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08.09.2007 12:51
Second Anniversary of Fouad Kaady's Murder
Two long years have passed, since Fouad was cruelly murdered by agents of the fascist state. Justice is slowly grinding forward, but we grow impatient.
We need to see Officer William Bergin (Sandy Police) and Deputy David Willard (Clackamas County SO) squirm, and pay. I sincerely hope that famed Lawyer and advocate for the underdog, Gerry Spence, will seek personal punitive damages from these two murderers. Since the District Attorney and sheriff were unable to find any problems with their actions, so thoroughly reported here, and in the fine film, "28 Seconds, The Killing of Fouad Kaady" it is up to the civil court system to deliver at least some modicum of justice.


08.09.2007 05:26
Olympia: Citizens Talk Back to Baird
Reading the names After a brief visit to Iraq as part of a Congressional delegation that was wined and dined at the Ambassador's residence, [Representative Brian] Baird came home a convert: the surge was working and the occupation should continue. Immediate withdrawal, he stated, would result in "wholesale slaughter." The reaction in Washington's 3rd district has been strong. Over 500 people stormed his Vancouver town meeting and 200 people were at Longview. They were articulate in their disagreement with Baird. Channeling Richard Nixon, Baird dismissed their concerns, stating he believes that there is a silent majority who supports his position and wants us to win in Iraq.

[Friday, September 7th] A small group of 40 citizens gathered in front of Rep. Baird's Olympia office to respond to his sudden conversion to supporting the war. Baird's office was expecting us. His staff greeted us with cookies and a desire to hear what we had to say. They cleared the parking lot so we could hold our rally. Several of the Veterans for Peace entered the office and began reading the names of the American soldiers killed in Iraq. The others remained outside to talk back to Baird. The speakers were videotaped and a copy will be sent to Baird. The Talk Back to Baird action will continue every Friday in September from noon-2 p.m.


06.09.2007 19:00
Locals Spur on National Fast, Urging Congress to Cancel the Debts of Impoverished Nations
September 6, 2007—Today marks the first of a 40-day fast led by retired campus minister and long-time social activist Rev. David Duncombe, of White Salmon, Washington. He will drink only water as he fasts and lobbies on Capitol Hill to win support for the Jubilee Act, a bill that would cancel the debts of 67 of the poorest countries and establish responsible lending practices for the future.

Last month, local organization Jubilee Oregon hosted Rev. Duncombe for a special send-off, in which local Portlanders agreed to fast in solidarity for one or more days. Local organizations endorsing the fast include: the Jubilee committee of Witness for Peace, St John the Baptist, Ainsworth United Church of Christ, the Interfaith Council and the Spiritual Life Center of Portland State University.


05.09.2007 12:05
Stop Foster Farms in Canby
Foster Farms, the infamous poultry company, is looking to build a 1.5 million chicken industrial operation in a farming community in rural Canby, OR. Industrial factory farms are taking advantage of the privileges afforded to family farmers. One rural community has been turned on its head as the family farmers and rural residents who live there have learned that an out-of-state corporation has all the rights and they have none. There are over 200 property owners that will impacted by the proposed operation. Voice your concerns for chickens and the community of Canby. Stop Foster Farms on Oak Grove Road in Canby.


04.09.2007 12:59
Sitters arrested! pl employees and cops blockading entrances to treesit village. sitters are in the trees, but need ground support, which have already sustained multiple arrests. come down right now to scotia, ca. to save one of the last stands of old growth redwoods left on commercial property. this is an emergency call to all activists!

!caution! the towns of scotia and rio dell are crawling with cops.
contact humboldt forest defense before attempting to locate the treesit village! cops are in the woods and in scotia/rio dell!

call 707-845-9046 or visit humboldtforestdefense.blogspot.com.

please help us! please help the trees!


04.09.2007 12:49
Another person "not" killed by taser-Scapoose
Two police departments and a medical examiner were trying to figure out what caused the death of a mental patient at a Portland hospital Friday night. Glenn Shipman Jr. was tasered by Scappoose Police the night before. Can you say "TASER?"

Officers said they have assurances from the medical examiner that Shipman did not die because of the taser. Police said the Shipman family called them for assistance handling Glenn Thursday night. The 42-year-old suffered from a mental disability and had recently had a change in his medication, according to his father. When police arrived to transport shipman to a mental bed in Portland, they said they had to use a taser twice, yet still had trouble controlling Shipman.

About 24 hours after arriving at Emanuel Legacy hospital Shipman died. His relatives said he died of cardiac arrest. The medical examiner ruled the cause of death as still unknown.


03.09.2007 12:00
Trans bashing again
Trans-bashing is in the news again. A woman in Palm Beach was beaten so savagely that her teeth were knocked out, and a lifeguard testified in the subsequent trial that his viewing stand reverberated with the blows, as her head was knocked against it. She was revived, covered in blood, at a local hospital. The basher got 4 months probation. His dad is seeking prosecution of the transwoman, as their consensual tryst was conducted while basher-boy was 17, and the woman was 39.

The responses to this news on gay.com are truly clueless. So it's time to explain again. Time to once again point out that I and my ilk are not monsters.


02.09.2007 17:42
Free Humboldt Forest Action Camp September 6th-10th!
We are brought together with the common goal of preventing old-growth logging, clear cutting, the use of herbicides and non-sustainable forestry in all areas of the region, the nation and the planet.

To volunteer time and skill, or to help support this opportunity TO inspire and guide future generations of activists, please call or email. The location will be announced the day before of Action Camp. Carpools are forming from Arcata and Eureka.



02.09.2007 17:33
End Fluoridation, Say 500 Physicians, Dentists, Scientists And Environmentalists
In a statement released recently, over 600 professionals are urging Congress to stop water fluoridation until Congressional hearings are conducted. They cite new scientific evidence that fluoridation, long promoted to fight tooth decay, is ineffective and has serious health risks.



02.09.2007 17:32
New HOMELAND SECURITY tower at Council Crest?
Parks Commissioner Dan Salzman has given the go-ahead for the Department of Homeland Security to replace an outmoded communication tower (should be torn down, it is a PARK after all) at Council Crest Park with a new one that they will use for "public safety"
Since when should our park lands be subjugated for use by Homeland Security?

Please read this link and pass on to all interested observers.


The notice of public hearing on August 28th was not widely advertised. All concerned citizens should request another public hearing.



02.09.2007 17:29
Chileans March Remembers Massacre
Yesterday [August 29] in Chile people gathered in most all the major cities of the country to recall the 100th anniversary of the Massacre of the School of Santa Maria of Iquique and to protest current labor practices and economic conditions stemming from the application of the free trade model to their country.

In 1907 during a strike against the deplorable working conditions of saltpeter mines in northern Chile local government authorized the elimination of the strikers and their families who were occupying a school in the city of Iquique. As a result more than 360 miners and their families were killed.

Today the massacre is seen as a symbol, a turning point, from which the government was forced to take action to improve labor laws and social programs. For this reason the Unitary Center for workers (Centro Unitario de Trabajadores, CUT) chose to remember the incident in their protests yesterday demanding an increase in the minimum wage, quality education,"pensions with dignity," and solutions to a variety of other economic and labor issues in the country.


02.09.2007 17:27
Eric McDavid Update - Less than two weeks to trial!
Funds still needed for legal fees... Eric's trial is less than two weeks away and we want to make sure you are up to date on everything that is happening....Opening arguments will start either the 11th or 12th.

After a quick surge of incoming funds, we were able to meet the newest matching funds in less than 24 hours! Thanks to everyone who helped make that happen. However, things seem to have leveled off again and we now only have two weeks to raise the remaining $1300 to meet our goal of $15,000. This is necessary to ensure that all of Eric's legal fees are paid. Again, if everyone receiving this alert would donate just $20 we could easily reach our goal. Please donate today. Time is running short!

Finally, please keep writing Eric! Your words of support and encouragement are needed now more than ever. Thanks to all of you. Your support and love has been invaluable over these last 19 1/2 months.



02.09.2007 17:22
Report: Ringling Bros. Abuses Animals and Portland Police Strong-arm Activists
On Tuesday night 8/28/07 several people went to meet the Portland arrival of Ringling Brothers - Barnum & Bailey Circus and to document the treatment of animals on their walk through the streets from the railcars to the Rose Garden arena.

Eight asian elephants were forced to walk one mile single-file on gravel and potholed pavement, over railroad tracks, by the MAX train, and up Interstate avenue to the arena. The animals were prodded with bullhooks under their chins and behind their legs to hold onto the tail of the one before him or her (they would never hold tails with their trunks in the wild) and keep up with the group...

See  http://getactive.peta.org/campaign/tonka_luna


02.09.2007 17:18
ASPIRE Volunteer Orientations
Did you get to go to college? If you did, most likely someone helped you figure out your goals, helped you fill out all the confusing forms, and listened to your hopes and fears about this new and exciting change. Saddening as it is, many groups of people are underrepresented in college, and they are unable to benefit from it, not because they don't want to go, but because they are considered too poor, too unintelligent, or otherwise unable to make it.

ASPIRE helps ensure that all high school students can go to college regardless of their socio-economic class, race, gender, background, or other characteristics. Volunteers are needed, and orientations are coming up soon.

You can help make sure that these young people can go to college, get job training, or whatever other education they might want after high school, no matter who they are. ASPIRE at Marshall Campus is seeking volunteers to do this important work. No experience is needed, just a desire to help youth and share your unique skills.

There are many different ways you can help:


02.09.2007 17:11
Daniel McGowan Moved
Hi all,

I found out today that Daniel is no longer at MDC Brooklyn.
I feel relieved that he is FINALLY moving on but it's also bittersweet, as today was visiting day and his niece was going to visit for the first time. Such is life, I suppose....He's at FCI Terre Haute in Indiana, but there's no way to know for how long. If you'd like to write, his new address is:

P.O. BOX 33

Again, we have absolutely NO idea how long he will be here or where he'll end up next so if you'd like to write a letter it's up to you if you want to send it I'm sure he'll appreciate it if he ends up stuck there for a week or two. Thanks for your support!



31.08.2007 18:27
Anarchist Sanitation Saboteurs Vandalize Bellevue Mall Bathrooms
On Monday, August 27th, members of Anarchist Sanitation Saboteurs (ASS) sabotaged over 50 bathrooms in and around the Bellevue mall. This was done while Bush was in town and people were outside protesting him. This was done under the eyes of the Secret Service, the police and mall security.

The mall is a revolting symbol of capitalist ignorance and stupidity. ASS merely chose a day when one of the leaders of world capitalism was in town to flood Starbucks bathrooms (with love directed towards the IWW), glue stall doors shut, remove sensitive items from toilets and leave our mark on wall after wall.

Flood the bathrooms of every corporate store!

-Anarchist Sanitation Saboteurs (ASS)


29.08.2007 15:04
New Grand Jury Victim
Travis Reihl A Spokane anarchist named Travis Riehl is being brought before a grand jury because of his alleged involvement in the tagging of a military recruiting station.


29.08.2007 13:01
Coos County says "NO LNG!" in Coquille Public Hearing!
The public comment hearing in Coquille on 8/28 was well attended by the public, the overwhelming majority 95% opposed to the LNG facility proposed by Jordan Cove Energy Project (Fort Chicago) for the North Spit of Coos Bay. Many people addressed significant concerns that there was a risk to the community's safety and the estuary ecosystem of Coos Bay if said LNG terminal is constructed.. At 3pm protesters lined the street on 115 N. Birch and waved signs, "NO LNG" and "Coos Bay Deserves Better" indicating overwhelming public disapproval of the LNG siting..

The book mentioned below (found at Coquille public library) is an
excellent reference guide for the resulting subsidence (sinking) of the land, (the edge of the north american plate) in the event of a Cascadian subduction quake. Combine the subsidence of land with the tsunami's wall of water and you'll get the idea, the tankers and the LNG facility will most likely become partially or even totally submerged.. in the event of a Cascaidan subduction quake (estimated 1 in 10 chance in the next 50 years). We cannot gamble the future of this ecosystem and the surrounding Coos Bay community on temporary profits by some severly delusional corporate "scientists" who are in the employ of JCEP (Fort Chicago). Again, we're better off leaving the magic tricks to our cinematic friend Harry Potter and sticking with evidence based scientific research..

People in CA and throughout OR can also express their views to the Coos County council. Public comment by writing has also been extended to Sept. 11th by Coos County.. CA and OR residents could send written comments opposing LNG to



28.08.2007 17:27
Blumenauer's Party--Lone Vet Report
When Representative Blumenauer arrived about 4:15 pm, he had to go past us and wait for the elevator. We sang our songs, (very much off key) and the protest was a success. The idea was to let him know that his campaigning in the coming months was going to be shadowed by protestors who want him to act boldly and not as a pawn of Polosi. I think he got the idea loud and clear.

Friends of Earl put on the event, fundraising seemed to be the goal, but they had much to think about after passing us with their heads down. The invited guests did not seem to care that other democrats were protesting their get-together. One of my favorite people wondered aloud why they did not smile or say something to encourage us as they went in to eat cake. I don't have an answer to that question but maybe because they do not know what it is to be a democrat?


27.08.2007 13:39
Wavy Gravy at the Oregon Country Fair
Wavy Gravy made his first appearance at the Oregon Country Fair in 38 years this summer. Self described "flower geezer," Wavy Gravy the Clown has been delighting and enlightening generations of us since his days as icon of the 1960s counterculture (and later honorary ice cream flavor!) This was recorded at Wavy's appearance at The Front Porch stage of the Oregon Country Fair on July 15.

Wavy reminisces and reads passages from his book, "Something Good for a Change." | Link to Part 1 | Link to Part 2


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