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02.07.2006 02:20
High Court has Ruled: Bush is a War Criminal

The whole top administration, from Commander in Chief George W. Bush on down, is guilty of war crimes. The punishment for committing war crimes ranges from a lengthy jail sentence to, in the event the crimes in question caused the death of any prisoners being held, to death. And there have been many deaths among those who have been held and tortured on orders of the administration--most recently the three suicides at Guantanamo, which included on man who had only three days earlier been targeted for release (but who never learned this because government's secrecy and tight security prevented his attorneys at the Center for Constitutional Rights from getting the news to him).


related: Illegal: US Supreme Court's ruling of Torture Bay


02.07.2006 02:08
Portland Mercury contributing to Patriarchal bullshit (Again)
The cover is marking the 4th of July (Strike One against the paper for celebrating imperial jingoism) and features a young man and a young woman in RedWhite&Blue swimming suits posed so that it looks like the man is -- to use street parlance -- about to mount her doggie-style. (Please read that entire last clause in 'scare quotes'.) This is Strike Two, of course.

I've got nothing against any particular sexual position that is enjoyed between consenting adults. Hell, I enjoy as many as I can. However, the graphical representation of such in our society has an undeniably deleterious effect on women. AND men, actually, as Patriarchy makes life miserable for everyone, but the near constant degradation of women in the media, on the street, through laws, and in schools and at jobs -- not a complete list -- is a syndrome that demands attention of its own.


02.07.2006 01:54
NW Heat Wave: Heat Survival Tips

Every year people die from heat. Summer heat can be a killer if you do not understand the ways of the sun. There are things you should know about heat and health. For instance, waiting until you are thirsty is not a way to gauge dehydration. Waiting until your skin is pink is not a way to gauge whether you are getting sunburned. It is considerably hotter (up to 30 degrees hotter) at ground level, than if you are sitting up a foot off the ground... [ read more ]

NW Heat Wave: Sunburn Remedies

As a fair-skinned, red-headed kid growing up in Los Angeles and Baja, sunburn was a regular part of my childhood. Chemical sprays were not effective and mainstream America was ignorant of aloe's properties. Once back in L.A., after a week in San Felipe, I had bright red burning skin and a sun blister on my eye which made it hard to close. A family friend suggested I smear pickle juice on my skin and hold a pickle on the blister. Desperate, I did it. Immediately, my skin stopped stinging and the blister went down. I stank but I was no longer hurting. [ read more ]


02.07.2006 01:51
Do you need help with your nicotine addiction?
I used to run a company that taught 1000's of Portlanders to stop smoking using a combination of powerful techniques based on rational emotive therapy and cognitive restructuring. I myself used this program 15 years ago to deal with my own 20-year addiction to nicotine. The program used to be offered through every major medical center here in Portland and was known by the names BreatheFree and/or ASPIRE.

Unfortunately we closed in 1998 when the government allowed the pharmaceutical companies to sell nicotine patches and gum as a treatment for nicotine addiction. This makes about as much sense as treating heroin addiction with heroin gum or patches.


30.06.2006 00:38
Fort Lewis--Standing with Ehren Watada
The bridge spanning I-5 just outside the entrance to Ft. Lewis was crowded with Lt. Watada supporters. I am not sure how many people were there but the bridge was packed and people spilled out onto the grassy area near the base. With signs, banners and doves, they waved to the people in cars.

A steady stream of people leaving the base seemed mostly indifferent, but a few waved their agreement with the pro-peace crowd and a handful registered their opposition. However, after a short time, no more cars left the base, suggesting they may have left at another exit. A few state troopers and local police had a light presence and mostly ensure that traffic flowed and people did not wander down the entrance to I-5.


30.06.2006 00:36
Boycott Bayview and Ralph's Thriftway
Ralphs and Bayview Thriftways owner Kevin Storeman has decided (based on his own moral standards) that the pharmacy located at Ralph's Thriftway on the Eastside of Olympia will not carry the emergency contraceptive known as Plan B. Local activists have organized a pickett line to take place Wednesday 6/28, Thursday 6/29, Friday 6/30, and Sunday 7/2 from 5pm - 7pm. There will be sign making supplies at the pickett line and plenty of free thinking individuals to support the protection of health care for all women in this day and age. It's 2006! Let's show Mr. Storeman how his decision affects our community.



29.06.2006 08:10
Grand Jury Subpoena in Olympia
On June 27th, Jim Dawson received a subpoena to appear before a grand jury at the Federal District Courthouse in Seattle, WA on July 6th at 9:00 am. There will be a rally outside the courthouse at 8:30 am, please come support Jim.



28.06.2006 20:08
Court Report: Four Remaining Defendants in Oregon Case
Today in court, Jonathan, Nathan, Joyanna and Daniel were arraigned on superceding indictment II. I will have to compare indictments to see what is different from the last superceding, aside from the removal of the other defendants from the indictment, as all are now taking plea agreements. All four of the remaining defendants were in the courtroom with their attorneys, Nathan and Joyanna in shackles and "jail greens".

US Atty Kirk Engdall gave an update about discovery. He said 27,000 pages have been released to defendants, as well as 71 CDs, 4 DVDs and 3 cassette tapes. He said that 1000 documents related to Romania Chevrolet and UW would be released within 30 days, as well as documents and materials related to the testimony of cooperating defendants and unindicted informants.

related: green scare topic page | greenscare.org


28.06.2006 02:18
AWOL in Canada – Soldiers Speak Out
According to the Pentagon, nearly 6,000 U.S. soldiers are currently listed as deserters, having been AWOL for at least 30 days. It is unknown how many of these soldiers have taken refuge in Canada, but as the war continues this number is sure to increase. Indymedia contributor, FluxRostrum, has recently filmed interviews with three of these soldiers. In the videos, the soldiers tell their story uncensored and provide a view into the reality of the war not presented by corporate media.

[ download the videos ]


28.06.2006 01:42
Thank You Lt. Watada!

It was hot and sunny in Olympia but people gathered to show their support for Lt. Watada and the other soldiers who are refusing to fight in Iraq. Mr. and Mrs. Watada were there to support their son's courageous act. Other parents and family members are supporting their sons and daughters who also refusing to take part in this illegal war. Courage and patriotism take many forms, including acts of conscience. There comes a point when silence is no longer an acceptable option but their decision to refuse to fight in Iraq cannot have been easy. I hope that we find ways to support the sacrifices they, and their families, are making. [ read more ]

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previous reporting by Mollie


28.06.2006 01:08
Day of protest against rendition flights at British airports
Saturday 24th June saw a day of protest at 5 British airports (Glasgow, Prestwick, Edinburgh, Gatwick and Birmingham International) against the so-called `rendition flights`. The protests were supported by the national Stop the War and by a variety of local campaigns.

The process of what is euphemistically called `extraordinary rendition` amounts to secretly and illegally shuttling people around the world for interrogation, very often to countries where torture is practiced.


27.06.2006 03:16
The Wall Street Journal Calls Hugo Chavez A Threat to World Peace

You won't find commentary and language any more hostile to Hugo Chavez than on the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal. Their June 23 piece by Mary Anastasia O'Grady in the Americas column is a clear, jaw-dropping example. It's practically blood-curdling in its vitriol which calls Hugo Chavez a threat to world peace. The sad part of it is Journal readers believe this stuff and are likely to support any US government efforts to remove the "threat."

The O'Grady article is about the elections scheduled to take place in the fall for five non-permanent UN Security Council seats to be held in 2007. One of them will be for the Latin American seat now held by Argentina. The two countries vying to fill the opening are Guatemala and Venezuela, and the other countries in the region will vote on which one will get it. You won't have to think long to guess the one the US supports - its Guatemalan ally, of course. And why not. For over 50 years its succession of military and civilian governments have all followed the dictates of their dominant northern neighbor. In so doing, they all managed to achieve one of the world's worst human rights records that hasn't abated even after the 1996 Peace Accords were signed ending a brutal 36 year conflict. Although the country today is nominally a democratic republic, it continues to abuse its people according to documented reports by Amnesty International. [ read more ]

"Americans for Chavez" launched

We would like to announce the launching of the "Americans for Chavez" project by Bolivarian Circle 'Chief Tierra Blanca' in Denver, Colorado and its website found online at:

Beyond organizing local solidarity activity - several projects are in the works presently - and coordinating with the larger progressive anti-imperialist camp (with an emphasis on anti-war and pro-Palestine activism), we have launched the "Americans for Chavez" website & online project to promote solidarity in cyber-space. For the record, we are in no way in competition with, or opposed to, the larger solidarity networks like the Cyber Circle. In fact our website includes multiple links to these networks and we strongly suggest that interested parties visit them as well. [ read more ]


27.06.2006 03:10
URGENT! Student Loan Consolidation – Do it Now!!
Anyone holding student loans - even if you're still in school - should hurry to consolidate them NOW. Recent legislation passed by all those "family values, compassionate conservative" types in Congress (you know, the same ones who just gave themselves another pay raise, while killing a higher minimum wage) will significantly increase the interest rate on federal student loans on July 1st, 2006. The added cost to you could be significant.

If you've taken out your loans since July 1, 1998, your Stafford loans will all be at 4.7% variable interest right now. Because Congress decided to (partially) finance tax cuts for the very rich on the backs of students, children, and the poor, your student loan interest rate will increase this Saturday to 6.8% fixed. Not only is that a 44% increase in interest rate, but because it is fixed rather than variable, you will no longer benefit if interest rates drop in the future!


25.06.2006 20:52
Survey of residents losing homes to gentrification
Rosefriend Building - 1907 Two concerned Portlanders took some time today to interview residents affected by the planned demolition of the Rosefriend Apartment building next to the Park Blocks downtown, to find out their thoughts on the impending loss of their homes and the destruction of this historic Portland building.
[RELATED: Historic building downtown to be demolished for condos | Willy Week background article from 1999 on Rosefriend's new owners]


25.06.2006 08:20
Puerto Rico, Ciudad del Caribe?
Históricamente, el desarrollo urbanístico ha sido uno de los mayores enemigos de la Madre Tierra. Los intereses que mueven el desarrollo urbanístico no permite una conservación real de los ecosistemas. Puerto Rico, a pesar de ser una pequeña isla del caribe, no se salva de esta destrucción y amenaza permanente. En Puerto Rico, al igual en el resto del mundo, ni ha existido, ni existe, ni existirá legislación alguna que tenga como prioridad la defensa y conservación de la naturaleza. En la actual sociedad, el progreso económico es sinónimo de destrucción permanente del medio natural que nos rodea y nos da vida. Hay legislaciones que existen y que presumen de "proteger" el medio ambiente, sin embargo la realidad es que esas mismas leyes permiten que se Históricamente, el desarrollo urbanístico ha sido uno de los mayores enemigos de la Madre Tierra. Los intereses que mueven el desarrollo urbanístico no permite una conservación real de los ecosistemas. Puerto Rico, a pesar de ser una pequeña isla del caribe, no se salva de esta destrucción y amenaza permanente. En Puerto Rico, al igual en el resto del mundo, ni ha existido, ni existe, ni existirá legislación alguna que tenga como prioridad la defensa y conservación de la naturaleza.

En la actual sociedad, el progreso económico es sinónimo de destrucción permanente del medio natural que nos rodea y nos da vida. Hay legislaciones que existen y que presumen de "proteger" el medio ambiente, sin embargo la realidad es que esas mismas leyes permiten que se dañe la Madre Tierra. Por ejemplo, en Puerto Rico existen leyes que supuestamente "protegen" los ríos y sus cuencas hidrográficas, sin embargo, y como resultado de dichas leyes, mas del 60% de los ríos están contaminados siendo sus aguas nocivas para los seres que habitamos la Madre Tierra; entiéndase, seres humanos, fauna y flora. Es decir, ni hay agua potable, ni la habrá porque, desgraciadamente, el servicio de agua potable, al igual que todos los aspectos que conciernen a la sociedad, están controlados por los burócratas de siempre y están al servicio de la misma gente que contaminan el medio ambiente.


25.06.2006 07:26
Local Interview With Lt. Ehren Watada
same picture with GIMP level correction Lt. Watada joined the army in March of 2003, believing Bush administration claims that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that Sadaam had strong ties to Al Queda and 911 He received his officers commission in December of the same year, served a year in Korea, and upon being redeployed back to the U.S., was informed that he would be deployed to Iraq within a year.

"At that time when I joined up I had no reason to believe that our leaders, the government, the administration would betray the trust of the people........I felt that it was my responsibility as an officer to find out everything I could about war in general in order to better prepare my troops and train them for combat deployment. I also began reading a whole broadbase of articles on the Iraq war on what was going on there at the time and what has led us up to that point. What I found was deeply shocking, not only as a person but also as a member of the military......learning that the administration had betrayed the trust of the people, had deceived us into going into this war that was totally unnecessary and unrelated to the war on terrorism."

related: mp3 steam of the interview | Thank You, Lt. Watada! | Lt Watada refuses order, restricted to base | National Day of Action June 27: Stand up with Lt. Watada | Road Trip to Ft. Lewis to Support Lt. Watada

Oakland Rally for Suzanne Swift
Today, June 23, some creative people joined together in front o the Oakland Army Recruiting office to promote the nurturing concept of "Breasts Not Bombs" and to honor the courageous female GI, Suzanne Swift, who refused to return to Iraq because of the sexual abuse to which she was subjected by male army personnel.

About ten men and women carried signs with large print "TORTURE IS INDECENT." One fellow had a very beautiful 6 foot butterfly with words on the wings "Butterflies Not Bombs" Another sign read, "Dick Cheney and George Bush are indecent."

related: "Fear for my daughter": Support Suzanne Swift! | AWOL Eugene Soldier Arrested


24.06.2006 06:53
Salmon River Timber Sale Loses in 9th Circuit Court
South Fork Salmon RIver June 23, 2006: The Knob Timber Sale lost on all counts in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Knob is one of three old growth timber sales (along with the already cut Glassups sale and currently in court Meteor sale) making up a "mega-sale" on the wild and scenic Salmon River of Siskiyou County, CA. After years in court, the Knob sale will soon be auctioned and slated for cut there after. Some of the last intact oldgrowth forest in the United States can be found in these public-land timber sales.

In 2003 activists came together to stop the cumulative effects of the Glassups, Knob, and Meteor Timber Sales. That year, forest defenders rose up in three tree-sits in the Glassups sale. Although Glassups fell, the Knob auction was held off till now, a huge victory! But the struggle continues - Forest defenders of the Salmon River are committed to fighting the Knob sale through direct action! We are a diverse and colorful group of local concerned community members as well as activists from all over the country. The movement fighting to stop harmful and un-lawful logging is a multi-limbed creature. When the "arm" of litigation tires... the now rested and muscular arm of direct action re-emerges.

related: Salmon River Tree-Sits blocked by Feds, public land sales closed to public (June 6 2003) | Proposed Meteor Timber Sale Could Devastate Salmon River (Dec. 3 2003) | Fall Creek Salvage Sale Timber Auction (Nov. 4 2005) | Fall Creek "Salvage" Sale Timber Auction--On the Inside Looking Out (Nov. 6 2005)


23.06.2006 12:45
Historic building downtown to be demolished for condos
The Rosefriend is not only historic, it is also affordable housing. It will be torn down to make way for high-end condos. The only reason this is happening is so the church that owns the property can have underground parking for its congregation. Action even at this late date is possible. Maybe an occupation of some sort?

This is a more direct and immediate loss of home for lower-income people than anything happening on Mississippi and Alberta, yet I've heard not so much as a yawn on Indymedia about it.


23.06.2006 12:39
Help stop the Mexican wolf slaughter!
Mexican Grey Wolf The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is destroying yet another family of Mexican gray wolves - even though the agency has identified the species as the most endangered mammal in North America. The male of the recently released Nantac Pack was just shot and killed, and the female is being hunted down right now. Both members of this pack were survivors of past predator control actions.

In 1996, an environmental analysis of the Mexican wolf reintroduction program projected that the population would reach at least 100 animals by the end of this year. However, it is believed there are presently fewer than 40 grown wolves in the wild plus an unknown number of pups born this year.



22.06.2006 19:03
Mayor promotes Sizer to full Chief of Portland Police Dept
Mayor Potter calls Press conference to Present Desision to Promote from within. June 22nd, 2006 Mayor Potter of Portland, Oregon announced in Council Chambers his desision to Promte and confer title of Full "Chief of Police", upon interium Chief of Police,Rosie Sizer.

Last week , Mayor Potter announced that he might conduct a nation wide search, however as he stated today, to the press, He had confered with Council members and other High ups and this was the only clear desision to make and the Right Choice.

Chief Sizer stepped up and spoke...She told her own Quilty Profiling incident(she is establishing her humanness)(or purging sin publicly) about a Guy that she once stopped, because as she plain old outright stated, He was "Ugly", and he was near where something had happened, and she took him in and ran him and he had never never never committed any offense in his whole life ,no record,no nothing....she said she apologized to him, and he even told her, he got stopped all the time for just being UGLY !!! (Quilty while being Ugly ) Lord help us...!!!!

Comment:You know, I have a lot of conflicted feelings about this. First, I too question why Foxworth got demoted while McCollister and Sery did not. I wonder why cops who kill people get medals, while a cop who engaged in the same kind of human behavior all the rest of us engage in (come on, you know you do) gets demoted. Weird.


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