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20.09.2007 22:56
Hung Jury in Favor of Acquittal in Rod Coronado Free Speech Case
rod coronado San Diego, Calif.-After more than two full days of deliberation, a 12-person jury informed Judge Jeffrey Miller they were hopelessly deadlocked and determined that further deliberation would not deliver unanimity. Outside the courtroom, attorneys were informed that the majority was voting for acquittal of the environmental and animal rights activist on trial for a speech he gave in San Diego in 2003. In order to convict under the obscure statute, (18 USC § 842 (p)(2)(A)), which makes it a crime to demonstrate how to build a destructive device with the intent that it be used in furtherance of a crime of violence), the jury would have had to determine on three criteria: that his speech was instructive, that he had intent to incite those present to violent action, and that the incitement was to imminent action. Otherwise, such speech is protected under the First Amendment. A status conference was scheduled for September 28 in the same court to determine whether the case will continue. Rod Coronado is headed home to Tucson, Arizona with his wife to reunite with his children and return to his job.


20.09.2007 06:38
Norway: Activists sink another whaling ship
norway whaling ship Activists have scuttled a Norwegian whaling ship in harbour in memory of the recently extinct Yangtze river dolphin . The group call themselves Agenda 21 after a failed pledge from the Rio Earth Summit for a sustainable 21st century. Norway has slaughtered 592 Minke whales in the past year.

Norway, Oslo. "If it turns out that this is sabotage then it's not just a terrorist attack against the Willassen Senior but against the whole of Norway," local mayor Hugo Bjoernstad told the online version of Lofotposten, a north Norway daily.



20.09.2007 06:36
Genetic Engineering: Greenpeace Blockades Romanian Island!
Greenpeace volunteers in Romania quarantined a whole island where GM soya crops are being grown, which is illegal under EU law. Vehicles leaving Braila island were hosed down by people wearing white biohazard suits to prevent genetic contamination spreading to the mainland. Even a donkey and cart were washed and made GM-free!

Greenpeace, 5 September 2007



20.09.2007 06:32
Marathon to Free Magdalena García Duran and Atenco Prisoners
Atenco Prisoners Things are moving faster in the struggle to free the Mazahua indigenous rights leader Magdalena García Duran, recognized by Amnesty International as a prisoner of conscience, and all the political prisoners arrested in San Salvador Atenco in central Mexico on May 3 and 4, 2006.

A little after dawn on September 11, about ten runners took off from the Molina de Flores prison in a marathon to win the freedom of the Mazahua prisoner Magdalena García Durán and the political prisoners arrested on May 3 and 4, 2006 in San Salvador Allende, mainly belonging to the People's Front for the Defense of the Land (FPDT) and the Other Campaign.

Their destination? The Supreme Court of Injustice building in Mexico City, about 30 miles away.


20.09.2007 06:29
Philippine Protest Marks The First Senate Hearing On The JPEPA
Phillipines JPAPA 14 September 2007, Manila, Philippines. - A crowd of more than 300 workers, farmers, fishers, and environmentalists from the Magkaisa Junk JPEPA Coalition (MJJC) today called on the Senators of the 14th Congress to look beyond the rosy projections and government hype surrounding the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA), and to carefully assess its short-term and long-term implications. The group's call came on the day of the first scheduled Senate hearing for this historic, precedent-setting treaty.

Presenting a tableau depicting a group of peasants and a Japanese sumo wrestler engaged in a game of tug-of-war, the Coalition warned that approving the JPEPA would be tantamount to unilateral disarmament, as it surrenders the right of the Filipino people to protect itself in the future, and gives up so much for so little. One of the issues being contested by the group is the possibility that the JPEPA will pave the way for land ownership by foreigners.


20.09.2007 06:26
Free John Graham - Supreme Court set to decide his extradition fate
john graham In the '70s, traditional Lakota people opposed the leasing and selling off of reservation lands for mining operations. While the Elders of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation cried out for help to protect the Lakota's sacred ground and traditional way of life, which was in jeopardy, the US government supported and funded the tribal government, headed by Richard Wilson who favoured uranium mining. It was clear that violence would be applied against any opposition; the FBI was supporting the tribal police with weapons and training.



19.09.2007 08:03
John Kerry stands by as UF student is tasered for asking a question
These are the The video is all over the internet. Yesterday (9/17/07) a University of Florida student was physically removed from a microphone at a forum held on campus by Senator John Kerry, the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee. He was surrounded by cops and physically dragged to the back of the room where he was handcuffed and tasered.

Indybay Coverage


14.09.2007 23:34
Sept 13 Court Update: Rod Coronado Trial
rod coronado

Kelly Stewart, Sheriff Dep't. undercover cop still on stand. Prosecutor Parmley brings up that there is new evidence?this is the audio that the defense uncovered, of the *question* in question, and subsequent answer. (Background: it is an audio recording whose existence was apparently heretofore unknown. Likely a small recorder in someone's pocket.)

Prosecution gets Stewart to establish that the government did (and she participated in) investigations and questioning of people, including Grand Juries and search warrants to locate additional recordings, but this recording had not come to light (or sound). It is poor quality, but comprehensible. The government made a transcript. Once established that the tape exists, it is played in court.

The words: "Can you really explain to us, how to, at some point, how to assemble an incendiary device?" And then Rod's rather long answer discussing two kinds of such devices, and the demonstration using the apple juice jug. (Partial: incendiary devices are devices that do not explode, but consist of a timer, 2 wires....(much more) when 2 wires connect, it completes electrical circuit...filament...windproof matches, can of fuel, etc. He says "More popular today, however", and then discusses jug method using the Martinelli's half gallon jug from the potluck that evening and a cassette tape as props and discusses using lamp oil, sponge, stick incense.)


Earlier posts: Report on 9/12 court hearing here. Report on 9/10 and 9/11 court hearings here. Beginning of trial announcement here.


13.09.2007 12:16
Reports from first week in Eric McDavid's Trial
Monday was was the first day of Eric's trial. The morning was taken up by jury selection and then a break for lunch. After lunch we heard both sides' opening statements and the first prosecution witness.

After lunch the US Attorney Steve Lapham began his opening arguments, which he describes as a preview of the government's case. The US Attorney (USA) began his preview with the words "this case is about an ecoterror plot to use fire and explosives to attack targets in Northern California". He said that Eric was the leader of this conspiracy and that he recruited the three, pumped them up and provide "philosophical indoctrination".

FBI Informant "AnnA" - Status: ACTIVE
Day 2: The entire day was taken up by US Attorney Steve Lapham's direct examination of the government informant known as "Anna". The prosecution asked for an order that she be referred to as "Anna" through the trial and that her real name never be used. The defense did not object and the order was granted.

After being sworn in and identifying Eric McDavid as "an anarchist I met while working undercover for the FBI", she told her story of how she came to be an "employee" of the Bureau. She said she was a 17 year old sophomore at a junior college in Florida who wanted to impress her political science professor with an extra credit project. She heard in the news about the FTAA protests in Miami and decided to infiltrate it for her project.

UPDATE, DAY THREE: The day started with Mark's (Eric's lawyer) cross examination of Anna, the Cooperating Witness in the case. This lasted all morning, and continued on after lunch. After Anna's testimony, the government called FBI Agent Matt St. Amant, a member of the CHP and the JTTF who participated in the arrest. After a quick testimony from St. Amant, the government called Ricardo Torres, an FBI agent from Philadelphia who was also Anna's handler. Mark finished his cross of Agent Torres and we adjourned for the day.

damn the man comments: this trial is truly of utmost importance right now. we have all always known that there are police informants and FBI agents running around at the protests and sitting in on meetings, but here is the FBI paying a person to attempt to create terrorist threats so that the federal government can pose for "victories" in the "war on terrorism."

recent stories: Court Report from 9/12 | She crossed the line in conspiracy, attorney says of undercover FBI plant (sacbee repost) | Eric McDavid - Court Report from 9/11 | Student's path to FBI Informant (sacbee repost) | Eric McDavid - Trial Report from 9/10/07 | Sacramento: First Week of Trial for Eric McDavid

past stories: Three more ELF arrests in Sacramento: Support Information (1/15/06) | FBI affadavit on Sacramento arrests outlines deep infilatration of radical movements (1/18/06) | Information on the Confidential Source in the Auburn Arrests (1/26/06) | all stories

see also: supporteric.org


13.09.2007 11:29
West Linn Peace Protest
West Linn Peace Protest!
Hwy 43 & McKillican Intersection
Be there!!!!
For the last two days there have been peace protesters in West Linn, 5pm, at the intersection of Hwy 43 & McKillican. This is the first time I've ever seen a peace protest in this town! Yesterday there were two grandparent types holding signs. Today there were 6! Sadly, a couple teenage boys decided to make pro Bush & pro War signs and frightened off the Grandparent types. Don't let it happen again tomorrow! Show these suburban peace activists that you support them! Be at the intersection of Hwy 43 & McKillican at 5pm tomorrow!


False Flag Attack Stuff 13.09.2007 11:16
ATTN: US Airforce Potential Pearl Harbour Attack
If you have friends or family or you are yourself in the US Air Force or other branches of the military it would be recommnded that instead of "Standing Down" on these days of strange orders and questionable actions that you "Stand Up and Stand Out" by reporting to the public of any unusual or disturbing orders or occurances. It is our Constitutional Democratic Republic that maybe in danger of being lost to anti democratic forces now possing as in the name of democracy. Contact any independant media with such information.
The past few weeks various unusual events have occured that should raise questions by both civilian and military personnel in regards to national security. Questions regarding the five or six mounted nuclear missiles on a B-52H bomber that "mistakenly" flew across the US should be a big clue that something is not normal.


13.09.2007 11:07
Suck on this Brian Baird
Two of the seven soldiers who wrote the New York Times op-ed piece criticizing U.S. counterinsurgency strategy 3 1/2 weeks ago have been killed in Iraq. Yance T. Gray and Omar Mora died Monday in a vehicle accident in Baghdad. Their families have been notified.
While Congressman Brian Baird was in Iraq, 7 sergeants with the 82nd Airborne wrote an op-ed that was published in the New York Times. It was a direct contradiction of what the turncoat representative had to say on his return. When active duty military personnel speak out against the war/occupation, they risk some serious punishment. When a Congressman lies, its normal. Who are you going to believe, boots on the ground or a politician?


13.09.2007 10:53
9/11/This Is War: When the Chickens Come Home to Roost
U.S. Soldiers NYC Mayor Giuliani was booed when he spoke at the 9/11 commemoration this morning. From APN News: "Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani returned to ground zero Tuesday, despite objections by several victims' families and firefighters who said he should not speak at the remembrance because he is running for president. Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton attended the ceremony, but did not speak. Giuliani later descended to the trade center site, and one man yelled "Scum! Scum!" at him.
Everyone remembers where they were six years ago, right? At that time, I was working as a boycott organizer for PCUN, The Oregon Farmworker Union in Woodburn. The union owned a small house on the union hall property where I and other organizers would often stay to avoid a daily 90 minute round trip commute. I awoke early as usual, put coffee on and switched on the t.v., and, there it was. 9/11. On every station. Replays of the crash and collapse. I remember a commentator saying "america under attack." I drooped to the carpet on my knees and said to myself aloud, "Mutherfuck! The chickens have come home to roost!"


11.09.2007 10:49
Unlocking The Darkness
In 2004, in Olympia, a few people materialized into a crowd, bolt cutters at their side. The fence was cut and pulled down. Beyond the fence lay a load of Strykers, ready to aid in the murdering of Iraqi's. Ready to barrel down streets, firing into houses and crowds, turning people into meat. Ready to run over children. The fence came down and then a few people ran forward, into the police. Those few people were taken down. The crowd remained where it was, standing behind an imaginary line. In 2006, in Olympia, the fence came down again. A few people ran in and were taken by the pigs. Others sat down down and went through agony while they were being arrested. The night before a fight to take down the fence lasted hours, numerous people disabled by pepper spray. Just as they did in 2004, the Strykers left Olympia for Iraq. The poor suckers stuck in them were torn to pieces. In 2007 a liberal, pacifist group began heavily pushing its agenda on those who did not wish to conform to it. When the Strykers came through Tacoma the response was minimal for the first week. People who did not want to sit idly by as the Strykers rolled through the port struggled to organize a large response on Friday night. Surrounded by hundreds of riot cops, the fence came down. Numerous people were shot with rubber bullets. The crowd left and headed towards one of the police blockades. Half the group pushed forward, on the verge of overtaking a police cruiser and pushing the line back. The other half sat down. Sang "Give Peace A Chance." And went through agony. Enveloped in tear gas, shot with rubber bullets, beaten with clubs, those following non-violent principles allowed themselves to be brutalized. Some people said we provoked the police, that our violence created violence. On Monday night no one pushed against the police. That night the police shot and gassed a completely non-violent crowd.
In Tacoma, in 2007, people were struggling against each other more than working together. It takes the willingness of multiple parties to cooperate. We have been willing in the past and we will be willing in the future. But other people have not, time and time again. The Strykers went right through the port. There was no chance of stopping them then, but a lot of the people there were not even trying. Do we want to stop the things we say we want to stop?


11.09.2007 10:22
9/11, Uncle Osama and The US Be Tray us Report
Take the Day Off Recent Surge of Osama video appearences seem link to US military designs. Other apprearnces seem link to US political election and policy making. Osama is GI.
A continuance of coincidences over time is likely not a coincidence, but a consistent media response. (9/11- Osama did it). This is of course is shown from his video allegedly admitting his orchestration.. I don't know for sure, for I don't speak Arabic and my source of this information are the same people whom purposefully led this country to war to protect me from pretend WMD's. So the fact is there is no credible source of information.
Now its 6 years since the 9/11-2001 coop we get 2 Osama video this week. We also get the Petraeus (Be Tray us) Report, in the face of growing opposition in the occupation, and months into the surge.


10.09.2007 15:10
San Diego: Trial Begins for Rod Coronado

Rod Coronado is being prosecuted by the federal government for a public speech he gave in 2003 in San Diego. During a question and answer period following the speech, he was asked about previous direct action he has taken in defense of animals and the environment. The government is employing a rarely used statute to prosecute Coronado that relies on the intent of the speaker to foment criminal activity.

Rod Coronado has been affiliated with many environmental and animal rights organizations, beginning with his work with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in the late 1980's. He stands as an effective and inspiring speaker and writer on the ecological crisis facing current society. Coronado served a 4 _ year sentence for destroying a fur farm in the 90's and more recently, was imprisoned for moving and setting off traps set to harm mountain lions in a wilderness area in Arizona.

The trial starts Monday, September 10, 2007, 9 am with jury selection.


Update 9/12: A court report for Monday and Tuesday is available here.

Update 9/13: An update from Wednesday is available here.

Update 9/14: A court report from Thursday is available here.

Visit Rod's support website here.

Sacramento: First Week of Trial for Eric McDavid

From Sacramento Prisoner Support: "Trial starts on Monday! The first part of the morning will just be jury selection, but we WILL (more than likely) be doing opening arguments in the afternoon. The defense will present their case first- probably taking up the first week, and spilling over into the second. We might be done with argument around the 19th, but it might also spill over into the next week. Then the jury will deliberate... "


About Eric McDavid, from SupportEric.org: "Eric McDavid was arrested in Auburn, CA on January 13, 2006 as part of the government's ongoing Green Scare campaign. He now faces two decades in prison. [...] He was arrested along with Zachary Jenson and Lauren Weiner and all three were charged with "conspiracy to destroy property by means of fire or explosives." The government's case is based on the word of a single FBI informant who was paid over $75,000 to fabricate a crime and implicate the trio."

Urgent Action 9/10: McDavid is being denied both vegan food and commissary by the Sacramento Main Jail. Read more here. Update 9/12: "Eric has finally been given commissary again! This is the first step towards a stable vegan diet for Eric. Please continue to call the jail and request that Eric be given vegan meals."

Update 9/11: Court notes from the first day of Eric McDavid's trial are now available here.

Update 9/12: Court notes from the second day of Eric McDavid's trial are now available here.

Update 9/13: Court notes from day three of Eric McDavid's trial are now available here.


10.09.2007 09:48
Audio File: September Bark Hike and Public Lands Protection Opportunities
September 9, 2007, the monthly Bark field trip hiked to an area outside Zig Zag in the Mt. Hood National Forest, checking out a bridge washed out last November and hiked part of the Ramona Falls trail. The U.S. Forest Service just finalized their Travel Planning Rule, which ignores any use but Off Highway Vehicles. They are proposing 6 large playgrounds for the OHVs; 55,000 acres of Mt. Hood that will be unsuitable for hiking, mountainbiking and horseriding access, not to mention the loss of wildlife habitat. This solution does not provide for enhanced enforcement, and also fails to consider our forestwide system of roads and watersheds currently threatened by these aging and unsupported roadways. Thousands of miles of roads are closed, but are used illegally by off roaders. Hundreds of culverts have become nonfunctioning after years of maintenance backlog, bringing increased sedimentation and chemical runoff into our drinking water, a perfect recipe for catastrophic landslides... dozens of campsites have become inaccessible by washouts on major roadways, taking sometimes years for the U.S.F.S. to prioritize repairs.

this week there will be two opportunities for two public testimony sessions on these issues, one here in Portland and the other in Hood River.

Tuesday, September 11 6pm-7:30pm
310 SW Lincoln St.

Wednesday, September 12 6pm-7:30pm
1108 East Marina Way
Hood River, OR

Bark is hosting the Clackamas Campout 2, Friday September 14 through Monday September 24, 2007, offering the public an opportunity to complete the first ever Citizens Inventory of Mt. Hood's 4,000 miles of roads.
Related: Forest Plan Now Accepting Comments on Future of Roads

Off Road Vehicle Comments, RealPlayer | ORV Comments, MP3

| PhilosopherSeed.org | the Bark website


10.09.2007 09:38
Death of trans immigrant in detention forges united protests
Olga Arellano spoke at a rally at the Federal Building in downtown Los Angeles on Aug. 27 about how her 23-year-old daughter, Victoria, died July 20 at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) federal detention facility in South Los Angeles. "I can only find the strength to talk about this because I want people to know what is going on inside that place," Olga Arellano stated. "I don't want another family to have to live through this nightmare."

Authorities reportedly refused to give Victoria Arellano?an undocumented Mexican transwoman with AIDS?urgently needed medical attention and her critically necessary prescribed antibiotic, despite mass protests on her behalf by other immigrant detainees. Authorities had imprisoned her since May in a men's mass detention cell.

Outrage over Victoria Arellano's death is forging a coalition of organizations that fight for immigrant rights, AIDS care, and trans, lesbian, gay and bisexual rights. The bilingual Los Angeles vigil and media conference was called by Arellano's family and Bienestar?a Latina community service and advocacy organization working to meet the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS.


09.09.2007 17:46
Eric McDavid Hearing Update
eric mcdavid Report on 9/7 [In Limine] hearing... Eric had his In Limine hearing Friday morning. Judge England denied Mark's motions because they were filed after the deadline set by the court. Some of the issues raised in the motions can be addressed during trial. Then the discussion moved to the government's motion to preclude the entrapment defense. At first, the judge seemed unmoved by Mark's response, and made it very clear that he did not want trial to become an indictment of the FBI. But after much back and forth, the judge asked to see the case law that Mark was citing. We took a 20 minute recess so he could read the case. After the judge returned, things moved quickly. The case law is very clear - the defense only has to show "slight" evidence of entrapment to pursue it as a defense strategy. England could not deny that Eric has indeed met that requirement. He stressed over and over how "slight" he thought the evidence was, and reiterated again and again that he did NOT want the trial to become an indictment of the FBI, the Justice Department, or CS "Anna." He said if the evidence does not support an entrapment defense, the jury will be so instructed. Related articles


08.09.2007 13:06
Skunk spotted at Oaks Bottom
Local bicyclist was thrilled to encounter a skunk on the springwater corridor trail, on wednesday night as the sun was going down. "At first I thought it was a little black and white kitten" said the bicyclist, who preferred to remain anonymous, "I have seen snakes and turtles and possums and raccoons and heron and eagles and even a deer on ross island, but I did not know we had skunks living in our city. And I had no idea they were so cute!" The bicyclist stopped to watch the skunk for a moment and then bicycled home.


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