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15.01.2006 15:03
Slaughter in Bajaur
This indiscriminate attack on the villagers in Pakistan is just one more example of collective punishment and it is another event that is, by any standards, a significant and major war crime.

On Friday, January 13, an American air strike killed at least 18 people in Pakistan. Eight of them were women and six of them were children. Children that had to be protected from scary things like ghosts and goblins by their mothers were suddenly snuffed out by American bombs. Those that survive will live in fear for the rest of their lives after such a brutal and inhumane event. After such a slaughter, it will be imposible for mothers or anybody else make those children feel secure. The psychological impact of war on the survivors is far more severe than most people imagine.

Collective Punishment: This is not an aberration and that is what is most alarming. We have come to look at such events as if its just another American mistake. How many times have innocent villagers been massacred by Americans? The Americans will say that they have received bad intelligence and deem it an unfortunate event. But what is really going on here is collective punishment. This feature of American foriegn policy is not new. The sanctions that were imposed on Iraq killed many thousands of Iraqi children and some estimate that over one million Iraqis have died as a result of them. It was collective punishment on a grand scale. The mass slaughter that is still happening all over Iraq is an extension of this. What happened in Falluja was another example of collective punishment when Falluja was singled out after American bodies were abused in public. There are many more.

What will happen regarding the attack in Bajaur on the 13th, predicatably, is that the Americans will say that they acted on false information. What is important to notice here is that they won't deny they did it. They want the world to know they did it.



15.01.2006 14:59
Most Powerful Fighting Force on Earth
Today the most powerful fighting force ever assembled on the planet did a classic cut and run when faced with an assult by a small group armed with paper signs and drums.

PPRC has a counter recruiting demo every second saturday of the month, starting at 11 am. at the recruiting office near lloyd center ( 13th and ne broadway)

Today members arrived to find the office closed.


15.01.2006 14:55
Update: Shipbreaking on the Oregon Coast?
The question of whether or not to allow Bay Bridge Enterprises of Virginia to establish a shipbreaking/salvage operation in Yaquina Bay, Newport, Oregon is getting closer to a decision.

The Friends of Yaquina Bay want the Port of Newport to deny a letter of intent with Bay Bridge Enterprises. Another opposition group is called the Save Yaquina Bay Committee. Both groups have a common goal of keeping a shipbreaking operation out of Yaquina Bay. Their methods, however, differ.

Yaquina Bay | Shipbreaking on the Oregon Coast? | background info | Greenpeace analysis of Shipbreaking


15.01.2006 09:09
Real Estate- The Story of My Dealings with Kip Schoning
This is an Mr Schoning is a property speculator. He buys and then rents "as is" or resells property on contract. Per county records hundreds of properties have been bought and sold by Mr Schoning. He is almost constantly in default on one property or another. He is well know in Corvallis as a slum lord that preys on students and low income renters. Mr Schoning lives in an up scale neighborhood, owns several expensive car, travels and lives a pretty nice life. He thinks of himself as a skilled businessman and show no concern for the people he scams to support his extravagant lifestyle.

THIS IS MY STORY: In May of 2004 I asked Mr Schoning to allow me to refinance the house I purchased from him on contract without paying the pre payment penalty. He refused. Interestingly, he was ALREADY in default on his senior loan at the time. My refinancing could have ended his default. He chose instead to continue to take my money and divert it for other needs.

I first learned of the default in September 2004 when I got a letter notifying me that my house was up for auction. Apparently, Mr Schoning had not made a payment on his loan for some time, in addition, I learned his contract stated that he was prohibited from resell the property he sold to me.


13.01.2006 04:19
Fall Creek Timber Sale: Logging in progress

Last Friday (Jan 6) some friends and I took a hike to Fall Creek, where we encountered a logging operation happening in the hills. This, I believe, is the sale that was bought by Silver Creek Timber Company on November 2nd, 2005 (note, Silver Creek is the same company that's been reaping the benefits of the Biscuit Fire). If this is correct, this sale is 4.22 million board feet, or about 500 logging trucks full of trees.

In terms of what we saw, there were two or three logging trucks (just pickups, as of last Friday, they're not yarding yet), and "fellers" in what seemed to be two locations up the hill. There was also one law enforcement officer, who allowed us to enter into Bedrock Campground across the river. We hiked up the rocks and got some video footage of the mountainside and watched some of the trees fall. This is definitely not roadside salvage -- they're cutting well up the hill, in areas with burned trees. This is why I draw the conclusion that this is the Silver Creek sale. If anyone has more information about what's going on in Fall Creek, or would be interested in investigating, I'd be good to have more information out there. Forests should not fall in silence; let's find out what's going on.

Oct 2005 Fall Creek Auction protest | www.cascadiarising.org


13.01.2006 04:11
Welcome to Ghosttown. You have been receiving intermittent announcements from us concerning this project for over a year, and finally the time has arrived to bring it all out into the open. Ghosttown is about the nature of living within a city, and the varying ways in which we, as the inhabitants of those cities, effect one another's lives; both conscientiously and unconsciously. Ghosttown will take place within two physical locations (The Ghosttown Clothing Exchange and Welcoming Center, and Open Kitchen), a newspaper, a series of maps, and at dozens of locations all over Portland, Oregon, USA for the month of January 2006. You can learn all about it at  http://www.red76.com/ghosttownhome.html. So, without further delay; read on brave reader, we have a conversation to start...


13.01.2006 04:09
Vegan Freak Radio/ Podcast feat/ SHAC 7 interview
Go vegan you cow sucking perverts. This weeks Vegan Freak Radio and Podcast has an excellent interview with Josh Harper about the SHAC 7 case, FBI harassment of radical animal and earth activists, and the upcoming Let Live benefit in Portland. (Jan 20th 8pm to Midnight at Merrimac located at 1216 SE Division). Other features on the show are conversations about pus content in milk, labor concerns involved with dairy production, capitalism and it's effects on animals, listener e-mail and voicemail, self censorship encouraged by the Bush administration, etc.



Portland Police Surveillance Video to be Released to Public by PDX Indy Video Collective
Officer Jones In partnership with a network of activists across the city, the pdx indy video collective has procured a stash of police surveillance footage which will be released to the public at the end of this month in a new video, edited by Cat, entitled, "Eye of the Storm." The backbone of this expose is a cache of secret video tapes shot by "Portland's finest" as they rampaged through the streets in defense of the Empire.

Aside from proving, once and for all, that the police riots of 2002 and 2003 were unjustifiable, this footage has other, very dark, implications. Because in the course of their surveillance, the officers' cameras show a scary pattern of intentionally zooming in on people's faces, blatantly gathering personal information about people who are committing no crimes but are merely expressing political dissent.

Given recent revelations about the corporate police state's willingness to spy on peaceful, law abiding citizens,(not to mention the fact that the US govt is openly willing to incarcerate political opponents without due process of law, and to torture those in their custody), this footage should make you shudder. Because if you've ever participated in a demonstration in Portland, you'll be startled to learn just how much information they have been gathering about you. Are you in their sights? Come to the show and see if you can spot yourself. (I did.) You will never look down the chasm of officer Jones' lens in the same way again.


prisoners & prisons 12.01.2006 12:38
Public Defenders Should Go On Strike
The situation with underfunded public defenders, and plea bargains being thrown around more often than not, with poor people caught in the mix, denied the rights given them legally, to fair and proper representation, needs to stop. Now. This is no longer a situation where public defenders can stand around and keep pointing fingers at those funding them, usually the state. At a certain point, public defenders become accomplices in these crimes against the poor...


12.01.2006 03:50
Community Effort Saves Tryon Life Community Farm
TLC Farm, a seven acre non-profit educational farm in the Tryon Creek Watershed, was threatened with becoming a high-impact housing development if supporters did not raise the 1.5 million dollars needed to purchase the land and transfer it to a land trust by January, 10. In an outpouring of community support, the people of Portland donated over $100,000 in the last week in hundreds of contributions of all sizes, to ensure the land would be protected and the educational programs would continue.


12.01.2006 03:44
More Colonial Land Theft
The Guarani/Kaiowa peoples were granted the right by the Brazilian supreme court and the Brazilian government in March 2005 to live on their own land. After many years of enduring a meager existence on a small nine hectare piece of land, and fighting to have their land returned to them, the Guarani were successful in obtaining President Lula's signature on the demarcation law.

However, with U.S. and other western governments, as well as western multi-national corporations seeking to bring democracy and "progress" to Brazil ... with oil, mining, forestry and agricultural corporations claiming the land for exploration and development, as well as ranchers and other settlers claiming parcels of land ...

In January 2006, over one hundred Brazilian federal police officers forcibly evicted the Guarani and Kaiowa tribes from their lands at Nanderu Marangatu and Mato Grosso do Sul. Four hundred Indigenous people were forcibly evicted while police helicopters kept circling low overhead.


11.01.2006 04:31
Tuesday Counter Recruitment Rally Details
The Tuesday at 5:30 counter recruitment protest has drawn a dissenter. I noticed him immediately upon arrival. He was different because he stood alone wearing a white shirt, jacket and a '40's brim hat. We set up candles, and posters in front of the recruitment office at 1317 NE Broadway. A number of our supporters are from Veterans for Peace. When the dissenter shouted his opinions, one vet who had been a medic in Viet Nam, shouted back. They were loud, and got up chest-to-chest. A nonviolence proponent said he told them if they used fists, he would step between them. They didn't, but the vibrations were chilling! They continued shouting until our vet went to withdraw money for the dissenter to go to Walter Reed Hospital.


10.01.2006 03:40
Some WTC History You Might Not Know
I lived in New York in the 1960's, when the twin towers were planned and just going up. The 60's was an era of intense urban destruction and frantic build-up in New York. Some of the midtown areas cleared and targeted for "development" looked like they had been bombed, while other outlying residential areas, red-lined by the banks, decayed into abandoned free-fire zones.

I left New York in 1971 before the twin towers became the prominent feature of the Manhattan skyline. They were not part of my New York, I am glad to say, for I think I would have resented this development as I did some other new structures, like the hideous Pan Am Building that was stuck up over Park Avenue and Grand Central Station.

The area targeted for the WTC included a neighborhood I loved called Radio Row. The district began in the 1920's and grew into an experimenter's dream world of many blocks where exotic surplus electronics, the fall-out of defense technology, spilled out into the street. The electronics storekeepers organized. God knows how many other downtown communities organized. They got little coverage in The Times. All resistance was crushed.


09.01.2006 02:23
Four months since the murder of Fouad Kaady

Well, it is now four months since Officer Bergin (Sandy P.D.) and Deputy Willard (Clackamas County S.O.) took it upon themselves to terminate the young life of Fouad Kaady, who was much beloved by his community, and who will be deeply missed.

His killers reasoned, that since he was naked, burning, and bleeding, they would somehow be turned into werewolves if they touched him, so they tasered him, and when that did not have the desired tranquilizing effect, they shot and killed him, knowing that he was unarmed, and unable to inflict any harm on anyone (a citizen had already dumped him on his ass once, just a short time earlier, out of the same fear, and lived through the encounter).

Naturally, these paragons of courage were exonerated by a not so grand jury, which was fed it's "facts" by the hopefully soon to be ex District Attorney. These tried and true citizens could find no fault in killing an injured, unarmed, naked and bleeding human being.


[ More of Fouad Kaady's paintings | Kaady update | 3 months since the murder of Fouad Kaady | Hey! You there with the Kaady police reports.... | more articles about Fouad Kaady ]


09.01.2006 02:04
What We Don't Know Can Hurt Us
There is an bill in Congress to investigate Bush for impeachable crimes. Did you know that? If not, maybe you should be asking your local media outlets why you don't know about it.

There are now eight members of Congress who have put their names to a bill calling for a special committee of the House to investigate impeachable crimes by the Bush administration. To date, all of them are Democrats.

So far, you'd be hard-pressed to know about any of this--including the very fact that Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), the low-key and soft-spoken but dedicated ranking minority member of the House Judiciary Committee, had even submitted such a bill--as well as two companion bills calling for censure of both Bush and Cheney for abuse of power.


09.01.2006 01:57
Japanese Whaling Ship rams Greenpeace vessel in Southern Whale Sanctuary
Defending whales from the harpoon After three days of obstructing the whale hunt by placing inflatable zodiacs between whales and the harpoon, the Nisshin Maru rammed the Greenpeace ship, Arctic Sunrise. The whalers are counter claiming their ship was rammed by Greenpeace. The collision ocurred in the Australian Antarctic Territory in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. The Nisshin Maru has continued north at full speed, with the three conservationists ships in pursuit.

According to an ABC report, Shane Rattenbury from Greenpeace said that the Arctic Sunrise had been observing their activists onboard inflatable zodiacs Greenpeace Activists had succeeded in painting on the side of the Oriental Bluebird the words "whale meat from sanctuary", and on the stern the words "whale meat".

Greenpeace Ocean Defenders Blog | Sea Shepherd Conservation Society | Institute of Cetacean Research website (The Whalers) | Whalers ram Greenpeace ship: 1-8-06 (Video) Statement from Greenpeace | No Whales Will Be Killed While the Chase is On


POLICE STATE 09.01.2006 01:47
We live in a Police State

If you go outside of your house for long enough you will see the oppressive police state all around you. I live in Salem, a small town in comparison to most larger cities and I can see the police state. Recently I went downtown on my bike to one of the local bike shops. I was obeying all of the oppressive laws that pertain to the downtown sector, when I went maybe 20 feet onto the sidewalk where the bike shop was I noticed a pig on a bike, ON THE SIDEWALK! As soon as he saw me he biked over to me on the sidewalk for about 2 blocks and demanded to see all of our Id's. I asked him what we were being stopped for and he told us that we were riding our bikes on the sidewalk. So I said to him, "um weren't you just on the sidewalk also. He said "well I'm law enforcement and I'm not bound by that law." He rambled on some more about how he took special training so he could ride on the sidewalk. So I asked to see his certificate of training and he started to stumble over his words. I said that I also had special training. He took our Id's and proceeded to write tickets and threaten to confiscate our bikes if he caught us doing again. Now I got angry and started to talk to the oppressor about my rights and equality under the law. I said "if you get to ride on the sidewalk so do I." He just laughed and said this wasn't 1776. [ read more >> ]

Missing persons and the cops

The other day, I had a very uncomfortable dilemma. I admit I probably handled it badly. I'd love to hear advice from others about alternatives I could have pursued.

The problem was, my father went missing for several days. He is getting along in years, has some mild dementia, and is prone to getting confused and losing his bearings sometimes. He also suffers some vision impairment. I worry that he could get injured or taken advantage of by someone if he's not careful.

Now, I generally know better than to deal with cops, if I can possibly help it, most of the time. Because people who need their help all too often wind up dead at their hands. And, having done a lot of observation and thinking about the matter, I think I have a pretty good inkling about why that is. [ read more >> ]


08.01.2006 08:52
saturday fur protest
I went downtown in hopes of getting some good pictures from the weekly fur protest... Schumacher has decided to use the action as some free advertising, He's got some printed signs up in all his windows Protest Sale- 50% off everything. A few price tags were visible in the windows. The one catching my eye was on a hat, "Nutria with fox trim" $2000 A nutria is a big rodent, makes his home in swamps, looks like a cross between a rat and a beaver. A thousand bucks for a rat hat? If I belived that then no raccon in portland would be safe.

Anyways the protest was lively, and the protesters were certianly dedicated. They even passed out some tasty (Vegan) treats.
A couple showed up across from Nordstroms in a gaudy customised H2 Hummer- The female had a fur coat, and the group ran to confront them. She at first tried to educate everyone on how wonderful her coat was, Then launched in to "If any one of you even touches my Hummer I'll have you all arrested" Like she was some kind of small town mayor running the town under her thumb.

After seeing fur actually being used as clothing back east- I'm left with more mixed feelings. I suspect the coats from china with fur trim around the hood and sold department and discount stores, etc- are mostly dog fur. This is definately a bad thing. electrocuting any animal or any person for any reason is a bad thing too. Selling a 200$ coat as a $5000 status symbol strikes me as being less than ethical...


08.01.2006 07:31
13th Annual NW Regional Leonard Peltier March Feb 4th in Tacoma, WA
Leonard Peltier Rally 13th ANNUAL NORTHWEST REGIONAL

Portland Ave. Park (on Portland Ave. between E. 35th and E. Fairbanks Ave. Take Portland Ave. exit off I-5 and head east)

U.S. Federal Court House, 1717 Pacific Ave.

As individual fingers we can easily be broken, but all together we make a mighty fist.
--Sitting Bulló



07.01.2006 06:46
Kentucky Fried Chicken Protest
Monthly Kentucky Fried Chicken protest will be Saturday January 7th at KFC located at NE 7th and Weidler St. 11:30 to 1:00. Carpooling available to join Schumacher Fur protest afterwards for anyone able to attend both protests.

An 2004 investigative video filmed at a KFC supplying slaughterhouse in Moorefield West Virginia showed workers stomping on chickens, ripping beaks off, twisting heads off, spitting tobacco into eyes, spray-painting faces, and squeezing them so hard feces were expelled. These animals were alive and conscious. Still KFC continues its cruelty. 736 Million chickens per year are subjected to painful debeaking with a hot blade, electrified and scalding water bath while still alive, and other cruel practices. The Colonel has got to go. Please join us to protest and educate the public.

and on the 8th, get redy for Peta PR street theater in New York | Rev. Sharpton and other civil rights leaders condemn KFC cruelty | http://www.kfccruelty.com


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