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13.02.2006 19:35
This tree is on the Scott River, a tributary to the Klamath that is for sale The Bush administration shocked Americans this week by proposing to sell of 200,000 acres of public lands to pay for rural schools in his budget. The Klamath National Forest would be the hardest hit in the national with about 50 square miles to be sold from the Klamath River. Under Bush's plan, the Forest Service would sell 200,000 acres of public lands, including 85,465 acres in California.

Shockingly, more than a third of California's acreage would come from the Klamath National Forest.

This plan calls for halving the amount of money going to rural communities under the County Payments program, and re-linking the money to logging on public lands. The Bush proposal calls for selling off approximately $800 million worth of America's forestlands-lands that were set aside as a legacy for our children and grandchildren.

Please take a few moments to write or email your Senators and tell them that you oppose the Bush administration's cynical plan which will destroy the County Payments program, create more conflict in rural communities over logging and sell off America's public lands. Also please write letters to the editors in your local area about this tragic selling of our National Heritage.

homepage:  http://kswild.org
phone: 541 951-0126


13.02.2006 15:25
The end of Channel 1!!!

About 4 months ago, I wrote here that a corperation called "Channel One" had been broadcasting its ad-loaded crap in my classroom. Every day at the end of "study time", the tv in our class would automaticaly come on and play Channel 1, a corperation that makes schools, in exchange for free tv's, play a 12 min. "news" program with 2 min. of commercials.* Now, possibly only temporaraly, but still, C1 has stopped in our class, not because we have called to complain several times, but because people were talking during the broadcast. Even if this action is only temporaraly stopped in our class, my principle assures us that channel one will be removed at the end of the year. Wanna know why? because we spoke out. It has been broadcasted in that school for 15 years and will finaly be permanantly removed because we spoke out.

[ read more

previous articles by Calvin: [ Channel 1 "news" now playing at a school near you. | Child labor in the schools? | Corporations In Schools ]


13.02.2006 13:30
Petrodollars and Nuclear Weapons Proliferation: Understanding the Planned Assault on Iran
Since December 2005, however, there have been much firmer indications both that the planned attack will go ahead in late March 2006, and also that the Cheney-Bush administration intends it to involve the use of nuclear weapons.

It is important to understand the nature and scale of the war crimes that are being planned—and no less important to recognize that, as in the case of the Bush regime's assault on Iraq, the pretexts being advanced to legitimize this intended aggression are entirely fraudulent. Unless the lurid fantasies of people like former Undersecretary for Arms Control and International Security and now Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton count as evidence—and Bolton's pronouncements on the weaponry supposedly possessed by Iraq, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela show him to be less acquainted with truth than Jean Harlow was with chastity—there is no evidence that Iran has or has ever had any nuclear weapons development program. Claims to the contrary, however loudly they may have been trumpeted by Fox News, CNN, or The New York Times, are demonstrably false.


13.02.2006 13:06
Kevin Tubbs Detention Hearing Report
Kevin Tubbs was denied release on bail pending trial (Monday, Feb. 6th) in the US District Court in Eugene.

Magistrate Judge Coffin in his ruling stated that the charges are extreme and violent and that he rejects the notion that intent to only destroy property poses no threat to human beings. He said that time-delay devices were used and that all the defendants were very lucky that no one had been killed or they would be facing homicide charges. He said, "Arson is extremely violent." He said to Friedman that he found it ironic that "your client is cooperating" and that for the released defendants he had taken into account the far out date set for trial, but that Tubbs admits committing the crimes and therefore will not be released. He said one thing he may take into account which could change his mind was any pending plea agreements offered by the government. He recessed court and asked for counsel to meet at that time in his chambers to discuss possible deals. (Any deals made today should be available in public records soon.)


12.02.2006 00:47
Fouad Kaady Demo Report Back
This family is wonderful. I learned today, from Rachid Kaady, that the name "Fouad" means "heart" in Lebanese. Somehow, that seems very fitting. Because, although I never met the young man whose life was taken by the police, his presence was nevertheless everywhere today. In the passionate words of his cousins and friends, in the gentle hugs from his father, and in the people who will not let his story fade away, there was surely a lot of heart in Clackamas County this afternoon. And from the bottom of my own heart, I thank each and every one of you who came to stand together on the doorstep of the CCSO, to say we've had enough.

Alejandro Queral, from the Northwest Constitutional Rights Center, began the event by eloquently explaining why we came. "This is not about retaliation," he said. "This is about justice. This is about feeling safe in our communities. This is about holding police accountable for their actions." Alejandro expressed shock and outrage about what happened to Fouad Kaady, and demanded transparency from the police. "We can't have officers investigating themselves," he said. "I hope that you will join me in demanding that Sheriff Roberts create a mechanism by which incidents of this nature can be reviewed by the citizens of this county, and where the entire investigation is made public so that there can be scrutiny of the police department."

Immediately following Alejandro's speech, Alton McDonald of the National Action Network gave a rousing call to action. "Why did the police react in such a brutal and vicious way upon this young man, who needed medical help?" He asked. "Why didn't they call for a paramedic? Why did they do this? The question has yet to be answered." Alton pointed out that the way the police have handled this incident is the way they always handle such incidents: They spend days working on cover stories and spinning lies through the corporate media. They do not seek justice. "This facility," he said, "That was built with tax payer's dollars to protect and serve the community, has now become a place where evil prevails. A place where injustice prevails. The People's rights have been violated by people who work in that building, who are paid by our tax dollars. So I ask you, the citizens of Oregon, is this right?" The crowd answered with a resounding "No!"


COWARDLY CRAIG ROBERTS POST GUARDS OUSIDE THE CLACKAMAS COUNTY FORTRESS | Fouad Kaady well represented | Clackamas Jail Prisoners denied visitors | Fouad Kaady Rally pictures | Alligators, NO Human, OK


09.02.2006 21:02
Bush's lack of vision on health care
Profile of a lack of vision: Bush addresses health care in the State of the Union

Joe Mahoney and the Oregon Action Health Care committee joined together to watch the President deliver his fifth State of the Union address. Prior to the speech, aides said it would focus on health care. So the group waited, hoping to hear a plan to reduce the cost of health care and increase access. They hoped the President would announce plans to fix the troubled Medicare Prescription Drug plan. Instead, after 46 minutes they heard less than a minute on health care.

At a time when 60% of Americans disapprove of his work on health care, Bush still isn't proposing anything more than a repackaging of his Social Security reforms. While providing more tax breaks for wealthy Americans he will leave the lowest-income and chronically ill patients to wither away.

"As a nurse, I am appalled at President Bush's lack of vision in resolving our nation's health care crisis. Simply providing tax breaks to those who can already afford health care will make the problem worse. We need common-sense solutions that reduce costs and increase access to comprehensive health care services." Judy Lebens, Hillsboro.

Oregon Action Health Care committee


Healthy Oregon Plan health care initiative approved to begin gathering signatures

Hello all! Good news! We have been approved to begin gathering signatures. Because this news was received more quickly than anticipated, this Saturday from 9AM-11AM you can come by an pick up your signature sheet packets (with instructions, information,etc) at: 537 NE 29th Ave Around the corner from Pambiche (NE 28th and Glisan).

We will be having a meeting more about outreach, etc. NEXT Saturday the 18th in Portland (you will be able to get sig sheets there). Meetings will follow on March 11th and April 8th in Portland. Watch the website for details We will be having an official "Kick Off" in Portland in the next few weeks - We are looking at March to open things up in other cities and begin our town hall meetings (starting with March 21 in Corvallis).

As always, we are always looking for any type of help. You may be amazed how you can be of benefit.



Reportback on Tues, Feb 7th Town Hall mtg on Healthcare

Below are my vastly imperfect notes on the Town Hall meeting. It was filmed and will be aired on cable access and is worth viewing mostly for the audience's comments and questions... and for reference and posterity in these dark days of dwindling healthcare. I forgot to mention in the body of the article that Kate Brown suggested she would seriously consider mandatory health insurance like we now have laws mandating auto insurance.


Katrina and the Missing Administration | Cities and State Parties Pass Impeachment Resolutions | Dismantling the Justice Dept. | MoveOn asks for letters to the editor opposing new Bush budget cuts


09.02.2006 20:57
Direct Action For Katrina Survivors

On Monday, February 13th, the New Orleans homeless population will skyrocket, and the survivors of Katrina will be victimized again. FEMA's short-term hotel program expires for most of the 26,000 displaced hurricane survivors and most of these evacuees have not been provided with long-term, or even transitional housing solutions. The National Guard is even on call to evict these survivors at gun point. We need anyone with the means to come down here to show up in solidarity for a day of decentralized direct action and mass demonstrations. For those unable to make it, an immediate nation-wide phone call and email campaign is needed to help keep families off the street. Don't let Katrina survivors be further victimized by the poverty-promoting plans of those with the power to correct the issues!

-FEMA Nicol Andrews, Deputy Strategic Director, 202-646-7917, nicol.andrews@dhs.gov
-MAYOR NAGIN ph 504-658-4900, fx 504-658-4939
-CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS ph 504-658-(1010 John Batt) (1020 Renee Pratt) (1030 Jacquelyn Clarkson) (1040 Cynthia Morrell) (1050 Cynthia Lewis) (1060 Ed Sapir) (1070 Oliver Thomas)
-GOVERNOR BLANCO ph 866-366-1121, fx 225-342-7099

For more info contact
no-heat.org, 504-883-8225
communitylaborunited.org | commongroundrelief.org

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09.02.2006 20:53
Huge Natural Gas Pipeline Proposal in Oregon
A 250-mile natural gas pipeline has been proposed to connect the LNG (liquefied natural gas) proposal in Coos Bay to the Williams pipeline in Roseburg, and then further to the pipeline near Malin, OR (near Klamath Falls). The proposal to import LNG and pipe the gas inland will undoubtedly have major economic, public safety, and environmental impacts while deepening the region's addiction to foreign fossil fuels.

The pipeline is an essential piece of the Coos Bay LNG proposal, and it appears that extensive negotiations have been going on for some time regarding this proposal. Peter DeFazio has stated his support for the LNG scheme, and the Coos Port Commission appointed by Ted Kulongoski appears to be in favor, also.

These individuals, DeFazio and Kulongoski, should immediately be targeted for letters and phone calls of concern about the pipeline and the LNG proposal in Coos Bay. The proposal is bad for the environment; it is bad for the safety and security of Oregonians; it exacerbates our dependence on foreign fossil fuels at a time when the Democratic Party is at least mumbling about energy alternatives and reducing foreign fossil fuel dependence; and finally, it links Oregon's market to a global energy economy that lacks human rights and environmental safeguards for many communities that happen to reside near natural gas fields. This issue is not necessarily a "right" or "left" issue, with many "red" Oregonians fighting their local proposals.

Write or call and let them know you hold them responsible for allowing the State of Oregon to fund the Weyerhaeuser land purchase, a deal that has enabled the proposal of this enormous pipeline and threatens to create many of the sorts of problems described above.


Would Lewis And Clark Sign-Off On LNG On The Lower Columbia You Think? | Nigerian LNG pipeline explosion: 11 feared missing | LNG IS A KILLER | Bringing the War to Warrenton, Bradwood, Clatskanie, and a city near you! | National Expert on LNG Safety Speaking in Portland | NO LNG ON THE COLUMBIA RIVER DEMONSTRATION | No On LNG Petition | Solidaridad con Bolivia; boicot Calpine/Pacific NG consortium | Whose agenda is running Clatsop County? | Stop LNG at Jordan Cove


08.02.2006 17:25
Schumacher Furs Protest Report (Be My Bloody Valentine), February 4
Schumacher Furs now has a grotesque Valentine's Day theme going on at the store, complete with colorful balloons, cupids, and little red hearts. A desperate attempt to disguise the ugliness and cruelty of the business they're in (in reality the only thing the Schumachers seem to love is money).

We made a few valentines of our own for the protest, saying things such as "Be My Bloody Valentine" and "Nothing says I Love You like Something Dead" along with heart shaped cutouts of tortured/dead animals. Animals value their lives as much as we value ours and feel pain as much as we do. No laws govern the fur trade's abuse of animals. Facts the Schumachers choose not to face. See  http://www.furisdead.com for info and videos.


07.02.2006 00:08
Dining & Dignity
While posting fliers about the Fouad Kaady rally in Estacada today, we picked up a copy of the East County Gazette. In it was an article in the 'Mountain Views' Section, regarding a program which was news to me. It is called Dining & Dignity. The first restaurant in the entire United States to join Dignity & Dining was the Harmony Bakery in Estacada. Hitching Post Pizza has also joined. Here is how it works. "When an indigent person comes to the restaurant the guest must first ask for the manager and say to the manager, 'I don't have any money but I need to eat' The manager chooses which foods are available and healthy and then gives the guest the food. No taking of orders, no restaurant checks and no record keeping."


06.02.2006 02:40
City's Hired Gun
Another great surprise. In the D.A.s haste to defend the murderers of Jahar Perez from indictment (yeh, like that's going to happen), he hired an "expert" witless from the out of state law enforcement community to razzle and dazzle the "grand Jury." Gee, that's new.

According to the Perez family attorney, Eldon Rosenthal, it actually IS new...

What is interesting here, is that the DA and the city are being defensive about the whole thing. I mean, do they really think that after all this time, anybody really believes that there is anything going on in the grand jury chamber that does not involve a big bucket, a big brush, and a lot of white pigmented liquid? I don't.


06.02.2006 02:37
CODE PINK makes its Southern Oregon Debut!
CODE PINK' - Southern Oregon Debut On February 4, 2006 seventy five Southern Oregonians assembled at Veterans Park in Medford, Oregon at a rally sponsored by Citizens for Peace & Justice. Demonstrators stood together to profess the "Real State of the Union"

The Medford Mail Tribune FAILED AGAIN to report the news, but citizen journalists were on hand to cover this event.

Was much fun, and the sun shined on our cause.


04.02.2006 07:07
Auburn Arrestee Eric McDavid on Hunger Strike! Call the Jail Now!
After 3 weeks of being denied vegan meals, Eric McDavid is now on hunger strike. Please call the Jail persistently and request he be given meals he can eat.
Sacramento County Main Jail
651 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
916.874.8984 fax

Sheriff Lou Blanas
916.874.5332 fax

Jail Commander Mark Iwasa

Since January 13th Eric McDavid (X reference #-2972521) has been held in the Sacramento County Main Jail and denied vegan food. His family has reported that his health is failing from three weeks of malnourishment. On January 31st Eric began a hunger strike. Eric has been vegan for years and despite the efforts of his family, friends and lawyer he has not been given food he can eat. We are asking that people please call the county jail and politely but firmly request that he be given vegan food (food without animal products such as meat, dairy, eggs) before his health deteriorates further. Let them know that being able to eat is Eric's human right and vital to his physical and mental well being. Please spread the word and call, e-mail, fax, write as much as possible. Every day that goes by Eric's health becomes worse. Please act now.

Urgent Fundraising Appeal for Auburn Arrestee Zachary Jenson | Sacramento Prisoner Support Audio Update

portland indymedia prisoners page | indybay police state page |
Eugene Civil Liberties Defense Center


04.02.2006 06:53
Jonathan Robert Update
Jonathan Robert was arrianged on his most serious charges recently. He is apparently charged with 18 U.S.C. ? 844(e), using mail or phone to make a threat of fire or explosive. They are charging him with making a phone threat to a hotel that was hosting the G8 summit in Sea Island GA in 2004. This charge carries a maximum sentence of 10 years, and he was denied bail due to other pending charges in different districts.

Jonathan had a court appearance Feb. 2, 2006 and plead guilty to a federal misdemenor destruction of property charge, which carries a maximum sentence of one year in prison and a $100,000 fine. A dozen supporters were able to attend the hearing, and he seemed encouraged by their presence. The charge relates to him making several small slits in a tarp covering a chain link fence which was obstructing the view of people participating in the annual action to close the School of the Americas. The judge reserved sentencing until a Pre-Sentence Investigation report is completed which could be 4-6 weeks. Jonathan still has municipal charges relating to his being taking into custody.

Please write Jonathan letters and cards of support. Remember that all mail is read, so be smart. Prison is a lonely place and support is crucial. We expect Jonathan will remain at this address until sentencing which could be 4-6 weeks.

For more info / To subscribe to the email update list contact supportjonathan@mutualaid.org

Free all Political Prisoners!

related: freedarren.org | supportchelsea.org | supportjosh.org | supportchris.org/
ecoprisoners.org | spiritoffreedom.org.uk


02.02.2006 16:57
Rubio cleared in menacing charge against Sandy police chief

Mr. Rubio was arrested last summer during the Sandy Mountain Festival Parade. It was exactly one month to the day after his son, Carlos, had gone missing under mysterious circumstances. Details are sketchy, but Rubio alleges Sandy Police had been harassing his son and believed they had information regarding his disappearance. Mr. Rubio was passing out flyers to parade watchers and confronted Sandy police chief Skelton, one of the grand marshalls, near the end of the parade route. According to the Post, witnesses said Rubio was yelling at Skelton about the disappearance of his son and compared local police to Nazis. [ read more ]

Helter Skelton-Keep your July calendar open - Folks, the Chief of Police in Sandy, Oregon, Harold "Helter" Skelton, has invited us all out to his neck o the woods for a big shin dig, the Sandy Days Parade. You know you want to be there. This he man, the supposed supervisor of Officer Bergin (You remember him, he murdered Fouad Kaady), was so intimidated by Juan Rubio, that he had to arrest him for being so misguided as to question whether the Sandy Cops were doing anything to find his (at the time) missing son, who was later found, murdered, on a logging road. Mr. Skelton, this paragon of law enforcement, who sees a crack head behind every tree, and in front of each of his murdering cops, charged poor Mr. Rubio with menacing. The trial began on January 24. [ read more ]

Sandy Rants: Kaady, Rubio, Perez - Cops were flying around Sandy today like bats out of hell. I went out several times throughout the day and had to pull over 3 different times right in town (several hours between each) to allow a speeding squad car or two to pass. Also saw 2 cars pulled over by 2 squads earlier in the day. I wanted to go home and hide. [ read more ]

Poor Sheriff Roberts - Well, poor Clackamas County Sheriff Roberts seems to be having a really bad spell, what with all of his officers out on paid administrative leave, while his cronies "investigate" all the murders by cop that have been taking place on his watch. When questioned in this regard, both he and Sandy Police Chief Skelton related that the killings were somehow all related to the "meth epidemic, and the number of mentally ill." [ read more ]

related articles: [ AP's police shooting story is a PRESS RELEASE | Fouad Kaady's Killer "Cleared." Surprise, surprise. | Check out this Police Brutality Website! | ANOTHER taser death in Oregon | Fouad Kaady Anti-Police Violence Demonstration | Kaady: Policy NOT followed ]


02.02.2006 15:30
Pacific Green Party Candidates meet, speak and debate

Last night, 35-40 people turned out at the Downtown library to hear Joe Keating and Ed Winslow discuss their campaigns, plans and ideas for the upcoming Governor's race. Both candidates are seeking the PGP's ballot spot in this race. Other candidates seeking election in other races spoke as well.

For the first time in PGP history the Greens here in Oregon have a contested race. Both Joe Keating (www.KeatingForGovernor.org) and Ed Winslow (www.EdWinslow.com) are seeking the party's ballot spot in the '06 Governor's race. Last night's forum, attended by about 40 people and videotaped for ?? was more cooperative than competitive. Each candidate addressed the audience for 10 minutes before beginning a Q&A session with 3 minute answers. [ read more ]


01.02.2006 04:42
J31 success

I arrived a little late, a stream of disabilities was holding up the 14 going downtown, having just gotten off work, and the caffiene slowly wearing off, leaving me tired and cranky, I was not looking foward to walking back over the same bridge in the protest.

As I walked in the square, I was suprised to find out, that the plans have changed, we are getting on the max and going to the Lloyd center. Fine by me man. The cops were lined up directly accross the stage, I diddnt see any of them with cameras of any sort, although, when your downtown anycity, youre on camera most of the time anyway. After some rousing music we board the max. Much to my suprise, the cops didnt follow.


photos: 1, 2

related: [ PLDN jail support Jan 31'st | Juvenille arrested at Lloyd Center During Protest Tues. ]


01.02.2006 04:20
Report Back and Photogs From Hugo Chavez Speech In Caracas

Hugo Chavez spoke last night. He spoke at a big soccer stadium out on the edge of town.

The trip to the stadium was via the metro and, once we got to the end of the metro line, via small busses.

Once at the stadium, the men were separated from the women in to two line. Each were searched for weapons and explosives. Then we were given bottles of water and smiles and entrance to the stadium.

The atmosphere inside was roaring excitement. These people are all hard-core soccer lovers and stadium-ecstasy is second nature. There was a pre-Chavez show with musicians playing excellent folk and revolutionary music and scores of young teenage boys and girls dancing slowly about with yards of diaphanous pastel cloud-gauze wafting gracefully behind.


[ Photogs From World Social Forum | Some World News Links About World Social Forum 2006 | Report from World Social Forum, Venezuela ]


01.02.2006 04:14
Uranium Found in Salmon Habitat
Hanford, Wash. - Independent analysis has confirmed uranium waste contaminating sediments in the Columbia River. This confirmation comes from joint sampling by the Washington state Department of Ecology and The RadioActivist Campaign, a non-profit, public-interest project.

Ecology and the project collected four samples from the Hanford Reach riverbed in September 2004. Ecology submitted the samples to independent laboratories for uranium-233 analysis. After reviewing Ecology's data, the project now reports the confirmation of uranium-233 in Columbia River sediments.



01.02.2006 04:02
1st Person Accounts of GenoaG8 Diaz Raid Trials Has Made UK IMC
pic of raid of diaz school convergence space

Wherever they are held, the G8 summits, the meetings of the 8 most powerful industrial nations, have a history of attracting campaigners and protestors from all over the world. There are the hard line protestors who believe that unless protest is radical (and for some violent) that nothing will be achieved, there are those who approach the situation with powerful humour and ironic messages such as The Clown Army at the recent G8 meeting in Scotland and those who subscribe to policies of non-violence. However I would argue that this is a simplistic view. At a forum where emotions run high and policing is tough and often intimidatory, any individual whatever their views can be caught up in situations designed by the authorities to contain, stamp out or prematurely end demonstrations. Reports at spike-online.com at the time of the G8 summit in Genoa in 2001 point out that "Condemning the 'mindless violence' of anti-capitalist protestors lets everybody off the hook - protestors and authorities alike." The G8 in Genoa saw arguably the worst violence of all summits, including one demonstrator shot dead. The right wing government at that time had an agenda of repression, intolerance and a determination to totally crush demonstrations. Finally 4 years later they now have a case to answer for the violence inflicted on many attendees at the Genoa G8 meeting in 2001.. [ read more ]

[ Diaz School Raid: Some G8 Genoa Links | ITALY, the Genova G8 trial: protesters were beaten and tortured during the "Chilean night" ]


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