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02.11.2006 02:27
Maryland legalizes some forms of rape
A Maryland court has ruled a woman can't withdraw her consent to sex after initial penetration has occured.

In other words, once sex starts, you forfeit control over your own body. Changed your mind? Too bad. Feel coerced? Tough shit. Even if you say "stop," or "no," or "that hurts"—even if you yell and struggle and beg—your partner can do whatever he wants, as long as it's already in. His right to come trumps your right to control your own body (by "withdrawing consent" to sex) every time.

The complainant, an 18-year-old-girl, told the court that the defendent "got on top of me and he tried to put it in and it hurt. So I said stop and that's when he kept pushing it in and I was pushing his knees to get off me."

Pretty clear-cut, right?


02.11.2006 02:23
People's Co-op vs. "sparkle": A legal update

As previously posted here ("Shitty treatment of former employee betrays change at People's Food Co-op"), People's Food Co-op is contesting my eligibility to collect unemployment, after firing me in April of this year. This is a very small story of little importance in the world, especially when compared to current events in Oaxaca, but I wanted to fill people in on the latest, since the Co-op is a well-known institution locally and some people round these parts have concern for its actions and my fate. Today, October 30, Judge Nicoletti presided over an administrative hearing on the matter and I was surprised by what happened.

Like many unemployment cases, the hearing was held over telephone conference call. In attendance: me -- Kollibri terre Sonnenblume, known as "sparkle" when I worked at the Co-op; four people from the Co-op: Lori Burge, Development Manager; Eli Rosenblatt, former Operations Manager; Jason Burt, co-manager and bookkeeper; and Ashley Albies, legal counsel; and Nancy Marshall, from the 'State of Oregon' Department of Employment. At issue in this hearing was not my employment eligibility; rather, this was a hearing to see if there would be such a hearing.


01.11.2006 01:27
Portland Action to Defend Oaxaca

I arrived at the Mexican Consulate in SW Portland at 4:00 and quickly found out that earlier in the day two people were arrested. A fairly large crowd gathered over the next 15 minutes or so, and during that time I interviewed Dan Denvir, of Portland South America Solidarity Committee (PSASC).

Dan gave a brief synopsis of the situation in Oaxaca Mexico, as well as some commentary on the conditions leading up to the present invasion by Federal troops. At least three have died, including an American reporter working with Indymedia New York.

Soon after this interview, Chris Ferlazo, also, I believe, with PCASC, described the lockdown earlier in the afternoon which led to the two arrests. Chris has recently been down to Oaxaca, and spoke briefly from his perspective about the events as they are unfolding in that area.


Oaxaca Report Back

About 70 activists braved the cold and whipping wind at the PDX Mexican Consulate this afternoon to support and stand in solidarity with the people of Oaxaca.

What began as a protest by striking teachers in Oaxaca continues months later as the crackdown on dissent claims the lives of those engaged in the struggle for justice.

An altar outside the Consulate began to grow as more people arrived at today's action. Homage was given to those who have lost their lives in the Oaxacan struggle as candles (that wouldn't stay lit!!), food, photos of Oaxacan street fighting, symbols of global solidairty and placards of the names of the deceased piled heavily at the altar.


related articles: [ More Photos from Oaxaca Protest | Image: Banner hung at Mexican Consulate | Protest at the Mexican Consulate in support of Oaxaca People's Movement | Audio: Oaxaca Solidarity Action, Portland | PLDN: 2 arrests downtown | URGENT ALERT: consulate occupation right now at mexican consulate | OAXACA: NAMES OF THOSE KILLED ]


31.10.2006 02:49
Audio interview from the Mexican Consulate demonstration in Portland
Around a dozen people demonstrated in solidarity with the people of Oaxaca in front of the Mexican Consulate in downtown Portland today. Bigger protests are planned for tomorrow.

AUDIO: Oaxaca Solidarity in Portland 10/30/06

Dj Questionmark interviews one of the demonstrators about the situation in Oaxaca, the death of Indymedia journalist Brad Will, continuing the "campaign of pressure" on the Mexican Government and looking at the Oaxacan commune for local organizing strategies.


31.10.2006 02:46
Brunch With (The) Gordon
I arrived about 11:00 AM for my debate with Gordon Smith at his den on Salmon---Gordon did not show. I was met by his security people who were very professional and cool, it was obvious that the centaur was a no show and I would be debating from the outside of his den. Not to worry---I had a great time talking to other people and was joined by Veterans for Peace Chapter 72 and a student from one of the high schools. My sign had two sides to it, the main side said:



The other side showed the difference between war and peace and had to be looked at up close. We stayed until about 1:00 PM and had some fun at Gordon's expense. We did pass out copies of the Bill of Rights to people who looked interested in the sign.


30.10.2006 00:36
APPO: 2 Dead in Confrontations w/Federal Police in Oaxaca; House raids; Radio Cut
The Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO) reports that two civilians died in confrontations today with the Federal Preventive Police (PFP): Social Security Institute worker Roberto L?pez Hern?ndez and nurse and APPO safety commission member Jorge Alberto Beltr?n.

Around 6 p.m. this evening, the signal of Radio Universidad, the main medium of communication for the APPO in these days of chaos, was cut. It remains off the air. This happened just as the Federal Preventive Police entered the campus of the Oaxaca state university, where the station's facilities are located. read more...

Oaxaca Burns: PFP invasion right now
According to Radio Universidad, (reporting live over the internet) PFP have advanced to the Oaxaca City center and PFP elements wearing balaclavas over their faces are invading private houses and arresting protest leaders.

Oaxacans are calling people who can make it to come to Oaxaca, a march is organized in Mexico City, and people around the world are called to protest in front of Mexican Embassies and Consulates at 6:00 PM on Monday, October 30. Zapatistas have also issued a call urging solidarity with the movement in Oaxaca. read more...

Related Articles: Actions and march in Mexico city aginst Repression in Oaxaca.


29.10.2006 23:55
Please help document the lack of public shelters & safety nets
Some anonymous friends of mine are not able to speak out. There is no longer a public safety net in Portland for women, youth or eldery people who need emergency service. The plan seems to be that if you don't provide service, the problem will go away. There is tons of talk about "true" solutions like housing but there is very little action for those who wind up costing us more in emergency rooms.

Please add to this article with facts, articles and first hand stories.

Commissioner Leonard commented: I filed an emergency ordinance today -that is also co sponsored by Commissioner Sten and Mayor Potter- that will provide the funding needed to immediately open the Women's Emergency Shelter operated by the Salvation Army.


29.10.2006 23:48
Soliciting Litter
Last week upon arriving home from a sweltering day of sun bathing on my yacht and skinny dipping diving in the Willamette for three headed fish (two headed fish are so early 90's) I entered the courtyard of my palatial estate where two people were going about in a hurried form with yellow plastic bags hanging from their hands. I acknowledged their presence with a simple "hello", nod, and adieu. Receiving no audible response I thought "surely this is due to their focus and intent with the task at hand." That task, that sinister series of events which I became more familiar with over the following quarter of a fortnight was that they, or they and their kind, had littered about forty four identical 06-07 Yellow Pages upon mine and my seven neighbors doorsteps. Desiring none of the three identical copies on my doorstep I contacted this scourge, this Yellow Pages, to come remove the eighteen pound mess. The voices on the other end were receptive and understanding.


29.10.2006 23:15
Milwaukie Peace demonstration continues
When people began standing for Peace at Mcloughlin and Oak Grove Blvd. in Milwaukie early this year, they were coming to the street on the first and third Saturdays of each month. Gradually the group grew and enthusiasm from citizens made it seem right to be out there every Saturday. Today there were 20 to 25 people with signs, waving and flashing the Peace sign to motorists who for the most part honked and offered support. Jan Samoge and Greg Flynn brought their guitars and harmonica and sang. Though we stand for Peace in all seriousness, the added gift of the music lightened our spirits greatly. I noticed a lot more positive support today than when I was last at this vigil, though we still got a few (very few) thumbs down and other not so supportive gestures. We are not daunted. We will stand there with our message until this war is over.


28.10.2006 09:26
NYC Indymedia journalist Brad Will shot dead by government forces in Oaxaca
brad will A murder has occurred in the municipality of Calicate, in Oaxaca City, Mexico today, leaving New York City Indymedia journalist Bradley Will dead after being shot in the chest. He died before reaching the hospital, according to La Jornada. A photographer from the newspaper millenio diario, who was at Wills side, was shot in the foot and reported injured, his status unknown.

more updates: previous pdx imc feature | follow updates at nyc-imc | follow updates at indymedia.org (multi language) | oaxaca imc page (es) | centro medios libres (es) | live updates Radio APPO (es) | some english translation of Radio APPO updates

Solidarity: This is where solidarity matters. One of our imcista comrades is dead. The people of Oaxaca are under seige. They are pleading for reinforcements to help them. We cannot sit up here in the North and just watch blankly as they are slaughtered. Please at least call the Mexican Consulate and all of your representatives to demand an end to the violence. The people of Oaxaca are fighting a very important battle, and we must stand with them now. They have set an inspiring example of courage and strength and ingenuity. Now, we must be brave and creative too, and not let them be sacrificed to global indifference. read the full call for solidarity...
Some Personal Reflections of Brad Will
I Knew Brad: I knew Brad, but not well, I met him over at the Walker street studio where Lenny Charles sheltered the NYC Indymedia Video collective when the growing pains at NYC Indymedia created factional fighting. Brad wasn't in it for the politics as we have discovered so many to be. Brad was in it for the sense of liberation that exposing truth brings to a story. read more...

Memories of B: I met B in 1998 at the treesit at Fall Creek. A bunch of us had decided to make a stand defending a rare stand of low-elevation old-growth forest just southeast of Eugene. The first treesit was named Happy, and my friend Free was the first treesitter there. (Free is now serving a 23-year sentence at Oregon State Penitentiary). The second treesit to go up was Comfrey, a helicopter cargo net dangling 200 feet up in the canopy of the giant Doug firs and hemlocks in Unit 26. B was the next semi-permanent resident, nestled into that big hammock in the sky. read more...

Indymedia: Brad Will, Bravery and Our Common Struggle
I think we should all take a look at what is so important about indymedia work and why it is so important and what it means to each one of us. I hope that we draw courage of conviction from Brad's example and that we stand together throughout the indymedia network and as individuals to redouble our efforts. I think you all know that it could have been any one of us. But, it is so much easier for them to take us one at a time. We stand much more strongly together in what we can all be proud of. Our brave common struggle. Indymedia.


28.10.2006 08:42
Some "Portland area blogs" force local MSM to try to get it right
Over the past few days, most of us have witnessed the fact that the MSM, usually very mute when it comes to questions of Officer Liability, has actually been exposing these thugs to treatment usually reserved for the more helpless among us. Today, the big kahuna actually ADMITTED that it was action from a "blog" that called attention to Officer Humphreys' violent history.

"After Portland police identified Humphreys as one of the officers involved in Chasse's death last month, an attorney who represented Miller posted a note on a local blog reporting Humphreys was involved in this prior excessive force complaint. Travis Eiva, said he did so because the allegations in the Miller case -- "officers standing over a man and beating him" -- were similar to the Chasse case."

Way to go, Indy reporters! Keep the facts out there, keep hammering them home, and sooner or later, even the fishwrappers will be forced to pay attention.


28.10.2006 08:39
Olympia Police Department Harass Critical Mass
Every last Friday of the month, Critical Mass rides through the streets of Olympia. Today folks got together to ride, leaving the Evergreen State College at 5:00 and reaching downtown about a half an hour later. In costumes and good spirits, waving and ringing bells, the ride started off on a positive note. In fact, it was the biggest ride ever, with rider-numbers at their highest ever. The ride, around 80 strong, reached downtown to be greeted by a number of police cars and four bike cops.

Most rides go over smoothly, but this time police were anticipating the ride. The police watched for any reason to harass riders, ticketing several riders throughout the ride for "unlawful" behavior. In response to the police harassment of the ride, one rider allegedly slashed the tires of a police officer's bike. As the man rode away, a cop ran after him, tackling and strangling him. He was put under arrest, and when another rider went to ask if he was okay, that rider was arrested as well.


27.10.2006 18:06
Government Violence in Oaxaca, IMCista shot dead by police
According to reports from Radio APPO, La Jornada and Centro de Medios Libre, the Mexican federal police (PFP) and trucks loaded with paramilitaries have begun an assault on the city which has been held by the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca (APPO) for over 5 months. It has been confirmed that New York City Indymedia reporter Brad Will has been shot in the chest and killed, while Oswaldo Ram?rez, photographer for Milenio Diario, has also been shot and is injured.

According to a post at CML at 23:06 local time the murderer of Brad Will has been identified as Pedro Carmona, a paramilitary who was the mayor of neighboorhood of Felipe Carrillo Puerto de Santa Luc?a del Camino.

Update: The APPO has confirmed that schoolteacher Emilio Alfonso Fabi?n has died from three bullet wounds after an attack by shooters for Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz.

follow updates at nyc-imc and indymedia.org

more information: 1, 2, english | Minuto a minuto (1| 2 )| espanol http://mexico.indymedia.org/oaxaca

Al Giordano, a friend of Brad Will, wrote on Narco News: Tonight, from the Oaxaca City Morgue, Brad Will shouts "Ya Basta!" - Enough Already! - to the death and suffering imposed by an economic system, the capitalist system. His death will be avenged when that system is destroyed. And Brad Will's ultimate sacrifice exposes the Mexican regime for the brutal authoritarian violence that the Commercial Media hides from the world, and thus speeds the day that justice will come from below and sweep out the regimes of pain and repression that system requires. Brad gave his life tonight so that you and I could know the truth. We owe him to act upon it, and to share the risks that he took.


26.10.2006 10:24
Rosie Sizer's Full of Shit and Katu nailed her
Rosie Sizer, soon-to-be East Side Precinct commander I just saw Chief Sizer on Katu. She stated that the home addresses of her officers have been published on line, and implied that the lives of her officers have been threatened. Katu showed the Portland Indy Media Center as one of those web pages and they stated that it was UNTRUE. That the residential addresses of the officers have not been posted here. Katu questioned her on this and she had to clarify her statement saying that she thought it might escalate to that but that it hasn't happened yet.
Anti police posters "offensive"-Rosie the ripper
Seems the chief of police is less than pleased that someone has been putting up posters decrying the killing of citizens by cops. Tough shit, Rosie!

Rosie Sizer is all vexed and annoyed that folks are getting sick and tired of her hired killers kicking our citizens to death. She seems to think that it is unreasonable to post pictures and descriptions of the coppers who kill on several poles around town. Rosie, we think it unreasonable for you to try to tell us that these fuckers are "devastated," when at least one of them was seen partying it up at lunch the other day, and none of them is man enough to admit that they went overboard when they kicked a sick man to death.

Rosie Sizer and Hitting Close to Home
Today, Chief Sizer called it "offensive" that people have posted fliers across the city denouncing the officers who beat James Chasse to death on a downtown street. "Offensive." She says that she's "tired of the finger pointing," and that we need to "focus on the bigger picture."

Chief Sizer, at long last, we are most assuredly focused on the bigger picture. And we are not liking what we see there. It is a picture of rampant police violence and a system that fails to protect us from that violence. It's a picture of secret grand juries and foregone conclusions and corporate media apologists.

related: Chief Sizer says Trust Us about Chasse Death | Chasse Public Memorial | Portland IMC Newsletter for Oct. 22, 2006 James Chasse Issue | Chasse Killer's Lies Exposed | James Chasse: Beaten and Murdered by Police


26.10.2006 10:17
Stolen election AGAIN? Help spark a general strike on Nov. 8
In two more weeks, it will happen again: vote-suppression tactics and uncounted "provisional ballots." Five to 11 point leads (i.e. in Georgia in '04) will vanish in a flurry of e-aberrations. If the House and Senate are up for grabs, the formula will simply be moderated. Instead of a four-seat lead for Bush's e-regime, it will go down to a modest two, plus an eleven-seat lead in the House.

It isn't a partisan issue. The US is being prevented from evolving.

Rarely, do we get a real choice in judicial elections- Mark Kramer
But we do now, with Mark Kramer running for an open Circuit Court position in Multnomah County (#28). We have a wonderful opportunity to put a strong, smart, progressive lawyer on the bench. Mark is a strong advocate for access to justice issues.
Paul Loney Green candidate for state representative District 46
Paul says... "I am an attorney and activist. I am seeking to connect the voters in my district with the platform and positions of the Pacific Green Party. I believe that voters are seeking a better way for our government to operate. Our state government can do a better job of finding sustainable solutions to the problems previous state legislatures have ignored. I have been involved with Neighborhood Associations in and around this district since 1992. I believe in the power of citizen activists."

related: Potter's police pension "reform" a costly (to you) sham | Time for spreading the word for a Revolution, Cascadians | Portland Greens take positions on upcoming Ballot Measures | 2006 Oregon Elections page at pdx indymedia


26.10.2006 10:07
Earl Blumenauer Condemns Human Rights Abuse in Ethiopia, Urges Vote
Portland, Ore Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.), a member of the House International Relations Subcommittee on Africa, Global Human Rights and International Operations, released the following statement on the human rights situation in Ethiopia:

I am particularly troubled by the release of the Commission of Inquiry's report into the killing of nearly 200 protesters by Ethiopian security forces last year, the continued detention of political prisoners, and the silencing of voices from civil society. The United States should stand on the side of the Ethiopian people and ensure that those responsible for these killings are brought to justice and that political differences are worked out through democratic processes, not repressive actions. When Congress reconvenes, I urge the Speaker of the House to schedule a vote on H.R.5680, the bipartisan Ethiopia Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights Advancement Act, which passed the House International Relations Committee by voice vote.

see also: ETHIOPIA: HUMAN RIGHTS CRISIS CONTINUES: Lawyers Call for Int'l Action, Condemn Regime | Ethiopia: Blumenauer Joins Growing Call for Sanctions in US Congress


25.10.2006 21:58
Municipal Workers Demonstrate Against Metro
Tonight at the Oregon Convention Center, over fifty elected officials from the region gathered to start discussing a "new look at regional choices."

Outside, however, was a different scene. Nearly fifty municipal employees and their supporters gathered to confront the Metro Regional Council. The employees, mostly from the Oregon Zoo, wanted Metro to sit down and adequately negotiate a new union contract.

"One of the problems is that Metro never said they can't afford this," said Laborers' Local 483 field agent Rob Wheaton, "they dont want to afford this. Metro wants to have layoffs, cut staff, and maintain expansion."


25.10.2006 01:25
Fire at Alberta Co-op
Fire at the Alberta Co-op tonight - when we arrived just before 10, four engine companies were on scene and smoke was pouring out of the east wall in the front.

Firefighters chopped through some of the siding and Tyvek sheathing on the northeast side of the building and doused the fire with water, then ripped off more siding and sheathing to vent the smoke. Several firefighters climbed to the roof with a chain saw, ostensibly to vent more smoke and heat through the roof.

Speculation is that it was an electrical fire, and the Co-op is fortunate that it was detected during business hours so the fire apartment was alerted earlier. No estimates on damage or how long the co-op will be closed.


24.10.2006 02:25
Starbucks is anti-bicycle
30 year-old Northeast Portland resident Fabian Mills used to manage the Starbucks store on 102nd and Halsey near the Gateway Transit Center.

Back in August he rode his bike to a district meeting and got a surprising reaction from his new district manager, Frances Ericson. Here's how it went down according to Mills:

Four days after this conversation took place Ericson transferred Mills to a new store in Troutdale at 257th and Stark. Mills was unhappy with the decision because the transfer would add 16 miles to his daily bike commute.

When Mills expressed his disappointment with the move, Ericson allegedly said, "you should just get over riding your bike."


24.10.2006 02:16
Update on Jeff Free Luers and more...
Dear Friends,

We've got a few things to share with you, but first we just wanted to again express our thanks to all of you who have put time and energy into supporting Jeff whether it's sharing his story with others, writing a letter, donating money, or purchasing the "22/8" documentary DVD about Jeff and sharing it with friends or screening it at your local café to help spread the word about Jeff and the repression that activists face. There are still DVD's available, and although we have sold out of the Heartcheck zines, we are now selling photocopies at a reduced rate. Contact us for details on ordering the DVD or zine.

Thank you! Your support means so much to us and to Jeff.


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