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02.10.2006 01:45
Oaxaca Facing Imminent Attack

The word I have now is that there are about 5,000 men wearing army uniforms who are not army, but police, culled from other states like Vercruz and Morelia, that is to say, this is a PRI operation, not the federal troops, altho I don't know how our source explains the "naval" helicopters (maybe not?). The "police" are heavily armed, and the attack is supposed to happen around 10:00 PM Oaxaca time. The attack, code name cicloncinco, was revealed by the same person who informed our friend that there would be a drive-by shooting last night, which came true.

Update on Oaxaca

I am a student from Portland, Oregon and have taken time off for some travelling. Currently I am in Oaxaca City and will be based here for a time.

First I would like to let everyone know that the expected military attack has not yet occurred. There is still time to stop this attack.


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30.09.2006 22:29
palestine journal: september 29
ok....i'm really concerned now. first i hear the news item that congress just passed a bill suspending habeas corpus -- essentially taking away the right of a prisoner to challenge their imprisonment. this means that people can be held without charge, tortured, and essentially 'disappeared', legally, in the U.S. people who are innocent!! people who have done nothing wrong. and there will be no trial, no day in court where they can prove their innocence. and no way for them to challenge their imprisonment.

and now i hear that today the house has passed the 'warrantless wiretapping' act, and the senate is likely to soon follow. in this bill, the government can listen to anyone's phone, read anyone's email, demand records from telecom companies, and here, too, there is no legal way to appeal.

umm....now, i'm no legal expert (nor am i a big fan of a so-called 'democracy' built on genocide and slavery), but isn't there supposed to be something called 'checks and balances' in the american government? you know, that thing that I learned way back in grade school was 'the basis of american democracy'.


30.09.2006 22:27
Theresa Mitchell convicted

Frequent Portland-Indy readers may recall that I reported an incident here in May, in which I was confronted by a sort of armed vigilante parking-patrol as I attempted to look in a shop window on East Burnside. One of them called my employer (because I was wearing my Tri-Met uniform between shifts)-- I bitched him out royally; then the woman said she had a gun. I attempted to provoke her to pull it (so that I could save my butt by executing a dodge-grab maneuver that I learned long ago). This frustrated the woman mightily. So they called the cops and said that they were threatened, and I left.

The "parking patrol" (actually brother and sister Bill and Judy Craine, owners of Holman's Restaurant and Bar) actually filed charges. A week or so later, I was tricked into a "meeting with my manager" and tackled at work by the Portland cops--the arresting officer was Park (yes, Taser-death Park).


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29.09.2006 04:44
Court Victory for FTAA Protestors
The Miami Model In a significant victory for constitutional rights, today, the Eleventh Circuit handed down its ruling denying qualified immunity to several officers who engaged in unlawful arrests at the demonstrations against the meetings of the Free Trade Area of the Americas in Miami, Florida, during November 2003. This ruling clears the way for the demonstrators who suffered constitutional rights deprivations to proceed with their litigation.

The case, Killmon, et al. v. City of Miami, et al., was brought to challenge the widespread assault on the civil rights and civil liberties of protestors during the demonstrations, including challenging the so-called "Miami model," a deliberate and coordinated effort by over 40 local, state and federal authorities to engaging in silence dissent and engage in widespread political profiling, and swept the streets of anyone viewed as being an anti-FTAA activist, effectively suspending the Fourth Amendment in the city for ten days using excessive force and unlawfully arresting hundreds of people engaging in lawful political protest.


28.09.2006 02:59
Protester Arrested at U.S. Capitol Asks: What About the First Amendment?
Arrest at the Capitol A rally against the Iraqi War at the U.S. Capitol, on Tuesday, September 26, 2006, led to the arrests of 71 protesters by the police, according to a spokesperson for one of the organizers. The passionate demonstration was co-promoted by the "National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance" (NCNR) and the "Declaration of Peace" organizations. These conscience-driven advocacy groups, antiwar and/or religious based, endorse the laudable principle of nonviolent resistance to and noncooperation with "the U.S. government, the military, the corporate merchants of war, and all institutions that feed" the War, Mayhem and Death Machine of the Halliburton-challenged and Big-Oil-oriented Bush-Cheney Gang. The specific focus of the activists today was on pressuring the U.S. Congress to "develop a comprehensive and rapid peace plan" for ending the Iraqi conflict and for bringing the troops home.

One of the protesters arrested was Max Obuszewski of Baltimore. He's with the NCNR. He demanded to know from the police before being cuffed by them: "What about the First Amendment?" Obuszewski, with eleven other activists, was arrested on the west side of the Capitol for trying to deliver a symbolic coffin to the U.S. Congress. As they were carrying the coffin along the sidewalk, the activists were yelling out slogans like: "This is what democracy looks like!" "We demand an end to the occupation of Iraq!" "No more killing!" "No more war!""We are not afraid!" and "No more war in the name of 9/11!" Prior to the start of today's event, Obuszewski told me: "We want to bring the war home to the Congress. Unless you cut off the funding, the war is going to continue. More money for the war means more dead U.S. soldiers and more dead Iraqis. We are taking this coffin to the Capitol because they [the Congress] are the people responsible for all the deaths."


28.09.2006 02:57
New Content on PDX IMC Web Radio
Michael Shuman On September 14, 2006 Michael Shuman gave a presentation in Portland, Ore. sponsored by the Sustainable Business Network of Portland and the Northwest Earth Institute. Michael Shuman, an attorney and economist, is vice president for enterprise development for the Training & Development Corporation (TDC). He has written, co-written, or edited six books, including Going Local: Creating Self-Reliant Communities in the Global Age, and, most recently, The Small-Mart Revolution: How Local Businesses Are Beating the Global Competition. He is currently on the Board of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies also known as (BALLE).

Following his presentation, I had the honor of speaking with Mr. Shuman on September 26, 2006 - stay tuned afterwards to hear that interview.


27.09.2006 09:43
Stop the Illegal Logging of Eight Mile Meadow
Save Eight Mile Meadow! In response to this week's controversial decision to log Eight Mile Meadow, possibly as early as next week, Bark will be leading an emergency hike to the area. If we are unsuccessful in halting plans to log Eight Mile Meadow, hike attendees may be the last visitors to this sensitive region before logging begins. We remain hopeful that this forest can be spared from the continually destructive logging on Mt. Hood. The hike will include a strategy discussion on what options are left to protect Eight Mile Meadow. By witnessing a standing forest, you can become its most effective advocate.

Hike this Sunday (Oct 1st). Meet at the Daily Grind, located at 4026 SE Hawthorne at 8:45 am.


26.09.2006 18:28
Funeral and Memorial for Lukus Glenn: Saturday
Lukus David Glenn, April 22nd, 1988 - September 16th, 2006: Lukus David Glenn was shot and killed by Washington County Sheriff's Deputies Friday night / Saturday Morning. We have two close friends that sadly had to witness their best friend malaciously shot to death when other "non-leathal" force could have been used. The police are trying to "Justify" their actions. However since there were two eye witnesses there, we know the truth and now that the media has been covering it and bringing more and more evidence to the public, they are learning the truth as well. The media has now begun to show that the police are more likely to be in the wrong instead of how it started with the "police having no other choice but to shoot because of the extreme threat of an 18-year-old with a 3 inch blade".

Basically Luke had gone home and was smart and mature enough not to drive because he had been drinking. He had gotten into an argument with his parents and they called the cops for "help" with calming him down. What the police did, was not "help". How are we supposed to trust Police who are supposed to "protect and serve" when unjustifiable actions are taken such as those with Lukus David Glenn...

listen to the 911 call

Memorial Service is on the 30th of September, on a Saturday at 12pm (Noon) In the Tigard High School auditorium.


26.09.2006 03:41
palestine journal: 18 sep 2006
well....here i am, still in this prison known as the west bank. we went to ramallah this weekend, and to a christian village outside ramallah called taybeh, where there was an 'Octoberfest'.....the festival was well-attended (despite the anger among muslims over the pope's comments about islam last week, the festival in the christian town went fine...no christians in palestine have been attacked, but some churches were burned in a couple of places). at the festival, we watched young kids and teenagers performing the palestinian traditional dance known as 'dabke' - they were great! it reminded me of irish step dancing with the fancy footwork and stamping on the wooden stage. and the kids were all really excited about it, they loved doing it (unlike some of the kids in the irish step i used to do -- especially the boys -- who were just doing it because their parents made them).

then there was a performance by a palestinian hip-hop group from Lud, a town inside Israel.....and watching the villagers' reaction to the hip-hop - interested, entertained, but not really _jamming_ (like they were with the traditional music and dance), it made me think about the origins of hip-hop.....it is essentially, and at its core, an _urban_ music.....it began in the states, of course, but has been popularized as a form of expression in urban centers throughout the world - i've heard rappers from johannesburg, paris, london, hamburg with tons of talent, at least as much as many of the US-based rappers.....but it is a type of music that springs out of a people desperate to hold onto an identity that they feel being lost in the anonymous centralizing process of cities. kids from the village, stuck behind the israeli wall, but still strong in their culture and traditions, simply don't have the same type of experience as the kids from the villages-turned-urban-ghettoes that have come to typify the experience of palestinians inside israel. hip-hop just doesn't resonate as strongly for the villagers as it does for the kids lost in urban centers throughout the world.


26.09.2006 03:38
HUNGARY RIOTS: An eyewitness account + videos
On this Monday, the protests continued, and the number of protesters multiplied by early evening into the 10'000+. I was surprised to see the majority of participants were apparently not socially disadvantaged poor folks who are most critically impacted by current economical restrictions, but middle-class people from middle-class families like me, predominantly in their 20s to 40s. There was pretty high agitation as well as anger -- when we were not shouting slogans or listening to various self-made spokesmen on a made-shift loudspeaker system, most of us were freely talking with people we met for the first time. Just as I expected, I found out that the majority of us were those who voted NOT for the current governing coalition, but there were also a smaller number of their voters present, those who turned really bitter and pissed about laying their trust into them. As could be expected, oddballs, radicals and extremists appeared as well, I estimate less than 500 in total for the radical/extreme right folks, that including the soccer hooligans.

Sometimes after 22:00 we heard a lot of shouting that there was something heavy happening at the main public broadcast TV building, that used to be the state-owned regime TV station in the old days. The TV building is a historically prominent place because of its key role during the 1956 Revolution -- the '56 revolution exploded with the people taking over this state-owned TV and starting their broadcasts to mobilise the rest of the country.


25.09.2006 10:59
Jeff Hogg Update: Grand Jury Extended Till March!
Jeff Hogg Originally, the grand jury in Eugene was set to end this month, and Jeff would have been freed. This grand jury has now been extended until March, meaning Jeff could be held till then.

An appeal of the judge's decision to continue to hold Jeff has been filed with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The final brief is due on September 26th.


24.09.2006 10:58
James Chasse: Beaten and Murdered by Police
James Chasse James Chasse was murdered by the Portland police. He was tazed, kicked in the head, beaten, jumped on, and hog tied. And then he "mysteriously" died in police custody. I saw a picture of him on the "beat goes on" thread on this site. It made me want to know more about him.

When the police kill someone in this city, too often they are allowed to define who that person was. Through the police officers' apologist mouthpieces in the corporate media, all we ever learn is a few extraneous facts, usually not even accurate. Whether the person ever did drugs or not, we are fed snippets to make us believe they were a drug addict. If they were ever in trouble with the law, we are told that. If they were poor or homeless or somehow different than the Brady Bunch family, we are told those details. But never anything more. We are never given a real picture of the real human being whose living and breathing flesh was so terribly assaulted by the police state that they have been added to the long list of people who gave their lives to the Force. The brute force of power crazed thugs in uniform.

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24.09.2006 09:18
Declaration of Peace - nonviolent action
On Thursday September 21, 2006, 9 people attempted to deliver a Declaration of Peace, which calls for an end to the war in Iraq, to Senator Gordon Smith's office in Portland, OR. They were stopped from entering the building by police and security, so they sat down, refusing to move until they were all allowed in.

As the building (The Portland World Trade Center) is on private property, they were were later charged with trespassing. So much for being able to petition our representatives.

more info: declarationofpeace.org | video (link to youtube.org)


24.09.2006 09:14
Portland IMC Newsletter for Sept. 22, 2006
  • 4/22/88 - 9/16/06 Justice for Lukus Glenn
  • Bullet holes in Lukus Glenn's grandmother's apartment
  • Declaration of Peace: Nine Peaceful Protestors Arrested at Senator Smith's office
  • Willamette Week Slams Free Access to Online Education
  • HUNGARY: national television under siege - clashes on the streets
  • Twenty Three Rabbits Liberated for the SHAC 7
  • Houses demolished in Korean resistance to US base expansion
  • Deputy Grope 'em Green not off hook-yet


22.09.2006 09:34
Bullet holes in Lukus Glenn's grandmother's apartment
The Grandmother of Glen Lukas feared for her life inside her apartment when shots rang out and went through her walls and window almost striking her! There is a lot going on here. The parents were interrogated for 6 hours afterwards WITHOUT an attorney. They have not been told when the Grand Jury is meeting or anything! This is going to be one hell of a fight, for I am going to help them through this. Yamhill County police are upset over the actions taken by the Hillsboro Police, and so are ALOT of people in that county, for if Yamhill Police would have came as should of been, Lukas would still be with us.
4/22/88 - 9/16/06 Justice for Lukus Glenn
Do not make an opinion as the media has, for there is much more than what is being reported. They are trying to say things like "by the book", and even "suicide by police", but I tell you, it was murder by police.

Murder by police. For among cries from his family and friends to the police were "Don't shoot him! Use a tazor or something! Leave him alone! Lukus baby, come here to me, I won't let anyone hurt you", and Lukus yelling to his father and mother, "They are going to kill me!" It was seconds after the police shot him with beanbags, after crumpling to the ground, that he turned towards his mother and took a step out of fear for his life, Yes, even people in a suicidal mental state still value their life; otherwise, they would kill themselves immediately, when the police shot him in the back.

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22.09.2006 09:19
Hugo Chavez confronts the state of the world
Excerpt from UN speech 9/16/05: Friends of the world...the United Nations has exhausted its model, and it is not all about reform. The XXI century claims deep changes that will only be possible if a new organization is founded. This UN does not work. We have to say it. It is the truth.

Excerpt from UN Speech 9/20/06: Yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, from this rostrum, the president of the United States, the gentleman to whom I refer as the devil, came here, talking as if he owned the world. Truly. As the owner of the world. I think we could call a psychiatrist to analyze yesterday's statement made by the president of the United States. As the spokesman of imperialism, he came to share his nostrums, to try to preserve the current pattern of domination, exploitation and pillage of the peoples of the world.

more on Chavez: A COURAGEOUS MAN SPEAKS OUT - HUGO CHAVEZ WAS IN RARE FORM AT THE UN | Fuck Charlie Rangel... | Chavez' Comments -Strategy Or Ravings? | Chavez ups the ante


21.09.2006 19:05
9 Arrested at World Trade Center Earlier Today
Initial report from 11:53am: Reports from the street that there are demonstrators at the World Trade Center on sw Second and Salmon. There are speakers and a display called "the rolling rebels." Cops and corporate media. 50 protestors. [ read subsequent updates ]

Report from 2:40pm: 10 arrests at 2:00pm at the World Trade Center. People had been protesting, demanding that Gordon Smith come outside and sign a "peace petition". We will be following what happens with these folks today and posting updates to the site. We will post updates as people get released. [ contribute or discuss this action ]

From the press release: Declaration of Peace: Nine Peaceful Protestors Arrested at Senator Smith's office in Portland as part of national week of action; insist Senator Smith work to end the war in Iraq. [ read the full press release ]


21.09.2006 03:06
Twenty Three Rabbits Liberated for the SHAC 7
Bite Back is reporting that 23 rabbits were liberated from the dungeons at Capralogics, a vivisection lab in Massachusetts. The liberators dedicated this action to the SHAC 7 defendants, who were sentenced this week to years in prison for the crime of talking. As one of the SHAC 7 said in a recent interview, "If we're facing prison just for talking, then we may as well be out committing the acts of sabotage that tend to be more effective." So be it.

In spite of the government's best efforts, animal rights activists have not been silenced, and are as effective as ever. Twenty three rabbits, whose lives would otherwise have ended in a pool of blood, have been saved. They are now free and loved, and will live happy lives. Other rabbits were also freed, and it is hoped that they, too, will survive and flourish. Please see the complete communique here:  http://www.directaction.info/news_sep20_06.htm


21.09.2006 03:05
House Passes Student Search Bill
I work in the public schools. I think this is utterly reprehensible and horrific. I will never comply with 'warrantless' searchs on my students. These kids are in my care for their education, not demonization. I would lead them on the path of joy and enlightenment, not despair and entrapment.

I remember when stop and search laws were passed for cars. I was shocked and horrified that any person can be stop because some one thinks there is a problem. Well, I think there is a probelm in the House - let's all go search there - every nook and cranny.


21.09.2006 03:02
Willamette Week Slams Free Access to Online Education
This week's "Rogue" article slams the ODE (Oregon Department of Education) for seeking to provide FREE online education to Oregon students. The real "Rogues" here are the Wilammette Week, The Scio School District and Sylvan Learning.

This "Rogue of the Week" piece seeks to spin a yarn about the Big Bad Public sector and how it's muscling out the Poor Old Scio School District and it's Poor Old partner and online education provider, the Oregon Connections Academy. The article fails to mention that the Poor Old online education provider, Oregon Connections Academy (ORCA), is a subsidiary of the uber-icky Sylvan Learning Systems, that beloved corporate army of national tutoring racketeers.

ORCA/Sylvan is smart and has gone straight to the public trough here. Instead of billing students and parents directly, they bypass these "middle men" and stick a feeding tube directly into State education funding -- greedily sucking dollars that were earmarked for local schools. See, each student in the public school system is given State dollars -- those dollars go to local schools to pay for important things like teachers and vomit cleanup in the hallways. More students = more funding. However, when these students enroll in the Connections Academy, those dollars are yanked from the student's local school and given directly to Sylvan! Less students = less money for YOUR local school.


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