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01.05.2006 01:51
Local Portland Neighborhood Site Issues Endorsements

News4Neighbors.net announced their endorsements of candidates in 4 key local Portland area races today. Portland City Council Candidates Erik Sten and Amanda Fritz recieved endorsements along with Multnomah County Commissioner candidates Lew Frederick and Ted Wheeler. [ read more ]

Voter-Owned Elections - You are invited to a house party to defend Voter-Owned Elections. Learn about Portland's groundbreaking public financing system for candidate campaigns. Support will level the local political playing field, diversify the candidate pool, remove undue influence of big-money contributors and make City Hall accountable to YOU, not special interests. When & Where: Friday, May 5th, 7pm. 4345 SE 47th Ave, Portland. [ read more ]

Multnomah County Sheriff Election - 2 Candidates to Consider - Ballots will be arriving soon and I'm sure people are interested in voting out the current corrupt sheriff of Multnomah County so here are 2 candidates to read up on. One is a write-in, and the other will be on the ballot and both have some interesting things to say so check their statements in their own words. [ read more ]

Rich CorporateSon, Inc. for Oregon Governor - As a result of corporate media consolidation, a multibillion dollar a year lobbying industry, and increasingly unregulated campaign finance laws, our government is now run largely by special interests. This is not enough. For the sake of efficiency, we have come together to cut out the middleman, incorporate, and take direct control of the government. Join our historic campaign as the first corporation to run for Governor of Oregon. With your help, we will create an empire of, by, and for the shareholders. [ read more ]

Write In Keating NOW - At a Sierra Club forum four years ago, Joe Keating posed a question of what the new governor would do to reign in the State Board of Forestry, which was then, as now, under the exclusive control of timber profiteers, with virtually no consideration given to the continuing devastation of our natural environment or to modern sustainable forestry theory. Mr. Hill's response was poor; Ms. Stein's was somewhat evasive. But it was Mr. Kulongoski who provided the truly memorable response. He claimed he could do nothing as Governor, since it is the legislature that sets the qualifications for the Board. Do Nothing. This could be Mr. Kulongoski's leadership motto. [ read more ]

Want to make a difference? - We are 80% of the way to getting two crucial campaign finance reform measures on Oregon's November ballot. Your help now can make it happen! Now is the time to join over 300 other volunteers who are getting signatures for the Oregon Campaign Finance Reform Initiatives: Petition 8 and Petition 37. [ read more ]


30.04.2006 07:53
Grinch Award Delivered at Benson Tower Sales Office
Saturday, April 29 - The Grinch Award was delivered today to a representative at the Benson Tower sales office. An action organized by SLAP, the Student Labor Action Project, included a rally, brief march, and the presentation of the coveted Grinch Award to the nice folks at the Benson Tower sales office!

The Grinch Award is awarded every year to someone who is determined to be the greediest around. Activists entered the sales office to present the award, but the security guard decided to call 911 (we overheard him saying "Hello? 911"). Someone decided that this was not an emergency, because the police never showed up.

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29.04.2006 07:22
Cyclists Arrested During Cricical Mass
At least four bicyclists were arrested Friday during Critical Mass. Reports about the cause of the arrests were varried. Inital interviews suggest that they were due to a minor traffic violation.

Two bicyclists allegidly were involved in a moving violation at the corner of Stark and SW Broadway. According to Officer Christen, two bikers turned South on to Broadway Ave. from Stark St. without performing a complete stop. They were told to pull over (although some might say yelled at).

Reports at this point are very mixed. According to Christen the two bikers who allegidly ran the light and two other bikers in the area were being arrested for resisting arrest or interfearing with the officers. Most bikers who were on the scene agreeded that, "This shit is fucked."

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27.04.2006 15:09
buffalofieldcampaign.org Call to action
buffalo mother's day volunteers with hearts intact welcome! Looking back at my past 3 seasons working for the Buffalo Field Campaign, I realized how much those who advocate for the wild resort to learning the language of the bureaucrats and the economists to save what they love. If the forest is to be left uncut or the river left undammed, the alternative must save money or have some sort of benefit for humans. Then, and only then, do the trees remain standing and the salmon swim upstream to spawn.

Likewise, when people who fight for the buffalos' inherent right to migrate towards greener grass try to convince politicians and lobby groups, they are forced to communicate with facts and statistics, bar graphs and spreadsheets. They are forced to play the game. There are many reasons why the buffalo pose an almost non-existent threat to cattle in the areas west of the park border and why they should have access to land that elk and deer graze. So, right now, I will not continue to play their game of numbers. Right now, I will bare my heart.

The buffalo that wander out of Yellowstone National Park deserve access to whatever lands they choose. Yes, deserve. They are sentient beings, having thoughts and feelings and dreams, having a language and friends and a community. They were born with the same rights to freedom and life that we were. The buffalo mothers and their new born calves are entitled to rest and love, without being chased by wannabe cowboys trying to protect cattle that aren't even there.



27.04.2006 15:07
just saw Sophie Scholl film
it was so good. i think anyone who may have to face the insanity of the current regime should have this film in their experience.
This film follows closly the last days of anti-nazi activist Sophie Scholl from her distributing of antiwar pamphlets at her school to her arrest, interrigation, trial, and death sentince. The film was closely based on interview and trail transcripts and it is amazing to hear the words of this woman who spoke truth to power in the epitome of bad settings- the center of Nazi Germany during the war.

She was so brillient and what she said hit me really hard. i think about my friends who are doing actions in Palestine, or who were beaten in Genoa, or imprisoned in Miami, or shot at in New Orleans, and this story somehow makes me feel strong. or maybe a better way of putting it is that i am reminded that strengh comes from something deeper: awareness of the world larger then these political situations. i would highly recommend seeing this film. it will only be playing in portland for a few days.


27.04.2006 15:04
Chew On This DVDS (Reasons to Go Veg)
I have many, many, many Chew On This DVDS, along with the High Fives and Stage Dives DVD for teenagers. If any activists feel like they'd like to have some to pass out or leave around in public places, just say so and I"ll bring them to the next fur protest.


27.04.2006 09:13
New Study Reveals Oregonian Double-Standard
Exclusion of the Palestinian Narrative As the only daily newspaper in the State of Oregon with state-wide circulation and the largest newspaper in the Pacific Northwest, the Opinion Page editors of The Oregonian carry the burden of a public trust to provide a wide-open forum for debate on the pressing issues of our day. With respect to the debate on the Israeli- Palestinian conflict, however, the editors of the Opinion Pages have failed to meet their obligations to the public.

This report documents the findings of a one-year study of the Opinion Pages of The Oregonian conducted by Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights and Palestine Media Watch. Specifically, this report is concerned with the content presented in The Oregonian's Editorial Section and the newspaper's selection of commentaries, cartoons, and letters to the editor dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for the period beginning on June 1, 2004 and ending on May 31, 2005.

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26.04.2006 19:35
6-2-06: 700-ton mushroom cloud in Nevada
Divine Strake... "...it is the first time in Nevada that you'll see a mushroom cloud over Las Vegas since we stopped testing nuclear weapons." --James Tegnelia, head of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency ... The Nuclear Information Project website ... documents nuclear policy and operations utilizing declassified government documents. It provides a very good overview of the technical aspects of this test and contains maps and illustrations.

Carrie Dann, Western Shoshone grandmother and Executive Director of the Western Shoshone Defense Project, "The U.S. has named this 700 ton explosive 'Divine Strake'. It's a mystery why they use 'devine.'..." According to Raymond Yowell, Chief of the Western Shoshone National Council, "We're opposed to any further military testing on Shoshone lands. This is a direct violation of the CERD finding and an affront to our religious belief - Mother Earth is sacred and should not be harmed. All people who are opposed to these actions by the U.S. should step forward and make their opposition known."

[ Read More ] [ What's the latest news on operation "Divine Strake" bomb test, scheduled June 2 in Nevada? | Weapons Test or Divine Provocation? | DIVINE STRAKE | Shundahai Network: the Divine Strake Test | April 4, 2006 joint press release of Shundahai Network and Western Shoshone Defense Project | Carrie Dann speaking in Portland on MayDay ]


26.04.2006 02:44
Schumacher Furs Protest Report (Earth Day), April 22
About 40 people joined us at Schumacher Furs throughout Saturday to protest the fur industry's cruel treatment of animals. We chanted enthusiastically, leafleted, did street theater, made chalk drawings of animals on the sidewalk, and ate vegan food (bagels and toppings, brownies, blueberry muffins, and doughnuts donated to us by Voodoo doughnuts).

It was a good-natured protest, and many passers-by thanked us for our presence and stopped to watch our video of how animals are used for the fur industry. And, despite the invitation by certain AM radio hosts for masses of their listeners to come down and give us a hard time or to counter-protest, that really hasn't come to pass, as people who like fur coats seem to be as apathetic about supporting Schumacher in their unethical business as they are about animal cruelty. However, one man in an old red Corvette convertible pulled up to us and stopped. He started berating us for protesting, while his little white terrier with blue ribbons on her head watched curiously from her fluffy cream-colored dog car seat. The man told us how much he loved fur. One of us pointed out that in China his little dog could legally be beaten to death and made into fur (and then sold in the international fur trade). The man then yelled out a string of obscenities as he peeled out, literally leaving a cloud of smoke. As he sped off, the little dog jumped up in apparent fright, her eyes wide.


26.04.2006 02:35
Free Solar Clothes Dryer!
A clothes dryer is one of the largest consumers of electricity in most people's homes. When the sun is out like today, you can dry your clothes for free by hanging them.

Hanging clothes is good for the planet, good for your wallet and has spiritual benefits as well. I started hang drying my clothes about 15 years ago and love the simple pleasure of this task. It's really amazing how fast they will dry in warm weather like we currently have. In the late fall and early spring, I time my laundry days with the sun. As the weather improves, almost every day is excellent for hang drying and clothes will typcially be dry in about 4-8 hours.


26.04.2006 02:30
Busker Sues Seattle Market Over Free Speech
Everyone knows how absolutely dangerous it is to have a woman standing in the public square singing AT AUDIBLE LEVELS about women's rights, birth control, deadbeat dads, saving our forests, and civil rights issues. When people cannot figure out how to ban me from busking on political content, they resort to scratching around for some other way to shut me down (or shut me up, more realistically). Santa Cruz tried calling my work "obscene" which failed...


25.04.2006 03:01
¡Apoyo a la HUELGA de los INMIGRANTES! Strike & march on May Day!
Millones de inmigrantes estan tomando las calles en protesta ante la viciosa legislación del Congreso, que ha estado manipulando en su contra. Proyectos de ley que podría transformar de la noche a la mañana de 10 a 12 millones de inmigrantes en este pais, en criminales, proyectos de ley que bloquearía el status de 12 millones por 12 o 13 años antes de que pudieran obtener su ciudadanía, proyectos de ley con la creación de un programa de "trabajador eventual" que super-explotaría millón y medio de Mexicanos, Caribeños y otros trabajadores de la agricultura. Proyectos de ley para inmigrantes que estarían sujetos mas alla de un regimen policial. Además a estos proyectos de ley, la gran erupción de protestas conectadas que se ha venido estado construyendo por años de discriminación racial y opresión en contra de inmigrantes no blancos.


25.04.2006 03:01
¡Apoyo a la HUELGA de los INMIGRANTES! Strike & march on May Day!
Millions of immigrants are taking to the streets in protest against the vicious legislation Congress has been rigging up against them. There are bills that would turn 10-12 million people in this country into felons overnight, bills that would lock millions of people into second class status for 12-13 years before they could get citizenship, bills for a "guest worker" program to super-exploit the 1.5 million Mexican, Caribbean and other workers in agriculture, bills that would subject immigrants to a police-state regime, and much more. Besides these bills, this great eruption of protest is also connected with the underlying anger that has for years been building against the racial discrimination and oppression that non-white immigrants are subjected to.


25.04.2006 02:45
Schumacher pics 4/22/06

Pics from yesterday. Thank goodness for sun and warmth.

see more >>


25.04.2006 02:23
Net Neutrality Death or Life of Internet Decided in US Congress NOW, contact info!

Decisions being made now will shape the future of the Internet for a generation. Before long, all media -- TV, phone and the Web -- will come to your home via the same broadband connection. The dispute over net neutrality is about who'll control access to new and emerging technologies.

On the Internet, consumers are in ultimate control -- deciding between content, applications and services available anywhere, no matter who owns the network. There's no middleman. But without net neutrality, the Internet will look more like cable TV. Network owners will decide which channels, content and applications are available;... [or denied.]



24.04.2006 03:53
Canada Breaks Off Negotiations - Warrior Societies Brace for Attack

On April 18th, 2006, the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Council at Grand River announced that the Governments of Canada and Ontario have pulled out of talks concerning the recent land repossession at Caledonia, ON.

With talks abruptly ending in this manner, it became apparent that the Government of Canada was not interested in seeking a peaceful resolve to this issue and have elected a violent imposition of their will.

At approximately 4:30am, the Ontario Provincial Police launched a violent attack upon occupants of the repossessed Haudenosaunee territory at Caledonia. The occupants there were unarmed and peaceful. Upon learning of this violent attack, the Rotisken'rak?hte of Kahnawake mobilized to discuss security measures to prevent any further violence in Caledonia and Grand River.


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24.04.2006 03:43
Corvallis Becomes First Oregon City to Endorse Earth Charter
On June 17, after hearing three and a half hours of public comment, the Corvallis City Council became the first in Oregon to endorse the Earth Charter. While a majority of the unusually high number of public comments supported the motion, a significant number of them (about 40%) opposed it, mainly based on accusations made by Operation Green Out of White City, Oregon.

Many of the speakers on both sides of the issue mentioned that they had not been aware of the Charter itself, much less the council's consideration of support for it, until Operation Green Out ran a full-page ad in the Corvallis Gazette-Times just a few days before the scheduled council meeting. The resulting turn-out for the meeting approached 100 citizens in the course of the evening, and one councilor characterized the ensuing exchange of statements and ideas as a fine example of democracy in action.

However, it also provided a clear example of how very small but well-funded interest groups can quickly generate controversy and opposition. While such minority perspectives and opinions should be heard and given due respect, this tactic by a small interest group threatened to undermine the work of a broader and deeper community-based, grass-roots campaign.


24.04.2006 03:30
Where are all the Frogs?

Here in the burbs just north of Philadelphia, there used to be a lot of frogs--bull frogs, leopard frogs, spring peepers--and also toads of assorted sizes. Just down the road from me there is a small pocket park with a vernal pond/swamp in one corner. When we moved here in 1997, I walked by in early spring and it was so full of spring peepers, those little inch-long tree frogs that make a single loud peep over and over in search of a mate, that you could hardly distinguish one from the next.

A year later, I went back and just heard sporadic peeps.

In years since, there have been no sounds from that location. The peepers are gone.

can't eat money adds: It's also songbirds. This is the first truly silent spring in Astoria. Hell, there aren't even many starlings left.


22.04.2006 06:28
Eric McDavid Extremely Sick, Denied Access to Doctors
eric mcdavid
Sheriff Lou Blanas
916.874.5332 fax

Eric Taylor McDavid (x-ref #2972521)
Sacramento County Main Jail

651 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
916.874.8984 fax

Eric McDavid, who was arrested in Auburn, CA in January as part of the government's recent Green Scare, is very ill and needs to see a doctor. He is passing out, losing weight rapidly and is unable to hold down most of what little vegan food he is given. After 98 days of pretrial incarceration, Eric is still being denied vegan meals by the jail. Now, after this protracted period of malnutrition Eric's health has taken a turn for the worse. A doctor and nutritional nurse within the jail have both suggested that Eric be given vegan protein shakes yet the jail continues to pretend that they are unable to accomodate his health and nutritional needs. Eric has not seen a doctor in over a week and his health has not improved. The cause of Eric's poor health is not known because he is not getting proper medical attention. All that we know at this time is that Eric is ill, suffering from medical neglect and needs food he can eat to help recover.

Please take the time to contact the jail and spread the word about Eric's condition. There is no excuse for this persistent medical neglect.

Call the Sacramento County Main Jail and demand immediate medical attention and vegan food for Eric Taylor McDavid (x-ref #2972521)



21.04.2006 08:44
Class Action for Chicago Anti-war lawsuit
chicago anti-war protest 2003 After more than 10,000 anti-war protestors marched on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago on March 20, 2003, police detained and arrested hundreds of demonstrators and bystanders. A lawsuit brought on behalf of over 800 people who were unlawfully held that night has recently been granted class action status.

The lawsuit resulting from the mass detentions and arrests at the anti-war protest in Chicago on March 20, 2003 has recently been granted class status by Judge Virginia Kendall. The significance of this ruling is that a single lawsuit will proceed on behalf of everyone who was detained or arrested that evening on Chicago Avenue, between Michigan Avenue and Mies Van Der Rohe Way. Judge Kendall's decision supports the plaintiffs' assessment that the class includes over 800 people and can be divided into three sub-classes. The three sub-classes include those who were detained on the street for 1 ? to 3 hours, those who were taken into custody and released without charges, and those who were taken into custody and subsequently charged.

An official notice will be sent out to as many class members as possible in the near future. The National Lawyers Guild attorneys working on the case are attempting to compile a comprehensive list of the names and contact information of all people who fit into these three sub-classes. Any class member who previously contacted us, but has since changed their contact information, should provide us with their updated information. Also, it is not too late for people who were detained or arrested that night to contact the legal team, if they have not previously done so.

For more information, please visit www.chicago.indymedia.org or www.nlgchicago.org


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