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Three days of chemtrails over Portland reported on indymedia
As reported on 19 May on the open publishing newswire: I got up this morning to a brisk chilly wind from the North and found a bit of sun to wake up in. Happily, I saw that the ubitquitous cloud cover of recent days had passed and that today we have a beautiful blue sky with only a bit of haze around the horizon. I like the sun, and at this time of year find myself wishing that Oregon wasn't *quite* so rainy. Then I scanned eastward and saw all the chemtrails.

From a comment to the same post: I have been monitoring the chemtrails for a number of months now. A half-dozen or so jets fly over Eugene every so often, especially when the weather is warming up, and spray the fuck out of the city. Within moments their trails turn into wispy clouds which, more often than not, turn into rainclouds. It just happened today. I was at Fred Meyer in Eugene in the gardening area. I saw four jets spraying something that did not disappear but formed into a haze, I can see it out my window still. I walked home while the spraying continued. One jet in particular had a "chemtrail" that abruptly stopped and started again. Strange? These sprayings happen about once a week. Look up sometime.

Reported today (the 21st): A prediction: The trails will continue early next morning and on through the day. The white haze that today ended up in will thicken to cover the majority of the sky for the majority of the day. The spraying will continue for perhaps 72 hour total, give or take, and we will likely not see another concentrated spraying effort for several more weeks.

[ 19 May: Chemtrails & a ring around the sun over Portland -- Are people seeing them elsewhere? | 21 May: chemtrails? | 21 May: Third Day of Heavy Aerial Spraying...a Pattern? ]


CITY POLITICS 21.05.2003 21:03
Mayor Katz declares May 9th an Official Oregon holiday (whatever that means) as Police Officer Day; indymedia poster remarks: "VERA IS A COLD HEARTED BITCH"
Sometimes you try to give folks the benefit of the doubt - for just being utterly fucking clueless. I NO longer give that benefit to Vera Katz. She has just announced May 9th as an Official Oregon holiday (whatever that means) as Police Officer Day. For all the fallen police officers that have died in the line of duty. Which is fine - and it's reasonable. But could her timing be any worse? Her timing is not reasonable. With the fatal shooting of Kendra James - that is MORE than questionable - how could she pull this shit now?

I just got a call from my ex-mother-in-law - who is African American - she was crying - she couldn't believe what slap in the face it is to the black community at this time. Vera could have waited for this special holiday - but it's almost as if - she is purposely trying to be hurtful - trying to rub salt in open wounds.

The Police Chief and the bitch he rode in on - NEED TO GO.


MEDIA CRITICISM 21.05.2003 00:33
analysis of tactics used by OPB in Kendra James "conclusion" story
Below is an article pulled from the OPB website, along with an analysis of their mechanisms of manipulating the information to appear factual and unbiased, when it is not. This is just one pull from the dense pile of info manipulation by opb. One of the main forms of information manipulation used by opbnpr [and there is no difference, most of opb broadcast day consists of npr] is to offer a counterpoint within one side of an argument, while completely deleting an actual opposing view. Much of how they proceed to form opinion is in what they leave out, while padding the argument to cover for the missing information.

This is exactly why opb should be seen as complicit in the bombardment of media manipulation we are experiencing from all directions. As I've said before, I firmly believe this is more dangerous than the pablum spit up by the "commercial" media, because opbnpr reaches an audience who believe they are being informed, making them less likely to question a full range of information by seeking alternative sources.


CASCADIA SUMMER 20.05.2003 22:39
Report-back from Gifford Pinchot forest defense action camp
i went out to the Cascadia Forest Alliance's action camp in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest for a couple days last week... The action camp's base was set up at the end of a narrow, rutted logging road in the southern part of the forest. Mt. Hood was visible through the trees on clear days, its snow and north-side glaciers gleaming bright. In the woods around us, woodpeckers tapped and birds sang and squirrels chattered. The sky was alternately overcast and sunny, as is typical of Cascadia at this time of year. Near the main tent, activists had set up climb lines for training purposes, and a giant Cascadia Summer banner was hung below a traverse.


YOUTH/RESISTANCE 20.05.2003 14:29
Lars Larson lies to kids!
Lars spewed lies and misinformation about dissent and civil disobediance to Lake Oswego high school kids last night at a debate on the legitimacy of protest. I decided to attend this debate just in case there was an attempt to misrepresent facts surrounding the recent protests here in Portland. In that regard, Lars Larson did not disappoint.

The audience was filled almost entirely of students who had been given an assignment to rate the debate and examine the responses of each participant. The debate included several small film clips from protests of the past and present, including the civil rights era, the Viet Nam war, and even recent protests in San Francisco.

The debate format began with pre-defined questions of which each participant was given an allotted time to respond and rebut.
Lars Larson very rarely stuck to the point of the question and instead took every opportunity to bash the people of Portland who participated in the recent anti-war protests.

Among other things, Lars said......


Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) Raided in April 2003 - What Happened and What Now?
Never once did any volunteer of SHAC doubt that at some point the FBI would take keener than comfortable interest in our national efforts. Never once did we fool ourselves into believing that to the extent we have all rattled the cages of the vivisection industry there would be no consequence.

Not for one single minute did any of us hold out any faith that the federal authorities would crack down on the pervasive and twisted animal cruelty that happens everyday inside of every animal testing lab - instead of on civil dissent. We expected every single day from the start that the FBI would raid our offices and our personal lives and this is exactly what happened on April 23rd, 2003.


LOVE AND RAGE 11.05.2003 23:35
Images of Vigil for Murdered Woman
I'm not much of a photographer - but here are few images I captured this evening. Brian was there - and I'm sure he will share his images soon. I was really really surprised at the LACK of turn out tonight. I guess I just assumed more people were horrified and outraged. I guess with Mother's Day and all - folks couldn't show up. At BEST there were maybe 200 folks.

background from a previous newswire article: On Monday, May 5, the Portland Police brutally shot and killed a woman in the back, following a pattern of cold-blooded behavior that has become their standard method of operation. Racism, classism, homophobia, and other forms of willful ignorance are ordinary characteristics of a department that is led by a former Los Angeles police officer, Mark Kroeker, with the approval of a pro-business, fuck-everyone-else mayor, Vera Katz. The police have been increasingly out of control, and the death of Kendra James is only the latest example. The people of Portland need to rally behind her community and against the city, demand the punishment of the guilty officers, the resignation of Chief Kroeker, and the abdication of Katz.

Photo essay for Kendra James Inner North Portland community leaders cry out for justice for a young mother killed by the police during a routine traffic stop as they offer love and prayers for her family. It was good to see that a lot of familiar faces from the downtown protests made it out to North Portland to the Kendra James vigil. I hope some of you took notes. I brought my camera, but, unfortunately, not a pen. I think that with the captions the photos communicate the emotion of this vigil. What they don't communicate is how determined the leaders of our community are to confront the city over Kendra James' death.

This is the best my memory can do: Tomorrow, Monday May 12th at 9 AM the pastors who spoke at the rally will be at Justice Center (NOT the new Hatfield building where the jail is --the older building) to meet with the District Attorney. Everyone interested in police accountability is invited to attend. (I posted this last night, but it didn't go up). State Senator Margaret Carter provided a phone number to call to demand that the officer who shot Kendra James be held accountable. Who wrote that number down? One of the pastors said "We're doing our research." And what he has found out so far is that the officer who shot Kendra James comes from a family that is very well connected to the Justice system (I can't recall the exact details).

The web site linked to below will be the best place to stay in touch with the fight for police accountability. I see that an Indy volunteer has already linked the site to Portland Indymedia and posted an invitation to ppbcomplaint.com readers to visit Indymedia. I do hope that, as horrid as this police action is, it does our bring our communities a little closer together.

Phone Number to stay updated: 503-986-1722

[ www.ppbcomplaint.com | Vigil Photo Essay | Photos from vigil | Previous stories: 1 | 2 | 3 ]


"ELECTION" POLITICS 11.05.2003 22:47
Jim Crow revived in cyberspace
You'd think that Congress and President Bush would run from imitating Florida's disastrous system. Astonishingly, Congress adopted the absurdly named "Help America Vote Act," which requires every state to replicate Florida's system of centralized, computerized voter files before the 2004 election.

The controls on the 50 secretaries of state are few -- and the temptation to purge voters of the opposition party enormous. African-Americans, whose vote concentrates in one party, are an easy and obvious target.

COMMENTARY: If the Help America Vote Act passes than all these discussion about which candidate to support will be meaningless. I hope everyone realizes this. It will be the end of what little remains of democracy in the united states. There will be no choice but revolution in one form or another or a life of slavery. I hope people are paying attention. [ Full Article ]


Police Send Disabled Peace Protestor to Hospital
Vigil keepers at the Portland Peace Encampment at SW 4th Avenue and Main Street across from City Hall were visited by five Portland Police Bureau officers at 8:30 in the evening on Saturday, May 10. Before they left the scene, where they came to take the few possessions of the peace campers, police had to call EMS and fire personnel to transport a man to the hospital.

Andy Seaton, a disabled peace demonstrator and contributor to Portland Indymedia that has been an integral part of the organized Encampment effort to protest peacefully against the wars of the Bush administration, refused to relinquish his folding chair when one of the officers present commanded him to do so.

Seaton, who has a documented history of back problems and was wincing in pain moments before police arrived, told officers that he needed the chair because he could not stand for long periods of time ... After being shown documentation in support of his need for a chair to sit in, three officers attempted to push Seaton out of the chair and later lifted Seaton to a near-standing position before removing the chair and letting him go. Seaton then fell back into the street and, after a few moments, asked for help in standing. [ Read More ]

Peace Encampment to Address City Council on Wednesday, May 14 at 9:30am Well before Saturday's incident involving the injury of Andy Seaton, several members of the Encampment, including Seaton, had signed up to speak before the Portland City Council at the council's weekly meeting at 9:30am on Wednesday, May 14. They intend to explain to Mayor Katz and the council why the Encampment exists. They also will ask why they have been repeatedly targeted by the Police Bureau and what it will take to end the harassment. Come show support for these determined defenders of peace and free speech!

Previous stories about the Peace Camp (most recent first): [ City turns up the heat on Portland Peace Encampment | May 4th Update on peace camp | City turns up the heat on Portland Peace Encampment | Apr 14 Police Raid Portland Peace Encampment | Peace Encampment Needs Well Rested Volunteers | The Latest Police Tactic at Peace Camp | Friday April 11 update -- Encampment still there! | Portland Peace Encampment Given 24 hours Notice by Police | Day 22 - Peace Encampment | 24 hour eviction served (sort of) | Portland Peace Encampment needs YOU! | Portland Peace Encampment Update day 19 | Photos of Closed Terry Shrunk Park | Homeland Security Evicts Portland Peace Encampment | Peace Camp still needs support | Shots Fired Near Portland Peace Encampment | Update: Pictures and report of hit and run | Hit and run at Peace Camp | Kitchen to cook meals for peace campers | peace camp is looking for donations | Peace Park Legalities. Strong Free Speech Right U.S. / Oregon Const. Some Traps | Peace Camp Action Alert! | PEACE PARK LIVES! MAJOR VICTORY! SUPPORT NOW .... TARPS, BLANKETS, SCRABBLE | Portland Peace Encampment releases statement of purpose | Peace Encampment carries on without tents; Shelters forbidden by Homeland Security | peace camp asks for help | Peace Camp update: Still there despite Homeland Security Threats | Portland Peace Camp may be evicted ]


Witness account of police over-use of force
Summary. Sunday 11 May 2003. "Police brutality" was just an abstract concept to me until I witnessed the events described below. Portland police officers hurt an unarmed, handcuffed young man. I will try to be as objective and factual as I can, but I must admit that it was an emotional set of events.

[Backstory. Apparently there was a barfight at the Rialto Poolroom Bar & Cafe that spilled out onto the street.] As I walked home, I saw at least three sets of police car lights in the distance. I was curious at the size of the response, so I went to take a closer look. When I arrived at SW 4th and Alder, there were several police cars and numerous police officers on the East side of 4th. Two young men were standing in handcuffs. One of the young men--and the most important in my recounting of events--was then made to bend over the back of a police car. The officers kept insisting that he put his head down onto the car. He was resisting slightly. Keep in mind that he was in handcuffs and surrounded by several police officers. At this point a female officer said, "I think I'm going to need a Taser." Another officer, also female, responded by coming over and then placing a Taser against the man's right calf. Not long afterward, the click-click-click sound of the Taser could be heard as I watched the officer use it against the man. He became limp for a short time after that. The officers surrounding the man proceeded to search a black backpack and his person. They "had to" apply the Taser at least once more. Then, at about 1:45am, the key event happened. [ Read More ]


MURDERED BY THE STATE 06.05.2003 13:51
Portland Police Kill Woman
It's time to disarm the PDX republican guard. Why do we let them wander our streets with lethal weapons strapped to their sides, to be used against us at their whim? They've been beating us, gassing us, shooting at us, arresting us without cause for months. Now, they've shot down yet another unarmed person, without cause, in the back. How many people have the PDX police killed in recent years? WHY do we continue to allow this?

This was a 21 year old young woman. Someone's daughter. This is inexcusable. As long as we allow the police to be armed with lethal weapons, they will continue to use them indiscriminantly. There's no reason why they must be carrying guns through the city. Just because we grew up with the ol'west, gunsmoke model of law and order is no reason not to seek changes. Why do we need armed forces and robocops putting us all at risk? It's time to end the occupation. [ Read More ]

A friend of mine witnessed the police shooting yesterday and was harrassed by police when she tried to report an accurate account of what happenned. She has been given info on the Oct. 22nd Coalition, and is trying to get ahold of a lawyer. [ Read More ]


CASTING SPELLS 06.05.2003 13:34
duck, duck, goose: a tale of spiral dancing

Through the door we flew, out onto the street
passion, joy, and meade
hollering at the night sky
our dreams and visions sped past us
because we opened the door to the other side,
we should catch up to them soon...>>


POLICE STATE 04.05.2003 18:51
Eugene Police Illegally Raid Homes with Tank; Prompts Federal Lawsuit
The victims of an egregiously false police raid, and their attorneys, announce an impending lawsuit against the Oregon State Police, Lane County Sheriff, Eugene and Springfield Police Departments, Portland Police Bureau, Oregon National Guard and others. In the pre-dawn of October 17, 2002, approximately 50 police officers from these agencies swarmed a residential neighborhood in Eugene, Oregon, USA, armed with automatic assault rifles and accompanied by a National Guard military Light Armored Vehicle, which looks like a tank. Police claimed to be searching for a marijuana growing operation within three homes.

Two couples, Marcella Monroe/Tam Davage, and Elizabeth Redetzke/Jor Havens were awakened by "flash-bang" grenades being hurled into the back yards of their homes located in a densely populated residential neighborhood, which caused immense explosions that shook the windows of surrounding homes. Without knocking, masked and armored SWAT police smashed in the doors of three residences. Police forced the residents from their beds without clothing and placed a black hood over the head of one of the women, while police ransacked their homes for hours.

The police found no evidence of a marijuana growing operation, but, in a blatant attempt to justify this outrageous invasion, arrested and cited the individuals anyway, thereby exposing them to felony criminal charges and the possibility of having their homes forfeited under Oregon drug laws.




During the early morning hours of 2003.05.03, the next generation of the Portland Independent Media Center was launched...

Stay tuned for details about this breaking story.


POLICE STATE IN ASHLAND 26.04.2003 22:06
Ashland Police Department vs. Critical Mass
From the open publishing newswire: A small but lively Critical Mass hit the streets of Ashland Friday and ran into the juggernaut of the Ashland Police Department. A female cyclist was arrested and lodged at Jackson County Jail on the charges of Disorderly Conduct, Obstructing Governmental Administration, and Interfering with a Police Officer. She is being held on $11,000 bail.

The monthly celebration of bike culture and free expression that is Critical Mass took an ugly turn Friday. Angry motorists endangered the safety of the Mass on multiple occasions. At one point, an SUV driver sped into the Mass and then swerved dangerously into the center turn lane to pass the group, violating multiple traffic laws.

APD officer Terry DeSilva pursued the Mass for nearly one mile, with lights and sirens blaring, completely ignoring the motorists who endangered the bicyclists. Heading north on Walker Street, the Mass began to disperse as more police cruisers arrived on the scene. One female rider was singled out and pulled over in front of Ashland Middle School. [ Full Story... ]

LABOR 25.04.2003 16:55
Possible AMR Strike
From the open publishing newswire: American Medical Response union employees are considering a strike after an unacceptable final offer from the company in a wage & benefits dispute.

Things you haven't heard about in the mass media (yet): American Medical Response Northwest union employees (specifically EMTs, paramedics, and dispatchers) are meeting next week to vote on a strike, due to an inability to resolve a wage & benefits dispute with the company. (Note that a strike would affect ambulance service to Multnomah and Clackamas counties in Oregon, and Clark and Cowlitz counties in Washington, and as I understand it if the company defaults on those contracts they may lose them.)

The reasons for considering a strike are pretty simple. Union employees are looking for wages comparable to those earned by AMR employees elsewhere (the closest AMR division would be Northern California, i.e. Sacramento). Paramedics in Oregon start at $28,979 a year. After 12 years of working full-time, a paramedic can expect to make $40,443. Paramedics in Sacramento start at $42,400 a year currently.
[ Read More... ]

PEACECAMP | POLICE STATE 23.04.2003 18:05
Police Raid Peace Camp Again
From the open publishing newswire: At 6am Wednesday April 23, the Portland Police raided the Portland Peace Encampment across from City Hall at SW 4th and Jefferson. Again. The police seized everything, including personal items. However, the police ignored the Bill of Rights sign. Again. Even though the police physically removed some demonstrators from chairs, no one was even cited for violating any law, nor were any grounds given for the seizure. [ Read More... ]

Ashland protesters arrested for flag burning finally released from jail
From the open publishing newswire: As previously reported on indymedia, two comrades were arrested in Ashland on April 12 after burning a U.S. flag and were charged with reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct. Both have been released from the Jackson County Jail, the first last Thursday, after six days in, and the second this past Monday, after 10 days in. Though they became ill in jail, both are happy to be released and are in good spirits. The community here in Ashland is very happy to see them again, and they have been warmly welcomed by old and new friends alike.

I asked our comrades how the other inmates felt about why they were in there. Most "didn't give a shit", others felt negatively, but were quite willing to discuss it in-depth, some were approving ("shit man, this country is fucked up!") and enjoyed talking about radical politics with them, and a small minority were violently against their crime and made threats. Comrade A asked (successfully) to be moved from one "8-man" cell (which in these days of budget cuts hold 10-13 inmates) to another after being explicitly threatened. Court dates for our comrades are coming up. Stay tuned to indymedia for [ updates ].

Argentina burning again after po-po eviction of Brukman worker-occupied factory
From the open publishing newswire: Report from the frontlines in Argentina..Demonstrations have been growing every day since the worker occupied factory, Brukman, was evicted last Thursday. Brukman is one of two hundred factories run directly democratically by the workers, no bosses and no owners. It is a huge symbol for people in Argentina. A country with a huge number of people unemployed, when discussing Brukman or the other occupied factories, people say, claro, of course, they should run it collectively. People from all sectors of society have been mobilizing to support the workers, and today, to help the workers take their factory back. For more on Brukman see indymedia Argentina. [Full Story ... | pics] Argentina Update 12:18pm Tue Apr 22 '03

POLICE STATE 21.04.2003 06:40
Arrested for Cop Watching Friday Night
From the open publishing newswire: Arrested for "Interfering with a Police Officer" for standing 30 feet away and silently observing... a cop giving a couple of kids a hard time...Almost immediately after I stopped the cop turned his aggression towards me. [ Read More... | Critic's Corner ]

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