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26.11.2006 14:56
Israel Violates Truce, Palestinian Fighters Retaliate
Israeli troops were still inside Gaza despite a statement from the army that all had withdrawn. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for firing three rockets and said that since Gaza and the West Bank are a unit, it would not agree to a ceasefire unless Israeli military activity also ended in the occupied West Bank.

Since Israel's "disengagement" from Gaza in September 2005 until today, the estimates run between 10,000 and 13,000 heavy artillery shells have been fired into Gaza. On the Palestinian side, the estimates are approximately 1,300 crude Kassam missiles have been fired into Israel. Israeli human rights groups have described Gaza as "The World's Largest Prison Camp"

The poverty-stricken Palestinian population, in number roughly equal to the Israeli population, is in possession of less than 20% of the former Palestine. Israel's occupation is now in its 40th year. The US is providing decisive support for Israel to illegally annex valuable lands and the most important resources of the West Bank, while carrying out settlement and infrastructure projects that divide the shrinking Palestinian territories into unviable cantons, virtually separated from one another and from the receding corner of Jerusalem that will be left to Palestinians.

International War Veterans Poetry Website | International Middle East Media Center | Apartheid Travel Ban on Palestinians in Israeli cars | International Solidarity Movement


25.11.2006 10:53
Mexico: revolution takes another step forward
Oaxaca Zocolo March Nov 20 Despite the bitter cold, hundreds of thousands once again filled the massive Zocalo Square in the Mexican capital on Monday, November 20th. They were there to participate in the ceremony of the swearing in of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), of the left wing PRD, as the legitimate president of Mexico, in a clear act of rejection of the electoral fraud which robbed him of his victory in the July 2nd presidential elections.

This was the continuation of a protest movement which saw millions take to the streets for a period of three months and which culminated in a National Democratic Convention (CND) on September 16th where more than one million delegates decided not to recognise the official results of the presidential elections and to declare AMLO as the only legitimate president of the country. The crowd chanted slogans such as, "It is an honour to be with Obrador", "We can hear, we can see, we have a president", as Lopez Obrador received the presidential band from the hands of the veteran social fighter Rosario Ibarra de Piedra.

On October 28th a number of provocations took place on the barricades in Oaxaca, with members of the local police and thugs from the PRI (the party of state governor Ulises Ruiz) firing on APPO militants. Four people were killed, including New York Indymedia journalist Brad Will [Video] This was the prelude for the entry of the Army and Federal Police into Oaxaca on October 29th.

read more>>

OAXACA: Portrait of a Barricade

Cinco Se?ores barricade, positioned in front of the university to protect the radio within it and the autonomy of the university, is the last major barricade in Oaxaca City known as the "Barricade of Victory" Despite repression, the "Barricade of Victory" remains, and today the barricade defenders and the university radio defenders were in a festive spirit preparing for the mega-march to retake the Zocalo from police possession tomorrow, practicing launching rocks with slings and slingshots. The barricade has also lacked direct backing from the APPO directive body, who say that the barricades no longer have a purpose.

read more>>

Oaxaca: Illegal Detentions and Torture

November 24th, 2006 - CMI Chiapas writes: In a press conference given today by the APPO at 2pm at the encampment in Santo Domingo, spokespersons affirmed that they will continue implementing the plan of action as agreed upon with the Seventh MegaMarch which will leave from the Casa del Gobierno en Santa Mar?a Coyotepec tomorow, November 25th, 10am, heading towards the z?calo to surround the PFP and reiterate their principle demands. Additionlly, they made known the testimony of a witness to an attack on said barricade by thugs and paramilitaries that left 2 compa?eros kidnapped and detained. These two cases of torture are not isolated...

read more>>

Chiapas Indymedia | Manifesto presented to Consul as Oaxaca Solidarity Camp closes in San Diego Nov 25 - video / audio & press release


25.11.2006 09:19
Victoria's Secret rally in Eugene ambushed by security because of media tip
Fur hag with a question On Friday, November 24, the busiest shopping day of the year (also called "Buy Nothing Day"), over a dozen members of Cascadia Forest Defenders and the UO's Forest Action held a protest rally at the Victoria's Secret store in the Valley River Center in Eugene, to call attention to Victoria's Secret's practice of mailing out over 1 million catalogs a day, amounting to 300 trees cut daily from the world's endangered forests, such as the Boreal forest of Canada and Siberia. Some of the protesters were scantily clad in lingerie, some held recycled cardboard chainsaws and cut-out trees, while others held signs saying "How many trees died for your panties?" "A million catalogs a day cut from old growth forests".. "Victoria's Dirty Secret: 300 trees a day sent to landfill for catalogs."

Due to a tip from the media, almost a dozen private security officers and one Eugene police officer were waiting at the Victoria's Secret store at noon to stop the legal protest before it happened. Reporter Josh Schlossberg from the Forest Voice newspaper, a publication of the Native Forest Council, who was present during the rally, was told by security to stop videotaping and was prevented from taking photographs, upon threat of removal from the mall. When Schlossberg asked security if this ban on taking photographs applied to every customer in the mall, security assured him it did.

Cascadia Forest Defenders and Forest Action regrouped on the sidewalk beside a busy intersection outside the Valley River Center in the pouring rain, with their cut-out chainsaws, signs, a banner ("American Hyper-consuming is killing us and the Earth's life support systems"), dressed in skimpy lingerie, and handing out 100% recycled postcards and flyers to passersby for the next hour.

read more>>

Video and Reportback for Portland Fur Free Friday, 2006

November 24, 2006, in downtown Portland Oregon about 150 people took to the streets to bring attention to the gross cruelty involved in the fur industry. The protest was organized by the Portland chapter of In Defense of Animals, who this day celebrate a one year educational protest of Schumacher Furs. Beginning with a rally here at Schumacher Firs at 9th and SW Morrison, the gathering then toured various fur establishments or shops who sell items made with or adorned with animal fur.

Stops were made at Nicholas Ungar Firs, Sacs Fifth Avenue and Nordstroms, where Matt Rossell, of In Defense of Animals, spoke of the incredible cruelty and callousness involved in the raising, killing and skinning of these animals. In an interview before the march began, Matt said that this torture is, "all about fashion and vanity, and needs to end."

read more>>


25.11.2006 09:12
Mexican Government Fears Spread of Oaxaca Civil Society Uprising - Interview
As the movement of teachers, students, workers and indigenous groups marked six months of continuous protest in the Mexican city of Oaxaca, violence again erupted in the streets on Nov. 20, the day Mexicans celebrated the 96th anniversary of their nation's 1910 revolution. Running battles between the Federal Preventative Police -- firing tear gas and activists armed with sticks, slingshots and fireworks -- resulted in dozens of injuries and arrests.

Protests began in May, when teachers went out on strike demanding a pay increase and books for students. Oaxaca's Gov. Ulises Ruiz ordered police to attack the teachers and their supporters. That confrontation galvanized the teachers, sparked a civil society uprising and the formation of The People's Popular Assembly of Oaxaca or APPO, which demanded the removal of Gov. Ruiz, who many accuse of winning office by stealing the 2004 state election.

At the end of October, Mexican President Vicente Fox sent 4,000 federal troops to Oaxaca to remove protesters from the colonial city's central plaza, after more than a dozen people -- including Brad Will, an independent U.S. journalist -- had been killed by gunmen, whom protesters identify as undercover government agents. Between The Lines' Scott Harris spoke with Jonathan Treat, a journalist living in Oaxaca and coordinator of the Oaxaca Solidarity Network, who provides a brief history of the conflict and describes the current tense situation in the city.

Between The Lines online Audio broadcast

Oaxaca Solidarity Working Meeting in Portland, OR at Liberty Hall Monday, Nov. 27 / 5-7 p.m.


Police Brutality 23.11.2006 17:06
ATHENS, GREECE: Demonstration commemorating 1973 uprising, attacked by police
November 17th is commemorated annually as the day of the student uprising against the military junta in Greece, in 1973. In the weeks leading to this year's demonstrations mass media had been creating an atmosphere of fear, in a concious attempt to limit the public's participation to them. Contrary to their efforts and predictions, the demonstrations in Athens and Thessaloniki were amongst the largest of their kind in recent years.

In Athens, even before the demonstration had started, tens of people were detained (80-100 are reported) in a fine example of the police's "pre-emptive detentions" tactic. However, the people at the head of the demo refused to start marching unless all the detainees were freed. The government's repression units launched an unprovoked attack against the block of Athens' Anti-Authoritarian Movement. They surrounded both the anarchist and the Anti-authtoritarian Movement blocks and attacked viciously. It is speculated that 46 people were detained at that point. Policemen shoot Flare Rocket at injured demonstrator --[video] -- |Witness Report from the Hilton block | Student severely beaten by undercover policemen, right after the 17N demonstration | photos of members of the of the Youth of the Sosial(democratic) Party, armed with bats and helmets, clashing with other demonstrators

MPEG video of flare rocket being shot at demonstrator by police


23.11.2006 16:44
Street Confrontations at Melbourne G20 Protest
Melbourne G20 The G20 meeting in Melbourne, Australia 17-18 November, [was] met with creative protests by local activists. G20 is a meeting of Finance Ministers of 20 important developed and developing nations, Reserve Bank Governors, the IMF and World Bank held every year. The G20 includes the Group of Seven industrial countries - the US, Germany, Japan, France, Italy, Britain and Canada - plus Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey and the European Union.

Police locked down parts of Melbourne city for the G20 Finance Ministers meeting at the Hyatt Hotel in the expectation of protests.

On Friday as delegates were arriving in Melbourne, businesses which profit from war or environmental destruction were targeted for disruption. On Saturday it was the G20 meeting resulting in street confrontation between protestors and police, including the damage of a police riot squad truck. Late Saturday night saw a police payback operation when about 100 police violently attacked festive G20 protestors.

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Videos: Engagemedia.org

Melbourne Indymedia | StopG20 |


23.11.2006 10:33
Gentrification Strikes Again
Today as I rode my bicycle thought the Lents neighborhood (an urban renewal neighborhood) I saw the usual sights. Neighbors helping each other clear storm drains, a mass movement of cars coming and going from I-205, and quite a few fellow cyclists. But at approximately 2:45 I rolled past SE 82nd and Foster rd. and saw three patrol cars surrounding the local squat.

Today something was different. As the Portland Development Commission or PDC continues their quest for urban renewal they have managed to attract new business to the area. These businesses are looking to benefit from the new light rail train that will run down I-205, the new farmers market, and of course the increased property value a lifeless commercial look brings. One of these interested businesses is Big 5 Sporting Goods. This week is Big 5's Grand Opening.

read more>>

Tacoma's Step Toward Working WITH the Homeless

I met a man today who taught me about a new program in our city. Tonight I know he is not out sleeping in the cold and rain. Tonight I know he has a place to call home. At home I looked for the program on the internet and was glad to learn about the Housing First Encampment Elimination Program. I didn't know it existed.

In September of this year, 1.3 million dollars was dedicated for the first year of the new project which involves both the City of Tacoma and social services. The city studied the problems associated with the homeless and determined that roughly 300 people lived in about 14 encampments. Members of Comprehensive Mental Health and Greater Lakes Mental Health's PATH outreach team try to encourage living in one of the encampments to accept a housing unit. These must have been the ones who approached the man I met on the bus.

read more>>


Political Prisoner Updates 23.11.2006 10:23
42 years POLITICAL PRISONER Hugo Pinnell denied parole again nov 15

Hugo Pinell Press Release:The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation's Board of Parole Hearing, for the 8th time, denied Hugo L,A. Pinell parole at a hearing held Tuesday, November 14, at supermax Pelican Bay State Prison, Crescent City. Apparently, 42 years in California prisons, the last 36 in solitary confinement, including 16 in the windowless, hi-tech SHU (Security Housing Unit) with sensory deprivation in the extreme, was not enough retribution against Hugo Pinell, nicknamed Yogi Bear. They gave him two more.

Original callout to write Hugo letters of support

read more>>


23.11.2006 10:16
AUDIO INTERVIEW: Pacific NW Labor Delegation - Part 1
The Pacific Northwest Labor Delegation, consisting of 9 representatives from various unions from Portland and across Cascadia touched down in Caracas, Venezuela on the 10th of November. Their two week mission is to meet with other unionists in Venezuela and Colombia and share ideas and stories and build bridges.

Nada, who is one of the delegates, took a few minutes out of the busy schedule to do an interview with PDX IMC Radio to share experiences with those back home in Portland. It's a very lively and informative interview where Nada tries to bring some of the very real Caracas and Bogota of today to life.

You can stream the audio file from PDX IMC RADIO by clicking HERE | To download the file click HERE


23.11.2006 10:10
On the ground: Video report, road blockades in San Cristobal
Video and written report on the EZLN road blocks on every way into and out of San Cristobal, shutting most the city down as the 20 November celebrations of the 1910 revolution begin.

20-11-06_SC_Roadblocks - video/x-ms-wmv 7.2M


22.11.2006 16:57
The Gulag Has Got Mary Tormey
A young woman has been stripped of her rights and sent to a mental institution following an assault on her by an officer of the law.
Mary Tormey is twenty-six years old. In January of 2005, the car she was travelling in was stopped at a routine traffic stop. Mary's mother, Elaine, and Mary's live-in boyfriend of five years, Denver, were in the car, as well as another friend. Without provocation, Mary Tormey was brutally assaulted by the officer, Matt Hathaway. Parenthetically, Hathaway has a record of this sort of behavior, and has had at least six cases filed against him in court for this sort of rabid victimization.

Her mother Elaine, who is a Quaker, recently secured a lawyer to sue. Hathaway, who had been put on eighteen months paid administrative leave after the assault, had just been re-hired at a neighboring police department. Mary Tormey had just called that police department to plead with them not to hire him. "I'm one of his victims," she told him.

And then Mary's house in Coeur d Alene was busted. Mary was arrested for marijuana, and the gulag machine moved into action.


21.11.2006 15:46
Tove Johanssen, Human Rights Worker in Palestine, Beaten by Settlers

A 19-year old Swedish human rights worker had her cheekbone broken by an Israeli settler in Hebron today. Tove Johansson from Stockholm walked through the Tel Rumeida checkpoint with a small group of human rights workers to accompany Palestinian schoolchildren to their homes. They were confronted by about 100 settlers in small groups, who started chanting in Hebrew "We killed Jesus, we'll kill you too!", a refrain the settlers had been repeating to internationals in Tel Rumeida all day.

read more>>

Update Nov 21: Tove is still in hospital where she will remain for the next few days before returning to Sweden to receive ongoing treatment there. As well as a broken cheekbone Tove has a fractured skull and damage to her eye muscles. A complaint was filed with the police in Kiryat Arba where eye-witness statements and photo evidence was submitted. However, according to a report by Israeli human rights group Yesh Din 90% of complaints filed against Israelis to the "Samaria and Judea District" police were closed without indictments being issued.

A 19-year old Swedish human rights worker had her cheekbone broken by a Jewish extremist in Hebron today. Earlier the same day at least five Palestinians, including a 3-year-old child, were injured by the settler-supporting extremists, who rampaged through Tel Rumeida hurling stones and bottles at local residents. Palestinian schoolchildren on their way home were also attacked. The Israeli army, which was intensively deployed in the area, did not intervene to stop the attacks.

read more>>


21.11.2006 12:38
Is Honoring Mumia a Crime?
Pam Africa with French delegates, Feb.11, 2005 Is it a crime to publicly honor black death-row prisoner and journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal (convicted of killing white Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner in a 1982 trial that Amnesty International has declared a "violation of minimum international standards that govern fair trial procedures and the use of the death penalty")?

Future Philadelphia mayoral candidate Peter J. Wirs thinks so. Acting as the Chairman of Philadelphia's 59th Republican Ward Executive Committee, Wirs has filed criminal charges against the French cities of Paris and St. Denis. Their crime?

In 2003 Abu-Jamal was declared an honorary citizen of Paris—the first time since Pablo Picasso was similarly honored in the 1970s. This April, the French city of St. Denis (a Paris suburb) named a major street after him. Located in the Cristino Garcia District of the city (named after an anti-Franco Spanish Republican), Rue Mumia Abu-Jamal leads directly to the largest sports arena in Europe: "Nelson Mandela Stadium."



21.11.2006 12:33
AUDIO FILE: Nigerian Oil Activist, Omoyele Sorowe
Omoyele Sowore speaking in Portland at Lewis and Clark College Omoyele Sowore is a Nigerian Oil activist traveling through the United States educating people about tragic conditions in his country caused by our planetary addiction to petroleum. He spoke of the pollution of the Niger delta in Africa, of torture, of rampant and escalating poverty in a country producing 2.5 million barrels of oil a day, 25% of which goes to the U.S. Niger is the 6th largest producer of oil in the world.

RealPlayer | MP3


20.11.2006 03:29
A New Approach to Justice From The Doors Of A Mexican Consulate: From PDX to Oaxaca

Oaxaca occupies a sacred place in my heart; her mountains, coast, mole and native corns nourished my spirit for a good part of the years I lived in Mexico and her people-mis companeros/as-have been my teachers and friends.

But this has been a sad couple of weeks.

October 31 I found myself locked to the front door of the Mexican Consulate in Portland, Oregon to protest the violent repression against the People's Popular Assembly of Oaxaca (APPO), a peaceful resistance movement in Oaxaca. ((more))

pdx oaxacan solidarity actions monday n20 -- The people of Oaxaca are engaged in a courageous struggle to build a popular democratic government that values citizens over corrupt political and economic interests. They are taking back their government from a discredited governor and those who use violence to keep him in power. The people of Oaxaca now face a repressive occupation by Federal military police forces and terrorist acts of disappearances. ((more))

Oaxaca Solidarity Demonstrations in the US on Monday, November 20th -- "On November 20, blockades will be set up to show the Mexican government we mean business. We are calling upon YOU to join in these blockades. That could mean blockading the consulates' websites, jamming their phone lines with calls about the conflict in Oaxaca, occupying the offices of the consuls, or shutting down the roads around the consulates in whatever way you see fit." ((more))

FLYER: Oaxaca Resources -- Here is a flyer which can be printed, copied and distributed as an organizing resource. It is available in color, black and white, rotated, jpg and pdf. Oaxaca Indymedia, Centro de Medios Libres, Narco News, Oaxaca Revolt, Indybay's Americas page and El Enemigo Com?n are the resources printed on the flyer, as well as an email address, oaxaca-subsrcibe@lists.riseup.net, which can be used to join the Oaxaca solidarity alert list. ((more))

Zapatista Intergalactic Call to Action - November 20 -- To the people of Oaxaca who are calling on us, and because of this we are also making a CALL. We should show our commitment to each other in our actions. They are not alone. Just as the compa?er@s of the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca are showing us their dignity in struggle. The call is to create peaceful actions. The occupation of embassies, blockades, marches, encampments, meetings, and protests everywhere in the world on the 1st of November 2006 and again on the 20th of November of the same year. Let us create this global mobilization together on November 1st and November 20th. ((more))


20.11.2006 02:46
Chicago anti-war activist burns burns himself alive to protest Iraq war
Malachi Ritscher The press has almost completely blacked out this news in mainstream press. A long time Chicago activist, artist and contributer to the Chicago jazz scene has burned himself alive in an act of protest against the iraq war. He is only one of 10 Americans in history to have done this. Buddist monks did this during the VietNam war. On Friday, November 3, a man doused his body with gasoline and set himself afire to protest the war in Iraq. He died quietly in flames. His name was Malachi Ritscher.

Haven't seen it in the news? Me neither, which is kind of strange if you ask me, considering that it happened right here in downtown Chicago in front of hundreds of commuters during morning rush hour. The only conventional newspaper coverage to date was a tiny paragraph that appeared in the Saturday edition of the Chicago Sun-Times. Since then...nothing.


19.11.2006 20:03
help Free Geek recover stolen computer equipment
D:\IMC\penguin.jpg Bummer! I just learned that Free Geek, Portland's computer recycling non-profit ("Helping the needy get nerdy") has been broken into and several laptops / LCD monitors were stolen. Please report suspected stolen laptops / LCD monitors (being sold on Craigslist, on the street, etc.) to Free Geek. They track the serial numbers of items and could likely tell you if something was stolen from them, if you are able to obtain the serial number. If someone tries to sell you any of these things and refuses to give the serial number, or otherwise acts suspicious, notify the police (on the chance that they can distract themselves from harassing immigrants and shooting mentally handicapped people) and give them as much detail as you can. [ Read More ] [ Free Geek Breakin \ Free Geek ]

IPRC Robbed!

Portland Independent Publishing Resource Center, a nonprofit devoted to facilitating creative expression, was broken into and robbed on Sunday night sometime after 8 p.m. Thieves stole our main computer (an apple G5), which housed the records for our library of over 5500 zines, our member/user database, and more. Theives also took two computer monitors, and in true grinchy fashion, the covers of the couch cushions (presumably to carry away our items). If you know anything about this robbery, or can help in some way, please email our temporary email address: iprcoutreach@yahoo.com or call (503) 827 0249 thanks! [ Read More ] [ IPRC ]


18.11.2006 16:56
Eugene Grand Jury Resister Freed after Six Months

For Immediate Release: 11/17/06
Green Scare Continues, Further Subpoenas Possible

After spending almost six months in jail without being accused of any crime, Jeff Hogg has been released from imprisonment. On May 18, 2006, Hogg, a nursing student and caregiver for disabled adults, was jailed for civil contempt after he declined to testify before a federal grand jury allegedly investigating "eco-sabotage" cases. His incarceration led to public outcry and support efforts in Eugene and beyond. Hogg was released from the Josephine County jail in Grant's Pass, Oregon, Wednesday evening, rejoining his partner and community.

"I'm happy to be free and not to have compromised my principles in the face of the abusive grand jury system." Jeff Hogg stated from his home in Eugene, Oregon. Hogg's attorney, Paul Loney, of Portland, Oregon added, "While Jeff Hogg's liberty is restored, he is still subject to a new subpoena from a future empanelled grand jury..."

Civil Liberties Defense Center | Thank You From Grand Jury Resistor Jeff Hogg

read more>>

Animal Rights Activist Found in Civil Contempt but Not Jailed

San Francisco -- Animal rights activist Nadia Winstead was found in civil contempt today [November 17] by U.S. District Court Judge Susan Illston for invoking her constitutional rights and refusing to testify before a federal grand jury. Winstead's attorney, Mark Goldrosen, immediately requested that Winstead be released on her own recognizance pending an appeal that will be filed with the Ninth Circuit Court. Instead, judge Illston stayed enforcement of the contempt order for two weeks to allow Winstead to file the appeal. Winstead had previously been denied a motion to compel the government to reveal whether unlawful electronic surveillance was used to obtain information included in her subpoena.

Independent journalist Josh Wolf remains in jail as a result of a civil contempt ruling after he refused to provide unpublished video footage of a July 2005 anti-G8 protest to a federal grand jury in San Francisco. After losing his appeal in the Ninth Circuit Court, Wolf has remained in prison since September 22. The federal grand jury to which Wolf was subpoenaed convened in early 2006 to investigate alleged damage to a police car that supposedly occurred during the protests. Wolf could be imprisoned until July 2007.

FBIWitchHunt.com | joshwolf.net/grandjury



18.11.2006 15:39
Keizer Cops Attack Inocent Man
I am a 48 year old man living in Keizer. I am a Business Professional, my wife is a career Oregon State Corrections Officer. I was at my son's apartment, he's 26, on X-mas eve 2005 with him and a friend of his. We had been there about half an hour playing cards when a knock came to the door. I answered it to find two police officers standing outside and inquiring about a Hispanic man that they thought to live there. I told them I didn't know them and that my son lived there. They asked my son's name and checked my ID. Fifty minutes later they came to the back patio area looking for my son who apparently had a 7 year old misdemeanor warrant still outstanding. This was at midnight and the back area was completely in darkness. I was inside just coming out of the restroom when I seem a light being shown on my son and his friend. I stepped through the sliding glass door and not even realizing it was the police or that there was trouble I told them to get in the apartment. My son stepped in and I followed and started to shut the door when the police broke through the fenced patio and rushed the door. The first one pushed me aside and commanded my son to get to the ground, which he did. I asked the police what this was all about and he told me about the warrant. I was confused and kept looking at my son. The cop continued to shout to get on the ground which only confused me more because he was already down. About the time I figured out that he was talking to me another cop came in and threw me into the sliding glass door and then to the carpet. I fully cooperated and offered my hands to be restrained. Within 5 seconds of being on the ground, with one hand cuffed and the cop sitting on my back a police dog came in and started to rip at my right foot. It pulled off my shoe and began to mutilate my foot. I began to scream and try to get my foot out of it's mouth. The police tried 5 times to get the dog to release and the more I struggled the more the dog would try to pull me out from under the cop. The cop "Tased" me to get me to quit moving so the dog would stop. The "Tasing" lasting 20-30 seconds and blood came out of both ears...


18.11.2006 15:37
Lone Vet Report
Can you believe it?

Brunch with Gordon did not happen again, he was a no show for the fourth consecutive week. I think he may be avoiding me. I guess he is fearful of debating an old vet who just wants to know why he continues to support the murder of our military and the people of Iraq.

I was listening to Thom Hartmann on Friday and his guest was Bernie Sanders, senator-elect from the state of Vermont. Bernie Sanders is not a democrat or a republican, he is an independent socialist. He cares about the veterans who are being screwed by the Bush Administration and the Gorgon Smith. He will serve on the committee that oversees veteran's benefits and will work for the complete treatment of injuries of our beloved soldiers who are injured during their time serving as our protectors from our enemies. Soldiers do not question, they obey orders and will go where "We" tell them to go. They trust us to send them to places where they are needed, and "We" have lied to them. We must bring them home as soon as possible. Stop talking and get them out of Iraq.


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