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29.03.2006 12:21
News4Neighbors hosts local debates
The News4Neighbors website premiered the first in a series of weekly candidate debate questions. Respondents from several candidates are already up online:


Each week News4Neighbors will pose an additional question for the candidates. All readers are encouraged to share their comments with the candidates.


29.03.2006 12:19
Schumacher's Protest Picnic!
On Wednesday, March 29th, at 12:00 there will be a picnic in front of the Schumachers Fur store to protest their killing of innocent animals. There will be food, and delightful company of others that despise the fur industry. [ read more ]

Schumacher Furs -- Portland City Council Meeting

According to both the Oregonian and Portland Tribune, Schumacher Fur's is intending to bring the fur protests to the Portland City Council, Wednesday, April 5, 2006, at 9:30AM. Should they indeed be on the agenda, I urge any/all who can come to PLEASE attend.

Citizen Participation: Council Members welcome public testimony. As each item pulled from the Consent Agenda and all those on the Regular Agenda are read, the Mayor will ask if anyone wishes to be heard. Normally, anyone wishing to speak is given three minutes and Council Members may then ask questions. [ read more ]

Randy Leonard position on fur protests

Randy Leonard is talking about effective means to stop the protests. In my opinion, neither a city commissioner, nor the police, should be involved in trying to stop legal protests! People have the right to protest and the only comment from the police or the city officials should be that it is legal and that it is their constitutional obligation to protect such rights. Such rights are the basis of freedom in society and far supercede any need to please a downtown business owner. [ read more ]

Related Article: fur protest debate on blueoregon.com


29.03.2006 10:27
National Call-In Day for Roadless Siskiyou Forests
Dont let this happen! Join thousands of Americans today in standing up for two of our nation's best roadless forests: the North and South Kalmiopsis Roadless Areas. These botanically-rich wildlands, which feed salmon-rich rivers in southern Oregon's Siskiyou mountains, are threatened by extreme logging.

The popular Roadless Area Conservation Rule (Roadless Rule), approved in 2001, provides protection for the last roadless forests on federal land across the nation. The Bush Administration is trying to replace the Roadless Rule with a watered-down version that puts National Forest land at the mercy of individual state politics. The Bush Administration promised that roadless forests would remain protected while state-specific guidelines are developed. Breaking that promise, the Bush Administration recently announced plans to log the North and South Kalmiopsis Roadless Areas in the Siskiyou National Forest.

Roadless forests targeted by the new logging sales, called "Mike's Gulch" and "Blackberry," could be auctioned for logging within weeks. Your help is needed to stop this destructive logging before it starts!

Take a minute to make your voice heard!



28.03.2006 00:52
Schumacher Furs Protest Report ("The protesters just don't understand!"), March 25
chalk drawings Apparently, Greg Schumacher told someone this Saturday that protesters "just don't understand" - after all, he himself doesn't actually kill the animals. So, what's our problem with Schumacher Furs?

Hmm. While that Greg is certainly some logician, we'd probably have a problem with any business or person who orders and profits from the torture and killing of defenseless beings, whether they themselves are tightening the wire noose around the animal's neck, or skinning her alive. And those pathetic Schumacher commercials promoting cruelty as glamour, proclaiming, "Want more sex? Get more sexy!" with women in furs don't help the case.

Throughout the day, over 25 protesters stood in the cold and rain to leaflet, chant, hold signs and educate the public about the fur trade. Protesters drew pictures of some of the animals killed for the fur industry (foxes, minks, squirrels) in chalk on the sidewalk. One protester brought his guitar and enthusiastically sang anti-fur songs. We received many positive comments from passersby.

Related Article: Fur Protestors Having Impact on Schumacher's Furs


28.03.2006 00:46
Mike-D. Circus Protest Trial in Progress; Jury Still Out, Gathering Tomorrow at 9:30a.m
The Trial began at about 11:00 a.m., the judge stated he only had time for a trial ending today, with maybe an hour to finish up tomarrow, if need be. The Motions were made and most of them denied, in one form or another, with a partial granting here and there. The Jury Pool arrives, a high percentage of them being students, on spring break, most of the jurors had been to a circus, a few had been to some type of protest and/or had family involved with protesting. After Jury questioning and selection, the trial began first with state witness Julie Van Hee, a supervisor of security, for Coast-to-Coast Event Security contracted by the Rose Garden staff. After her testimony, direct and cross examination, with a quick re-direct. Judge Amiton sent everyone to lunch about 1:00p.m. telling all to be back at 2:00p.m. for the rest of the trial.


28.03.2006 00:41
Voting Rights and Social Justice in El Salvador: Three Portland Election Monitors Speak
Three Portland residents traveled to El Salvador this March as international elections observers. The Portland residents were part of a mission of 36 observers from the United Status, Spain, Switzerland, and Germany. The mission traveled to El Salvador to witness the transparency in the electoral process, which is an element of the democratization as established by the 1992 Peace Accords that ended a 12-year civil war between a poor people's guerrilla army and a right-wing, U.S.-backed military government.

Delegates will share their experiences from El Salvador Saturday April 1, 7 PM at the Musicians Hall (325 NE 20th Ave, Portland). The event is free and open to the public.


28.03.2006 00:36
Letter from a detained anarchist in Barcelona
Greetings to all those who love me and to everyone that feel and practice solidarity. After a month and a half kidnapped, i think it's time to explain to all of you in a public manner how i see everything, although i have to say that there are days in which i see things in a more optimistic matter.

It seems like we are being one of the first experiments of the mossos d'esquadra and of their fight against what they call "anti-system movements, and it looks like they have their lessons well learned, since, without having any real evidence, they have managed to keep us in prison inventing and falisfying evidences.


27.03.2006 01:44
Granny D Speaking At PSU in Support of Campaign Finance Reform
Dorris In 1990 Dorris Haddock, affectionately known as Granny D, walked 3200 miles across the United States in her 90th year to draw attention to the need for campaign finance reform. Quoting an article about Granny D by Ralph Nader in Common Dreams, from the San Francisco Guardian:
"She called her march a "pilgrimage" for social justice and relied on strangers for food and shelter. Thousands of people have supported her, she says, a testament not only to their generosity but also to their passionate commitment to ending the corruption of our democracy by big-money interests. Along the way, Granny D has proved that one person can make a difference. Her walk has generated enormous media interest. She has appeared on NBC Nightly News, Good Morning America, National Public Radio, and many other programs to issue a clarion call for reform.

Finally, her 14-month pilgrimage concluded in Washington, D.C. She began her final day's trek in Arlington National Cemetery, beginning, she said, "among the graves of Arlington - so that those spirits, some of whom may be old friends, might join us today and that we might ask of them now, 'Did you, brave spirits, give your lives for a government where we might stand together as free and equal citizens. Or did you give your lives so that laws might be sold to the highest bidder?'"


25.03.2006 08:36
Setting precedents in the Mississippi Historic District
mississippi lofts I lost count on how many times I heard the developers of the Mississippi Lofts, while responding to objections and concerns voiced by Boise residents say that this development was precedent setting and that if it didn't go well - other developers would just "fly under the radar". It always sounded like a threat to me. No wonder since they also said, in response to criticism regarding the proposed height of 45 feet, "we could go 60 feet!" This is just a taste of the threats, lies, and whines we endured. Their constant reminders that they were so nice to come to Boise Neighborhood meetings on their own volition and how hurt they were by how they were treated, was the most tiresome for me. This hurt, they said, would keep them from responding, to the Boise Neighborhood Association after we voted in December 2005 to not give them a letter of support.

Several Boise residents recently sent letters to the city planner outlining their concerns and objections. I wrote a letter and a petition (a condensed version of my letter). The petition was signed by 40 residents, most of whom own property within 200 feet of the Mississippi Loft site. In spite of the rumors, running up and down Mississippi, that those of us with objections to the Lofts are just a bunch of anti-development, incompetent weirdo's we are happy to report that while some of us are certainly weird, we are neither incompetent nor anti-development and we submit:

related links: Boise Neighborhood Association Monthly Meeting receives huge turnout | Boise Neighborhood Association Monthly Community Meeting | Boise Neighbors Discuss Mississippi Lofts Project | Boise Neighbors Come Out to Discuss their Community | Boise Voice (neighborhood website)


25.03.2006 03:18
In Solidarity From Los Angeles
die in at feinstein's office

Just a few words to let you you that we here in Los Angeles want to send a shout out to all of you up there in Portland for your beautiful action, street theater and also to support those arrested in Monday's events.

We here in L.A. can only marvel at what you accomplished and you should all be proud of you efforts which produced what we are being told is the largest march nation wide. "Mad Props" to ya!

Having been part of a small affinity group here in L.A. in which 8 of us were arrested, it was a moving and deeply profound experiance which i am certain your arrestees also felt. We were held from approx. 2:00 until alsmost 9:00 that evening with one woman held until 10:p.m.


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m19 2006 coverage


25.03.2006 03:14
Joseph Wilson spoke in Olympia
Joseph Wilson spoke about his personal story, the administration and the Iraq War at South Puget Sound Community College in Olympia last night. Wilson was a career Foreign Service Officer, chargé d'affaires in Baghdad, Iraq during the Gulf War, and Ambassador to Gabon. He helped get Americans out of Baghdad just before the Gulf war started and President George Sr. acknowledged Wilson as "an American hero." In a strange twist of events, his government turned on him in 2003.

Wilson is not an anti-war guy philosophically but believes the U.S. should only risk the lives of our troops when it is necessary to defend our country. However, he said, this was not the case in Iraq. He believed the President's statement in the 2003 State of the Union speech--"The British Government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa"-- was false. That key sentence, however, was used to justify the war in Iraq.


24.03.2006 03:30
France, from the inside.
i've been living in a small city in france called Poitiers for the last year, and as everyone probably knows, france is doing a whole bunch of striking (greve en français). they are bothered about a new law that, as i understand it, says this: the government will start a program (called the CPE) to lessen unemployment by giving money to companies who hire young people under twenty five. after two years of government aid though, their aid gets cut. sounds good to me! the problem (according to the students) is that at the end of two years, many bosses are going to fire their youth worker and rehire another youngster, so that they can continue to recieve government aid. ok, it seems like this could be a problem. but for an american, this is hard for me to get my head around.

in the US, workers have little to no protection against random firing and "layoffs". basically, you can be fired at any given time, for any reason, unless you are the rare type that has a union job. it doesn't work that way in france. you have to mess up pretty well to get fired. the worker/boss relationship is a little more balanced. workers have a little power, as opposed to our system in which the boss has all the power. in my opinion, i would be happy for the US if we could have something like the CPE. hell, at least we'd have a guaranteed job for two years. but for the french, this is not good enough. the workers want more. and really, can you blame them?


22.03.2006 19:29
Global Student Revolt - From Paris To Auckland
As students in Paris embarked on a massive insurgency against neo-liberal labour laws occupying buildings and rioting, thousands of students from schools across Auckland walked out of school in protest against youth rates, with a thousand turning up to an inspiring demonstartion of solidarity and direct action. Many students returned to school to be commended by their principals and teachers for taking a courageous stand against injustice.

Messages of solidarity for the striking students have been released from the Unite union, Maritime Union, Green Party and the Council of Trade Unions. The walkout was organised by Aotearoa Radical Youth, a network of anticapitalist Auckland youth with support from Supersizemypay.com


THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF - MARCH 18 22.03.2006 04:24
Schumacher Furs Protest Report
Greg Schumacher could be seen popping up from between furs in the display window like a crazed manikin come alive desperately trying to photograph protesters breaking the law, any law. But sandwiched between the $1400 pink fox purse and the $300 mink headband, Greg was out of luck. Unfortunately for Greg, no one was doing anything illegal.

Greg Schumacher, like the boy who cried wolf, continuously called the police anyway on Saturday. We watched as our tax dollars went down the drain to send police several times to Schumacher for absolutely nothing, one officer staying in the store for over half an hour as Greg whined about the protests. The officers didn't bother us at all, and simply left.


22.03.2006 03:57
Welcoming Spring in Olympia
Despite the war and the wiretapping, the worldwide protests and the general sense of doom over our disappearing democracy, my neighbor reminds me that it is important to celebrate the earth and the first day of spring.

As she has done for the past thirteen years, she hauls buckets of bubble-blowing liquid (sometimes store-bought, sometimes made from liquid detergent—she is still searching for the perfect recipe) and a wide array of bubble-blowing paraphernalia down to Percival Landing. She sets flowers on "The Kiss" statue, hangs a "welcome spring" banner on the railing, and plants her earth flag. Beautiful batik windsocks and colorful butterflies borrowed from the Procession of the Species are set along the boardwalk as the final touch to create a festive spirit.


22.03.2006 02:58
Man tasered by Portland police dies
Any way you cut it this death is an outrage, I had the privilage to know this mid 40's gentleman for over 36 years, he was suffering from a disease known as hepatitis C and had extensive chemo therapy treatments and was nearly cured. The news reports from the eye witness indicate he was on the ground before the officer arrived to give him the double taser dose that ended this life. | read more >>

Could have been my son...

Six months ago, my 18 year old son left a party where he had been drinking and was walking down the middle of the street (somewhere near NE 25th and Couch?) when he was ordered to stop by police. When he didn't, they tasered him, TWICE, then tackled him to the ground breaking his two front teeth. He was taken into custody, not charged with anything, and held overnight. (Actually, he was released about 4 am, and had to walk home to St. John's.) He returned home with severe bruises on his wrists and scrapes on his face, back and chest.

When I called the NE precinct, there was no record of his arrest (since he wasn't, apparently "arrested") or of the "arresting" officers. The desk sargeant that I spoke to (and i can't now remember his name) said, "If that was MY kid, I'd kick his ass." | read more >>


21.03.2006 17:27
19 Oregonians Deliver Anti-War Petitions to Senator Wyden's Office: Delegates Arrested
Reading the names of the dead (both americans and Iraqis)

On March 20th, a delegation of 19 Oregonians took the call for peace to U.S. Senator Ron Wyden's office where they engaged in nonviolent civil disobedience to urge the Senator to introduce legislation ending the occupation of Iraq. Members of the media were turned away when they attempted to enter the federal building where delegates were eventually arrested and charged with failure to comply with a federal officer.

comment: I suggest we focus on funding for the war, and trying to get Congress to cut it off. Senator Wyden did vote against the original resolution authorizing the war. Since then he has voted FOR funding to continue the war. (As have Reps. DeFazio, Hooley and Walden.) We should try to pressure Wyden to vote against funding. This is the only real power Congress has to stop the war.


Report from inside Wyden's office

A group of 19 committed peace activists came to the office of Ron Wyden to speak with him regarding his sponsoring of legislation to bring the troops home.

The group was made up of a diverse collection of people, both politically and in age. They ranged from 20 to in their 60's. The group was almost evenly split between men and women (with a couple more women).

While many in the group had differing political philosophies, we managed to stay unified in solidarity when it came to tactics. I.E. Peaceful, non-violent, and unified.


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21.03.2006 04:14
Report Back from Wyden Sit In

I left the office today at 5:15. It was sunny, but cool. I walked up SW Third Avenue to the Edith Green-Wendall Wyatt Federal Building, where a mass act of civil disobedience was taking place. Early this morning, a group of about 20 peace activists entered Senator Ron Wyden's office in the building and refused to leave. They wanted to inform the senator that he needs to show more effective leadership. The action was supported by a small group of allies who maintained a vigil on the street corner outside beginning around 8:00 this morning.

People had been phoning reports in to the Portland Legal Defense Network all day and the PLDN had published the reports on Portland Indymedia. I followed the story line through the day by clicking on the website every hour or so. I was eager to go down there all day.

As a legal observer, I attempted to enter the Federal Building through the front door at 5:20pm. The doors were locked and three Federal Protective Service and Homeland Security officers stared lazily through the glass at me when I knocked on the window and signaled "WTF?" One of them gave me a rather ominous finger-across-the-throat sign to signal they were closed. Finally one of them sauntered over to the glass and mouthed to me that there was no freaking way I was getting in the building. [ read more ]

related articles: [ PLDN - protesters at federal bldg released | go to the federal bldg at 5:30 | PLDN - arrests at the federal building now | URGENT call Wyden now | Right now! about 15 folks occupying Sen. Wyden's downtown office ]


in the end it's all a question of heart 21.03.2006 04:00
Eugene Civil Resistance activists arrested after sit-ins

We went first to the Federal Building, where Senator Smith has his office on the third floor. Neither he nor his staff were in residence, and we knew we would not be able to get to the third floor, so we had our sit-in in the downstairs lobby, and a bunch of us, including some spirited high school kids, were arrested.

We then moved on to the building that houses the offices of Senator Wyden and Rep. DeFazio. We found their doors locked, even though there were staff inside each office. There were signs posted saying they were closed for the day, on the advice of some government agency. One of us talked to people in both offices on his cell phone, asking them to come out and talk to us. They refused. [ read more ]

M20 Actions in Eugene

The day started out with a small group of coordinated individuals standing around outside the Federal building. When all of their people finally arrived (many of them high school students) they proceeded into the doorway of the building where they had a town hall meeting stating that when protests (such as the permitted marches we've all seen these past few days) fail then the American people have no choice but to commit themselves to civil disobedience to make their voices heard.

Their good (and reportedly longstanding) relationship with the Eugene police department worked out much to their benefit today; The doors were locked and everyone left inside the doorway was sited and released ( citing law: 41 CFR 102-74.390 by 10:30. [ read more ]

[ The Rest of the Pictures from Eugene M20 | M18: Rally in Eugene ]


there's a time for fighting and there's a time for singing 21.03.2006 03:29
Olympa Peace Rally
Over 700 people gathered on Saturday here in Olympia to demand an end to the Iraq war. They lined 4th Avenue, from the bridge to Percial Landing, the major route through the city. People waved and honked their horns in support. Origami cranes with peace sayings adorned 4th avenue and the trees surrounding the fountain.


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