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23.08.2007 12:04
Westcoast Climate Convergence Builds Opposition to Dirty Energy
The Convergence was met with strong local support and important exchanges between those fighting fossil fuel development on local, regional and global scales. The Monday and Tuesday events helped draw more attention to continuing infrastructural commitments to destructive energy sources.

The Skamokawa event culminated with over 150 people participating in a direct action on Monday, occupying the proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) import facility at Bradwood, Oregon. The Columbia River divides Oregon and Washington, and participants in the Convergence learned about attempts to sustain the local economy of the Lower Columbia River while resisting massive fossil fuel developments in the area.

Using fishing boats, sailboats, kayaks, and an umiak, participants in the action crossed the Columbia River and occupied the beach at Bradwood where NorthernStar Natural Gas intends to construct a large LNG terminal. The terminal's peak daily capacity is twice the average daily use of Oregon natural gas consumers. The action had a twofold purpose, both highlighting local and global impacts of LNG development.

Protesters Lockdown at PacifiCorp, demanding Energy Justice | Another New Natural Gas Pipeline Proposed

Groups opposing LNG: Wahkiakum Friends of The River | Columbia River Vision | Columbia River Keeper


LNG Community Action Meeting Saturday Aug 25 in Coos Bay

Community action meeting 8/25 to prepare for a public hearing in Coos Bay, OR on 8/28. Speak out to prevent an ecological disaster from entering coastal Oregon's Coos Bay in the form of a supercooled liquified natural gas (LNG) terminal and pipeline with hundreds of miles of linear clearcuts across Oregon's mountains..

Since late 2004, multiple energy companies have proposed large, controversial liquefied natural gas (LNG) developments along the Lower Columbia River and in Coos Bay. Currently, five proposals exist in Oregon, each of them generating concern among people who live, work, and recreate in their vicinity. Here is a brief update on each of the five proposals:

Here's what it looks like when a pipeline explodes in your neighborhood | Dallas Explosion at Facility that sells Liquified Natural Gas



23.08.2007 09:29
Oregon Prescription Drug Program (OPDP)
Oregon now has a drug buying program, open to all state residents, that allows you to buy prescription drugs at the lowest possible price. The expanded Oregon Prescription Drug Program (OPDP), passed by the 2007 Legislature, is in place and open to every person in the state of Oregon, free of charge. It is free to join this plan but YOU MUST REGISTER. It takes about a week to get the card. More information is below.

You may remain an OPDP member and use your card for discounts at OPDP pharmacies [without enrolling in Medicare Part D]. However, you need to know that individuals who are eligible for Medicare Part D who choose not to enroll by May 15, 2006 will have a 1% per month penalty applied to their premium when they do enroll. In other words, if you choose to enroll a year later, your premium will be 12% higher.

enroll here!


21.08.2007 00:08
Green Scare: Minnesota Grand Jury Subpoenas Served in Seattle and Chicago
build a wall of resistance

This morning [Mon. Aug. 20th], grand jury subpoenas were delivered to an individual in Seattle, WA and an individual in Chicago, IL. Both have been subpoenaed to appear at a grand jury in Minneapolis, MN on September the sixth.

When Anthony Wong was subpoenaed in Seattle, the object of the investigation was not made clear by Erik Swanson of the Minnesota police and Joint Terrorism Task Force. Wong's account may be found here.

In the case of the person subpoenaed in Chicago, Brandon, it was made clear that the grand jury is investigating "acts of arson and vandalism that happened a several years ago in Minnesota state." Brandon's account may be found here.

Neither of the two people receiving subpoenas today have been charged with any crime.


20.08.2007 06:47
Report-back: "Bookin' For Daniel" Marathon Fundraiser Breaks Finish Line
bookin for daniel Of the thousands of runners who participated in the 2007 San Francisco Marathon on Sunday, July 29, many were running to raise funds for good causes. One runner in particular had a compelling cause propelling her towards the finish line: all of the pledges that had been made for eco-defense prisoner Daniel McGowan's education fund.

Esther, co-founder of Eberhardt Press, started taking donations and pledges for her 26.2-mile run on behalf of Daniel a month before the marathon, documenting her training and preparations on the "Bookin' for Daniel" blog (bookinfordaniel.eberhardtpress.org). Readers could use the website to make a donation or pledge their support on a per-mile basis. The funds will be used to help support Daniel's efforts to obtain a Master's Degree while serving a seven-year sentence for crimes committed in defense of the earth.

The long run was challenging, Esther wrote in a recent blog posting, "but knowing that I was raising awareness of the case and raising funds for Daniel's education helped get me through those last grueling miles."


17.08.2007 13:57
Climate Convergence Report Back
I went down to the NW Climate Convergence with some friends, to give a workshop. Following is a brief report about my own experience there.

First, Skamokawa is beautiful. Nestled along the banks of the Columbia river, on the Washington side, this verdant little village is a good place to reconnect with all the reasons why this planet is worth saving. It's also a good place to witness the encroaching horror of the storm that is approaching... It wasn't hard to spot the people who could tell me more about what is happening with the proposed LNG projects. They were all wearing No LNG buttons, and were clustered over near the stage, where they were about to give a workshop of their own, so I sat down and listened to what they had to say. There were farmers and teachers and fishers and people who had lived along this river all their lives. And all were equally articulate about what is happening to their community, and why none of us can afford to allow these plants to be built here. Cheryl Johnson, a teacher living near the proposed site at Bradwood, gave a brief history of the Northern Star invasion (Northern Star is the current name of the corporateer attempting to build the Bradwood plant). She told of secrecy and intrigue.

As soon as word seeped out about the proposals, the people of Warrenton, Astoria, Bradwood, Skamokawa, Puget Island, and other little communities in the path of the destruction began to band together. They started from the ground, holding meetings, passing out literature, doing the necessary research, and educating the rest of us about the danger. One activist who came to the workshop told of her own experiences, where she learned that her home sat on property that was in the path of one of the proposed pipelines. She said that she then met with Northern Star, and that the Northern Star reps told her during that very first meeting that, if she did not come to an agreement with them, they would simply condemn her property under imminent domain laws, and take it from her anyway. It seems that she is not the only one to be approached with such threats. This seems to be the way this corporation does business. They are thugs.

Chances are, you or someone you know will be very near to one of these lines if this nonsense is not stopped. But you will not be told about the possibility of the pipeline running through your door or putting you at risk until the last possible moment, because Northern Star is now hiding the final routes of the lines under the guise of Homeland Security. (Isn't it interesting how Homeland Security has failed to protect the citizens of this country, but it always seems to come through for corporate interests.)

If you would like to learn more, or to become involved in fighting the LNG plants, please contact the following organizations:
RiverVision ( 595 18th St., Astoria)
Wahkiakum Friends of the River
Columbia Riverkeeper (724 Oak Street Hood River, OR 97031, ).

Here's what It looks like when a pipeline explodes in your neighborhood


17.08.2007 13:43
Oaxaca..In defense of the forest and community life
Reportback from the Encuentro in San Isidro Aloapam, Ixtil,Oaxaca

August 3rd, 2007: We left the city of Oaxaca, piled into large trucks. Five hours of winding rural roads, giggles and gasps later, we stumbled out to a greeting of handshakes, flowers, and.. a live band!

Welcome to the community of San Isidro Aloapam. San Isidro Aloapam is a pueblo in the Sierra Norte mountains. The people here speak their indigenous language, Zapoteco, and many speak Spanish. The grow many plants, primarily; corn, potatoes, and wheat. They hosted this three day event on defending the forest surrounding their pueblo and the life of their community. About sixty five people from many parts of Mexico and Spain,U.S.A.,Italy, Brazil,Germany, and England came to participate in this encuentro.


17.08.2007 13:42
Fur Farm Release in MA
300 breeding stock mink were released from a fur farm in Hinesdale, western MA on monday night. The farm, now called Berkshire Furs, used to be known as Chatham Ranch and was raided several times in the 1990's.



17.08.2007 13:39
Tacoma Detention food poisoning
Just over the AP wire this morning, 300 detainees at the DHS Tacoma Detention Center were stricken with food poisoning on Saturday. The outbreak of diarrhea and vomiting was just reported today and a DHS spokes person says, "most have recovered".

Southern Poverty Law Center: Getting Immigration Facts Straight


17.08.2007 13:37
Code Pink: Camp Feinstein and Camp Pelosi
Report from camper/hunger striker: I've spent the last few days sleeping in a sleeping bag in front of one of the most gorgeous homes in San Francisco -- Senator Feinstein's house. It's up a huge flight of stairs, though, and seeing that I haven't been eating anything during that time, it's been a pain in the rear to go anywhere. The first night we had around 16 people stay overnight, but lately that number has dropped to around five. I'd like to see this movement build and if anyone reading this lives close to San Francisco please, show up to Camp Pelosi and at least show your support. We really appreciate it.

Essentially, we want Feinstein to stop funding the illegal occupation in Iraq. I'm also pretty mad at her for voting for the increased powers to wiretap American citizens, but to be fair I am glad she called for the closure of Guantanamo Bay Prison recently.


Reportback 16.08.2007 11:12
AUDIO FILE: Reportback on Human "Dam" Blockade at PacifiCorp
I arrived late and missed the theater with hazmats suits and fake blood, intending to draw attention to the poisonous conditions on the Klamath River. But, I did arrive in time to interview three of those who were there, including two of the blockaders.


Toughest Union Going Soft? 15.08.2007 13:21
Unprecedented Sell-Out by Ugles & Co. in ILWU Local 19, Seattle
Five months before organized West Coast longshore workers are set to begin bargaining for a new contract with the employers association, union officers in one ILWU local are already starting to give away some key historic gains of waterfront workers
Seattle, Aug. 15 ?In a stunning betrayal of the militant rank-and-file ideals upon which the ILWU was founded, Local 19's officers duped a tiny minority of the local's membership present at last Thursday's stop-work meeting into a sell-out of unparalleled proportions.
On August 9th, on behalf of the Port Labor Relations Committee, President Herald Ugles tabled a "Continuous Operation Document" between the local union and Stevedoring Services of America Terminals, which will eliminate unit breaks at Terminal 18 in the Port of Seattle. The motion to adopt the new work rules, in exchange for at most five more jobs on container operations?although the memorandum's language itself is so vague that even this slight gain in manning is not even for sure?was passed by a slim majority at the tiny and unrepresentative meeting.
The underhanded tactics used by the Ugles/Manwell/Ventoza regime to ensure the membership meeting would be tiny and then to blackmail those members who did show up into passing the give-back measure have been the subject of lively debate around the Seattle waterfront in the days since the August 9th meeting.


14.08.2007 19:08
Report Back From Smash ICE Action
Yesterday, around 30 people showed up in front of the Federal Building in Tacoma. While we were there, about a dozen people were down at the detention facility being watched by private riot cops.

The response from the public was about 50/50. Some people had no idea there even was a detention facility in Tacoma. Others expressed sincere concern at what was happening and eagerly listened to what we had to say. We later moved to within the festival that was taking place and set up there. We stayed until all of our literature was gone and then left. The whole event lasted about 4 hours.

The ICE agent, writing from  dhs.ice@gmail.com (which you should write to whenever you have time) sent this email to our list. He is unfortunately right. ICE is not a part of the NSA but the DHS. Sorry about the confusion. Most of do in fact know this (as our pamphlets from yesterday prove). One of us did not. Here is his email:


14.08.2007 12:54
Protesters Lockdown at PacifiCorp, Demanding Energy Justice
Energy Justice on the Klamath River NOW!! Protesters have locked down in front of the Pacific Power building at NE 9th and Multnomah to demand that the company shut down the four dams it operates on the Klamath river. At noon today three protesters blockaded the main entrance to PacifiCorp's headquarters (NE 7th and Multnomah). The protesters were joined by a rally of several dozen supporters, many of whom wore hazmat suits painted with fake blood to draw attention to the poisonous conditions on the Klamath River. The action was claimed by the Convergence for Climate Action, Stumptown Earth First! and Rising Tide. [Audio File of Lockdown]

The protest follows the "Convergence for Climate Action" which took place in Skamokawa, WA over the past week. Yesterday, protesters from the camp occupied the proposed Liquefied Natural Gas terminal at Bradwood, Oregon for several hours. A simultaneous occupation took place in Asheville, North Carolina on Monday where a Bank of America branch was shut down by protesters for its lead role in financing the coal industry. Police at the Asheville protest used a TASER to electrocute immobilized protesters using non-violent civil disobedience tactics, an unprecedented application of this device.

Today in London an affiliated Camp for Climate Action" begins just outside of Heathrow airport, where more two thousand participants plan to target airline industry giants profiteering amidst the climate crisis. The London gathering has garnered front page media attention across the UK, where more than 1800 police have been mobilized and anti-terrorism laws have been activated for the camp's surveillance

www.climateconvergence.org/west | www.climateconvergence.org/southeast | www.climatecamp.org.uk


12.08.2007 00:02
Blumenauer Protest Grows, Forces Change in Anti-Impeachment Tactics
More than 40 protesters and a Eugene Vets For Peace "peace bus" made the fourth weekly "impeach the war criminals" vigil inside and outside of Oregon Rep. Earl Blumenauer's office a lively affair. Although police were called out once again, they did not follow through on their previous week's threats to arrest pro-impeachment demonstrators, preferring to sit in an adjoining park.
Several Pissed Off Grannies in rocking chairs and a diverse group of other pissed off people joined Vets for Peace Portland and Eugene for a rousing protest of Oregon Rep. Earl Blumenauer's continuing refusal to treat the rich white rulers of our country the same way he treats poor black and brown people.

After failing to diminish the numbers or the enthusiasm of the previous
vigils by intimidation and harassment with aggressive security personnel and police, the Blumenauer braintrust has apparently decided to change tactics and allow the protesters to exercise their civil rights.


11.08.2007 23:45
Report back on food co-op project for Monmouth-Independence
Several months ago people from Monmouth-Independence starting meeting to discuss what was important to building a strong, healthy, sustainable community. Food security was and is a huge issue. There is no grocery store in Monmouth, even though there is a University in the town. Before we could get started on a food co-op we had to address food security in our community we started a group to have deeper discussions about what our community needs. The group is called Monmouth-Independence Cafe Commons and here is more on our projects...


11.08.2007 23:42
Olympia: Report Back From Anti-Police Rally And March

I wrote an article earlier regarding the arrest of two individuals in Olympia. After writing that article, another anarchist was arrested. This arrest bore many resemblances to the previous ones. Some, not all, have been given the impression that the police are targeting certain people, people whose names have been made public numerous times.

Beyond that, the Olympia Police Department routinely brutalizes and humiliates people on the street. Earlier this year, the OPD moved in force on Camp Quixote, a piece of unused land that had been squatted to immediately provide shelter and a community for those without one. The activities surrounding the ports in the northwest have consistently encountered police repression. The everyday lives of people the State has a grudge against are constantly worsened by the police. The police have been known to kill people. The police have been known to act on government orders and murder specific people. In response to this, an anti-police rally was held on the 4th Ave bridge this afternoon.


07.08.2007 19:52
Another NEW Natural Gas Pipeline Proposed
Recently Released Palomar Gas Transmission Pipeline Map As Houston-based energy developers try to convince rural Oregon and Washington to accept LNG development, we are now learning that NW Natural and Transcanada are the real players in this ill-advised scheme. The companies announced their intention to build the Palomar Gas Transmission Project, which will extend from Madras through Molalla to Bradwood in the Lower Columbia River.

The project, being sold as a way to increase supply diversity for the Pacific NW, conspicuously provides access for proposed Columbia River LNG terminals to the California natural gas market. The project is too large for Oregon, and undoubtedly will facilitate Oregon becoming the "backdoor" for importing new, expensive, foreign fossil fuel supplies into California. The Palomar Project is a classic "bait and switch", where Oregonians are duped into permitting a project that ultimately results in a second pipeline crossing dozens of salmon-bearing streams, thousands of acres of private property through the threat of eminent domain, and small communities with little emergency response capacity. The pipeline conspicuously ends in Bradwood, the site of the fastest-moving LNG proposal in Oregon (competing with a proposal in Warrenton and Coos Bay).

Call Governor Ted Kulongoski today, and tell him that you OPPOSE LNG on the Columbia River, and that the State cannot meet its renewable energy goals while allowing its utilities to lock ratepayers into more expensive, excessive fossil fuel infrastructure. The Palomar Project and Columbia River LNG are both terrible projects for Oregon, and threaten to undermine the Governor's work towards reducing our reliance on foreign fossil fuels. Governor's Office: - Energy Advisor, Peter Cogswell

The upcoming Convergence For Climate Action appears to take on some of these issues. It's right across the river from where this pipeline would launch at Bradwood. It looks like people are getting together to oppose these projects. Check out  http://columbiarivervision.org and  http://climateconvergence.org/west.


07.08.2007 19:45
Climate Convergence SHUTTLES & MORE
SOLIDARITY!!!!! We finally have the shuttles and carpool info together and we're ready for some fun.

Shuttles are leaving Portland on the following days & times:

Wed 8th between 10-10:30 am
Fri. 10th, between 10-10:30 am
Sat. 11th, between 10-10:30

We are also asking folks to go to a CARPOOLING MEET UP POINT. If you have a vehicle with some extra space and plan on leaving in the afternoon or folks interested in finding a ride go to WILD OATS on 28th & E Burnside between 5-5:30. EVERYDAY

Also check the ride board. Folks with cars always post last minute.



07.08.2007 12:13
Animal Liberation Front claims responsibility for vandalism
In an anonymous communique, a cell of the Animal Liberation Front, takes credit for the vandalism at the home of OHSU vivisector Eliot Spindel.

Repost from animalliberationpressoffice.org Warning Issued to Oregon Health Sciences Vivisector Stop Killing Infant Primates and Wasting Millions on Uselss Smoking Research

Lake Oswego, OR- In an anonymous communique received by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, activists claim to have visited the home of Oregon Health Sciences primate vivisector Eliot Spindel, issuing a warning to stop killing infant monkeys after addicting their mothers to Nicotine, purportedly to demonstrate the ill effects of cigarette smoking in pregnancy. "ALF Eyes on You" was apparently spray-painted on Spindel's garage, and one vehicle was covered with a caustic chemical.


07.08.2007 12:12
Portland Pedal Power bicycle delivery service
Every Wednesday from 2pm till 7 pm, we are offering a free bicycle delivery service from People's Food Co-op and Community Farmer's Market. We also have free bike and walking maps available.

We are conducting a pilot project in cooperation with People's Food Co-op to offer bicycle delivery services to all who arrive to shop by foot, bus or bike. Come do your shopping and we will pedal your groceries home for you! It is free within the following boundaries: SE Holgate to SE Hawthorne and SE 39th to the Willamette River.

Why are we doing this? We are committed to our community and the Earth we share! We see the Portland community as leaders in the use of bicycles as a great way to move people and our stuff. We want to play an important role in the growth of sustainable transportation.

Please call our voice mail service at or find us at People's Farmers Market every Wednesday from 2 - 7pm starting Wednesday August 1st. People's is located at 3029 SE 21st Avenue, Portland, OR 97202.



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