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16.07.2006 03:44
G8 Summit, St Petersburg, Russia - Protests and Repression
moscow anti-g8 action july 11

NO G8, REPRESSION IN RUSSIA + GLOBAL SOLI DEMOS As President Putin continues to speak about the improvements of democracy in Russia to the international press, the repression against activists goes on. It's less than a day until the beginning of the summit and already over 200 activists of all stripes and colors and been detained, arrested, intimidated and even beaten. The number of violations against civil and human rights reaches more than hundred. [ read more ]

Anti-G8 Protest Successful in Russia With colorful pink costumes and free food for everyone, anarchists showed their resistance to the G8 in proper fashion, by holding an anti-capitalist carnival in the heart of Moscow. In typical celebratory carnival atmosphere over a hundred SPB8 anti-G8 activists held a bright and picturesque, quick and manoeuvrable action from Yesenin monument in Tverskoi boulevard to Smolenskaya square. Not a single person was been detained. [ read more ]

Russian pre-G8 repression begins This story - as if taken straight out of a detective novel - occurred on July 9-10th in St. Petersburg. Sunday night July 9th, in the northern part of the city two German activists who arrived in the city with the bicycle caravan were arrested on the street to "check their IDs". The German activists have shown passports at once, but they were nonetheless taken to the police station, together with Lyosha from Tyumen who came out to meet them wearing only his slippers. [ read more ]

related: [ Global Social Rights Worldwide! | International Day of Action against Climate Chaos and the G8: Hello Cascadia?!?!? | July 15th No G8 International Day of Action Against Climate Change | Cop Crackdown On the Eve of G8 in Russia | Russia Indymedia G8 Coverage 2006 ]


16.07.2006 03:29
HOPE Health Care initiative update
HEALTH CARE FOR ALL!!! I wrote Mitch Greenlick to find out the status of the HOPE Constitutional initiative that would have made access to health care a fundamental right in Oregon. Here is his reply and my commentary.

We'll know in two to four weeks. But it seems pretty unlikely. We would need about 88% valid signatures and that doesn't happen very often.
This inititative would have likely made the ballot with another 5,000 raw signatures. That represents about 200 collective volunteer hours. Had each of us who post and reads Portland Indymedia invested 1 hour (or one additional hour) to gather signatures for this effort we would have made the ballot for sure.


16.07.2006 03:17
Neo-Nazis in US military
This American soldier was caught smuggling AK-47s into the US from Iraq. Desperate for recruits, the US military is lowering standards and turning a blind eye to neo-Nazis joining up. Iraq is not only a training ground for the next generation of Al-Qaida, but the next generation of Timothy McVeigh-style domestic terrorists are getting combat training, combat experience, and even using the military to steal weapons and recruit new members.

"As a professional soldier, my goal is to fill the ranks of the United States Army infantry with skinheads. As street brawlers you will be useless in the coming race war. As trained infantrymen you will join the ranks of the Aryan warrior brotherhood." --Resistance magazine, 1999


14.07.2006 23:06
Dubya Dubya Three: Israel Leading US Into More War

President Bush has committed US forces to aid Israel in any conflict, even if Israel initiates hostilities. 123, Israel attacks Syria, maybe even Iran directly, Iran counter-attacks, with YOUR kids standing in the way on the ground in Iraq. Russia has agreements with Iran.

In his work, "The Art of War", Sun Tzu observed that all wars are based on deception.

Lebanon, Iran, Sudan: Three more premeditated neocon wars

Before emotions get the upper hand, let's catch our breath and consider what General Wesley Clark wrote in 2003--that as of late 2001, the Neocon-led Pentagon was planning a five-year campaign of wars against seven countries: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Somalia and Sudan. (And let's not forget that Sudan has both oil and uranium.)

Indybay's coverage: "Israel Goes to War with Lebanon as Violence Spreads" | Israel launches regional war in Middle East | Statement by the General Secretary of Hizbollah

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14.07.2006 22:36
Mexico Vote Fraud's Death by a Thousand Videotapes; Obrador reveals tapes, audio, photos
Mexico Splits in Half: the Election Hits the Streets

A full week after the most viciously contested presidential election in its modern history, a Florida-sized fraud looms over the Mexican landscape and the nation has been divided almost exactly in half along political, economic, geographical and racial lines.

Video, audio and photographic evidence of election fraud surges daily. It is the dominant news story in Mexico. Obrador released a similar video of election officials in PAN-controlled Querétaro changing the vote tallies to create more votes for its candidate. The PAN does not deny the facts. It simply claims that those cases amounted to normal, allowed, functions by election officials. The public temper rises with every such justification. Moreover, the disputed election pits an indignant Indian and mestizo underclass that believes AMLO was swindled out of the presidency by electoral fraud against a wealthy white conservative minority that controls the nation's media, its banks, and apparently, the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE), Mexico's maximum electoral authorities. Lopez Obrador charges the IFE and its president Luis Carlos Ugalde with orchestrating Calderon's uncertain triumph.

www.counterpunch.org | www.narconews.com Death By Video

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14.07.2006 22:30
Open Letter to Rotary, Destroyers of Akha Culture
Rotary magazine picture, exploiting a traditional Akha woman's image. Trevi Albin of Rotary International has published photos and a story about the Children of the Golden Triangle Mission in Thailand, which is a christian mission that takes Akha children away from their families for conversion and propaganda. This mission we have known for years and they are agressively engaged in the destruction of Akha culture. The mission is dominated by Chinese from Taiwan, some of the most brutal fundamentalists, with agendas for young Akha women that are not all together clear. Trevi is promoting Rotary sponsors to support this mission with donations. We oppose Rotary's involvement in this. Rotary owes the Akha an apology.

related: http://www.akha.org | Akha activist Matthew McDaniel interviewed by Arturo Commando streaming // torrent download


14.07.2006 22:27
A Big Noise camera spent a summer in Sadr City and brought back these video clips.
Sadr City is a small neighborhood in Baghdad that holds over half the city's population. It was the center of Shi'a resistance to Saddam's regime, the Northern epicenter of the two Shi'a intifadahs, and is now the stronghold of Moqtada Al Sadr's Mehdi Army. A Big Noise camera spent a summer in Sadr City and brought back these video clips.

Sadr City is a small neighborhood in Baghdad that holds over half the city's population. It was the center of Shi'a resistance to Saddam's regime, the Northern epicenter of the two Shi'a intifadahs, and is now the stronghold of Moqtada Al Sadr's Mehdi Army.

Watch Video - hi res - low res

Latin Kings; Black & Gold:

In 1994 the Latin Kings, the largest and most powerful street gang in New York, became the Latin King and Queen Nation. They claim to have abandoned their criminal past and to be following in the footstaeps of the Black Panthers and the Young Lords.

With over 3,000 members in New York, some saw the Nation as the most important political movement to rise from the streets in decades. The NYPD did not agree, calling it a vicious gang with a PR campaign....The Kings and Queens shatter the racist cultural representation of urban youth and provide us all with a hope for the human ability to escape an oppressive political and economic system. Their voice needs to be heard in this country. "My brothers and sisters. . . it's time to go downtown."

Black & Gold Trailer


14.07.2006 22:15
Local radio show promotes hatred toward cyclists
Cyclist Lanette Noble was driving across town yesterday morning when she tuned her radio dial to 95.5 Jammin' FM and heard the hosts of the Emmy-nominated morning show "The Playhouse" talking about cyclists. She was appalled at what she heard next: "I couldn't believe my ears. The hosts began by discussing their hatred and frustration for cyclists."

Lanette, a Nike employee who commutes to work, says that the female host told a story about a friend who had recently hit a cyclist with her car while driving downtown. The cyclist was sent to the hospital. Lanette thought the host would be saddened by this news, but instead she says that "the male host was elated." Here's more from Lanette:

"He then encouraged listeners to call in and tell more stories of cyclist who had been smashed by cars because the thought of it really pumped him up...the male host then explained how much he hated cyclists and said, "When I hear on TV that a cyclist has been hit and killed by a car I laugh, I think it's funny"



14.07.2006 09:44
Action Alert: Stop the Commercial Release of genetically engineered (GE) Plums
The United Sates Department of Agriculture (USDA) is now accepting public comments regarding the commercial approval of a Genetically Engineered (GE) plum variety, known as "C5." Not only would the approval of C5 be the first commercially released GE tree variety in the United States, but also the first GE fruit approved for human consumption. Approval of C5 will pave the way for more GE food and tree varieties, as well as guarantee the widespread genetic contamination of conventional and organic stone fruit varieties, including plums, peaches, cherries, and apricots.

Since commercial approvals of GE soy, corn, cotton, and canola almost a decade ago, grassroots activists have effectively stopped new approvals of GE crops. Genetically Engineered crops have contaminated organic varieties, have not been adequately safety tested, and have contributed to the the corporate takeover of the seed supply.

Please contact the USDA today and call for strict health, safety and environmental testing for all GE crops, as well as increased funding for ecological and integrated pest management alternatives for the plum pox virus.

Sign the Petition | Send a letter | Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering


13.07.2006 17:17
Machinists Union on Strike Against Cummins NW LLC
An Unfair Labor Practice strike began at 7:00 a.m. Friday, July 7th at the Northwest Cummins locations in Portland, Oregon, Seattle and Spokane, Washington.

This morning I had the chance to speak with some of the striking member of the Portland Machinists Union, IAM 24. On my way to work I stopped by to take some pictures and find out more about their strike.

On of the first things I had asked the folks there was if they had gotten any media attention yet, it had been nearly a full week and I assumed that the media would break the story. They said I was the first reporter to stop and ask questions...but I wouldnt be the last.

see also: Portland IAM 24 | Renton IAM 160 | Labor Themed Folk Music Show, July 19th, Red and Black Cafe


12.07.2006 21:24
City Council Hears Speaker Urging Passage of Impeachment Resolution
Another Portlander urges the Portland City Council to pass the resolution/petition to impeach Bush & Cheney that was presented to it May 10. David Ibbotson, a long-time local activist and Korean War veteran, is the third citizen to appear in Council chambers on this issue. Commissioner Erik Sten said if he had two more commissioners to support it, he would put it on the agenda.

related: Come Support Impeachment at PDX City Council Wednesday | Update on PDX impeachment movement | Pushing Oregon Congressional Candidates to Impeach Bush


12.07.2006 20:56
DoveLewis Animal Center Practices Needless Killing
I feel it is my duty to inform you of a very unfortunate situation that occurred at the DoveLewis Animal Emergency Clinic on NW Pettygrove in Portland on July 10th 2006. As my family and I went for a casual stroll through the neighborhood park we discovered an injured crow fledgling. It appeared to have a broken wing and a possible broken leg as well. We took it to the Portland Audubon Society only to realize that they were closed, and that their overnight animal box was no longer a continuing practice. There was a sign however, directing those with injured animals to bring them to the DoveLewis Emergency Animal Care Center on NW Pettygrove St.

I brought the injured fledgling to the care center. As I was waiting in the lobby, a confrontation was occurring between a nurse technician and a citizen who apparently brought in an injured bat. The nurse had just relayed the news that the bat was to be destroyed, and that there was nothing anyone could do. The citizen was explaining that the bat had an injury do to a crash in to a wall, and that the "neuro problems" they were witnessing were a result. The nurse said that even though she witnessed the accident there was no way to be sure if the bat was rabid or not, therefore had to be put down by law. When I approached the front desk a very disgruntled tech asked me what assistance was needed. I explained to them the situation. Unnerved by what I had just witnessed, I first asked what their policy was regarding custody of the bird. They were not very forth coming,


12.07.2006 20:15
NEST finds 30 red tree vole nests in timber sale
NEST climber NEST (Northwest Ecosystem Survey Team) has just spent a wildly successful past month climbing trees to survey for red tree vole nests in the "Trapper" timber sale, a tract of mature forests 60 miles east of Eugene, in the McKenzie River watershed, Eugene's source of drinking water.

NEST climbers found a total of 30 red tree vole nests--the main food source of the threatened spotted owl--in the sale (whereas the Forest Service had only found 3). The Forest Service has been presented with the data, and will be revealing what buffers they plan to implement in the sale within the next week or so. If they do not implement protective buffers, a lawsuit is likely.


12.07.2006 08:14
Actions to Save Affordable Housing in Eugene
 Mother and Infant Forced to Move Because of Proposed Sale of Westmoreland Because people around the state have a stake in this issue, they are joining opposition to the sale of Westmoreland Village, a student family housing community located in west Eugene. It is a publicly-owned low-cost student housing resource used by thousands of Oregonians over the past forty five years while attending the UO. If Westmoreland were sold, it would eliminate access to higher education for those who need such housing in order to afford rising tuition.

Contrary to the continuous local media spin, this is not a done deal. We can and will stop the sale of Westmoreland because it is bad policy on many levels and is against the public interest of the state-wide community. That's why we have received overwhelming support in the form of cards, letters and emails to the State Board. Urge the State Board of Higher Education to vote no on the UO proposed sale of Westmoreland Family Housing, a public resource consisting of 404 units of irreplaceable affordable housing in West Eugene.

see also: http://www.savewestmoreland.com


11.07.2006 08:25
Earth First! Blockades Coal Plant in Virginia
July 10, 2006, Carbo, Virginia - Early this morning, activists with Earth First! and Rising Tide North America set up a non-violent blockade of American Electric Power's (AEP) nearly 50 year old Clinch River coal fired electric facility. Emitting millions of pounds of pollutants yearly, the Clinch River coal plant threatens the health and lives of thousands of downwind residents and the surrounding environment. Burning coal is not only a primary factor behind global climate change, but also drives the expansion of large scale strip mining. Large scale surface mining destroys forests, streams and communities as it alters the Appalachian landscape forever.

Over 50 activists arrived at AEP's Clinch River plant at 9:00 this morning. An Earth First!er attached a rope to the bridge and stretched it across the road while another suspended himself below the bridge over the Clinch River. One activist locked himself to the axle of the coal truck. Earth First! and Rising Tide demand the following:

related: Mountain Justice Media | Mountain Justice Summer 2006 | Updates on Yesterday Takeover of Zeb Mountain, Tennessee -- extreme police brutality (8/16/05) | Some Good News! Anti-Mountain Top Removal victories and growing resistance... (7/28/05) | Successful Week of Anti-Mountaintop Removal Activity in Lexington (6/19/05) | 16 people arrested in Apalachia at peaceful protest, HELP NEEDED (6/3/05) | Showdown in Coal Town (6/1/05) | Why Mountain Justice Summer? (4/8/05) | Appalachia Apocalypse: The human face of Mountain Justice Summer (1/11/05) songs about mountain justice to download: Appalachian Mountain Massacre - Ryan Harvey | Mountain Top Mining - Ryan Harvey and Christa Daring


10.07.2006 21:18
UK: 122nd Durham Miners' Gala Photo Report

As America's revolution is almost 1/4 of a millennia old, few come to its celebrations expecting anything but fireworks. Durham's 900 year old Romanesque cathedral (seen in the banner) is now famous as a backdrop in the Harry Potter films. History rolls on long after the sense of connection is gone.

The 122nd Miners' Gala, however, is taking place just 22 years after the last great miners' strike and 10 years after the Conservative government flooded the mines to make sure that there would never be another massive strike.

The flooding of the mines and closing of the shipyards of NE England diminished union-based resistance to an ownership society much more advanced than its U.S. counterpart. In the UK 1% of the society owns 70% of the land. This may be the only place in the world where, in a mainstream procession, pictures of Marx and Lenin are still proudly carried through the streets.


10.07.2006 21:00
Local Blogger Interviews Roxanne-Dunbar-Ortiz
Portland blogger "celticfire" interviews Roxanne-Dunbar-Ortiz (www.reddirtsite.com) a veteran activist and scholar, the author of Blood on the Border: A Memoir of the Contra War, Outlaw Woman: A Memoir of the War Years, 1960-1975, and Red Dirt: Growing up Okie. She has played important roles in a number of movements and struggles around the world, including the women's liberation movement, the American Indian Movement (AIM), and has fought for self-determination among various people's around the world. Her writings have appeared in numerous human rights, international law, and history journals as well as such publications Monthly Review, and on the CounterPunch website. Below is her response to e-mailed questions from me, celticfire: dated 7-5-06.


10.07.2006 08:47
Local Church Celebrates 50 Years of Women in Ministry
2006 is the 50th year that the Methodist denomination has been ordaining women to full elder clergy positions. On Sunday, Rev. Jeanne Knepper led her North Portland congregation in a special service remembering the struggle to win this access.

Members of the University Park United Methodist Church read from transcripts of the May 7, 1956, meeting of the Methodist "General Conference" during which the vote and deliberations took place. The readers spoke not only the remarks, but also the names and jurisdictions of the speakers, as is tradition in Methodist governance, giving the remembrance a very personal feel.

Rev. Knepper tied the excerpts together with historical details -- including the ironic selection of the hymn that convened the session as it prepared to vote: "Dear Lord and Father of Mankind."

University Park United Methodist Church | UMC Resources for 50 Years of Women Clergy | UM Reconciling Ministries Network | NW Community of Welcoming Congregations


09.07.2006 23:16
"Mexicans, to the shout of war!": Obrador Zocalo rally info; another set for July 16
About a quarter of a million people chanting "Fraud! Fraud!" jammed Mexico City's Zocalo. --- The crowd chanted, "Strong, strong!" when Obrador stepped to the microphone and declared IFE "played with the hopes" of millions of Mexicans by rigging the vote total. Thousands chanted back: "You are not alone!" Obrador told the rowdy but nonviolent he would present allegations of fraudulent vote tallies to Federal Electoral Tribunal and demand recount, ballot by ballot. He stopped short of calling for civil disobedience, eliciting groans from demonstrators when he asked them not to block highways. "This is a peaceful movement, and we are never going to allow ourselves to be provoked by our adversaries," he said. Seconds later, he called for nationwide marches starting Wednesday converging on Mexico City from all over Mexico--for another rally, next Sunday, July 16, as the seven-judge panel weighs appeal. The crowd raucously yelled back: "What time?" Obrador to take it to Mex Supreme Court to throw out election IFE "results" as well.

After Lopez Obrador left the stage...the crowd lingered. Someone started singing the national anthem, and countless voices joined in its rallying cry: "Mexicans, to the shout of war!" (line from the anthem)...Many in the crowd said they were ready for a fight if Lopez Obrador did not prevail. "To the death!" shouted Maria Irene Ramirez, a 53-year-old retired railroad worker from Hidalgo state...."We are ready to do whatever is necessary," said Belasario Cruz, 32, a farmer from Tabasco. "We are tired of the rich having everything and the poor having nothing."...."This is 1988 all over again," says one man..."They did it to us then but they won't get away with it this time."....Mauricio Marmolejo, a PRD supporter, says he would allow Mr Calderon's victory only over his [own] dead body....[A] group of people are growing visibly angry.

Related:Evidence of Systemic Gov't Election Racketeering Mounts in Mexico, Witness Comes Forward | Mobilise the masses and call a general strike to stop electoral fraud | World Media Covers Up Mexican Vote Fraud | Mexico's Surreal Elections | NY Times to Obrador: "Go Home, You Crazy Leftist!" | Al Giordano Report: Calderon Family Did IFE compters:IFE admin should be jailed | Between The Lines Radio Interview | Democracy Now! Interview


09.07.2006 07:01
Lower Voting Age in Portland / Multnomah County?
I'm beginning to craft a campaign to lower the voting age in Portland or Multnomah County. Here's what I'm thinking: Lower the voting age to 15. Arguments for this age include: many 15 year olds have part-time jobs, pay income tax, can be tried as adults for violent crimes, etc. Draft a resolution and submit it to either City Council or the Board of County Commissioners (BCC). I think both have their benefits. The BCC is generally more supportive of youth causes, but there might be some outcry from East County. Portland is geographically smaller, which would make organizing easier. Maybe shoot for both jurisdictions? I imagine one would adopt the resolution shortly after the other, anyways...

It'd be advantageous to time this right before an election. The officials who vote in favor of the resolution could be persuaded by all of those youth votes that'd be freed up... In 2008, two BCCers (Naito and Rojo de Steffey) are up for reelection, as well as two City Commissioners (Adams, Leonard) and Mayor Potter. So, 2008 seems like a good target year.


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