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04.09.2006 02:30
Stop Idaho General Mines from mining Mt. St. Helens
Idaho General Mines would like a 3,000 acre copper, gold, silver and molybdenum mine on the northern border of the Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monunmet...in the national forest. The company is in the very early stages and If the public is loud against giving away this beautiful public land to a private corporation act now! The Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service hold the key to approval for the lease or they can say NO to Idaho General. Word is the federal agencies are split on the issue so public action against a mine could tip the scales against Idaho General, who is applying its own pressure on officials. idaho Generla calls the Bureau of land Management everyday to ask about how their lease application is coming along and the public needs to call just as often to stop this.



03.09.2006 10:11
Jeff Free Luers Jeff has LOST HIS CONTACT VISITS FOR ONE YEAR!!! Even though there is NO EVIDENCE that he was smoking pot. The smoking gun? A CLEAN UA!! Please send Jeff your letters of support. He has not yet asked for anyone to contact the superintendant over this issue. Let's be prepared if he does!

August 22nd, 2006 Dispatch from Jeff "Free" Luers: Talk about a shitty couple of days. I get out of the hole on Sunday, August 20. To start I have to fight to get out on my date because I'm not in the computer. I get let out without having had a hearing, which means I have no sanctions.

I'm excited, though. I know that no matter what I get to call her today. I get out right at yard line. I go and find my new cell conveniently locked on the bar box. The first cell on the tier, the one right in front of the guard.


03.09.2006 10:00
Aranas Rally/Hooley Protest in Salem Ignored by Mainstream Media
A group of Pacific Green Party supporters were threatened in Salem Monday with having their cars towed from a lot next to Democratic Congresswoman Darlene Hooley's office while they were engaged in a rally to support their candidate, Paul Aranas, and to protest Hooley's complicity with Bush Administration war crimes in the Middle East. The tow truck driver specifically stated that he was ordered to "tow away protestors' cars." The rally participants claimed that they were Hooley's constituents and that they were therefore legally entitled to park there. The lot was only partially full at the time.

Aranas and three other people spoke at the rally, which was ignored by the jonbenetstream media. After the speeches, a group including Aranas entered Hooley's office to submit petitions to her. She was reported unavailable for comment. Aranas has advanced consistent and principled positions on the war in Iraq as well as the conflicts in Lebanon and Palestine. He has formally asked Hooley to debate him twice, but she has so far refused.


03.09.2006 09:53
Hasan Shakur: A Maroon on Death Row
I am sitting in my rented Chevy Equinox outside of the Polunsky Unit, in Livingston, Texas. The middle of farm country, there are stables right next door to the prison, within pissing distance of the electrified fence and concertina wire. I wonder if they belong to the prison. How much of this farmland is the prisons? The inmates wear all white here. It is ghostly figures I see pushing wheelbarrows, carrying rakes through a manicured lawn with flower boxes shaped like the star of Texas.

The processing is the fastest I've ever been through going to a prison. I have had to wait hours before to be cleared. I do not know if it is this prison, or the fact that I'm visiting at off times, or the fact that I am visiting someone who has an execution date set. Set for Thursday. Days are bleeding away, the 29th is just a breath away from the 31st.

Hasan Shakur, aka Derrick Frazier, aka #999284, is dressed all in white as well. Visiting is only through glass, and Hasan sits in a cage, the telephone pressed to his ear. He is as big as I figured he would be. He stands up to go to the bathroom, sticking his hands through the slot so they can put the handcuffs on him and he towers over the three guards around him.

Hasan was executed on August 31, 2006

Hasan Shakur's Last Words Were of the Struggle | Hasan Shakur's Last Poem | Poem for Hasan | Philly IMC audio interview | Austin IMC Overview | NCADP Overiview | "Death Row Speaks" profile | Welfare Poets


03.09.2006 09:45
IRAQ: Basrah Oil Workers’ Strike
Oil-pipeline Workers in Basrah have given the authorities a deadline for Thursday, 31st of August for meeting their previously forwarded demands; otherwise, they will resume with their strike which they brought to a standstill after the positive promises they were given. The deadline coincides with the beginning of a week-end. The further the strike could restart may be on Sunday, the beginning of the working week in Iraq.


03.09.2006 09:41
Vancouver, WA: Good Cop Sighting
I think it was just this past Sunday, when I was bringing home some groceries with my daughter, that my car died. It died not in any old spot, it died right between the I-205 exit and entrance ramps, on Mill Plain, in the inner lane. I had to get to a pay phone across the highway and leave my daughter in the car so that no one would tow the car away. My daughter is old enough to handle such a situation. I called for my brother to help push me out of the street, and went back to the car.

Then the cop showed up. Since I have been stopped and questioned by Beaverton police for just walking down the street (and I am white with very nondescript looks), I thought, oh no, he will try to accuse me of blocking traffic or something. I told him the car just died. He basically said that he would push me to a good spot, which meant doing a u-turn and coasting to the Fred Meyer parking lot. I usually don't like other people having ideas on what I should do unless it's something that I would think of myself, but I have to admit, having a cop push me while I did a u-turn was just not something that I would have thought of--but I recognized that it would work, and I just said "I'll do it!" I had the distinct idea that he meant no harm and he knew this was best. I thought, I am happy to get my car out of the street, but let's just see how far this good cop thing will last.


01.09.2006 11:54
This Labor Day Weekend, Portland Joins National Effort to Renew Call for Immigration Reform
This Sunday, Portland will join close to a dozen US cities to usher in the fall by renewing demands for fair and comprehensive immigration policy reform.

A "Labor Day" demonstration will converge at 2pm in the South Park Blocks (SW Salmon & Park), calling for rights and respect for immigrant workers and all workers. The event is organized by a coalition of organizations, including VOZ Workers' Rights Education Project, Portland Jobs with Justice, PCUN, PCASC, and others. For a full list of sponsors and march details in english and en Espa?ol, click here.

Mobilizations are also planned in Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Washington, DC, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Phoenix, and several cities in the San Francisco Bay area. According to the We Are America Alliance, organizers expect the mobilizations to attract a million people, cumulatively.

National Links: US-IMC Immigrant Rights Coverage Archive | National Day Laborers Organizing Network | We Are America Alliance | Immigrant Solidarity Network | National Network on Immigrant & Refugee Rights (NNIRR)



01.09.2006 02:59
Congressman Blumenauer Fails to Respond to Concerns About Lebanon
Awhile back, someone posted to this site that Earl Blumenauer was refusing to admonish Israel even as they dropped bombs down on little sleeping babies in Lebanon. I could not believe that it was true. So I contacted the congressman's office. And sure enough. He not only refused to speak out against the violence, he was actually going out of his way to support Israel in this. I just couldn't believe it, and I told his staffers so. This week, I received his response. I am so saddened by it that I want to share it with others, in the hopes that they, too, might make their voices heard by the congressman.

I do not have the text for the original letter that I sent to him, nor do I remember what I said word for word. I only remember that I told him how upset I was to learn that he was refusing to condemn Israel for what it had done, and how dismayed I was to read his statement of support for Isreal in the face of little dead babies lying in the rubble in Lebanon. I was crying when I wrote it, as we all should be crying for what has been allowed to happen in this world. Here is the cold, disembodied reply that I received. Note that there is almost no mention at all of the deaths in Lebanon that were the focus of my letter to him.


01.09.2006 02:54
Sgt. Kevin Benderman released
On July 27, 2005, in a military court martial held at Ft. Stewart, Georgia, Sgt. Kevin Benderman was convicted of Missing Movement for allegedly refusing to board a plane for a second deployment to Iraq.

Sgt. Benderman had filed an application for Conscientious Objector status in 2004. This application was ignored, mishandled, and disrespected by every level of command in an effort to punish this 10-year veteran for exercising his rights and making a choice of conscience against the wishes of his command. Sgt. Benderman did not fit the military mold of a Conscientious Objector - he did not cite religious verses, he could not recount his moment of epiphany - but Sgt. Benderman did listen to his conscience.


29.08.2006 14:40
palestine journal: 25 august: israeli ceasefire violations don't count

"Twelve day ceasefire continues to hold" say the headlines. but what they really mean is that, in the twelve days since the UN-brokered ceasefire began, no rockets have been fired by Hezbollah into israel. what is left out is that in every single one of those twelve days since the "ceasefire", israeli forces have continued to launch raids deep into lebanon, and to drop missiles from airplanes onto the already-devastated ruins of lebanon...

jonathan cook, an analyst in israel, has this to say about the 'baalbek raid': "Israeli special forces launched the covert operation to capture a Hizbullah leader, Sheikh Mohammed Yazbak, way beyond the Litani River, the northern extent of Israel's supposed 'buffer zone'. The hit squad were disguised not only as Arabs -- a regular ploy by units called 'mistarvim' -- but as Lebanese soldiers driving in Lebanese army vehicles. When their cover was blown, Hizbullah opened fire, killing one Israeli and wounding two more in a fierce gun battle.



palestine journal: 21 august

i, unfortunately, recently made the mistake of engaging a zionist in an online forum...big mistake. but there was one statement that she made in the course of the 'discussion' that i'd like to expand upon a little.

the statement was made in regard to the 'security procedures' at the allenby bridge border crossing between the west bank and jordan, which is tightly controlled by israeli security.....as I questioned the beatings, harassment, delays and etc. there, she said, basically, "palestinians should be expected to endure extra security procedures - after all, look at what they've put israel through...."


related: Palestine Today


29.08.2006 12:25
OSP Ignore Reckless Driving Complaints on Off-Duty Firefighters?
Firefighter of not...the kind of driving that took place at my risk and the rislk of others is absolutely wrong. If it was a regular citizen doing in front of a cop dash camera like what is on MY citizen dash camera...we would get a handful of tickets. At least! This happened about 4:05 pm last friday at hiway 205 north bound just on the 14(to 205)on ramp. The White Jeep careened in one fast and dangerously close to me and others, move from the on ramp to the inside lane. No signal...no regard for anybody.


27.08.2006 17:30
Dear Military Recruiter: Leave my child alone!
As youth ages 16-18 return to school, they and their parents need to know that the Pentagon and military recruiters collect information on both boys and girls, from their schools to aide them in recruiting. If youth or their parents don't want to be targeted, recruited or have their names in Pentagon or military recruitment databases, they can Opt Out of the system but they must take proactive action to Opt Out. Some school districts limit the time frame to make select this option and it often occurs during the registration period. Accordingly, time is of the essence if you or your youth don't want your name in government databases.


26.08.2006 08:41
More Critical Mass Reports Needed, Alternatives Sought
Initial report from Aug. 25th, 7:11 pm Portland Rocks Critical Mass: Just a quick report: Took my lunch break to see our fair Portland Bike Community ride off into the streets of downtown to remind us all that our actions are murdering our planet and our vulnerable communities. It was a hopeful scene with close to 100 bikes! Saw some folks with cameras so maybe there will be some pics later. BIG THANKS to everyone who participated.

Report from Aug. 25th, 9:46 pm Critical Mass Is Dead, Long Live the Mass!: If you were there tonight, or anytime recently, you know it's true. Critical Mass has been thoroughly domesticated - we are subjects, in Foucault's sense of being subjugated. It was a guided law enforcement tour, complete with every pointless rule in the book being shouted by 'lead cop.' Time for a New Mass, another time, another place, with hundreds of us. Mass is no longer were it's at for the biking community. We need something new, and soon ...

past critical mass stories: CM....can we do it the way it should be done? (5/16/06) | Mass attack: outside PDX (5/6/06) | Critical Mass and the Community (5/2/06) | Critical Mass Vancouver Announcement & Commentary on Critical Mass Portland (4/30/06) | Cyclists Arrested During Cricical Mass (4/29/06) | spokane wa critical mass (12/1/05) | Montana Senator, No Fan of Cyclists, Stands Up for Critical Mass Riders Civil Rights (11/11/05) | September Critical Mass (10/3/05) | August Critical Mass Report (8/27/05) | rose city critical mass


26.08.2006 08:21
Stop Ancient Aleutian Archelogical site Destruction in Alaska
I was shocked when a friend took me by an archeological dig site and we found a steam shovel and dump truck hauling off loads of stone houses, whale bone and ivory artifacts and countless other cultural treasures to a gravel pit- junk yard- land fill.

The ancient site is featured in the local museum for its incredible artifacts discovered during past archeological digs. Really incredible carvings, tools and personal effects from societies that have thrived at the edge of the world between Aleutian Volcanoes and the Bering Sea for centuries.

I called in a complaint to the historical preservation office at the state of Alaska who approved the state bridge project which is being funded with federal money and built on the local native corporations land.


26.08.2006 08:16
City of St Helens Fleeces Poor, Working Class Residents
For those who do not know St Helens, it's a beautiful, old-fashioned village out here along the rolling Columbia river. It's a working class community with a sense of the funky, where rural folks come together and create a vibrant, living culture of their own. Full of artists, anarchists, and working people who live together in harmony, it seems like the perfect place. That is, until the Water Wars began. Now, it's getting harder to make ends meet here. And nobody seems to care.


24.08.2006 17:00
Alternatives to Pro-War Senator Cantwell in Washington
Green Party Candidate for US Senate (WA), Aaron Dixon "No, I don't think it was a mistake." - Senator Maria Cantwell of Washington State on January 19th, 2006 re-emphasizing her unyielding commitment to war on Iraq.

"The incumbent says she has "no regrets" for any of her numerous pro war votes. The majority of us in Washington regret very much the Iraq war, which is bankrupting us financially and morally. I am running to bring the troops and the military equipment home now and to use the billions of dollars in the war chest to rebuild America. It's time for progressive people to build a political machine against this feeling of powerlessness that the Democrats offer." - Aaron Dixon, former head of the Seattle chapter of the Black Panther Party, on why he is seeking the Green Party nomination for U.S. senate in Washington Sate.

read more about Aaron Dixon: one, two, three

Could Washington's Democratic primary be a replay of Connecticut's? Hong Tran is running against Cantwell in the WA Democratic primary for U.S. Senate---although you wouldn't know it if you walked passed the Demo HQ in Olympia. Like CT's Lamont, she opposes the war and advocates an immediate withdrawal. Hong Tran is challenging Cantwell.

She offers a progressive agenda, including: the quick withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, renegotiation or withdrawal from NAFTA and CAFTA, repealing the Patriot Act, and supporting social and economic justice for all! The Democratic Primary is September 19th. It will be a mail-in ballot.

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24.08.2006 15:58
An Extraordinary Day in Olympia
Japenese Peace Delegation My preferred way of being in the world is optimistic but I have really been struggling these past few weeks. It becomes too easy to see the glass half empty and its contents pain and suffering. The world events easily challenge my basic sense of human decency. But yesterday was such an extraordinary day in Olympia that I am once again seeing the glass filled with light and hope. I headed downtown. As I crossed over the 5th avenue bridge, the salmon were running and the seals were there too.

I attended the weekly peace vigil at Sylvester Park at noon. Normally, there is a just a handful of people. Yesterday, the Japanese Peace Delegation joined, bringing their truth about the horrors of war to Olympia. Buddhists who traveled down from Seattle, whose drumming and chanting called for peace in the world, joined us.

Early that evening, the Citizen's Movement to Impeach Bush/Cheney held an informational meeting on How to Impeach a President. About twenty people came to the library to learn more. People are angry at what is happening to this country and the abuses of the President and Vice President.


23.08.2006 22:05
Oaxaca's Growing Unrest: Masked Gunmen Kill Protester
Thousands of protesters calling for Oaxaca Gov. Ulises Ruiz's resignation have occupied the southern city's center, taking over buses, setting up barricades and taking over radio and television stations to broadcast revolutionary messages. A group of masked men Monday fired on a government television station that the protesters have occupied since Aug. 1, injuring one man. Protesters responded by taking over 12 private stations and blocking the city's four main entrances with buses.

read more: mexico.indymedia.org | oaxaca page at mexico imc | chiapas.indymedia.org


23.08.2006 15:47
Celebrating 1st Anniversary of Olympia's Nuclear-Free Zone Ordinance
Oly City Council A delegation of 24 members of the Japanese Peace Delegation came to last night's Olympia City Council meeting to thank them for taking a stand against weapons of mass annihilation. They were met by a crowd of Olympians who shared their dream of a world free of nuclear arms. Cranes with peace messages surrounded city hall.

The delegation shared their experience, and that of others, with the lasting horrors of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They looked forward to continuing to work with people in the United States to eliminate nuclear weapons to ensure they are never used again. Members of Beyond Hiroshima gave the Delegation strings of peace cranes to thanks the Delagation for their commitment to a nuclear-free world. Individuals from Olympia spoke as well, expressing their gratitude to the Delegation for reminding us how important it is to rid the world of nuclear arms. The former mayor spoke passionately about the risks of nuclear war, saying that the dangers are far greater than those posed by global warming.


23.08.2006 15:38
Lost Ridge Trail Almost Completed
On 19/August/2006, the San Gabriel Mountains Trailbuilders returned to the Crystal Lake Recreation area to finish the trail work needed to complete the Lost Ridge Trail, a fairly easy hike where one end of the trail is at Deer Flats and the other meets Lake Road.

Hiking trails are established in these recreation areas in an attempt to concentrate foot traffic (and thus erosion and pollution) along official routes through the mountains while providing some measure of safety for hikers and campers. While the Crystal Lake Recreation area is currently closed and has been since 2002, the area is being worked on by professional, commercial companies and by volunteers such as the San Gabriel Mountains Trailbuilders.

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