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31.01.2006 03:54
Kaady: Policy NOT followed

There's been a lot of discussion here re: the CCSO review panel's decision about Foaud Kaady and about police policies and procedures.

But what hasn't been examined very thoroughly (though a couple of comments did mention it) is that the police did NOT follow all policies and procedures in FK's case. Careful reading of the Sandy Post's article misleading titled "Board: Kaady shooters followed protocol" which appeared on January 25, 2006 clearly shows this. Why, even the headline for the continuation of the article on page 8A states: "Kaady: Questions about shotgun use remain." [ read more ]

Fouad Kaady Anti-Police Violence Demonstration

When: Saturday, February 11th, noon
Where: Clackamas County Sheriff's Office -- Kaen Rd in Oregon City (near the Clackamas County Jail).
Bus Route: #33 trimet route -- for those coming from pdx who do not drive

As you may recall, Fouad Kaady was tortured and killed by officers from the Sandy police department and the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office (CCSO). Mr. Kaady was badly injured and in shock when he was approached by police last September. They demanded that he lay face down on the ground. Because he was so badly hurt, he was unable to immediately comply. Officers then proceeded to tase him in what can only be described as torture. When he finally responded by jumping up in a daze and leaping onto a police car, they shot him to death. Both officers later admitted that they knew, at the time, that he was unarmed. (Please see http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/01/332345.shtml for further details.) [ read more ]


31.01.2006 02:43
Schumacher Furs Protest Report, January 28
In business since 1896, the Schumachers still don't seem to be able to figure out an ethical way of making a living. But perhaps 110 years of cruelty and getting rich by exploiting those weaker and unable to speak up for themselves is coming to an end.

We think Portland is better than this. Fur loses its appeal when people learn the truth about the fur trade.

One of Schumacher's employees admitted that Schumacher gets fur from China. Most of the world's fur (85%) comes from China, where video evidence has shown animals slammed headfirst onto pavement, their backs, necks, and paws broken but leaving them still conscious while the skin is ripped from their bodies. See the reality of the fur industry for yourself at  http://www.furisdead.com Fur is an unregulated industry: as far as animal cruelty goes, anything goes.


31.01.2006 02:33
Bringing The War To Hillary
January 27, 2006 Portland, OR-Grassroots activists presented a united, determined front against Hillary Clinton's support for the Iraq War at a Democratic Party fundraiser for her 2006 Senate campaign. Code Pink chapters from Portland and Eugene teamed up with the Eugene Civil Resisters to upstage and disrupt her speech to the Party faithful in the ballroom of the Portland Hilton Executive Tower, and grabbed the headlines by putting her on the spot about her support for funding the war.

Our intention was to present the strongest possible message against funding the brutal and immoral war in Iraq to Hillary and the mainstream media in a peaceful and humorous way that would convey the message in the most effective manner.

Five activists from Portland and six from Eugene purchased $50 tickets for the political pep rally that was billed as support for her Senate re-election, and was to include appearances by Governor Ted Kulongoski, Senator Ron Wyden, and Representatives Earl Blumenauer, Darlene Hooley, David Wu, and Peter Defazio, with 1000 tickets available for the standing only affair.


31.01.2006 02:20
Yippie, Stew Albert: RIP

Stew Albert, a leading member of the "Youth International Party" (Yippie!,) an unindicted co-conspirator in the infamous Chicago 1968 "Conspiracy Trial," an instigator of People's Park and so much more - died today.

Albert had incurable and inoperable liver cancer, but his belief in a better world and his unfaltering activism, kept him busy until the very last moments of his life. On January 30, 2003, the following notice was posted on his weblog: [ http://stewa.blogspot.com ]

>> Day in the Life: Stew died today, January 30, 2003 at 3:20 a.m, age 66. Peacefully, in his sleep, surrounded by Judy, Jessica and his many friends. Funeral services this Wednesday, Feb. 1 at Havurah Shalom in Portland. More will be posted.<< [ read more ]

just a personal hero.

Stew passed away early this morning after a heroic battle with liver cancer. A service will be held on Wednesday, February 1, at 1:00 at the Havurah Shalom at 825 NW 18th Ave in Portland, Oregon . Some of his last words were that "his politics had not changed". Rememberances can be sent to Planned Parenthood in Portland or the Rosenberg Fund for Children. [ read more ]

Revolutionary activist and YIPPIE founder STEW ALBERT 1939-2006

He threw and burned money at the new york stock exchange, he levatated the pentagon,he fought in the streets of chicago during the 68 democractic convention, he helped build people's park, he was beaten, he did time,and then he ran for SHERRIF against evil frank madigan in 1970 and almost won. He and other YIPPIES made ties and helped organize with groups such as S.D.S, S.N.C.C.,the black panthers, the young lords,the G.L.F., the weathermen and others. He was a true servant to the PEOPLE and a good friend, til the end. Stew died early monday morning after fighting a brave battle with liver cancer.

His will be an immense loss to all who knew him and all who didn't get a chance. The service will be on Wednesday, February 1, at 1:00 at the Havurah Shalom synagog at 825 NW 18th Ave in Portland, Oregon [ read more ]


29.01.2006 08:43
Report from World Social Forum, Venezuela
The revolution here is visible in other ways, though. In every barrio, there is a small, octagonal shaped building where people can go for free health care. At all of the big events, there are dozens of local officials there to help out (I am not used to liking police!). When people see my orange WSF badge, they often say Bienvenidos--Welcome to Venezuela.

I am part of the PCASC delegation of 20 or so people from Portland, and there are many others here from the Pacific Northwest. But the U.S. is, again, incredibly under-represented. The Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign, Global Exchange, and Grassroots Global Justice are the only organizations with any serious presence. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that the debate in the U.S. is so much farther to the right than what I am seeing here. Everyone is denouncing Bush as a terrorist, advocating for socialist revolution, and organizing stuff that would seem crazy back home. Meanwhile, my email brings me depressing information about what looks to me like a renewed effort to tone down the rhetoric at Portlands upcoming peace march (titled End the War, Begin the Peace--ugh!). We have a long way to go in the belly of the beast.


26.01.2006 17:01
Information on the Confidential Source in the Auburn Arrests
Through several sources across the country, the friends of Eric McDavid, Zachary Jensen and Lauren Weiner - the three environmental activists arrested outside Sacramento on January 13th - have confirmed that the name of the FBI informant is "Anna." According to the FBI's own affidavit, "Anna" was involved in gathering information on 12 separate cases in the anarchist movement. Through discussion with activists across the country, "Anna's" presence or
"4 people went to Auburn together, 3 ended up in jail. The 4th person was Anna. I was told to make everyone aware of this person to watch out for her, and to, like one should do with every snitch, erradicate their prescense from the radical community."
attempted involvement in various events has come to light. She ran as a street medic during the Bio-Democracy protests in Philadelphia last June and attended both the Crimethinc convergence in Indiana and the Feral Visions gathering outside Asheville.

It was also discovered that this informant made an attempt to get involved with the Pittsburgh Organizing Group and attended one or two of their meetings ahead of the Democratic National Convention in Boston. She told POG that she had been involved with the G8 Organizing Committee in Georgia as a direct action outreach coordinator. She wanted to get involved with organizing for the DNC in Boston, and was supposedly talking to various groups about merging "talents and our outreach, [to] put a little more bang in the DNC actions."

related: portland indymedia prisoners page | indybay police state page |
Eugene Civil Liberties Defense Center


25.01.2006 23:40
Daniel McGowan released into the custody of his sister
Judge Ann Aiken released political prisoner Daniel McGowan into the custody of his sister, despite the urgent plea from the prosecutor for continued detention until trial.
Although the DA expressed fears that Daniel McGowan "presents a serious flight risk," and may be "violent," the judge asserted that she would follow the law and "protect the interests of all parties." To that end, she released McGowan on condition of $1.6 million dollars in bail, put up by Mr. McGowan's sister. She imposed the condition that McGowan would reside in his sister's custody in New York, that he would wear an electronic monitor, and that he would report weekly to pretrial supervisors in Manhattan.


25.01.2006 23:30
Police Setup Bicycle Stings Around Portland
The Portland Police are trying to send a message to all bicyclists: Stop at that stop sign or get a ticket! Or so I found out this morning on my way to work. Luckily, I was only issued a warning for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign (I'll admit that I pretty much blew through the stop sign since all was clear) in the Ladd's Addition circle area between SE Division and SE Hawthorne. Apparently the residents of Ladd's Addition have been complaining about all of the bicyclists rolling through stop signs...hopefully, they are complaining about the cars rolling through the stop signs as well.

Anyway, the officer had a group of us pulled over and explained two things: 1) The Portland Police are setting up traffic (bicycle) stings like this all over the city where there have been complaints of this nature; 2) The ticket, if issued, is about $200. The officer explained that they would at least like to see some attempt to stop (or at least pause) at a stop sign, but it is to the officer's discretion whether or not to write someone a ticket if they don't come to a complete stop.


25.01.2006 07:33
Shipbreaking plan STOPPED in Newport!
Shipbreaking Ghost Ship Bay Bridge Enterprises of Virginia will be looking for another site in their quest to establish a shipbreaking facility on the west coast. Tonight, the Port of Newport Commissioners voted AGAINST shipbreaking in Newport's Yaquina Bay!

About 200 people packed the Yacht Club's meeting room in Newport, Oregon tonight to hear Don Mann, the manager for the Port of Newport, announce "some projects are a good fit, or not a fit at all. (Bay Bridge's plan for a shipbreaking facility in Yaquina Bay) does not qualify in our test for a good fit." We were all caught by surprise with this sudden announcement near the outset of the meeting. But it only took one second for us to recover, and we all erupted into cheers, applause, and a standing ovation!

Don Mann continued: "This was not a good business deal for the company, or for the Port. I believe that the environmental issues could have been resolved, but our financial concerns could not be (adequately) addressed." No doubt one of those "financial" concerns was the insurance costs of an environmental catastrophe, caused by the 'ghost fleet', on established businesses, bay residents, commercial fisheries, The Oregon Coast Aquarium, and the Hatfield Marine Science Center.

Lots of folks carried signs and were wearing buttons supporting Yaquina Bay's environment. The best sign I saw: "Yaquina says: if you protect me, I will feed you." Port Commissioner Rob Halverson said: "We greatly appreciate your concern and input."

While this stressful process ended tonight in a victory for the people of Newport, Lincoln County, and all of Oregon - Bay Bridge's next move on our coast remains to be seen.

Previous related posts: Ship Breaking on the Oregon Coast? | Update: Shipbreaking on the Oregon Coast? | The Friends of Yaquina Bay website


23.01.2006 21:05
Shut Down HLS - Seaboard Securities & Bernard Madoff
In December 2004 Seaboard Securities made a statement to the press stating they would not be trading stock in Huntingdon Life Sciences (LSRI) again. Despite this public statement Seaboard Securities did trade HLS/LSRI stock in 2005 - over 1 million shares were handled by this disreputable company. However, Seaboard Securities cannot do this trading alone, they have roped in unwitting accomplices and one of them is Bernard Madoff.

Who are Bernard Madoff? Seaboard Securities are a Broker Dealer only whereas Bernard Madoff are an Executing Broker i.e. Seaboard get customer orders but they can't execute the order themselves so they pass it on to Bernard Madoff who buy and sell the shares for them. Unwittingly Bernard Madoff would have traded over a million shares in LSRI for Seaboard!

Please ask Bernard Madoff, politely of course, not to trade in LSRI stock.

Remember HLS are in a precarious position financially, with them failing to get on the NYSE last year and the bonds coming up, so please remember these financial action alerts are vitally important.

Thanks and good luck!

www.madoff.com | www.shacamerica.net | http://insidehls.com


23.01.2006 01:33
Paid to Harass Counter-Recruiters?
The Tuesday evening weekly counter-recruiting vigil at 1317 NE Broadway has been plagued with a man who claims to be a Viet Nam veteran, calling himself "John White." He struts up and down the sidewalk, yelling "NOW LISTEN UP!" at the group, or telling individuals, "I HATE YOU!" He has asked for our names, taped, and photographed us. He has done this quite faithfully for about two months now.

Ironically, his actions have caused even more protesters, especially those awesome VFP 72 folks, to hit the streets on Tuesday evenings. So steadfast has "John White" been in his efforts that we have jokingly speculated that he is probably being paid by the recruiters to do this dirty deed.

It may be no joke. Some of us went to a nearby restaurant after last Tuedsday's vigil. We walked back down Broadway to return to our car. There was "John White," busily washing the front window of the recruiting office. Beside him on the sidewalk was a bucket full of soapy water. Hmmm..... Strangely enough, he had nothing to say to us as we passed.


23.01.2006 01:14
Schumacher Furs Protest Report, January 21

About 30 people showed up at Schumacher Furs (811 SW Morrison) to protest the intense cruelty to animals in the fur trade. Protestors handed out literature, vigorously chanted, and held up signs letting passers-by and the few who chose to enter the store know about what goes on in the fur business (see http://www.furisdead.com for info and videos).

Every week Schumacher's comes up with a new tactic to try to intimidate protestors. Schumacher's has now hired two cameramen to videotape every minute of the protest, which lasted 5 hours today. They claimed to be "independent reporters."

It was a relatively quiet protest until the last three of us (who had been alone for an hour and a half with two cameras trained on us!) got ready to leave at 5:30pm. For some reason Schumacher's did not close the shop at 4:45 as usual, but waited for us to leave. We were all packed up, waiting to cross the street when suddenly four people (all Schumacher employees/owners) stormed out, including a woman with a dog. I said to her, "Do you know they use dog fur in China?" She ran towards me yelling, "Fuck you! Fuck you! Get the fuck out of here!" Classy. I thought the woman was going to attack me. One of the Schumacher owners then got extremely close to my face and yelled, "Get the fuck out of here!" We overheard one of the Schumachers tell a cameraman to "get this on film." I sat on my big plastic box and said, "I don't have to go anywhere. I'm not leaving." We were nowhere near their front door or property. They were yelling at us when their security guard told them to back down and go back inside. Then old Mr. Schumacher started telling us their fur is killed humanely and we should be protesting baseball instead (Don't even ask). [ read more ]

Schumacher finds someone unashamed to wear their fur!

I'll call him/her "lassie" (S)he came in to the store with her friends dressed in a gorgeous exotic, 100% real fur coat rivaling anything on Schumachers racks.

Probably ten people in the store. The only one wearing fur came in on four paws and laid on the floor to have her tummy scratched.

In a less "hostile" environment I'd have the rubber lenshood up to the glass to get a picture.

It is beyond fascinating to me that the salespeople in there dont wear the clothing.- but, then again, it isn't clothing, it's pure status. Still- if you walk into a jewelry store the salespeople are wearing jewelry.. [ read more ]


RESISTING RACISM 22.01.2006 22:59
Olympia Residents Stop Nazi March
Nazi Punks Fuck Off 1/22/06 Olympia - Hundreds of Olympia residents confronted Nazis outside of the corporate newspaper building here today. Nine members of the Nazi group National Socialist Movement gathered to test Olympia for future recruiting drives and a possible larger rally in July. Many of the Nazis dressed in SS Storm Trooper brownshirt uniforms and displayed large Nazi and American flags. Olympia residents were given less than a day's notice to spread the news and organize a response. Full Story & More Accounts

Free Radio Olympia

100 Anti Racists and 7 Nazis in Olympia: Seven Nazis came to Olympia today to hold a National Socialist Movement rally. With only 48 hours notice the Olympia community came out to show the Nazis they were not welcome to Olympia.

For more than an hour and a half the Olympia Police department used them selves and their bikes to seperate the march of anti rascists from the Nazis. The younger man with the beard claimed to be thier "leader" and stated he was in Olympia to protest "White european genocide". He also said he was inspired to be Nazi by a dream he had of Hitler where Hitler asked him to "fight for you race, fight for your nation." (Quote taken from video of rally)

The turn out of Olympians for the anti racist rally seemed to indicate sucess for those opposed to the presence of Nazis in Olympia. The Nazis also believe their day to be a sucess, according to nukeisrael.com, where they call the anti racist rally "commie scum". Full Story & photos

One Nazi and 100 Anti-Racists Show Up For Nazi Rally in Seattle: Nazi rallies were publicized for Olympia and Seattle on Jan. 22, 2006. But upon arrival at Seattle's Space Needle, I found about 150 anti-racist protesters and one lone self-proclaimed skinhead. Typical protest speeches were made, under a banner that said, "No Racists in Our Towns! Stop the Nazis!" But the really interesting part of the protest revolved around the lone Nazi who did show up and felt let down by his racist buddies. Full Story


KILLING WITHOUT MERCY 21.01.2006 16:47
Fouad Kaady's Killer "Cleared." Surprise, surprise
In September, Deputy Dave Willard of the Clackamas County Sheriff's office shot and killed Fouad Kaady in cold blood. He did it, ironically enough, because he did not want to get blood on his hands. Today, he was "cleared" by the Clackamas county board of review. According to Samira Kaady, they did not even have the grace to tell the family. Instead, she learned that her son's killer would be exhonerated from a local news reporter, who called to get her comment. Those who remember the egregious "coverage" this situation received in the corporate media will not be surprised to know that she did not give them a comment. She chose to give indymedia the story instead.

Upon learning of this shocking news, I called the Clackamas County Sheriff's office (CCSO) to find out what their thinking process could possibly be. I spoke to Deputy Wendi Babst, the public relations officer. Although this information will not be publically released until later this evening, Deputy Wendi Babst, the PIO, stated that CCSO reviewed the incident in which Fouad was killed, and determined that "no policies or procedures were violated." I expressed surprise that someone could approach an unarmed, injured person, bleeding in the street, and taze him repeatedly and then shoot him without violating any policies or procedures. She assured me that Clackamas County policies and procedures do, in fact, allow such an action. (All citizens of Clackamas County be warned.)

Asked whether there would be any changes in policies or procedures, since this points out some very disconcerting problems, she said that there likely would be some changes. She said that the first step in such a review is to determine whether policies were followed, and the next step will be to determine whether any changes can be made. (One would hope.) Asked what they will do to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again, she offered some very revealing insight into how these things work. Said Deputy Babst, the CCSO will likely form a critical incident review board, so that they can "study" incidents like this one. IN addition, they will be ensuring that more officers receive Crisis Intervention Team Training. When I pointed out that Officer Willard had, in fact, already received that training, she conceded that he did. "How, then, do you imagine that this training will prevent another senseless death, if the person who committed this one had the training?" "I'm not going to debate you," she responded. "I'm just gonna tell you that we will have the training." At this point, she made an interesting comment when she called me Cat, and said that she could give me a syllabus from the classes, but that "you will only put it up on indymedia." I found this quite interesting indeed, since I had not told her my name, or mentioned any connection with indymedia. Hmmm. Surprise, surprise.

AP's police shooting story is a PRESS RELEASE


21.01.2006 07:13
SHAC Benefit: Early Report Back
Tonight, there is an art auction and benefit show for the SHAC 7, at Merrimac (1216 SE Division). It was truly inspiring to see so many, many people stuffed into(and spilling out of) Merrimac. In the face of an almost overwhelming attempt at repression of the animal rights movement, it was great to see that people are nevertheless still willing to strongly voice their continuing commitment to making the world a better place for all beings. Even subtracting the blatantly obvious "undercover" agents, there were easily hundreds of people in attendance. The room was filled with beautiful art that people had donated toward a silent auction, and bidding was heavy. All proceeds from the night will go toward supporting the SHAC 7.

Readers will likely remember that these seven activists are facing the possibility of years in prison for the "crime" of speaking out against the abuse and torture of non-human animals. I had the opportunity to talk to Josh Harper tonight, one of the accused. And may I say, he truly rocks. He spoke eloquently about the need to wake up and do something positive in defense of animals, as well as the importance of avoiding "tactical dogma." (As I am tired tonite, I will not attempt to paraphrase him right now. Rather, I will let him speak for himself in an upcoming Video from the Resistance, since he gave a lengthy interview on camera.)

Since he's facing the possibility of some heavy time behind bars just for speaking, I asked whether he was nervous about talking to me on camera, whether this experience would silence him. He smiled and shook his head, then laughed, "I'm a big mouth." He went on to say that facing jail time for talking has made him wonder, "What good is talking." He pointed out that he and the other activists are facing the same kind of sentences as if they had been out participating in real direct action that would possibly have made a bigger difference.

If you are unfamiliar with the history of the SHAC 7, see these sites and others: www.pressaction.com; www.shac7.com/"; SHAC-7 trial: Wednesday, June 1st in Trenton NJ.


20.01.2006 02:36
Murderer Scott McCollister to be Rewarded (Again.)
It's been a few years now, since a young mother was gunned down on a cold, dark ramp near the freeway. Kendra James was only 21 years old on the night she took her last breath and bled her life away through the jagged hole made by a police bullet. Remember? It was Scott McCollister who pulled the trigger. He shot her through her chest, then dragged her out of the car, handcuffed her shaking arms behind her back, and lay her, face-down, on the cold, hard concrete. And he left her there to die. The corporate media told us it was all right, because after all, she must have been "just another crack addict."

Every time I think of this, I remember why the police will always be my enemy. I remember that they can kill without mercy, and without consequence. I remember that their guns are always loaded, and always pointed at those out on the fringes of "respectable" society. They prowl the haunts of poor people, people of color, homeless people, people who don't fly American flags. They use laws, bullets, and machismo to keep "certain" people on their knees, and then they pretend that makes them heroes. It does not.


18.01.2006 23:48
2 more arrests and direct evidence of FBI infilitration of activist meetings around US

The FBI's witch hunt against activists continues, with two more charged with arson in the last 36 hours, both Cascadian environmentalists. Jonathon Paul, 39 [pictured], of Ashland and Suzanne Nicole "India" Savoie, 28, of Appelgate were both were arrested on a criminal complaint of arson, allegedly for involvement in a 2001 firebombing at the offices of a Superior Lumber Mill in Glendale, OR, an action claimed by the Earth Liberation Front.

Jonathan has long been an outspoken advocate for direct action for environmental causes, gaining the attention of numerous industry backed anti-environmental [1, 2] watch groups and the FBI for his activism. Jonathan also was involved in Earth First! campaigns, was on the Sea Shepard crew, and was involved in founding the American Whales Alliance and Ocean Defense International. Jonathan also spent 6 months in jail in 1992 for refusing to testify before a grand jury investigating Animal Liberation Front activities.

Suzanne, also an environmental activist who most recently has been working to preserve the Baldlick roadless area, was visited on December 7th by two FBI agents and several state police officers who subpoenaed her to appear before the grand jury hearing scheduled for February 16th in Eugene. The FBI tried to intimidate her into talking, essentially stating that "women usually take the fall for men and that she shouldn't let that happen". Jonathon was also subpoenaed around the same time.

Jonathon's arraignment is Thursday, January 19th at 3:00 PM (this is a new date and time) at the Federal Building in Medford, OR, which is located at 310 W. 6th St (on the corner of 6th and Holly). Suzanne has not been arrested, and is still "at large". [ read more ]

Update (3:30 pm Thursday): Suzanne has now been arrested as well. Check back for updates on her arraignment.

Further Developments in Sacramento arrests: FBI infiltrator was running in activist circles

On Friday, January 13th Eric McDavid, Zachary Jenson and Lauren Weiner were arrested in Auburn, California and accused of "conspiring to damage or destroy by explosive or fire" cell phone towers, power plants and US Forest Service facilities. No arson occurred, however: the charges allege the 3 were planning one. All are requesting support and letters, and Lauren is requesting help securing vegan food.

The latest development here is the release of the FBI's affidavit in the case, which relies heavily on a deep cover, paid infiltrator. Supporters of the Auburn 3 identified the informant as a young woman named "Anna" who "went to Auburn" with the defendants shortly before their arrests. According to the affidavit "Anna" has has provided information in at least 12 anarchist cases since 2004. She has traveled to and infiltrated various anarchist gatherings and protests across the country including the Biodev 2005 demonstrations in Philadelphia, a CrimethInc. convergence in Indiana and the Feral Visions green anarchist gathering in North Carolina, all the while recording conversations and communicating with the FBI. [ read more ]

All this follows 6 arrests of people accused of Earth Liberation Front activities last month.

Please write letters of support to these prisoners. Always check for up-to-date contact information and guidelines at the North American Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network and Portland Indymedia's Prisoner Support page.


18.01.2006 21:39
Oregon AFL-CIO launches Fair Share Health Care initiative
The Oregon AFL-CIO is poised to introduce within days a Fair Share Health Care initiative modeled on the bill that passed in the Maryland Legislature last week. Maryland is the first state to require large corporations to provide health care for their employees. Oregon is one of more than 30 additional states using the legislation as a model.

"It's irresponsible and costly when non-union businesses boost their profits by denying health care to their employees and then letting taxpayers pick up the slack," said Oregon AFL-CIO President Tom Chamberlain. "The Oregon AFL-CIO will file a Fair Share Health Care initiative in the coming days to force large, profitable employers to pay their share toward a healthy workforce and healthy Oregon economy."

By requiring large corporations to report what they are spending on health care for their employees and requiring them to pay their fair share, a Fair Share Health Care Act in Oregon would:

-- reduce the bill Oregon taxpayers pay to cover profitable employers' labor costs;
-- help alleviate the financial pressures facing Oregon as we struggle to meet a growing need for Medicaid; and
-- level the playing field between companies providing good jobs and benefits to their workers and those that don't.

Hearings on Washington State's Fair Share Health Care bill, which would require companies of 5,000 or more to spend 9 percent of payroll on employee health care, begin tomorrow. The Maryland bill requires any private employer with more than 10,000 employees in the state to spend at least 8 percent of its payroll for workers' health care. Find more Fair Share Health Care information on the AFL-CIO web site.



18.01.2006 19:52
January 14 Schumacher Fur Protest Report
Thanks to all of you (25-30 people) who made it out to Schumachers last Saturday to protest the fur industry. Schumacher has now hired security guards stationed outside the front door. The protest is alive and well (unlike the animals) as more and more people stop to ask questions about the fur industry.

Several students came by this week to interview us for school reports/projects. In Defense of Animals has added an educational display board to the protest showing graphic photos from the Chinese fur trade which includes dog and cat fur. More than 85% of thw world's fur products come from China where no laws govern the fur trade's abuse of animals. Beating and skinning alive is not uncommon. Dog and cat fur exported to the US from China is often deliberately mislabeled as being from other species. Consumers who purchase it are unaware they are wearing the fur of dogs and cats on their collar. Although its just as bad if its a fox, some people can only relate to the horrors of the fur trade if its fur from an animal that looks like their beloved Fluffy.

Come join us to stop the fur industry by protesting at Schumacher Furs every Saturday from 12:30 until about 4:00 at SW 9th and Morrison. Stop by and stay for however long you can. Signs, leaflets and vegan snacks provided.


17.01.2006 22:38
Snitches, Security and Suspected ELFers
A discussion of basic movement security and the federal snitch program. With the recent round of arrests of suspected ELFers, it is a good time to remind ourselves of security issues. I am hoping to initiate a discussion on basic movement and covert ops security. I'm sure I can't think of everything, so add your comments if you think you have something useful to share.

Rule number one: Shut the fuck up! Never, ever, ever talk about an action after it has happened. What could be the point? To relive old times? Too risky. The USA PATRIOT Act has removed all "statute of limitations," labeled even our weakest actions "terrorism," and increased sentencing guidelines tenfold. Take your actions back to the earth with you. The FBI would be nowhere in their investigations if no one was talking.

Once in custody, shut the fuck up! Get a lawyer. (If your lawyer advises you that talking will get you a lighter sentence, get a new lawyer.) Don't admit to anything. REFUSE TO SPEAK ABOUT OTHERS. Anyone who watches TV knows (and for those of you who don't) THE POLICE LIE TO GET YOU TO TALK. How basic is that? You can't believe a word they say. They will break every law and civil right on the books to get information. They are motivated by arrests and convictions, not truth and justice, not saving the planet, not being your friend, or even being a respectable cop. They have no shame. They are NOT trying to help you. They DO NOT have the power to make deals, plea bargains or "talk to the judge or DA." They are out to screw you and/or all of your friends.

We cannot let the feds and a few snitches deter our "movement." Instead, we need to learn from our mistakes and get back to the important work of stopping the real eco-terrorists.

Jonathan Paul arrested in Southern Oregon | Alert and Updates on accused ELF prisoners in Sacramento


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