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FOREST DEFENSE 24.03.2004 10:20
March 30 - April 4th Womyn & Trans Action Camp
The camp will be held in the Willamette National Forest with scheduled rides leaving from Eugene, OR on March 30 & April 1 at 10 am.

The rides will leave from the CFD office in the Growers Market, next to the Morning Glory Cafe, on 5th and Willamette St. in downtown Eugene.

The womyn and trans action was created as a direct way to increase the number of womyn and trans folks with technical forest skills in our community. This helps to shift the power dynamic that exists when primarly men have been given skills and then can choose to whom to pass these skills onto. The womyn and trans action is also a place where people can feel empowered to learn and have the self-confidence needed to voice their own opinions and give input in important group decisions.

If you need a ride and are unable to make either of these times please contact us and we can work on finding room in another run or personal car. For more information about the action camp please call (541) 684-8977 or email forestdefenders@riseup.net.

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In Other Forest News: [ Bush just wiped out 1/2 of NW environmental regulations in ONE DAY ]

SEE ALSO: [ Cascadia Forest Defenders | Cascadia RiSiNG! Eco-Defense Network ]


BENEFITS OF BICYCLING 24.03.2004 01:11
Bicyclist Hit By Bicycle Downtown: No Injuries
Portland, OR-- After two bicycles collided at relatively high speed on the corner of SW 4th and Harrison, neither rider suffered injuries nor did they engage in an aggressive blaming game. They walked their bicycles to the side of the road, checked themselves out, checked out their bikes, re-adjusted the minor bike damages, thanked the intersection of time and space that they were OK and that bikes do less damge than cars, and went on their ways.

I was riding east on Harrison near PSU and had the green light at 4th Av. As I proceeded through the intersection I saw a man on a bicycle heading down 4th straight for me, running the red light. I only had time to think "He is going to hit me" before he hit me right on my rear bike bucket, leading both of us to tumble off our bikes onto the street. Luckily, cars saw all this (since they had a red light) and let us gather our selves and our bikes as we walked them to the side of the road.


HUMAN RIGHTS 23.03.2004 14:59
City Hall Action to Defend Right to Sleep
Portland, Oregon - Crossroads and street roots are announcing a rally for the Right to Sleep campaign on Wednesday, March 24, at 8:30 a.m. in front of City Hall. Gather in solidarity for the Right to Sleep campaign while more than 1600 people await housing.

A one-night count of people sleeping outdoors in Portland revealed 1,571 people living on our city's streets. That figure is widely agreed, by social-service workers and the city, to be an underrepresentation. These 1,500 are in addition to those sleeping in shelter beds, which nightly house 360 (summer) to 670 (winter) people. The shelter system serves less than a third of the problem and the camping ban lets the city criminalize those it leaves behind.

As long as ordinances targeting the homeless remain in place, they serve as a stamp of intolerance and an obstacle to the more complex issue that thousands of people live in our city without the benefit of a roof over their head or a place to sleep. It does, however, drive the issue into the hills, into the woods: Out of sight, out of mind. And that's the worst way to address a problem that is only getting worse due to the economy, unemployment, and the budget cuts in health care and mental health services.


army recruitment has gone too far!
I'm a freshman at milwaukie high school and so far this year i've been getting pretty annoyed by the school pushing army recruitment crap on us. Those assembly's, huge ads in the school paper, phone calls home and that stupid army table at lunch. I'm sick of it! I just wanna go to school without hearing their crap! I don't believe in this so called "war" (were really invading them is what it seems like to me.) They try to lure us with those army key chains, pencils, computer games, etc. And the people who actually do join, do it to go and get away with killing people, I've heard seniors in some of my classes talking about how fun that will be when they leave to "war". The school is very hypocritical when they say they don't promote violence when here they give out these army computer games where you go and kill people. They say it's a great way to get college paid for. They like the schools with the low income families because they make it sound like we'll have no choice but to do that for a living.


DEPARTMENT OF PEACE 23.03.2004 00:55
Peacemobile to cross USA from Oregon
Why is it that people so often resonate with anti- messages yet seldom in the same breath will offer viable solutions to the problems of which they so loudly complain? Strangely, H.R. 1673 was barely mentioned in the anti-war hoopla of the past week, nor even by any of the speakers at Pioneer Courthouse Square March 20 to a crowd of at least 5000 proponents of peace. One woman, Patty Annis of eastern Washington State, carried a large banner about this DoP bill and says that few people she meets, even among anti-war progressives and Democrats, seem to know of its existence or, if they heard of it, have not read it nor realize its import.

"The solution to making war is obviously peacemaking", says Annis, "and the Department of Peace bill is far more than just an idea; it is a piece of legislation sitting in a democratic congress just waiting for citizen input and lobbying to make it a reality". A former Portlander, Ms Annis has decided to embark on a 7-month mission to educate the general public throughout the country and garner more support for H.R. 1673. The bill has 50 co-signers in congress so far but needs much more support to become law.


2004 Portland Palestinian Film Festival, Art Under Occupation
Portlanders will have the rare opportunity to view feature films, shorts, and documentaries from and about Palestine, as Art Under Occupation: the 2004 Portland Palestinian Film Festival, will be presented Wednesday, March 24, through Sunday, March 28 at Reed College. Highlights of the festival will include several award-winning feature films, including Divine Intervention, Rana's Wedding, and Tale of the Three Jewels.

All films, which will be screened in Reed's Vollum lecture hall, are free and open to the public. The festival's purpose is to encourage careful contemplation and thoughtful action on issues in the Middle East, particularly in Israel and Palestine. Media images of the conflict often obscure the humanity of the Palestinians, a people who, despite and throughout the occupation, go on with life-art, love, ties of friendship and family, sadness, and death.

Americans United for Palistinan Human Rights


Direct Action Shuts Down Bechtel HQ on Anniversary of Iraq Invasion
SAN FRANCISCO - March 19 - Over 500 Bay Area residents marked the anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq by taking direct action at the headquarters of the Bechtel corporation to protest their exploitation of the Iraqi people and misuse of U.S. tax dollars. Two marches converged on Bechtel's offices, one led by teachers holding a banner reading "Education Not Occupation," and one led by healthcare workers marching with banners reading "Healthcare not Warfare" and "Democracy Not Empire". While the crowd occupied the street, several dozen people engaged in civil disobedience by blocking the entrances to the building. By noon over twenty-five people had been arrested. The actions were organized by local grassroots mobilization Direct Action to Stop theWar (DASW)

Affinity groups involved with DASW also occupied an abandoned building to highlight the impacts of the escalating military budgets on Bay Area communities. "Why are we spending billions to illegally occupy Iraq when there isn't even enough affordable housing in our communities? Teachers are getting pink slips and our hospitals are under funded while more and more money is directed to Bush's policies of permanent war and empire-building," said Victoria Welle a San Francisco hospital worker.

Last year, DASW coordinated the largest and most consistently visible direct actions against the war inside the U.S. On March 20th, 2003 an estimated 20,000 people engaged in civil disobedience which shut down the San Francisco Financial District. In the following three days over 2,300 Bay area residents from all walks of life were arrested for protesting the invasion. Throughout the spring, DASW's direct action campaign continued with mass actions at the offices of war profiteering corporations like SSA,APL, Chevron-Texaco, Lockheed Martin and Bechtel.


SHARING EXPERIENCES 21.03.2004 00:13
thoughts from the march
This was such a great march, I was very impressed with everyone on all sides. The cops, freshly neuterd by the courts, seemed to take their loss of "failure to disperse" arrests in stride. Without thoughts of "heard them up, clear 'em out" running through their heads they seemed to be more focused on their actual job. I walked at the front of the line, and the police up there were working to keep traffic out of the march's way.

Just another kid comments: I saw something I never thought I would see. One of the PPRC type folk a "peaceful" marcher, fullout punched one of the black bloc kids in the ribs.

being peace comments: Today I learned that we don't need Ashcroft, Bush, and the portland police to take away our civil liberties, the PPRC will take care of that for them.


Pictures: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 ]

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OREGON BUDGET CRISIS 20.03.2004 15:16
State will kick 50,000 off Oregon Health Plan
This is about the OHP "Standard" program for low-income adults who wouldn't normally qualify under federal rules. It is an expansion of Medicaid and the heart of OHP. Without that, OHP basically reverts to just plain Medicaid. And people will die. -- Lynn Porter


SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER 19.03.2004 22:15
Tre Arrow Speaks Out
VICTORIA, BC -- Tre Arrow, well known forest and animal rights activist, ledge sitter, and congressional candidate, urges the media to focus on the important issues we face, and urges those who receive this message to think about it and act upon it. On the issue of his true name, Tre says "the media is obliged to use my legal name of Tre Arrow. Check the Multnomah County Courthouse's records and you will see the government is lying to you about my name."

Tre went on to talk his supporters, the media, and the general public. " I want folks to know I am committed to a fast and I have not eaten any of the poisonous food provided to me of late, in solidarity for those suffering from the lack of justice in the U.S. Injustice system, and in protest of this incarceration.

"The government and media focus on me as an individual when they should be focussing on U.S. Corporations' pollution of and ravaging of our environment. Why can't the media give us stories on slaughterhouses, Hanford, and the continuing practice of clearcutting? [ Read more... ]

The Speaking Truth To Power Defense Fund announces its transition to the Tre Arrow Defense Fund
The Speaking Truth To Power Legal Defense Fund was established in the wake of Tre Arrow's 2002 grand jury indictment. We felt it was important that there be a defense fund in place in the event that Tre was ever arrested. For a number of logistical reasons we could not, at that time, name the fund after him. For the past two years we have worked with the Portland chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, who has held funds in trust for us, and we are eternally grateful for their assistance, as well as their tireless efforts for civil rights

After speaking with Tre Friday evening, we agreed that it is time to have the fund in his name, we are in the process of making this transition, and hope to have everything in place for our April 4th benefit. Donations made to Speaking Truth Power will be transferred to the new account Tre was concerned that unethical people might claim to be raising funds on his behalf (it would not be the first time) and wanted all his supporters to know that THIS IS HIS ONLY AUTHORIZED DEFENSE FUND, and that every cent of it goes to defending him, Period. He also wanted to reiterate his gratitude to all for their love and support, and to thank folks who cared enough to contribute even before he was in custody. [ Read more... ]

previous Tre features: [Friend of Tre conveys his thanks to all for their support Portland lawyer shares more from Tre Arrow (18 Mar) | Seeds of Justice Plant Sale - A fundraiser for Tre's legal defense (18 Mar) | Portland lawyer: My Conversation with Tre Arrow (16 Mar) | Tre Arrow Arrested by FBI (15 Mar) ]


ANTI-WAR PROTESTS 19.03.2004 14:59
March 20, 2004 - Protesting Invasion and Occupation
VIDEO RESISTANCE 19.03.2004 13:12
More Videos from the Resistance Available Online
Bridges: Burnside to Baghdad, M20
On March 20th, 2003 I sat, arms linked with fellow humans, at the intersection of Burnside and Second. I stayed there until I was arrested at around 2:00 AM on March 21st. This particular intersection could be considered the very nexus of our city, Portland. Burnside Avenue divides north from south, and the bridge it leads to crosses the Willamette River, which bisects east and west. We were at the center of our urban compass rose. We were also at the dividing point in the pattern of seasons -- Winter had just given way to Spring. And our country had just crossed the line from a kind of peace to a pre-emptive war opposed by most of the world.

Sometimes paths cross and one arrives at the exact place where one belongs, whether by chance or by choice. That night such an event took place in Portland. This was a moment in time when we took ownership of a bridge. Overcoming fear of consequences to our lives, our comfort, our own safety, we made the bridge one small zone of peace in solidarity with a people half a world away. There was dancing on the bridge that night. The cars were gone. In Oregon, pedestrians are said to have the right of way. But normally, that is only in narrow crosswalks and footpaths. Examine the design of the city -- obviously it is the internal combustion engine which takes precedence over those of us not armored in steel and glass. What an extraordinary thing it was for one of Portland's gracious bridges to belong to those who walk and bicycle. [ READ MORE>>> ]


HEALTH CARE FOR ALL! 18.03.2004 22:58
Profile of struggles for OHP-Standard clients
Sarah Hobbs joins in protest of health care cuts After July, unless something new happens, we're off the Oregon Health Plan.

Sarah Hobbs joins in protest of health care cuts -Sarah Hobbs is one of the 85,000 Oregonians who face losing their health care coverage this summer if nothing is done to protect the Oregon Health Plan Standard population. Sarah has fibromyalgia and a rare tremor disorder, "I am too sick to work, but not sick enough to qualify for Social Security- Disability," explains Sarah.

Sarah relies on many prescriptions to deal with her condition and ease her pain. She says even under OHP she cannot get adequate pain relief, "I resolved myself to the fact that I am just going to ache, it's ok."

Sarah will not be the only OHP-Standard patient to end up in a hospital emergency room if health care services are removed. The effect on our health care system will be dramatic, but there is some hope. Due to lower case loads within programs in the Department of Human Services funds are available to stave off some of the health care cuts. The Legislature's emergency board will meet April 8-9 to discuss moving these funds. They need public pressure to make the necessary changes to preserve the services to the OHP-Plus population with existing state resources. If that is done, additional resources can be used to protect OHP-Standard clients, like Sarah, from a complete loss of health care services. Contact your legislator and ask them to find funding for OHP in April.

[Contact your legislator | www.oregoniansforhealthsecurity.org/


ANIMAL CRUELTY 18.03.2004 22:51
What's wrong with animal research? Please join us for a video showing of Lethal Medicine..
What's wrong with animal research? Please join us for a showing of Lethal Medicine on Tuesday March 23 and find out.

This movie gives an overview of the animal research industry, and the reasons for the failure of the animal model to find cures for human diseases. The movie has rare lab footage, and interviews with doctors and scientists who carefully debunk the mythology that "animal research saves human lives." From a human health and environmental standpoint, animal research is shown to be dangerously misleading.

To bring it on home to Portland, an 8 minute undercover video shot at OHSU's primate center by whistleblower Matt Rossell, former primate technician, will also be shown. As an employee at OHSU's primate center, Rossell was one of two people charged with the responsibility of caring for the psychological well-being of more than 1,200 non-human primates. He worked at OHSU for over 2 years.

Cascadia Rising Infoshop 503.230-8360
1540 S.E. Clinton St., Portland
Tuesday, March 23, 7:00 pm

For more information contact In Defense of Animals, 503.249-9996

Learn more: [ www.boycottohsu.com | ohsukillsprimates.com ]


UPDATE on Lakeview, Oregon proposed new prison
The Western Prison Project is preparing to file a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice demanding a thorough and comprehensive review of a new state prison in Lakeview, Oregon. Approximately six million in federal funds will be applied to construction costs of the $27 million facility. The group plans to seek a temporary injunction halting construction of the prison until a full assessment of environmental issues is done. Citing the threat to local residents' water and other issues, the group is demanding a full environmental review of the proposed prison in a letter sent to the U.S. Department of Justice.

"The biggest threat is to the water supply of the residents of Lakeview. But other concerns, including issues of solid waste, transportation, and geothermal resources have simply not been addressed. We're asking for a full review of the impacts of this proposed prison on the local community, something that should have been done years ago."

The proposed Warner Creek Correctional facility has been in the works since 1996 as part of a massive $1 billion prison expansion program for the State of Oregon, when six proposed prisons were sited in the space of six months under Oregon's emergency "super siting law."

Former Governor John Kitzhaber halted plans for construction of the Warner Creek Correctional Facility in 2002. But Governor Ted Kulongoski brought the project back last legislative session.


CORPORATE DOMINANCE 18.03.2004 21:50
My radio says capitalism is about to collapse
I sat down to eat breakfast -- er, that is, lunch, I guess -- this afternoon, and turned on the radio, and pointed the rather vague tuning apparatus to about 91 FM, and I didn't know which station I'd gotten. Somebody was talking about how listeners were probably out of work. It could have been OPB, KBOO, or even maybe some commercial DJ. Then the guy started talking about networking and revolution, and I knew it was KBOO. So far so good. Then another guy jumped in, and they went back and forth about capitalism and very quickly concluded (between each other) that capitalism wasn't just a big problem, but that it was COLLAPSING UNDER ITS OWN WEIGHT and was soon to be no more. Then they played a reggae song about Babylon coming down.

Capitalism has gone through many collapses. Individual investments collapse. Individual investors lose lots of money. Entire industries and technologies go away. Depressions linger for years. That doesn't mean capitalism is necessarily going anywhere. It just seems like wishful thinking to me. When the oil runs out, won't the capitalists go back to exploiting human & animal muscle power, or coal, or biodiesel, or something? When the population bomb finally hits the wall, won't we be the ones to go hungry while the money guys at Intel eat all they want? I mean, isn't that really more likely?


GOD HATES HATE 18.03.2004 21:44
My conversation with the anti-gays
The Westboro Baptist Church from Topeka, Kansas is planning on sending several members from it's congregation to Oregon to protest queers and the institutions that recognize us as legitimate people. I recently called the church to get a timeline for it's planned protests. If you go to their website, www.godhatesfags.com, you'll see that the Westboro Baptist Church, headed by Rev Fred Phelps, is planning an excursion to Oregon. This trip is prompted by the counties in Oregon that are allowing same-sex marriages.

Since they cancelled last time, I decided to call up the church and make sure we would be seeing them this time around. According to the receptionist, if it's posted to the "Love Crusades" link on the website, then the police have been notified of their planned trip and we can expect them. I brought up the fact that Benton Co has recently permitted same-sex marriages and she said that that information just reached her desk a little while ago. "It's in the works," she said, referring to adding Eugene to the schedule. She said to keep checking the site and "I suspect you'll see it there." Heads up Eugene!

She also stated that maybe a dozen people from the church were planning on coming on this trip. She wouldn't and couldn't say whether or not Phelps himself was planning on showing up. According to her, they have a lot of pickets going on in any given weekend and Phelps may be at any one of them. Also, he is still their minister and there's always church to attend to. So, here are the times. Queer Revolution will be at the Courthouse and we'd love to see you all there to support PDX queers. Also, since we now know when he'll be at each location, we can coordinate counter-protests.


ROGUE COPS 18.03.2004 21:30
Victim Speaks Out About Perverted Eugene Cop
Magana Accuser Speaks, By Cathryn Stephens
Another perverted cop

Eugene - March 17, 2004 The accusers of a former Eugene Police officer will have to wait a little longer for their day in court, but in the meantime, one of those women is speaking out publically about her experience.

She first met officer Roger Magana when he stopped and searched her at the corner of 6th and Blair. Now, she's one of 14 women included in the criminal case against Magana and is suing the city of Eugene for more than $2 million.

"Put one hand up my shirt to shake my bra out and felt the underwire underneath my shirt," said Miriam Olson says after that first stop, former Eugene Police officer Roger Magana stopped her and searched her numerous times in the west Eugene area.

Olson says she was a heroin addict and paid for her habit by prostituting herself or stealing money from potential johns. She says Magana once had her sit in the front of his patrol car, drove a couple blocks, then told her she could avoid going to jail by performing a sex act. "He grabbed me by my head, got a big handful of hair and pulled my head into his lap with his pants unzipped," said Olson. Olson says she's now getting help for her addiction and no longer works the street. "I think a lot of good will come out of it. I think it will open a lot of people's eyes and maybe make a lot of victims lives a lot easier," said Olson.

Magana's trial is now set for June 2nd. A judge will hear motions in the case this Friday.


THE STATE VS. JUSTICE 18.03.2004 02:24
Portland lawyer shares more from Tre Arrow
I spoke with Tre again today, and he has an important message for everyone, that I will write up and disseminate broadly some time tomorrow. I ask for your patience on this. For now, I will leave you with some instructions for visiting him in case you wish to do so.

He says to call the following number at the jail to arrange a visit: 250.953.4433. You must call at least 24 hours in advance of any visit. Be sure to ask what the jail's requirements are for visitors, and be certain you can comply with all requirements before even bothering to show up for a visit...

Tre's next court date is March 29th. I do not know the name of the court or its address yet. I believe there will be at least some supporters present. I do not know what is scheduled for that day, but my guess is it will be a preliminary matter (maybe an arraignment) concerning new charges in Victoria. Remember that other than the date this is just my guess. I do not know anything about Canadian law or procedure. [ Read more... ]

Seeds of Justice Plant Sale - A fundraiser for Tre's legal defense

We began planning this event before brother Tre was captured, now the pressure is on and we need to mount a full scale effort to support and defend him.

The sale will feature locally grown organic veggie and plant starts, as well as garden art made from recycled materials. There will also be an opportunity to drop off notes of encouragement to be sent to Tre. All proceeds will go directly to Tre's legal defense.

Sunday, April 4th 11am-4pm
at People's Co-op
3029 SE 21st

sponsored by the Speaking Truth to Power Fund

previous features about Tre's capture & incarceration: [ Tre Arrow arrested by FBI (15 March) | Portland lawyer: My conversation with Tre (16 March) ]


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