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14.12.2006 13:08
Sentencing Dates Set for “Eco-Sabotage” Defendants
Today, in the federal courthouse in Eugene, Oregon, Judge Ann Aiken set sentencing dates for ten individuals who earlier this year pled guilty to charges stemming from the FBI's "Operation Backfire" prosecutions. Despite the fact than none of the defendants in the case were ever charged with the crime of terrorism, federal prosecutors have announced that they will seek terrorism sentence enhancements of up to 20 years (It has never been alleged that any defendant injured another human or animal as a result of their politically motivated acts of sabotage.) Beyond additional time in federal prison, any terrorism enhancement would have potentially Draconian consequences for defendants upon release. Such a finding by the courts may prohibit them from being able to travel outside the U.S., open a bank account, or otherwise successfully reintegrate into society.

"The sentencing provision at issue, entitled 'Acts of Terrorism Transcending National Boundaries,' simply does not apply to the facts of this case and is a blatant attempt by the government to label citizens as terrorists for political gain and to manipulate and exploit Americans' concerns after 9/11 - which was a true act of terrorism," stated Lauren Regan, executive director of the Civil Liberties Defense Center. "In a case where only property damage occurs, and where citizens took illegal action to stop environmental destruction and animal suffering within the U.S., this federal law was not meant to apply and is unconstitutionally applied to these defendants."


13.12.2006 02:11
Portland IMC Newsletter for Dec. 12, 2006
Articles included in this issue:

10,000 South Korean Farmers Protest Free Trade Agreement
Schumacher Folds up Portland Fur Shop
Durban, South Africa: Action in Solidarity with Greescare indictees
Fouad Kaady, we still remember you


13.12.2006 01:40
The Cuban Five and US Terrorism
Free the Five! Now is the time to demand the release of the Cuban Five. They were sentenced 5 years ago this month and have been imprisoned unjustly in the U.S. for 8 years for the crime of trying to defend their homeland against terrorist attacks.

December 2006 marks five years since the Cuban Five were sentenced to prison. In 2001, Fernando González, Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino and René González were unjustly convicted of engaging in "espionage conspiracy" and other charges, and sentenced to terms ranging from 15 years to double-life. In fact, they committed no act of espionage against the United States. What they were doing was monitoring Cuban exile terrorist groups in the USA in an attempt to track and prevent terrorist attacks against Cuba.


13.12.2006 01:32
The bed bug epidemic

They're back. Deplorable conditions in North America's homeless shelters and tenements have contributed to the exponential increase in the bed bug population. Some advice for the wary follows...

The return of the bedbug to North America is causing some people to call for a return to the use of DDT as an antidote. Because there are some people who might be interested in a non-chemical answer to the bedbug invasion I have decided to post information about my own battle with those loathsome creatures, which are coming to a home or apartment near you sometime soon.


Sleep 'tight' and don't let the bed bugs bite -- In the past two years there has been a resurgence in the number of bed bug infestations in North America. Bed bug city has maps showing the extent of the plague, with the situation being worst with some of the heaviest infestations spreading in the Western Coastal regions of the United States which has a climate the most favorable to year round bed bug travelling (they are killed in winter should they be found outside the warm comfort of a nest in someone's bedroom, which inhibits their ability to travel in some regions of the country). [more]

Experiments with bed bugs -- The attached photo shows my attempt at isolating my bed. My mattress and box spring have been wrapped, trapping inside the colonies of bed bugs dwelling therein. I am using no head board. The bed posts are sitting in stainless steel bowls filled with water and some disinfectant. The bed is surrounded by sticky glue traps made of double sided carpet tape, and there is also a glue trap barrier on the bed posts. I have not yet aquired fresh water Diatomaceous earth, and I am thinking of purchasing a batch of those really sticky glue traps that can trap a mouse. I also have my tent pitched on my living room floor as a backup in case all these precautions fail. [more]


12.12.2006 00:51
Audio from the Green Scare Event in Portland

- A Background on the current "Green Scare"

- Talk by Jeff Hogg, Grand Jury resister, about solidarity, knowing your rights in front of a Grand Jury and the importance of political prisoner letter writing.

- Ester from Eberhardt Press talks about the harsh picture of global warming, the concept of the "tipping point" of irreversible global ecological damage and the government's attempt to silence concern for the environment.


12.12.2006 00:48
palestine journal: 10 dec 2006
sometimes people ask me, or wonder, why I would choose to live in palestine, given the violence and occupation.....why would anyone want to live in a place like that??
they ask....

but i think in such a question there is something missing - the value of the culture of the palestinian people is utterly negated when one equates the whole reality of palestine with the fact of the israeli occupation and ongoing illegal seizure of the land. and in fact, it is a rich, deep and beautiful culture, with a long history and a deep connectedness to this land.


12.12.2006 00:46
Yes, I brought a Pit Bull
Romeo A few days ago, I was walking Romeo along the river. He was happily trotting along in front of me, ears flapping like little wings as he went. For both our sakes, Romeo and I were on a leash, of course. As always. Suddenly, I heard a loud and threatening ruckus coming from the top of a nearby hill. I turned to see a woman with two large, standard poodles walking down a trail toward us. I smiled and waved, and she tried to do the same. But her dogs were lunging wildly, and the trail was slippery, and the woman lost her balance and fell. As she slid down the bank, the dogs pulled loose and came lunging and snarling and barking down at us. She screamed for them, and I shouted "NO!" But they kept coming, all gnashing teeth and wild eyes, and trailing a long, slippery green leash which bound them both together. It was a very frightening moment.


10.12.2006 18:35
Jeff Hogg & the Liberation of Dissent
Jeff Hogg The IWW union hall in North Portland was filled to capacity at the Liberating Dissent Anti-Green Scare event last night as Grand Jury resister Jeff Hogg shared his six month ordeal as a Green Scare political prisoner. [Audio]

Until his release from the Josephine County Jail on November 11 of this year, Jeff found himself caught in the snare of the government war on dissent. His speaking presentation occurred as part of an international call to mark the weekend of December 7 as a display of unity and opposition to government repression. It was on December 7, 2005, that the FBI's "Operation Backfire" began with it's broad sweep of harassment, intimidation and persecution of eco and animal rights activists. The ensuing investigation with Grand Jury subpoenas and arrests has come to be known as the Green Scare.

Targeted because of prior eco-activism and activist associations in the Eugene area including work with the Earth First! Journal, Hogg was served with a subpoena in May of this year to testify before the grand jury in regard to a supposed ELF arson that caused property damage. His experience was one of intimidation from the beginning.

Related Links: greenscare.org | fbiwitchhunt.org
Civil Liberties Defense Center | Oly Civil Liberties Resource

Statement from Jeff "Free" Luers | A Word From Josh Harper


10.12.2006 02:56
Lone Vet Report
This Thursday was a little different for me; I arrived for my weekly brunch with the Gorgon about 11:30 AM and stayed until about 1:30 PM. Gordon Smith was again a no show, I am getting the feeling he does not want to meet this old veteran--you think?

People who go to lunch during my protest are getting to recognize me and say hello, or just smile---a few laugh at my signs and one woman said, "Ponder, the SOB probably does not know what the word means." I got a few people who honked their horns today, that is unusual for downtown, not sure why, but it is rare. Most people read the sign, said they agreed with me, and kept walking, I am getting a little nervous because people are agreeing with me but continue on their routine. I thought I would be in hostile territory, but it seems like most people are fed up with this pretender in the WH and want change. I just hope the dems get off their asses and do something significant soon.


10.12.2006 02:43
Rome - The aboriginal people mapuche they contest Benetton
The first escapes of shopping christmas, to the center of Rome, have had Wednesday 6 Decembers an unscheduled program. Two representatives of the aboriginal people mapuche, Rogelio Fermin and Dina Huincaleo, arrive to you from the Argentine, have contested the Italian multinational Benetton, with an action in front of the store of the company, to Public square of Spain. The photos are of Simona Granati.


09.12.2006 00:58
The “Green Scare” One Year and Beyond: Looking Back, Moving Forward

Civil Rights Outreach Committee, 12/7/06 One year ago, a nationwide sweep of arrests revealed the FBI's "Operation Backfire," a vast investigation and persecution of environmental and animal advocacy. Today, in cities throughout the world, events will mark this anniversary with displays of unity and firm opposition to government repression, Operation Backfire and the broader "Green Scare."


Related Articles: Cities Across the Globe Respond to "Green Scare" Prosecutions | Green Scare - Reflections in Green and Black

Saturday: Liberating Dissent - Portland anti-Green Scare Benefit and Event

Durban, South Africa: Action in Solidarity with Greescare indictees

In response to the call for a global day of action in solidarity with Greenscare indictees, people in Durban gathered outside the local U.S. Consulate at 303 West Street, right in the city centre. A banner reading "Durban Against the Greenscare" was raised and fliers with information on the case were handed out to those passing by.

A small contribution to the global day of action, to show them we're truly everywhere!


Related Articles: green scare photos from athens


09.12.2006 00:44
Rep. Cynthia McKinney Files Articles Of Impeachment
Outgoing lawmaker cites numerous abuses of the Constitution by President Bush

"With a heavy heart and in the deepest spirit of patriotism, I exercise my duty and responsibility to speak truthfully about what is before us. To shy away from this responsibility would be easier. But I have not been one to travel the easy road. I believe in this country, and in the power of our democracy. I feel the steely conviction of one who will not let the country I love descend into shame; for the fabric of our democracy is at stake."

"Mr. Speaker: Under the standards set by the United States Constitution, President Bush?along with Vice President Cheney, and Secretary of State Rice?should be subject to the process of impeachment, and I have filed H. Res. _ in the House of Representatives."


Full Story from Guerrilla News Network || McKinney's Statement || Download Articles of Impeachment (H.R. 1106) || Inymedia Coverage of Impeachment Campaign || Related Article: BREAKING: Rep. McKinney Files Articles of Impeachment

Impeachment Protest at Pioneer Square

Impeachment Protest for Human Rights Day Pioneer Square: Intersection of Yamhill and Broadway. December 10, 2006,12:00 PM Portland,OR

World Can't Wait Portland is holding an Impeachment Protest on National Human Rights Day, December 10. The focus will be upon the legalization of torture, Military Commissions Act and impeachment.



09.12.2006 00:24
Photos / Seoul - Stop FTA. 10,000 South Korean protesters stage an anti-FTA rally
Wednesday, December 6, 2006 (Seoul): Thousands of farmers and factory workers took to the streets of Seoul on Wednesday to protest against a free trade agreement (FTA) between South Korea and the US. Holding anti-FTA banners and chanting slogans, the protesters gathered as a fifth round of talks continued at the Big Sky Resort in the US state of Montana to discuss removing tariffs and other trade barriers.


07.12.2006 23:52
FCC Writing New Rules on Video Franchising
What FCC Chairman Kevin Martin is proposing to do here is beyond the purview of the FCC, but he doesn't seem to care. The telecommunications corporations figure if they can get their servant Mr. Martin to initiate the rules changes they fought for but failed to acquire through the legislative process by FCC fiat, then they can let the challenges to this drag out in court for at least a couple of years, by which time all the damage will have been done and they will have effectively received what they wanted in the first place.

It is vital that they hear from people. Industry is attempting to go around Congress by having the FCC change the rules. Closing Date For Comments is WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 13th, close of business.



07.12.2006 23:44
EPA Closes Libraries, Destroys Documents
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has begun closing its nationwide network of scientific libraries, effectively preventing EPA scientists and the public from accessing vast amounts of data and information on issues from toxicology to pollution. Several libraries have already been dismantled, with their contents either destroyed or shipped to repositories where they are uncataloged and inaccessible.

Members of Congress have asked the EPA to cease and desist. Please call EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson at (202) 564-4700 and tell him that scientists and the public should retain access to this information. Urge him to immediately halt the dismantling of the library system until Congress approves the EPA budget and all materials are readily available online.


07.12.2006 23:41
Stop Union Busting on the SF Waterfront!
For the past two months Bay Area maritime union members have been picketing daily in a struggle to maintain union wages and working conditions. Terry MacRae's Alcatraz Cruises (a subsidiary of Hornblower) refuses to hire IBU and MM&P members who have worked on the Alcatraz ferry since 1973. The International Longshore and Warehouse Union was born out of the 1934 San Francisco Maritime and General Strike. Since then, the ILWU has maintained good wages and working conditions on the entire Bay Area waterfront. The current assault by Hornblower is a direct attack at the heart of ILWU jurisdiction and demands a powerful response!

ILWU Local 10 voted to hold a port-wide stop-work meeting and port shutdown in solidarity with the IBU & MMP workers. This is call for all union members and their allies to join us for the march at 9:15 AM and on the picket line at 10 AM on December 9.

If you live outside of the San Francisco Bay Area - visit this page.


06.12.2006 04:14
71 years old and Freezing Cold ...... Now Dead
Flowers For Anita My question is


Indy Readers think about this and what "you" can do to change the ugly side of this aspect. I don't care how fluffy the article in the paper was.....its fricken COLD OUTSIDE ...and any and all elderly ladies need to be -->warm<-- not..... frozen stiff on a sidewalk bench.

What the hell is wrong with society to watch this transpire over the last four years into this tragedy as we sit in our warm houses reading fluffy stories of desperation and despair?

A memorial is being held for Anita Floyd on Wednesday 12-6-06 at the bench she called home (SW 6th and Alder)

CatWoman adds: I met Anita some time back. I wrote this story about her three years ago, after some stupid little power-mad petty bureaucrat at Tullys 86'd her from the shop. I'm still mad about that. But I'm madder still that I have not been by her little bench for so long, and that I would not even have realized that she was gone if Joe had not reported it here.

Many of us had worried after her safety -- she often had bruises and black eyes, and sometimes broken bones, and I believed (and still believe) that she was being abused. She had stories about falling into doorknobs and tripping over cats once too often to suit me, but there seemed to be nothing I could do. Many of us tried, on many occasions, to help her with that, but she steadfastly refused to acknowledge that any domestic violence was going on, or to accept any help in that regard...


related: [ Homelessness Special on Circle A Radio wed. nite at 6pm | Donations of Cold Weather Gear Needed | Tully's Discriminates against Homeless Woman


06.12.2006 03:49
Congressman Commits to Work with Activists to Repeal AETA
On November 29th protesters rallied outside of Representative James McGovern's in protest of The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA), which was signed into law on November 27th. Under the new law, animal rights activists face massive fines and jail time for being involved in nonviolent civil disobedience. In light of increased marginalization and repression of eco-activists by federal officials, all individuals concerned with loss of our civil liberties to need to ban together in protest of the AETA and act in solidarity with victims of the Greenscare.


05.12.2006 03:41
Hugo Chavez Re-elected, “Down with imperialism.”

At 10 pm last night the CNE, the National Electoral Council, stated its first report of the presidential elections showing Hugo Chavez winning by a larger margin than ever before. With 78.31% of the votes counted the presidential incumbent Hugo Ch?vez obtained 5,936,141 votes, (61,35%), and Manuel Rosales 3,715,292 (38,39%).

Contrary to predictions, Venezuela?s Presidential elections proceeded with only a few minor hitches. The morning started early, around 3am, to the blaring of La Diana, a Chavista mobilization song, and repetitive explosive fireworks. The citizens began lining up as early as 3am and quickly large lines emerged. With a 16-million-people electoral register, the Venezuelans have 33,000 ballot tables at their disposal in over 11,000 polling stations all over the country. Caracas, in contrast to its normal chaotic traffic and loud street vendors, was quite calm and tranquil. There were few people driving and most business were closed, as most people were standing in line to vote.


Venezuelan fiesta

Despite torrential downpours, thousands turned out to the Mira Flores to celebrate the victory of Hugo Chavez. At 10pm the CNE (the Venezuelan electoral body) announced that presidential candidate Hugo Chavez obtained 5 million 936 thousand 141 votes, (61,35%), and his opponent Manuel Rosales 3 million 715 thousands 292 (38,39%). Blaring music, wild dancing, and triumphant fire works lasted to 4am.



04.12.2006 03:55
Venezuelans Ready to Vote

Caracas, Venezuela -- This capital city awoke at 3 am at the "toque de diana" or reveille, exhorting all Venezuelans to get out to vote. In between the highly amplified sound of horns played by jubilant citizens, hundreds of loud firecrackers ensured that no one could miss this crucial moment in Venezuelan history. Saturday night was peaceful by all accounts, leading many here to wonder what election day would bring.

There are suggestions that Manuel Rosales (the opposition candidate and governor of the oil-rich state of Zulia) will go back to Zulia and declare it an independent state. Meanwhile, there are increased reports of Marines and US Navy activity in the island-nations of Curazao and Trinidad & Tobago, where the US has military bases. There is a remote possibility that if the Venezulan army was called in to Zulia to secure the oil fields and facilities, the US military could become involved.


Venezuela, country awoken.

To the sound of the reveille and fireworks exploding throughout the city, one awakes and responds, connecting to the media, their community media, and with their neighbors and friends. In the air one can feel a sense of happiness, as the triumphant day, much awaited, finally arrives.

The dense clouds seem lighter. A near full moon can be seen setting towards the west. The freshness of the nearby mountain, Avila, caresses the body, a coolness after the rest interrupted. The blood is felt oxygenating the body.


related: [ Chavez Reelected President of Venezuela: 61.4% of Vote | The Propaganda War over Venezuela (in film .. free online) | Venezuela wakes up to Election Day: Rojo Rojito o Rosalito? | HOV Blog on Venezuelan elections | Crying wolf. Elections in Venezuela today. | Community Radio Turns Activist: Venezuela Radio Stations Challenge threat of Fraud | Video of Chavez rally ]


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