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27.02.2006 14:35
Garden in SE PDX being destroyed right now
The big picture Many residents of SE PDX are familar with the garden that has grown at the corner of SE 21st & Brooklyn for at least the last nine years. The garden has passed through various stages of maintenance and neglect but has always provided a welcome green open spot at that intersection. But the days of those cycles are over; as of this writing, the garden is being heartlessly ripped up and compacted by heavy machinery.


27.02.2006 05:19
Suburban Washington turns against the war and the regime
While on a quick trip, I happened to pass through Camas, Washington, for the first time ever. I was happily surprised at the sight of a half dozen protesters on a busy corner there. They were bearing signs calling to impeach Bush, and Stop the War NOW!


Police Brutality 26.02.2006 14:14
Police Brutality on Stark Street Downtown
A large man was face-down on the cement in the street, with about 5 pigs beating him with their billyclubs. He didn't seem to be resisting arrest, because he didn't really have anywhere to run. But they continued to beat him, after the fact that he had been charged with at least 50,000 volts of electricity and was most definitely paralyzed momentarily. Without any way to defend himself, the man lay beaten on the ground. After a bit, the piggies backed up to check out their damage. At this point, there were around seven cop cars enclosing the block, and more were on the way. The white pigs in uniforms stood in a circle all staring down at the man. Me and my friends were getting rather terrified at this point, we took some pictures of the scene and one of my friends instinctly yelled with horror "YOU KILLED HIM!!" ... it was at this point that there was a large pool of dark red blood spilling from the man's upper-body. Once he was turned over, we saw the man's face - completely smothered with bright cherry red blood, covering his whole face. He did not move, and this led all of us [the pigs, me and my friends, the streetkids onlooking fromn the corner] to believe that this man was shortly to be taken away to the morgue. The pigs chuckled and harassed folks passing by, saying to them, "guess you aint gonna be drinkin an' drivin, now are you?!!?" and laughing with people trying to drive down the street.


Heterosexism in the Community 26.02.2006 14:00
Homophobia at BTP/PDX Press Show
I've stood in front of signs that said 'Fags Burn in Hell' and 'Thank God for AIDS' and got heckled by religious zelots from Kansas, calling me all sorts of shit. But I have never felt more oppressed than I did last night at a PDX Books to Prisoners benefit.
The band was billed simply as WWPRF. Several bands on the flyer used acronyms so several of the people in Books to Prisoners had no idea that it stood for Wolfgang Williams and the Punk Rock Faggots. Fortunately, I have an awesome friend in the punk community who's seen these guys and talked with them. When he learned of their name, he asked if any of them were gay. One of the kids in the band elbowed his bandmate and said, "He is on the weekends, har har."


Audio Coverage from 2/23/06 25.02.2006 23:16
Author Linn discusses childhood consumerism
author Susan Linn Susan Linn, educational psychologist and author of Consuming Kids discusses the high stakes campaigns vying for control of our young people's minds. Media companies spend about $15 billion annually to take advertising to the next level - and this is all aimed at young children.

Marketers have realized they can exploit the developing nature of childhood and adolescence and have utilized child psychologists to invade the fertile psyche of children with consumerism, brand loyalty, and commercialization of sex and violence.

Listen to [streaming audio | mp3 download]


24.02.2006 20:40
Two more "Green Scare" arrests in Olympia -- prisoner support information
Yesterday two more American environmentalists where arrested charged with involvement in an ELF arson attack on Jefferson Poplar Tree Farm in May 2001. Their alleged involvement in this action is, according to the FBI, part of the alleged over-arching conspiracy which has already seen eleven North Americans indicted.

The latest people arrested in this on-going case are Nathan Block and Joyanna Zacher. Like the others who have been charged with involvement in the Jefferson Poplar Tree Farm arson, Nathan and Joyanna are facing fifteen separate charges: Thirteen charges of arson (one charge for each vehicle and building damaged by fire), one charge of attempted arson (against the offices of Jefferson Poplar Tree Farm) and one "Use of a Destructive Device".

Detention Hearings in Tacoma Tuesday Feb 28 | www.ecoprisoners.org


24.02.2006 15:18
interview with portland panther Floyd Cruse

last night on maximum damage- we interviewed the former minister of information of the portland chapter of the black panther party Floyd Cruse. It is archived on portland web radio maximum damage under the date 2/21/06. We discuss many topics from direct action to post traumatic stress disorder. Floyd rocks and I hope you enjoy hearing our discussion.
[ listen | comment ]

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24.02.2006 15:00
Grassroots Hotline, Email List and Online Library for Olympia Workers
The Olympia Workers Association (OWA) is pleased to announce a new hotline for workers to call when they want help improving their working conditions. Workers can now call (360) 539-9523 to get support from other workers, get information about workers rights and strategize winning better work conditions.

The OWA has also created an email list to share news about local workers. To subscribe to this list go to  https://lists.riseup.net/www/subrequest/olympiaworkers and start receiving updates about the local grassroots labor movement.

The OWA has also created an Online Worker Library with reading material about worker struggles past and present. All reading materials can be printed out on home computers and office printers. Visit the Library at:  http://olymedia.mahost.org/olyworkers/workerlibrary.htm


24.02.2006 14:49
Pictures from Move.On Bush Protest by EcoTV
No Checks No Balances No Democracy

I took stills from the video I shot of the people protesting on SE 39th and Division. The signs depicted the loss of liberty being forced upon us by the Bush Administration.

Brian contributes: There were about 20 people at the corner of 15th and NE Alberta as well. We talked and held candles. Lots of cars honked as they passed. It sure beat the hell out of watching TV and being silent. Too bad more didn't join us. It is the beginning. We aren't going to be silent while Bush brings us fascism.

Maggie Sullivan contributes: I never attended a protest until the Bush Administration. Now I go to every one I know about! Although the 15th & Alberta crowd was less than half of the sign-ups, and even our organizer was a no-show, we had a good time, learned about resources from new acquaintances, and definitely made a dent in the collective awareness of the hundreds of cars and pedestrians that passed through that intersection. Fellow vigilants, thank you!


24.02.2006 14:17
Northwest "Natural" Gas: Cheap, Slimy-Ass, Dirty Trick
I am a single mother, and every cent I earn is hard won and spoken for. I do not indulge in frivolous extras -- I do not have cable TV, I can't afford to splurge on eating out at restaurants, I do not buy new clothes. We live on a very tight budget at my house. So I have been very frugal with heat at my house as well. We're often cold. We snuggle up in blankets to keep warm, and wear sweaters and thick socks. Like I said, every cent matters, and I had heard that the Enron fiasco was driving up heating costs this winter, and I cannot afford to bail out fucking millionairs with my meager paycheck. I have been very careful to never have the heat on at night, and never when I am away. When I am here, it's never above 65, and even at that, only on special occasions or when we are sick.

I thought all of this frugality had paid off when I received my bill last month. It said I only owed $57! I was pleasantly surprised, because it was all I could afford, and I had been very careful about the heat, and we had shivered all winter, and it seemed to have made a difference. I was surprised anyway, because I had heard so much about how much higher bills might be. Anyway, the relief I felt made me do what anyone in my situation would do. I relaxed a little on the heat. I still never turned it up past 67 degrees, but I did turn it up 2 degrees now and then to help stave off the winter chills. After all, my family was shivering, and I figured I could afford $10 or so more to help keep them warm.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I received my bill today and it was NEARLY $400!!! There's no WAY I can afford a $400 utility bill. NO FUCKING WAY. When I called Northwest "Natural" to see what had happened, I was informed that, oh, they had just misread my bill last month, that's all. I am almost in tears as I write this. When I told the woman on the phone that it can't be that high, that it's not fair that I should be charged this much now, she said curtly that I was only being charged for what I had used. But I, like so many of us out here, had intentionally guaged my gas use to try to keep it in my budget. I think we were all doing that, weren't we? I had cut down the temperature in my home to the very minimum that I felt I could. I mean, usually we didn't even have the gas on at all. And if I had received a bill for $150 last month, I would have tried to turn it down even more. But I didn't. I received a bill for only $57, and so I thought it was safe to turn it up a little. This is NOT fair. And what's more, I believe they did this on purpose. If this happened to you too, please say so here.


23.02.2006 11:00
Rod Coronado arrested for 2003 teach-in in San Diego
Rod Coronado Details are sketchy, but a federal indictment was handed down by a Federal Grand Jury in San Diego charging Rod with "teaching and demonstrating the making of a destructive device" before a crowded room at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Community Center in Hillcrest on Aug. 1, 2003, one day after an arson at the University Towne Center apartment complex under construction in San Diego.

Rod is already awaiting setencing from previous charges. 2 months back Rod and Matt Crozier were found guilty of felony conspiracy to interfere with or injure a government official (max 7 years), charges related to an Earth First! campaign to prevent mountain lions from being captured or killed by hunters in Tucson, Arizona in March 2004.

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23.02.2006 04:53
PSU cafeteria workers boycott employer Sodexho
We, the undersigned, have terminated our period of employment at Sodexho's Victor's Café in Ondine Hall on the PSU campus. Given the financial and emotional stresses of unemployment, this was not an easy decision to make; however, the unacceptable business practices of the company made it, in our opinion, the only ethical one.


22.02.2006 19:02
Schumacher Furs Protest Report (I'd rather go naked than wear fur), February 18
Cats in China used for fur While about twenty protesters stood out in the cold holding signs and passing out literature in front of Schumacher Furs last Saturday, another half dozen protesters stripped down to g-strings and shoes, some with strategically placed anti-fur stickers, others with anti-fur slogans written on their bare skin with black ink.

Meanwhile a crowd gathered across the street, fascinated by our protest, and more than usual amounts of educational literature were distributed. Why would people take off their clothes downtown in 37 degree weather? To drive home the point that we'd rather wear nothing than wear the product of intense animal abuse and suffering.


22.02.2006 19:01
1800 People Killed by Corporate Timber and Human Ignorance
More than a thousand people have died in the Philippines, as a result of a tremendous landslide. As they slipped beneath the mud of the nearby mountainside, did they know who was to blame? As it turns out, logging was to blame. People of Cascadia, take note.

According to scientific analysis and preliminary government reports alike, the reason for the massive landslide that took so many lives last week is clear: It was logging. The steep slopes above the buried village were denuded of all their trees. Ancient forests had been carved away by greed and indifference. The delicate forest ecosystem had melted under the weight of machines and "progress," and so the ancient mountain then melted away onto the little village below.


18.02.2006 05:59
World Social Forum Report Back from Venezuela
Venezuela: Another World is Happening
Community Report Back from the World Social Forum in Caracas and 23 de Enero

Twenty-three Portland activists have returned from Caracas, Venezuela where they attended the 2006 World Social Forum (WSF). The World Social Forum, whose slogan is "another world is possible," is a yearly gathering at which over 100,000 progressive activists, non-profits, and community organizations from around the world debate alternatives to corporate globalization.

At this year's Forum, anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan joined Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to condemn the Iraq war and call for the assembled activists to work together and build a just economic order. Chavez, as usual, mockingly referred to Bush exclusively as "Mr. Danger." The first Forum took place in 2001 in Porto Alegre, Brazil. It was intended as a counterpoint to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where some of the most powerful economic players in the world meet each year. Since then, the WSF has grown so much that organizers decided to hold this year's forum in three separate locations: one in Caracas, Venezuela; one in Banako, Mali; and one in Karachi, Pakistan.

Saturday February 18, 7 PM @ SEIU Local 49 (3536 SE 26th Ave.)
www.pcasc.net [ Read More ]

Grand Juries, Snitches and Spies.... oh my! Come to an educational forum on Grand Juries, criminal prosecution, and the use of confidential informants presented by Attorney Lauren Regan of the Civil Liberties Defense Center. Learn the facts about the legal system and what rights citizens have in the face of a growing police state that is based on political whim more than a desire for safe communities or justice. Come hear how grand juries and snitches deny your rights, disrupt political movements, and destroy communities. How will current events impact your community?


Saturday, Feb. 18th, 7PM
Laughing Horse Books, 3652 SE Division St.

Wednesday, Feb. 22nd, 7PM
Liberty Hall, 311 N Ivy"

Civil Liberties Defense Center [ Read More ]


16.02.2006 23:39
Report from the Common Ground Speaking Event
sakura crowd Kerul Dyer and Sakura Kone' spoke at Reflections Coffee House (446 NE Killingsworth St.) on Sunday February 12th. Sakura came in place of Common Ground founder, Malik Rahim. Malik deeply wanted to come, but on saturday morning his aunt died and he had to stay to make funeral preparations for her. Sakura came on just a couple hours notice, for which we were deeply thankful.

After a video about Common Ground and the relief effort, Sakura sat down to talk to folks about what was really going down in New Orleans. After a short talk, he and Kerul opened the floor for questions from the packed room.

The overlying theme of this event was to help establish a "Common Ground Portland" ... or something of the sort. Common Ground rose up AFTER the hurricane and in response the the governments dissmisal of poor people. The idea is to start organizing for something catastrophic NOW so that we have a network already set up that even if the government decided to care, we wouldnt need them.

Listen to streaming AUDIO: On The Air


16.02.2006 01:38
Craig Rosebraugh Subpoenaed to Federal Grand Jury in Eugene, Oregon; ELF Investigation Continues
PORTLAND, OR - On Tuesday, February 14, 2006, Craig Rosebraugh received a subpoena to testify before a federal grand jury currently convened in Eugene, Oregon investigating a series of actions committed by the Earth Liberation Front. Federal agents approached Rosebraugh as he sat in his vehicle and demanded he roll down his window, presumably to accept the subpoena. He refused, rolled up the windows, locked the doors, and cranked the stereo. After yelling at him, the agents left the subpoena on his windshield.

The grand jury subpoena - the eighth Rosebraugh has received in the last nine years - commands him to appear in Eugene to testify at 9:00am on March 16, 2006.

Investigating ELF actions that occurred between 1996 and 2001, the grand jury convened in Eugene is responsible for indicting eleven people in January 2006 in connection with ELF activity throughout the Pacific Northwest and Colorado.

Rosebraugh served as an unofficial spokesperson for the ELF from 1997 through 2001. Receiving anonymous communiqués from the underground activists, he released the information to the news media and conducted interviews internationally in support of the group. In 2000, Rosebraugh co-formed the North American Earth Liberation Front Press Office (NAELFPO), a media resource organization based in Portland, Oregon. In February 2002, Rosebraugh was subpoenaed and appeared in front of the US Congress in a subcommittee hearing on "ecoterrorism." He pled the Fifth Amendment at the proceeding to 54 out of 56 questions, effectively stonewalling the hearing.


15.02.2006 16:33
Corporate Media Lies AGAIN to Protect Killer Cops
kaady family Readers of this site know the story by now. The police shot and killed yet another injured, unarmed man. And last month, the killers of Fouad Kaady were "cleared" by a bogus investigation that concluded that, although officers attacked a man they knew to be unarmed, they did nothing wrong because they followed procedures. Throughout this ordeal, the corporate media has done what it could to protect the police state from any accountability. The nightmare continues. Emblazoned across the pages of this morning's Oregonian is yet another reminder that the corporate media's lies are dangerous to us all. I'm speaking of the yellow journalism of "reporter" Andy Parker. (See below for Mr. Parker's contact information. You will likely want to give him a call.)

Ignoring the CCSO's own piss-poor excuse for an "invesitation," Mr. Parker inexplicably asserts that the bran-eating, Bible-reading, hard-working Deputy Willard found himself "staring across his handgun at Kaady, an enraged, bloody man who was threatening to kill him." Clearly, Mr. Parker did not do his homework. If he had, he would have learned in the CCSO's own words, in Willard's own words, that Mr. Kaady had been sitting on the ground "in a catatonic state" ... [ Read More ]

Report Back: Clackamas County Commissioners' Meeting - Thursday, Feb 16
On Thursday about twenty people attended the Clackamas County Commissioners Meeting to testify regarding Fouad Kaady. Each person who wished to speak was given three minutes to express his or her concerns about the way the law enforcement officers handled the encounter with Fouad on September 8, 2005. Alton McDonald from National Action Network came from Tacoma to attend. He and about nine other people spoke. Some suggested that the formation of a citizens' review board should be formed so that in the future questions about police shootings could enjoy a more open forum. [ Read More ]

Clackamas County Commissioners
2051 Kaen Road
Oregon City, OR 97045
Phone: (503) 655-8581
Fax: (503) 742-5919

Commissioners' schedule

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15.02.2006 06:21
5 million acres saved!! in Great Bear Rainforest
Thanks, to all of the thousand of activist who have over the years worked to protect the Great Bear Rainforest. Whether you stood outside a Home Depot, Lumbermens, Lowes, or one of the many timber targets of the Great Bear Campaign, with a sign, dropped a banner or raised a ruckus, thanks! You are a part of the team that just protected 5 million acres of rainforest from all logging, which is twice the size of Yellowstone National Park covering over 100 river valleys.

It's taken almost ten years of pressure, negotiation, tremendous effort and lots of help from you, but it's finally official: the Great Bear Rainforest Agreement has been approved by the government of British Columbia! Created by ForestEthics and its allies in unprecedented cooperation with First Nations (aboriginal groups), logging companies, corporations and local communities, the agreement will protect over 5 million acres of rainforest from all logging.

And as amazing as that is, it's only part of the story. The agreement also means that a new system of sustainable forestry, Ecosystem Based Management, will be put into place throughout the entire 16 million acres of the Great Bear. And it means First Nations and local communities will get $120 million in funding for initiatives like ecotourism and eco-friendly businesses?as long as the Canadian federal government meets its promise to contribute its $30 million share. To find out more about the details of the agreement, visit forestethics.org.


15.02.2006 01:33
"Eye of the Storm" Video Available Online
The Eye of the Storm Eye of the Storm uses video footage shot by the police to confirm how the police target citizens engaged in constitutionally protected acts of protest for harassment, assault, and arrest. The police, by their own admission, assault law-abiding protesters without provocation then lie about being provoked. These lies were carried and repeated ad-nauseum by the corporate media without any regard for the truth. The corporate media is shown being complicit, even supportive, of flagrant police misconduct. Those perceived as "leaders" by the police are often singled out for surveillance, assault, and arrest regardless of the fact that those individuals have broken no laws and committed no crimes. The police kept this footage despite laws prohibiting the collection of information on individuals engaged in political dissent. The police stated that activist video footage only told one "side" of the story, now everyone can see the other "side".


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