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education | prisons & prisoners 12-Apr-2015 15:03


From the open publishing newswire: The Red and Black cafe that has been so generous to donate us a space is closed :-( and Books to Prisoners is in need of a new space. We would need about 200 or so square feet, in a dry basement, garage, or extra room in the house---also open to office space or space in a church, community room etc. Because we are a non-profit, the space could be considered an "in kind" donation for a tax write off.
We would need about 200 or so square feet, in a dry basement, garage, or extra room in the house---also open to office space or space in a church, community room etc. Because we are a non-profit, the space could be considered an "in kind" donation for a tax write-off. Please CALL (503) 249-6343 if you might know of an available space. We would need the space twice a month for our mailing nights (first and third Weds of every month) and occasional access to drop books off. Close-in east side would be ideal but we are open to (most!)anything. Thanks!!


FAQ 05-Apr-2010 10:22

Why damage police property? Exploring some of the recent activities going on around PDX

From the open publishing newswire: Q: I don't understand why angry people would damage police property. I heard that the Portland Police Union headquarters was recently vandalized, and there was $20,000 dollars worth of damage. I can see why people might be mad about police conduct, but this ultimately just hurts me, the taxpayer. So why did it happen?

A: $20,000 is just not that much money when you think about how many taxpayers there actually are. The expense from this damage probably translates to less than a penny for individual taxpayers. Now $4,559,146.62 on the other hand is a significant sum. That's how much of taxpayers money has been payed out in recent years by the City of Portland in Police Incident settlements, meaning settlements to people wronged by police misconduct: things like excessive force, wrongful arrest, wrongful use of force leading to death, etc. If there's anything taxpayers should feel justified in resenting, it's that police violence is costing us this much money...


community building 20-Oct-2009 14:52

Liberty Hall in danger

From the open publishing newswire: Explanation of our situation: Hello everyone who values the low cost radical community space Liberty Hall has provided over the last 7 and a half years... It's becoming increasingly likely that the current tenants, the Workers Education Resource Center (basically the IWW and the Portland Central America Solidarity Committee), will not be able to continue our tenancy after either December 31st of this year or January 31st of next year. After the three month remodel is completed WERC "might" be allowed back at an increased rent and with one less office space...

So we are looking at our options; one is to find another space that has both offices for the non-profits and a space big enough to hold the kind of events we've hosted in the past, another is that PCASC and the IWW move in to normal office space and that there simply isn't one of these spaces in Portland anymore, or one more possibly is that if there are enough people interested and dedicated to maintaining a community space at another location (we would not recommend continuing to rent from our landlord) that we/they use the connections and goodwill that Liberty Hall has built up as a springboard for that project.

It's important that we get some input from the thousands of people who have enjoyed events at Liberty Hall over the years, so we're going to try to hold a community forum sometime in November or December... More details as that develops. If you have any ideas or suggestions, particularly available spaces, send them to  libertyhallportland@gmail.com.



animal rights 05-Feb-2009 01:24

Baby Bull Calves Need Homes!

From the open publishing newswire: Someone placed an ad in the Livestock section of the paper trying to give baby bull calves away free to good homes. Can you provide sanctuary?

If you have space where you live, please consider taking one or more baby calves to give them a good life that they deserve. In return, they will provide you with friendship and free organic fertilizer for your garden.


community building | economic justice 27-Dec-2008 12:27

Call out for Practical, Original Ideas?

From the open publishing newswire: Do you have any ideas that could benefit humanity? I mean really? Are there any solutions? I've been checking out Indy Media here for about three weeks and it's fascinating. It really is. I've learned a lot, and had some almost productive conversations. I've read some interesting discussions about eliminating poverty, anarchic society, consumerism, pirates and Zimbabwe; it's really been an education. There is no doubt that Portland Indy media has a readership of very intelligent people.


community building | youth 15-Oct-2008 13:42

radical families and housing

From the open publishing newswire: is anyone interested in starting a radical family house?
i am currently living in santa cruz and moving to portland at the end of october. i have been searching for housing on craigslist (tee hee i typed craigslist and my automatic spell check changes it to capitalist) typing in kids and children ( to see which houses are down) only to find no kids no children allowed. i think it would be really awesome to rent a house ( got i wish i could own) with other radical parents and kids and people who wanna help out with kids or like kids etc. . i know how tough it is to find housing wehre people are down with kids and ok with them which sucks! so anyone interested? lets live together, have a garden, take our kids on trips, have a childcare collective etc. . .!


imperialism & war 10-Jun-2008 18:22

Waning interest in the fight to free China/Tibet?

Tibet Belogs To Tibetians From the open publishing newswire: Has Portland interest in the human rights abuses in China/Tibet really waned, or are action groups not making themselves apparent? Recently, while combing through Indymedia in search of Portland groups for the liberation of China/Tibet, I was shocked by the absence of (or apparent absence) of such existing movements. There doesn't seem to be much going on at all. I've been organizing a demonstration (set for the first week in August) to protest U.S. involvement in the 2008 Olympics. So far, my search for other groups to network with has been unfruitful. I've found some older posts about events protesting the Olympics (like the Human Rights Torch Relay and the protest that was held downtown April 12) but I was disappointed to find nothing listed on the calendar for the upcoming months. Has interest really waned or are groups just not posting anticipated events? If anyone is interested in coordinating efforts, please feel free to contact me at the e-mail listed, we would love to hear from you.


community building | youth 02-May-2008 05:19

i want to start a free childcare network!

From the open publishing newswire: let's make it happen! the idea is pretty simple: a network of babysitters banding together to offer free childcare to the community.

my basic vision involves a website and/or hotline that families browse/call, submit a request, and get free childcare. families can view profiles for each of the many many sitters, with info on their experience, certification, childcare style/philosophy, and other info. they choose the sitter they want, and email them directly. probably 72 hours in advance is cool.

the hotline thing is trickier, but not impossible. i have a few ideas, but we can talk about logistics later.

if anyone is interested in maybe helping get this started, in whatever capacity, email me! i'd like to form a formal collective ASAP, get the program going by autumn, and maybe even turn it into a formal 501(c)3 nonprofit if we feel like that's important.


bikes/transportation 11-Feb-2008 07:59

Wanna Ride Your Bike and Deliver Valentines?

From the open publishing newswire: Siren Nation is a local non-profit that produces a music and arts festival in November (www.sirennation.org for details). We have put on a fundraiser, taking orders for Valentines (card + vegan chocolate) to be delivered around town by bike.

We got so many orders! Yay, awesome for our fundraising, but we need help!! We got so many Valentine Bike-o-Gram orders that we need help delivering them! This week is your chance to costume up and ride your bike, delivering love notes!

Can you help us? Email  valentinebybike@yahoo.com and let me know the days and times you're available this week (mon-thurs), Thank you!!



community building | police / legal 30-Oct-2007 21:08

Corvallis Officer Cox on Paid Suspension for over 1 month

From the open publishing newswire: CPD Officer Cox was placed on paid suspension over a month ago but no information has been forthcoming!

There have been reports of Officer Cox pulling people over without cause, following people for long distances until the finally make a mistake so he can pull them over, arresting people without cause, and a few reports of possible inappropriate behavior with women during stops. In light of Portland's Finest (Matthew Kohnke) taking a plea over his molestation of several women people are starting to wonder what Cox has been suspended for. Will the CPD be allowed to sweep his misconduct under the rug? The blue wall seems to be up on this one does anyone know what Cox was suspended for?


energy & nuclear 02-Sep-2007 17:37

Grassroots anti-biodiesel in Scappoose?

From the open publishing newswire: My boyfriend was recently driving through Scappose when he noticed at least a dozen signs saying "no garbege factory here" and "biodiesel can explode." The signs were all professionally made in a sign shop. I called a friend who used to work in a sign shop, it musta costed at least $400 for all those signs, just the ones he saw running through town.

We've been using biodiesel99 for years with no problems sofar, and are even working on our own appleseed processor in the backyard.

Who is funding this anti biodiesel fervor?

Somebody feel threatened?


katrina aftermath 31-Aug-2007 18:33

New Orleans -- Not lost to a hurricane, but by government betrayal

From the open publishing newswire: U.S. and state government officials refused to allow water or food relief into New Orleans. This was a brazen attempt to "starve people out" - a "war crime" under the Geneva Conventions. Hundreds of people died unnecessarily of thirst. And yet, there was no shortage of water or food being sent.

I spoke daily with Les Evenchick, a Green who lives in the French Quarter of New Orleans. I was also in touch with New Orleans residents Malik Rahim and Mike Howell; the areas in which they live were dry and they were holding out as long as they could. The story they tell is shocking: U.S. and local government officials ordered the local drinking water turned off and refused to allow water or food relief into New Orleans. Hundreds of people died unnecessarily as a result.

Where Did The FEMA Money Go? | redballoonbooks.org


animal rights 25-Jul-2007 15:00

lets save the portland zoo animals....please

From the open publishing newswire: animals in the portland zoo need our help. i and many people i have come to know are deeply concern about the treatment and the care of the animals at the Portland zoo. we have noticed the the cages for the animals are inadequate... ... now i know Portland zoo is a small zoo, but they need to fix their exhibits and take better care for these animals we all come to enjoy and love...there are many things that need to take place to make the zoo better for animals and people a like. please i can't do this myself and i am calling out to you and everyone, please help me help these animals...


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