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01.01.2012 06:05
End corporate personhood - Rally/Hearing Wed. January 4th at Portland City Hall
End Corporate Personhood Wednesday, January 4th, join the Alliance for Democracy and Move to Amend Portland chapter and our allies as we rally outside City Hall to support and strengthen the proposed city resolution supporting a federal constitutional amendment to End Corporate Personhood.

In addition to supporting the revised resolution, we will also call on the city council to refer to Portland's voters a ballot measure, so we can all give voice to our desire that the constitution must be amended to end corporate personhood and the money is not speech. We want them to refer to the voters language very similar to that which was presented to the voters in Madison, WI, and Boulder CO and Missoula MT and approved in all three overwhelmingly. If you can't be at City Hall on Jan 4, you can still join us via an on-line petition

Rally/Hearing details:
Wednesday, January 4th at Portland City Hall
8:30 - gather, 8:45 -9:15 - rally

Move To Amend | Alliance For Democracy | Sign the online petition

[ Reportback: Video of Jan 4th Rally Supporting Portland City Council Resolution to End Corporate Personhood ]


01.01.2012 05:55
Freedom for the Police Horses
The Horses need a little bit of Justice When I was at the eviction of Occupy in Portland and the police horses were forced into the crowd, the first thought that went through me was the horses were going to hurt someone. The second thought was why the hell are the police using animals to hurt other humans. Now my thoughts are to take the horses away from the cops. Seems like a good project for us to take on.

Want to "take a ride on the Justice side?" This is something all of us can give some time to, maybe we can see these beautiful horse retired to a farm, enjoying life. I know we are all busy but I got really pissed at the cops for making these animals move into the crowd and risk being hurt, when all the horses wanted to do is eat some hay. E-mail me and after some ground work, if enough of you feel bad for those horses as I did that night, let's work to "Free the Police Horses."
homepage:  http://individualsforjustice.com


01.01.2012 05:51
Reportback from NYE jail solidarity noise demo
Tonight a group of about 20 folks, mostly in black, gathered outside the Donald E. Long juvenile detention center at 1401 NE 68th Avenue in Portland. Several anarchist slogans were spray-painted on the outer walls, including "Jail the guards, burn the prisons" and circle-A.

We played an anti-cop hip-hop and punk mix really loudly over our super awesome janky-ass bumping dance chariot (aka mobile sound system).
It should be noted that there was almost zero police interference.

Jail the guards! Burn the prisons!
xoxoxoxoxoxo PDX


30.12.2011 06:40
Police show excessive force to evict Occupy Bellingham Camp: 4 arrested
occupy bellingham On December 28th, dressed in riot gear, the Bellingham Police Department forcibly evicted Occupy Bellingham's permanent encampment. The cops showed no remorse as dozens of protesters attempted to negotiate for more time to finish clearing out the camp and to re-vegetate disturbed areas. The officers in charge initially refused to communicate with the police liaison from the group and gave almost no notice before sweeping the encampment. Streets surrounding the encampment were barricaded as cops began flooding the parking lot adjacent to the camp. Throughout the process, the cops chose to enforce the agenda of the power elite, disrupting a peaceful protest, trampling first amendment rights and forcing the public out of a public park. The Bellingham police demonstrated their allegiance to the corrupt state by placing property over people's needs. We expect nothing else from the fascist men in blue.

After the protest was disrupted, the crowd came together to march to City Hall and then held a General Assembly inside the building to discuss our next steps as a movement. The encampment had been a home to over a dozen Occupiers since October 23rd, 2011, several of which have now been left with nowhere to go. Although Occupy Bellingham may no longer have a physical encampment, our ideals of solidarity, resistance and autonomy only grow stronger with each day that we face the realities of our corrupt nation and witness the abusive display of power from the police.



23.12.2011 06:55
NYE Jail Solidarity Noise Demonstration
New Year's Eve noise demo outside juvie in response to the international call-out for actions against prisons!

This New Year's Eve join us for a noise demonstration outside Portland's Donald E. Long juvenile detention center. This is in response to the international call-out for noise demos and other actions against prisons, jails, and detention centers on New Year's Eve. Bring signs, banners, pots and pans, drums, and anything else to make lots of noise. It's time to let imprisoned folks know that we haven't forgotten them!

Meet at 8:30 pm at the Rose Quarter Transit Center to take the MAX out there as a group or meet us there.

Donald E. Long Home
1401 N.E. 68th Street
Portland, Oregon 97213
(503) 988-3475


23.12.2011 06:54
Vancouver Hilton - fires outspoken (pro-labor) worker
Human Resources Director Irene Chrest, fired Luke after demanding private information regarding a medical condition that causes him to fall asleep. Combined with having to work two jobs, this medical issue is a serious issue for him. Management's cruel, heartless firing of Luke is one more example of the lack of respect this employer has for their workers.

Important Update: "UNITE HERE thanks each and every one of you for your passionate response to the firing of Lucas Fielder at the Vancouver Hilton. From our understanding, community far and wide placed calls to the General Manager of the hotel protesting their despicable act of firing Luke four days before Christmas and only one day after he spoke out for better wages at his union's December 20th Candlelight Vigil. Additionally, over 35 community members delegated the General Manager (and City Hall!) on Thursday, Dec 22nd to protest the company's actions. We are talking to the company, and are going to give them a chance to respond, and do the right thing - which is to reinstate Luke to his job!

At this point, we are not advocating for any further actions and we will keep everyone updated on next steps as our struggle for justice for Luke and all workers at the Vancouver Hilton continues!" In solidarity, UNITE HERE


23.12.2011 06:52
Medical Self Defense and the Black Panther Party --An interview with Alondra Nelson
Alondra Nelson, the author of 'Body and Soul: The Black Panther Party and the Fight Against Medical Discrimination,' writes that "the Party's focus on health care was both practical and ideological." On a practical level, the BPP provided free community health care services, including preventative education. Simultaneously, the BPP railed against the medical-industrial complex, declaring that health care was "a right and not a privilege."

One of the lessons that the BPP offers today's activists is that they should be more loyal to the desired outcome than to the tactic. The sit-in came to be associated with the southern civil rights movement just as the mic check is now emblematic of the Occupy movement. But these groups also used other tactics: marching, occupying, sermons, etc. Social movements are dynamic phenomena; circumstances are constantly changing. So too should tactics.



23.12.2011 06:49
Single Payer Health Insurance Would Give Everyone A Very Merry Christmas
The best gift of all is good health and this can be done with single payer health insurance... Good health is what everyone in this country desires and needs. The best way to achieve this goal is to have affordable health insurance. Unfortunately what stands in the wsy is private health insurance companies who value monetary greed over peoples health by always raising premiums and by charging outrageous deductibles and co-pays. The solution is to give the wonderful present of single payer health insurance and you can do this by visiting the internet site of ( Single Payer Action) which is working for single payer health insurance.

Here is the mailing address of Single Payer Action if you wish to contact them by snail mail.
Single Payer Action
P.O. Box 18384
Washington D.C. 20036

I just don't understand why some americans do not want single payer health insurance. What we have now are insurance company pirates who take all of our hard earned cash and then refuse to pay their fair share of your medical bill.


20.12.2011 12:12
Occupy Wall Street's anarchist roots - Al Jazeera Repost
The 'Occupy' movement is one of several in American history to be based on anarchist principles.
London, UK - Almost every time I'm interviewed by a mainstream journalist about Occupy Wall Street I get some variation of the same lecture:

"How are you going to get anywhere if you refuse to create a leadership structure or make a practical list of demands? And what's with all this anarchist nonsense - the consensus, the sparkly fingers? Don't you realise all this radical language is going to alienate people? You're never going to be able to reach regular, mainstream Americans with this sort of thing!"

If one were compiling a scrapbook of worst advice ever given, this sort of thing might well merit an honourable place. After all, since the financial crash of 2007, there have been dozens of attempts to kick-off a national movement against the depredations of the United States' financial elites taking the approach such journalists recommended. All failed. It was only on August 2, when a small group of anarchists and other anti-authoritarians showed up at a meeting called by one such group and effectively wooed everyone away from the planned march and rally to create a genuine democratic assembly, on basically anarchist principles, that the stage was set for a movement that Americans from Portland to Tuscaloosa were willing to embrace. [...]


20.12.2011 08:19
Support Portland's Sleeping Bag Drive!!
With over 1,700 people in Portland living without shelter (2011 Street Count), sleeping bags provide crucial protection from discomfort, illness and death.

The Sleeping Bag Drive is now an ongoing organization, and Portland's houseless population need your help!

The Red & Black & Laughing Horse Book collectives have teamed up to collect sleeping bags and donations (which will go directly towards sleeping bags as well as weatherproof tarps to protect from the weather) to be distributed in the local area.

With so many Portlanders living without adequate shelter and vulnerable to the dangerous, harsh winter conditions sleeping near our homes and businesses, it's our duty to provide what resources we have to assist those in need.

Visit www.sleepingbagdrive.com to donate online now, or drop off new or clean sleeping bags at one of the following locations in Portland:

The Red & Black
400 SE 12th Ave
Open 10AM-10PM
(503) 231-3899

Laughing Horse Books
12 NE 10th Ave
Open Mon-Sat 11AM-7PM
(503) 236-2893 (volunteer run, please call for availability)


16.12.2011 17:19
OCCVPATRIOT 12/16/2011
Weaponized Bulldozers for the Person of the Year -- the Protestor PAINTING BANNERS SIGNS

Thrown away into dumpsters by riot police.

Like of remains of soldiers killed in Iraq, for the ideas of Amerika's ruling class. It all ends up in a landfill somewhere.

Bring the Troops home, throw the dead ones in the trash. Workers at the Port weaponize a bulldozer, smash the ground with its garbage plow. Threaten the people, disenfranchised. They treat the people like garbage. Whether anyone has a job or not, these actions are happening. These protests will continue. A riot cop pushes me down, I jump up and I push back. Even days later, I fell the sting of his stick, a reminder of the ones he's paid to protect.

I am a worker, reduced to a beggar. Whether anyone wants my help or not. So a Union Worker looses a day of pay. So those out of work lose a day of pay everyday. And the worker becomes one of those bums in the park, that the riot police have to deal with, blue rubber gloves. They throw your tents and blankets, your protests, your ideas into a dumpster. They hire a trucker, to weaponize their trucks and send your remains to a landfill somewhere.

Unity, Solidarity is dead, so society falls apart. General Assembly consensus says, "Sell your comrade out!, Let that soldier, stopping business get run down. Throw her under the wheels of capital." The General Consensus says, "Better her than you. Let her stand up and get run down." Block the tracks, get crushed up, it's all bad press, as society rips itself apart.

Another Union Leader's day of pay. I won't sympathize with any worker that can weaponize a bulldozer. To use a workers equipment, against desperate people, trying anything they can to save the world. I have no sympathy for the General Consensus, to let a person be run down by a workers truck. A worker's locomotive, a workers bulldozer. These actions are not a personal attack. These actions will continue, whether any one person, one Union Leader, or one spokes council likes it or not. Long will live people's struggle. For we are becoming workers reduced to beggars.


16.12.2011 16:26
Immigrant Rights ARE Worker Rights Rally and March
Coinciding with the International Day of the Migrant, immigrants and allies will take to the streets in a permitted, family-friendly rally and march. This will be an opportunity to join with the Occupy movement, and send a strong message against the racist laws, policies and institutions that are systematically targeting immigrant communities, such as Secure Communities, E-verify, wage theft, free trade agreements and increased detentions and deportations.

We reject the scapegoating of immigrants in the same way we refuse to blame Muslims, the poor, public sector workers, women, and other victims of this recession. We blame the recession on those who caused it, the most wealthy 1%. The 1% want immigrants to have zero rights so that they are easily exploitable and can be paid slave wages, thus lowering the wages of all working people.

When: Saturday, December 17 | 10 am Rally & 11 am March
Where:South Park Blocks between SW Salmon and Main

homepage: http://www.pcasc.net

Related Video Post


16.12.2011 06:57
Queer Square Dance Benefit for Books 2 Prisoners!
Live Music! And food! All for a great cause - PDX Books to Prisoners. Right now we have dozens of packages of books wrapped and addressed, but no money for postage :( So come on down and get wild and silly in a warm setting that ain't heternormative. Everyone invited - queers, non-queers and the like. No experience necessary. All dances and moves are taught gradually through the night. It is a good idea for your first dance or two come within the first hour, as the night progresses the review of previously taught moves becomes brief.

Friday, January 6, 2012, 7:00pm until 10:00pm

In Other Words Books
14 NE Killingsworth St
Portland, OR 97217

PDX Books To Prisoners is an all-volunteer collective working to distribute books free of charge to prisoners. We are dedicated to offering people behind bars the opportunities for self-empowerment, education, and entertainment that reading provides.

facebook page



16.12.2011 06:49
Occupy Olympia faces eviction
The statement from Occupy's unnamed "media team" says a 4 p.m. march and 10 p.m. assembly are planned "for camp defense and witness." It also says:

The Occupy Movement manifested as a direct response to the social and economic injustices caused by a corrupt and heartless financial system. Occupy Olympia did not create the problems faced at camp. These are the same problems faced in communities around the country. Occupier Kyle Tanner states, "It's disappointing that the state chooses to continue to sweep the realities of budget cuts under the rug rather than face the systemic inequities." Since the early days of the occupation, Occupy Olympia has provided the community with free medical services, food, and shelter, all of which are needs the state has failed to meet. "While Occupy Olympia has been offering social services, it's important to remember that the Occupy Olympia encampment is, and continues to be, a political encampment. Any attempt to discredit that would be a false representation of what the Occupy movement is all about," states Occupier Owen Prout. Though the future of the physical camp may be uncertain, the community that camp has built will continue to fight the atrocities committed to benefit the 1%.


14.12.2011 05:51
Bellingham Successfully Blockade Railway in Solidarity with West Coast Port Actions
On December 12, 2011, an autonamous group, in solidarity with the West Coast Port Blockade, successfully shut down a BNSF railway. The flow of commerce headed for two of the blockaded ports, Seattle and Vancouver, was effectively stopped. This action was in solidarity with the Bellingham community's fight against earth-destroying industries including the struggle against the Gateway Pacific Coal Terminal. We are in solidarity with #Occupy and union actions from San Diego to Anchorage. Our allegaince to oppressed humans and non-humans is foundational to our struggle.

We draw inspiration from the five-hundred + years of ongoing Indigenous resistance to the corrupting agents of colonization. We recognize that we are living on stolen land, and that the railway industries have always facilitated genocide against the native peoples of this land through land theft, displacement, and habitat destruction. In the coming months and years, we call upon communities from the Powder River Basin to the Pacific Coast to take direct action against SSA Marine's proposed Gateway Pacific Coal Terminal. Only through sustained and coordinated community opposition and direct action, can we permanently disable this arm of the capitalist machine.


14.12.2011 05:48
An Open Letter From America's Port Truck Drivers On Occupy the Ports
We are the front-line workers who haul container rigs full of imported and exported goods to and from the docks and warehouses every day. We have been elected by committees of our co-workers at the Ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, Seattle, Tacoma, New York and New Jersey to tell our collective story. We have accepted the honor to speak up for our brothers and sisters about our working conditions despite the risk of retaliation we face. One of us is a mother, the rest of us fathers. Between the five of us we have 11children and one more baby on the way. We have a combined 46 years of experience driving cargo from our shores for America's stores.

We are inspired that a non-violent democratic movement that insists on basic economic fairness is capturing the hearts and minds of so many working people. Thank you "99 Percenters" for hearing our call for justice. We are humbled and overwhelmed by recent attention. Normally we are invisible. Today's demonstrations will impact us. While we cannot officially speak for every worker who shares our occupation, we can use this opportunity to reveal what it's like to walk a day in our shoes for the 110,000 of us in America whose job it is to be a port truck driver. It may be tempting for media to ask questions about whether we support a shutdown, but there are no easy answers. Instead, we ask you, are you willing to listen and learn why a one-word response is impossible?

 link to cleanandsafeports.org


13.12.2011 07:37
Photos of Shut down West Coast Ports/Occupy Action
Hundreds of Occupy Portland protestors, activists and workers blocked entrances to shut down Terminals 5 & 6 around 6 AM today. This was a collective effort by the Occupy movement to shut down "Wall Street on the Waterfront" on the west coast.

Hundreds of Occupy Portland protestors, activists and workers blocked entrances to shut down Terminals 5 & 6 around 6 AM today. This was a collective effort by the Occupy movement to shut down "Wall Street on the waterfront" on the West Coast including ports in Seattle, Tacoma, Longview, Anchorage, Oakland, Los Angeles and San Diego. This action was meant to show solidarity with ILWU and longshore workers in Longview and the other port cities on the west coast in their fight against corporate bosses, including Goldman Sachs, for the right to organize, and for fairness, safety and real democratic workplaces. However, protestors in Portland had agreed at planning meetings prior to the action to allow workers and vehicles to cross the picket line, if they chose to do so. On Monday morning, a few trucks and cars were allowed to pass, including trucks delivering supplies for Millbank Materials, after the general manager talked to protestors and convinced them that his company was not doing any business with the ports.

Shortly before 8 AM, protestors cheered when they learned that Port of Portland officials had already shut down the terminals, and that the ports in Oakland had been closed. However, according to Mike Gardner, ILWU Local 8 in Portland, ILWU workers had been sent home without pay by Port officials.

Port Blockade Related Video Posts:
Video 1: Port Blockade at 6:15 PM Occupy Portland
Video 2. Occupy Portland Port Blockade West Coast on 12.12.11 - Gate 5


12.12.2011 17:34
Port of Longview shutdown!!
About 150 union members and supporters picketed the port of Longview today and shut down the port in support of ILWU members' fight against EGT. Supporters from Occupy Longview, Occupy Astoria, Occupy Vancouver, and many union members from Portland and southwest Washington picketed and sang for several hours in front of the port gate. At around 9am, word came through that all ILWU members would not be going in to work and would be paid for the day.


11.12.2011 13:49
Video: Mike tells Individuals For Justice West Coast Port Blockade
Filmed at the "Stop the F-ing War" protest on Friday, Mike stops by to tell us about the West Coast Port Blockade and hand out fliers for the Monday protest/strike.

This is a short informative video about the Monday protest / strike at a dozen west coast ship yards.

Mike (who just lost his job due to union organizing) tells the Individuals For Justice protesters, on the Hawthorne bridge, what the Port Strike is about and how to get more information.

Mike tells about West Coast Port Blockade in Portland on 12/12/11

And Mike had one more thing to say about organizing and union solidarity around labor justice and injustice at OSPRIG.

Mike starts a Union and gets fired - Portland Rally planned for 12-15-11
A 2 minute video clip.

He was fired from his job, after 4 years, for organizing a union at OSPRIG.


10.12.2011 10:12
Video: Bark Appeal for Comments on Jazz Timber Sale
bark-about Mt. Hood National Forest has released a Preliminary Assessment (PA) for the Jazz Timber Sale and comments are due by Monday, December 19th.

The Jazz Timber Sale is proposed by the Forest Service to log 2,000 acres in the Collawash Watershed, the most geologically unstable watershed in Mt. Hood. The sale would require 11 miles of roads that have been previously decommissioned to be re-opened to facilitate logging and has prevented still more miles of roads that are damaging water quality and aquatic habitat from being decommissioned while the Jazz Timber Sale has been in the planning stages.

All citizens of the United States may comment on activities which take place on public land
Comments on the Jazz Timber Sale are due by Monday at 5:00 on December 19, 2011.
To send a comment, go to Bark Jazz Timber Sale Action Page

Video - Bark Appeal for Comments on Jazz Timber Sale

December 11th Bark-About Hike to the Jazz Timber Sale starting @ 9am


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