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04.12.2006 03:48
Portland City Council Passes Resolution to Bring Troops Home
A "standing room only" crowd witnessed moving testimony from more than 50 people who made the case for the resolution. Those testifying included military families, veterans and Iraqi-Americans, labor and faith group leaders, youth and students and those who work on health care, education, housing, homelessness, environmental justice and other human needs issues. The presenters made a strong case for the many local impacts of the war on the Portland community and why we need to speak up as a city for peace.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this campaign--those who signed the petition, gathered signatures, volunteered, spread the word and showed up for the hearing. This was truly a group effort and it showed!

Portland has spoken: now we have to make sure our federal officials act on behalf of our wishes to bring the troops home from Iraq and to change our policies to reflect Portland's priorities.


04.12.2006 03:43
Landmarks Commission 3 - Kurisu Corporation 0
After an initial denial by the Bureau Of Development Services (BDS),Justin Fallon Dollard, in which the Historic Landmarks Commission (HLC) agreed with BDS's denial, and asked by HLC to come back with revised plans that address the numerous concerns of BDS staff,the HLC and Boise community members.At the 2nd HLC public meeting, the Kurisu Corporation did not get there plans in early enough for the Commission to review them, and they were given another chance, at a 3rd hearing,which just happened, and once again Holst & the Kurisu corporation did not get their development plans in on time. This time the commissioners suggested because of major development alterations that the developers do another presentation to the neighborhood.

THe Kurisu Corporation will be doing a public presentation of their newly designed, proposed 4 story development, which will sit on what was a community park, just north of the corner of N.Shaver & Mississippi.

1. An Information Session on the Kurisu's City Garden Development- Revised Design on Tuesday, December 5 from 6-7pm at AYOS.


02.12.2006 15:51
Venezuelan Election Update

You can't go anywhere in Caracas, these days, with out seeing banners reading, "Chavez No Se Va!!" Elections are only 2 days away on Sunday, December 3rd. As of Thursday the schools of Venezuela have been closed and have been taken over by election officials in order to make sure elections will run smoothly. However, many Venezuelans believe that the elections will run no where near to smooth.

I'm based out of a one of the most established community radio station titled, "Radio Negro Premiro." This station, along with many others, is currently hard at work planning electoral coverage.


photos from pro Chavez rally in Caracas

One week before the Venezuelan presidential elections 2 million Venezuelan citizens from all over the country came to show there support for Hugo Chavez. Apart from the mains stage where Hugo Chavez gave his three hour speech there were over 5 other stages with music and speakers saying Chavez No Se Va.


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02.12.2006 15:45
Lone Vet Report
My Thursday brunch with the Gorgon went well. I noticed people are getting a little tense. I was confronted by a guy dressed in a very expensive looking suit, about 35 years old, who yelled, "Do you think Bin Laden had anything to do with the war?" I answered, "Did we get him?" He responded, "Catching Bin Laden has nothing to do with war in Iraq." I said, "You got that right, Bin Laden has nothing to do with the occupation of Iraq." "I agree with you, stay and talk to me."---he left muttering something I could not understand.

Other people smiled at my sign...

I will continue my protest at the World Trade Center each Thursday at 11:45 AM until about 1:00 PM, I want someone to challenge this NeoCon who hides as a Republican Moderate.


02.12.2006 15:43
Furious Female Furrier Protests Protesters
Last weekends Schumacher demonstration really made use of one of our usual chants.
1, 2, 3, 4, this is a fur war. We have a big new sign, and Linda came out and stood in front of it with their 50% off sale banner. This led to a debate, and after a while she went back inside. Later, she came back out along with another employee and went across the street with the security guards. This time they had two signs. The funny thing is that we couldn't read them from across the street. They could take sign making lessons from us.

Our two sides spent about 45 minutes debating back and fourth across the street. During most of this time, our side chanted our usual chants while Linda screamed at Matt. Most of her rants were false accusations and trying to find any weakness in our information.


02.12.2006 15:40
"V" Makes A Mark In DC
On November 6, 2006, a lone man in a "V" mask and clothing visited security checkpoints at the White House, the main Treasury Building, the Department of Justice and the Capitol, to deliver a letter and the Petitions for Redress. A short videotape of the encounters has made its way around the Internet, including links from sites such as MySpace.com.

The letter informed the leaders of the Executive and Legislative branches of the federal government that up to 100 people in "V" masks and clothing would gather in silent vigil at those locations on November 14th to await a response to the Petitions for Redress.


30.11.2006 20:54
Brandon Mayfield Vindication: FBI Terrorism is Over the Top

The FBI has just settled on the lawsuit filed by Brandon Mayfield for $2 million. A couple of years ago, you may recall, Mr. Mayfield was topping the FBI's list of "terror" suspects in the wake of the 2004 Madrid bombings...even after Spanish authorities told FBI agents they had the wrong man. Using such shabby "evidence" as a homework assignment written by one of Mr. Mayfield's children, which they acquired via sneak and peek raids of his home, the FBI and the US Government harassed, hounded, and illegally imprisoned Mr. Mayfield. Today, they had to pay.

In filing his lawsuit against the FBI and the US Government, Mayfield decried the secret searches of his home, the tapping of his telephones, and the gross violations of his and his family's privacy that were carried out by FBI agents. Today, the government was forced to apologize for allowing such a bald and unconstitutional abuse of power to go on. The government released a terse, guarded statement that was apparently part of the settlement deal...


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30.11.2006 20:46
Download a flyer and get to work
Friday, December 1st, is an important day. Not only is it a day of international protest against the inauguration of Felipe Calderon, who stole the election in Mexico, it is also a day to raise consciousness about the continuing massacre and human rights violations against the 'Oaxaca Commune' -- a autonomous government in the Mexican state of Oaxaca of real democracy that the corporate-dominated national government cannot allow to live.

In Portland, a city-wide day of pamphleteering has been organized. To participate is simple: download a pamphlet, make some copies (at home or at Kinkos), and stand outside your local grocery, video, or beer store (anywhere is good)-- or simply drop off some copies at a cafe or restaurant. To help make this action successful, all that is required is a half-hour of your time.


30.11.2006 20:44
AUDIO INTERVIEW: Pacific NW Labor Delegation - Part 1
AUDIO INTERVIEW: The Pacific Northwest Labor Delegation, consisting of 9 representatives from various unions from Portland and across Cascadia touched down in Caracas, Venezuela on the 10th of November. Their two week mission is to meet with other unionists in Venezuela and Colombia and share ideas and stories and build bridges.

Nada, who is one of the delegates, took a few minutes out of the busy schedule to do an interview with PDX IMC Radio to share experiences with those back home in Portland. It's a very lively and informative interview where Nada tries to bring some of the very real Caracas and Bogota of today to life.

photos from pro Chavez rally in Caracas | Reclaim The Media reportback from Caracas
PDX Unionists Report-Back from Venezuela and Colombia Tuesday Dec 5th

www.venezuelanalysis.comPortland Central America Solidarity Committee


30.11.2006 20:40
Portland IMC Newsletter for Nov. 25, 2006
30.11.2006 06:42
RIP Radio Universidad--OAXACA
Last night, an agreement between police, University authorities forced Radio Universidad programmers to abandon the station about 6pm last night. So far, there has not been repression against the announcers. They are in the custody of university officials who will likely protect them from police and the paramilitaries who are raining terror on the people of Oaxaca. This interview is in honor of those who broadcasted on and listened to RU.


30.11.2006 06:21
Campaign to free Dame Dieng, a young computer genius imprisoned in Senegal
Dame Dieng is 21 and has been arrested without any valid explanation, the Senegalese police invented the same old insult and threat known for centuries stuff when they invaded the political opponent, Idrissa Seck, headquarters where Dame Dieng happened to be, he had been recruited by this contradictor to the authoritarian Wade regime after having worked for a newspaper's website and proved there his incredible gifts for computer matters. Some people try to understand why young Senegalese try to escape from their country on unsafe wooden boats putting their life in danger on a 6 to 8 day trip to Canaries which are part of Spain and the first step to Europe. Dame Dieng unlucky story can help to find the explanation or part of it.

I consider each extra minute or hour this young man spends in prison as a crime against the future of Senegal and Africa. So if anybody can help to get him out that would be fantastic, you know the ways in the states to contact the media or organizations dealing with human rights in your country better than I do, I am presently in France and contacting here all the media and friends that can help, it does help to pass the information around, the more the case is known the less they can keep him in without any legal motive.


30.11.2006 05:58
OAXACA: Offensive Continues Against the APPO
fuera PFP ( fuck the police! ) Government Launches New Aggression Against the Popular Assembly Movement: Yesterday, [Nov 28] repression against members and sympathizers of the APPO continued as the PFP began implementing arrest warrants against the movement, which are said to number more than 300. Federal forces together with local and state police raided houses and detained at least 60 more people, in addition to the continued attacks by assassins and paramilitaries against members of the movement and 'suspicious people'. These attacks by people dressed as civilians are responding to calls by Radio Mapache, the illegally installed radio station of the PRI, which has been asking that its listeners pass along the addresses of houses where it is said that APPO activists are hiding, as well as any other suspicious people or internationals. Unlike Radio Mapache, Radio Universidad is legally installed yet its transmission continues to be interfered by another signal that is overriding the movements pirmary means of communication with a repeating clip of Celtic Rock music.

RIP Radio Universidad - off the air Nov 29

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Injustice for Political Prisoners in Oaxaca

Denounce the Mexican government for detaining political prisoners in Oaxaca. The events of Saturday, November 25th in Oaxaca City have left many people in the movement fearing for their safety. The APPO and striking teachers are no longer visible in the streets of Oaxaca. Since Nov. 25th, the state and federal police along with groups of men in dressed in civilian cloths have been conducting street sweeps. Cars filled with PFP armed with automatic weapons cruse the streets. Men in civilian clothes have been seen midday rounding people up. Numbers of those detained or disappeared are reported between 100-400 persons. There are now arrest warrants for those with official positions in the APPO. According to local human rights organizations, such as Limeddh, majority of the arrested are tortured. The Government of Oaxaca and the Mexican government are doing everything possible to extinguish the flame of revolution. Denounce the legal and illegal detentions of political prisoners from Oaxaca. Demand that the Mexican Government revoke the arrest warrants for political activity in Oaxaca. Demand that the Mexican Government treat these detainees humanely. This is not justice.

read more>>


28.11.2006 21:14
Schumacher Folds up Portland Fur Shop

Gregg Schumacher, of Schumacher's Furs, announced today that he will be folding up his fur operation in downtown Portland. His announcement came almost a year since animal rights activists began holding vigils every Saturday in front of the store that has been a fixture in the Portland area since 1865.

Schumacher stated on the Lars Larson Show that he will be running a 50% off sale and then move in a few months to a new undisclosed location. When pressed by Larson about the new location, Gregg Schumacher said he can't disclose it due to "legal" reasons.


Schumacher Furs protest report (Linda Schumacher has a counter-protest), November 25

Saturday November 25 was an eventful day at our weekly Schumacher Furs protest. Coming just a day after an extremely successful Fur Free Friday, many protesters returned to continue to let Portland know about the cruelty of the fur industry.

We held up our anti-fur banners and signs, leafleted, showed video of how animals are used in the fur industry, chanted, watched the radical cheerleaders, and ate vegan treats (including left-over Schumacher protest anniversary cake!) One protester made and wore a huge papier mache head (representing a voracious fur dealer) with a mink dangling from his mouth, and tuxedo tails. It was a good-natured, educational, creative, even theatrical event. And then... Linda Schumacher herself (wearing fur of course) came out with her entourage of employees and security guards and joined us with her own homemade sign that said, "Shop at Schumacher - protest sale! up to 50% off." "Out of control" might be a good way to describe her behavior...



28.11.2006 20:55
Cyber Monday: How the Corporate Media Manipulates The Public Into Mindless Consumption
Every "news" broadcast in every city in the nation has been running non-stop feature stories today about something dubbed "Cyber Monday." Newspapers, radio broadcasts, and even podcasts are talking it up. Cyber Monday, Cyber Monday, Cyber Monday, Buy Buy Buy Buy.

Where did this come from? Did anyone ever hear of "cyber monday" before today? Why is it breaking over everyone's lips so suddenly...as if by plan? Perhaps because it was a plan.


28.11.2006 20:53
It's official...Sowa is out
Clackamas county citizens have officially voted in Democrat Lynn Peterson, thus ending the political career of Larry Sowa. Ms. Peterson won by 1,278 votes. Sowa was quoted as saying he would not challenge the vote. "The thing's over with. I'm retiring." And so it goes.

My hope is that Ms. Peterson will be a little more connected when citizens come to the board with their concerns. The day we sat before Mr. Sowa and spoke about Fouad Kaady, I was struck by his appalling lack of interest. He let us fill our time, but I did not see that anything we said went past his desk. We, of course, knew that nothing dramatic would come from our meeting, but common courtesy would dictate that he at least acknowledge our concerns.


28.11.2006 20:52
O.J. Simpson book

The new book by O.J. Simpson is in such bad taste that I will not even mention its name here. What I am grateful for is that Annie Bloom's books will not be stocking it. The owner of the store decided not to put it on his shelves and I applaud his decision. Powell's is going to have it in stock, but has pledged to give all proceeds from the sales of the book to charity. Barnes & Nobel will be selling it and has not said that it will donate any proceeds to anyone. I will be shopping at Annie Blooms a bit more often.

Update: I have just learned that two more Portland book stores are not going to carry this book. They are The Spirit of the Northwest and Looking Glass Books. Also, I said it was Powell's that was going to donate proceeds to charity but it is Borders. Sorry for the error. I don't know where Powell's stands on this issue.


related: OJ and Dubya: Both in Denial, Both Unrepentant


27.11.2006 21:50
News from Josh Harper's Support Team
Support the SHAC 7, or you WILL be next. Update- we've heard from Josh! Josh is currently working through his 2nd week of a 3-year federal prison sentence for "free" speech. On November 16, 2006 Josh Harper turned himself in to serve his 3 year prison sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution in Sheridan, OR. If you're unfamiliar with Josh and the SHAC7, please visit www.SHAC7.com for history of the campaign, trial, and outcome involved.

After 10 days of silence we finally heard from Josh today! He's doing alright considering the circumstances, which are unfortunately not good (even compared to what was expected). This makes your support all the more important!!!

Please send Josh a letter at:
Joshua Harper #29429-086
FCI Sheridan
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 5000
Sheridan, OR 97378

And consider also writing to his co-defendants or donating to their commissary fund (addresses and info at shac7.com)

For the full write-up on what we heard from Josh today please visit Josh's support website at www.JoshHarper.org.

Dec 6th SHAC 7 Support Fund Benefit Film showing: Your Mommy Kills Animals


26.11.2006 15:10
Chaos in Oaxaca: heavy police attack
police attack The Mexican federal government forces entering full force into the city of Oaxaca. There are many arrests and firearms injuries. The federal police began, around 5pm, to attack the members of the APPO that were peacefully demonstration in the areas around the zocalo. These aggressions caused the conflict that is still continuing between the police and the members of the APPO and its supporters.

Three people death, drive-by shooting. PFP house searches. Militaries coming in. Also reports of armed gangs patrolling the city. I had to take cover 5 times in a small room in the hotel from tear gas, while PFP and APPO where exchanging eachother in the streets. I'm hungry, but the door is double locked. If I leave, I can't enter till morning, the hotel owener says.

A large number of people are reported detained in various parts of the city. At least two deaths are the result of the confrontation (as of 9:33). Many wounded. On http://vientos.info/cml/?q=node/6916 is reported that detainees are tortured by police, quote: ("23:16 Amapolas 1429 is where they are torturing people. They planted drugs on them and they're still torturing them today.") Approximately 40 people are reported detained, 20 of them women. There are various injured people, one of whom is gravely hurt.

PDX Solidarity?!?! They are calling for solidarity actions around the world. Can we organize here in portland? I am energized by the courageous actions of our brothers and sisters in Mexico. I want to do SOMETHING!

Indybay Coverage: Oaxaca's popular movement suffers yet another brutal day
NYC IMC Coverage: APPO and PFP battle in Oaxaca After March
The Other Oaxaca: www.narconews.com
Audio: Radio APPO | photos & another reportback


26.11.2006 14:59
Federal Appeals Court to Hear Patrice Lumumba Ford Case TODAY!!
Lumumba File Photo Public invited to Pioneer Courthouse, 700 SW 6th Avenue, on Monday, December 4 at 9:00 a.m. Ford has been incarcerated since his initial arrest on October 4, 2002.

Patrice Lumumba Ford's 18-year sentence will be reviewed by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on December 4 in Portland, Oregon. Ford received national media attention as part of The Portland Six, who were accused of being a "terrorist cell" in 2002. Ford's new lawyer, Shaun McCrea of Eugene, will argue that the sentencing guidelines for "treason" were erroneously applied in her client's case.

Ford made a trip to China in October 2001 in the company of five other Portland men--mostly African-American converts to Islam. In China, he was denied entry to Pakistan, where he hoped to help at the Afghani refugee camps. After a month abroad, he returned to his home in Portland. One year later, federal agents nabbed Ford and the others who had traveled with him to China. Attorney General John Ashcroft called the group a "terrorist cell." It was never proven that Ford or the others had any connection to Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, or any other terrorist organization. The case was expected to be a challenge to the Department of Justice's expanded spying powers under the Patriot Act but, like other "terrorist" cases around the country, it never came to trial.


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