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19.08.2004 17:50
DNC2RNC March Update
Alright I guess I will start from Willimantic CT, August 8. Willimantic Connecticut is the home of the only co-operative grocery store in the entire state of CT. There is a strong base of support there for the march and also a very tight local organizing group that had this part of the march taken care of months in advance. We stayed in the town park, apparently it was only the second time that people were allowed to camp in the park. The local organizers had set this up and also a benefit show on the green. When we arrived there were already speakers speaking and people milling about, it was good to be in Willimantic. There was a large array of muscial style set up, mostly local bands. Seeds of Peace served from the green and people set up impromptu activities, like "Question God", where one of the marchers dressed as God and answered anyones questions...ironically enough the answer was always "it will be alright my son, just beleive".

Also, some folks set up and "Ask An Anarchist" area where a few of the marchers sat down to talk about anarchist politics and exactly why they were on the march. Local groups also set up an hospitality desk where marchers could go to sign up for showers and other amenities. Towards the end of the night when they were taking down the stage, Ryan Harvey called up a circle of locals and marchers and played some songs. It was rteally the most inspiring part of the music and the locals were very impressed by what he had to say in song.

SEE ALSO: [ DNC2RNC I Ryan Harvey Interview I March Interview I Previous Update ]
VIDEO UPDATES: [ Meriden I Overview I Commercial I To Hartford ] (fast connection required for videos, see more options here.)
FROM St. Louis: [ Pictures I Solidarity Action ]


19.08.2004 17:49
Here's Your "Free-Speech Zone"
This is as good a picture as any I've seen to illustrate what Bush and his supporters think of your 1st Amendment right to free speech. Use it or lose it... An unidentified supporter of President Bush tries to silence protester Kendra Lloyd-Knox (right) outside Southridge High School in Beaverton. Photo was taken during Bush's visit to Oregon on Friday

Southridge Highschool follow up
Today I spoke with a Sergeant from the Beaverton Police Dept. The meeting was extreamly pleasent I enjoyed my time at a Police dept (that was a first usualy I am there to pay tickets). I had a previous post asking for witnesses, I recived many responses so thank you to all. If there are people that want to help you can


With the convention a week and a half away, there are already some who may not qualify for the discounts. Yesterday, four members of Code Pink, a women's protest group, were arrested for trying to dangle a 40-foot-long banner from their ninth-floor window at the Sheraton Hotel across from Mr. Bloomberg's news conference, the police said.

Jodie Evans, a co-founder of the group, identified the women as Andrea Buffa and Colleen Galbraith of San Francisco, Claire Varoney of Los Angeles and Danielle Feris of New York City. The charges against the women are pending, the police said yesterday afternoon


19.08.2004 00:41
The SHAC 7 and the future of democracy
The federal indictment against the SHAC 7 is a potential watershed in the history of the animal rights movement, for it represents the boldest governmental attack on activists to date, and it likely augurs a new wave of political repression in response to the growing effectiveness of militant animal liberation politics. Regardless of whether it should win or lose in this proceeding, the corporate-state machine seeks to cast an ominous shadow over activists who dare to exercise their First Amendment rights. Tellingly, corporate exploiters of animals want to respond to criticism and protest with demands for surveillance, harassment, intimidation, arrests, and appearances before grand juries.

This bold assault on the SHAC 7, which seeks to kneecap their ability to directly challenge oppressive forces in society, demands a serious response from the entire spectrum of progressive activists-those struggling for human rights, animal rights, and the environment. "USA v. SHAC" should be a serious wake-up call to everyone: this is post-Constitutional America.


FASCISM WRIT LOCAL 18.08.2004 15:01
Crown of Thorns for the People of Portland
I was being very quiet about the re-bith of the Children's Garden on SW 13th and Alder. Even after the horrific assault last year by ODOT workers at the direction of officer Meyers, the garden was quietly growing back. It gave me hope.

In spite of everything, early in the spring, I watched the first tiny crocuses lift their heads above the poisoned earth. Not long after, slender daffodils began to climb out of the healing womb beneath the ravaged surface. Then, like phoenixes from the ashes, came the irises. Slowly, quietly, the garden returned to life with the spring.

...I was afraid for the garden. And I was afraid for all the people who had come to love and appreciate it. I had seen what they were up against.

I was right to be afraid. Somehow, the secret of the reawakening Eden got out. A few weeks ago, once again, it was razed to the ground. I have heard that the Portland Mercury ran a story shortly before about the garden's return, and perhaps that's what tipped him off. I do not read the Mercury, so I cannot confirm that there was such a story. Whatever the reason, the garden is gone. [ Read more... ]

previous articles about this story by CatWoman:

  • Spring in the Children's Garden (Feb. 23, 2004) - Last fall, the city uprooted, slashed, poisoned and burned the flowers, the herbs, the greenery in the children's garden. They did it by order of Officer Meiers. They did it to make the world a less hospitable place for homeless people, and in so doing they made the world a little colder for all of us. [ Read more... ]
  • Officer Meyers' Vision (Oct. 10, 2003) - As the empty, miscarried topsoil bleeds down into the gutter and over the embankment onto the 405, Officer Meyers' vision becomes clearer. [ Read more... ]
  • City, State, PDX Pigs set typical example to PDX Children (Oct. 8, 2003) - As I write this, the Children's Garden on SW 13th and Alder, created by the children of a neighborhood church, is being chopped, burned, and cut to the ground by bureaucratic "progress." Across the street, the children who planted the garden will, no doubt, be in tears when they discover what has happened. [ Read more... ]


Forest Activist locks down to stump in front of Umpqua Bank downtown during mid-morning protest
Following yesterday's surprise occupation of Senator Wyden's office by over 40 Oregon forest defenders, protestors turned their sights on Umpqua Bank. One protestor is currently locked to a 250 pound stump outside of Umpqua Bank's flagship store in Portland's Pearl District (1139 NW Lovejoy Street), while 20 Oregonians use banners, songs, and flyers to protest the bank's ties to the destruction of Oregon's public lands.

"Both Umpqua Bank and Senator Wyden greenwash their images while supporting commercial logging in Oregon's National Forests," said protestor Kristen Michelson. "We're exposing Senator Wyden and Umpqua Bank as two of the biggest threats to Oregon's public lands." [ Read more... ]

VIDEO FILE: Forest Advocates Shut Down Umpqua Bank | stills and more video

12:15 Update: Lock Down Over - "No Arrests"
According to a Media Spokesperson, the lock down and protest/rally is over for today. There was "No Arrests", and it was a good Action. They also sent a "Thank You" to all who participated in one way or another. [ Read more... ]

original announcement feature: [ Forest Activists announce 2nd day of action - call for support ]


18.08.2004 00:14
Nader Oregon campaign responds to fraud allegations
As many of the media savvy are now aware, there has been a new and savage attack on our campaign. This started last week as we received news from petition circulators, (both paid and volunteer), stating that they had gotten a letter in the mail from a law firm stating that they were "under investigation" for fraudulently filling out the petition form. As an example, one person "under investigation" was a lawyer that had just herself and her family sign. One elderly lady had two people show up at her house past 9 pm telling her that she was under investigation and that she might do jail time for not filling out her forms right. All of her forms were in compliance.

The reasons for this should be clear to any right-thinking individual, to intimidate and scare off potential circulators and smear the campaign. It has been somewhat successful. Some people have stopped gathering signatures when we need them the most. Using the word "fraud" would imply that the campaign was flooding the county offices with signatures that were not only false, but were engineered by the campaign. This is patently false. We know that under the Bradbury eye, we will get no breaks and that every signature will be scrutinized to the nth degree. In fact, Democrat observers have been at the Multnomah County offices for much of the time.


17.08.2004 18:26
IWW Statement Regarding the Striking Calendula Workers
This is a statement by the IWW clarifying a strike by four servers at Calendula Cafe. It describes events in the course of the strike, issues the strikers are bringing forward, and clarifies the IWW's role in the strike.

Labor law in the United States is not a worker friendly system. Typically,when an employer has actually violated the rights of workers as they exist on paper in the United States, they have engaged in rather agregious practices. The National Labor Relations Act states that collective activity is protected activity. This means that any group of workers, union members or not, have the right to protest, strike, and organize unions without retaliation from their employer.

When the four servers currently on strike at Calendula notified the owner that they were witholding their labor, they were immediately fired.

One current Calendula worker comments: I have been employed at Calendula six months and have been treated fairly and respectfully by the owner, Craig Rosebraugh and my fellow workers. I like my job and appreciate the opportunity to provide organic, vegan meals to the people of Portland. I enjoy some flexibility with my schedule, receive praise for my work, and am allowed to work autonomously. Because the restaurant can't support itself, I can't have health insurance yet. That's dissapointing, but I accept it as a necessary tightening of the belt and firmly believe that Calendula will provide better benefits when it becomes financially sustainable.


Oregon Forest Defenders Occupy Senator Wyden’s Office (PDX)
Tuesday, August 17th, 10:30 am: Over 40 forest defenders from across Oregon are currently occupying Senator Wyden's office at 700 NE Multnomah St. With drumming, banners, and songs, the forest defenders delivered piles of sawdust to the Senator's office demanding Wyden stop selling Oregon's public lands to the timber industry. The protestors presented a slide show of threatened areas to educate the Senator and his aides about the on-the-ground destruction caused by their pro-logging policies.

"We need to shift management of Oregon's forests away from the commercial timber sale program towards genuine non-commercial restoration. Yet, from the Biscuit logging project to the so-called Healthy Forest Restoration Act, Senator Wyden aggressively promotes increased commercial logging in our National Forests," said Kristen Michelson, one of the protestors.

Articles: Possible Arrests; Wyden Office Occupation update | No Arrests at Wyden Office Occupation

VIDEO FILE: Forest Advocates Occupy Senator Wydens Office


16.08.2004 17:02
Locals refuse money for food at Preserves & Produce for People Not Profit event
On Saturday, August 14, from 11am to 2pm, folks came to People's Food Co-op for a money-free barter event for home-grown, home-processed, or wildcrafted food. More people brought a greater variety of goods than last year's event, in part because the scope of the event was widened to include tinctures and fresh food. People brought all kinds of jam and preserves (incl. plum, blueberry, marionberry, blackberry, orange, strawberry, and more), pickled cucumbers, beans and carrots, canned fruit, applesauce, home-made herbal tinctures, fresh kale, dill, squash & tomatoes, home-brewed beer, and urban wildcrafted plums. Everyone seemed delighted with the trades they made at this anti-capitalist event. One woman walking by tried to buy a tincture, but was told that wouldn't happen! (Eventually, she was given the tincture for free, with contact info if she wanted to acquire more later.) [ Read more... ]

KBOO story about event! [ article | lower-bandwidth MP3 |broadcast-quality MP3 ]


16.08.2004 16:52
PGE wins round 2, but PUD effort will continue
Judge Janice Wilson has ruled that forming a PUD from part of a municipality is unconstitutional. The WEPUD campaign was not able to participate in the first hearing, and has been denied the right to intervene in the case afterward. Despite being removed from the November 2004 ballot, public power supporters refuse to be daunted by dirty tricks. The PUD campaign is planning its next steps, which will probably include an attempt to bring the PUD back for the May 2005 ballot.


16.08.2004 15:51
Portlanders enjoy tour of local worker-run businesses on "World without Bosses" bike ride
the crowd outside the Red and Black On Sunday, August 15, over 50 folks showed up for the "World without Bosses" bike tour, which was organized by the recently-formed Portland Alliance of Worker Collectives (PAWC). The event started with a delicious and energy-building vegan brunch at the City Bikes Annex (SE 8th & Ankeny) cooked by people from two PAWC cafes, Redwing (SE 6th & Market) and the Red & Black (SE 22nd & Division). Local musicians Schicky Gnarowitz and the Transparent Wings of Joy entertained the crowd at the Back to Back Cafe (6th & Burnside) with their vibrant, klezmer-infused sound. Riders got to inspect the presses at Stumptown Printers (SE 11th & Morrison), and ride through the labyrinth of Free Geek (SE 10th & Mill). The newest business on the ride was Gallery CO7 (7th & Harrison), which is an art gallery and performance space. Pictured here, the riders are enjoying lemonade and vegan cookies at the Red & Black . The riders also took 3-4 turns around Ladd's Circle. Much of the time, it felt like a Critical Mass ride. Looking behind me, i would see the street full of riders from curb to curb!


JUSTICE LIES 16.08.2004 07:50
Federal grand jury underway in Eugene
photos from grand jury protest No right to legal representation? No right to free association? No right to remain silent? You've been subpoenaed to a grand jury.

A new spate of federal grand juries have been called to investigate "radical" environmentalists throughout the Pacific Northwest. In Eugene, authorities are using the highly controversial Romania fire that burned 35 SUVs in 2001 as a catalyst for gathering general information about local dissidents. Grand juries are a coercive, archaic practice that target vulnerable people and should not be welcomed in our community.

We encourage you to learn more about the current grand jury and the grand jury process by attending "Stop the Grand Jury" on August 18th and by contacting our organizational spokespeople.

STOP THE GRAND JURY: A public event and benefit

Wednesday, August 18th, 7pm at Sam Bond's Garage $5


THE PEOPLE VS. EMPIRE 16.08.2004 07:30
VENEZUELA: Between Empire and Revolution
Next Sunday, August 15th, a national referendum is scheduled to take place in Venezuela to decide whether democratically-elected revolutionary president Hugo Chavez should remain in office. However, what is happening in Venezuela, far from being an electoral process determining the destiny of a leader, is a confrontation between the popular movements of Venezuela against the Capitalist Empire. This confrontation, however, won´t be decided on the ballots, but on the streets... Read More

Continuous coverage (es) posted by media activists in Venezuela on Puerto Rico IMC | and on UK-IMC [en]

Also, good coverage on Narco News

Venezuela Analysis [en] | Apporea.org [es] ]
LISTEN: Live election day coverage on Pacifica, Sun. Aug 15 4:00-6:00pm PST

Chavez Wins


16.08.2004 07:14
Rogue IMC Dead
We just lerned that our server died, and convey this not very good news. Here is the message that declared this fate.....


Alex Jones: "Start challenging this corporate slave state"
You can't fight city hall. Death and taxes. Don't talk about politics or religion. This is all the equivalent of enemy propaganda rolling across the picket line. Lay down, GI, lay down, GI! We saw it all through the 20th Century. And now in the 21st Century, it's time to stand up and realize that we should not allow ourselves to be crammed into this ratmaze. We should not submit to dehumanization. I don't know about you, but I'm concerned about what's happening in this world. I'm concerned with the structure. I'm concerned with the systems of control. Those that control my life and those that seek to control it even more. I want freedom. That's what I want. And that's what you should want.

It's up to each and every one of us to turn loose of just some of the greed, the hatred, the envy, and yes, the insecurities, because that is the central mode of control: make us feel pathetic, small, so we'll willingly give up our sovereignty, our liberty, our destiny. We have got to realize that we're being conditioned on a mass scale.


pResidential Visits, and Kerry Sympathizers vs. Reality
I was able to attend the gatherings outside of both the Kerry campaign stop on the Waterfront, and the Bush visit to the Beaverton high school location. My main focus was gathering signatures to place Nader on the November ballot. Here are a few of my impressions and observations, as well as a look at some of the claims that the Democrats are making about the Nader campaign.

After a short pedal down to the Portland Waterfront, I arrived at the Salmon Street Fountain shortly after 10 AM. Crowds of people were streaming everywhere, and I proceeded to solicit signatures for a petition to place Ralph Nader on the Oregon ballot. I had some success with the people that were gathered in that area, but found myself mostly in conversations with people rather than collecting signatures.


15.08.2004 16:10
White Supremacist Images on the Portland Police Association Website
In the wake of the tragic and unnecessary deaths of Kendra James, James Jahar Perez, Jose Mejia Poot, and many other people of color at the hands of the police in recent years, much outrage has been expressed by the Portland community. The police officers involved in the incidents have been exonerated of any wrongdoing, and in some cases, have been rewarded for their actions.

There has been public debate on the need for cultural sensitivity training for all officers. However, the focus has been on appeasing the public outrage surrounding racist actions by the police, and there has been little talk of the ingrained attitudes of white supremacy in much of the Portland police department, its origins, and potential resolutions.

On Saturday, August 14th, 2004, Arissa volunteers uncovered images of concern on the Portland Police Association's official website. These images are a nazi swastika, and a a Ku Klux Klan hood. Arissa demands that the Portland Police Association publicly disclose why and by whom these white supremacist images are being stored on the Portland Police Association's official website.

One commenter posted: The swastika and KKK images were used to illustrate a story called "Hate on line" in the January 2001 issue of The Rap Sheet, the Portland Police Association's newspaper. It was written by Loren Christensen, a retired bureau employee who has written numerous articles and books about white supremacists. The emphasis of the article is how dangerous white supremacists are, and about how they are using the Internet to spread their message of hate. I know this because I called Robert King and he sent me a copy of the article, which includes the images. King also said he would take the images down, which he apparently has.


15.08.2004 15:58
Hastert Campaigning for Goli Ameri on Aug 16
Goli Ameri's campaign website has announced that GOP House Speaker Dennis Hastert will join her for a press conference on Monday, August 16th at 9:30 am at the Benson Hotel in Portland. Joining Hastert and Ameri will be "a number of veterans troubled by David Wu's record on national security issues." Ameri has made her fervent support of Bush's War policies in Muslim countries a cornerstone of her campaign for Congress opposite Democratic incumbent David Wu.

Indeed the Iranian-born Ameri has gone so far as confirming that she is not a Muslim (New York Sun, May 18). She went to extreme lengths during the primary race to portray herself as a "refugee" who "watched" the Islamic revolution in Iran. In fact, at the time (1978-79) she was a student at Stanford who, at most, witnessed the revolution on TV in Palo Alto. Meanwhile Ameri's hawkishness has sparked a contoversy in the Iranian-American community over whether she is willing to sign a pledge to oppose a pre-emptive strike against her native Iran.


14.08.2004 22:57
If any of you were fooled even a little by the NYT or the WP blabbering about their office dramas as responsible for the wrong direction to the people on the war in Iraq, think again! These monsters have an agenda to shove their bilge down our collective throats and that is the only thing they are doing. They have smelled the air and see the possibility of a Kerry victory where radical America would be less stymied than under the bush and the dick and think that just in case we take the lot of them to court charged with genocide, they had better make their peace with an American public that despises them each day more.


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