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23.03.2008 08:35
Ambrose Informant in MI Arrests
Frank Ambrose has apparently agreed to cooperate fairly comprehensively. He plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit arson but has admitted involvement in many other actions over the course of the last decade and agreed to cooperated fully regarding about 15 actions over that time period. He was arraigned only 20 min. after the other 3 people there were arrested, so draw what conclusions you will from that. His plea agreement (unredacted) will be posted here soon.

Background: People arrested and charged for arson at Michigan State University


23.03.2008 08:26
Three days of fire (Greece, 18-19-20/3/2008)
The following communique was sent to directactiongr@yahoo.gr, and is referring to a three day rampage against among other targets, a Millenium Bank in Pagrati, a security vehicle in Koukaki and a construction company's vehicle in Kifissia, an Emporiki bank subsidiary in Agia Paraskevi, an electric company in Agioi Anargiroi and another security car in Petralona, as well as a security company offices in Galatsi (all of them in Athens, according to http://www.skai.gr/master_story.php?id=76442).

The communique: The conspiracy of cells of fire Thessaloniki-Athens claims responsibility for the three-day (18-19-20/3) arson attacks. The police state constitutes an irrefutable reality. Mobilizing the dogma of security (insecurity) it intensifies its repressive action, penetrating every level of the social tissue and tearing it into pieces. Panoptism is utilized in every expression of the older and the new forms of surveillance and the industry of fear is set for good. Cameras, cops, juries, municipal cops and security patrols safeguard this new complex net of captivity.

This 3 day festival of fire is dedicated to the comrades Chrissostomos Kontorevithakis and Marios Tsourapas, detained for attempting to blow up a municipal police vehicle at Paleo Faliro, and facing a jury on July. It is part of a generalized attack against the current, a part of the defense of our freedom, a part of the destruction of your world. As long as there are fists and howls raised, as long as there is dignity around, we will always stand against your plans, always against you. We'll be back soon. ~ Conspiracy of Cells of Fire Thessaloniki-Athens

Previous actions from the same group: Jan '08, Feb '08



23.03.2008 08:21
"Beyond the Mirage: The Face of the Occupation" airing on PCM TV
check out: "Beyond the Mirage: The Face of the Occupation"
Tuesday 3/25/2008, 7:00 PM, Channel 23
Thursday 3/27/2008, 6:00 PM, Channel 23

Stay tuned for more programs on Portland Community Media reframing the Israel-Palestine conflict


23.03.2008 08:19
NATURAL BORN KILLERS -- The government's war on wildlife
carnivore slaughter Federal and state government agencies, along with private interests, are waging an all out war on wildlife. In Oregon, for example, each year wildlife officials snare and shoot entire families of bears simply because the animals peel the bark off trees on corporate timberland. The state also plans to kill up to 2,000 cougars across Oregon and are gearing up to slaughter sea lions along the Columbia. But you can help stop this madness.

Big Wildlife, a non-profit wildlife protection organization formed in 2006, is leading the charge to save mid and top-level carnivores such as wolves, cougars, wolverine, and coyotes. We are dedicated to halting these inhumane and horrific lethal "control" programs and invite Indymedia readers to join us in our efforts. To learn more about what you can do, be sure to attend our "War on Carnivores" lecture at Lewis and Clark Law School [noon - Room 5, 10015 SW Terwilliger Blvd., Portland, OR] on April 2.

See details about the Lewis and Clark event below:



23.03.2008 08:11
San Francisco: Chinese Consulate Molotoved
tibet holocaust [From infoshop.org ] SAN FRANCISCO -- No one was injured when a group of people threw a molitov cocktail type device at The Chinese consulate early Thursday, morning. The device charred the back entrance of the building. No one was arrested.

Related Links: freetibet.org/ | Dalai Llama 3/10 | 3/18 update | EU Statement | Guardian coverage | photos of some who were murdered in Tibet last week (warning: horrifying and very graphic) | Tibetan Monks Riot in Tibet


23.03.2008 08:02
Here is one thing you can do to prevent a slaughter on the river
sealion In a matter of days, officials plan to begin killing sea lions on the Columbia unless we stop them. They plan to close the area to witnesses during the killing, to prevent anyone from seeing what suffering and murder look like. (Anything that is so wrong that it cannot be witnessed by the public should be a warning sign to all concerned.) The time is now. We must all do something, and we must do it now.

I would like to be more helpful in coming up with ways that you can make a difference, but for the moment, all I can do is to beg you to PLEASE contact the people below, and PLEASE do what you can to educate the people around you about this issue. Tell them the truth about the sea lions. Let them know that it is simply not true that sea lions are "overpopulated." They are not new to the area, they are native to the region and to the river. Give people the facts. Sea lions have ALWAYS been on the Columbia river. They are not to blame for the salmon crisis. Humans are preying on far more fish than sea lions are. Killing sea lions is not a solution to this problem.

Video of Columbia River Sealions


23.03.2008 08:00
Four arrested with "bloody hands" at Broadway Recruiting Center
A Message to Recruiters Portland's seriously pissed off grannies were back at the Broadway Military Recruiting Center today, after having taken several months off from their Friday protests. Portland police arrested four people for putting red handprints on the windows of the Recruiting Center.

The Grannies say the handprints symbolize the blood of those who have died in the war.



23.03.2008 07:17
VIDEO: Mike Africa Jr. talks about the May 13, 1985 bombing of MOVE
Along with the new Mike Africa Jr. interview, this video features archival footage from May 13, 1985, including an excerpt of a police video of the fire taken from across the street, where a cop is actually heard joking that: "They won't call the police commissioner a motherfu**er anymore," followed by enthusiastic police laughter.

This is part of a new video series about the upcoming parole hearings for the eight remaining MOVE prisoners, which are scheduled for early April. The central pieces in the video series feature interviews with MOVE members Ramona Africa (the sole adult survivor of the May 13, 1985 police bombing of MOVE headquarters) and Mike Africa Jr. (the son of MOVE 9 prisoners Debbie and Mike Sr.) where they talk about the upcoming parole hearings.

MOVE 9 Parole Blog

Watch the video


23.03.2008 07:11
Roots of Salmon Crisis Revealed
There are a lot of hands being thrown up into the air by public officials this month, moaning that they have "tried everything" and that there is "simply nothing left to do" about the salmon crisis, other than to kill sea lions. However, as these pictures (taken this morning) reveal, the roots of the salmon crisis are much more shallow than these officials might think. Indeed, this crisis could easily have been addressed without bloodshed, if only those who pretend to care for salmon were actually willing to make the necessary (though bloodless) sacrifices that this crisis is really going to take. As long as nets like these are prowling the waters, the fish will continue to disappear from Cascadian rivers.

Those of us who care about the salmon, and the bio-region in which we live, need to be very, very concerned about these nets. They are the dangerous predators of Cascadia, wiping out all the salmon. And they are the ones that need to be removed from the river and the ocean. If we think we can manage this system by removing the natural predators and leaving the exotic, invasive, human predators with free reign, we are egregiously mistaken.

Comment: Fishing alone has not driven Salmon to extinction.
just a few more causes: Dams, Logging, Roads, cities, pharmaceuticals, GE food, farming chemicals, lobbyists, etc...Everyone should spend 10 seconds to start reading this report by a few high school students.


21.03.2008 14:02
Reportback: Student Walk-out - March 20th
The student movement lives! Todays walkout/protest for students was the most high spirited and most energized protest I've ever been to. 1500/2000 students walked out of school today in Portland, to show Oregon and the world that the student movement does have a voice and a loud one as well.

As we arrived to the elephant at North Park Blocks, over a thousand high school students were already lining the sidewalks giving peace signs to cars passing by. As more and more students flooded in, we began doing speeches atop a trash can. Students talked about the costs of war, and I mentioned the corporate influence on the war as well as the growing student movement. We began the march shortly afterwards... Read More

Student Walkout- a brief report

By the time I made it downtown, the demonstration was already approaching City Hall. It was an impressive wave of (mostly) young people. The East side of City Hall was saturated with demonstrators, with several scaling the wall, up onto the balcony. The spirited crowd eventually moved on to the Wells Fargo Tower and beyond.

Police presence was heavy. I don't remember seeing any Robocops, but the bike, horse, motorcycle, squad-car, and foot officers were all there. There was even one Homeland Security vehicle that passed by a couple of times. Overall, they behaved even worse than they did yesterday, from what I saw. Read More

Video: 1

Related Articles: Walkout Update | | sergeant fender's badge number | Olympia SDSer Arrested!

Other Actions: All hopped up


21.03.2008 14:00
photos from Washington County Peace Vigil
Over 150 people attended the Washington County Peace Vigil last evening recognizing the 5 year mark of the most misguided foreign policy decision in my lifetime.New faces were everywhere as we gathered for an hour at 5th and Hall in Beaverton.This marks our 136th weekly vigil and I hope that we will not be here a year from now.It is time to leave Iraq and let the healing begin.


21.03.2008 13:58
Fuck the Corporate Media M20
KOIN, KGW, and KPTV have announced that only 300 hundred protesters (while really it was more like 1,300 protesters) "boycotted school." They mentioned that there were accounts of people fighting the police. And that "juveniles" were arrested for being in the street when we were on the sidewalk.

Fuck the corporate media. You slimy bastards.


21.03.2008 13:29
Funk The War - March 19th
As the anti war march with horns playing and drums beating moved into the street in front of Wells Fargo Bank on 4th street & Columbia ( I think ) so did the cops. IMMEDIATELY they confronted the group in the street. Within minutes more police on motorcycles and then more in Riot gear

They started pushing the crowd ...ripping their signs from them and yelling get out of the street. The moved their big white van up to the line and were using the speakers to yell stuff. Cops with bikes pushed their bikes towards the peoples..pushing aggressively ...pushing ...pushing.... a few horses came in from the side ...right into the crowd...i didn't see them tromp on anyone but they were right butted up to the peoples from around the back side.

Soon the pepper-spray was flying... Read More

Funk The War Photos: 1 | 2

Related Articles: Cops knowingly give illegal orders, & pepper spray crowd. Contact city now! | breaking newswire info 3-19-08 | Pepper Spray Aftercare Information | Thanks Medics


20.03.2008 17:40
Billy X to speak at PSU
Learn about how to organize against fascist, sexist, racist, homophobic, ableist and other forms of white male U.S. capitalist imperailism. Bill X is a former panther, revolutionary, activist and archivist. He is coming from Cali to rap with you all about how to get off your ASS before it's NAILED to the ground. He will have films, photos, and so on. Please use this kind resource.

Where: Smith Center Multi Cultural Room 228
When: Friday, March 21 from 6 to whenever you're done asking questions


19.03.2008 14:41
March 20th Student Walkout against the war
Over the past 5 years, the student movement has been growing in Portland. The youth of America are the ones who will feel the true scorns of the war, as we are the ones expected to pay off this debt, our education is being cut, and we are the ones fighting this war. On March 20th, at 11 AM hundreds of students city wide, and thousands nation wide will be walking out of school, directly resisting our planned day to day events. By walking out, students not only take a stand against the war, but also assert our own power as a community determined to enact change. Students are willing to disrupt our education for one day to take a stand against five years of mounting death tolls.

We as students also believe that anti-war efforts have been too moderate and passive to make a difference. This protest (starting at 1 PM by the elephant in the North Park Blocks) has not been registered by the city of Portland, as we do not wish to host a parade. We wish to start a movement that is no longer about feeling good about yourself, but making a change in the world. Patting yourselves on the back after marching in a permitted area is not likely to directly affect war profiteers or anything for that matter. This is why we feel it necessary to make this stride.


18.03.2008 15:28
Funk The War is Almost Here!
It's almost time for Funk the War! Meet at 12:30 tomorrow at Terry-Shrunk Park (SW 3rd and Madison) to say no to war and disrupt business as usual for local war profiteers (the specific local war profiteer will be announced at the park). No more profiteering in Portland! No more funding of war in our community!


18.03.2008 15:22
CALL TO ACTION! Protest Vicente Fox's Visit to PDX
Join local groups this Wednesday, March 19, at 5:30 PM, to protest the former head of Latin American Coca Cola and ex-president of Mexico Vicente Fox's lecture at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. Fox is known for his hand in creating the exploitative Plan Puebla Panama, his support of FTAA and NAFTA, and his readiness to answer grassroots resistance with violent repression in Texacoco, Atenco, Chiapas, and Oaxaca. Fox will be speaking on "Border Crossings: Immigration, Free Trade, and Security". Let's show him the door, in solidarity with those he has oppressed.


18.03.2008 07:32
Direct Action Campout Wednesday at Portland National Guard Camp
Camp Withycombe is an Oregon Army National Guard camp in SE Portland, just south of Clackamas, and it is so close to where we live, there is no excuse not to blockade it right NOW! You can even ride the BUS there. So we're GOING to blockade it. Read on... Yeah, it's short notice. So what? Everyone's been itching for more action and now they're gonna get it.

After the "Funk the War" event in downtown Portland this Wednesday, everybody is invited to join an action to blockade the gates of the Oregon Army National Guard's Camp Withycombe just south of Clackamas Town Center. This is presuming the dance-actions at the offices of local war profiteers are going to be over too quick and be far too symbolic to satisfy many of us. By all means we should keep those actions going as long as we can, but if they run out of steam there's a surefire way to liven things back up: we can square off against the military ITSELF.

Clearing up Misinfo | more on Camp Withycombe "Military Museum" | More info on the Camp | San Fransisco Anti-authoritarian call to Action March 19th


18.03.2008 07:28
Radical Eco-Feminist West Coast Spring Tour 2008
This Spring, two womyn from the Portland Animal Defense League, Rising Tide North America and Stumptown Earth First! will be on tour in your area with an interactive and engaging presentation. They will be offering a two hour presentation on radical eco-feminism and environmental ethics. Eco-feminism is the social movement that regards the oppression of women and nature as interconnected. It is one of the few movements and analysis that actually connects two movements. Consequently it is now better understood as a movement working against the interconnected oppressions of gender, ethnicity, class and nature.

This is a two part workshop which dives into recognizing the need for radical analysis over reformist thinking- working to drastically change the system rather than working within it. Using the method of popular education called a mind-map, the presentation draws direct links and parallels between radical-feminism and environmentalism exploring eco-activisms' need for radical feminism. And finally, it displays the reasons it is so important to include animal liberation into the radical-feminist-environmental analysis. It is interactive and provides plenty of time for discussion.

You may have seen part of this workshop at the EF! Rendezvous in Indiana or on the Rising Tide North America Climate Justice Action Tour last summer.

Northwest stops include:

  • March 22- Portland- PSU
  • March 23- Olympia- Evergreen
  • March 24- Portland- Reed College
Interviews available by email.
Contact: stephanie@risingtidenorthamerica.org www.risingtidenorthamerica.org


18.03.2008 07:27
Portland Animal Defense League Meeting
animal defense league logo You are invited to the PDX-ADL bi-weekly collective organizing meeting where we will be discussing current and future campaigns on behalf of animals, as well as trainings and upcoming events.

Please join us!

Wednesday, March 19th
Red & Black Cafe, SE 12th and Oak


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