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14.08.2006 01:31
University Park UMC hosts second annual North Portland Pride Festival
Rev. Jeanne Knepper greets the group Excerpt from Rev. Jeanne's Pridefest Sermon:

Some of you may know that I worshipped at St. Paul's United Methodist Church for nearly a decade while I lived in Denver Colorado. While I was there, I got to know Julian Rush, the author of the hymn we just sang. Julian wrote these words in 1985; our small choir may have been the first people to sing them. Did you notice, as we sang the words together, that they seemed very familiar? If you were to take your copy of The Faith We Sing and turn to number 2238, you would find almost the same song, called "In the Midst of New Dimensions."

Well what, you might wonder, would be worth photocopying a song so similar to the one we already have in a hymnal? To answer that, we'd have to examine the words together. First off, you might notice that the original version had six verses, not five.


14.08.2006 01:28
Images of Roadless Area Logging, coming to a forest near you, unless...
Giant helicopter landing takes place of scenic hiking route overlooking wildland On August 7th, 2006 logging began at the MIkes Gulch sale in the previously protected South Kalmiopsis Roadless Area. Video was taken from on top of Gold Ridge and the giant landing built to bring logs up by helicopter.

George Bush, John West, Scott Conroy, and Mark Rey all say Oregon forests belong to forest profiteers, not the american people. Oregon has become a sacrifice state, as they protect roadless forests in the East, they fast track logging Oregon's largest, most biodiverse, roadless area in the west.

Siskiyou Project

Public Meeting in Portland 6-8pm Monday August 14th PSU Columbia Falls Ballroom 310 SW Lincoln Street


13.08.2006 03:45
Report: Peak Oil Task Force Meeting
Bill Scott (moderator), Sallie Schullinger-Krause Tuesday August 8th was the second meeting of the Portland Peak Oil Task Force. The first meeting a couple weeks ago, had a presentation on Peak Oil and dealt with Task Force structure and how to go about the job. This meeting focused on the subgroups, and the guidelines that each group will follow. The members of the Task Force all are taking Peak Oil seriously and various comments by some of the members show that the nature of our predicament is understood. Within the time constraints of getting the agenda complete, there was welcome participation from the 1-2 dozens citizens who attended.

It was gratifying to feel that public input was not just accepted, but desired. It is my impression that those on the Task Force recognize the enormity of the task of making recommendations to deal with something that is and will increasingly impact all aspects of our lives. I believe most every person in the room realizes that life as we know it is and will be radically changing and that it will take the collective effort of many people to mitigate the upheaval and suffering that will come.


13.08.2006 03:26
Rogue Israeli State Protested at White House Rally
Marchers for Justice Washington, D.C. - As Israeli terror bombing of civilians continues relentlessly over Gaza and Lebanon, demonstrators took to the streets near the White House, on Saturday, Aug. 12, 2006, to protest. Led by Arab-American organizers, and supported by antiwar groups, like the ANSWER Coalition, they rallied, at noon, in Lafayette Park, which is directly across the way from the official residenc of President George W. Bush. The crowd was estimated at about 30,000. The protesters also paraded around the White House after the speakers' part of the program was completed.

There were 24 riveting speakers at the well planned rally. One of the first was Dr. Esam Omesh, President of the Muslim American Society. He said: "There is no difference between a Muslim life, Christian life or Jewish life...The invasion of Lebanon and the destruction of its infrastructures and the deliberate targeting of civilians through the indiscriminate, disproportionate Israeli war machine is, indeed, criminal. It must be ended now."


13.08.2006 03:24
Report of all Scotland demonstration for Lebanon in Edinburgh Saturday 12th August 2006
Saturday 12th August saw a massive all-Scotland demonstration in Edinburgh to protest the Israeli attack on Lebanon and to say no to any assault on Syria or Iran. On the same day there were a large number of protests around the globe including Sydney, Australia; Toronto, Canada; Washington DC, USA and Paris, France.

The Edinburgh demonstration was called by called by Edinburgh Stop the War, Glasgow Stop the War and supported by Edinburgh Palestine Solidarity Campaign, CND, Peace and Justice Centre and many more. The march was due to start at 2.00pm but waited half an hour for the arrival of 3 coaches from Glasgow.


11.08.2006 16:04
Aug. 19th: Armed Forces Day at the Clackamas County Fair
The Clackamas County Fair has decided to make Saturday, August 19 "Armed Forces Day". If you have attended the Clackamas County Fair, you know there is already a huge recruiting presence. Last year we were blessed with about 50 12-14 year olds in full fatigues playing games, having push-up contests, and running around trying to get other kids to "come have some fun" and win "prizes", stickers, posters and other cheap crap with the Army logo on it. I dont really see what the military has to do with a county fair, which is supposed to be dedicated to agriculture, livestock, cooking, art and human accomplishments.

I for one will not bring my kids to this recruiting snake pit, and it might help if anyone else who feels the same, called the CCF and told them so. Their reasons for having all these recruiters is simple ....money. Maybe if enough people call and tell them that they are not going to come to the fair this year because of their pandering to the "Armed Services", they may rethink it.

Probably not. The phone # for the Clackamas County Fair is 503-266-1136 The Fair Manager is Rayven Davis. She is a nice person and is no more in favor of this than we are , so if you talk to her, please be nice. The fair board is the group that approved this, not her. She stood up to the Right to Lifers who were passing out plastic fetuses to grade schoolers during the fair of 2004..told them to stop or get out.


11.08.2006 04:09
Tre Arrow's Latest Callout - 8/10/06
Hello to everyone out there, the full moon took place Wednesday morning (august 9th at 3am... west-coast of turtle island time). This next moon faze promises to be an incredibly powerful time for all beings on this precious planet!

Today (august 10th) is Prisoner Justice Day in Canada. This day honours
all those who have struggled and died while incarcerated in Canada so that we may be afforded the rights and privileges every humyn (sic) is entitled to, whether they are incarcerated or not! During this day myself and many other inmates are fasting and refusing to work as an act of solidarity and commemoration towards those who have lost their lives.


10.08.2006 02:02
"I Didnít Want to Remember" -- Reflections on Nagasaki
Nagasaki days after US Atomic Bombing on August 9, 1945 "It was kind of awesome to be there," are the words Joseph Mrosko of Pana, Illinois used to describe his tour of duty in Nagasaki, Japan at the end of World War II. Mrosko's job was to photographically record the results of the second atomic blast directed on the Japanese. Today, August 9, marks the anniversary of the Nagasaki bombing.

Owner of a well-established photographic studio in Pana, Mrosko, 59, had been a 2nd Marine Division combat photographer in the Pacific theater before being sent to Nagasaki within two months of the Japanese surrender.

commemorating august 6th


10.08.2006 02:01
a night in jail for roadless forests
i just got back to portland lastnight after an exciting two days in southern oregon. i was arrested and spent the night in the Jackson County jail in Medford in hopes of getting people more aware of whats happening to our roadless areas. This is precedent setting logging. Kulongoski has already tried to stand up to the Bush administration over this issue. Please put pressure on him to continue the fight.

Tell Governor Kulongoski to Protect Roadless Areas in Oregon at the State of Oregon's Roadless Area Public ForumsAugust 14.

Governor's Schedule of Public Meetings for Roadless Protections in Oregon | www.o2collective.org | Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center | Cascadia Wildlands Project | Biscuit Fire Background


10.08.2006 01:59
Idiotic Sidewalk Closures Illustrate City Hall's Indifference to "The Rest of Us"
You know, I didn't even really think about the absurdity of all the sidewalk closures in Portland until a friend pointed it out. I mean, it was a hassle, it was inconvenient, and it was often dangerous. I didn't like it, but I just kind of accepted it. I didn't really think about the fact that NO other city I have ever been to allows businesses and construction companies to just block off sidewalks like that until my friend pointed it out. And then suddenly, I realized she was right.


10.08.2006 01:58
Trapper Timber Sale
Despite Judge Pechman's recent ruling that the Bush administration's elimination of the the Survey and Manage Program is illegal, Willamette National Forest Supervisor Dallas Emch and District Ranger Mary Allison refuse to acknowledge the population of threatened red tree voles now known to inhabit the Trapper Timber Sale in the McKenzie River District. Last month N.E.S.T. volunteer climbers documented 30 red tree vole nest trees in the Trapper sale. Some nest trees were subsequently climbed and confirmed by leading scientist Dr. Eric Forsman of Oregon State University, and James Swingle, a Master's student and author of a thesis on red tree vole habitat. Under the Plan each active nest tree would be surrounded by a ten acre buffer, but Forest Service officials have so far refused to modify this controversial Old Growth sale to protect an important food source for the Northern Spotted Owl. LOGGING COULD BEGIN ANY DAY.


08.08.2006 21:57
Resistance to Roadless Logging Escalates as Protesters Blockade Bridge
Laurel Sutherlin dangling from a bridge above the Illinois River Early this morning, protestors erected a daring road blockade to halt logging at the Mike's Gulch Timber Sale in the Siskiyou National Forest, site of the first ever incursion into an Inventoried Roadless Area since the passage of the federal Roadless Rule in 2001. At least one activist is suspended in a cantilever off the side of the Green Bridge above the Illinois River in a manner that prohibits traffic across the bridge without endangering the life of the person hanging from it.

This dramatic action follows years of lawsuits, rallies, public comment periods and national media attention involving tens of thousands of people speaking out against the logging of the Biscuit. Over 2 million people submitted comments to protect our nation's roadless areas before the Biscuit fire and over 20,000 citizens submitted public comments opposing the Biscuit logging when it was proposed, and almost 100 arrests have been made of people engaging in nonviolent civil disobedience protesting the massive logging project.

www.o2collective.org | Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center | Cascadia Wildlands Project | Biscuit Fire Background | Oregon Governor's Schedule of Public Meetings for Roadless Protections in Oregon


08.08.2006 15:45
Status Hearing Report: Oregon Green Scare Case
Today [August 7] in federal court, Nathan Block and Joyanna Zacher were present for a status hearing on the upcoming trial. Also in attendance were Jeff Robinson and Amanda Lee for Daniel McGowan, as well as Marc Blackman for Jonathan Paul via conference call.

The first order of business was a continuance for the upcoming discovery hearing in which defendants' attorneys will ask for the court to order the release of surveillance evidence in discovery. The US Attorney's office has been dancing around the release of this surveillance, which could go back many years. What do they have to hide? Unwarranted wiretaps? Agents provacatuers?We'll see... That hearing was continued (postponed) till September 6th, 10;30 am.

Next, Amanda Lee requested that discovery released to defense last week be viewable by defendants without a lawyer present. A date was set, August 22nd* at 9:30 am, for a hearing on the issue.

greenscare.org | cldc.org


Eugene, OR: Need for HUGE show of support for Jeff Hogg

Jeff Hogg is still resisting the federal grand jury. His next hearing is in Eugene Tuesday, Aug. 15, at 11:15 AM.

Jeff has been held in Grants Pass for over a month. While there, he has been denied his nursing textbooks and is, in his own words, "very bored." The hearing on the 15th will be the first time he has seen his friends and supporters since he was taken into custody on May 18(!) and our first chance to see him. We really need to PACK THE COURTROOM to show him how much we appreciate his principled stance against government repression and the misuse of the grand jury!

The hearing is for his Grumbles motion. This is a motion arguing that since Jeff will never cooperate with the grand jury the coercive value of imprisoning him is negated, continuing to hold him becomes punitive while he has not been found guilty of anything, and thus he must be released immediately.

pdf flyer to print and distribute



08.08.2006 02:31
Nation's First Roadless Logging Began Today; Unprecedented Action Ignites Protest

The Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest began logging today in a roadless forest that was protected by the 2001 Roadless Area Conservation Rule which protected 58 million acres of public forest from industrial logging, and road-building. The Bush administration is now logging roadless forests, despite massive public opposition and a pending court cases challenging the logging.

More than 100 citizens from across the country attended a rally in front of the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest office in Medford today to protest the first logging of Roadless Areas. A dozen people with shirts reading "Roadless is Priceless" sat down in a road in front of the Forest Service office with potted trees. This resulted in twelve arrests, with charges still pending.

8/8: Resistance to Roadless Logging Escalates as Protesters Blockade Bridge


Roadless Area Logging Equals Broken Promise

Controversial logging began today in Mike's Gulch, a National Forest roadless area in Southern Oregon. It's the first roadless area logging in six years and part of a systematic rollback of environmental protections by the Bush administration.

Today, Silver Creek Timber Co. began logging in the South Kalmiopsis roadless area, located in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest in Southern Oregon. The logging is the first logging allowed in a National Forest roadless areas since the Bush administration replaced the popular 2001 Roadless Area Conservation Rule in 2005.




08.08.2006 02:28
Rod Coronado Sentenced to 8 Months Today!
Rod recieved an eight month sentence and was taken into custody at about noon today. The judge felt that it was very important to preserve fear of/respect for the law, otherwise anarchy may prevail.

He also received 3 years probation and is not to post anything; print, internet, interview..., with any animal rights or environmental organization that is associated with violence, including but not limited to EF!, ALF & ELF. The government was very aggresive in their assertion that dismantling the lion trap and spreading feline urine were violent acts. The judge concurred.


08.08.2006 02:27
Mayor Acknowledges Concerns of Tigard First
We've got their attention! Tigard Mayor Craig Dirksen addressed the possibility of Wal-Mart coming to Tigard in the August City Newsletter. While the Mayor is correct in stating that an application will be approved or denied based on the merits of the land use application, we are confident that sufficient concerns exist to deny a SuperCenter in the Tigard Triangle. Until the existing traffic problems are solved, the local roads cannot handle another big-box store in the area.

Tigard First is committed to helping residents stay involved in the growth of our City, and to encourage development that enhances our community. Revitalization of downtown is key to Tigard's livability and protecting that vision is a main goal of our group. Additionally, there is evidence that Wal-Mart contributes to crime, repeatedly violate environmental regulations, and damage local business. City officials should be concerned about locating a Wal-Mart just 1/4 mile from the heart of Tigard. There is also a significant wetland located on the site, one of the rapidly vanishing natural areas left in the City.


07.08.2006 03:07
TEL AVIV : thousands against the war
A young man mounted the podium. "My name is Zohar Milgrom. I am 26 years old, an activist in Yesh Gvul. I have got an emergency call up up order. Tomorrow I have to show up at the army and get sent to Lebanon. I will go there to declare that I am refusing. This is the only thing I can do in face of the public silence, in face of the war crimes committed in our name, in face of the leaders who have sent soldiers again into the Lebanese swamp. I will dedicate my time of imprisonment to all the people who suffer in this war, the Jews and the Arabs, the Israelis and Lebanese and Palestinians, to stopping the madness and saving their lives. Before I finish I would like to read to you the words of my friend, Isma'il abd-el Hal of Gaza, who would have liked to stand here in Tel-Aviv and address you, were it possible. This is what he asked me to tell you: Stop this war now! This war is the mother of terrorists and extremists! We are all in danger! We have to struggle together, to end this horror, to live together in peace, in two states!"

After he went down, to the sound of applause, a Yesh Gvul speaker announced a solidarity demonstration for next Saturday outside Military prison 6 at Atlit - where refusing Captain Amir Pester has been for more than week and where Milgrom will probably soon join him.


07.08.2006 02:40
N.E.S.T. finds 35 red tree vole nests in S.O
A red tree vole nest The Northwest Ecosystem Survey Team (N.E.S.T.) has been surveying in southern Oregon in three timber sales: Tennesse Lime, Anderson West and East Fork. We found 35 previously undiscovered red tree vole nests, when verified by the Bureau of Land Management, these nests will require protection that will lead to the reduction of these timber sales to the possible cancellation of certain timber sale units.

N.E.S.T. is going to continue it's surveys and we need new volunteers to continue this work.


07.08.2006 02:12
Interview with peace activist Brian Willson
Brian Willson cylcling for peace On August 11th, 2006, The Veterans for Peace are holding their annual national conference in Seattle, Washington. One of the states goals of the VfP is to abolish as an instrument of national policy. Recognizing the links between the necessity of war to maintain the "status quo" of oil consumption and the United States Empire to the implausibility of reaching sustainability, Brian Willson and a number of other Veterans for Peace and peace activists are headed to Seattle, sans the fossil fuels.

Starting in Eugene, Oregon, the Veterans Human-Powered Ride for Peace and Sustainability is touring on bicycle and bio-diesel fuel to promote awareness of alternatives to oil, and the need to create more environmentally sound and sustainable lifestyles. While the tour visit Olympia, Washington, Free Radio Olympia dj Rhino caught up with Brian Willson to discuss the tour, Veterans for Peace, and sustainability.

[Audio Interview]
brianwillson.com | Free Radio Olympia


07.08.2006 02:08
On August 2, 2006 Native tribes who depend upon the salmon runs of the Klamath River for both subsistence and ceremony held a Rally in Portland Oregon to demonstrate the necessity that the dams on this river be removed.

The Rally began at Holladay park, near Lloyd Center. Arriving a little late I missed speakers, but caught the tail end of one impassioned speech by an Indigenous man. "We're fish people, we're people of the Klamath River; we were honored when we were born. Now it's time for us to give something back and honor the resource, and more importantly, honor the children. I want to say something about the Klamath tribes of Oregon. These guys have not seen salmon since 1917, and that's a travesty."

Audio File and more in depth coverage | http://www.PhilosopherSeed.org


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