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06.01.2008 22:45
Columbia Landslide, a Month Later: Get set for more
Last month, a landslide crashed down from the mountains, swallowing up homes and cars, and closing down Highway 30 for days on end. People could very likely have died, had it not been for the heroic efforts of workers who realized the slide was imminent, and quickly evacuated the area. It is now beyond dispute that the slide was caused by logging. Even the corporate media has finally acknowledged this indisputable fact. (Ironically, the slide began on land that was being "managed" by the OSU forestry program.) One tract of land above the slide had been logged in 2004, another had been logged more than a decade ago. The state of erosion and instability in both tracts contributed to the slide. It was, in fact, caused by logging.

Today, I traveled out that way to see how the clean-up is going, and to assess the situation along the highway through the coast range. What I saw was a disaster in the making. I saw peoples' homes and all their worldly possessions, still buried in mud and debris. I saw steep mountains denuded of their protective trees, from Ranier all the way out to the ocean. And I saw many more slides in the making. It is only a matter of time.


05.01.2008 23:38
Friar Louis Cappio must live!
The Brazilian semi-arid is immense: 912 thousand square km. It is populous: 22 million people in rural areas. It is the most rainy of the planet: 750 mm / year, on average, which corresponds to 760 billion cubic meters of rainfall per year. It is not true, therefore, that there is no water there. The nature provides it, but it is wasted: the waters evaporate quickly, under the strong sun, or go soon away, running on the crystalline waterproof ground.....

I look for a book on the bookshelf at home. In the face sheet I read: "To Cesar, who also walks on the same side of the same river. Gentio do Ouro, October 2001. "From inside the book falls a card that was already forgotten:" Cesar, grateful for your unexpected softness, for your lucid and firm presence. Thank you for you there. I hug you. Adriano. "I can't contain my emotion.

Between 1992 and 1993, for a year, Adriano and three more people held a walk of 2,700 km, from the springs to the mouth of San Francisco river. The book, which they gave me when I visited them in the desert-From the mouth to the source, the message of the river, Nancy Mangabeira Unger-poetically tells the works of this group of heroes whose lives are confused with the struggle for life of the river and of populations that depend on it.

The leader of the pilgrims was a Franciscan friar, the most Franciscan of all Franciscans I knew, Luís Cappio. I don't remember where I met him the first time - I think it was at "Pintada" - but I never forgot him. He is a rare man. He lives deeply to Christianity, his mission. Today, he is the bishop of "Barra". Continued the same simple pilgrim, a brother of humanity, a poor living among the poor. He is on hunger strike for more than 30 days and may die. Adriano remains at his side.

From Brasilia, President Lula criticizes brother Louis and his companions, contrary to the transposition of the waters of San Francisco river, saying they do not care about the thirst of the people of northeastern. To those who know the two characters, it is pathetic. A moral abyss separates them. From this abyss are born the two different proposals.


05.01.2008 23:26
Chilean police shoot and kill a Mupache supporter
Chile - Police shot and killed Matias Catrileo Quezada, a 22-year-old university student, and Mapuche supporter during a land re-occupation near the southern city of Vilcun. The indigenous Mapuche peoples of of southern Chile regularly clash with authorities over control of their ancestral lands but this is the first fatality that has resulted from the conflict since 2003.

The incident took place at Dawn on Thursday when a group of about 25 Mapuche Indians and their supporters raided a farm and burned the livestock feed. Police who had been charged with protecting the farm after a number of similar incursions, gave chase and fired on the group who retreated to a nearby school. Catrileo was shot in the stomach and died at the scene. Catrileo's comrades took his body and refused to hand it over to police but after negotiations organized by Villarica Bishop Sixto Parzinger worked out a deal in which they were willing to turn over the body. The human rights group Amnesty International has demanded a full investigation into the incident.

Activists rallied outside the La Moneda Presidential Palace in Santiago and died at least one of the Palace's fountains blood red to protest the murder. Riot police clashed with demonstrators and made a number of arrests.


02.01.2008 21:59
The Sea Lions Need You: Time Is Short
Baby Sea Lion In short, NW officials are scapegoating sea lions for the decline of the salmon populations on the Columbia. But it is not sea lions who are causing the salmon to go extinct, it is humans. Killing sea lions will not help salmon. It will only hurt sea lions.

You need to go out to the Columbia and see these animals to really understand. They are our neighbors. They clearly love each other. They sing to each other. They caress each other. They are intelligent beings, smarter than your dog. And they love their lives.

The best place to see them right now is along the pier in Astoria, just behind the safeway store. But soon, they will be making their semi-annual journey upstream, following the runs, as they have done for thousands of years. Then, you will be able to see and hear them all along the Columbia, sometimes even in the Willamette. They are part of our heritage as Cascadians. They, as much as the salmon, are part of who we are.

Please do something to save them. Take this one small action. If you act, it will make a difference. Please make a few phone calls.

Call the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife here: Director's Office
(503) 947-6044 (for other ODFW contact info, see  http://www.dfw.state.or.us/agency/directory/index.asp).


01.01.2008 07:33
Urgent Action Alert!! Sacred Yucca Mtn in Imminent Danger!
Yucca Mountain is sacred to the Shoshone as an herb gathering site, for rituals, and as a part of their stories. Yucca Mountain is known in Shoshone language as Snake Mountain. Indeed it looks like a snake. It is said that the snake was headed north when it froze where it is. Further more it is said that it will move again and "flip around". Geologists say that there are thirteen different fault lines running through it.

Public hearings have not been well attended, statements mostly in favor of the plan to put all of the nuclear waste in the country in this one sacred place. Local papers & media spin have recently stated that opposition to the nuke dump had dropped off since the passing of Corbin Harney. The nuclear reps are confident to the point of acting like it's a done deal. LETS PROVE THEM WRONG! MAKE YOUR COMMENT NOW & TAKE ACTION!!

Citizens can make an oral statement at the scheduled public hearings or fill out a form and mail it in to EIS Office U.S. Department of Energy Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Mgmt, 1551 Hillshire Dr. Las Vegas, NV, 89195-7308 or by e-mail.

"The eyes of the elders are on us. The fate of the unborn is rolling toward the cliff, the voice of Corbin Harney is ringing in my ears, "It's on your shoulders now...". ~ Bear Dyken

Western Shoshone Defense Project


29.12.2007 15:55
Pioneer Square: NOT just for Shoppers!
Downtown has steadily been becoming more and more a thing of the corporate interests who populate the buildings around Pioneer Square. Ordinances have been passed which have, by inches and degrees, driven out the people of downtown to make things more comfortable for the hordes of consumers who flock there to spend their money on frivolities from stores like Macys. Now, in Portland's living room, free speech expression is under attack as well.

For going on 6 years now, PPRC has met, drummed and marched from the NE corner of Pioneer Square every Friday like clockwork, BUT last Friday's rally was told in no uncertain terms: if you continue to do that you've been doing for the past six years, you will be issued a citation.


29.12.2007 12:47
Grannies Mark Recruiting Office with Doves and Blood
Granny Sara - don't see anything in her hands. On December 28 the Seriously Pissed Off Grannies returned to the Army/Marine recruiting center on NE Broadway in Portland. During the course of their protest simulated bloody hand prints and white peace doves were taped to the windows. Messages were written in washable window paint.

The police arrived about ten minutes later and the grannies waited patiently - not wanting to be charged with fleeing - while the police and marines tried to decide what to do. Officers were overheard mentioning something about a "jury trial." When two grannies said they were ready to go home, but didn't want to be accused of fleeing, an officer asked how they could help them go. It was the appointed time, and quite cold out, so the Grannies asked for the return of their confiscated sign and left their messages on the windows.


29.12.2007 12:17
"The Baileys" Lone Vet Report
When I got to 729 Oregon street it was really raining, not that drizzle stuff but wind driven rain, the kind that makes your bones say get me out of here. I found out the office was closed for the Holidays, very few people were walking about, I thought of my Baileys.

After setting up my picket sign and trying to smoke a cigarette, people started to show up, wow! I was impressed; others got themselves out in the rain and wind and said, "What the hell."

After a while, many of the people whom I have spent the last 22 Thursdays with were walking around with their signs and laughing.

Impeachment Vigil Video


27.12.2007 14:23
Pacific Power lies in paper about Klamath Dams: The response the Oregonian wouldn't print.
Toxic algae from Pacific Power's reservoirs turned the Klamath green last year Pacific Power has is using Oregon's newspapers to lie about the Klamath dams. Numerous reports show that keeping these polluting dams will cost costumers way more money then removing them, and that the dams do not provide for flood control. Science shows that these dams cause one of the worst toxic algae problems in the world while killing salmon. The Oregonian did not print the response of the Klamath Riverkeeper, or the other groups and tribes working to let Oregonians know the truth about why the dams should go. This is what we wrote in response to Pacific Powers lies.



27.12.2007 06:20
Olympia Impeachment Party: You're Invited
Olympia Impeachment Party:
Friday, Dec. 28th 5:30 to 9:00 p.m.
Woman's Club, 1002 Washington SE, Olympia.

Come when you can. Leave when you must.
Enjoy music and great convesation with kindred spirits.
Four popular bands will perform, including Citizens Band, Bevy (an all-woman Latin jazz band), Street Karaoke Project, and Peace Bandits.

Begin gearing up for Impeachment '08
State Senators Karen Fraser and Eric Oemig will be there.


27.12.2007 06:17
FBI Plans $1 Billion Biometric Database
The FBI announced that they are spending $1 billion to create the world's largest & most comprehensive biometric database. The database will contain voice samples, fingerprints, DNA samples, data about each individuals unique "body language", iris scans, & detailed information about facial features. This article will discuss this & several other programs and laws in place to violate your privacy and strip you of personal freedoms.

The latest in a long chain of domestic surveillance laws, programs, and "presidential directives" is the recent unveiling of the FBI's new national biometric security database. The federal government is planning to spend over $1 billion to create and maintain a database, accessible to law enforcement agencies nationwide, that will contain, amongst other things:

  • Fingerprints
  • DNA samples
  • Iris scans(what your eyes look like -- at a range of up to about 15 feet)
  • The unique way your body moves as you walk, talk, sit, etc (useful for identifying people in crowds, from hundreds of yards away on surveillance cameras)
  • Detailed information on how your face looks (remember those cameras they use to film protests?)
  • Sample recordings of your voice (pulled from their CALEA-compliant recordings of your phone calls)


27.12.2007 06:14
Berlin Commune Fights the Property Developers
The Kopi squat in Berlin The K?pi in Berlin is famous as one of the last remaining remnants of the city's squat culture from the early 1990s. The building, which is in a desirable location, has now been sold to a property developer -- but the residents aren't giving up without a fight. The K?pi residents are already getting organized ahead of the coming battle. One group is responsible for PR and dealing with the press, another is looking into the mysterious buyer and his backers, and a third manages the professionally designed website.

In 1990, it was one of the first buildings to be occupied by squatters in former East Berlin. Today, it is the most important radical left-wing residential project in the former city of squatters. The building has even been featured on postcards, thanks to a slogan painted in giant white letters on the outside wall: "There are no borders between peoples, only between the top and the bottom."



26.12.2007 16:30
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Caught in a Conflict of Interest Over the LNG
NO LNG The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which regulates the LNG industry (or pretends to) is caught in a huge, obvious conflict of interest issue since it has been discovered that the contractor it used to write the Bradwood Environmental Impact Statement is also working for the Palomar pipeline. Essentially, the same contractor is simultaneously writing environmental documents for both FERC and the energy industry - on the same project!!

It is now obvious that FERC's own contractor has a huge financial interest in getting the Bradwood project approved. If Bradwood is approved, then the Palomar project becomes much more viable - and the FERC contractor is also working for Palomar. NRG will make more $$ by writing a shoddy document on Bradwood and giving the FERC commission a rose-tinted view of the Bradwood project. And this is exactly what happened. The Bradwood EIS is outlandishly cursory in its analysis and ignores huge potential negative impacts to fish, public safety, the local economy, and wildlife in the area.


23.12.2007 11:45
Victory for Tukwila Teachers and Anti-War Students!
The Tukwila School District administrators finally announced the results of their disciplinary investigations against the Tukwila six teachers who allowed or supported the Nov. 16th walkout of 125 students against the Iraq war and military recruitment at Foster High School—a Letter of Reprimand for Brett Rogers who walked out with students and a Directive Letter for Kjell Rowe who gave students a ride to the student rally.

That no teachers were fired is a tremendous VICTORY for the Foster teachers, their students, and for us all! This is proof that there is power when ordinary people are organized, and that we can make a difference in challenging the unjust war and military recruitment in schools! The Foster principal initiated a political witch-hunt against teachers, but a powerful groundswell of support from students and community members broke his effort. Thanks to ALL who demonstrated their solidarity by calling, emailing, and protesting the Tukwila School District!

BUT... the campaign is not done.


22.12.2007 20:46
Our Experience at the Monkeywrench Cafe
We arrived at the house to find the front entrance closed with a sign pointing to a "secret" entrance through a side door. We were greeted with a "Welcome to the Monkeywrench Cafe," a DIY menu, and the ambiance of glowing candles and flickering from the fire. Two large rooms were quickly filled with people of all ages, from toddlers to elders. We sat near the fire and sipped tea and hot chocolate waiting for the storytelling to begin.

We listened to a wide range of stories from activists of different ages. Some shared serious opinions on tactics and critical perspectives at the movement's evolution. Some shared light hearted stories of pesky bear encounters while tree-sitting. Sometimes the stories were so hilarious and the tellers were enjoying telling so much that you could hardly hear the story through all the laughter. Two speakers were on the bill for the night, but with impromptu storytellers, we heard from half a dozen folks sharing memories and ideas.


21.12.2007 09:21
Multnomah County Jails: Problems go way beyond Bernie, Grand Jury a whitewash.
Each year, a special grand jury is chosen to "investigate" the Multnomah County jail system. And every year, it turns out to be nothing more than shameless, symbolic politics. This year's report from the grand jury promises to be no different. It's not the fault of the jury, either. It's the system itself.

Today, the Multnomah County grand jury wound up months of work related to a sadly foregone conclusion. Jurors were presented with mountains of documents, and entertained by parades of "experts" to expound on the minute details of obscure financial improprieties. Many of the jurors were completely unaware of just how tightly controlled the whole proceeding was, or just how much information was never presented at all.


21.12.2007 09:11
Three Senior Citizens Arrested at Impeachment Vigil
Outside of Blumenauer's building: “Impeach!” Three senior citizens were arrested in front of Representative Earl Blumenauer's office building on Thursday, December 20, the twenty-first week in a row that protestors have called for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney. Sara Graham, Joe Walsh, also known as The Lone Vet and dressed as "Santa" and Marilyn Pike were arrested after police earnestly tried to convince the group to move.
The Lone Vet initiated the protests because he feels that it is the responsibility of American citizens to challenge the illegality of the Bush administration. "George Bush has caused me to be ashamed to be an American; Earl Blumenauer has caused me to be ashamed to be a democrat. We are willing to risk arrest to send a message that Bush is the one who should face a judge."


19.12.2007 11:51
Video of the Tukwila Six, and a Motion of Solidarity from the Seattle Education Association Representative Assembly
Solidarity Alert A short 3 min a/v clip about the Tukwila Six Students and the one "student who was expelled" for anti-war protesting.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RkiHiR-JR8

The motion that passed our Seattle Education Association Representative Assembly on December 17, 2007:

WHEREAS the Seattle Education Association Representative Assembly is very concerned about the academic freedom and professional future of six fellow educators in the Tukwila School District and the students involved in the November 16th, 2007 anti-war walkout and protest of military recruiting on campus; and

WHEREAS 71 percent of the students of the Tukwila School District is eligible for free and reduced lunch, and military recruiters visit Foster High School frequently at lunch, be it

RESOLVED that the Seattle Education Association Representative Assembly expresses its solidarity with the six Tukwila teachers and with any and all affected students in any ongoing or related disciplinary proceedings, and commits to support the quick and just resolution of said proceedings.


17.12.2007 21:03
Asking for help in Colton
Several months ago, an article was posted here about a road closure in Colton. Most of you have probably never been out there, but I'm fairly certain that you are familiar with official tactics when citizens begin asking questions. The road remains closed and now the man in charge has stopped responding to questions.

What is most interesting is that this road was closed after a mud slide. The slide occurred when the owner of the property clear cut his land. Does that sound familiar?
This is happening all over the Northwest. People who care nothing for the land and the soil, cut trees and walk off with their profits while the rest of us are left to deal with road closures and, more importantly, the loss of precious soils and forests. This damage has been done, but I am hoping that when the county gets emails from the people that they will understand that we are out here watching and we are not clueless.


16.12.2007 21:11
December 16, 2007: Portland Tea Party!
Today, December 16, 2007, is the 234th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, where American Colonists dumped tea into Boston Harbor to protest the passage of the Tea Act, "which allowed the East India Company to sell tea to the colonies directly and without 'payment of any customs or duties whatsoever' in Britain, instead paying the much lower American duty.""This tax break allowed the East India Company to sell tea for half the old price and cheaper than the price of tea in England, enabling them to undercut the prices offered by the colonial merchants and smugglers." (Wikipedia) Not so different from today, when government gives wealthy Corporations the rights of living, breathing human beings and puts their profit margins above the interests of the People.

For this reason the tea was dumped into the harbor. And for these same reasons members of Code Pink, Veterans for Peace, Chapter 72, and other supporters of the Constitution, dumped bags of compost symbolizing tea over the side of the Hawthorne bridge soon after reading aloud the U.S. Constitution and a list of current grievances.


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