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21.05.2004 14:22
Alameda Neighborhood clean-up
Alameda neighborhood clean-up this Saturday May 22nd 10am-2pm 23rd & Klikatat. Free pickings for volunteers! People can bring all sorts of stuff to this, appliances, furniture, carpeting, leftovers from building projects and thrift store type donations. We need some volunteers and everyone who helps gets free pickings of the donations. We especially need people in the afternoon(noon-2).


Notes from PDC/Home Depot meeting
Portland is considering letting Home Depot move in to the east base of the Burnside Bridge. Today they held a public meeting asking for input on the pros and cons.
I never meant to go there as a reporter, I just wanted to see what was going on. I was curious to see how such a well-planned city acted when it set policy and asked for input. I also wanted to see if they were serious about the proposed Home Depot placement so close in to downtown, and why.

The city was asking the community if we thought a big box store was appropriate there, and if so, if Home Depot was a good fit for the area. They booked a large meeting room (actually three small rooms with the dividers removed) at the Goodwill building on SE 6th and Harrison, and the place was packed standing room only. Representatives from more neighborhood associations than I knew existed were there, as well as people who worked in local hardware stores, people who lived there and even a representative of the local skateboard community (who sensably pointed out that they had been very good neighbors for the last 14 years, and thus they really should be included in any discussions about Burnside Bridge developement, since their park is under the bridge).

The public was given the chance to speak, and the adgenda had to be extended quite a long time to give everyone a chance to give info on why this is an abysmally stupid plan (I suppose people could have spoken in favor of the plan as well, but nobody seemed to be so inclined).


Amy Goodman:The Exception to the Rulers
On Saturday afternoon, May 8, 2004, Amy Goodman, award winning journalist and host of Democracy Now! appeared at the Bagdhad Theatre in Portland Oregon as part of an 80 city book tour for her first book, "The Exception to the Rulers," co authored by her brother, David Goodman.

Democracy Now! is aired over numerous community radio stations and Public Access television stations nationwide.
Portland Community Media

Multnomah Community Television
Amy spoke for an hour, about the importance of alternative media, concluding with her first hand experience of the massacre in East Timor, where over 250 people, men women and children, were murdered by the Indonesian army.
She is an engaging, eloquent and inspiring speaker.
Amy Goodman


SUSTAINABILITY 20.05.2004 13:03
AUDIO: Village Building Convergence
Do you want to know more about the Village Building Convergence (VBC)? This 30 minute interview with Mark Lakeman tells you a lot of what you need to know about its history and motivaion as well as the current VBC events. If you were curious, this is required listening brought to you by your good friends at PDX IMC Web Radio. the Interview | the Article | other Audio


20.05.2004 11:00
VBC is starting Friday- Please get involved in your local Revolution
The Village Building Convergence is a Cyclical Event for the Restoration of Communication and Sharing, Working Together to Rebuild our Common Culture, and to Transform the City into a Network of Ecological Village Places


20.05.2004 02:07
11-Year Old Bike Enthusiast Killed by SUV in Portland
Fernando [Ponce] Martinez was a special 11-year old with a positive attitude, a willingness to help other kids, and a love for riding bikes. He was a 5th grader at the King School, just 2 blocks from his house. At 3:45pm Monday, May 17, Fernando was killed by an SUV on his bicycle, in front of his house. His family and friends, his older brother Cesar, and myself, are devastated.

Donations are being collected for the funeral expenses through the King School, 503.916.6456. There is also a collection jar for the family at the Community Cycling Center. A wake will be held at St. Andrew's Catholic Church, at NE 8th and Alberta, on Thursday, May 20, 5 to 6pm. Fernando's father said he'd like to see lots of people there showing their support.


18.05.2004 23:31
Portland City Council Election Results: Tom Potter challenges Francesconi in November

money spent per vote:
Phil Busse = $0.80 per vote
Jim Fracesconi = $19.68 per vote
James Posey = $1.10 per vote
Tom Potter = $1.09 per vote
With a 40% voter turn out for Multnomah County, Tom Potter took the lead of Jim Francesconi for the Portland Mayoral Race. A runoff election will be held on November 2nd. City Councilman Randy Leonard held onto his seat while Nick Fish will face Sam Adams for the other council seat in the general election.

With 93 of 93 precincts reported, Tom Potter obtained 40.79% of the vote. Jim Francesconi received 37.23% of the vote followed by Phil Busse with 5.93% of the vote. Randy Leonard beat the "Neighborhood 6" by capturing 53.33% of the vote. Nick Fish obtained 47.19% of the vote for Jim Francesconi's vacant seat. He would be competing against Sam Adams in November who received 37.02% of the vote.

[ POTTER SHOWS THAT MONEY CAN'T BUY THIS ELECTION | 202,900 People Don't Give a Sh*t How the Government Spends Their Money! | "Potter Forces A Runoff" Oregonian Headline - WTF is that supposed to mean? ]

PORTLAND COMMUNIQUE COVERAGE: The Post-Primary Landscape | The Polls Are Closed, Here We Go


LOCAL POLITICS 18.05.2004 22:20
Number of renters on Hosford-Abernathy neighborhood board dramatically increases at Tuesday's election
Tonight, the Hosford-Abernethy neighborhood elected 17 candidates in a unanimous vote bringing the total board to a capacity of 22 members. The new board represents the local SE community fully now, as it should. It remains to be seen how this large convoy of folks will negotiate and participate in the banal reality of neighborhood service.

A commenter adds:
The previous board membership, which was, i believe 10 people, contained only 1 renter, with the remainder being home-owners. That renter actually left the board at the end of her term last night, as she has recently moved out of the neighborhood (perhaps because she couldn't find an affordable house here). So, it is significant that at least 7 of the new people elected last night are renters. Renters are often looked down upon by home-owners, who view them as transitory and uncaring about their surroundings. Of course, the majority of the U.S. population is now quite transitory, as compared to 50 years ago, and home-owners often move from house to house and neighborhood to neighborhood. One reason that some home-owners like it when property values go up is that they can now sell their house for more.

In the case of the 7 renters elected last night, we have some very caring, rooted people, with previous community organizing and/or activist experience.


18.05.2004 16:17
Housing Advocates Alert: Attend County Budget Hearings
Emergency Housing Funds are on the Chopping Block! Multnomah County is planning to cut $177,871 in short-term rent assistance as of July 1st. The East Multnomah County Housing Advocates (EMCHA) are working with other community groups to get the word out about this issue and to invite people to attend an upcoming hearing to get the funds restored. Help Stop Cuts in Short Term Rent Assistance!

We know that rent assistance is the most cost effective method of ending and preventing homelessness. With a small amount of money, short term rent assistance provides that extra help that people need when they've missed work because of illness, had to spend more on medicine, or need to move suddenly and can't pay the deposit. It provides stability so kids can finish out the school year without disruption. It keeps families in their homes instead of in a shelter. Bad luck shouldn't have to mean homelessness. Contact the Multnomah County Commissioners! Tell them that rental assistance funds are too critical to cut!

[ Portland's proposed budget 2004-05 | Diane Linn's proposed budget | Complete list of budget hearings ]


60 minutes: Progressive Commissioner Candidates Brian Smith and Mark Lakeman speak out
Brian Smith and Mark Lakeman, both progressive candidates for City Commisioner, Seat 1 and Seat 4 respectively, interviewed on PDX IMC Web Radio. They gave background information about themselves, and stated their positions and discussed issues such as public power, education, water systems, gay marriage and police accountability. With Brian Smith, there was a lively discussion about corporate media extortion of candidates in order to get out the candidate's message. NO cash, NO coverage! With Mark Lakeman, there as an equally wonderful discussion about the city repair project. You can listen to the interviews by clicking Brian Smith Interview or Mark Lakeman Interview . For a list of other audio content go to the radio page


16.05.2004 22:15
Neighborhood board election next forum in battle vs. Starbucks & other corporate invaders
Any HAND member - that is, a resident or business owner or property owner - can vote for the HAND board. This election promises to be interesting and reflects the changes that are happening within HAND, e.g., Starbucks, New Seasons, the DivisionVision work, etc. (HAND = Hosford Abernathy Neighborhood. Its boundaries are the River to 26th-ish, and Hawthorne to Powell.)

Some of the candidates for the board have become active in the neighborhood during the battles against Starbucks, New Seasons, and the Nite Lite Lounge, all of which have been documented here on Portland IMC. Rumour has it that pro-Starbucks people from Ladd's Addition might run people to keep the activists off the board. Rumour also has it that some neighborhood liberals find some of the new candidates too "radical" and are afraid of what will happen if they're elected.

Neighborhood elections are not often exciting or contentious, but this one has the potential to be!

related pdx indy stories: [ No Starbucks in 7 Corners | Community members against New Seasons | "Neighbors oppose new bar in Seven Corners area" (re. Nite Lite Lounge) ]


16.05.2004 22:01
Media published fake passenger lists for American Airlines Flight 11
As everyone knows, on Sept 11 2001, 5 Arabs allegedly hijacked American Airlines flight 11 and crashed it into the Nth Tower of the World Trade Centre at 8.46 A.M. It was part of a crime which killed approximately 3000 people.

Any crime of this magnitude, is - or should be - subject to rigourous examination by investigative and law enforcement authorities, such as the FBI. In any crime involving the illegal use of a plane, it is obvious that one of the first investigative steps taken by such authorities is to find out who was on the plane.

This is not a difficult thing to do. Airlines keep well organized records of everybody on any particular flight. The apparent ID of anyone on that flight - regardless of whether they used a true or false ID - should be immediately available to authorities...

It is therefore incumbent upon any serious investigator to properly examine such passenger lists and ensure that they match with other alleged facts we have been given, and with the processes by which one would expect the information to have been sourced.

A commenter adds:
The Kennedy assassination had several lingering question marks, but 9-11 has about 3,000 question marks. Why is there practically no evidence of the planes? If there were planes, why did NORAD stand down when the planes went off course? Why did the hijackers leave their luggage and passports behind so that authorities would find them? Why did the government ignore intelligence warnings? Why are the Bush people so afraid to investigate anything? Why did Bush sit with children at an elementary school on 9-11 after a month-long vacation in Texas? Why did WTC 7 implode? For that matter, why did WTC 1 & 2 implode?

related: [ 77 and 93 on 911 ]


16.05.2004 15:30
Update on Tre Arrow

Tre ArrowTre has a new mailing address (see below), and he is so thankful for the outpouring of support from around the world, as well as the continued support, baking, and unconditional love of his family (who do not want any contact from or with the corperate media). He thanks everyone who has been expressing their solidarity and support to him, especially those helping with defense funds and fundraising.

Tre's next hearing is in Vancouver B.C. on Monday, May 31st at 10am It is his Admissibility for Refugee Status and Realease hearing. If he is found admissible for refugee status, then he could potentially be released. A substantial amount of bail may be required. Contributions are urgently needed. Please contribute to the cause,no amount is to little... There are no small contributions to justice! Send contributions to TALDF 125 NE 83rd Portland, Oregon 97220. Please make checks out to "Tre Arrow Legal Defense Fund", Or "TALDF". ALL contributions are used exclusively for bail and his legal defense. [ Read More ] [ RELATED STORIES: TreArrow.org | Canada Mulls Tre Arrow Refugee Status | Tre Arrow Speaks | Tre Arrow: Folk Hero of the West | Tre Arrest...Vancouver Sun Article | Tre Arrested in Victoria, BC | Tre Arrow Arrested in Victoria ]


16.05.2004 15:09
Bolivia In Crisis

Bolivian BlockaderComputers For Bolivia Project Film Screening and Fundraiser
Saturday May 22nd @ 7 pm
First Unitarian Church, Salmon Street Sanctuary
1011 SW 12th Ave, Portland, OR
$5-$20 donation requested

Bolivia is in the midst of the most severe political and economic crisis since the country's return to democracy in 1982. Social movements have mobilized to demand a voice in how Bolivia' strategic resources are administered and to demand a voice in the government, seeking a retraction of privatization policies, a livable wage and employment.

In the case with natural gas and oil they wish for Bolivia to be able to share in the beefits of these resources. It is estimated that Bolivia's oil and gas reserves total more than those of any other South American country, including those of Venezuela. The roots of the situation go back in the historic memory, from the days of Spanish colonialism with uninterrupted looting of the country's resources - silver, tin, oil and now gas - by foreign captialism, combined with the brutal oppression of the miners, peasants, and other working people.

Recent privatization has also been a leading factor in a reduction in the standard of living and the exaggeration in the gap between rich and poor. Approximately two thirds of the population is indigenous and they earn substantially less than non-Indians - poor farmers earn roughly 15 cents a day. Learn more about the Bolivian situation at this special event which will include videos as well as 3 speakers: Bolivian radiojournalist Jatun Runay; Steev Hise, videoactivist and recent visitor to Bolivia; and Kim Alphandary, freelance journalist specializing in Latin America. [ Read More ] [ NarcoNews Bulletin ]


16.05.2004 15:05
Kick Starbucks OUT of Pioneer Courthouse Square
this one is next Portland should be a leader in it's support of local businesses and that leadership should START in Pioneer Courthouse Square! Say NO to Starbucks expansion plans and say YES to require local preference!

Isn't it time the people of Portland through the power of our City Council to charge the board of Pioneer Courthouse Square Inc. to lease space to a locally owned coffee shop as part of their contract with the City to run the Square? A vote of the City Council could void the current lease to Starbucks corporation and require local preference in all future retail space lease decisions. Would this be an easy task? No. Is it possible? Yes. [ read more... ]

  • Fact: Pioneer Courthouse Square has a reputation as "Portland's Living Room".
  • Fact: Powells plans to close it's Travel Store in the Square at he end of this year. This means the only fixed locally owned store in the square is closing.
  • Fact: Pioneer Courthouse Square has an immense value to the local community.


16.05.2004 14:53
Over a million people march on the oceanfront Malecon boulevard in front of the U.S. mission building, to protest againt new U.S. policies changes toward Havana, Cuba Friday May 14, 2004. Cuban President Fidel Castro led a vast march past the U.S. diplomatic mission to denounce President Bush's moves to tighten the 44-year-old embargo of the communist state.

Letter from medical student in Havana: I wanted to send this email to all so that you can be aware of what is going on. Some may already know some of this, but things here are getting a little hectic and we will wait and see how everything turns out. The government here thinks that Bush will try to attack this country in order to win the election. The news which we are getting here is that Bush is trying to appease the Cubans in Miami and also because of the upincoming elections and all of the problems which he is presently receiving regarding the war in Iraq, the economy, etc. He has taken measures in order to put even more economic pressure on this country. As a result, this government is also taking measures to counteract this, meaning that it is preparing itself for a possible attack. Also, measures were taken where prices on all products will be raised or no longer sold so that they can be stored in reserves and distributed during a possible attack or war. All of this began on Monday night and so there is alot of speculation and uncertainty about everything. Yesterday I was able to buy a few necesities at a store and I can tell you that it was completely chaotic. Also within 4 hours, the store sold out of all of its products, because people wanted to have emergency items. [ Read More ]


16.05.2004 09:05
"Self-defense" is a right and a responsibility.
Below are two articles I feel are an important contribution to the current situation in this country. I am a firm believer, due to real-deal, living personal experience with the agents of repression, in the right to defend oneself from harm.
Don't get it twisted: I'm NOT down with political adventurism, random attacks on people I disagree with politically, or public posturing with loaded weapons. But I also see that the progressive community is woefully unprepared for the increasing repression coming from the government and its right-wing allies; mostly due to its general unwillingness to face the issue realistically, practice good strategy, and promote self-preservation; especially amongst the youth. Remember, "freedom" is only a concern of the living!
The Jacksonville Anarchist Black Cross teaches and advocates armed self-defense. I personally teach and advocate unarmed self-defense. Feel free to contact Jacksonville ABC ( jaxabcf@attbi.com) or myself ( gregoryclewis@yahoo.com) for more info.


16.05.2004 08:34
2 Books To Prisoners Benefit Shows this week!
Portland Books to Prisoners is holding a benefit concert on Thursday, May 20th at the Rabbit Hole (203 SE Grand). Local musicians John Weinland, BoneSet, and The Summer Lawns will be performing beginning at 8 PM. Admission will be $3-5 or donated books.


15.05.2004 15:10
Rose Festival Crackdown
tree of life Street roots reported, in the latest issue that came out yesterday, that the Portland Police and Parks Bureau will launch a crackdown on Waterfront Park and in the downtown region concerning drug activity starting May 14th.

The police and the parks are saying that only drug dealers will be effected by these sweeps, but homeless advocates are saying people experiencing homelessness are already being targeted. Some of the same laws that have been being used for months/years, like the Title 14, sit-lie law will be used to move people around.

The new paper also has an article on Section 8 cuts by Bush and his group of compassionate conservatives. 1 billion dollars will be cut from the affordable housing vouchers. Freaking amazing! [ comment on this article... ]

Street Roots


14.05.2004 18:31
Neighborhood Activists Create History By Running As Coalition in City Council Race
Portland, OR-- Seven neighborhood activists from different quadrants of Portland are running as a coalition. This historic move may be the first in a series of strategies to bring power from corporate interests back to the citizens of this City. For Commissioner position 4, incumbant Randy Leonard faces neighborhood activists Frank Dixon, Leonard Gard, Mark Lakeman, Paul Liestner, Bonny McKnight, Mary Ann Scwab, and Scott Stephens.

Major Portland media including the Oregonian, Willamette Week and the Mercury have consistently endorsed the incumbant for his style more than his content. On the other side, they have attacked the neighborhood candidates as not being serious candidates with little regard to their ideas and the community support of their ideas.

Regardless of which candidate comes in first or second, these neighborhood activists have set an important precedant for working together, sharing resources, and supporting each other in a political campaign. The incumbant, a political professional, has ten times the cash raised than all the other candidates combined. However, these candidates have shown that cooperation-- not competition-- lead to a better vision for all of the inhabitants of our City.


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