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13.03.2006 21:51
March 16th Grand Jury rally CANCELLED! - Rosebraugh Subpoena Postponed Until August
Craig Rosebraugh has been released from his subpoena to appear this Thursday, March 16th but he is now commanded to appear in front of the grand jury on August 17th. Because of this change, the rally scheduled for Thursday at the Eugene Federal Building has been cancelled. Let's all plan to be there on August 17th.

Help is still needed for a legal defense fund and the Tuesday, March 14th benefit @ Liberty Hall is still going to happen.

Previous Feature: UNITE! STOP THE GRAND JURY! STOP THE GREENSCARE! | Rosebraugh Released from March 16 Grand Jury Subpoena: Will be Re-Subpoenaed for Aug. 17 | Police/Legal topicpage


13.03.2006 02:12
February Protests - Calls for Impeachment Rising

In Washington, DC "on the evening of Feb 4, protestors continued the offensive of home protests. With torture and exploitation as the common theme, we first visited the home of a GSK exec (a SHAC action), then moved on to the home of Paul Wolfowiz's girlfriend, where he is rumored to sleep."

In New Orleans, "anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan staged a protest at one of the city's shuttered housing projects Tuesday, a day after 12,000 families left homeless by last year's hurricanes were forced to leave their federally funded hotel rooms." [ read more ]

[ Learning to Love Impeachment and Forget About Dick | Groundswell for Impeachment ]


12.03.2006 19:02
VIDEO FILE: Help Bark Stop The No Whiskey Timber Sale.
The Forest Service is accepting your comments on the enormous (nearly 3 square miles) No Whisky Timber Sale until March 17.

The No Whisky logging project lies along the banks of the North Fork of the Clackamas River about 10 miles Southeast of the City of Estacada. Covering nearly 1,700 acres (almost 3 square miles!), the No Whisky proposal adds insult to an already injured forest ecosystem. The forests of No Whisky were clearcut in the early 1920s and in 1929 the railroad used to haul the trees started a fire, burning all but 40 acres of the current logging proposal. To make matters worse, the burned forest was logged again shortly after the fire, destroying any chance of a healthy recovery.

In addition, these past logging operations opened the area up to illegal off-road vehicle use that has caused significant erosion, pollution, garbage, noise that disturbs wildlife, and unnatural alterations to area streams. Any new logging projects in this area will not help the area recover as the Forest Service suggests, it will only make matters worse in an area that is finally recovering from past abuse.


10.03.2006 19:01
Western Shoshone Victorious at United Nations
In 1973, when the U.S. Bureau of Land Management came out to two Western Shoshone sister's, Carrie and Mary Dann's cattle ranch and asked them to obtain grazing permits and pay grazing fees for their cattle, they argued that the cattle were grazing on Western Shoshone land. The Bureau of Land Management sued them for trespassing and the battle was engaged.

10 March 2006, Geneva Switzerland. Today, in an historic and strongly worded decision by the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) the United States was urged to "freeze", "desist" and "stop" actions being taken or threatened to be taken against the Western Shoshone Peoples of the Western Shoshone Nation.

The decision is historic in that it is the first time a United Nations Committee has issued a full decision against the U.S. in respect to its highly controversial Federal Indian law and policy. The decision expressed particular concern that the U.S.' basis for claiming federal title to Western Shoshone land rests on a theory of "gradual encroachment" through a "compensation" process in the Indian Claims Commission. The decision highlights that this same process was found by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to violate "international human rights norms, principles and standards that govern determination of indigenous property interests." When the U.S. last appeared before the Committee in 2001, Committee members expressed alarm and concern that U.S. laws regarding indigenous peoples continue to be based on the outdated, colonial era "doctrine of discovery."

"We are Shoshone delegates speaking for a Nation threatened by extinction. The mines are polluting our waters, destroying hot springs and exploding sacred mountains—our burials along with them--attempting to erase our signature on the land. We are coerced and threatened by mining and Federal agencies when we seek to continue spiritual prayers for traditional food or medicine on Shoshone land. We have endured murder of our Newe people for centuries, as chronicled in military records, but now we are asked to endure a more painful death from the U.S. governmental agencies —a separation from land and spiritual renewal. We thank our past leaders for their persistence and courage and the CERD for this monumental step" Bernice Lalo, Western Shoshone.


09.03.2006 06:01
OREGON AND N. CALI FISHING SHUT-DOWN, Low Klamath runs devastate communities and tribe
tribes protest at  Scotland Power, Portland based Pacific Power is owned by them In Seattle yesterday , goverment agencies confirmed that all ocean fishing in the Oregon and N. California will most likely be shut down due to record low runs on the Klamath. Fishermen and tribes will seek federal releif due to the devestating effects of losting their jobs and food this year. This has never happened before and comes as the Klamath dams are being under renewal. Tribes and fishermen are asking for removal of the dams and events all over Oregon are occuring for the Klamath. http://klamathforestalliance.org


08.03.2006 22:17
Biscuit Flares Up Again: Trials, an Anniversary and New Timber Sales
Arrestees from last year's civil disobedience actions against the Biscuit logging project are set to begin their trial hearings today, March 7th. This occurs on the one year anniversary of the day logging began within formerly protected old growth reserves in the Siskiyou National Forest. At seventy-two years old, Cave junction resident Joan Norman was the first of dozens to be arrested in what grew into a multiple month, community supported resistance campaign that gained national media attention. Joan would be going to trial today but she was killed in a car accident last July after spending 16 days in the Josephine County jail for her second Biscuit arrest. The remaining 20-some defendants are challenging the Forest Service and the legitimacy of the government's actions that allowed these unprecedented sales to move forward against massive public opposition.

The trials will take place against the contentious backdrop created by a wave of new reports that fundamentally challenge the science and economics behind the Biscuit logging project, as well as the Forest Service's recent announcement that they are planning to release two new, highly controversial timber sales in as little as ten days time. The release of these remote, Inventoried Roadless Area sales is a direct assault on the Clinton-era Roadless Rule, one of the most widely supported pieces of national environmental policy in decades.

Related:Biscuit actions may continue this summer | In Defense of the Biscuit video | cascadiarising.org/ | Oxygen Collective | Siskiyou Project | Kalmath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center | Earth First! | Overview/Background | Portland IMC Biscuit Action Page | The Biscuit Alliance


08.03.2006 00:23
Autonomous Region Under Siege by Korean Troops
shields for humanity For over four years, Daechuri and the nearby community of Doduri have defiantly resisted the siezure of their homes and fields for the expansion of a United States Army base. Barracaded inside the elementary school, rice farmers, elderly residents, and peace activists are holding out against sporadic, sometimes intense attacks by Korea's elite military police force. International support is needed to pressure the Korean government to halt its brutal assault.

Outraged and dissillusioned with the corrupt beaurocracy of an indifferent government, in February, farmers marched to Pyeongtaek city hall and burned their "residency cards", renounced their Korean citizenship and declared Daechuri an autonomous region. Within this rebel territory, a vibrant community has flourished. Artists, musicians, peace activists, and religious leaders have joined with the residents, repairing and occupying vacant houses, and creating a "Peace Village".
[ Pan-S.Korea solution committee against US base extension in Pyeongtaek | Save the Pyeongtaek Farmers| Related Articles: Autonomy Declared in Daechuri, South Korea URGENT ACTION!]
Listen to March 7 Interview: Streaming audio



07.03.2006 22:00
NWCRC Press Release re: Police Violence @ 3-4-06 Schumacher fur protest
Morris(?) & Graham - 2nd takedown "Last Saturday, Portland Police Bureau officers and at least one private security guard hired by Schumacher's Fur store appear to have used excessive force during the arrest of two protestors exercising their First Amendment rights. Video shot by fellow protestors and made available to the Northwest Constitutional Rights Center clearly shows Sgt. Larry Graham violently and intentionally twisting the arm of a protestor after he had been subdued to the ground.

"The video shows a private security guard believed to be working for Schumacher's pepper spraying observers and protestors as Sgt. Graham continued to twist the arm of the young man. The video also shows a second protestor slammed against the pavement by another police officer without apparent provocation. [ NorthWest Constitutional Rights Center | Related Articles: More pictures from 3-5-06 Cop Riot @ Schumakers | Violence Erupts At Peaceful Schumachers Protest | Schumacher Furs Protest Report, March 4 | Channel 12 And Schumachers Team Up This Week For "Fur Giveaway" | Update on Arrestees from Fur protest ]


07.03.2006 03:07
New Grand Jury Subpoena
It appears that a new Federal Grand Jury is open and doing business now in Colorado. They sent an FBI agent to serve a Subpoena to me two weeks ago, but I was unavailable. This morning (March 6th) at 9:00 AM, two Benton county sheriffs came and laid the Subpoena at the feet of my wife by thrusting the paperwork through a crack in the door. A short scuffle broke out when she attempted to return the papers to them.

It appears that a new Federal Grand Jury related to the "Greenscare" is now open and doing business in Denver, Colorado. Their new fishing expedition arrived at the door of my home in Corvallis two weeks ago in the form of an FBI agent with a calling card. I was unavailable at the time, however, and the person who came to the door refused to answer any questions or take any paperwork.


07.03.2006 02:58
Report back on Willamette Valley Indy center meeting
It went pretty well. We had a small turnout but people who came have some good ideas and are willing to work on the first phase of the project. In the first phase, we will try to raise awareness of the need for an Indy project in Corvallis. No one attended from Eugene or Salem, so we will focus on the Corvallis area first.

We are close to identifying a place to create an Alternative media center. We would like to equip the center with an audio and video editing studio. We would like to create weekly news feeds for KBOO radio in Portland (we can hear this amazing community radio station all the way down to Corvallis).

We will create some kind of website that will collect news from Corvallis and it's eco-systems...which would be West to about Siletz or maybe even Newport and East to Lebanon. We are interested in letting this area know about some of amazing community-based, sustainable and healthy projects going in the area as well as keeping people informed about what's happening. We are exploring what the website will look like in the next few meetings.


07.03.2006 02:37
EcoTV Presents: Pics and Video from Pillow Fight
Preemption Strike

Although I arrived a bit late, it was pretty amazing to see Pioneer Square absolutely *filled* with people brandishing pillows. It's too bad that there weren't very many older people; I guess they forgot how to have fun. This was truly fantasic, and I can't wait for the next one! By the way, watch for the up and coming pillow fighter. The baby is not even two yet, and has a total killer instinct. You'll know it when you see it. [ read more ]

More Portland Pillow Fight 2006 Pics

Thank you for putting this on (whomever you are). It was a very fun and well organized event. I had a total blast, and was able to keep my camera in tact in the thick of things. Thank you to everyone who helped someone find something they lost. The kindness and conscientiousness on display was truly humbling. My apologies to any older people who couldn't go for saying you forgot how to have fun. I know the price for unbridled fun increases with age and responsibility, and I applaud events like this which remind us that much of the time, that price is worth it. [ read more ]


04.03.2006 21:48
Yet Another Pig Riot At Schumachers
popo_fauxpo_riot We've gone through sound wars, death threats, arrests, 50% off posters, security guards, you name it, but this is where things got incredibly serious. Today, no one expected it to happen, and we were left in aw at one of the most horrendous sites I have possibly ever seen. The cops had enough. The constant phone calls and the image of peaceful protestors were just too much for them. Today, March 4th 2006, Officer Graham successfully broke a protestors arm and slammed his face into a pole. He also arrested a totally innocent other protestor, and pepper sprayed the whole lot of us. But for what? Absolutley nothing. I feel hunted, assaulted and an all around enemy of this state of America, and goddamnit if being a protestor makes me that than I sure as hell will be one.

After the immigration protest a friend and I walked up to the Schumacher protest for our usual protest against fur. When we got there, we were shocked to see photo edited pictures of ourselves on their windows. There was one picture of a naked 16 year old girl on their window from the previous naked protest. They were trying to brag to us that they have naked pictures of us. We found this entirely repulsive, sick, and it resembled the actions of a pedophile. One of the protestors was so outraged by this that he rightfully snatched the picture from inside their door. The security guards tried to attack us and when he got the picture and a couple of fists flied from the Schumacher side. We were just standing in-between them. One of the security guards, Nick, followed this protestor to try to get a picture of him, maybe to hang his picture up on their window for the next protest. We blocked him from taking a picture knowing their satanic ways. [ Related articles: More pictures from 3-5-06 Cop Riot @ Schumakers | Violence Erupts At Peaceful Schumachers Protest | Schumacher Furs Protest Report, March 4 | Channel 12 And Schumachers Team Up This Week For "Fur Giveaway" | Update on Arrestees from Fur protest ]


04.03.2006 20:23
Report Back From No Human Being Is Illegal Rally
Walking along with the crowd many questions filled my mind. Is the American Dream solely for Americans? Are the Rights guaranteed by our Constitution only for U.S. citizens? Or did our Founding Fathers produce a document for Humanity, intending to create an arena where all people could realize this Dream, because here we are all equal, we are all equal, we are all equal? Despite Guantanamo Cuba, and Abu Ghraib, and the P.A.T.R.I.O.T Act, and Sessenbrenner Bills and the daily trash passing for news, we all have it within our power to conduct ourselves according to the lofty principles given to the world in our Declaration of Independence and Constition.

This event today demonstrated that there are many Americans who believe in Equality, who will stand up and march for Justice, against short sighted profits and long range discrimination. Who will take the Founding Fathers at their word, if not their behaviour, and provide safety for those whose immigration into our country has been a mixed bag of overt illegality by law enforcement and winking acceptance by those standing to profit from cheap labor. [ More Photogs From Immigrant Rights Demonstration | Immigrant Rights March Pictures, part 1 of 2 | Immigrant Rights March Pictures, part 2 of 2 ]


04.03.2006 13:01
Oregon IMC volunteer surveys New Orleans
Still looks like this 6 months later After seeing the O2collective presentation of the work they did in New Orleans, RogueIMC vounteer (Ashland) decided to see what he could do to help.

Rather than join a house gutting crew, I land a sweet gig setting up a new office for the Common Ground co-founder, former Black Panther Malik Rahim. So back to the first place I go to retrieve my computers and over the river to Algiers. My work is rewarding and appreciated, and the stories of the sixties and of what happened here just six months ago are riveting.

Saturday I take a tour of the Lower Ninth ward. Here a massive barge blasted through a levee holding back a canal that bisects the city connecting Lake Pontchartrain to the north all the way to the Mississippi River. I expect to see only traces of the devastation that occurred here six month ago, but other than streets being cleared of debris, no significant clean up has occurred. The scene of destruction in the Lower Ninth is apocalyptic, macabre. Overturned cars litter abandon lots where houses once stood, crushed houses contain their owner's precious belongings which have been untouched since the water was finally pumped back over the levee five months ago.

The devastation in the Lower Ninth is complete. It's ground zero of atomic proportions. But perhaps more disheartening is the political shenanigans at work keeping these people from their homes. While the former residents here certainly are poor, 80% own these homes. It will be interesting to visit the Lower Ninth ward five years from now and see if it's filled with luxury condos and white faces. To borrow from Buffalo Springfield: Looks like there's a 'land grab' happening here, and what we should do ain't exactly clear.


pics from: 2/23/06, 2/25/06, 2/27/06.

New Orleans Indymedia ongoing coverage | IMC-US Katrina Page | Portland IMC Katrina Aftermath page | Audio File: New Orleans lays in ruins since months after Hurricane Katrina


02.03.2006 03:35
Pirate Radio Station Visited by FCC
After 3 years of broadcasting, the Portland Radio Authority was paid a visit by a person identifying themselves as an agent of the Federal Communications Commission at 2pm, Wednesday the 1st of March. A call was placed to the stations facilitators and an e-mail was then sent to all station dj's ordering and immediate halt to all station activities. It is unclear at this point if charges or penalties will be made, but the FCC scrutiny could have dire consequences for the long-standing pirate station.

PRA programming has consisted of music from a broad variety of genres, and featured local artists' recorded material or even live performances. The station sponsored and broadcast the Portland Pop Now Festival in 2004 and 2005 with a subsequent compilation released. In addition to broadcasting illegally on 95.1fm and later 96.7fm, the Portland Radio Authority has, and may continue to broadcast on praradio.com.


02.03.2006 03:29
Grassy Narrows First Nation warns Washington-based Weyerhaeuser “withdraw or face fierce campaign”
The Grassy Narrows First Nation today sent letters warning the chief executives of Weyerhaeuser (NYSE: WY) and Abitibi-Consolidated to "immediately cease and desist from all logging and industrial resource extraction on our territory" or face a "fierce international campaign".

The letter follows a decade of failed negotiations, lawsuits, environmental assessment requests, public protests, and a 3-year logging blockade. The letter asserts that decades of unsustainable logging has "poisoned our waters with mercury and other toxins, nearly eliminated our ability to practice our way of life, and robbed us of economic opportunities."


01.03.2006 01:12
Fred Meyer Destroys Good Food
It seems that Hollywood Fred Meyer has not learned its lesson from two years ago and stills disgards HUGE pounds of perfectly good food while telling the community otherwise.

On Friday, February 24th I personally witnessed a fellow employee of the meat department tossing into the garbage compacter at least 130 packages of meat products with an expiration date of Feb. 28th. The fellow employee told me they needed to make room for fresher meat coming in.

I went immediately to the FOD (Food operations Director)and wanted to save some for my dog but no deal. I then suggested somehow getting it to a homeless shelter freezer but no deal. Apparently Kroger makes for money "writing it off" than giving it away or even selling it at 50% off to an employee.


28.02.2006 15:44
Schumacher Furs Protest Report, February 25
Colorful red and yellow tulips and daffodils adorned the display windows of Schumacher Furs this Saturday. Usually symbolizing spring and rebirth, these flowers were perhaps more representative of funeral flowers, as if placed there in remembrance of the 40 million animals killed each year by the fur industry. A pink rabbit fur purse hung gaudily in one of the windows. Hey Schumacher: dying fur pink does not change the grim reality of cruel death and needless suffering. Millions of animals, including dogs and cats, are bludgeoned, boiled, strangled with wire nooses, and bled to death before they are skinned for their fur. See http://www.furisdead.com for info and videos about how animals are used in the fur industry.

From inside the funeral parlor called Schumacher Furs, old Mr. Schumacher himself pathetically held a sign calling one of the protesters a whore (she was one of the people arrested recently which is likely how he knows her name). An act of desperation by a desperate man. We have been told that protesters have actually been offered money to stay away from the protest by someone claiming to be a friend of one of the Schumacher employees. The Schumachers are likely quite surprised that our protests did not end at Christmas. In fact, the protests continue to get bigger and livelier as more and more people get educated about the fur industry and decide to join us. This week, a Schumacher call to the police only resulted in a police officer politely reminding us to keep the sidewalk clear.

May this spring see a rebirth of compassion and kindness towards all living beings. Come join us this Saturday in front of Schumacher Furs at SW 9th and Morrison from 12:30ish until 4:00 or later. Signs, leaflets, and vegan treats provided.

Channel 12 And Schumachers Team Up This Week For "Fur Giveaway"


27.02.2006 22:59
Price Check on the Patriot Act!
Justice The concept for the event was to illustrate the price of passing the Patriot Act. It shows how we have commodified our basic rights under the guise of protecting the American people from "terrorism" in its ever-broadening definition. The winners are multinational corporations like Halliburton.

Underhandedly, America has traded the Bill of Rights for promises of security in the aftermath of a successful fearmongering campaign. Free speech has been suppressed when the speech, spoken or written, affects the profits of a corporation. We have openly advocated to suspend the rights of people suspected of "terrorism," in its ever-broadening definition. We have suspended rights of habeus corpus and right to an attorney. We have detained people who are suspected of "terrorism" and most deplorably, we have tortured these people, and defended our "right" to do it. [ EcoTV Presents: Portland Can't Wait's "Price Check on the Patriot Act" demo | http://www.portlandcantwait.org ]


27.02.2006 17:22
Update on Rod Coronado's Detention Hearing 2/27/06
A hearing at the federal courthouse in Tucson this morning ended without a clear resolution on Rod Coronado's detention. Magistrate judge Charles Pyle has taken the matter under advisement after the prosecution and the defense argued back and forth on whether Coronado should remain in custody and be extradited to San Diego, where he is charged in a grand jury indictment with "distribution of information relating to destructive devices." It is unknown how long it will take for Judge Pyle to decide.

At 10:30 am Monday morning well-known environmental activist and Tucson community member Rod Coronado appeared in Tucson federal court once again, this time for a "Detention and Removal" hearing. Coronado has been held at the Florence detention facility since last Wednesday, when he was arrested suddenly by federal agents. This hearing was to decide whether he would be released on bail, to later "self-surrender" at the federal district court in San Diego - where a grand jury has charged him in connection with a lecture he gave there - or if he would remain in custody and be extradited to California pending trial.



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