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11.11.2006 04:50
Lone Vet Report
Once again, I traveled the 15 bus to my brunch date with the Gordon. I arrived a little early this time, about 11:00 AM, wanted to see who goes to lunch. I stayed until about 1:00 PM and had a great time.

The reception I received in front of the World Trade Center was more friendly than usual. I had a good time and there were some funny moments.

The supervisor for security stopped by to say hello and asked it I needed anything. He also asked if I was going to go inside to see the staff of our Gorgon, I said no---he seemed happy. Most of the people who read my sign gave me a smile or thumbs-up, there was one person who yelled at me, "You won the damn House, what more do you want?" I said, "You haven't heard, we won the Senate too." I added, "I want all the traitors in prison, not jail---PRISON." There was another great moment---a person in a suit started to come directly at me, thought he was going to give me a hard time. (You know I am in hostile territory) but to my surprise, he asked me what kind of coffee I like! A few minutes later he came back with a coffee and said, "Thanks for doing this!"


11.11.2006 04:47
Northern Germany Region Prepares For Resistance
Farmers in Metzingen are building a symbolic Around 20,000 German police will be assigned to guard the transportation of highly radioactive nuclear waste (in containers called "Castor") from France to Germany, starting this Friday. The destination is Gorleben a village in northern Germany, in a region called the Wendland. Protest actions are planned throughout France and Germany, especially along the last 50 kilometres (expected for sunday) on rail and 20 kilometres by road (expected in the night to monday).

Suprisingly for everyone, police will seems to try one of the most difficult parts, the railway tracks from Lüneburg to Dannenberg (Map).

Numerous little actions happened allready during the last weeks numerous demonstrations (pics) all over Germany took place this week, which are all just a "warming up" for the weekend to come.


09.11.2006 16:30
Oregon eco-saboteurs plead guilty but are not implicating others

Eugene, OR - The four remaining non-cooperating defendants in the Oregon "Green Scare" case today changed their pleas and agreed to drop their request for production of NSA surveillance materials and data. Joyanna Zacher, Nathan Block, Daniel McGowan and Jonathan Paul appeared in federal court this morning before U.S. District Judge Ann Aiken to enter pleas related to acts of property destruction and arson. The next status hearing will be on December 14 to determine when sentencing will occur. Despite the agreement however, federal prosecutors have asked the court to apply a "terrorism enhancement" at sentencing.

Despite the pleas entered today which resolve the Oregon cases in their entirety Jeff Hogg remains imprisoned without having been charged with any crimes for his refusal to testify against others after being subpoenaed to a federal grand jury. After the hearing, Hogg's partner Cecilia Storey made an emotional plea for his immediate release from custody. [ read more ]

Plea Documents for Four Non-Cooperating Defendants | Press Conference Audio
Plea Hearing Notes | Jonathan Paul's Post-Appearance Statement

Daniel McGowan and codefendants accept non-cooperation plea agreement

We do not want there to be any confusion about Daniel's plea agreement so we have posted it at http://www.supportdaniel.org/files/McGowanPlea.pdf Daniel agreed to plead guilty with the understanding that he would not implicate or identify anyone at all other than himself. The other three remaining co-defendants entered pleas with the same terms. Daniel has done everything possible to maintain his integrity, and he wants to be as open about his agreement as possible. We have also provided Daniel's statement to Judge Aiken and Daniel's lawyers statement below. [ read more ]



UN-DAM THE KLAMATH!! 09.11.2006 06:47
Un-Dam The Klamath Events Throughout November
Yurok tribal members protest Pacific Power in Portland The campaign to Un-Dam the Klamath and Bring the Klamath Salmon Home to Oregon has reached it's most important point. FERC dam hearings are set for Klamath Falls, Yreka, Arcata and North Bend (on the Oregon Coast), on Nov. 14, 15th, 16th and 29th. Written Comments are due on Dec.1st and events in Ashland and Arcata are planned for the 9th and 10th. Please help the fishermen, Native people, and residents of the Klamath to Save the Salmon. Come to a hearing, host a film night, table, or write a comment this month.

Related: 9/27/06: FERC under GW Bush regime contributes to genocide | 3/29/06: Fishermen Protest after Coho Die-off | 9/25/05: Tribes host film/discussion in Portland | 7/12/04: Tribes host protest in Southern Oregon and Scotland for Klamath Salmon


Pacific Power's Dams on the Klamath up for comment, related events

The 9th circuit court of appeals just issued the decision that the Pitt River Tribe and allies were right when they said that the massive energy development at the sacred land in the Medicine Lake caldera is illegal. The Bush administration overturned the decision not to develop part of the Medicine Lake area due to impacts as a response to the mythical "California Energy Crisis", in which Calpine corporation helped to create.

Native tribes and environmentalists vowed to fight this massive energy project that was planned to cover at least 20 miles of public lands in the Southern Cascades with clearcuts, power lines and power plants.

Related Articles on the 8 year struggle to save Medicine Lake
California Tribes Block Development at Medicine Lake


Disappearing Public Lands - Pay To Play 09.11.2006 05:22
Secret Forest Service Policy to Close Thousands of Recreation Sites
A Secret Forest Service Policy That Will Close Thousands Of
Recreation Sites And Add Thousands More Fee Sites On The National
Forests. Read the full report here:  http://www.westernslopenofee.org/NoFee/RSMFP.pdf

Also Check Wild Wilderness's Website for more info on how to take action to stop this travesty:  http://www.wildwilderness.org/blog/artley-alert.html


Youth Rights 09.11.2006 03:10
The Last Suffrage Movement Begins?
Youth Rights Before September 2006 few people may have heard of Eden Prarie, Minnesota, but the heroic actions of one young man in Eden Prarie may be remembered by future generations of Americans as the touchstone of the next civil rights movements. Which may very likely be the last civil rights movement in America. That is, the movement for the civil rights of young people.

Taking an action which he calls, "The biggest thing he's ever done in his life", a young man named Jesse L. Hunter had his credentials examined, showing his birthyear as 1989, and was told to proceed to the voting booth. A script which most of us take for granted. But in this case, perhaps for the first time in US history, an educated, morally sophisticated 17 year old man cast his ballot.

In a climate very ever plummeting voter turnouts show the increased apathy of the currently enfranchised American public, and where two consecutive presidential elections have yielded a 50/50 split, showing that the Americans can't tell the difference between the two major party candidates, or that, in fact, politics is merely a toss-up, the DA in Mr. Hunter's area decided to move forward to charge Mr. Hunter with the class 1 felony mandated by the state of Minnesota for voter fraud.

For wanting to participate in his own government, Jesse Hunter faces up to one year in prison for doing something that most of us would be applauded for.

AUDIO: Interview with Jesse Hunter | Interview with Alex-Koroknay-Palicz - National Youth Rights Association | RELATED ARTICLES: 1


08.11.2006 02:52
Measure 47 Enacts Campaign Finance Reforms in Oregon

"The Measure 47 limits on contributions will no doubt be attacked in court by the opponents," said volunteer lawyer Dan Meek. This will give the Oregon Supreme Court an opportunity to revisit its 1997 decision, striking down the limits that were enacted by Measure 9 of 1994. In addition, all of the important campaign finance disclosure and reporting and anti-coercion provisions in Measure 47 will take effect and do not in any way depend upon enactment of Measure 46."

"Oregon voters have shown they know that the current political system is broken and corrupt," said supporter Ken Lewis (former President of the Port of Portland). "If necessary, I will ask the Legislature to refer an amendment to voters so that all of Measure 47 can take effect." [ read more ]

Oregonians mostly back the status quo

It looks like Oregonians will be sending the same people back to congress next year. I suppose that's somewhat convenient not requiring anyone to learn new names or contact information. And Kulongoski has a pretty sizable lead over any of his challengers.

On the upside it looks like Measures 40, 41, and 48 will be soundly defeated as will 42, 45 and, notably, 43. Measure 44, the only measure in which a wide number of progressive groups supported, looks like it will pass as will Measure 39, which had support across the traditionally marketed political divisions, marking at least 2 changes that a majority of voters wish to see. [ read more ]

politics: [ Voting: Math is Hard | These Are The Times | Joe Is Laughing ]

election fraud: [ More problems in Ohio | How They Stole the Mid-Term Election | Massive voter fraud reported around country | more >> ]


08.11.2006 02:31
Oaxaca: The Battle of the Day of the Dead

Dear Family and Friends,

I'm writing this Friday evening, November 3. We have been under occupation by Federal forces for several days now. The day they entered, Sunday, was ugly. The next day, three large marches converged on the Zocalo, and marchers circled around it, taunting the police and demonstrating that the police presence did not scare them or stop the movement. A plant?n was set up outside the Santo Domingo Cathedral. All of the teachers and those who were sitting in the Zocalo are now sitting outside the church, three or four blocks from the Zocalo. One joke I heard was that while the PFP were busy taking the Zocalo, the APPO was busy taking Santo Domingo.

Not only have the teachers moved, but the vendors, unrelated to the movement, have also moved. Walking through today, I laughed and said, "If the PFP takes over the Zocalo, the people will just move the whole damn Zocalo somewhere else."


related: [ Oaxaca Megamarcha | pics: 1.3 Million people march in Oaxaca | Oaxaca Mega-March Has Begun! | We Must create a Rebellion of Our Own! | Mexico, Oaxaca: Police with the SWASTIKA | LA APPO | Oaxaca Solidarity In Denver ]


08.11.2006 02:25
Operation Garden Plot
On October 17, 2006, Bush held a private ceremony in the Oval Office, where he signed the "John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007" (HR5122) (2), or "Public Law 109-364." This law will allow the U.S. government to declare "public emergencies" and station military troops across America, including the National Guard, to suppress "public disorder."

Section 1076 of the Authorization Act, "Use of the Armed Forces in Major Public Emergencies" provides an additional $500+ billion to the Pentagon for its war on terror.

Section 333 of the Act, "Major Public Emergencies; Interference with State and Federal Law" says that the U.S. government may employ the armed forces, including the National Guard in Federal service, to restore public order and enforce the laws of the United States when, as a result of a natural disaster, epidemic, or other serious public health emergency, terrorist attack or incident, or other condition in any State or possession of the United States, the President determines that domestic violence has occurred to such an extent that the constituted authorities of the State or possession are incapable of ("refuse" or "fail" in) maintaining public order, "in order to suppress, in any State, any insurrection, domestic violence, unlawful combination, or conspiracy."


08.11.2006 02:24
new classes! portland freeskool!
the fall winter term of the freeskool is starting, check out our website for new classes and help us get the word out. yay!

The Freeskool is a grassroots effort, a group of people acting collectively and autonomously to create a skill-sharing network, a school without institutional control. The all volunteer Freeskool is dedicated to social change through free education and community building. We believe that education is an ever evolving process that should be available to all, free of monetary value. We wish to break down the boundaries of class, race, and age to learn together in a nurturing and creative environment. The Freeskool is a non-hierarchical, non-institutional form of learning in which anyone can be a teacher and anyone can be a student!! check out our website for more information, we have some great classes starting right now...


03.11.2006 22:39
Federal judge in Oregon criticizes government attorneys in wiretapping case
In a hearing on Wednesday before federal district judge Garr King, attorneys representing plaintiffs Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation, Inc., and two of its attorneys in a suit challenging President Bush's warrantless surveillance program refuted the government's allegations that plaintiffs' attorneys had mishandled classified information. The litigation arises from the government's accidental disclosure to plaintiffs of classified evidence that plaintiffs were victims of the warrantless surveillance program.

The hearing in Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation, Inc. et al. v. Bush et al. was precipitated by plaintiffs' filing of documents under seal in support of their motion for partial summary judgment. The government accused plaintiffs' attorneys of violating security procedures in preparing and filing the documents and demanded a hearing. At the hearing, Judge King squarely rejected the government's accusations, finding plaintiffs' attorneys had "not violated any rule, order or law" or engaged in "improper conduct or bad faith."


03.11.2006 22:36
Standing In The Rain

Looking out my window, the rain was already coming down, it looked and was cold. I had to decide if I was going to go to my weekly protest outside the World Trade Center, called by me, "The Den of the Centaur." The time was 10:00 AM, the 15 bus was coming in fifteen minutes, should I go or just say, "Too wet--too cold."

I put on my heaviest coat, gloves and took two hats; grabbed my sign and off to the bus stop on Stark. I could hear my dog Lucky laughing as I went out the door in the rain, but I wanted to keep my promise of showing up each Thursday to take on Gorgon Smith. I wanted to tell people who would listen that he is a NeoCon of the worst sort. A closet Neo Conservative, who comes out when Cheney and Bush need his vote. This week was important because I was going after his voting record concerning the military and veterans affairs.


03.11.2006 20:59
Portland IMC Newsletter for Nov. 3, 2006
03.11.2006 20:55
RENT HELP- Housing Voucher Lottery - Only 2 weeks left to apply
For the first time in more than four years, the Housing Authority of Portland will open a new waiting list for federal Section 8 rent vouchers.

Applications for a chance to join the waiting list will be available Nov. 1 and MUST BE SUBMITTED BEFORE Nov. 17. By applying for the waiting list, applicants will enter a lottery-style drawing to be held in January 2007. The first 3,000 names picked through the lottery will be placed on the waiting list for Rent vouchers.


03.11.2006 20:52
Akha Woman Jailed in Singapore for One Year
An Akha woman who was a victim of trafficking, entered Singapore and was arrested because there was a ban against her. She was sentenced to one year in Changi prison for illegally re-entering the country.

Ms. Meitinee Wongsa (Changi Prisoner number S12369) is an Akha woman who was trafficked from Chiangrai Thailand to the south of the country when she was 18. She was unable to read or write and could barely speak Thai. She was delivered to a brothel in Hatyai. The owner of the brothel made a fake passport for her and took her to Singapore where she was going to put her in a brothel where she would have to sleep with 30-40 men a day. But the police refused her a "permit" and sent her back to Hatyai. (In Singapore the police allow these visitors, for this use, but it is not completely official and not completely illegal.


02.11.2006 15:25
Breaking: The APPO Wins an Important Battle Against the PFP
After a six-hour siege on the Benito Juarez Autonomous University, which is the home Radio Universidad, voice of the APPO, the Federal Preventative Police (PFP) was forced to retreat just moments ago.

As helicopters, tanks, and scores of armed federal police approached the University campus, "la doctora," the now famous host of radio APPO, urged the citizens of Oaxaca to rush to the scene to aid in the defense of the campus and particularly, of the radio station.

Scores of neighbors and students reportedly surround the PFP troops. Simultaneously, APPO supporters in Mexico City marched from the hunger strikers' encampment near the Senate to the offices of the PFP to demand a retreat from the campus.


Photo from today: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

A World Away

As I write this, a woman screams across the crackling wires. A faceless cry of anguish from a world away. I stare out through the grey, impassive, Oregon rain, squinting through the fog, trying to see her, trying to imagine what it's like down there. Trying mutely to offer solidarity. Reaching out across the ether to someone I have never seen, but whose voice I recognize as a comrade. I'm listening to the voice of Oaxaca.


Related: The Other Side of Oaxaca, In Search of Oaxaca Hand out, Urgent - Oaxaca - Nov 2 8am


02.11.2006 12:32
Oaxaca Radio Under Attack
During the whole morning, Radio Universidad, has been under attack from the Federal Police PFP. Barricades has been falling one after another by this repressive force. Many have been injured and others have been detained...

Thousands of police corps are closing in. Helicopters have been removing people detained by police... Incoming calls to the station are from desperate people reporting from the front lines... Many of these reports have been confirmed by Indy reporters on the site. Right now gas is falling on the radio station thrown from helicopters.


transcribed updates from Oaxaca

11:32 The PFP is shooting tear-gas from their helicopters at unarmed peaceful protester. Just like in Atenco, there have been many shots that have been taken with tear-gas guns- shooting to kill.



02.11.2006 10:22
City Council Approves Emergency Shelter Funding
Five aye's for emergency extenision of the Hotel/motel Voucher program to Provide immediate shelter for women displaced from the Closing of the Salvation Army's Harbour Lights Shelter passed thru Portland,Oregon City Counsel on Wednesday 10/1/06

I did testify to counsel on this Matter not to negate the need for all homeless to be properly sheltered, but to Point out Concerns handed to me by Homeless Person standing in line At Sisters of the Road Cafe, (whom could not miss getting their only hot meal of the day to come testify).

As far back as a year ago,Concerning That the Salvation Army owns an operates Thrift store's in the greater Portland Area,and why aren't they evenly spreading the profits/funding through out all their programs raised at those stores ?


02.11.2006 03:01
Urgent: Friend in Oaxaca in Danger

This part of Santa Lucia is enemy territory. It is near Barricade Three, the Pr?ista attack of last Friday, and the site of Brad Will's murder. It's also where the CIPO house is located. When the Pr?istas first set up their barricades, some were directly in front of the CIPO house, one using materials that had been propped up against the outside wall. Now, less than a week after Brad Will's murder, some of the same Pr?istas have agreed to "dislodge" CIPO from the neighborhood. If history, recent and distant, teaches us anything, their method will be violence. It is important that they know that acts of violence will not go unseen, even in this small neighborhood that they control. Please contact some or all of those listed below; tell them that if CIPO is attacked, that the Mexican state is responsible. And please also keep this in mind as solidarity actions are planned and carried out.


APPO refusing to back down, teachers still on strike

I've been intending on sending this email for several days but finding a place to use internet has not been easy (nor has getting out of my house). As each hour goes by it seems there is a whole new update to add to my email, so for now, here is something. I hope to find the time and access to information a little quicker in the coming days. I just tried to open the email I wrote at home and it will not open, so, I will attempt to email it later today. I'll try to write up a brief summary for you now, just so you know a little about what's going on down here.

I am fine, living amidst an amazing time in the history of Oaxaca. There are moments when I just want to stay at home and watch from atop the hill next to my house as smoke billows up from the center from busses going up in smoke, and there are other moments when I want to be at the center of the action to find out with my own eyes what is going on. It's a tough call as every moment is so unpredictable, people may be being shot or there may be a peaceful march through the center. It's hard to know, the unknown can be excruciating.


related: [ Supplies Needed for Mexican Consulate Video Showing | Oaxaca Solidarity Demos in the US on Nov. 2nd | Audio: Interview from Oaxaca Solidarity Camp | Mexican Tourism Hotline: Oaxaca Disinfo | On the Streets of Oaxaca, the People Remember Brad Will ]


02.11.2006 02:28
How Salem and Keizer PD Dealt with my Credit Card Theft
My purse was stolen yesterday. A far to common occurrence for sure but what followed is really much worse. The details of the thief are not actually so important but what happened as the day went on today is almost unbelievable, at least it is to me.

Today I learned that the cops in Salem and Keizer, Oregon are much more like the doughnut eating stereotype than the police on CSI.

This morning around 9:30 I get a call from you credit card company letting me know that there was suspicious activity on my credit card. A charge at Office Depot, one at Walmart (I NEVER shop there). Also a hearty breakfast (I would not eat in this place) and a tank of gas (not from my usually station).


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