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27.10.2005 14:21
Not One More Death, Not One More Dollar Vigil
east side view

Late this afternoon and into the early evening voices were raised in Portland Oregon memorializing the 2000 U.S. soldiers and countless Iraqis who have died in Iraq during the invasion and occupation. After a few brief comments by Kelly Campbell of the American Friends Service Committee, people lined up and took turns reading off the names of the dead, the soldiers, the Iraqi civilians, the children.

The litany of outrage and sorrow continued for what seemed a lifetime, a prayer and a gong rang out for lives cut short and offered on the altar of greed and indifference. The greed and avarice of a powerful few and the apathy and indifference of the majority of Americans who are content to sit idly by while their government forcibly occupies a sovereign nation, daily murdering its people.

[ see photos and read more ]

Vancouver Vigil

Den Mark: We had about 130 at our Vancouver vigil. Lots of lights, some hard-to-hear words, a few songs, "Taps" on a live trumpet. A good event. It was interrupted a couple times by the screeching of jets over the Columbia from the Portland base. I wonder if they did that intentionally.

gk: The rain held off in the dark, cool air as about 115 people gathered in a large circle. After opening readings and description of a solemn ceremony, some people broke out with peace songs, and a half dozen people spoke through a microphone. Another asked for veterans, and then veteran families to step into the circle. Some clapped for them.

[ read more ]

2000th U.S. soldier killed vigil Photo essay from naming of dead and river front candle lit vigil that followed. Both U.S. soldiers and Iraqi civilians who had been killed in the current Iraq war were named. As the pictures show the vigil took place on both sides of the river. [ more ]

Cindy Sheehan: Is Iraq War Another Vietnam? On a sidewalk in front of the White House, on Oct. 26, 2005, anti-war activists, Cindy Sheehan, John Bruhns and Juan M. Torres, Sr., and others from groups, like "Veterans for Peace," gathered at a Vigil to protest the conflict. [ more ]

A Few More Photogs My intentions are to edit together a video and play it Friday evening on "A Growing Concern." Hopefully, I can make the time to do this project. But, check out the program on Friday, channel 11 at 7:00 for some coverage of this event. [ more ]


27.10.2005 13:12
A PPB Patrol car over a bicycle
As I was riding home on my bicycle from PSU tonight I was riding down on 4th toward Burnside. It is a ride I do all the time and have the traffic lights really timed ... almost too good . For the PPB patrol car behind me noticed. It took him a few blocks to catch up to pull me over. As I pulled my bicycle to the side of the road knowing that I was in gray legally, which means a ticket was coming forthwith.


26.10.2005 20:50
Official Launch of EcoTV
EcoTV is taking to the streets to Empower Community Organization for the Energy Conservation of Oregon by Environmentally Conscious Organisms. EcoTV will put your voice on the airwaves to connect the outspoken, and to highlight that the solutions are here now, awaiting our implementation.

EcoTV's pilot show, entitled "And Why ANWR?" has been playing on community access cable channels 11 and 23. A. Citizen and Democracy Catalyst present a multistreaming account of the fight to keep drilling out of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, including footage from the September 7th Refuge Rally in Portland, Oregon as well as footage from the Arctic in Alaska, peppered with backup facts and their sources.

For more information about EcoTV, visit their website at www.ecotv.org, call them at (206) 20-ECOTV, or email A. Citizen and Democracy Catalyst at ecotv@uncompromised.org. Pilot Show attatched in RealMedia format. It is suggested that you go here and download RealAlternative to play it because RealMedia is one degree away from spyware.


26.10.2005 20:45
Ban Terminator Seeds - Join The Global Campaign
Unfortunately Terminator is not yesterday's news. Corporations and governments are again pushing hard to commercialize Terminator technology - plants that are genetically modified to render sterile seeds at harvest. The Canadian government tried to overturn the international (United Nations) de facto moratorium on Terminator in February 2005. To meet this new crisis and re-build global opposition, we ask you to join the new Ban Terminator Campaign and take action with us.

Mobilization is needed now to pressure governments to ban Terminator nationally and internationally. There are two important United Nations meetings coming up where debates on Terminator are planned. We will work to establish a ban on Terminator at the major meetings of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity: January 23-27 in Spain and March 20-31 in Brazil.

Reclaiming Commons - Old And New | www.nwrage.org


26.10.2005 11:59
Don't waste cops time with your stinkin' bicycle accident and assault reports
I had just finished restoring a vintage 10 speed racer and took it out on foster in s.e portland. As I approached 68th(round table pizza) I heard angry swearing and after a few seconds turned my head to see 'what the...' that was all about? My gaze was met by that of a man glaring right at me from his car just off to my rear. Before I had the chance to question in myself why he would be swearing and looking at me?..he swerved his car right into me. He hit me so hard with the right side of his car that it sent me flying over the sidewalk and into the Round Table pizza parking lot. Even though I had a helmet on it did not protect the side of my face from the asphalt scrub I got from hitting the ground. Damaged my just restored bike too.

Then, as if this guy had not just done something criminal ENOUGH, he stopped right in traffic and walked over and punched me in the face. I saw that coming and pepper sprayed him...but not before the WHAM. He got back in his Chevy Caprice (oregon license: MARILU), and drove away. A tri met bus driver who saw the whole thing gave me his number and so did a car with four adults who were stuck behind the guy when he stopped to assault me(further). So I had the injury and the evidence as good as anybody would need to get some action on this insane driver. Right?????



25.10.2005 05:37
Kaady grand jury Day 6: no indictment, no justice
For some reason, we had a 'good feeling' about the outcome. How could the grand jury NOT make a decision for indictment? Again citizens stopped for fliers and to ask questions. Others continued to give support. Jeremy came all the way from Eugene for yet another day of support. Two young men who had heard of Fouad's death stopped and took up signs to stand with us for awhile. All along, there has been a positive atmosphere about this vigil...a hope for justice. That was all dashed at 12:15 when the word came (perfectly timed for corporate news) that there would be no indictment.


[ fouad kaady is safe | Fouad Kaady beat by Mark Satntko's Brother in Law , Before Police arrived. | fouad kaady | We, the people, really, REALLY apologize | Kaady grand jury Day 6: no indictment, no justice | Fouad Kaady - What did we accomplish here? | Alert Re: Fouad's Family | Stop Killing Our Kids ]

summary: articles about the fouad kaady shooting


political assassination 24.10.2005 21:24
The Empire's Attack on Ojeda-Rios and Independence" by Mumia Abu-Jamal
The September 23rd, 2005 attack and armed assault on Puerto Rican nationalist, Filiberto Ojeda Rios, left the family and his island without his proud and noble presence, but it did not achieve its real desired objective. The armed agents of Empire attacked the home and family of the 72-year old revolutionary, shot him, and left him to bleed to death for hours in his home in Hormigueros, in the island's mountainous regions.

Dr. Hector Pesquera, president of the Hostosiano independence movement, nailed it when he said, of the heavily-armed FBI assault, "They did not come to arrest Filiberto Ojeda, *they came to kill him*." Nor was it mere coincidence that the date the FBI chose to raid the Ojeda home was the island's day of national historical significance. Sept. 23rd was the 107th anniversary of "El Grito de Lares", when thousands of Puerto Ricans annually mark a day of resistance against the Spanish colonizers.


24.10.2005 16:45
Black Panther veterans jailed in San Francisco
Panthers still treated as nation's 'greatest threat to internal security'

A San Francisco judge had two Black activists jailed Wednesday for refusing to cooperate with a state grand jury investigating a 30-year-old case. Ray Boudreaux and Richard Brown now join Hank Jones and Harold Taylor in San Francisco county jails.

Their attorneys argued that the grand jury procedures were abusive because the original indictments for a police shooting in 1971 resulted in the dismissal of charges when the U.S. government failed to disclose that their "evidence" was obtained by torturing at least three Black activists in New Orleans.

John Bowman becomes 5th Black Activist Jailed for refusing to cooperate with CA Grand Jury


24.10.2005 16:41
More Homeless Funding In Jeopardy
Members of the US House of Representatives will be voting on the Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSE) regulatory reform legislation (H.R. 1461) which includes the Affordable Housing Fund during the week of Oct. 24th.

SL Streets learned from the National Housing Trust Fund Campaign that sponsors of the bill have agreed to demands made by the Republican Study Committee. This agreement will prohibit non-profit and public organizations that do voter registration, with their own funds, from applying for and receiving grants from the Affordable Housing Fund to build or preserve affordable housing.

Low Income Children May Lose Health Insurance | Homeless Help Clean Up New York | www.slstreets.org


24.10.2005 16:38
Reportback-Press Conference announces 40 page report -The Primate Experimentation Scandal
On Wednesday October 19th, I attended a press conference given outside the Oregon National Primate Research Center. It was part of a nationwide tour of research facilities. The press conference was given by Michael Budkie, Executive Director of SAEN (Stop Animal Exploitation Now) to announce a 40 page national investigative report - "The Primate Experimentation Scandal, 2005,".

The report, produced by SAEN, a research watchdog organization, links Vioxx and other similar drug scandals to fraudulent, taxpayer-funded research studies at laboratories across the nation, including those at the Oregon National Primate Research Center. It also provides extensive information about the use of primates, the increasing number of primates, redundancy of studies, etc. Quoted from the report summary:

"Funding for primate experimentation is at an all time high with the overall estimate for federal spending on primate experimentation (including spending by the NIH, DOD, USDA, EPA, NSF, SBIR) is $1.6 billion. The number of primate grants funded by the National Institutes of Health has risen 67% in the last ten years. The funding of the Primate Research Center System has risen 379%% in the last six years to eclipse the $1 Billion mark.


Health Care For All! 23.10.2005 08:18
New health care initiative is gathering petition signatures
Currently called Initiative 40, the HOPE for Oregon families ballot title reads: "Requires access to health care as a fundamental right; Legislature must adopt plan expanding health care."

HOPE - led by chief petitioners Mitch Greenlick and State Senators Ben Westlund and Dr. Alan Bates - commissioned two questions on a recent poll. When asked if they would support that initiative, 71% of those polled responded affirmatively; 52% said they would strongly support that initiative which requires the Legislature to "ensure residents access to basic health care."

Greenlick, who recently announced he has been diagnosed with cancer, and Westlund, also a cancer survivor, believe Oregonians understand the dilemma facing people who get seriously ill and don't have access to health care. "No one should have to make the choice between food and medicine," said Greenlick. "No one should be forced to suffer without adequate health care. It is clearly the Legislature's job - according to the results of this survey - to find the best ways to strengthen and improve our existing health care system and find ways to cover the 615,000 Oregonians with no health care."

Signatures for the constitutional amendment are already being collected. If you would like to help gather petition signatures, please contact state Rep. Mitch Greenlick.



political prisoner support 23.10.2005 07:40
Political Prisoner Harold Thompson attacked by Aryan Brotherhood nazis in Prison
Harold Thompson Long time 63-year-old Anarchist Prisoner survives yet another nazi attack

URGENT! Just this past week, Harold Thompson, an anarchist political prisoner in Tiptonville, TN, was attacked by five or six Arayan Brotherhood nazis while doing work in the law library in Tennesee's Northwest Correctional Complex. He suspects one of the prison staff, a racist sympathizer, might be in on it as well. He seems to be doing all right, nothing is broken, but every time he clears his throat or blows his nose he is spitting up blood.

He's asked for the word to be spread on the internet, and has asked folks to call the Warden of Tennesse, Tony Parker, "to find out what is up with this prison when an older man is mobbed by AB punks while working in a protective custory segregation unit?" The number for the prison is (731) 253-5000.


22.10.2005 16:47
George Bush Visits the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California
On October 21, I made my way over to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California. Well, actually, I did not make it all the way the library because the road was blocked off by the Simi Valley Police Department ... today (October 21, 2005) signs on the road stated, "Library Closed Invited Guests Only." Simi Valley is recognized as a very conservative area... It was a pleasant surprise to see that so many people had come together to call for peace, an end to the occupation of Iraq, and denounce Bush's frivolous trip to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

[ Read More ] [ Iraq Veterans Against the War | Tim, John and Aaron of Iraq Veterans Against the War (mp3: 9:47 minutes / 4.5 MB) | David (mp3: 4:40 minutes / 2.1 MB) | Sue and Rachel (mp3: 10:55 minutes / 5.0 MB) ]


22.10.2005 10:08
Kaady Grand Jury Day Five
We arrived at the Clackamas County court house at 9 this morning. Family and friends brought the signs and fliers for what we hoped would be the last day of this peaceful vigil. Twenty people were there most of the day, but from time to time the group grew a bit larger when people who heard the story of Fouad Kaady decided to stand with us. That was always welcome. A deputy stopped his car in the street, and accepted a flier from one of us... This is a long and tiring process and each person alone might get discouraged, but we draw on our combined strengths and help each other stand for this young man, Fouad Kaady, who deserves justice. [ Read More ]

A letter from Fouad Kaady's neighbor and friend. I lost my friend. I stand on the up-ended cinderblock, peering over my neighbor's fence. Still in dis-belief, I search for Fouad, out tending his garden, hoping to see his handsome young face with the engaging smile, and lively dark brown eyes. I listen keenly for his friendly hello. Nothing. I see his cat, Tiger, and the silence is suddenly broken by his soft meow, calling for a master who grew a catnip plant just for him! My eyes fill with tears, at the stark reality, my friend is gone. [ Read More ]

articles about the Fouad Kaady shooting


21.10.2005 19:19
We Will Not Be Broken! Thousands walk off the job in support of striking teachers
b.c. teachers strike Despite government threats, thousands walked off the job in support of striking teachers on Monday. Businesses were up in arms at the refusal of BC workers to adhere to the law. "People must obey the law", Jerry Lampert from the Business Council of British Columbia warned, "or we are on the short or long road to anarchy in this province, and we just can't afford that". Lampert's comments, cited by speakers at the rally, provoked the laughter of thousands of striking teachers and their supporters. When faced with the gross disavowal of worker's rights, thousands have shown that the law is illegitimate not the strike.

Victoria IMC coverage | Courts Seize Union Assets, But Teachers Remain Defiant | Friday 10/21 update: "British Columbia teachers strike in grave danger"


20.10.2005 01:09
Peaceful Vigils Continue in Support of Justice for Fouad Kaady

Kaady Grand Jury second day: People began arriving at the Clackamas County court house shortly after 8 a.m. and gathered their signs and flyers to begin a second day of informing the public about what happened to Fouad Kaady on September 8, 2005. There are still many people in the community who are shocked to hear about what had happened to him. Today there were about 40 people standing on the corners of downtown Oregon City. Many of them were members of the Kaady family. I cannot say enough about how strong and caring this family is. They talked about how generous and full of life Fouad was, how he loved growing food in his garden and what a fabulous cook he was. There was so much love for him expressed that even though I had never met him, I came away with the knowledge that a wonderful young man was killed in a tragic way and that his family will always carry him in their hearts. [ read more ]

Pass The Collection Plate For Oregon City: I attended the protest at Clackamas County Courthouse today again, where parking tickets were flying more numerous than leaves, because little Oregon City likes money so much more than people. I parked blocks away on the river side of McLoughlin in a free two-hour zone, because i had not enuf change for a meter, which gives only a half hour for each quarter. Just one other car was parked where i was, so spaces were obviously not in demand. When i went back to my car i had a ticket. It said that my tire was chalked at 9:15 & the ticket issued at 11:17. So the meter person was literally waiting to give me a ticket! Oregon City is THAT desperate for revenue. [ read more ]

Kaady Grand Jury Day 3: We got to the court house at 11 a.m., joining some of the Kaady family in another day of passing out fliers and generally keeping Fouad Kaady's name and story before the public. There were only 12 to 15 people there today, most of them members of the Kaady family, but many citizens continued to stop and ask about what had happened to Fouad. A woman stopped her car, got out, and hugged two of the Kaady family saying, "I lost my daughter three years ago, and my heart is with you." Someone else made small angels for the family. One gentleman gave the group a potted plant, the red flowers a bright spot to the day. Mrs. Kaady, always mindful of the needs of others, gave the plant out to people who had been helping her and it finally went to the office of Executive Copy Printing, a local business which had been printing fliers for us as we ran out, at no cost. [ read more ]

Might be last day, pray for justice: The grand jury may be releasing their verdict Thursday October 20th whether or not to indite the two bastard officers that killed Fouad Kaady. The support is crucial at this time and we need to show the police and county that we care and need justice...for all. The jury meets around ten a.m., but any time you can make it would be powerful. If they do not indite these officers for killing a naked, injured man then that will be clearly showing us, the people, that NOTHING will ever prove that these cowards are guilty. Do not let this slide under your nose without doing what you can, use your word, use your presence and stand up for our rights, safety and justice. The Kaady family needs you to stand strong with them, and for all others who have lost someone this way or WILL lose someone this way if we don't speak out now. OREGON CITY COURTHOUSE 8th and Main. [ read more ]

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19.10.2005 05:52
COCA COLA up to their usual tricks in Guatemala
screen shot from Killer Coke video, in Final Cut Pro viewer window They didn't even know their father's crime until the armed men told them: "We are going to get that son of a bitch for trade unionism and he is going to die."

On a sunny afternoon in Guatemala City a number of weeks ago armed men entered the house of Jose Armando Palacios. On finding he was not at home, they tied up his nine-year-old daughter and 17-year-old son. Holding a gun to the children's heads, they demanded to know the whereabouts of their father. The children did not know.

Jose Armando is a member of Sitinca, a joint trade union of workers of a Coca-Cola bottling plant in the south of Guatemala and of a coffee producer called Incasa. Despite the signing of peace accords in 1996, which brought an end to the country's 36-year civil war in which thousands of social activists were "disappeared" and many more were forced into exile, little has changed for the trade union movement. According to some, the situation has worsened.



18.10.2005 05:02
Treesitters Sue Timber Company For Tresspass
Surveyor measures giant redwood targeted by Maxxam Pacific Lumber Promises Proof of Ownership Will Be Presented To Judge Quentin Kopp On Tuesday.

Eureka, CA - Former treesitters have branched out in their lawsuit against Pacific Lumber (PL), adding an unusual twist to the case with new challenges to the controversial Northern California timber company. Dueling allegations of trespass will be brought before the court in a hearing on Tuesday, October 18, 2005 at 9:00 am at the Eureka courthouse. Hearing location is Courtroom 10.

The court will also consider whether to issue a protective order on controversial footage from hidden cameras mounted in the helmets of treesit "extractors" hired by PL to forcibly remove activists from the high branches of ancient redwoods marked for cut. Activist defendants have been denied access to the footage and allege invasion of privacy based on the presence of the hidden "head cams."


18.10.2005 02:13
Kaady Grand Jury Day

We spent the morning standing outside of the Clackamas County Courthouse. We got to the courthouse at 10 o'clock and stood with pictures of Fouad as people milled around going about their daily business. Once in awhile someone would stop to ask what we were doing there, and we spent time explaining the circumstances of Fouad's death. Channel 6 news was also there and a reporter fron NPR came later. Just as the Kaady family began to arrive, Channel 8 news also joined the group. A man carrying a flag which read "Justice", who was also at the demonstration in Sandy on Saturday stood on the corner across from the court house. I was a little sorry that so few of us who were not of the Kaady family showed up. Fouad's sisters do wonderful jobs of speaking for the family so we faded into the background as they arrived and came on home. I am attaching one picture of the event. [ read more ]

Fouad Kaady's Killer back at work before the Grand Jury even hears testimony

Officer Bergin of the Sandy Police Department has been back to work for a week now, according to the Gresham Outlook. He has been doing "desk duty" doing paperwork and reviewing background checks for potential reserve officers. Therefore, it looks like they already thought they knew the outcome of a Grand Jury before they even met to decide whether an indictment is handed down. Of course, this was before they knew that Fouad Kaady was Zaki's cousin. How could an officer be checking background information for potential officers when he has been charged with a most serious crime? How do people in Sandy live under these people? WOW! It really amazes me. We found three more witnesses Saturday in Sandy, eyewitnesses who have not been called. [ read more ]

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18.10.2005 01:54
Report back from 10/15/05 Fouad Kaady demonstration in Sandy, Oregon

At Sandy, Oregon on this 15th day of October, at 2pm, in the parking lot bounded by the library, subway sandwich shop, and the police station, about 35 people gathered to raise the awareness of the public regarding the fate of 27 year old Fouad Kaady, brought to his death September 8th of this year by the guns of a Sandy policeman, mid-20's and a Clackamas County Sheriff, mid-40's.

Bright overcast skies with breaks of sun and temperature in the 60's had people introducing themselves to each other, consulting about how signs they were making should read, and choosing locations on either side of the island, created by swift moving multi-lane traffic of highway 26, east bound traffic on the south, and west bound traffic to the north, upon which central downtown Sandy sits.

People held up about 10 nice big signs with the text "Unlawful Death in sandy, oregon by the Police", lots of smaller ones, and a couple large size photos of Fouad, one poster size in a very egaging depiction of his natural youth and vigor.

At first, to considerable degree, people driving by seemed to register blank faces of incomprehension, not too much horn tooting in recognition. Maybe it was just that demonstrators hadn't yet polished their manner of relating to the public passing by. After about an hour, hour and a half, things started snappin' and many, many motorists attention was drawn to the text of handmade signs such as "Release toxicology reports...It's the law", "Don't shoot me, I'm dressed" and simply, "Don't shoot. Amen", juxtoposed against the large poster picture and the 10 big signs. [ read more ]

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