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04.04.2007 04:02
Iran war update
Many are aware that a Russian news agency reported the opinion of a general, that the US would attack Iran on Good Friday (April 6th). It doesn't seem like a bad estimation. A check of GOP talking points and associated commentators uncovers a coordinated effort to demonize Iran, and to call for an air strike.

Meanwhile Iran has reported that two US jet bombers penetrated their airspace. The incursion is unlikely to be a "whoopsie," and is more likely a run to calibrate and target anti-radar (HARM) missiles so that the slower and more radar-reflective US bombers can strike at will, without interference from radar-targeted antiaircraft missiles. The Iranians are, of course, aware of this tactic, and are not taking the bait.


01.04.2007 19:46
Kucinich: Global Warming and Global Warring
Making campaign stops in Washington on March 30th, Dennis Kucinich spoke out against global warming and global warring. He said our disconnection from the physical world caused both. We fail to see the interconnectedness of all living beings, so we do not take care of the earth. Our cultural belief that war is inevitable has created more war; it has become a self-fulfilling prophecy.



01.04.2007 19:45
Washington County Peace Vigil 3-28-07
Washington County Peace Vigil Chuckle Nuts continues to push for a never ending occupation.Write your representative and urge them to bring all the armed forces home now.Impeach now!


Close to 50 people assembled at 5th and Hall on Wednesday evening to remind people that the Crawford Cowboy is still in denial.Throw the bums out.Bring all the occupation forces home now.


01.04.2007 19:40
Sea Shepherd Antarctic season wrapup-Japanese Whalers defeated!
Sea Shepherd defeats Japanese Whaling ship The Sea Shepherds antarctic cruise ended in victory over the Japanese factory whaling fleet. Operation Leviathan ended with the fire-damaged Nissan Maru limping back to Japan(she just got back days ago!) and the Sea Shepherds ships Farley Mowat and Robert Hunter sailing in triumph to Australia.

The mission began in high drama as Japanese bureaucrats forced Belize to pull the Farley Mowat's registration hours after they cleared harbor. This meant they were legally PIRATES-just like us at WSQT, not registered to any government. This meant any nations navy could legally sink the Farley Mowat and capture or kill everyone on board! The Sea Shepherds refused to back down... To evade Japanese ocean surveillance satellites, the Sea Shepherds sailed into the antarctic ice pack, where satellites could not detect their wakes...and engaged the Nisshin Maru and her fleet of killer ships. One of these rammed the Robert Hunter but did little damage. At the height of the battle, the Sea Shepherds closed in on the Nisshin Maru and nailed her blood drains shut with nail guns and steel plates. They also heaved aboard 6 1 liter bottles of sinking, rancid-smelling butyric acid!

mp3 Audio File


31.03.2007 07:00
Defund the War Campaign

Three Anti-War Visitors Arrested in Gordon Smith Eugene Office
three protesters, identified as Carol Melia, Karla Cohen, and Michael Wiliams, were arrested in Smith's office for quietly sounding a pitch pipe and clicking two sticks, known as "clives, every four minutes to mark another death in Iraq.

In Eugene, Smith's office is on public property. There is no "trespass" in Oregon on any public property including federal property, basically, unless you are committing another crime, or the whole of the public is barred for established reason (such as a closed court proceeding). The three were taken from the building about 2:30 PM, about two and half hours before the building closes to the public. They were cited on highly suspect charge of "failing to comply with lawfull direction." Whatever statute this charge is based on, it probably doesn't pass Oregon constitution's protects for free speech. [read more]

Meeting with Senator Smith, No Assurance on ending War
After 2 weeks of calls and faxes I was allowed a short meeting in the office of Senator Smith. They could give me no solid deails on his future plans to end or defund the war. If you want details sooner call and get your own meeting (503) 326-3386 Senator Smith in Portland, Oregon - Print the petition attached. [read more]

Will this be the 8th time senator gordon smith is responsible for having constituents arrested?

Constituents of Smith receive much more respect from police than they do from the Senator
Marci Dennison (Director of Pacific Rainforest Wildlife) and Alexandra Ryan (Social Worker) were arrested yesterday [March 29] when they were not able to get assurance from Senator Smith that he will stop funding that continues the Iraq war. Alexandra described her experience; "Yesterday was my first experience with taking that kind of stand against the war and I am so glad I did it! I found it empowering to be able to take more direct action and feel like I have some sort of voice, which I felt has been lost during this administration. Yesterday I was able to reclaim my voice and make my stand and see that one person can stand up. It matters and I believe is not a fruitless labor, but makes an impact.

WHY: Whereas Senator Smith said, "I, for one, am at the end of my rope when it comes to supporting a policy that has our soldiers patrolling the same streets in the same way, being blown up by the same bombs day after day. That is absurd. It may even be criminal (he now prefers "nuts"). I cannot support that anymore", we are asking Senator Gordon Smith to agree to defund the Iraq war. We are simply asking him to walk his talk.


Peacemakers Arrested at Sen. Smiths Office on Thursday | www.defundthewar


30.03.2007 22:09
Peace Community Shuts Down Portland Military Recruiters Office, Again
Today, March 30, 2007, members of the Portland Community opposing the war in Iraq protested the military recruiters office on NE Broadway. When I arrived there were about 20 people present and three elders in rocking chairs blocked the doorways, refusing entry at one point to an 18 years old who had an appointment inside.

The young man was affable and not at all enraged or indignant about being refused admittance, though the same could not be said for Officer Schaffer who verbally engaged the protesters for several minutes before pushing elders aside to gain entry both in and out of the offices... I think the total was five arrests, maybe six. This, as with the Defund the War campaign at the offices of Sen. Gordon Smith, is an ongoing presence for Peace in Portland Oregon. We can all do something!

Audio File | www.PhilosopherSeed.org


30.03.2007 22:06
Surge Brigade Action on March 30
Two more down We arrived at the Broadway recruitment office at 11:00 this morning and Bonnie Tinker was already in her rocker by the front door. People of all ages stood on the sidewalk holding various signs demanding an end to the war and an end to funding the death it brings. Kay introduced herself and told me that she was holding the very same sign she held protesting the war in Viet Nam over 30 years ago. "War is not healthy for children or other living things." Colonel Ann Wright spoke and gave us all courage with her strong support. She then sat down in Bonnie's rocker, and while she was resting, the recruiter, who was trapped inside put his arm band up to the window behind her in some sort of macho display of his manhood, pointing to his "rank" insignia. A few of us demanded that he salute his superior officer, but the Colonel soon put a stop to all the fuss, saying to let him be.

Related: 3/23 Three Grannies and a Gramps Arrested at Recruiting Office


30.03.2007 05:09
Friday - Col. Ann Wright at the NE Recruiting Center!
terrorist recruiting center The Surge Protection Brigade will close down the recruitment center at NE Broadway in Portland for the ninth time on Friday, March 30th at 11:00 a.m. The Brigade will be joined by Col. Ann Wright (ret.), a 29 year Army veteran and diplomat who resigned in opposition to the invasion of Iraq, and local members of Iraq Veterans Against the War. On Friday Col. Ann Wright (ret.) and local members of Iraq Veterans Against the War will be joining the Surge Protection Brigade in shutting down the Armed Forces Recruiting Center in NE Portland.

Col. Wright explains why she will be joining the action on Friday, "Portland's Surge Protection Brigade represents tens of thousands of critical grassroots organizations all over the country that want the war ended now! Members of Congress tell us everyday that they could not have gotten timetables for withdrawal into their bills without the people of America telling them what we want. But now we have to tell them that 18 more months of war is too much! 1800 Americans will die in the next 18 months and 54,000 Iraqis. We must keep the pressure on to stop the war now, not 18 months, not 12 months from now, but now!!!"

If you are finally ready to stand up against this war, and seeing our brothers and sisters snatched up by the insatiable war machine, come to the Recruiting Center on Friday at 11:00am!!

Related: 3/23 - Three Grannies and a Gramps Arrested at Recruiting Office


29.03.2007 06:22
Klamath Riverkeeper files pollution suit against Portland's PacifiCorp
Iron Gate Dam photo by Thoman Dunklin Today [March 27] the Klamath Riverkeeper is filing a citizens enforcement lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California against Warren Buffett's PacifiCorp for polluting one of the nation's most important and controversial salmon rivers - the Klamath. Klamath Riverkeeper's suit asserts that the Iron Gate Dam hatchery, which is owned and operated by PacifiCorp and the California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG), is unlawfully discharging pollutants into the Klamath River, in violation of the Clean Water Act (CWA). The complaint is seeking an assessment of civil penalties for violations of the CWA, and injunctive relief to enjoin PacifiCorp and the CDFG from further violating its discharge permit and the CWA.


29.03.2007 06:09
PARIS: since 16 am heavy riot at gare du nord
Paris, wednesday. Since 16 am heavy riots in one of the big stations, gar du nord. Young people attack police with everything possible. Smash windows of shops and banks.

Even soldiers seem to be involved.

The riot started after security personal and police had arrested a young immigrant in a train. Seems they had broken at least his arm. He had no ticket.

Soon about 300 people arrived at the station to free him. They were called by friends with mobile phones. They started a massive attack on about 50 riot cops.

The riots are still on. The number of rioters is still growing.


29.03.2007 06:06
Beware telemarketing that ATTACKS "net neutrality"
I just receive an automated telemarketing call asking me to warn Oregon Sen Gordon Smith (why only Smith? Wyden is at least as sleazy...) AGAINST support of "net neutrality" beacuse according to the telemarketing speaker "net neutrality" would mean that "consumers would bear the cost of enhancements and expansions to internet" ...

... and ABSENT net neutrality, according to the telemarketing, "big corporations like yahoo and Comcast" would bear these costs.

Receiver of call is than asked to press "1" (I think it was) to leave what they said was to be a personal voice message to Smith saying that you DON'T WANT NET NEUTRALITY because NET NEUTRALITY means only "higher costs to consumer" without consumer benefit.


29.03.2007 06:02
The Sandy Cops will bake
An article in the Sandy Post has done a pretty fair job of naming names, and showing photos of some of the thugs that are running up citizens' tax burden while simultaneously driving tourists and other cash bearing folks from their city.

According to the article, written by Marcus Hathcock, "The Sandy Police Department and its officers are facing six lawsuits including five filed in federal court that accuse officers of excessive force, harassment and violating constitutional rights."

Those of us familiar with this den of iniquity are very familiar with the case of Fouad Kaady, who was murdered by Sandy Cop Bergin and Clacko wierdo Willard. We are also somewhat familiar with the "mysterious" disappearance and uninvestigated murder of Juan Rubio, and the constant harassment of his father, Carlos, for asking questions. Some of the other details are less familiar, so I am going to do the unthinkable, and swipe some corporate rag text to tell the tale. Those who are more curious can follow the above link to the article, and also research both Fouad Kaady and Carlos Rubio here, on Indymedia.


29.03.2007 05:58
Washington County Peace Vigil 3-21-07 pictures and video
Over 55 people attended last evenings peace vigil @ 5th and Hall in Beaverton.


The administration continues down the path of denial. Six years of blind obedience to this outfit has produced disastrous results. Impeach Bush/Cheney.


27.03.2007 05:52
cops are above the law
Using a somewhat obscure law, civillian Richard Koenig brought charges against Mult. Deputy Todd Brightbill for speeding to Judge Hannons courtroom this week. The deputy gave a speeding ticket last May to Portland School Board member, Marc Abrams for trying to keep up with him as he went down 84 doing up to 90 MPH. In his affidavit accompaning Mr Abram's ticket, Brightbill admits to doing over 80 MPH although he was not responding to any call or emergency.

Mr Koenig brought no witnesses or additional evidence to court thinking that the sworn affidavit filled out by Brightbill admitting his guilt would be enough. Not so.


27.03.2007 00:16
5 Years After The FBI Raid On 'Raise The Fist'
On January 24, 2002 I was surrounded by 25 federal agents from the FBI and Secret Service Los Angeles Joint Terror Task force while I was at home asleep taking a nap. The agents were armed with sub-machine guns, shot guns, bullet-proof vests, a battering ram, and a 25 page search and seizure warrant filled with as much "terror rhetoric" as they could think of. While asleep I was unaware that agents were already positioned around every angle of the house, including right outside my window with loaded weapons ready for a fire fight. I was 18.


25.03.2007 08:22
Josh Harper update / Still in "the Hole"
josh harper t shirt logo Thanks to all of you who've written to the SHAC7 in the past few weeks- they're appreciating the much-needed letters!

We heard from Josh today- he gets one 15-min call per week while in "the hole" (aka "special housing"). He's been given paperwork stating their reasoning for putting him there- the Bureau of Prisons is accusing him of being a "threat" and a "domestic terrorist", using as evidence against him a vague response he gave to a small skate/dumpstering zine questionnaire (something to the effect of: go at them, with all you've got), and possession of copies of No Compromise and Green Anarchy magazines. He's also been informed that the FBI is interested in going to question him, which is (of course) a waste of a trip for them.

We don't know what will happen now, and considering that new charges could be brought against Josh we can't discuss many details (not that we know many at the moment). Josh is locked down all day long and doesn't know when this might change. He apologizes for any lack of response- while he's in the hole he has very limited access to writing materials- but he still enjoys hearing from you!

Wondering how you can help??



25.03.2007 06:24
International Statement from Secwepemc Native Youth Movement!
Native Warrior societies will not sit by while our mother earth is desecrated!!

On Sunday March 18th Skwelkewkwelt Protection Center, Secwepemc Native Youth Movement Warrior Society, Supporters, Allies from many Native Nations, and International Observers Smashed on Sun Peaks Ski-Resort. The Protest and Press Conference was held to let the world know that Secwepemc People will continue to Fight against the illegal development on Un-Surrendered/Un-Ceded Secwepemc Territory. Sun Peaks is presently in the midst of a 294 million dollar destruction (expansion), & is planning new paved highways to go through our hunting grounds, and continue the Genocide of Native Lands & Way of Life.

Sun Peaks is also attempting to become a municipality and take all of our Land, as well as making sewage water into snow and dumping shit on our Sacred mountains. Skwelkwelk'welt is the name for our mountains, that Sun Peaks is now destroying. Skwelkwek'welt is our home, It is home to all the animals and plants that we depend on as a Nation of distinct Peoples. This is our Survival.


24.03.2007 05:55
Three Grannies and a Gramps Arrested at Recruiting Office
War Crimes Should be Suffiecient Cause to Impeach Four members of the surge Protection Brigade were arrested while closing down the NE POrtland Army recruiting Center on Friday, March 23rd. It is the eighth time the group has closed the office. A total of ten people - and seven rocking chairs - have been arrested. Today the rocking chisrs were just cited and released.

This action is in opposition to continued funding for a war of occupation that is destroying the people and country of Iraq, tearing apart families of dead and injured U.S. soldiers and draining scarce financial resources from domestic programs. Sara Graham, one of the grandmothers arrested at the recruiting center on February 2nd, was back again on Friday. She says, "Congress is betraying us, our children and our grandchildren. We're here because we want no more funds for the war, no more troops for the war, no more war."

The group is taking direct action at this recruiting office because we are frustrated that our elected officials have not heard the people's voice that we want this war to end now. "We are appealing directly to young people - potential new recruits - please do not offer your life for this cause," says Bonnie Tinker, a spokesperson for the group.


23.03.2007 12:09
Video Reporting From March 18th Protests

Night Observation Interview M18 8pm - With the cops in rows on one side and the people on the other side, and each side both had about a hundred-fold. They stood on each side of the streets facing each other. [more]

Video File: Let Peace Prevail - An 8 minute video of the March 18, 2007 March to commemorate the fourth year of the Occupation of Iraq. The March followed right after a Rally in the South Park Blocks, and wound about 20 blocks through downtown Portland, eventually returning to the Park Blocks. [more]

"Do Something" - having went home after the peace march and not witnessing the confrontation that happened before dusk. i arrived later around 8pm and walked through the 3rd street park with my camera taping. [more]

Just The Way It Is - Blumenauer Speech - An aerial view with music coming from the stage, clip is taken prior to the march. A dubbed speech of Representative Blumenauer - (sound taken from within crowd - low quality). [more]

Pans & Opinions - I was not at first intending to film this man. he kept talking so I kept recording. I didn't want to raise the camera at him so he would continue speaking freely. [more]

Pro War Protester & Da Da - Video one - "Pro War" protester at Peace March. Video two - "Da Da" singing after the Peace March. [more]

more - Protestors/Police clash at Park and Morrison, March For Peace - video


23.03.2007 11:46
Bend Sit-In at Walden's Office
Six women (Code Pink & Rural Organizing Project) were arrested last night for trespassing in Rep. Greg Walden's office in Bend.

They took with them testimony from a Feb. Town Hall meeting on the "Cost of the War", showing that Walden's constituents are done with this war. Their "People's Resolution" calls for: troop withdrawal, no further $$ for the war, no expansion into Iran and coordination around the state to ensure the Or. Congressional Delegation acts in accordance with the Resolution.

Fran Davis of Crooked River Ranch, grandmother of a soldier serving his 3rd tour in Iraq says her grandson comments, "We are throwing money into a pit."


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