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THE WAR ON DISSENT 01.10.2002 12:06
...And Then They Came for the Anarchists
From the open publishing newswire: Make no mistake, we've been engaging in pitched battles for quite some time now. Until now, the West Coast radicals have faced the most severe and overt repression and surveillance from the federal authorities. Anarchists and forest defenders in that region regularly must deal with infiltrators, grand juries, and lengthy prison sentences. Same is true for our brothers and sisters in Long Beach, California and elsewhere in the West. The list goes on.

But these attacks on the anarchist movement are not unwarranted. Anarchists have of course been engaged in a low-intensity war to eliminate the very state that seeks to eliminate it, but the state refuses to acknowledge or declare its intentions... until now. [ Read more... ]

Anarchism Is About Moving Forward and Creating Real Options for Dissent
Anarchists are anarchists precisely because we are frustrated by the marching-in-place, stagnant tactics of much of the old Left. We want more than anything else to be done with the tired and failed media primping, choir-preaching, and marginal posturing that the Left has relegated the role of dissent to. We don't want to live on our knees! [ Read more... ]

D.I.Y. PRINT 01.10.2002 12:04
Black Thorn issue number two out now
From the open publishing newswire: black thorn issue number two october 2002 out now.....issue release party/books to prisoners benefit october 25th, following critical mass....cover bands plus food plus fun...........north portland bike works......check this site for more details

issues available through the mail or locally at red and black, i.w.w. hall, q is for choir, people's co-op, in other words, laughing horse, reading frenzy [ Newswire article ]

About Black Thorn: Blackthorn is a publication focused on the creative spirit inherent in radical d.i.y. culture. Our mission is to create and distribute a paper that reflects the lives we actually live, thus providing a vehicle for independent thought, which is reflective of who we are as people. It will be about the opening of doors, the exchanging of ideas, taking charge of our lives and the piss and vinegar spirit which courses through our veins. [ Read more... ]

Critical Mass: A Critical Education of Demonstration
From the open publishing newswire: This might offer some insight into the current dynamics of Critical Mass and Police interaction. With this information, new form can be developed in the delivery of critical mass action in it's ride. Beyond the political motivation of any demonstration, it's location and physical movement can work for or against it's cause.

Since the state has most likely failed in some way to keep the people of a demonstation or protest satisfied enough to stay in their homes watching television and consuming, it must rely on it's security forces to use crowd control techniques to counter these collective movements. The current police formations and crowd control tactics must operate within a group that maintains a 'crowd' behavior pattern. The more focused the collective, the harder this control is to maintain. The more chaotic the collective, the easier this control is to maintain.

Let's use Critical Mass as an example. [ Read more... ]

Critical Mass: "this ride has gone on long enough"
From the open publishing newswire: Word from the doctor is I have a fractured elbow in addition to the sprains and strains in my right arm as a result of an assault by a police officer at the end of the ride. Cops said "this ride has gone on long enough" so they ended it forcibly.

Next month I'm sure more people will get hurt. When face to face with police leave your bike behind or keep it between yourself and them. The reason I got hurt was that I was worried about my bike when the cop attacked me. [ Read more... ]

[ collected pdx indy stories about A30 & S28 Critical Mass rides ]

Independent Police Review's Citizen Review Committee Meeting - Tues. Oct. 1
From the open publishing newswire: [A]nyone who would like to join me in City Hall (Portland) on the 2nd Fl. in the Lovejoy Room, from 5:30 to 8:30 to keep pressure on our committee to keep focused on the task that they are currently trying to address. The only one of any importance is the one that is going to attempt to change the Portland Police Department's policy that an officer does not have to either identify themselves or give a reason for questioning or stopping or detaining a person. This is used mostly a shield to prevent lawsuit or accurate statements by either the person stopped or witnesses who question police behavior. The city has a "Catch 22" scenario; if you can't identify the police officer, then it is just hearsay, and police officers have "the right" to not identify themselves. [ Full Story ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 30.09.2002 18:41
Legal Update: VICTORY for the forest kids
From the open publishing newswire: Yay! Four of the forest kids showed up for their arraignments today, but the District Attorney is *not* charging them with anything. "No complaint", it's called. In other words, the individuals were cited for alleged crimes but the state doesn't feel there's enough evidence to pursue. So everyone was free to go as of that moment. It was really beautiful.

Now, the District Attorney still has two years to go ahead and charge them if the state changes its mind, but that would be the beginning of an entire nother legal process that could still be fought in any number of ways.

"No complaint" revealed that there was no good case or solid evidence of allegations to begin with, and that the citations were for political purposes: to harrass and intimidate activists, to help justify renewal of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, and to demonize protesters in the public's eye by filling the corporate media with stories about the allegations. [ Full story ]

[ Cascadia Forest Alliance ]

WILDLIFE 30.09.2002 11:48
Support Salmon & Clean Energy Tonight!
From the open publishing newswire: The Bonneville Power Administration will soon sign contracts with utilities and large companies to deliver electricity from 2006 to 2026. These contracts will largely determine the fate of wild salmon and steelhead on the Columbia and Snake Rivers as well as the rates you pay, the quality of our environment and the amount that we invest in renewable energy and energy conservation.

These contracts offer BPA a tremendous opportunity to do something good for our region by increasing investments in clean energy and restoring wild salmon. Public Interest groups, including Save Our Wild Salmon, the NW Energy Coalition and others, have developed the Public Interest Proposal (outlined below). A strong public voice is needed to support the Public Interest Proposal and ensure that BPA makes decisions that reflect your vision for our region - wild salmon and clean energy.

Attend the Portland public meeting and tell BPA to adopt the Public Interest Proposal. [Monday, September 30 from 7-9pm, Double Tree Hotel (Just North of BPA Headquarters), 1000 NE Multnomah Ave., Portland (Near the Lloyd Center).] Even if you don't want to speak, we need people to attend these meetings to show public support. [ Details ]

[ Columbia & Snake Rivers Campaign ]

DON'T SELL OUT 30.09.2002 11:31
Dingo Uncovers Nike's Design Firm Recruiting Artists At Critical Mass
From the open publishing newswire: I went down to the good ol' Burnside bridge with my Clown freind Dingo Dizmal to show our solidarity on the last Friday in September. Amazingly, we were joined by at least a thousand others! But the warm feeling of seeing all those Critial Massers went a little cold later that night, when Dingo got on the internet at home to research a flyer he had been given at the demonstration. It was a call to artists. Dressed in his full regalia, & flying a banner, Dingo had attracted the attention of a design firm that was looking for submissions for "2wheelsgood an exhibition celebrating human-powered transportation."

The flier features a jazzed-up photo of a bike lane...it appears D.I.Y., and could easily be an art opportunity from within the activist community. At first, Dingo was excited. He went to their website, thinking of submitting one of his peices. But then he went to the page about their clients, and that was where he saw it: NIKE. Check it out yourself at cincodesign.com [ Read more... ]

[ Pepto Dizmal Shmanarchist clown horde ]

STOPPING SWEATSHOPS 30.09.2002 11:27
Action Alert! Burlington Coat Factory - Cloaked in Oppression
Burlington Coat Factory, owner of over 300 stores, retails garments from Burma - a Southeast Asian country ruled by a brutal military dictatorship. But the company should know better: the garment industry in Burma is closely tied to a modern form of slave labor. Garment companies in Burma are controlled completely by the country's dictators, whom have been criticized by the U.S. State Department, the United Nations, Amnesty International, and others for brutal violations of human rights -- killing, torture, a modern form of slave labor, and rape.

The money you spend in Burlington Coat Factory stores on clothes from Burma benefits Burma's military dictators and means more suffering for the 50 million people living in the country. Send an Email Demanding This Brutal Coat Factory Stop Supporting Forced Labor in Burma! [ Details ]

[ Free Burma Coalition ]

CRITICAL MASS 30.09.2002 00:03
Some overly stressed out wingnut wacko, probably late for his favorite tv show decided that his time was more important than my body and bike
From the open publishing newswire: Late in the [September 27 Critical Mass] ride,after crossing the Burnside bridge the mass turned right onto MLK. After riding for a few minutes I saw a white Plymouth Voyager trying to get around the crowd. It was obvious to me that this was very unsafe, so acting for the safety of my fellow riders I pulled in front of the vehical. He was upset but I thought that the situation was under control, with my body blocking his agressive actions from causing harm to the people in the crowd. We came upon a intersection where I made it through the light and he did not. This I guese was just too much for him. I never would have thought that what happened next would ever actualy happen. I made it through the light and continued on, thinking that the situation was over. I thought to myself that he only had to wait a few minutes for us to pass. That everything was ok now. But to my suprise I felt a very hard shuv that colapesed my rear wheel. Looking back I saw that White Voyager. I was so shocked. I just could not believe that he actualy hit me with his car! He stopped at the red light for a few seconds, just long enough to gather all his rage, then floored it and caught up to me 300 feet away and hit me! [ Read more... ]

[ collected pdx indy stories about A30 & S28 Critical Mass rides ]

D.I.Y. CITIZEN OVERSIGHT 29.09.2002 23:31
A Guide to Videotaping Police
From the open publishing newswire: Video cameras are, if properly employed, one of the most effective tools for documenting what occurs and containing excesses by the police.

The majority of arrests are usually a form of control and harassment. During a typical demonstration they are usually for trivial things like "jaywalking or "offensive littering" (i.e. throwing a cigarette butt down in the street.) Other times, there may be blatantly over the top behaviors, even involving the use of chemical agents and projectile weapons, or circling hundreds of demonstrators followed by mass arrests. In any case, letting the police know that there's a record being made and that they are accountable is one of the best ways for law-abiding citizens to control and prevent these harassing tactics.

This manual is meant to provide a basic overview of proven tactics for video taping police at demonstrations. This information is presented with the hope of having as many people as possible attending these demonstrations carrying video cameras and having knowledge of how to use them effectively. It is hoped that you the reader will become one of these people. [ Read more... ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 29.09.2002 16:15
Arrests and Gunshots at Peak Timber Sale
From the open publishing newswire: Arrests and harassment are on the rise at the Peak Timber Sale as logging enters its second week. Mazama Forest Defenders on the ground and in the trees heard gunshots and threats from Forest Service law enforcement late Saturday night after sheriffs arrested three activists at the Rogue River for violating a closure order.

Early Saturday afternoon, about 30 Rogue Valley residents joined in a rally at Forest Service road 6510, where law enforcement officers are maintaining a 700+ acre closure area around the sale. The closure order is effectively locking out all media and the public from witnessing the effects of felling trees near the tree-sitters.

Law enforcement officers arrested one activist after she broke the closure line and walked across the bridge over the Rogue River. The arrest occurred out of sight of those remaining at the rally. Several community members including Joseph Flaherty of the Southern Oregon University Media Collective swam across the frigid Rogue River to speak with her and witness her treatment. [ Read more... ]

previous stories: [ New Peak Tree-sit in Danger (27 Sept.) | Saturday rally at Peak Timber Sale (26 Sept.) | Logging Continues at Peak, Resistance Grows (25 Sept.) | Logging underway at Peak timber sale in Southern Oregon (23 Sept.) | Mazama Forest Defenders Set Up Treesits at Peak! (21 June) | Mazama Forest Defenders | portland indymedia forest activism stories ]

Help is need with Oct 22 protest
From the open publishing newswire: Help is needed in hanging and making flyers for the Oct 22 protest against Police Brutality. October 22 coincidentally is the 2 month anniversary of the August 22 protest when the police pepper sprayed infants, children, the elderly and the disabled here in Portland as well as other people voicing dissent. However the October 22 coalition is the one who started this march several years ago. This march will be taking place in solidarity in many cities across this nation.

Here are some suggestions for flyers: October 22 Wear Black! Against Police Brutality. Meet at the South Blocks, downtown at 4:00pm. Suggestions for logos or pictures could be people who have been killed in Portland by the police without due justification, as well as political prisoners, or the Oct 22 coalitions logo. Please get the word out! [ Details ]

[ National October 22 Coalition | Last year's October 22 event ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 28.09.2002 22:26
Eyewitness Report: Officers violate No-Logging Injunction at Mattole action
From the newswire: As we came back from Honeydew California, my friend and I happened upon this protest:

Several people were gathered at the end of a gated logging road. With them were others a little further up a logging road who were watching carefully the actions of the local county authorities who were attempting to cut away several of their campanions attached via chains and other devices to a steel gate.

With their bodies chained to the forest gate, these citizens were attempting to enforce an injunction against the cutting ALL of timber ("what part of 'no logging' do you not understand," the surprised Judge was reported to have said in nearby Eureka during the previous Friday's hearing). Humboldt County Sheriffs have been allowing the breaking of the injunction and with it the law. Officers Miller and Anthoason were at the scene under the color of this "law". [ Read More ]

MEDIA CRITICISM 28.09.2002 14:52
KATU can't get it right: Over-, then under-estimates Critical Mass attendance
From the open publishing newswire: I heard the KATU reporter who was on the street give that estimate [of 2-3000 riders at the 9/27 Critical Mass] - Anyway the reporter who was in the middle of the critical mass protest - actually live - gave the estimate to the anchors[.] This is what happened at 6:10 pm when I watched the newscast:

Anchor: "What is the situation on the street now?" (or something like this)
Cut to reporter -standing at the starting point of the ride
"Well the crowd is now taking off -- estimate at 2-3000"
(view of the ride over the reporter clearly shows at least 1000 massed riders)
Cut back to newsroom
sort of in disbelief "2-3000?" says anchor
Cut to reporter
"Yes that is correct 2-3000"
then cut to helicopter view showing lots riders and an arrest taking place.

An editor changed the reporters story for later placement - in effect rewriting history. [ Details ]

[ collected pdx indy stories about A30 & S28 Critical Mass rides ]

POLITICAL ANALYSIS 28.09.2002 13:18
The Under-Appreciated Merits and Necessity of the F-Word

From the open publishing newswire: There's a theory in psychology that holds that dissonance between action and thought will be resolved through the alteration of one's beliefs. A person, for example, who finds himself in the arms of someone not his spouse, who has, nevertheless, long denounced extramarital affairs, may soon conclude there are some circumstances under which sexual dalliances outside of marriage are perfectly acceptable, if not to be desired. This view, more commonly known as rationalization, transforms the usual understanding of thought and belief as the cause of behavior to thought and belief as justification for behavior whose causes lie elsewhere.

Take, for example, the case of the person who argues vigorously against labeling the United States as increasingly fascist in its orientation. [ Read more... ]

PDX INDYMEDIA 28.09.2002 13:06
pdx indymedia is falling into entropy
From the open publishing newswire: I tell people about indy and they come to the site excited to find a source of alternative news, and instead find stupid, demeaning and mean-spirited comments.

How will newcomers to this site react to this? A friend that I sent here recently was initially excited about pdx indy, wanting to post some of her work to it, until delving a bit into some of the posts. She told me that people are nasty and that she has no desire to read that sort of stuff, or be a part of it. Others have told me that they do not read pdx indy because of these same issues. The editor of my school newspaper is excited to learn more about indymedia, but I am embarrassed for her to see some of this stuff. And I too am growing tired of the childish turn this site has taken.

We are all representatives of pdx indy so all bear the responsibility for its content. As representatives it is the responsibility of all of us to find solutions to issues such as this one.

The wire moved so quickly yesterday that the article and discussion on the entropy of pdx indy got tossed off the front page. I would like to see it continued so am reposting the original article and my followup. [ Original Post | Re-post ]

STUDENT ACTIVISM 28.09.2002 13:00
Citywide student activism coalition forming
From the open publishing newswire: The Student Action Coalition is a growing collection of school activist groups who are working to promote student activism and awareness of local and global issues. So far we have only had a few interactions, and our first official meeting is this Tuesday, October 1st... Present issues and upcoming events we are pushing is peace in the Middle East and the October 5th rally, police brutality and the October 22nd rally, eco-activism, international human rights, anti-FTAA stuff, etc... Students, if you have any loose activist gang, that will do, if you don't, then start one. You'd be surprised how many people will answer the call... High Schools are what we have in mind, although colleges would be welcome. [ Details ]

PDX INDY 28.09.2002 12:57
Pdx Indy Calendar Problems (and solutions)
Just over a week ago, a technical glitch happened and the database for the calendar was wiped. At the time there was no Calendar backup method, so all the entries for September, October and onwards were lost. Pdx Indy techs implemented a backup system now, so this loss will not happen again. However, the loss of Calendar entries cannot be recovered, so please everyone in the community, repost all your Calendar items. More people than ever have been using the site including the Calendar, and the month of September had over 100 entries on the Calendar! October had many as well. [ Full story ]

[ Pdx Indy Calendar ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 28.09.2002 09:09
Lone Rock Timber clearcutting Sutherlin's drinking watershed
This week Lone Rock Timber filed a 15-day notification to begin logging sensitive, steep slopes above Cooper Creek Reservoir, a drinking water source for the City of Sutherlin. The long-range plan is to clearcut and herbicide spray virtually the entire watershed over 40 years. The 15-day notification is to begin clearcutting 45 acres of high landslide risk slopes and 2 acres of BLM old growth needed for yarding their private forests.

The notifications come just two weeks after 7 past mayors of Sutherlin gave a press conference expressing concerns over logging above one of Sutherlin's water supplies. Concerns raised by the mayors included logging on landslide prone slopes, spraying of herbicides and visual affects to Sutherlin's premier recreation site. The mayors expressed disappointed that Lone Rock Timber would not consider exchanging its private land, consisting of most of the watershed for the reservoir, with less sensitive land elsewhere. [ Read More ]

IMF / WORLD BANK PROTEST 27.09.2002 23:39
Preemptive Arrests Mark Unprecedented Attack on Civil Liberties by DC Police
From the open publishing newswire: WASHINGTON, DC - In a stunning breach of nonviolent protesters' constitutional right to assemble, the DC Metropolitan Police detained and arrested 649 people during Friday's People's Strike, many of them legal observers, medics, and members of the press and general public. These illegal, pre-emptive arrests represent an ominous attack on civil liberties at the same time the Bush Administration is using the so-called War on Terror to justify a preemptive war on Iraq, says the DC Anti-Capitalist Convergence, organizer of the People's Strike.

"These are frightening abuses of power, and signal the intent of police departments and the Bush Administration to criminalize dissent, political activism, and public assembly," said Ray Valentine of the Anti-Capitalist Convergence. [ Full story ]

[ Anti-Capitalist Convergence, DC | DC Indymedia ]

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