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04.10.2004 09:41
In Virginia- Earth First! Sabotages Coal Mining Office
At 12:15 AM on Monday, September 27th, a handful of men and women from Katuah Earth First! shut down an A & G Coal Mining Company office in Wise County, Virginia. Locks were placed on all gates to the premises and front doors were chained and glued shut, with a sign reading, "We won't stop until you do. See you in the mountains... Katuah Earth First!" This was done in order to prevent all trucks and operators from departing for a nearby mining site.

A&G is involved in mountain top removal, a mining process by which entire mountains are first clear cut, then detonated to pieces by millions of pounds of explosives. This process effectively destroys entire mountains, and results in the elimination of jobs, the filling of hundreds of miles of streambeds with debris, dangerous air pollution, and the destruction of local wildlife habitats.


04.10.2004 09:38
Talking To City Council - Vancouver
Here's what i told my city council last evening. Much can be said in three minutes. If i can do it, anyone can do it. I've addressed council only once before, on Peace. I need to show up often. All progressives need to show up often. We must take back government, & where better to start than with our cities.

An Ideal City Is Based Upon Environmental Justice

The one aspect of Vancouver life that affects every woman, man, girl, & boy, is the environment. No matter the gender, age, race, religion, life style, economic level, every person in this city lives in the physical environment that is Vancouver. The present state of Vancouver's environment is questionable, & unquestionably worsening, & city government is responsible, & sometimes irresponsible.

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03.10.2004 23:22
Oct. 3 Peace Rally Given Brush-off by Local Corporate Media
The local media's lavish coverage of every little murmur of Mt. St. Helens (and interviews with what looks like every tourist, geologist, and official within five miles of the crater) almost completely eclipsed any coverage of today's peace rally in the North Park Blocks.

After returning home, I made a point of channel surfing between the various stations and found only one (6) with a brief report that ran perhaps 20 or 30 seconds with quit shots of the march. The reporter estimated that there were "300 people" involved. Anyone who was there knows that there were far more than 300 people.

Local news grossly underestimates number of people at march
I'm not so terrific at estimating crowd numbers, but I've been in enough to hazard decent guesses. It seemed to me that there were a few thousand easy at this march. It wouldn't floor me if the actual number was higher. In any case, I happened to catch KOIN's 'report' on the day's event. The reporter looked charmingly into the camera as she said that "nearly three hundred" people marched downtown today. Three hundred? What the hell? I mean, who gives them these numbers? Why are even our local media outlets so misleading?
AUDIO report from the rally
Sunday, October 3, 2004, the citizens of Portland Oregon filled the streets to protest the ongoing Occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. Estimates vary, but there were at least 3000-5000 people marching through the streets, with signs, chants and a love for Democracy and Humanity.

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03.10.2004 23:04
"Beyond Dissent" by Jeff 'Free' Luers
free free now The United States has a long history of protest and dissent. Indeed, it could be argued that had the American Revolution not been co-opted by the rich and powerful this country might have been great.

However, even the failure of the revolution to accomplish real and true change was not enough to stop the tide of dissent and rebellion. In fact, there are notable rebellions as early as 1780 in which unpaid soldiers of the revolutionary war, poor farmers and laborers took up arms against the government.

Of course, little of this is mentioned in scholastic textbooks. Nor do the textbooks mention that in response to these uprisings by the poor and underprivileged, the new elite wrote and passed laws such as the Riot Act which suspended Habeas Corpus to keep the new insurgents in jail without trial. Also, the Sedition Act, passed under John Adams, in which it was a crime punishable by prison to speak or write against the government.

The true beginnings of this nation start with power and wealth.

[ Free "Free" Now! ]


03.10.2004 08:29
END THE WARS Rally and March for Peace and Justice
COME TO THE MARCH TODAY!!! Meet at the North Park Blocks at 1:30 p.m. A rally will begin at 2:00 and the march will start at 2:30. Justice for Mumia Coalition has Table 24b. Stop by to say hello. We still have a few T-Shirts, buttons and patches for sale. Of course, you can always make a donation to Mumia's Defense Fund.

Portland has not forgotten Mumia! His status has not changed - He is still on DEATH ROW--since 1982. There are some judicial events pending -- At any time, a hearing could be set and his execution date could be designated within a few days. We wait and we watch--but the courts continue to block his right to freedom.


03.10.2004 00:26
AUDIO FILE: A Return To Democracy; Coverage of Thom Hartman's lecture at the First Unitarian Church
Friday evening, September 24, 2004, at the First Unitarian Church in Portland Oregon, the author again visited Portland, his presentation drawing on his vast knowledge of American history and love of his country. This was an excellent presentation, which I have broken up into three segments.

The first segment is 27 1/2 minutes in length. Here Hartmann lays the groundwork of the points he develops throughout the remainder of his talk, which lasted about an hour and 15 minutes. He speaks mainly about Corporate Personhood, how corporations have become the equal of individual persons, and by doing so have slowly gained control over many of the aspects of our lives.


LOCAL ELECTIONS 02.10.2004 23:20
My Night at Dignity Village, by Teresa Keane, Pacific Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate
I spent last night in Dignity Village with Vice Presidential candidate Pat La Marshe. When we arrived, Tim was waiting for us and expressed appreciation that people running for office are interested in homelessness. Dignity Village is an solid example of successful community organizing. The Village members have created representative government that reflects the needs and issues of the community. Some highlights that struck me were: the women in the community are safe and protected; all community members are treated with equality, dignity and respect; the infrastructure is built on recycled products and the people are empowered by their shared determination and success.

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update: [ Keane wins Eastside Democratic Club Endorsement!!! ]


02.10.2004 17:42
Emergency Response to Biscuit Logging Planned

Activists from Southern Oregon have called for an immediate mobilization in defense of the Biscuit timber sale following the commencement of logging operations last week. Although the Forest Service has allowed more than 1000 acres of egregious "hazard tree" logging throughout the area, environmentalists were hopeful that the end of summer would mark a hard won - albeit temporary - victory for this logging season.

However now logging has begun at the Horse timber sale, despite restrictions based on the protection of the threatened Port Orford Cedar, which is being exterminated by a disease often spread by logging operations.

Activists have called for a civil disobedience action on Monday morning and will be putting their bodies between the trees and the chainsaws. The timing is critical: if forest defenders can show resistance to logging operations it is likely to dissuade companies from buying additional portions of the Biscuit that will soon be for sale.

Additionally, a rally will be held Monday in Grants Pass at the Siskiyou National Forest office. Carpools are available on Sunday to a meeting place for both events (in Selma, OR).

BACKGROUND: O2Collective | KS Wild | Siskiyou Project | Portland Indymedia Forest Page | Cascadia Rising: Background on Salvage Logging Scam | Native Forest Network | Forest Council |


FOREST DEFENSE 02.10.2004 15:58
Biscuit Logging Continues With Logging Of Large Trees Near Kalmiopsis Wilderness
Roadside SISKIYOU NATIONAL FOREST, OREGON - Logging of large trees in the backcountry of the Siskiyou National Forest as part of the Bush Administration's Biscuit Fire "Recovery" plan has started. Citizen monitors have confirmed and documented the fact that large trees are currently being cut down on the Horse timber sale, a 2.5 million board foot (500 log trucks) timber sale located near the northwestern border of the Kalmiopsis Wilderness.

"After spending an entire day watching logging contractors with Columbia Helicopter cut down large trees in this incredibly remote section of the Siskiyou National Forest we can safely say that this Biscuit Logging Plan has absolutely nothing to do with forest restoration or community protection," explained Tim Ream , part of a team of citizens conducting on-the-ground monitoring. "We would encourage the public to visit the Horse timber sale and see for themselves. Logging is not restoration and cutting down large trees is not fuel reduction."

The logging is taking place at the Horse timber sale despite a clear stipulation in the contract, which states, "All equipment operations in all Subdivisions are allowed from June 1 to September 30, to prevent the spread of Port-Orford-cedar root disease. During unseasonally [sic] wet periods within this operation season, operations may be ceased. Operations are allowed outside this period during unseasonally [sic] dry weather. C6.315#."


02.10.2004 11:17
Solomon, Ellsberg, Benjamin speak in Seattle
On Oct. 1, media critic Normon Solomon (Center for Public Integrity), government whistleblower activist Daniel Ellsberg (Pentagon Papers) and fearless peace activist Medea Benjamin (Code Pink, Global Exchange, United for Peace and Justice) spoke in Seattle at the conclusion of an 8-city tour tagged "Election 2004 and Beyond: What's At Stake?"


02.10.2004 06:37
CAFTA Protest at Rep. Blumenauer's
We hung out in this lovely park outside Blumenauer's window About 35 people rallied outside Representative Earl Blumenauer's Lloyd Center office yesterday afternoon, demanding that he oppose CAFTA-the Central America Free Trade Agreement. All of Oregon's other Democratic representatives (De Fazio, Hooey, and Wu) have come out against this anti-worker agreement, but Blumenauer refuses.

To help encourage him to do the right thing, give his local office a call at 503-231-2300.

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PUBLIC AWARENESS 01.10.2004 23:05
The Online Anonymous Group Known As GPFX Is At It Again!
The online anonymous group known as GPFX is at it again, and this time they have a new website ( http://www.portlandpolicedeck.com). Now in version 2.0 of the popular card deck known as "Portland's Deck of Infamy" where Portland's worst police officers from the PPB (Portland Police Bureau) are displayed and ranked from aces to deuces accordingly.

"This deck was created by Indymedia readers in the Portland, OR area. The police officers featured here are all active duty members of the Portland Police Bureau as of 4/15/04. Your tax dollars are still paying their salaries. All accusations are from the references cited on the individual cards, and not necessarily the opinions of any one person working on this project."

Some are with photos some not, but all these officers have one thing in common. They are being exposed for the rotten corrupted cops that they are in an effort to bring public awareness and safety to the public at large under the iron clad fist of the Portland Police state ever-oppressive misuse of authority, policy, and conduct.

When asked why are they doing this one GPFX replied: "Because here in Portland, OR, we have a problem. Several "Bad Apples" have gotten into the barrel, and they are making our fair city into a rotten mess. The public, to be blunt, is in danger from some of these crooked cops. It is no longer just cops beating up on criminals or wrasslin' around with protesters in a mutually understood event; we now have police officers doing unimaginable things like spraying oleoresin capsicum spray on 10 month-old babies, tasering people in the back, beating up elderly blind people, hitting people in the back, tackling folks at random and so on. This deck is meant to give people a fun way to learn the most imminent threats and avoid them by familiarizing themselves with the officer's face, rank, duty assignment area, date of hire and previous actions."

[ Police Deck website now up ]


SELECTION 2004 01.10.2004 10:56
A review of the Medea Benjamin, Daniel Ellsburg, Normon Solomon lecture
The Portland Alliance hosted what appeared to be a great set of speakers, but as usual, the "lesser of two evils" logic and the everpresent "Anybody but Bush" mantra was the centerpiece of the points being driven home. I was very disappointed! But I will concede that I am exceptionally irritated by those who propagate the lesser of two evils logic, so take my review of the evening with a grain of salt!

Whether it was Michael Moore, Greg Palast, Chris Novolselic, Thom Hartman, Norman Solomon, Daniel Ellsburg, and YES! even Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn, the reoccurring theme (almost like a Karl Rove induced repetitive Buddhist chant) is we must get George W. Bush out of office and it doesn't matter who replaces him. (aka Anybody but Bush!)

Norman Solomon was as predictable as he was arrogant...

[ Other articles by StevetheGreen ]


SELECTION 2004 30.09.2004 23:55
Posters to indymedia share their thoughts on the pResidential Debate
selection 2004 So the first debate is history and even with all of the constraints placed upon it by the two parties, it t'warn't half bad.

Bush was alternately defensive and pompous, seemed to be searching for words at times, at other times stringing out his answers to fill time or suddenly closing his mouth with time left on the clock. At one point, when he had plenty of time left, he inexplicably said, "LET ME FINISH!" I know he's not a short man, but he seemed short this evening, hunching over the podium even though the split screen boxes on the channel I watched put him at a higher level than Kerry. On the other hand, Kerry was well spoken, tall and cool, far more presidential looking.

More reader comments on the pResidential Debate
  • 'kzoo' writes: Yes Kerry won, so what. My grandmother's been dead for twenty years, she could of won tonight too.
  • 'zzzzzz' writes: A nauseating performance with the most interesting candidates barred from the debates.

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POLICE STATE 30.09.2004 15:09
Kelso Police Department Trampling 1st Amendment Rights
Kelso is not exactly a hotbed of radicalism, but a few weeks ago some citizens decided to hold a candle light vigil at the Allen Street Bridge in Kelso to mark the needless death of over 1000 U.S.troops in Iraq. They dutifully went to the Kelso Police Department to fill out the needed paperwork but were denied a permit because the Chief of police was unavailable to sign it. Figuring that it's their constitutional right to freely assemble, eight people showed up with signs and candles in silent protest of an illegal war. Shortly thereafter, six Kelso police officers showed up and threatened these people with arrest if they didn't disperse.

The ACLU lawyers have written to the city council of Kelso to let them know that the police department doesn't have the right to determine who is allowed to assemble and who is not. Tomorrow, October 1, at 3:30 p.m. there will be another (permitless) protest at the Allen Street Bridge. We don't need no stinkin' permit, but we do need bodies. We're begging anyone who is able, to come to Kelso tomorrow and let the cops know that even anti-war protesters have the right to assembly. Bring signs or not, but please come.


FOREST DEFENSE 30.09.2004 13:13
Biscuit Logging Just Began!
Neatening the forest We just received word that the first Biscuit timber sale is now being logged.

Giant trees are falling in the Game Lake area on the northwest corner of the Kalmiopsis Wilderness. The timber sale is known as horse and the company logging it is Silver Creek Logging. This organization, headed by John West of Merlin, is a newly created front group for Roseburg Forest Products.

Silver Creek is the company that was suspended earlier this year for illegally cutting in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness and is under federal investigation for stealing more than 100 trees this year in the Flat Top area.

The area being logged contains significant stands of green ancient Port Orford Cedar. Because this tree is being driven to extinction by a root rot spread by logging, operations must cease by October 1.

Please prepare now to join citizens in stopping this illegal logging at the point of destruction. Details on where to meet and directions will be posted soon.


30.09.2004 12:08
Jack Herer, Father of Hemp, in town for book signing
Jack Herer, the father of Hemp and the author of "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" will be signing books at The 3rd Eye on Hawthorne, October 1st 5-6 pm.

Jack will be in town supporting the Measure 33 campaign, which gives Medicinal Marijuana patients the medicine they need to live a better quality life.

Herer will also be a keynote speaker at "The Future of Medical Marijuana" at the Embassy Suites, 319 SW Pine, October 2nd, 7pm. Workshops will occur from 3-6 and are free to the public. Tickets can be purchased or volunteer time can be traded to attend the event. Call 503-224-3051, visit www.Yeson33.org or stop by at 4315 SE Division for more info.


29.09.2004 21:34
America's Forest Dieback
dead pinyon forest Severe drought in concert with a complex feedback loop is currently at work and it appears that America's Forests are about to experience a major dieback event. This event is just beginning to receive mainstream media coverage, but always without ever mentioning the forbidden words 'global warming' or 'climate change'...rather this is a 'naturally occuring' die off of the forests of the American west, according to the way the story is presented. A discussion follows of this die off and rapid climate change scenarios...

[ Other articles by Brent Herbert ]


29.09.2004 20:24
The Real Cost of Building Seven: Oregon Subsidizes Bush Campaign
The Republican Party got a great deal this week at the expense of Oregon taxpayers. This had to cost the taxpayers at least $10,000. Their bill was only $1080.


29.09.2004 16:37
The Nation: Phony Left Opposition Uses CIA Agents to Attack 9/11 Researchers
The Nation tries to take down NPH, but has to use CIA agents to do it It is fascinating that The Nation got a genuine admitted CIA agent to write this hatchet job - Baer's review of "New Pearl Harbor" in the September 27the, 2004 issue that supports Cheney's innocence by ignoring the evidentiary record. The Nation has clearly allied itself with the CIA by publishing this article, and has announced in no uncertain terms that it is not interested in journalism on this subject that attempts to examine factual evidence. This is far different that merely ignoring the issue (which much of the Left has chosen to do).


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