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Plans for Radical Day X, II
The radical spokescouncil has been planning and flyering to meet at the opposite corner in Pioneer Square at 1pm. I noticed that someone had posted something about a march from N park blocks at 12pm. The folks involved in the planning have felt this wouldn't be a wise choice. Our numbers will be quite low this year and having everyone split up would suck a lot. The pigz have been training and gearing up(with new tazers) for 8 months already. We don't wish to be so easily silenced. We plan to have speakers and LOTS of drums, flags, banners, music, etc. If you wish to get involved in planning for DayX II then please hook up with the local radical group of your choice. [ Read More ]

[ pdx indy Day X 2004 topic page ]

Oregon Supreme Court declares part of "disorderly conduct statute" unconstitutional

[National Lawyers Guild ] (NLG) Portland Chapter is celebrating today's groundbreaking Supreme Court decision striking a portion of the disorderly conduct statute as overbroad. Stu Sugarman, Portland litigation committee co-chair, stated: "This decision removes the state's biggest weapon against law abiding protesters, and just in time for the Iraq invasion anniversary protests and the May Day protests."

The decision, State v. Ausmus, arises out of protests to President Clinton's bombing of Iraq during December 1998's Operation Desert Fox. In that case, which Sugarman coordinated, but Tim Bowman, Drew Chilton, and Hugh Sage argued, 24 protesters were prosecuted. 11 won their cases at trial and the rest had their charges dismissed because they were prosecuted under this unconstitutional statute. [ Read More ]

[ Oregon Supreme Court says "Failure To Disperse" arrests no longer allowed | M20 Day of War Protests in Portland 2003 ]


SEXUALITY / TACTICS 11.03.2004 11:57
Ooops, I really did offend the oregon Christian Coalition
Just recieved a citation from the PoPo for verbal battery and destruction of property.

Two days ago, I was greeted by a woman at the door wanting me to sign a petition on behalf of the Oregon Christian Coalition and Defense Sacramental Marriage Coalition; an effort to disbar city commisoners' decision towards same sex marriage and towards a contitutional amendment (Fed) to ban forever the possibility. I was angry but said nothing, I agreed with her, claimed interest in signing, took her petition and then said..."just a moment, my son is out back, let me check on him"...(I have no son), in the minute it took me I put her 20-some signatures in my post Enron shredder, then returned her clipboard empty, she inquired as to the papers, I returned them to her as confetti in a paper baggie (Ecologically correct), and told the nazi bitch to get off my porch and property


ALTERNATIVE MEDIA 11.03.2004 11:04
Media Politics: Olympia’s Noncommercial Radio Menagerie
smaller free radio image As Olympia gains a new LPFM station and a simulcast of Seattle's KEXP, local listeners will have a remarkable four choices for noncommercial, progressive public affairs and independent music. How will all these listener-supported stations all find financial sustainability in the area? Will KEXP's professional DJs attract listeners away from the homegrown students and activists at the other stations?

Olympia's location at the southern dregs of Puget Sound, separated from metropolises to the north and south, limits its access to some of the great community media coming out of Seattle and Portland. The city's smaller size has left its radio airwaves relatively uncrowded by comparison; making it remarkable that fans of noncommercial radio and progressive news programs like Democracy Now! and Free Speech Radio News are already well-served by local broadcasts. Evergreen's 1500-watt KAOS (89.3fm) is king of noncommercial community broadcasting in the area, and there's also the scrappy pirates at Free Radio Olympia (91.3fm), broadcasting a daily schedule of public affairs and often-exciting music.

Reclaim The Media Coverage


SUSTAINABILITY 10.03.2004 17:33
Environmental Impact of PCs
When you add all the electricity it takes to run the internet + the impact of making PCs, it's a global warming and environmental nightmare..."the manufacturing of one desktop computer and 17-inch CRT (cathode ray tube) monitor requires at least 240 kilograms of fossil fuels, 22 kilograms of chemicals and 1,500 kilograms of water. In terms of weight, the total amount of materials used is about equal to that of a mid-size car."

A United Nations University study into the environmental impact of personal computers, due to be published later Monday, has found that around 1.8 tons of raw material are required to manufacture the average desktop PC and monitor and that extending a machine's operational life through re-use holds a much greater potential for energy saving than recycling.

According to the study, the manufacturing of one desktop computer and 17-inch CRT (cathode ray tube) monitor requires at least 240 kilograms of fossil fuels, 22 kilograms of chemicals and 1,500 kilograms of water. In terms of weight, the total amount of materials used is about equal to that of a mid-size car. [ READ MORE ]

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Fix Hawthorne to improve bike and pedestrian safety and quality of life
Hawthorne is a great neighborhood. Hawthorne is a terrible street. I understand why the sidewalk gets used for bikes, the street is terrifying. That's no excuse for bad manners. Bikes on the sidewalk should be walked or riden no faster than a walk and with plenty of bell ringing.

Get involved with the future plans. Don't be too skeptical of getting involved with city planning. It works, sometimes its hard, but you can make a difference, as in the reservoirs are still on Mt Tabor.

Hawthorne, the street, needs some majorverhauling.

  • It's too narrow for 4 lanes of cars. Reduce to 2 car lanes, and 2 GOOD bike lanes.
  • Sidewalks too narrow. Use some of the freed up space to widen sidewalks.
  • Sidewalks too ugly. Plant more trees. Place some benches.
  • Too damn smelly and noisy from traffic. Whatever happened to electric steetcars?
  • Parallel parking is dangerous and annoying. Use some of the freed up space to create BACK-IN angle parking. It is easier than parallel and MUCH safer when re-entering traffic.

RELATED ARTICLE: [ Cyclists: Show some freakin' courtesy! ]


Neighbors oppose new bar in Seven Corners area
The future of the Seven Corners area of Southeast Portland was once more the center of discussion and contention tonight, at a meeting between the Hosford-Abernathy Neighborhood Association (HAND) and the "Opal Corporation", which is made up of four individuals who want to open a bar called "the Night Light Lounge" at 21st & Clinton. Just around the corner from the new New Seasons, and down the street from the planned Starbucks, this establishment is one more example of how quickly Seven Corners is changing these days, and how little (if any) power that neighborhood residents have over what happens in the places they live.

The subject of tonight's meeting, which was facilitated by Eric, a man from the city's office of neighborhood involvement, was a "Good Neighbor Agreement" that Opal has been discussing with HAND over the course of several meetings. HAND has already come out in opposition to Opal's application to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC). The application is for a "limited on-premise license" for beer, wine, malt beverages and cider that would let the Night Light sell those alcoholic beverages until 2:30am, the latest time allowed by Oregon State Law. It's my understanding that Opal wants to stay open that late in order to cater to the twenty- and thirty-somethings around town who work at other bars and restaurants and want someplace to go after work. HAND has offered to withdraw its opposition to the OLCC license if a Good Neighbor Agreement is signed. By the end of the meeting, however, no agreement had been reached, but a lot was revealed about the state of The System.


WHAT FIRST AMENDMENT? 10.03.2004 01:27
No Free Speech in Seattle's Public Market
Abbie Hoffman said, "Free means you don't pay for it." And America's constitutionally- guaranteed "Free Speech" has several freedom issues, including freedom from payment, freedom from political censorship, and the freedom to perform anonymously. As a street performer, "free" speech has been a long-fought battleground, and I see street performers as the canaries in the mine. When a town wants to ban free speech, the first thing they do is ban street performance and then label all political speech activity as street performance, thereby prohibiting free speech via street performance ordinances. Or, they sidestep and confuse constitutional free speech issues, by clouding them with street performance rules and regulations.

This technique of squashing 1st Amendment rights has been effectively employed, in my opinion, by Seattle's famed Pike Place Market (the one with the guys throwing fish on TV), for the 27 years I have been a street performer there.

[ Other stories by Kirsten Anderberg ]


DEEP POLITICS 10.03.2004 01:23
Peak Oil, Mad Cow, and 9-11 - connecting the dots
Or, how to 'protect consumer confidence' by protecting corporate special interest groups...

Why is there no public debate concerning the issue of 'peak Oil', in particular when 'Peak Oil' helps explain why the American government is establishing bases in the Caucusus (the largest untapped petroleum reserves in the world) and why they were planning a war over a petroleum pipe line through AFghanistan in the months prior to 911, and why they are now in Iraq?

One thing to keep in mind here is the fragility of a modern market based economy. Everything is done to maintain 'consumer confidence' with that 'confidence index' being one of the most watched indicators...the current economic system is so fragile that it literally needs to commit suicide tommorrow in order to keep the cycle of consumption of products going today...the world is thus locked into a vicious circle...

[ Other stories by Brent Herbert ]


SELECTION 2004 10.03.2004 01:19
A Vote For Bush is a Vote For Revolution
When I was younger, I was very interested in the 1960's. The vietname war, the music, the movies, the art, the protests. The love, all of that stuff makes a young person think that change is possible that another world is possible it made me beleive that we could win. I wondered whatever happened to the people that were protesting war in the 60's and actively pushing for change in this country and the world.

I found out that those people went underground, were jailed, were outright murdered, were duped back into society, etc etc etc. There is the Weather Undergroud, active force of revolution springing for Students for a Democratic Society. There was the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army, the Yippies, numerous names that are no longer remembered of community based/student organizations. These are gone now. [ Why? ]

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ENVIRONMENT 10.03.2004 01:16
Chemtrails at Night in PDX
I was saying to my Boss/firend most all the day "Wow no chemtrails on 2 clear day's in a row"

I got off work about 4hrs later aprox 7:30pm and went across the st to the 45th st. pub and had 2 drink's Kettle One Vodka with soda to be exact, with my Boss/friend and he left so did I 10min later,I played music for 45min or so and I was walking back across the st and I see this big moon on a clear night, and all I wanted to do is to rush into the bar and tell the folk's whatta kind moon was out there, and then I saw the trail's 6 at first and then when I went into the bar I was saying OMG look out side!!! and after saying this 3 or 4 time's a friend of mine that lived down the way was there and we got her video cam out.

I don't think the pic's came out that good but we did get them,there where 9 trails within a 15min time span and the last one that we witnesed went across the others and then stoped the trail.


North Portland Police Precinct in the news again
Today's Snoregonion had a little article about a police officer shooting himself in the leg. Their words were something along the lines of "his gun discharged in the office" Gosh, that must have caused quite a scare.

Breaking news here- firearms tend to make holes in people and things. Usually this is not a good thing.

I've always held the belief that most cops should not carry handguns. Put a good rifle or shotgun in the car, only get it out when theres a good chance they need it. Most any rifle or shotgun is a much "better" weapon than any pistol.

Certainly they shouldn't be carrying those silly semi-automatics. A 38 special is more than adequete. Officers who really feel like they need a surrogate penis could apply for permission to carry a 357 for awesome noise and the ability to shoot thru telephone poles, engine blocks, and concrete block walls.


SUSTAINABILITY 09.03.2004 17:31
Free Gardening Workshop at People's Food Co-op 3/27
garden copy On Saturday March 27th from 2pm to 4pm in the People's Community Room (located upstairs at the People's Food Co-op, 3029 SE 21st Ave, 1 block North of Powell), People's Food Co-op will be offering a free Gardening Workshop. This event is open to everyone.

The Gardening Workshop will cover the many aspects of organic urban vegetable and flower growing including soil preparation & nutrient maintenance using USDA Organic Standards, seed starting and planting seeds directly, companion planting, beneficial flowers, and Farmers' Market growing.


Unemployment benefits? NOT!
I am having a very hard time getting unemployement benefits even though I was fired during a downsizing of the the company. How many others are being denied benefits? If we are denied, then we are not counted as the unemployed. WHAT? It was one of those crazy making situations where the company I worked for was losing money big time and needed to cut some offices. They closed three offices within 100 miles of the office I worked for. My supervisor, who I rarely saw and who lived 250 miles away came to town to announce changes. She told us that she was closing the office 30 miles away and that the office manager would be laid off and the social worker would come to our office. Our office already had two social workers, and we worked in a cramped place. We had lost half of our clients due to cuts in the state budget. It looked like I would still have a job.

The next week the supervisor came back and everyone in the office took off. The supervisor asked me to come into an office with her. She handed me a piece of paper and said I was to be "terminated" immediately. She asked me to sign a piece of paper and she would give me my last pay check. I said I needed to see the paper...to read it. I asked her why I was being terminated. She said that I had been acting too overly agressive in a training with Community groups. I said that I had only said one thing in that meeting...it was that "clearly the focus of our work should be the welfare of children". I asked her who my accusers were. She said she could not tell me. I asked her for time to find witnesses who would tell her that I was appropriate in the meeting. She said the decision was already made. She asked me to sign the paper. I said, again, that I needed to read the paper. She said that she would need me to sign the paper to get my check.

related: Bush: "people are poor because they are lazy"


Commentary on Oregon Electric Utility Company's Filing to Acquire PGE
Enron Gets Zapped by Its Own Greed At the close of business on March 8, 2004, the Oregon Electric Utility Company, LLC (OEU) filed with the Oregon Public Utility Commission (OPUC) an application for approval of its acquisition of PGE.

OEU did not furnish its application to interested parties, but I was able to obtain the 26-page body of the application from the OPUC, without the 21 exhibits. I can identify from the 26-page application some items of potential interest, although it is possible that some of the statements in the Application include typographical or mathematical errors or otherwise leave an incorrect impression.

I am not stating any position on whether the transaction should be approved. I will be in my office on March 9 after 11 a.m.

Dan Meek, Attorney
10949 S.W. 4th Avenue
Portland, OR 97219
503-293-9021 voice
503-293-9099 fax



LABOR 08.03.2004 17:09
Safeway strike settles; tentative agreement at Powell's
The striking Safeway workers in California have ratified a new contract and will be returning to work. The union international's (predictable) take on the settlement can be found at  http://www.ufcw.org/hold_the_line/facts_and_news/scali_vote.cfm. The attached article gives a more critical perspective. In related news, Jobs with Justice reports that Powell's workers have reached a tentative agreement that preserves their health care coverage and includes 2% annual wage increases. Look for more coverage on this as it comes up for a ratification vote. Que vivan los trabajadores! Health care is a right, dammit!


THE TRUTH 07.03.2004 02:40
Aristide Details Last Moments In Haiti, Calls For Stop To Bloodshed In First Address To Haitian People From Exile
President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, who left a tumultuous Haiti under shadowy circumstances Feb. 29, has delivered an impassioned address "To the Haitian People and the World" by cell phone to a Haitian journalist in the United States working with a radio station in Berkeley, CA. Aristide spoke from the Central African Republic where he has been under a virtual house arrest in the days since he was delivered from Port-au-Prince on a U.S. plane.

Dear compatriots, it is with these first words that I am saluting our brothers and sisters from Africa, while I am standing on the soil of the Republic of Central Africa. Allow me to salute you by repeating that same declaration that is, "In overthrowing me, they have uprooted the trunk of the tree of peace, but it will grow back because the roots are L'Ouverturian." In fact, during the night of the 28th of February 2004, there was a coup d'etat. One could equally say that it was a geo-political kidnapping. I can clearly say that it was terrorism disguised as diplomacy. To conclude, this coup d'etat and this kidnapping are like two quarters and 50 cents side by side.

I have always denounced the coming of this coup d'etat, but until the 27th of February, the day before, I didn't see that the crime was going to be accompanied by kidnapping as well. The 28th of February, at night, suddenly, American military personnel who were already all over Port-au-Prince descended on my house in Tabarre to tell me first that all the American security agents who have contracts with the [Haitian] government only have two options. Either they leave immediately to go to the United States, or they fight to die.

Recording of Aristide speaking
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SEXUALITY | CIVIL RIGHTS 06.03.2004 13:00
Getting married for Gays and Lesbians means alot more to us than a slip of paper
On Wednesday when the first gay marriages were being performed me and my boyfriend wished we could afford the sixty dollars. That night our friend Megan called and asked if there was anything she could do to help us get married. Andi (now my husband) told her we didn't really have the money, she replied, "I said is there anything I can do!" So on Thursday March 4th 2004 we found ourselves standing in line at the Multnomah County offices waiting for the slips of paper, in triplicate no less, that affirmed our place in society as real human beings. I didn't have any idea it would be this important to me just to have the opportunity to get married. As if I was a real citizen, not a second class one. Everyone was wonderful; we met couples who have waited the 3 to 4 times the duration of most straight marriages just to have this opportunity.


RESISTANCE | TACTICS 05.03.2004 19:54
This March 20th will not be like the last.
It will be like March 20th 2001. What I mean by this is that there is nothing that will come out of a rally and march on the 20th except some liberally sore feet (hah!). Even the so-called "radical feeder march" is a fucking j-o-k-e. As the pages of indymedia say, from the people that are out there, this is a yawn. This is not a reason to leave your homes and go rally with PPRC or the so-called radicals at wither Pioneer Square or the North Park Blocks.

Last year, when the war broke out, people broke out of their shells and voiced a loud NO in opposition, this year, people are attempting to do the same thing, which is so stupid. Okay, I remember last year, it was great, we got together in the nights before and made shields and networked. We had emergency councils and tried to really make a statement. Now we are just going to walk in circles against a machine that doesnt listen to dissents VOICE. [ READ MORE ]

[ Mar. 20 Intl. Day of Resistance Against War | March 20? What is this? A non-event? | M20 2004 Action Page ]


What about a "no franchise zone" law to support local businesses?
this one is next help your local community, keep tax dollars local, instead of siphoned out. There should be many arguments to make finanically for the city as well as socially for the people in general on such a policy.

from comments: There is something similar called a "Formula-Retail Business Notification Ordinance" this would not be an outright ban of Chainstores, but would require any business in Portland that triggers the formula-retail business definition (commonly referred to as a chain store) to notify neighbors when they want to move into a new location. A formula-retail business is defined as an establishment that has four or more outlets and exhibits standardized characteristics such as a trademark, decor, signage, color scheme, uniform or architecture.

another commenter: Man, that would be great. I hate, HATE, franchises like McShitburger, I honestly do believe that their bland, mass-market million-seller food is one of the things most wrong with America. But a law banning them, even from just a small area? I dunno... The People, the only true government, must walk that fine line between wanting to do the right thing and becoming a tool of opression. Franchises are bad, but banning them may be worse (I don't see how, but it sure is possible). Every time government has stepped in to ban things in the entire course of history, nearly 100% of the time it has made things worse.


ANTI-IMPERIALISM 05.03.2004 12:23
The Women of the Black Caucus
This is a letter to the women in the Black Caucus because their courage might yet provide us with a time to retrace and undo our sinful evil ways in Haiti. What the US has done there is a sin of such grievous magnitude, it is a assuming such a heavy karmic debt before the world and the continent of the Americas, that we will be paying and regretting it for generations to come. We have, in suicidal fashion, brought to our continental shores the genocidal psychopathic madness we unleashed upon a stunned world in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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