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14.12.2007 11:44
Granny Verdict: Not Guilty! A Victory for Free Speech
Grannies, Grandpa and Attorneys with the First Amendment Portland, Oregon. A Multnomah County jury found five grandparents charged with "unlawfully and intentionally causing substantial inconvenience to the United States" not guilty of Criminal Mischief in the 3rd degree on Thursday, December 13. Judge Richard Baldwin heard the case which stems from a silent vigil held by the Surge Protection Brigade, also know as the Seriously Pissed Off Grannies, on Good Friday, April 6, at the US Army and Marine recruiting center on NE Broadway. The jury began deliberations Thursday morning at 9:50 and deliberated for about a half an hour. After the decision, one of the jurors referred to the defendants as "heroes."

Picture on the left: Grannies, Grandpa and Attorneys, standing with the First Amendment.


13.12.2007 12:28
Liquefied Natural Gas Protest in Portland
Today, December 12, 2007, 200 people gathered at the offices of Northwest Natural Gas in downtown Portland Oregon to protest Liquefied Natural gas facilities proposed for the Columbia River Estuary by Energy speculators from Texas, New York and California.

The turn out was huge and the gathering was high spirited and well informed. Many were from the areas of Oregon which would be affected by the LNG facilities or the pipelines which would funnel the gas down to energy consumers in California. Farmers from Mollala and Gayles Creek, full time fishing guides, commercial fisherman, were just a few of the people who turned out to insist that this project be abandoned and to demand that Oregon Governor Kulongowski weigh in against this project.

LNG Protest, RealPlayer
LNG Protest, MP3

Cascadia Rising Tide


13.12.2007 12:24
Blocking the Strykers: 13 Days of war resistance at the Port of Olympia
War resisters in Olympia, are pepper sprayed as they block a Stryker convoy. The US military will have to think twice before it ever again tries to use Olympia, WA as a launching point for war.

For 13 unforgettable days in November, people in this small community engaged in a courageous and spirited campaign of resistance to the war in Iraq. Sixty-six arrests were made and untold numbers were assaulted by police during a campaign which made national and international news. Day after day, and night after night, people put their lives on hold and their bodies on the line to prevent movement of military equipment from the Port of Olympia to nearby Fort Lewis.



12.12.2007 13:27
AUDIO FILE: Naomi Klein Speaking in Portland
Naomi Klein, whose most recent book, "The Shock Doctrine: the Rise of Disaster Capitalism" has become an international best-seller, spoke to an overflowing house in Portland Oregon on Friday, December 7, 2007.

She begins, "it's wonderful to be at the heart of Portland's legendary Progressive community; thank you for all the work you have done over the years in keeping up this fight. It is a revolutionary moment. There are moments when it feels less so, and Portland keeps on keeping' on, which we appreciate."

"We're going to be talking about disaster tonight, we're going to be talking about disaster capitalism, and it seems only appropriate for us to begin this discussion by thinking about these disasters unfolding in this region, in other parts of the country, around the world......Think about when we see these images, when a community is living through these disasters, what our initial human response is. ...."


10.12.2007 23:18
Support the Seriously Pissed Off Grannies: Day 1 in court
Office closed but here's a message for any youth tempted to enlist The jury is picked and though it was long day, it was more fun and much more interesting than I thought it would be.
From a pool of 65, we had a full spectrum of viewpoints - three, maybe four pro-war people all the way to the woman who announced that she didn't really care what we did, if we were against the war, she couldn't vote 'guilty'

It was a remarkably diverse group, mostly well educated, anti-war, thoughtful and articulate. The final jury isn't the cream of the pool, but probably okay.

Tomorrow is opening arguements and state's witnesses -

---pretty damn tired, but a good day. Our lawyers give faith that the system might sometimes work.

See ya' in court tomorrow - Room 716


07.12.2007 16:58
Hanford State of the Site 2007 Meetings
The federal Energy Department plans to dump more toxic waste at Hanford in 2008 - AND drastically delay Hanford Clean-Up by more than 20 years!

Drastic Delays Proposed for Hanford Cleanup in Tri-Party Agreement Negotiations! Join us in urging the Washington State Department of Ecology to reject additional concessions to the Department of Energy. In private negotiations the USDOE has proposed an additional 20 year delay in cleaning up the most polluted site in the Western Hemisphere!

You have a chance to make a huge difference of how Hanford will be cleaned up. The Tri-Party Agency's are hosting the State of the Site meetings and want to hear from you about the proposed changes to the cleanup agreement. The key managers of the U..S. Department of Energy, DOE Office of River Protection, Environmental Protection Agency, and the Washington State Department of Ecology, will be coming to Portland December 11th and Hood River December 12th to hear what you think about these proposed delays.


05.12.2007 01:47
Coos County Makes Recommendations AGAINST LNG!
Picture of Site In a suprising turn of events, a Coos County's hearings officer recommended that the land use application for the Jordan Cove LNG terminal be rejected. She previously recommended that a second application for a different part of the project be approved. Her decision could mark a turning of the tide in the fight against LNG in Southern Oregon.

Public comment was skewed 10 to 1 in opposition to the project during hearings in September in Coquille. Citizens Against LNG, Umpqua Watersheds, Friends of Living Oregon Waters (FLOW), the Southern Oregon Pipeline Information Project, Oregon Shores, and Sierra Club all worked to persuade the hearings officer that the project was a threat to the public safety, economy, and environment of the Coos Bay Area.


03.12.2007 11:42
Another Fox Tower, But No Due Process
Moyer Tower, bigger than Fox Tower and only a block away, is getting no due process from the Design Commission.

The Moyer Tower project was presented to the public from the get-go, not as a project proposal in process, but as a fait accompli. The message to the public: "This is a done deal. Stay away."
This proposed 35-story immensity, bulkier than Fox Tower and just a block away, has huge impacts and issues that deserve an honest process. One developer, who has already stamped a footprint upon midtown like no one else, wants to use dubious FAR-transfer stratagems to grab another four million cubic feet of midtown airspace. He, and a submissive Commission, want to do this with only a restricted and perfunctory affectation of a real due-process. His so-called land-use review is held as an afterthought, following a design review. That's doing the process backwards.

Mr. Moyer, there is a civic dimension to all of this that you ignore. You think you are so magnanimous for donating Block 5 to the city for a park, but we notice that you have built a profitable six-level parking lot under it, that you have tried to put a big upscale restaurant on the surface of it, and that now you want to steal the air space over it in order to erect another oppressive skyscraper next to it.

Next Land-use hearing: December 6,
Be there and protest!
1900 SW 4th, 1:30 PM


02.12.2007 13:26
U.S. Companies Behind Anti-Reform Propaganda in Venezuela
Article 115 protects new forms of social and collective property.
Thousands of Venezuelans, many of them Chavez supporters, have bought the exaggerations and lies about Venezuela's Constitutional Reform that have been circulating across the country for months. Just a few weeks ago, however, the disinformation campaign ratcheted up various notches as opposition groups and anti-reform coalitions placed large ads in major Venezuelan papers.

Last week, after a barrage of illegal propaganda on the part of both the pro and anti reform camps, Venezuela's National Electoral Council (CNE) began to crack down, following through with their promise to regulate the propaganda. Although published as an anonymous article, Lucena announced that according to the official tax number (RIF) published with the article, the advertisement was actually placed by the Cámara de Industriales del estado Carabobo (The Carabobo State Chamber of Industry).The CIEC is a 71 year-old organization, headquartered in the Carabobo state capital of Valencia, which groups together more than 250 businesses in the region. Among those are dozens of subsidiaries which compose literally a who's who list of some of the largest and most powerful US corporations, including (among others): Ford, General Motors, DaimlerChrysler, Bridgestone Firestone, Goodyear, Alcoa, Shell, Pfizer, Dupont, Cargill, Coca-Cola, Kraft, Novartis, Unilever, Heinz, Johnson & Johnson, Citibank, Colgate Palmolive, DHL and Owens Illinois.

It makes sense why US corporations based in Venezuela would be against the reform. Various articles, if applied, could potentially cut in on potential profits, such as the reform of article 301.


28.11.2007 13:37
Local "Green" Builder Implicated in Destruction of Rainforests
Please help Rainforest Relief help fight logging of old-growth, tropical rainforests. Below is an action alert with more information about the use of destructively harvested rainforest woods by a Portland developer, and what you can do about it.
Destructively harvested tropical hardwoods - most likely including llegally logged woods - are being used in the interiors of at least two of Hoyt Street Properties' Pearl District condominium developments that are being marketed for their "green" features. These materials, more scorched earth than green, include the mahogany lobby in The Metropolitan, and the "ebony" cabinets and "mahogany" flooring at The Encore.


28.11.2007 13:33
Read this if You're in Washington County!
County Administrative Building Most members of the Washington County Board of Commissioners have repeatedly refused to respond to citizens' calls for reductions in global warming pollutants. The Board is ignoring citizen voices, and turning its back on the most important issue of our time.

Only one Washington County commissioner, Dick Schouten, responds to the emails I send him - the others ignore me. Other people I've talked to, also trying to get in touch with the Board, report a similar problem. The message these politicians are sending about themselves is that they do not care what their constituents want or think. Again and again I've asked them to consider passing the US Cool Counties Climate Stabilization Declaration, and commiting to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions - but it's like yelling into a black hole. It's time for these people to be reminded that the opinions of those they are supposed to represent DO matter. If you live in Washington County, please help me wake up the Board by signing an on-line petition asking them to pass the Cool Counties Declaration. We'll keep gathering signatures until they CAN'T ignore this request any longer.


27.11.2007 21:01
LNG in Oregon - Update
The fun is just beginning! There are a host of new fossil fuel projects proposed in Oregon. 3 LNG terminals and 4 major pipelines are now actively seeking approval from local, state, and federal agencies. All of these projects will effectively use Oregon as a "back door" to hook California and the rest of the West Coast on a new generation of foreign fossil fuels.

This is an update to get folks up to speed on where things stand with these major fossil fuel projects.


23.11.2007 11:14
Tukwila Teachers Being Fired For Student Counter-recruitment Walkout
On Friday, November 16th, more than a 1,000 students in Washington State walked out of school to protest predatory military recruiters. Since the beginning of the Iraq War, the Pentagon has been assigning ever greater numbers of recruiters to dupe young people into signing up for this bloody, costly and illegal quagmire. In Olympia, 300-400 students walked out in protest, as did 700 young people in Seattle. In the marginalized, bedroom community of Tukwila, 200 students walked out of one high school to protest the recruiters that daily stalk their lunchrooms. Student made signs, marched to an I-5 overpass, and subsequently to the Tukwila City Hall for a civic and peaceful assembly. Now the principal and school district superintendent have begun a witch-hunt, not against students... yet, but against at least six of their teachers. These teachers have stood up for their students, some of the most disenfranchised in the state, both inside and outside the classroom. Who will standup for these six Tukwila teachers?


23.11.2007 11:08
Port Townsend activists rally for Elders
When Victoria House an Assisted Care facility in Port Townsend first opened a decade ago the original concept was to allow residents to "age in place" at the facility rather than move them from facility to facility, which is hard for seniors. Now the corporation who owns the facility has ended it contract to take in elderly who are very poor (on Medicaid). Long-time residents are being forced to move and the PT community is protesting the move.

Corporations are buying up many Assisted Living Facilities, Residential Care facilities and nursing homes and moving out the residents who live on medicaid. It is happening everywhere in the U.S. Here is what the people of Port Townsend are doing about a company that tried it in their community.


23.11.2007 11:04
Bringing the War Home : Congress Considers How to ‘Disrupt’ Radical Movements
Under the guise of a bill that calls for the study of "homegrown terrorism," Congress is apparently trying to broaden the definition of terrorism to encompass both First Amendment political activity and traditional forms of protest such as nonviolent civil disobedience, according to civil liberties advocates, scholars and historians.

The proposed law, The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 (H.R. 1955), was passed by the House of Representative in a 404-6 vote Oct. 23. (The Senate is currently considering a companion bill, S. 1959.) The act would establish a "National Commission on the prevention of violent radicalization and ideologically based violence" and a university-based "Center for Excellence" to "examine and report upon the facts and causes of violent radicalization, homegrown terrorism and ideologically based violence in the United States" in order to develop policy for "prevention, disruption and mitigation."

Many observers fear that the proposed law will be used against U.S.-based groups engaged in legal but unpopular political activism, ranging from political Islamists to animal-rights and environmental campaigners to radical right-wing organizations. There is concern, too, that the bill will undermine academic integrity and is the latest salvo in a decade-long government grab for power at the expense of civil liberties.


22.11.2007 17:06
Make Portland a Sanctuary City for GI War Resisters.
PDX Peace is launching an intensive campaign to gather signatures on a petition urging the City Council to pass a resolution establishing all Portland as a sanctuary city for G.I. resisters.

This resolution would prohibit any public funds being used towards the arrest or detention of service members who exercise their duty to object to an illegal war by being 'away on leave.' Since the people of Portland are overwhelmingly opposed to the War, Portland has reason to stop the military prosecution of soldiers who refuse to go back.


21.11.2007 12:27
Report Back from food drive Day1
The first day of the food drive was succesful there was many pledges to bring fod tomarrow since many did not have food on them today. We got quite a bit of food as well today. I also want to emphisize the fact that we will be distributing the food directly back to the homeless themsleves rather than giving it to a food bank the distribution will take place on PSU campus. Thank you again for your support and we will be back tomarrow between Cramer and Smith (Park and Montgomery) tomarrow between 10:00 am until around 8:00 pm tomarrow as well as Wensday.


18.11.2007 14:34
Macaw Landing Wildlife Refuge in Portland
Macaws - almost all of them have paired up Parrot smuggling, legal and illegal has already made extinct two Macaw groups, their numbers are dwindling at an ultra-drastic rate. Jack Devine, founder and director of the Macaw Landing Foundation, says that of the Macaws that are captured and transported to Northern Counties, 90% of them die in transport. Eventually they end up in the hands of wealthy owners where living in this type of captivity is devastating for the animal's emotional health.

Macaw Landing Wildlife Refuge is involved in a variety of conservation projects, along with reintroduction projects. Once the birds become healthy enough to be re-released into the wild, their reintroduction is orchestrated. The only project that has been put on hold -- is the Bolivian project. Devine had spent a year in negotiations with the Bolivian government when a group [he did not wish to identify these people] stopped this project in a court of law, for now. Wow. Can you believe these jerks? Devine has other projects where he has been able to reintroduce macaws, he mentioned Costa Rica as an example. On their 30-acre farm the conservationists offer supplemental food to some of the repatriated birds along with existing wild birds because of the drastic loss of habit.


17.11.2007 12:02
DC Court Denies Portland's Challenge of LT2 Drinking Water Rule
water issues in the state of oregon Today, in a unanimous decision, the three-judge panel of the Washington, DC District Court of Appeals issued a decision in the City of Portland's challenge to the federal Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (LT2). The Court rejected Portland 's challenge to the rule.

Portland's petition had challenged two requirements of the rule. One would force the city to provide additional treatment of its Bull Run drinking water source to either eliminate or inactivate the microbial pathogen, Cryptosporidium. The second would require that the city either cover its open finished drinking water reservoirs at Mt.Tabor and Washington Parks, provide treatment for Cryptosporidium at the outlets of the reservoirs, or take the reservoirs out of service.


16.11.2007 14:57
Fur Protest Report November 10, 2007
"Nordstroms doesn't sell any fur", the salesperson told the old lady who confronted Nordstroms after watching the fur trade video playing outside the main door. However, our own secret shopper did an independent survey of Nordstrom's fur inventory and found quite a bit of fur including fox, raccoon, rabbit, and horse hair.
I guess that salesperson forgot about all those fur trimmed jackets on the second floor. Not to mention the $2500 horse hair purse and the $2500 rabbit fur purse. Obscene prices for obscene merchandise.

"Do they sell fur in there?," asked the two teenage girls. "Because if they do, we're not going in there." The girls opted to do their holiday shopping elsewhere.


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