mostly from the Northwest regions of Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, Washington. Due to the increase in raids they've recently come from places like New York, Puerto Rico and Guam. ICE agents move the detainees to the facility under the cover of night.

Watch Video at:  http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=bTrR1s7du6s


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