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POLICE STATE 18.04.2003 08:49
Multnomah County DA Throws Book at War Protestors
From the open publishing newswire:
I-5 Protesters learn of additional charges at arraignment on Thursday

The 9 antiwar protesters who blocked I-5 during the March 20 antiwar protests in Portland learned at their first court date on Thursday that the Multnomah District Attorney's office had added 4-5 additional charges to each of them.

In addition to the charges they were originally cited for (one count each of disorderly conduct and interfering with a peace officer), the DA has added an additional count of disorderly conduct, and new charges of trespassing, reckless endangerment, and failing to take a proper position on a highway. One protestor was also charged with resisting arrest.

To this defendant, the charge of reckless endangerment is somewhat galling, in that the freeway blockade was a completely nonviolent action. If I was of a sarcastic bent, I might add that the photographic evidence shows that the position we took on the highway appears proper, but I don't want to appear sarcastic.

The nine were scheduled for a new court date on May 29 at 9am in Courtroom 1 of the Multnomah Co. "Justice" Center. [ Newswire Post... ]

Lawsuit Against City: Update
From the open publishing newswire: Alan Graf appeared in front of city hall today, along with Miranda May, Randy Lyon, and William Ellis. May and Ellis were both assaulted by Portland police officers while exercising their first amendment rights during an anti-war protest on March 25th, 2003. Lyon was assaulted by Portland police officers on March 20th, 2003, while working as an engineer for KATU.

During the press conference, Alan Graf announced that he and the victims of police aggression are filing federal civil rights lawsuits against the City of Portland, Mayor Vera Katz, police chief Mark Kroeker, officers Mark Kruger and Joe Hanousek, and "several yet-to-be-named police officers." This comes in the wake of several chilling incidents across the city in which police abused their authority and assaulted peaceful anti-war protesters and others after the US began bombing Iraq. In a press release, graf and the National Lawyers Guild ask, "How much is the Bill of Rights worth, Mayor Katz? What dollar amount would you assign to the First Amendment?" [ Read More... ] Press Release Announcing New Law Suits Against the City of Portland | Financial assistance needed for legal support

PEACE / POLICE STATE 15.04.2003 07:15
Vera shows her true colors (pro-war and anti-civil liberties): Police raid Portland Peace Encampment in middle of night
From the open publishing newswire: A force of approximately 7 or 8 Portland Police Bureau officers headed by Lt. Bill Haunsperger raided the Portland Peace Encampment at 11:45pm Monday, April 14th, 2003. The police confiscated several bins of food and equipment, bags of clothes and all the remaining protest signs. No arrests or citations were made. The Peace Camp was given a Property/Evidence Receipt listing the confiscated equipment and bags, but not the protest signs. The Property Receipt lists the "Type of Incident" as "Abandon Property," yet the property is listed as being taken from Russell Nelson, one of the demonstrators. The last few minutes of the raid were videotaped by a freelance cameraman for several local TV Stations.

Notes taken by the demonstrators indicated that "The cops seemed like they were having a good time. Apparently Mayor Katz wanted it done at night so no one would notice. One freelance cameramen came out and said it was blacked out on the radio as well." The cameraman later confirmed that he had been called by several local TV stations to cover the event. Two of the TV stations confirmed to him that no police call was sent out on the radio or received on the stations police scanners, which is highly unusual. Police returned at approximately 1am and demanded that the demonstrators remove all remaining chairs and equipment. This equipment was loaded into a demonstrator's truck.

The only protest sign not confiscated by the police was the Bill of Rights. This is a bit of a shame, because the police obviously need a copy. [ Read More... ]

Previous stories about the Peace Camp (most recent first): [ Peace Encampment Needs Well Rested Volunteers | The Latest Police Tactic at Peace Camp | Friday April 11 update -- Encampment still there! | Portland Peace Encampment Given 24 hours Notice by Police | Day 22 - Peace Encampment | 24 hour eviction served (sort of) | Portland Peace Encampment needs YOU! | Portland Peace Encampment Update day 19 | Photos of Closed Terry Shrunk Park | Homeland Security Evicts Portland Peace Encampment | Peace Camp still needs support | Shots Fired Near Portland Peace Encampment | Update: Pictures and report of hit and run | Hit and run at Peace Camp | Kitchen to cook meals for peace campers | peace camp is looking for donations | Peace Park Legalities. Strong Free Speech Right U.S. / Oregon Const. Some Traps | Peace Camp Action Alert! | PEACE PARK LIVES! MAJOR VICTORY! SUPPORT NOW .... TARPS, BLANKETS, SCRABBLE | Portland Peace Encampment releases statement of purpose | Peace Encampment carries on without tents; Shelters forbidden by Homeland Security | peace camp asks for help | Peace Camp update: Still there despite Homeland Security Threats | Portland Peace Camp may be evicted ]

Protesters arrested at School Board Meeting
Someone asked on the open publishing newswire: just got word about some people getting arrested at a schoolboard meeting tonight. The arredsted were apparently questioning the recruiting policies of the armed forces in our achools. If anyone has info please post here. Someone close to me was arrested I would like to what happened.

Someone responded: I was there for a good deal of it. They waited outside for a while then walke in with signs explaining their point, that recruiters should not have access to student info without parent permission. The people their got really nervous. They told the people that if they didn't leave they would call the police. The people said what they were doing was legal. Then the security type people started calling the fire marshal and the police. I think they either called 911 of were debating calling 911. They stood there for at least 15 minutes before the police came. Once they were there they each told to leave or be arrested. About half were arrested. The News did an interview. ect. Other people had cameras and might post pictures/ more detailed stories than I have provided. The people doing this were awesome and everyone I came with were really proud of them. Props to all of you. [ Read More... ]

ASHLAND ANTI-WAR REPORT 12.04.2003 23:49
Peaceful Protest :Trumped-Up Charges, Arrests
From the open publishing newswire: A peaceful feeder march ending on the plaza was marred by arrests of two flag burners. The protesters were exercising their freedom of expression, burning the flag in denouncement of the US invasion and occupation of Iraq. Police swooped in, stomped on the flames, and arrested the protesters on trumped-up charges of Reckless Burning and Disorderly Conduct.

Other protesters, acting in solidarity with the arrestees, followed the arresting officers onto Main Street shouting, "This is what democracy looks like!" and "Police State!" as the flag burners were hauled into squad cars.

Many of those remaining were shaken and angered by the unreasonable arrest. A group of protesters continued the action, placing simulated tombstones of Iraqi civilians, flower petals and a sign bearing the Howard Zinn quote, "THERE IS NO FLAG LARGE ENOUGH TO COVER THE SHAME OF KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE" onto the ashes of the burned flag.

Later, APD officer Bon Stewart began dismantling the makeshift memorial. A few women asked him what he was doing and stated that they wished to keep the tombstone signs. Stewart stated that he needed to photograph evidence and shoved one of the women as she stooped to pick up her sign.

Peace activist Paul Copeland stated that the Ashland police made a serious misstep and that "This is an excellent opportunity for public education."

The two individuals arrested in Ashland are being detained in Jackson County jail. Charged with Disorderly Conduct and Reckless Burning, they are being held on $7000 bail.[ Read More... | Rogue IMC ]

Today's Protest At the Library
From the open publishing newswire: Today's protest went well, we had somewhere around 200 people turn up, and the energy seemed good. Does anybody have any pictures from the event they could put up on Indy?

I'd say the highpoint was when we got to the library and a hundred or so of us streamed in to subvert any investigation the FBI might be running at the library. We checked out a hundred suspicious books, including How to Build a Nuclear Bomb, Understanding Islam, and Teach Yourself French.[ Read More... ]

[ More on the Patriot Act and our Libraries (Douglas Lain's website) | The One True b!x's PORTLAND COMMUNIQUE- MORE PHOTOS! | April 12 Rally pix ]

The Latest Police Tactic at Peace Camp
From the open publishing newswire: Cmdr Rosie Sizer of the Portland Police Bureau has told the Portland Peace Encampment that we are no longer going to be charged with Public Camping. We will now be charged under the Obstructions as Nuisances code. This will not require a 24 hour notice. She assured the Peace Camp that no action will be taken on the night of April 11th.

Cmdr Sizer stated that per legal advice from City Attorneys, Peace Camp would no longer be charged Public Camping, but will be charged with violating the Obstructions as Nuisance ordinance...(14A.50.030), available on the City web site, the City's interpretation is extremely broad and could cover any item on the sidewalk from newspaper boxes to pigeons.[ Read More... ]

PALESTINE / ISRAEL 11.04.2003 15:27
British Activist Shot in Israel
From the open publishing newswire: Gaza City - A 21-year-old Briton was pronounced clinically dead Friday after being hit in the head and critically wounded by Israeli sniper fire in Rafah refugee camp in the southern Gaza Strip, witnesses and Palestinian medical sources told AFP. A colleague who witnessed the incident said he was trying to pull two children out of danger with a group of other foreign activists and Palestinian civilians when shots were fired from an army watchtower some 100m away. "At first they were firing several metres over the children's heads but it was getting very, very dangerous so Tom went to help them. He was at ground level when they shot him directly in the head," he said, alleging the troops lowered their aim and deliberately targeted him. Thomas arrived in Rafah on Sunday after spending several days training in the West Bank, Cohen said. Before arriving in the Palestinian territories, he had been in Iraq acting as a human shield, after which he spent some time in Jordan.
[

Two other ISM activists have been killed: American ISM Activist Shot by Israeli Military and Rachel Corrie , ISM activist from Olympia

PEACE CAMP 10.04.2003 18:01
Portland Peace Encampment Given 24 hours Notice by Police
From the open publishing newswire: The Portland Peace Encampment was given 24 hour notice at 1:30pm Thursdy April 10th that it was in violation of the Public Camping ordinance. All equipment, including chairs must be moved out by 1:30pm Friday. I will take this sitting down. I will also peacefully cooperate with the police if they decide to cite or arrest me. The Peace Camp requests peaceful observers and both corporate and independent media to video and witness the proceedings. According to Rozie Sizer, Commander of Portland Police Bureau Central Precinct, the Portland Peace Encampment across from Portland City Hall at SE 4th & Jefferson was notified at 1:30pm Thursday April 10th, 2003 that we were in violation of the Public Camping Ordinance. We have 24 hours to pack up everything, including chairs and [ move it out. | Friday April 11 update -- Encampment still there! ]

Day 22 - Peace Encampment | 24 hour eviction served (sort of)

Well the cameras have been around and we have cleaned up most of the plaza...WE ARE STILL HERE DAMMIT! 22 DAYS AND STILL GOING. I know for a fact that the bombs haven't stopped dropping yet. According to George Bush, Iran or Syria is next!

We need all the support possible now. Lots of people have left scared at the threat of arrest from the local police... Vera Katz is getting very miffed that the local police have yet to remove us from her park scenery and the fact that we are going nowhere. We made a commitment and we plan to stick by it! JOIN US IN OUR PROTEST! WE SHALL NOT LEAVE UNTILL THE WAR IS TRUELY OVER...(at least I will not leave...)

and as allways vegan and regular hot meals dropped off are allways a welcome sight. because we have no real storage for food anymore. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT PORTLAND! LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD AT 7:00PM AROUND CITY HALL! HONK YOUR HORNS AS LOUD AND AS LONG AS YOU CAN! [ Read More... ]

Take-down of Saddam Statue in BaghdadÂ’s Liberation Square a CIA psy-ops farce
From the open publishing newswire: Reminiscent of the staged MOCK pro war rallies here in the United States, the CIA with their public relations giants staged a patently mock liberation rally. If it wasn?'t so phony it would be laughable, but it?'s disgusting - It?'s a lie. The CIA organized this mornings take down of the Saddam Statue in Baghdad?'s Liberation Square as another FAKE OUT. In this city of over 5 million people about seventy of what appeared to be Iraqi dregs and delinquents and news paparazzi with Betacam crews descended on Liberation Square for another in a long line of lies, and psy-ops and disinformation, designed to fake us all out. CNN kept the camera angle close up because if they pulled too far out you noticed that there weren?'t a whole lot of people out for this fake out, ?"liberation.?"

About four hours before the statue was actually pulled down by a group of listless Iraqis, one of those plastic CNN news hairdos said that all the while, the images were of US tanks tearing the Saddam statues down and that it would be nice for the world to see some arabic looking people tearing down some statues so that CNN (CIA) (Bush Administration) could say, ?"I told you so?".

And so they brought in a column of tanks and moved in for the big publicity stunt. Not even coming close to a real occupation of the city they took this little corner and pulled out the cameras. There were more news crews in Liberation Square then Iraqi people. But hey who would even notice, right? After all, aren?'t American?'s brains so numbed after being so systematically lied to year after year by lie after lie that in the LieWorld such publicity stunts really work, right?

Wrong. Smart people know better. [ Read More... ]

See also: [ photos from sddam statue were propaganda: they were false.
The men who tore down the statue were not locals, but men who flew in with Ahmed Chalabi! ]

Bush Gasses His Own People In Oakland, CA
From the open publishing newswire: Pesident Bush deployed chemical weapons against his own people this morning on in Oakland, California. Hundreds of women, children, dockworkers, and other peace advocates were brutally assaulted the morning of 4/7/03 by masked government forces wielding chemical weapons, concussion grenades, and firing guns into the crowd. [ Chronology from SF Indymedia ] SF Indymedia

POLICE STATE 05.04.2003 12:25
Homeland Security Evicts Portland Peace Encampment
From the open publishing newswire: At 6:45am Saturday Apri 5th, Officer Scott Sheldon of Homenald Security, Federal Protective Services closed Terry Schrunk Plaza for "Public Safety" reasons. He personally put up Police Tape around the West half of the grassy area of the Plaza. The Portland Peace Encampment was forced to move out of the Plaza and onto the sidewalk. [ Full Story... ] Photos of Closed Terry Shrunk Park

Peace Camp still needs support

Anyone willing and able to get bread, soup, veggies and coffee ... or whatever other sustenance you can provide ... would be very much appreciated.

These people are hanging tough, bearing 24 hour witness and welcome any help with a smile and kind words. Go visit them and bring a little something! maybe drop by and play a game of scrabble or gin rummy in support of a true democracy, as wraith-like as it may seem in this dark hour.[ Read More... ]

Previous stories about the Peace Camp: [ Shots Fired Near Portland Peace Encampment | Update: Pictures and report of hit and run | Hit and run at Peace Camp | Kitchen to cook meals for peace campers | peace camp is looking for donations | Peace Camp Action Alert! | Peace Park Legalities. Strong Free Speech Right U.S. / Oregon Const. Some Traps | PEACE PARK LIVES! MAJOR VICTORY! SUPPORT NOW .... TARPS, BLANKETS, SCRABBLE | Portland Peace Encampment releases statement of purpose | Peace Encampment carries on without tents; Shelters forbidden by Homeland Security | peace camp asks for help | Peace Camp update: Still there despite Homeland Security Threats | Portland Peace Camp may be evicted ]

CITIZEN ACTION 03.04.2003 23:44
Protesters Will Document Police Conduct at Anti-War Demonstrations
From the open publishing newswire: Portland, OR--The Police Accountability Campaign is collecting information from protesters about police conduct at demonstrations. The campaign has produced a Protesters' Police Conduct Documentation Form identifying important information to collect at incidents [DOWNLOAD PDF HERE]. Information collected may be used to file a class action complaint with the Independent Police Review Division or a future civil lawsuit.

"The goal is to pool documentation of misconduct and sort it by incident in order have a full and accurate record of what has been happening," said Catherine Stauffer, a spokesperson for the organization. "We are concerned that police tactics are changing right now and we need to have a recourse for how protesters are being treated," she added.

The campaign is going to make this form available at public demonstrations to both participants and bystanders. Witnesses are encouraged to use the form retroactive to March 20, the day the war began. Police misconduct documented on the form may include verbal abuse by police officers, pepper spray, property confiscation, poor use of police tactics, or other inappropriate conduct. Protesters do not have to include their name on the form. [ Read More... ]

[ Police Accountability Campaign | Protesters' Police Conduct Documentation Form (PDF) ]

ANALYSIS 03.04.2003 23:42
Analysis: The War Is Over
From the open publishing newswire: An analysis of the current campaign in Iraq and the real objectives of the war, with parallels to Hitler's invasion of Poland, the sieges of Stalingrad and Leningrad, and lessons from Gulf War I. Though the war has not ended, the main objective for the U.S. has been fulfilled. [ Read More... ]

Angry crowds greet Troops - CNN perplexed
When they find out that the oil profits will, of course, be going into the pockets of the U.S. oil robber barons, they will be even more pissed off...After all, these are the Americans who are liberating Iraq's oil fields, and in America, there is no such thing as 'developing the oil for the benefit of all the people' and, despite George W. Bush's socialist talk, the people of Iraq will be robbed blind and then left with nothing, just like Africa after colonialism... [ Read More... ]

Ignore German history at your peril
[T]he man who claimed to be the nation's leader had not been elected by a majority vote and the majority of citizens claimed he had no right to the powers he coveted. He was a simpleton, some said, a cartoon character of a man who saw things in black-and-white terms and didn't have the intellect to understand the subtleties of running a nation in a complex and internationalist world.

His coarse use of language - reflecting his political roots in a southernmost state - and his simplistic and often-inflammatory nationalistic rhetoric offended the aristocrats, foreign leaders, and the well-educated elite in the government and media. And, as a young man, he'd joined a secret society with an occult-sounding name and bizarre initiation rituals that involved skulls and human bones.

Nonetheless, he knew the terrorist was going to strike (although he didn't know where or when), and he had already considered his response. When an aide brought him word that the nation's most prestigious building was ablaze, he verified it was the terrorist who had struck and then rushed to the scene and called a press conference. [ Read More... ]

WORD ON THE WAR MACHINE 03.04.2003 14:24
Rosebraugh Releases pentagonlies.com

From the open publishing newswire: Former Earth Liberation Front spokesperson Craig Rosebraugh released his new website today that is against the war in Iraq, yet critical of the anti-war movement in the United States. Located at http://www.pentagonlies.com, the website contains a number of essays written by Rosebraugh including "Operation Iraqi Occupation," "A Message to the U.S. Anti-War Movement," "On Political Violence," "A Message to U.S. Troops," and much more. The site also includes a critical analysis of the U.S. government's anti-terrorism
[ Read More... ]

6 Banners hung on freeway overpasses March 31st
From the open publishing newswire: On March 31st in the early A.M. 6 banners were hung across a number of Portland freeways including Interstate-84, Interstate-5, Interstate-405 and Highway 26. The banners had a few different messages including "Are you driving the war?" "War for Profit" and "U.S. is a terrorist".

It is easy to make banners out of readily available materials and hang them in public places, or stand and hold them on the road or freeway overpass if you want to be able to re-use them. It is easy, fun, and so far, has not been labelled a terrorist activity. That could change anytime, so sieze the chance while you still can!
[ Read More... ]

CHECK THE DATE 01.04.2003 20:27
Police raid supermarkets for drug paraphenelia
From the open publishing newswire: Citing the recent successes of Operation Pipe Dreams, an effort by the federal government to curtail the avaliability of drug paraphenelia, has launched into it's second stage Tuesday, as DEA agents accompanied by Portland police, raided supermarkets and confiscated their stock of canned soft drinks and beer, the cans which could potentially be used to smoke marijuana.

The latest phase of the campaign, led by US Attorney general John Ashcroft, was designed to send a clear message to would-be MacGyvers who seek to find alternative methods of drug use in the absence of traditional paraphenelia. Aluminum beverage containers of all sorts were removed from the shelves of many retailers Tuesday morning,

This operation was performed by federal agents, accompanied by the Portland Police. The department will receive federal monies for their role. "This will certainly offset some of the added costs of overtime, riot gear and pepperspray due to recent protests" said police spokesman Sgt. Brian Schmautz "Of course we wouldn't undertake such an endeavor if we didn't feel it was a noble cause" [ Read More... ]

Wal-Mart to build store on SE Hawthorne
Retail giant Wal Mart is expected to announce plans to open a Wal Mart Supercenter outlet on Hawthorne Blvd, company officials say. The proposal, which is being negotiated by Wal Mart executives and Portland city council members would entail demolition of l businesses and residences in an area bounded by Hawthorne Blvd. on the north, Harrison st. on the South, 34th avenue on the west, and 37th avenue on the east. The deal between the city of Portland and Wal Mart is expected to be finalized as early as July. Upon finalization, residents and business owners will likely be given six months to vacate. "With that scenario, we'd like to begin demolition and construction early next year, and be operational in time for the 2004 holiday season",said Wal Mart Northwestern division manager Gordon Hibbs. [ Read More... ]

City Hall Press conference re. anti-war protests and alleged terrorist threats: Katz, Kroeker, and Giusto Spout More of the Same
From the open publishing newswire: Katz, Kroeker, and Giusto, among other officials of the Portland's 'civilian' leadership, today expressed more of the same commerce minded rhetoric we've come to expect. Absent an amusing session of musical chairs amongst the three wisemongers, today's three-o'clock press conference contained little in the way of dramatic policy shifts.

Portland Police Chief Mark Kroeker expressed concerns that commerce not be stopped in Portland as children start dying in Iraq; the people of Portland are encouraged, however, to express their constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech in more polite fashions. Chief Kroeker also expressed a willingness to entertain last minute requests for parade permits, should splinter groups wish to discuss their plans with the Portland Police Bureau.

Multnomah County Sheriff Bernie Giusto, responding to a duly seated, mainstream reporter's question regarding the lack of teeth in stepped up police presence and political prescience in prosecuting the righteous war of commerce continuance upon protesters in Portland, answered that resources and beds had already been set aside within his domain for those who wish to ignore the dire warnings of wrath and mayhem to befall any lawbreakers in the City of Roses. In other words, actual criminals have been released in order that beds be made available to jail radical anti-war protestors, should they fail to immediately obey any and all authoritarian dictators. [ Read More... ]

Early Report: City Hall News conference
From the open publishing newswire: Just in from City Hall.

4:02 PM- I have just returned to my humble adobe from the mayors news conference at city hall. I arrived a little late, and the first speaker I heard was Chief Kroeker. He was talking about "Operation Safe City" which would envolve regular police officers on extended shifts. He emphasized that the citizens right to freedom of speech would be protected, but that police would act to prevent the destruction of private property. He also emphasized that "No acts of hatred" would be tolerated, and that he was coordinating with leaders of the Muslim community so that police would be ready to respond against hate crimes against Muslims. As far as reporting suspicious behavior, Chief Kroeker, suggested... [ Read More ]

Police Bureau Policy on Antiwar Protests
Presented below is the full text of the Portland Police Bureau policy regarding the forthcoming protests planned for after the start of the war on Iraq. The policy was distributed at this afternoon's press conference at City Hall. [ Read More... ]

Original annoucement: Mayor and Police Chief holding press conference at 3:00 about Day of War
this just in...

3:00 p.m., City Hall, Tuesday, March 18:
Mayor Vera "they're not bullets, they're pellets" Katz and Police Chief Mark "give 'em medals when they shoot minorities" Kroeker will be holding a press conference today to discuss the city government's possible responses when the attack on Iraq begins and we rise up and take the streets in protest (as is our right to do).

c'mon and down and ask 'em questions! that's why they're doing this, right? to share information? as residents we have the right to know anything. of course, maybe there'll just be some brief statement and no questions 'cept from the corporate media, but it might be interesting to see. [ Read More... ]

Related: [ portland imc headline leads the news | even the mayor reads indymedia ]

M15 ANTI-WAR ACTION 15.03.2003 23:57
Anti-war activists take Morrison Bridge and go for I-5; Police attack
From the open publishing newswire: As the permitted peace march started, the radical feeder march marched through downtown and onto the Morrison Bridge, as the police stood by and watched. The march then moved onto the I5 onramp, and at this point the police started pepper spraying people. About 60 riotcops came as reinforcements and managed to push the march back over the Morrison Bridge towards downtown. [ Read More... ]

[ Some pix from Morrison Bridge standoff ]

Officer Marty Rowley, Badge #8969. Armed and Dangerous
Officer Marty Rowley, Badge #8969, strikes again
From the comment posted to the above newswire item: Once again, it was Officer Marty Rowley, Badge #8969, who whipped out the pepperspray and started attacking people. This guy's dangerous. He clearly enjoys hurting people. He's the same one who peppersprayed people on Feb. 15 and at the Bush protest. Keep your eye out for him!

Here's a post that has more information about Rowley's deeds, and more photos of him: Portland Indymedia Reporter Pepper Sprayed At F15 Peace March. Here's more: Photo-essay: The sit-in and pepperspray on Feb. 15. And in this post, someone has had fun putting slogans on photos of Rowley: Where's Rowley.

Officer Myers: pepper sprayed a 12 year old girl
Officer Meyers peppersprays 12-year old girl
officer meyers [pictured] pepper sprayed a 12 year old, discerning her as the smallest of his possible opponents. the people were already complying on the onramp. they had already checked their forward progress and were being forcefully pushed backwards. near the back of this retreat was a line of protesters and officer meyer grabbed the smallest, turned her around and pepper sprayed her in the face.

From a comment posted to the same story: I am a friend of the 2 12yo girls that got peppersprayed today. Most heard of the one girl but her friend got a decent sized whif of the shit too. Anyway, I am wondering if you have any other photos of our friend Mr Meyers who loves hurting little girls. I am attempting to find his badge number. I figure a good picture may have it in there. if you have others, please email me.

From another comment: Officer Meyers is also a key orchestraters of a plan being pushed forward by the Portland Police, which will sweep homeless campers off of ODOT an PDOT land along the I-405 corridor. [see "portland Trespasses on the homeless".] He is a Senior Neighborhood Officer in Central Precinct and recently arrived here from Arizona. Apparently he thinks picking on homeless people is a good way to make a name for himself in his new home town. I guess I'm not to surprised to hear that he is pepper-spraying 12 year olds.
[ Read More... ]

radicals are cool
pictures of SAA high school students taking the street before the radical feeder march even started, the morrison bridge being 0wned, and the onramp being given our damn hardest. well some of our damn hardest. a group of people slowly started working their way right around the police line blocking the onramp, and suddenly hundreds of people could make their way up the bridge where we rocked out and all of that.
[ Read More... ]

Debate: Lack of Solidarity at Morrison Bridge?
YES: While the masses (that may or may not be asses) were busy buying their constitutional rights at the "Peace Festival", some of us were busy getting attacked by our local police force. Shocking? No. Lack of support and soliderity, yes. I cannot support a movement that doesn't move any further than Waterfront Park. How many dollars does it take to ensure that the Portland Pubic doesn't get sprayed by the cops? You see, if you aren't part of the organizers or organizations that pay off the city to not attack us, you're part of the rest of us. Maybe next month we will be able to purchase tickets to the wonderful "protest" at TicketMasters. How could people at the MAIN march stand in silence (and contempt) while we were being assalted? [ Read More... ]
NOT EXACTLY: If we want real solidarity in Portland, the first step has to be opening up communication. I think it's important to remember that many in the crowd (me included) didn't even know what was happening on the Morrison Bridge. It's hard to see anything from below. More importantly, though, this action was not planned in coordination with the March 15th coalition, and so there was no way to organize some sort of solidarity on the part of the crowd. I think this shows that we need to talk to each other and go to each other's meetings so that we can begin to build real human ties. Neither side will be willing to put its ass on the line for the other until both recognize the hard work, honest dedication and courage of the other side. [ Read More... ]

Other posts: [ portlands finest hits protester, on video | What has happened to Indy Media and the public ]

Bloc arrested on I-5 onramp? Does anyone have any info on the black bloc that was brutally arrested on the I-5 onramp? After getting a whiff of the pepper spray I looked beyond the blinding sting and saw a comerade tackled. But there't no info on him. Anyone with info on his condition, please post it here.

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 07.03.2003 16:37
News, events and analysis about the war
Stop the Pro-War Portland Business Alliance!
Join the campaign to eliminate profit for members of the Pro-War Portland Business Alliance. The PBA is out of control with Franklin Kimbrough at the wheel. Kimbrough coerced city council members Jim Francesconi, Randy Leonard, and Dan Saltzman to ignore public opinion and fail a popular resolution opposing a "unilateral, pre-emptive" strike against Iraq.
[ Read More... ]

Building a Working Class Anti-War Movement
It is obvious that working people are the true loosers in war. On all sides, the working class people are the ones who do the dirty fighting, get bombs rained upon them and starve. At best, they are subject to increased speedups and increased repression in the name of national security. A workshop will be held this week to explore what a working class anti-war movement would be like. Subjects for discussion include: What are the cause of the present war, what would a community based working class anti-war movement look like, the need for internationalism and an overview of successful working class war resistence.
[ Read More... ]

PRESS RELEASE: Portland, Oregon Nude for Peace Demonstration
Join us to send a creative and cooperative message of peace and contemplation to our government during this time of global saber rattling. We hope to gather 250 people onto private property and use our nude bodies to form the Chinese symbol for "Peace" as created by Daniel Dancer.
[ Read More... ]

Oregon Senate Bill 742 would create new "terrorism" crime
This Oregon bill introduced by Senator Minnis looks like something to be very concerned about. It would essentially create a crime of "terrorism" with a minimum jail sentence of 25 years for activities as minimal as participating in an action that "disturbs commerce and transportation systems in the State of Oregon."
[ Read More... ]

The WMDs Are Thiiiiiiiis Biiiiiiiiiiig

Fitting to the fish story Mr. Bush laid out in his news conference this week timed for consumption just before Hans Blix reports to the UN the York Times published a photograph on the front page of Mr. Bush at the podium posed with his hands spread apart as if he were describing the size of the fish. [ Read More... ]

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