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23.05.2006 09:10
Victory! Neighbors Triumph Over Developers -- For Now
48 feet 9 inches, Mississippi Avenue Lofts The Mississippi Avenue Lofts (MAL) developers have been working for months to get a new 4 story development on N Mississippi Avenue approved. After initially being denied a letter of support from the neighborhood, at the last Boise Neighborhood Association (BNA) meeting they were able to eek out a majority. On the record there were 66 votes supporting the lofts, 47 votes opposing, and 10 abstaining.

Their design was also approved by the Bureau of Development Services (BDS). Being in a Conservation District they were required to meet the guidelines for new developments. A diligent neighbor appealed the BDS decision forcing a hearing before the Historical Landmarks Commission which took place today, May 22.

The hearing began with the BDS representative, Justin Fallon Dollard giving an overview of the project and what specifically was up for review. He consistently used the word "we" when referring to the project. I assume this is because he worked with the developers to find ways to get around community guidelines. And I mean get around them, not necessarily address them. One example of "getting around them" is his suggestion (and ultimately an addition to the MAL) of scoring the hanging concrete walls on the north and south. He suggested this to satisy "blending in" to the neighborhood. During the deliberation of the Commission, one of the volunteers scoffed at that addition as a poor attempt to "blend in." Blending in, and what that means, seemed to be a large part of why these developers went home with frowns on their faces.


23.05.2006 01:06
Peace Memorial Park in full bloom
Looking West About 60 volunteers came together this Saturday to plant over 3,000 flowers at the Peace Memorial Park. The petunias and marigolds were donated by a local nursery and after about 7 hours it was done.

The 75-foot peace symbol is made of turf, the "negative space" of the peace symbol is filled in with colorful flowers, and a peace pole will be placed at the top of the circle.

Groundbreaking for the Peace Memorial was on April 23. Volunteers finished preparing the ground and put in the sod forming the peace symbol on April 29. Flowers were put in the ground on May 20, and dedication is to take place in a ceremony on Memorial Day, May 29.


23.05.2006 01:05
URGENT: Six Nations 'All hell and shit has broken loose'
Day 83 of the land reclamation. In a gesture of goodwill, Six Nations people took down the barricade on Argyle Street in front of the Caledonia at 6:00 am this morning. Yesterday the Caledonians blocked the road for 6 buses of supporters from Toronto.

They also blocked ambulances from going to the hospital. One man died alone because they did not let his family go to his bedside. A car with a reporter and some women from Six nations paper was surrounded by Caledonian men and women. They smashed the windows.

Related: 4/18/06 Canada Breaks Off Negotiations - Warrior Societies Brace for Attack | 4/18/06 Warrior Society Communique | 4/20/06 CKUT: Six Nations Stands Down Ontario Police


22.05.2006 02:12
Video File: Trojan Nuclear Power Plant Imploded

The Trojan Nuclear Power Plant in Rainier, Oregon was imploded by engineers from Controlled Demolition, Inc. today. I spent Saturday night with a group of activists who spent close to 20 years working to shut down the plant until their efforts succeeded in 1993. They rented 10 or more rooms at a motel in Kalama, Washington. We rose very early to find good spots to view the event.

I will be making a short video about the weekend, hopefully to be shown at a Videos from the Resistance showing in the near future. In the meantime, here is a quick video of the implosion from my vantage point in a neighborhood on a bluff in Kelso, Washington, across the mighty Columbia River from the cooling tower.


Falling at the speed of Gravity

my viewing location was just outside of the 1/2 mile exclusionary zone. about 75 - 100 folks, most of whome were locals. some county cops, but it was all cool. there were a few black clothed, fellow portlander looking, video camera toting and film shooting activists. hope to see their video on the web soon.

It was cool and looked just like we all figured it would. We've seen it recently three times before.


What Killed Trojan? Activists Set The Record Straight | Download Video | Trojan to Blow on Sunday


21.05.2006 23:41
Successful Peace Vigil in Strip Mall Territory
While the Oak Grove community itself is mostly residential and quiet, there is a lot of traffic up and down McLoughlin. There are some major intersections, one of them at Oak Grove Boulevard where the big Fred Meyer store is located. There are lots of other businesses around too. On Saturdays the McLoughlin-Oak Grove intersection is very busy with shoppers and travelers ... there's a bus stop right there too.

So on May 20, about 20 people showed up for a peace vigil sponsored by the Clackamas County Democratic Party, House District 40. Signs were brought out, also one participant brought an armload of beautiful yellow roses from her garden. We demonstrated for about one hour, from 12 noon to 1 pm. It was a spirited and high-energy event, and attracted a lot of attention.


21.05.2006 23:36
Report: Tuesday vigil at the Recruiting Center
14 people gathered at the recruiting center for the weekly vigil. It was sunny and hot and people held signs, chalked the sidewalk, and flyered. Each week a flyer with the names of the dead U.S. soldiers is handed out. This past week there were 31 dead. It is impossible to count the Iraqi dead.

The number of U.S. soldiers dead in Iraq is fairly well published. What is not well published is the number of Iraqi citizens killed. 150,000 is not a high estimate. Beyond the dead, there are a growing number of people suffering from Depleted Uranium poisoning. Because the U.S. refuses to study DU effects itself, and where possible blocks such efforts by others, it is hard to gauge the true scope of the war crimes being committed in Iraq.


21.05.2006 23:32
National Front in Downtown Portland
National Front flyers found in free newspaper dispensaries in front of Whole Foods, downtown Portland.

Always fascinating to see how these things are filtered through the white supremacist lens. Like, they're almost right on the mark - yes, someone is trying to turn this into a Third World country. But it's not the enemies of the country, nor the people of color. It's the President. Eh wot?

Anyway, I handed this flyer off to one of those Portland Clean and Safe cops. Let him know this constitutes a hate crime, so he should be on the lookout for anybody handing out these flyers and arrest them.


21.05.2006 23:30
Sir! No Sir! The G.I. Resistance movie opens at The Hollywood Theater
Sir! No Sir!

This is a must see movie. I was in the Army at the time and knew nothing about this. Its an eye opening look at how 2 soldiers who refused to participate in the Vietnam war started a movement that resulted in thousands of service men and women refusing to go to Vietnam or engage the enemy. Underground newspapers and coffeehouses sprang up all over the country at military bases. There was a munity at the Persidio after a prisoner was shot and killed. This a part of history that has been buried. Go see the movie and learn how a movement started.

pd adds: The film was sad and great. The people I saw in the audience were from the era, but this is a film that young people should watch. The Vietnam War ended because of the resistance in the army. The First World War ended because of the Russian revolution and the soldiers from there saying we aren't going to fight any more. The war on Iraq and a war on Iran can be ended by those in the army saying Sir,NO,Sir!


20.05.2006 07:18
Personal Vigil at the OHSU Primate Center
#16162 used her mirror to look down cage row and lived with chronic diarrhea. Inspired by Rick Bogle and his Primate Freedom Tour years ago where he kept a week-long vigil outside all of the eight National Primate Research Centers, an IDA member has started his own weekly solo demonstration outside the OHSU primate lab, and he would welcome your company!

Beginning last Sunday and extending for the next 6 weeks through Sunday June 25, Clark, an IDA volunteer, will be outside the Oregon National Primate Research Center between noon and 2 pm with his homemade sign alerting passersby about the cruel and unnecessary research that is being conducted by OHSU.

Clark will have a few extra signs available these upcoming weeks so anyone who wants to join him need only bring their positive energy. These monkeys live day in and out in stark labs, alone in tiny cages, suffering in often painful experiments, and most people don't even know these primate labs exist in their neighborhood. More than 3,500 monkeys are being held in these OHSU labs. We are very proud of Clark for taking the initiative to be their voice and encourage you to please join him for one of his Sunday vigils.

Animals Love Their Mothers Too - May 13 Schumachers Report
It was a warm, sunny day as we gathered in front of Schumacher furs for our weekly protest. We held signs (some specific to Mother's Day on Sunday, such as a picture of several raccoons with the saying, "These babies miss their mother. Is she on your back?"), passed out literature, chanted, and ate vegan sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies until the close of Schumacher's business day. There were a number of new people who joined us, including a child who asked her mother if she could protest with us, and couple from Denver who had heard about our protest on Indymedia. Like a number of other activists across the country, they have their own on-going protest in their city - all across the country people are saying no to fur.

Our lively, celebratory protests continue to stand in stark contrast to the death and destruction within Schumacher. Throughout the day we danced, a bagpipe player entertained us, we performed street theater. All the activity seemed to interest dour Schumacher employee/attempted murderer Nick, who came out several times to pointedly take our pictures (as if to intimidate).

related: all schumachers reports | portlandfurcruelty.com


18.05.2006 18:35
Jeff Hogg JAILED for Resisting the Grand Jury!!
Today in Eugene, Jeff Hogg refused to cooperate with the
Grand Jury, was granted "immunity" and was subsequently charged with Contempt and HAS BEEN JAILED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!
We will send out specific requests for support (mailing address, call for donations, etc.) as soon as we have more details.

On a more positive note, Robert "Burke" Morris answered a few basic questions and was released from his subpoena in Denver and should be returning home to the Northwest this evening. He is expected to release a statement sometime tomorrow.


18.05.2006 11:19
Portland Protests in Solidarity with the People of San Salvador Atenco, Mexico
Atenco Over 30 people gathered at the Mexican Consulate in Portland for an emergency action demanding the immideate release of all political prisoners from San Salvador Atenco, Mexico and for an end to the repression of Mexican social movements. On May 3rd, over 3,000 police invaded Atenco and arrested over 300 people and dissapeared dozens.There are widespread reports of detainees being raped and beat. The police attacked Atenco after a few dozen flower vendors resisted being forecefully relocated to make way for a planned Wal-Mart.

background: PCASC press release | EZLN declares red alert | Virtual sit-in | Zapatistas vs. Walmart! | Global Exchange Coverage | Atenco Prisoners launch hunger strike | Germany IMC coverage & Timeline | Mexico Indymedia coverage


17.05.2006 23:45
Sacred Activism Conference: Finding A New Political Compass
Over 800 people participated in the Sacred Activism Conference held May 10-13 in Lynwood, WA. Some were activists and others were seeking a way to become more active. Coming from many different wisdom traditions and life circumstances, they shared the beliefs that we are all connected and political activism is the way to create a community, nation and world that reflects our highest selves. Saving the spotted owl and old growth forests is not just about saving those particular living beings but about saving the world for our grandchildren because everything is interconnected and interdependent.

The conference also provided evidence that there is a growing number of Americans who share similar values. Paul Ray calls them the Cultural Creatives and Barbara Marx Hubbard declares we are the New Main Stream. The data show that well over 45% of the voters are disconnected from traditional labels of Democrat and Republican. The data also showed that there is far more agreement on core issues than the media or our political system want us to know. In the so-called Red and Blue states are people in significant numbers who long for meaning in their lives and to provide a safe and caring world for all the children. They share similar views about ecology, limits to growth, planetary survival, elimination of poverty, limiting corporate power in politics and demanding an ethic of social responsibility, enhancing education for all, providing health care for all, and of course, ending this war, and all wars.


17.05.2006 23:42
Schumacher Furs protest report (Dead product, dead sales), May 6
Even the "50% off Protest Sale" signs that are now appearing in the windows each Saturday at Schumacher Furs aren't enough to bring people in to purchase their unethical merchandise. The store remained as dead as their fur, as we held a lively protest outside. We held signs, passed out literature, talked to passersby, showed a video about how animals are used in the fur trade, were entertained by bagpipe music, and ate vegan treats for the duration of the business day Saturday, while the Schumacher folks glared at us from within.

Many people thanked us for being there. We also had perhaps one of the more ridiculous confrontations this week with Schumacher supporters. A middle-aged man and woman walked by us, looking at our shoes (no doubt looking for leather), but instead of making that tired accusation, they stated that we were just as guilty of animal cruelty as those we were protesting because we were wearing cotton, and "cotton comes from sheep." We stated that cotton is grown, and that wool comes from sheep, and that we weren't wearing wool. As they walked off, they kept up the tirade about us wearing cotton and that being just as bad as fur. And we continued to say that cotton is grown and wool comes from sheep. As they walked up the 6-level spiral staircase of the parking garage, they continued to yell at us as they came around each turn. Finally we just waved at them. The one thing they actually got right is that wool is indeed cruel.


Shut Down the PBA 17.05.2006 11:21
Rally Against the Right- Report Back

Today at 7:45 a coalition of concerned Portlanders took the stage at Portland Business Alliance's annual meeting. Demanding accountability and an end to the persecution of the poor of Portland, we spoke until removed from the stage.

Read More

report of 4 or 5 arrests at the Convention Center protesting the PBA || PBA Arrestees


16.05.2006 09:55
Olympia Green Scare: FBI Knocking Continues
The FBI is investigating the Olympia community for information regarding the 2001 alleged arson at a UW horticulture lab and and the 1998 alleged arsons at two Olympia area APHIS-ADC facilities. The federal government has until this Sunday, May 21st to issue any more indictments regarding the UW arson. These incidents are being investigated as acts of domestic terrorism, although there were no injuries nor immediate threats to life incurred in any of these events.

The trial of defendant Briana Waters is scheduled to begin June 5 in Seattle. The grand jury in Seattle may also issue more subpoenas this week in relation to the trial. Multiple indictments have already been issued in these cases as part of a broad nationwide round-up of environmental and animal rights activists called "Operation Backfire" by the FBI, and colloquially referred to as the "green scare", a reference to the "red scare" round-up of suspected communists in the US in the 1950's that violated the constitutional rights of citizens to free expression of political and social dissent.

The FBI's knocking campaign for information has been targeting members of the Olympia community. Many local groups are calling for solidarity in not talking to the FBI. Even if you are innocent, you may incriminate yourself or others if you choose to cooperate with the FBI and answer their questions. The FBI's knocking campaign for information is a threat to civil liberties as the government seeks to isolate and threaten potential informants in an effort to intimidate people into giving up their constitutional right to remain silent. The FBI's activities have a chilling effect on the free expression of dissent in our community.

If the FBI or grand jury is targeting you or someone you know, please contact the Civil Liberties Defense Center in Eugene, Oregon at 541-687-9180, info(at)cldc.org. If you are in Olympia, the Olympia Civil Liberties Resource is here to help you obtain community and legal support. Contact us at 360-556-6878, olycivlib(at)riseup.net.

Resources:Civil Liberties Defense Center | Portland Indymedia Greenscare Page | Olympia Civil Liberties Resource | June 9-11 Weekend of Resistance Against The Green Scare


16.05.2006 09:45
#2 Logging... The Greg Walden Bill
Is Greg Walden desecrating Thoreau's Walden?

It is once again the time of year when many in Congress attempt to use high energy prices as justification for short-sighted, outdated and dirty energy policies instead of the smart energy solutions that could ease the burden on consumers while protecting the environment at the same time.

Under the guise of "forest recovery," Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR) has introduced a bill which would fast track destructive logging projects in National Forests affected by natural disturbances such as fires, droughts, or windstorms. The Walden logging bill, HR 4200, would remove basic protections for clean water and wildlife habitat by cutting meaningful environmental review and excluding public involvement. This harmful bill has passed the House Resources and Agriculture committees; a floor vote is expected this week.

Fuel Economy Standards: Congressmen Sherwood Boehlert and Ed Markey offered an amendment to raise fuel economy standards to 33 miles per gallon for both cars and trucks by 2016. The amendment failed in committee but is expected to come back for a floor vote next week.

Additional Energy: In the coming weeks, both the House and Senate are expected to move on more energy measures. Of course, we can certainly anticipate maneuvering to open America's special places to more oil and gas drilling including efforts to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and open additional acreage in the Gulf of Mexico to offshore drilling.

Global Warming: a first-ever House floor vote on global warming.


16.05.2006 08:29
Greece, Athens 4-7 May: An anarchist forum, a demo and a riot
greece protest For the first time in Greece, between the 4th and 7th of May the Libertarian Anarchist Antiauthoritarian Forum took place

On Saturday May the 6th several hours before the anti-war demo organized by the ESF, an anarchist demo took place in downtown Athens from Monastiraki Sq. to Propylaia with more than 1.500 people that were heavily (and I really mean heavily) guarded by riot police. Its http://athens.indymedia.org/front.php3?lang=el&article_id=502400 http://athens.indymedia.org/front.php3?lang=el&article_id=502400 link to athens.indymedia.org

Several hours later as soon as the ESF's demo begun hundreds of anarchists in small groups emerged out of the crowd. Despite the massive amount of policemen (the State talks about more than 8.000 cops) the managed to attack many targets firebombing Banks, ATM's, police cars and vans, cctv cameras, several embassies, the headquarters of the greek police, a state's ministry, the greek parliament, Mac Donalds, Starbucks and many more.

During all that time the ESF people did what it was unconceivable even for leftists. They managed the rally as if it was their own, and eagerly played the part of the police or used the Police for their purposes. These are the same people that are allegedly against neo-liberalism, war and the State's repression. Although all of the targets symbolized Capitalism and the State in many occasions they attempted to arrest people (sometimes just on the grounds of being hooded or wearing black clothes) and hand them over to the police, while in other occasions they attacked passers-by based on the same aforementioned criteria which resulted to dozens of arrests and 17 prosecutions including minors and immigrants.

www.athens.indymedia.org | Photos:1, 2


16.05.2006 06:43
Code Pink Challenges White House
code pink Code Pink activists showed up on Mother's Day to challenge the War Party. They took their case directly to the White House. In a rally that included a mini-parade, speeches, a sing along and the waving of plenty of roses, the Ladies in Pink were in great form. Cindy Sheehan said they are "making a difference." And, Actress Susan Sarandon read an open letter to Laura Bush, in which she mocked Laura's husband, "The Decider," as a warmonger.

On Sunday, May 14, 2006, a colorful protest action, sponsored by "Code Pink: Women for Peace," was staged directly in front of the White House. It included a mini-parade, a sing along and plenty of roses waving around. The event, a 24-hour vigil, began the day before. Its theme was "Declare Peace on Mother's Day."

One of the campaigns that Code Pink, a national organization, has launched is to get the junior Democratic Senator from New York, Hillary Clinton, "to listen.", to sign on to a Resolution calling for bringing all the troops home, now. Clinton continues to vote to fund the war, which was initiated by the Bush-Cheney Gang based on damnable lies. In essence, pseudo-liberal politicos, such as Clinton and Kerry have acted as accomplices of the Bush-Cheney Gang. As of today, 2,439 brave American military personnel have died in the war, another 17,869 have been wounded. The cost of the conflict is now put at $280.8 billion, while Iraq, a country of 27 million, lies mostly in ruins, and its death toll may exceed 100,000. (3)



14.05.2006 08:41
New Arson Indictment in WA Greenscare
They indicted another person on the UW arson, gave Briana Waters a 'use of a destructive device' charge [carrying a 30 year mandatory minimum] and indicted one person and cooperating witness/informant Kevin Tubbs for the Olympia APHIS/ADC arson.

It seems that the trend is for each individual state to indict people for every incident that took place in their district. i.e. while incidents outside of Oregon are named in the conspiracy part of the Oregon case, only individual states can indict for the actual incident. So, Oregon can name incidents like the UW arson or the Vail arson in the Oregon conspiracy charges but only Washington State and Colorado can actually charge the people. Thus far, we have seen the indictment in Oregon, 4 people indicted for the Litchfield Horse Corral incident in California, 2 people indicted for the UW incident and 2 people indicted for the Olympia incident. Following this trend and the use of grand juries in all of these states as well as Colorado and Wyoming, you can assume there could be potentially more indictments soon.



12.05.2006 14:36
Germany: Summer of resistance reloaded?
blockade in germany The french protests some weeks ago inspired many here in germany. More than one year ago a "Summer of Resistance" against social cuts and cutbacks in the educational sector was called in Hamburg, which became a nationwide motto in the student protest against student fees. Now, one year later, its summer again, with temperatures over 20?C, and a new wave of protest is about to start.

Over and over there are spontaneous demonstrations, i.e. in the towns of Muenster, Marburg, Giessen, Duisburg, Frankfurt and Kiel. Occupations of university-buildings in Cologne and Bochum increased the pressure, even if the police cleared the building in Cologne after 10 days. Strong messages to the government and the university-leadership were sent, as hundreds of students stormed or disrupted sessions of the academic senat in Cologne, Bonn and Bocum. In Cologne the president of the university could only "escape" by the help of the cops who beat many students on this day.

In Hamburg many participated in a "student block" on the mayday parade/demonstration behind the front-banner "Campus Guerilla" and showed their will for protest this year as well. A barricade-contest has been carried out and was later on tested in practical experience when the main university building was barricaded.

In Frankfurt on the main, around 4.000 students marched through the city center, blocked several streets and built smaller barricades. An invasion of the main train station was only prevented by a massive police force. On the next day (May 12th) the students marched again and tried to storm a credit institute (one that soon will give credit to students). On the same day up to 100 people occupied the party headquarters of the FDP and in the towns of Siegen and Duisburg rectorates were stormed and occupied.



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