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23.10.2006 03:16
OHSU Again Forces Its Will On The Unsuspecting Public
Oregon Health and Science University is about to reach into their bag of dirty tricks and pull off yet another public fraud. Regrettably, the scam will effect everyone if we do not stand up and fight back.

As reported by local media on Wednesday, OHSU is one of 11 medical centers throughout the United States and Canada taking part in an experimental study using a new type of saline solution, administered intravenously by paramedics on severly injured accident victims. The trial research will replace the use of traditional blood. Hypertonic saline, the experimental fluid, contains more salt than the conventional saline solution or blood.

The study raised ethical questions, since most trauma patients are either unconscious or in shock, they are unable to give the traditional patient-informed consent to be a willing participant in a medical research experiment. The federal Food and Drug Administration allows an exception to the rule "if the medical center adequately notifies the community and gains approval from independent panels of scientists."


23.10.2006 03:13
“Spun” – Mountain Cops in Overdrive
If you've turned on the TV at all in the last few weeks, you can't have missed our new taxpayer supported, "non-partisan," media star - Sheriff Roberts - stumping for Darlene Hooley. He's also on air pitching Measure 3-246, the so-called "Jail" levy, ominously warning us that "the only real deterrent to crime is a waiting jail bed." [Despite the fact that statistics and history prove otherwise.]

As if that wasn't enough, it seems the law-and-order types have co-opted the local print media as well. I've ranted here a time or two before about my hometown rag, The Sandy Post (now brought to us by the Pamplin Media Group), but the Post this week is really over the top. It's nothing but a big ol' cop commercial, a regular law enforcement love fest. It's the "All Cop, All Drug, All Fear" issue. And it's brought to us just in time to scare the living shit out of the general populace so they will vote to approve Roberts' proposed levy. But don't be fooled. Careful reading of these articles reveals the distortions and spin.


22.10.2006 18:03
Portland Residents Protest Police Killings
To Pioneer Square Portland, OR-Around fifty people gathered at the North Park Blocks in downtown Portland today to protest police brutality and the recent death of James Chasse who died in police custody. The event was held in conjunction with similar events around the country to highlight police abuses, but was organized autonomously of the national coalition. Most participants dressed in black to show support for the families of people killed by police.

The parade ended in Pioneer Square where people unrelated to protest held signs reading "free hugs." Many people accepted the free hugs. People soon gathered again to talk about police abuse and why they were there. The names of people killed by the police in the Portland area were announced over the megaphone. One man spoke in detail about how his cousin Fouad Kaady was murdered by police. These speeches attracted more people from the square who were curious what was going on. [ Read More ] [ Pictures from Police Brutality Action | more photos from the rally today ]


21.10.2006 22:21
Portland IMC Newsletter for Oct. 22, 2006 James Chasse Issue
With video, radio, or print

James Chasse
James Chasse's Family Speaks, Chanel Twelve does not listen.
Does anyone know James Chasse?

Please Help Print and Distribute

ct adds: I've noticed that several local blogs have linked to the "Does anyone know James Chasse?" article. If anyone hasn't read it, or hasn't read it since it was first published (as many comments came in later), they really should. They linked to it because numerous people who knew James Chasse took the time to express their feelings about his murder. Anyway I'm glad to see that a page of the newsletter was given to a couple of those who shared their personal stories. I'll be printing some out and placing them wherever I find myself; I encourage others to do the same.

Download the Newsletter (PDF)


21.10.2006 22:15
Philippines: Resist Arroyo’s “mad dog” campaign to cripple the political opposition!
The Department of Interior and Local Government's "preventive suspension" of Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay and his entire city council based on flimsy administrative charges marks the height of the Arroyo government's "mad dog" campaign to cripple the political opposition by all means.

This follows the government's recent move to charge 50 civilians and military officers with rebellion including the former President of the University of the Philippines and the Chairperson of Laban ng Masa (Struggle of the Masses), Dr. Francisco Nemenzo. At the same time, the spate of political killings against leftist activists and personalities remains unabated.


21.10.2006 22:13
Ethiopia Repression Worsens: Calls For Sanctions Blocked By Hastert
A wave of political oppression in Ethiopia has resulted in the arbitrary arrests and torture involving hundreds of political prisoners, journalists, and human rights acivists. A bipartisan bill in the US Congress calling for sanctions against Ethiopia was blocked by Dennis Hastert while the Bush administration calls the government of Prime Minister Zenawi an ally on the 'war on terror'. A lawyer with a history of working on behalf of women's rights, Yalem Bekele, was arrested yesterday and Amnesty International fears she may be tortured.


19.10.2006 23:18
Chasse Killer's Lies Exposed

The Apologists and the DA, who presented the "facts" to the grand jury forgot to edit officer Humphrey's statement.

As can be seen from this exerpt of Humprhey's statement to investigators, he did not, as claimed, fall upon poor Jim, causing the crushed chest and spinal injuries. While he did not admit to a knee drop on James' chest, he also totally denied falling upon him. [ read more ]

James Chasse's Family Speaks, Channel Twelve does not listen.

Mark Chasse openned the remarks, stating the family's reaction. His father invited the community to the peace vigil mentioned elsewhere on site. He also eexpressed gratitude to the people.

The attorney stated that, just like in the case of the murder of Fouad Kaady, and all other murders by cop, no cooperation was received from the cops. Only a stone wall. He argued at length about the "facts" as reported by the cops, and how aggregiously innacurate and inhuman the cops were. [ read more ]

James Chasse

The Grand Jury has decided that the officers involved are not criminally responsible for their actions. I do not agree with this. The officers are sorry, the mayor is sorry, the police chief is sorry, everyone is sorry. But still there is no justice. Next week there will be actions not just to commemorate his life but to demand justice for his death. Whether his death was accidental or intentional, sanctioned by the government or not, the man deserves justice, and we, the people of Portland, will try to assure that he recives it. Stay tuned for details. [ read more ]

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19.10.2006 23:06
Officers indicted elsewhere
Like many of you, I was upset and saddened by the lack of indictment for the officers who beat and killed Jim Chasse. I wondered about other cities and other incidents of police abuse, so Googled for information. One article I found came from Cicero, Illinois where three officers actually have been indicted. They had already shown a pattern of abuse, the city having settled claims with citizens injured by these officers. The indictments came after allegations concerning a man they beat during a traffic stop. They broke his nose and then beat the man again at the police station. They then told the victim to wipe up the blood with his own shirt.

In a second incident, a woman was pulled over on a traffic stop. They began beating her and then noticed a man passing by making a video tape of their actions and ended up pulling him over too and beating him, ruining his camera. All of this was reported in the Chicago Tribune by Jeff Coen and Sara Olkon.


19.10.2006 23:01
U.S. Sends Warships to Iran, Pre-Election Attack Possible
Even as North Korea conducted a nuclear weapons test, setting-off worldwide condemnation, the Bush administration had deployed a naval strike group to the Straits of Hormuz off the Iranian coast. The war ships, scheduled to arrive in the Straits on Oct. 21, include the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier U.S.S. Eisenhower, a cruiser, destroyer, frigate, submarine and supply ship. The mission of this armada is not known, but there are reports that angry naval officers within the Eisenhower Strike Group have told antiwar retired officers that their ships are being sent to launch a military attack against Iran.

There is no confirmation that President Bush has ordered such an attack and it could be a bluff designed to intimidate Iran. But if an October attack is carried out, the timing suggests that influencing the outcome of the November congressional election -- where Republicans are on the ropes -- may be a primary strategic goal. Critics warn that such a U.S. pre-emptive strike against Iran's nuclear research facilities would likely set off a wider war inside Iraq and throughout the Middle East, where Iran's allies are capable of launching counterattacks against U.S. targets.


19.10.2006 02:10
IDA to Finally Receive Documents in 5-Year Case Against OHSU
Activists challenging OHSU to debate their animal experiments last summer After first filing suit in July of 2001, and then winning in the court of appeals in April 2005, In Defense of Animals (IDA) has accepted a settlement offer, marking Oregon Health Sciences University's (OHSU) long-delayed compliance with the Oregon Public Records Act. OHSU has agreed to provide IDA with precisely what it requested in 1998; access to health and behavioral records of primates kept at the Oregon National Primate Research Center without charge.

"After eight long years of waiting for OHSU to do the right thing and share these records, the public will finally be able to get a glimpse of how OHSU has been mistreating monkeys in their publicly funded research labs," according to Matt Rossell, Northwest Outreach Coordinator for IDA and a former primate technician at OHSU. "During my tenure at OHSU, I witnessed frequent mistakes, such as the wrong monkeys being bled and injected, and social primates housed alone in cramped cages, so it's no surprise OHSU is so desperate to keep the documents hidden from the public."


19.10.2006 02:08
AUDIO FILE: The Internet at Risk
At a Press Conference today, October 18, 2006, held at Powell's Books on West Burnside in Portland, Senator Ron Wyden spoke about Network Neutrality and the fight in Congress over the future of the internet. He was joined by local business owners and concerned citizens who delivered more than 20,000 petitions from Oregon residents supporting Net Neutrality.

Net Neutrality is the longstanding principle that ensures all Web sites and services are treated equally. This fundamental principle, in place since the Internet was created, prevents Internet service providers from discriminating against content or services traveling over their wires based on which companies pay them the most.


18.10.2006 03:12
Oregon students have a lot to lose this election season
Oregon students have a lot to lose this election season. Ballot measure 41 poses a direct threat to the amount of funding school districts will receive.

Measure 41 would allow higher income tax deductions resulting in a smaller state general fund. The state school fund accounts for 46 percent of the state general fund.

Becca Uherbelau, the Defend Oregon Coalition Communications Director, said that Measure 41 would cut over 77 million dollars from the Oregon university system.

The Defend Oregon Coalition, made up of over 140 groups which represent over 900,000 Oregonians, was formed to oppose ballot measures that they feel "would hurt our state and take Oregon down the wrong path."


17.10.2006 23:45
Redding kids arrested for no good reason

Redding Police attempts to shut down recent Set It Straight Show. "...When they surrounded our friend who was riding the park and hit his bike with their batons, things got lame. He was arrested, no explaination. Harry, Ben, John and Tim were sitting down in the skatepark when RPD told them to leave, they asked why, and immediately they cuffed Ben. Harry told them he wasn't going to move so they choked him to the pavement and cuffed him too, along with Timmy and John. Later they also arrested Brittny and Sara for standing too close, bringing the total to seven. Harry's dad got most of it on the video mode of his digital camera, which is below. My favorite part is where one of the officers jokes that Harry's taxes pay his salary." [ read more ]

Cop busts into Houston Show and Starts Tazing People

so two gallants were on their 4th song i believe and a cop shows up for a noise complaint. he did not go to the soundboard but immediately heads to the stage. he has some words with the singer adam and then the cop grabs his guitar. adam pulls it back and then the cop grabs him around the head and slams him down on the stage. tyson (the drummer) jumps up from the drums and moves to where the cop is holding adam down. the cop then thrown tyson down too. you can in the pics below where tyson is pretty much on top of adam with the cop holding both of them down.. some other dudes get on stage and a bunch of others swarm up and start taking pictures. someone gets between adam and the cop and is calming things down. it could've ended here as everyone is calming down. then the cop turns on my friend greg who is taking pics and says 'stop touching me' or something like that and knocks greg's camera out of his hand. [ read more ]


17.10.2006 23:44
Vote NO on Initiative 933!
The Gifford Pinchot Task Force is urging its supporters to vote NO on Initiative 933. I-933 is the most extreme threat to Washington 's environment and quality of life in over a decade -- rolling back hard fought state and local protections. Please join us in voting NO on I-933!

Initiative 933 puts us in a no-win situation: we are either forced to pay some property owners to abide by our existing laws, or we have to waive those protections. For example, the Task Force is currently working hard to convince Skamania County to zone the forested Swift Reservoir area as commercial forest land so as to head off large scale development of recreation cabins in the currently un-zoned area. Even if we are successful in winning commercial forest land zoning, if I-933 passes, Skamania County will be forced to waive the zoning and allow large scale development because it will not have the funds to compensate the developers for their loss of future profits.


17.10.2006 23:34
The Salmon and the Sea Lion
silly smile

Four NW congressmen, spurred by loud and uninformed special interest groups, are demanding the right to kill sea lions in the Columbia river, in direct violation of the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA). H.R. 6241, if passed, would allow up to 80 sea lions to be needlessly slaughtered each year, would begin the slide away from protections of marine mammal species, and would be exempt from any environmental reviews normally required under the National Environmental Policy Act. The killing could start as early as this spring. They say they are doing it to save the salmon. This is wrong. Just wrong.

Once, hundreds of thousands of sea lions swirled gracefully through the waters of the Pacific coast and even into the Columbia river, often following the thunderous runs upstream as the salmon joyously returned to their ancient source. Then, humans hunted the sea lions almost to extinction. Almost too late, the Marine Mammal Protection Act ended the bloodletting in the 1970s. And now, miraculously, now they are beginning to return to the shores of the oceans and the river. Yes. And now, we must choose whether to celebrate their return and welcome them back to their ancestral home, or to allow a nasty, territorial, aggressive little minority of the meanest sort of humans to blame and scapegoat them back into oblivion. We must choose whether to understand and respect the ancient rhythm of life in this land of ours, or to bludgeon it into something easier for us to comprehend but harder for us to live with. And we must choose whether to address what is really happening to the salmon, or to allow the power and agricultural industries to blame the sea lions while the last drop of water is sucked from the veins of Cascadia.


related: [ SAVE the SEA LIONS NOW!!! | Sea Lions at Risk | Save The Salmon - Kill An Eagle! ]


17.10.2006 04:56
Local band Western Aerial photo shoot and protest yesterday (10/16) at Schumacher Furs
Members of the local rock band Western Aerial joined with models solicited from myspace.com for a photo shoot at Schumaher Furs. Activists, fresh off the previous day's protest greeted the musicians and models as they arrived, 4:30-5 pm, with an appeal to say no to the fur industry, to say no to what they were helping promote, the cruelty inherent in the fur the hired help would be wearing.

The models proceeded to ignore the message as they entered the building and did their thing. One model after another put on her lingerie and draped herself in fur to have her picture taken. In a verbal exchange at the entrance to the store, IDA's Matt Rossell attempted to appeal to the photographer's compassionate side (if he has one) as he talked about the cruelty of the fur industry. The photographer's response was "I could give a fuck", which he repeated several times. That was early when there was still daylight. Later in the evening the photographer dropped his pants and mooned us (from inside the store), such class exhibited by this man. He also tossed a lit cigarette at an activist as the activists tried to engage him in constructive conversation on his cig break. Throughout the evening windows were gradually (and mostly) covered with large posters but there were still gaps for a view of the inside, and some video was recorded. There was a little comic relief as a model, who had a difficult time walking, took a dive.


17.10.2006 04:51
VIDEO FILE: Cindy Sheehan Speaking in Portland
Cindy Sheehan, who lost a son to the war in Iraq, was in Portland in early October discussing her book, "Peace Mom: A Mother's Journey Through Heartache to Activism."

After a few preliminary comments, Cindy begins to speak about her book. "It was a very hard book for me to write, because it was like burying my son all over again." She then speaks about her meeting with Hilary Clinton, where she and another mother who lost her son in Iraq expressed their anguish over losing sons in a war she supported. She relates what she told Hillary: "when are you going to be a true Democrat, when are you going to be a true leader in Congress and speak out against this war."


15.10.2006 18:17
The Changing Season: Now, It's Autumn
The autumn equinox turned the skies nearly a month ago now. Even then, the dry, yellowed grasses waved impassively in the still, warm air. The leaves, while glowing here and there with color, tended to crackle and fall from branches before lighting up the woods. The parched earth gave no indication that the summer had ended. Even the hazy yellow light hung in the air, rather than the crisp, golden light of fall. And we waited, and the world lazily waited. But now, it's autumn.

The first rains came trickling down some days back, and the slugs awakened. The first few wooly bears grubbed across the sun-warmed roadways shortly after. The crickets began chirping in the meadows, and the buzzing, droning, flying things of summer began seeking shelter. Ladybugs and boxelders began appearing on my windows yesterday, searching for the ways inside that all these old houses graciously provide for them. They will climb inside and gather together in great knots, somewhere out of sight, until the spring comes around again. And for now, they will sleep awhile.


15.10.2006 18:14
Kim Thatcher people took down our 9-11 sign!
We got word from a friend that they saw the Kim Thatcher sign crew yesterday putting up a sign right next to ours...then they took our sign! Guess the folks from the Kim Thatcher campaign arent into free speech. So I am going to spend my day taking down and discarding Kim Thatcher signs. I dont even know what party she is from , or what she is running for.

CaptainPlanet adds: Kim Thatcher is a Republican from Keizer, running for re-election to House Dist. 25. Her campaign website. A search on her name turns up: campaign money improprieties, the Thatcher campaign removing campaign signs (placed with landowner permission) of a competitor, she reportedly said that only businesses pay taxes, and apparently every progressive organization (Stand for Children is one) opposes her. Just a sampling, I'll bet she's even more odious than all that.


14.10.2006 05:15
Short Update. Animal Rights Grand Jury
Some people wanted an update from San Francisco on the AR Grand Jury.

Ariana was subpoenaed before the grand jury with supporters rallying outside before hand and with some waiting in the cold marble halls of injustice while she was being questioned. She invoked her constitutional rights, and declined to answer the grand jury's questions. It is unknown at this point how the government will proceed.

Nadia also went before the grand jury and invoked her constitutional rights. She filed a motion
for disclosure of unlawful electronic surveillance. This motion was recently denied. She is also unsure as to what the government's next steps are going to be.


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