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16.11.2008 07:03
This month in DIY Education: November
Our monthly listing of free workshops, skillshares, and discussion groups around Portland - We're a little late but do not worry because this month is full of skillshares! This calendar is also available online at our website: http://portland.freeskool.org with more details and often with new classes or updates so make sure to check there too.

"How can I start a class" you ask? Well, its easy! You can teach something that you are passionate about, or maybe start a group to discuss something you'd like to learn more of. It can be in your living room, a park, or any other community space. We have lots more resources for starting a class and finding a space on our website. Read below for some fine examples of grassroots education happening this month, or you can also attend our...

Free School Orientation
November 30th, 4:30pm
(every last Sunday of the month)
CommUnity Arts Garage 3969 NE Rodney Ave


14.11.2008 08:30
Great Vegan Recipes for You to Try!
Animal defense filmmakers have been working on vegan cooking videos to help people who want to learn to eat more compassionately. In the process, we've been encountering some fabulous recipes and eating some really great food! You will be able to see the videos soon, but in the meantime, here are some really good recipes. (At least two of the three recipes below would be great for a vegan Thanksgiving celebration.)(Maybe all three, though the smoothie is more casual.)


14.10.2008 17:54
Remember Remember The Fifth of November
Image of the Guy Fawkes mask assembled What?!?! You do not have your Guy Fawkes mask??? Okay this your chance to download and assemble one.
Well girls and boys that favourite holiday season is upon us again. It is time to gather the family and hang the pumpkins on the good old Halloween tree. Time to unbutton and zip down those over stuff pants after eating lots of tasty Vegan tofu turkey on Thanks Taking Day. Time to gather the neighbourhood kids in good cheer as we sing the traditional Election Fraud hymns. There is that great holiday called Bonfire Night to celebrate the rebellious actions of some guy. And who could forget that this Autumn season ends with an early Festivus. Hopefully this year there will be lots of "Airing of Grievances" followed by unusual amount of "Feats of Strength" to give us all that holiday joy and maybe even a "Festivus Miracle" or two.


19.07.2008 11:31
American Psychological Association
The red cross says it is torture
But the American Psychological association
Says that it is not torture
They should be there to oversea
Dog cages and human being electrocuted randomly
One person who was locked
Inside the walls of secret documents
Was a teacher
Whose only crime was flunking a student
The student fingered them for being a terrorist
The CIA says that 1/3 of those in Guantanamo
Are probably innocent


13.07.2008 12:02
Money is a vice I wore
Money is a vice I wore
Taking over my mind
It negotiated its own results .
It had its own illogical sequences
Bad mathematic formulas that no one bothered to unravel
The sequences were not 'solvable"
And there fore pleasing to the economic
It made sense to me that money was power
And I had abdicated the throne.


01.07.2008 23:57
What is the GAP in logic? How can we really increase the amount of board feet that we have harvested from our nationally "managed" forests. Even a federal emergency does not grant the GAP my pardon. You are sick, sick, sick!

The Gap
Three months ago
On all the major corporate TV news shows
They reported that water in the Sierras was at 90 percent capacity.
Everyone who has had any longevity or science background
Knew that this was to blow a cool breath of relief against
The squinting view of Global Warming
Even as I said that the glaciers were all but dead
They said they measured and we were fine


20.05.2008 06:55
Grassroots Radio Conference in Portland this July! Submit workshop proposals now
Grassroots Radio Conference— GRC-13: Call for proposals

The Grassroots Radio Conference is being held in Portland, OR, July 25 - 27th, at the Native American Student and Community Center, at Portland State University. The Grassroots Radio Conference is an annual gathering of community radio activists in support of this mission:

" More than audio outlets, volunteer-based community radio stations are cultural institutions in their communities, reflecting the unique concerns and passions of the people who live there. With a system of governance based on openness and collaboration, and diverse programming produced by volunteers and funded by listeners, these stations are cornerstones of participatory democracy, offering ordinary citizens the chance to exercise First Amendment rights in a mass medium and audiences the opportunity to directly support the programming that is of importance to them."

Each year, the conference provides skill building workshops, space for important discussions and information exchange, and panel presentations on a variety of relevant topics. We are currently soliciting panel participants and workshop leaders in the following topic areas:



20.05.2008 06:53
worker owned raw vegan cooperative
Lets work together to make raw food something that all can enjoy, not just the super privileged.

Hi all! I'm looking for folks who want to start a radical worker owned raw food cooperative in portland, or although people from neighboring towns are welcome to participate.

Projects that I had been brainstorming for the coop would be making handmade zines and ebooks, foraging workshops, cheap donation based underground cafe and well as maybe renting spaces for fancy raw food meals. Doing benefits for animal and earth rights prisoners and hosting talking events about GMO issues, etc. Also we can order food in bulk and share the wealth and discounts.

This is not about making money, so it need not be a full time job for anyone.We also really need someone who can make a website or blog page. Decisions in the group will be made on consensus basis not majority rule. Profits made by the coop will be distributed to those in the coop who express the most need at a particular time as well as putting them into future projects. All interested can email me at circleakitchen(at)yahoo.com.


21.02.2008 08:28
Skillshare: Radical Botany - Week 5 - Plants as Shelter and Willow
Earth House We can go longer afford to cut down trees for shelter. Soon we will have none of the blessings that healthy forests give us. We will have lost our water, our air, our soil health, all the food and healing plants, and other diverse species. So how shall we live? How shall we build shelters? We do what humans have done for millons of years. We use stone, earth and fast growing plants.


26.08.2007 10:45
She leads me
She leads me

The madness surrounds me.
Wild, crazed, violent
madmen, berserkers
of greed, power
and blood lust continue
their antediluvian creed
of slash, loot, rape and burn.

Taking my hand, She
leads carefully through
forgotten forests into the
highlands of an unfamiliar youth.
Here, underneath the gentle
music of dragonfly wings
lives the cool still waters of remembrance.

NOTE: Be sure to read the rest of this poem in the "Read More" link.


14.07.2007 11:38
Independence Burns Today
Independence, California is on fire. It is an ancestral legacy to me. I am pissed. I am sad for the large number of fire fighters who have been hurt! SAVE OUR OLD GROWTH FOREST! A large old growth tree can be hit many times by lightening and never catch flame! We will burn if we cut it down! Save independence!


11.07.2007 12:32
from Supporters of Nathan and Joyanna...
Warm Greetings, This is the first update from the Supporters of Nathan and Joyanna for some time. We have been waiting to send further updates until they could speak for themselves. Firstly, Nathan and Joyanna have elected to now return to the names that they chose for themselves years ago, Exile and Sadie.

After having been sentenced on June 1st to 92 months each, they are both faring well as they transition into the bizarre labyrinth of Federal Prison. They have elegantly endured this first month since their absurdly punitive sentencing. Finally out of Lane County, they find themselves in different circumstances on the move to their final prison assignments.

Both have asked that folks hold off on sending books but always welcome mail. We strongly encourage you to send images at this time, particularly pictures and drawings of the natural world as well as spiritual imagery and depictions of spiritual practice. Words may not be the most useful tools for assuaging the alienation they must both be feeling at this time.

First Epistle: Phoenix From the Flames, By Sadie and Exile: "Now that we have been sentenced we have the opportunity to ease our reticence concerning our situation and would like to candidly address a few points... "



05.07.2007 17:37
"Selling Out" as a Street Performer
Many perform on the streets simply to give free art to the world. Many perform for political reasons, to spread a political message on public streets, as in the tradition of agit-prop (agitational propaganda). But most buskers have had days when they are playing because they need the money, not because they want to. On these days, it is more attractive than ever to "sell out." I interviewed some buskers to find out what "selling out" looks like in a busker context.


01.04.2007 19:28
My Dora in Maquiladora

How many Dora's must we kill? A song, a cry, shallow graves... Sing it.

My Dora, In Maquiladora
I adora my dora
Who disappeared from maquiladora.
Have you seen my dora?

More Poems by Sierra Sherpa


01.04.2007 19:25

I was born in America, but I don't know where I am now.

The attached poem I wrote while I was in jail for christmas and New Years. I was in jail, because I refused to pay for a dent they put in their police car with my head while I was hancuffed. I was assualted by a bouncer because of mistaken Identity. Then beaten up and mugged by Portland Police. they stole $50 out of my wallet, Choked and beat me up while hancuffed. After never being read my rights and being denied a call to a lawer and a request for a for a breathalizer test so I could prove I wasn't drunk. I was put in an isolation cell where I sat Bleeding and in extreme pain from a badly sprained ankle do to a boot from a cop until 11:30am The next morning so they could get there story straight.

Another poem by Shane Carroll : "Injustice" - a poem about Lukus Glen who was murdered by Tigard police right down the street from my moms house.


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