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17.10.2005 02:41
Million More Movement Rally Strikes Unity Theme
Reparations Now No wonder the ADL's mouthpiece, Abe Foxman, tried to discourage leaders of the African-American community from attending the "Million More Movement" rally, which was held on Saturday, Oct. 15, 2005, on the Nation's Mall. The event, from its inception, sounded a positive theme of unity. A theme like that tends to drives hypocrites like Foxman, right up the proverbial wall. The unity theme was also evident in the signs, posters and banners seen during the affair, on a very sunny and warm day.

As far as the eye could see, the historic Mall-a space which by tradition belongs to the people-was filled with participants, the vast majority of them black. They stretched from the Washington Monument to the base of the west side of Capitol Hill, where the main stage was established. (Capitol Hill, a/k/a "Traitors' Hill," is where members of the U.S. Congress, like U.S. Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski (D-MD), continue to vote to fund the unjust, Neocon-inspired Iraqi War to the tune of $7 billion a month). The support in the Black community for President George W. Bush is now at 2 percent, while his overall approval rating is at an all time low of 39 percent, and falling.

The Million More Movement (MMM) was a reprise of the highly successful "Million Man March" rally held ten years ago in this city by a coalition of African-American groups. Today's effort had an even broader base of organizational support. It called for economic and social justice for "the poor and disenfranchised" and for mobilizing individuals into a process to transform American society and to finally "eliminate poverty and injustice." Part of the program for the rally was set aside to hear the "Voices of Peace," regarding the immoral and illegal war in Iraq.


17.10.2005 02:00
Food Not Bombs... NEW! IMPROVED! Now with MORE DAYS!
FNB Logo cool colors

Just learned today, there will now be a MONDAY FNB dinner. This is possible because of recent increased interest in FNB food pickup and kitchen volunteering. FNB now served Mon-Sat, always at or soon after 5:30PM.

Sat has moved to the Morrison Bridge location for the winter season, I expect Wed and Thu will soon follow suit.

Mon, Tue, Fri
Colonel Summers Park
SE 17th & Taylor
near or under the pavilion
(depending on weather)
Wed, Thu
N Park Blocks
NW Park & Couch
by the bronze elephant
under the Morrison Bridge,
West side


15.10.2005 04:49
Channel 1 "news" now playing at a school near you

If theres an ad you dont want to see or hear, you can just turn down the radio or turn off the TV, right? Wrong. Now, at schools around the country, a company known as Channel 1 has somehow been given the right to play a 12 minuite "news" broadcast every day at my school. Each day, I go to my 4th period class known as "study time" or "sustained silent reading", sit down, take out a book, and read for 20 minuites. Then, when that 20 minuites is up, the TV in our class turn on automaticly, and begins an annoyingly loud "news" broadcast. Everyone but me and the others who care for their minds put their books away and stare blankly at the flashing box before us.I once asked one of the girls that watches it "How can you stand this?" and she said "Well its better than reading...". Some sustained silent reading! Anyway, after that goes on for 5 minuites, 1 minuite of ad comes on. These include ads for make-up, video games, and the U.S. Navy. Thats right, the Navy. Mind you, they dont just cone out and say "Join the Navy," they have a picture of some show that will be on tha night, with a box up in the corner "Presented by: US Navy," so as to create a subliminal message that the Navy (or sometimes the Army) is the right choise. I asked my teacher why the heck we had to watch this crap, and he told me the school gets these free TVs for every class if we watch their show every day. [ read more ]

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15.10.2005 00:04
Mike D, activist detained again
Mike D (Michael McMullin) was arrested on Friday, Oct. 7 in downtown Portland and remains in custody. He is a local activist and among a group of people who were protesting against J. Crew for selling clothes with fox fur on that day. Multnomah County Courts and they said he is being held on the following charges:
  • 3 counts of assault IV
  • 3 counts of harassment
  • 1 count of offensive physical contact
  • 1 count of trespass II
  • 1 count of disorderly conduct
  • 1 count of criminal mischief
  • Bail has been set for $19,500.
He has been assigned a Public Defender by the name of Alan Norris. I was told by a knowledgeable source that Norris is good at what he does. Mike D has a pretrial conference scheduled for 8AM on November 18th. The courtroom needs to be filled with his friends and supporters. At this point he has not put any individuals on his visitors list. If you are interested in seeing him call the facility at (503) 988 5060 for their list of rules and regulations. Mike D needs and DESERVES our support and thoughts. If you have any additional info or suggestions on how to help him please post them on this site. Please email sydd1@juno.com for details. [ Read More ]


14.10.2005 05:22
From an Iraq War Vet in Portland....
There are times that I wish that I could wish everything away. Other times, I want to stand naked in front of the entire nation to force them to see what they've done to me. I want people to know what war really is.

My skin is broken out right now. There's this rash that crops up
occasionally. Two years ago was the worst. The dermatologist said that I had three different types of rashes covering more than 90% of my body. Nothing ever makes this go away but time. Ice will reduce the swelling. Caladryl will help, so will this prescription hormone ointment, but nothing makes it go away until it is ready to go.

For the past few months, I've been getting boils and blisters on my feet. This week, the current iteration of this, is a weepy rash of blisters in the crook of my left elbow. Sure, this is annoying and embarassing, but that's not the worst of it.


13.10.2005 04:19
Et Tu, Tom? Another Knife in the Back for Homeless People in Portland

Ever since taking office, Mayor Tom Potter has been walking a delicate and difficult line between the interests of the people of this city and the interests of those who pull the purse strings. Yesterday, alas, he stepped over onto the wrong side of that line. That's when he unveiled a plan that promises to further persecute the poor and homeless people of Portland, at the behest of the forces of gentrification.

Promising to make downtown "safer," Mayor Potter expressed a desire to rid downtown of anyone who might scare shoppers away with their naked and unabashed poverty. Assuring homeless people that, hey, this is nothing personal or anything, he launched an attack on something called "aggressive panhandling," as well as an assualt on "a small but highly visible group who don't [sic] respect Portland's laws or its core value of respect for others." By respect for others, he appears to mean respect for those with a hearty income, rather than those who are presumably beneath our respect. Because, if anything, this proposal only reifies the already ingrained disrespect Portland's business interests show toward those who cannot afford their wares. The mayor went on to outline a 5-step program for the elimination of homeless people from our streets. Oh, that isn't what he called it or anything, but that is what it amounts to. [ read more ]

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13.10.2005 04:00
No Lie Left Untried: Scaring Kids into Uniform

When it comes to a reputation for selling snake oil, surely the army recruiter has long been right down there in the muck with the used car salesman and the patent medicine huckster. It's common knowledge that the promises made by recruiters about postings and future positions and training are worthless, and that once someone signs on as a recruit, her or his fate is at the whim of the military. That said, recruiters these days, desperate to fill the pipeline to Iraq's slaughterhouse with new bodies, are resorting to an interesting new spiel this days.

Word comes in from students in the Philadelphia area that recruiters at area high schools are warning them to enlist now, when they can pick the type of service they'd like to do, "because there's a draft coming next year and then you'll have no choice."

It's an interesting come-on because the White House and Pentagon keep saying that there are no plans for a draft. [ read more]

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13.10.2005 03:42
CNN: Defending The Police State

So here's that paragon of objective reporting, Aaron Brown of CNN, asking the 64 year-old Grandpa who just got the living shit beat out of him by four white cops if he was on 'drugs'when the cops went apeshit. 'Of course not', came the obviously truthful reply. Brown's tack was pre-scripted. Since the event, seen globally, the media mantra has been "Those poor cops, they're just overworked". Poor Grandpa, half is face is a big red scab, and Brown is asking if what the cops say is true, that he 'fell'. Grandpa breaks out into a hearty laugh and Brown's face registers confusion. It's a Black thing, Aaron. You wouldn't understand. Then Brown brings the robotic Anderson Cooper aboard to remind us once again how stressed out the poor cops are. Did I mention the five minutes they allowed the crazy officers'lawyer? He pontificated upon each blow, as CNN conveniently slowed the video clip, and calmly explained how the horrible beating you were seeing was really another thing altogether. An acceptable thing. Shades of Rodney King! Cooper's spin is that of a professional idiot who keeps asking "Is this proper procedure?" Of course it is, for Attilla the Hun. Cooper is also CNN's point guy on 911 coverup pieces. Debunking all '911 Truth" tellers is his forte'. Endless mercurial analysis on these news shows will eventually dilute the impact of this affair. Cooper again- "The cop is kicking him in the head twice as he lies in his own pool of blood- is this normal procedure?" If Cooper can't tell, he's not even a member of the human race. "It's just not the best way to deal with this" he finalizes. [ read more ]

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13.10.2005 03:02
Great story / audio file from Common Ground in New Orleans
Common Ground Collective, a name based on Robert King Wilkerson of the Angola 3

this is a really excellent talk given by the founders of common ground in new orleans...

I hope everyone from pdx that has ability will make a time to visit out here sometime.

The project here is truly showing the potential of a grassroots collective to effect major change and there is real hope that this and other progressive projects can be a powerful force in NO against gentrification and for positive changes on so many fronts. [ read more ]

download the mp3's: [ 01_scott_history_1.mp3 | 02_malik_history.mp3 | 03_scott_history_2.mp3 ]


12.10.2005 12:06
Tre Arrow - Please write letters to Canada's Minister of Justice
Tre Arrow Letter writing campaign to appeal U.S. extradition.
Hello to you all, it's Tre. I'm doing well here at Wilkie. My lawyer and I have been working on the submissions to the Minister. This is an intricate part of the appeal process. What is crucial in this stage of the appeal is for you, all my supporters, to write a letter of your own to the minister of justice. I'm asking as many folks as possible to do this in order to show the Canadian government, the US government, the Minister of Justice, and citizens throughout North America and the world that I have tremendous support including overwhelming opposition to my extradition to the United States. It will be harder to extradite me if there is published wide-spread outcry about the injustices and persecution I face.

Once you have sent your letter to the minister, a copy of this letter to my lawyer Tim, and your abbreviated email version to your local newspaper's editor, please send this email to at least two other people who would be willing to do the same. We are aiming for at least 2000 letters to be sent to the minister and local newspapers.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for your love, support, and help with this crucial part of my appeal. These letters could be the pivitol factor in achieving my freedom.



11.10.2005 03:41
A Gathering Storm
While we think about the staggering revelations from the aftermath of the storm that shook this nation to its core, maybe we should think a little deeper, and a little closer to home. Most of us found it horrifying to realize that human beings could be treated like so much waste down in New Orleans, only because they were poor, or because they were black. We did not want to see ourselves in that mirror. But most of us are still blind to the same conditions in our own city. It's time to open our eyes.

I was late for work this morning, as usual. So as I hastened down Couch street, I almost did not want to see the police cruiser pulling to a slow halt nearby, along the 405 onramp. He wasn't stopping for me, but I knew what he was doing. I tried to tell myself it would be all right to just keep walking, to pretend I did not know what was going on. But I did know. I've lived in this city for a long time. And I could not just walk on by.

As the cruiser eased itself to a stop, the door swung lazily open, and a fresh-faced young officer, squeaky clean and impressively professional, stepped out. I watched him wander nonchalantly over to an old man laying on the cold ground, nestled in a thick woolen blanket between the hard retaining wall and a squat bush covered with thorns. Damn, I thought. I'm really gonna be late for work. I shook off the trivial thought, and walked back up the street to stand nearby, just near enough to be an obvious witness, but not so close as to be arrested for interfering. There was nothing else I could do.


11.10.2005 03:22
Will global warming lead to an 'ice age'

In order for a true ice age to occur, it is required that temperatures in the summer drop to such low levels that it effectively remains winter all year round. Snow that falls in the winter therefore never does melt, but rather continues to accumulate, and the end result is an 'ice age', and the creation of ice sheets as much as two miles thick, the result of annual accumulation of snow cover over many centuries. A few hundred years ago a not very well understood climate event took place, typically referred to by the misnomer 'the little ice age.' Because this climate event has been misnamed as 'an ice age', this has led to some rampant speculation on the internet that 'global warming causes an ice age.' This is not true. [ read more ]

Signs of rapid arctic warming since 2000

Permanent Arctic Ice Cap in 1979
According to statements released by the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) in Boulder, Colorado, acceleration of melting in the arctic has caused scientists studying the phenomena to revise their estimates of the effect of climate change in the arctic. Previously it was typical to estimate that the arctic would be ice free by the year 2100, but the new data would suggest that the process may be complete by the year 2060. According to NSIDC, "September 2005 will set a new record minimum in the amount of Arctic sea ice cover. It's the least sea ice we've seen in the satellite record, and continues a pattern of extreme low extents of sea ice which we've now seen for the last four years." [ read more ]

Arctic Ice cover at new record low

Permanent Arctic Ice Cap in 2003
The permanent, year round Arctic ice cap has been shrinking at an average rate of 9 per cent per decade over the last two and half decades. The first image shows the extent of the ice cap in 1979. The second displays the ice cap in 2003. The animation covers the period from 1979 to 2003. The rate of Arctic ice melt has increased in recent years, achieving new record lows in each of the last four years, and this can be clearly seen towards the very end of the animation. The melt continues to break previous records in everyone of the last four years, and there are indications that the rate of change is now increasing, which is raising concerns that the arctic is now locked into a self reinforcing feedback loop. Ice is bright white, and thus reflective, and bounces heat and light energy back into space, while water absorbs and stores heat energy. As the ice shrinks, the ability of heat to build in the arctic increases, which then increases the rate of melt, which exposes more water surface, storing more heat, and a feedback loop is then created which results in acceleration of the rate of change. [ read more ]

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11.10.2005 02:57
DC demonstrators bio-attack: update

It would appear now that the Homeland Security alert regarding tularemia is being 'spun.' As the antiwar demonstrators did their thing in DC in late September, biowar sensors at the Capitol registered unusual amounts of tularemia. Now they are suggesting that perhaps the feet of the demonstrators stirred up the bacteria from the soil--but if that were true, why has no other demonstration stirred up a US biowar arsenal bacterium?

Tularemia is perfect for attacking demonstrators. It doesn't spread, so there would be no contagious 'outbreak.' Now that they are dispersed across the nation, their symptoms will (would) appear to be similar to the common cold--muscle aches, mild fever, etc. The symptoms are unlikely to be diagnosed without a larger national awareness, however, and they slowly progress to painful and disfiguring conditions and then death (see my post from last Friday on this subject). Hence the attack could pass completely unnoticed except for the condition of the demonstrators and their grieving families. The only notice might be in a spike of tularemia cases in the following years' CDC reports. [ read more ]

more information: DC demonstrators attacked with tularemia, portland indymedia articles about tularemia, the sunshine project

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11.10.2005 02:09
Trudell's Message - Coherence and Consciousness

i was skipping up the front stairs of the EMU - making my way to the ballroom to get myself a front row seat to see John Trudell - when i heard his voice being carried on the current of the wind, captivating a crowd gathered round in the outdoor free speech plaza.

Trudell, along with Wilma Mankiller, were featured speakers at the University of Oregon for this years anti-Columbus, Indigenous Solidarity Day. I was unfamiliar with Native-American Wilma Mankiller, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, but always make a point of seeing Trudell whenever he makes an appearance in Eugene. The last time was seven years ago, so i was eager to hear what Trudell had to say after such a long hiatus. Always when i hear him speak it is like a shot of reality that lends clarity to my life.

i didn't attend with the intention of taking notes and writing his rant into an article, but he has such a lot of good shit to say that i wanted to pass it on, which was part of his message when someone asked how we can deal with the almighty media. In response he urged us to speak *coherently* and *consciously* to those who are willing to listen, but not to try and make converts of anyone. The "Power of the People" says Trudell, is in our "coherent, conscious thoughts", and our ability to *think*, which will generate the energy that is needed. [ read more ]

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10.10.2005 15:47
sten timber sale: treesitters still under fire
sten treesit Yesterday (Sunday), another attempt was made to murder a treesitter in the Sten timber sale in the McKenzie watershed. The activist reported that "bullets whizzed through the branches over his head." On Friday hired climbers came to the base of the tree and threatened to remove the sitter.

Forest Service Law Enforecement officials have done nothing to protect activists from violence at Sten, despite names being given and official reports being filed at the Willamette National Forest headquarters in Eugene. The same white pickup with toolbox (license # YBK 722), whose driver previously fired both .45 caliber shells and hunting arrows at treesitters, has returned and travels throughout the area with impunity.

Freres Lumber of Mill City is currently decimating the old growth ecosystems of the Sten timber sale. Logging, hauling, and bulldozing continue within 100 meters of the tree "Katrina" which has been occupied for over a month. The treesitter was visited and cheered on last Thursday by a large group of schoolchildren from Eugene.

directions to Sten T.S. | Aug 22 original press release announcing treesit action | Sept 7 audio report | Back To The Wall callout Sept 21 | map | photos


08.10.2005 18:11
PPRC counterrecruitment rally this morning
About 20 people gathered outside the "Armed Forces Career Center" on NE 13th and Broadway in an antirecruitment rally called by PPRC. It was, for some of us, a humorous and at times somewhat surreal experience.


06.10.2005 13:04
Malik Rahim Speaks About the Grassroots Response to Hurricane Katrina
Malik Rahim

On October 4, Malik Rahim, a longtime community activist in New Orleans and San Francisco, spoke at the Women's Building in San Francisco about the situation in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the disastrous response by the Bush administration and other government agencies. Malik, who lives in the Algiers community of New Orleans, discussed the grassroots community relief and rebuilding efforts underway through the Common Ground collective. [ read more | download the mp3 | download the torrent ]

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[ commongroundrelief.org | katrina aftermath ]


06.10.2005 00:49
Protesters Met Vancouver Mayors' Prayer Breakfast Attendees
The annual Mayors' Prayer Breakfast in Vancouver was sponsored by the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship (FGBMF), a group that denied a Muslim to lead prayer, denies women membership, and is known to support "traditional" families. Some of us called asking mayors not to participate, or not participate on taxppayer time. The FGBMF is an intolerant group.

Five protesters were at the Hilton's sidewalk in the morning's still darkness, chilly air, and under sprinkling skies. We carried signs, "Mathew Shepard is my brother," " 'God'" includes all," and you are eating at a bigotfest. One thought the people coming in were real small in numbers. I think maybe 100 came.


06.10.2005 00:30
KBOO supernova
KBOO is currently in a last sprint to prise $220 K from a reluctant CPB. Among the Staff and the Board, this is viewed as a worthwhile goal, but as only a part of the Pledge Drive. We've defied CPB cuts before, and we sailed past the Republican "death sentence" cuts years ago, because we decided to take our case directly to the people. This is in contrast to other "community radio" stations around the nation, who buckled under to Federal pressure to abandon dissenting commentary and "real news" in favor of boutique, balkanized ethno-music schedules. If we get the CPB money (based on a harsh deadline), great, and if we don't, the Feds can screw themselves!

At present, KBOO seems to be building a greater national presence (see KBOO.FM). Despite some problems with maintaining news department continuity, we are on track to start up some decent reporting. And the Internet has had the effect of breaking the AP News propaganda buzz. We hope to do more local reporting soon.

The new Board is chock-full of bright, eager, experienced activists. Expect some changes. And they are ready to listen to you. [ read more ]

recent articles about kboo: [ Radio Show Wants Help/Content | YEA!!! for KBOO! Send them $ - any amount | KBOO Bike Show | KBOO 90.7 fm WEEK AT A GLANCE program schedule for October 2005 | KBOO is great, but why don't they give us WIN? ]


03.10.2005 01:35
September Critical Mass

This month's critical mass saw the PPB passionately enforcing lighting requirements with the obsessive linear misguidedness of a teen in lust. As a point of reference for this article I have pasted the OSR that was key in my interactions last night.

The ride started out with what appeared to be a one-to-one ration of bicycle officers to Critical Massers. Though the heavy down poor of rain severely limited the turn out last nights ride and lessened the disposition of the officers assigned to the ride ... for me (Jasun Wurster) this ride again reaffirmed why I feel Portland needs Critical Mass. [ read more ]

gray, wet and rolling

Last month only 3 tickets were handed out. More than I would like, but way better than a year ago. In August, one person who was ticketed seemed upbeat because he was warned by the police. (crossing the middle line and other somewhat petty stuff)

This month all seemed typical. I made it to the start just in time to see the mass rolling out on Burnside. We must have been at NW Park and Davis when I noticed a biker had the hilt of a sword sticking out of his backpack.

I jokingly razed him a little about all the weapons he was carrying. (the blade plus 2 u-locks) Alas, I should have kept my mouth shut. [ read more ]


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