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News Update from PCUN: Oct 12 Grand opening of Cipriano Ferrel Education Center

News Update from PCUN, Oregon's Farmworker Union PCUN members and supporters are invited to join us at this upcoming celebration. With the completion of the Cipriano Ferrel Education Center, the Farmworker Housing Development Corporation has reached a milestone in the history of Woodburn and its farmworker community.

Grand opening of Cipriano Ferrel Education Center:
A Milestone in farmworker housing, a key to unity in Woodburn
Governor Kulongoski to speak at opening ceremonies
When: Sunday, Oct. 12, 3:00 PM
Where: Cipriano Ferrel Education Center, 1274 Fifth Street Woodburn, OR 97071

homepage: www.pcun.org


FREEDOM | YOUTH RIGHTS 09.10.2003 23:23
Student speaks out against bandana ban at Tualatin High School
I am a junior at Tualatin High School, and have always believed in freedom of speech and expression. Recently, my school has enacted a rule that forbids wearing bandanas on school grounds, because they are gang-related. I have never heard of a gang or any kind of gang activity in this predominantly middle class suburb. While I have never worn a bandana to school, this new injustice tempts me to do so. The fact that this piece of fashion, which is growing increasingly popular, has been taken away for an unsatisfying reason makes me terribly upset. I can not believe the administration would take this extreme, and that the majority of the students is taking it in stride.


POLICE STATE 09.10.2003 10:08
California Peace Group Infiltrated By Government Agent
Peace Fresno was infiltrated by an agent working for the Fresno Sheriff's Department. Aaron Kilner, known by Peace Fresno activists as Aaron Stokes, attended several Peace Fresno meetings. Peace Fresno activist Nicholas DeGraff remembers him taking voluminous notes and several members say they saw him at peace vigils held at Shaw and Blackstone. He was also on the bus local anti-globalization activists took to attend the WTO ministerial-level conference on Agricultural Science and Technology demonstration in Sacramento in June 2003.

Aaron Kilner died in a motorcycle accident on August 30, 2003. In his obituary in The Fresno Bee he was identified as a member of the Fresno County Sheriff's department. The obituary went on to say that he was "assigned to the anti-terrorist team." Local activists believe that this "anti-terrorist team" is, in fact, the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) that has recently been formed in this area.. When members of Peace Fresno saw the picture and read of Kilner's association with law enforcement they began piecing the story together.

The infiltration by law enforcement of progressive community groups in Fresno and throughout the country has long been used to disrupt legitimate political work. This disruption occurs by sowing seeds of mistrust among members, agents often promote discord within the group, and sometimes encourage illegal or violent actions. Agent provocateurs have been know to instigate violence at demonstrations, giving the police an excuse to attack protestors.


FOREST DEFENSE 09.10.2003 10:00
Straw Devil Update: Activists ask, “How much is a human life worth?”
Eugene, OR - Risking their lives in order to save ancient trees, forest defenders announce the use of new and unique methodology known as "octopods" - occupied platforms suspended 150 feet in the air supported by a pulley system tied-in to 8 surrounding trees. If any tree or rope in the area is cut, the platform will fall, resulting in the death of the person occupying it.

Similar technology affords the protection of up to 4-acres by an elaborate rope and pulley system attached to a platform "pod" dangling between several trees. Death of the occupant would result if any tree or rope is disturbed.

In addition, two major access roads to the sale units are now obstructed by elaborate blockades, which are connected to an occupied platform up to 150 feet above the blockade. If the blockades are disturbed, the occupants will fall to their death.

Injunction Won Until At Least Nov 7 | ONRC Press Release on Lawsuit


The Call for a National Day of Protest Against Police Brutality
This call is from the October 22 Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation. Where will you be on October 22, 2003? What will you be doing? Will you join with thousands of others across the country to expose and oppose the nationwide epidemic of Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation?

They tell us the repressive practices they are enacting today, like expanding racial profiling and giving the police more power over the people, are being done to keep us safe. Roundups and deportations of thousands of immigrants are widely practiced. Laws and policies which are being enacted today, like the USA PATRIOT ACT and Homeland Security, raise the specter of a police state. But there ain't no safety in a police state!

This stepped-up clampdown has already met with resistance in many areas... On October 22, 2003, the 8th Annual National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation, we have an opportunity to make a powerful and visible manifestation in the streets and in other ways to oppose this repressive clampdown and break through the wall of silence the authorities have tried to maintain around these outrages. We can drag their crimes out into the light of day so that others may join us in opposing them. Our actions on October 22nd will give strength and courage to people who are resisting and let them know that they have allies.

Revolutionary Worker Online | Revolutionary worker Resource Page
Oct. 10- "Stop Police Brutality!" Organizational Meeting


09.10.2003 08:32
Peace, Justice & Media Conference October 9 - 12 in Eugene
Ready for an antidote for mainstream media bias?
Learn how to deconstruct, work with or even become the media at the 3rd Annual Peace, Justice and Media Conference. All events are FREE and open to the public unless otherwise indicated.

Conference Highlights:
Jim Hightower - Attend 12:15 Thursday rally with Jim to protect our bill of rights!
Opening keynote on October 9th at 7:30 pm at Lane Community College, Building 19.



LABOR 09.10.2003 00:40
IWW retail workers in solidarity with Powell's struggle
The membership of the Portland IWW retail/general distribution workers Industrial Organizing Committee (IOC 660) stands in complete solidarity with the workers represented by ILWU Local #5 of Powell's Bookstores, Inc. Our Committee, comprised of workers from several facets of the retail world, recognizes a common struggle with our fellow workers from Powell's against worker exploitation. IOC 660 has noted how Powell's management has continually proceeded in a pattern of employee intimidation against union activists, and how it has often times unfairly punished Powell's workers under the pretense that "well, the union's rules make us have to do it."

The IWW IOC 660 would like to extend our greatest feelings of solidarity to Powell's rank and file workers. We recognize that standing up to the boss and demanding more, especially in this time of supposed economic recession, requires great courage and love for everyone who you work with. In our own workplaces, IWW members struggle with this reality everyday, so we know how hard it can be to pull people together.

Our hope is that Powell's workers realize that they are not alone, and that IWW members are ready and willing to support them. [ Read more... ]

Informational picket at Powell's, Sun. Oct. 12, 1 PM to 4 PM
Come show your support for the workers of Powell's Books by participating in an informational picket, October 12th from 1-4 at the Burnside location. We are fighting for a fair contract that maintains our healthcare and wages. Over the last 3 years Powell's has not only survived the turbulent economic climate but thrived, expanding and investing in facilities and purchasing a million dollar computer system. All these things are important in keeping Powell's competitive, but it is more important that Powell's invest in its employees. [ Read more... ]

[ ILWU Local 5 (Powells workers) | Portland IWW ]


CALIFORNIA RECALL 09.10.2003 00:33
The Corporate Media Engineers an Election By the Numbers
Never has there ever been a more profound example of the corporate media engineering an election and yes I mean a more profound example than even election 2000. I decided to keep track of this election statistically and compare how the statistics play out with the hyperbole and slant that the corporate media indulged itself in during the special election to recall Gov. Gray Davis in California.

With 99.8% of precincts reporting as of October 8th. 2003 at 2:43 p.m. the number of Californians that had voted in the recall was 7,898,606. The corporate media overwhelmingly from CNN to NBC to NPR described the number of voters going to the polls on the day of the election as a "huge turnout". One commentator even went so far as to say "record turnout". And of course the number being touted around by all the corporate media outlets the day after the election was a "60 percent turnout". No matter where I went all I heard were that huge numbers were going to the polls while I was monitoring the corporate media the day of the election. And of course this is what the corrupt establishment elites want us to believe. They want us to believe that Arnold Schwarzenegger has such overwhelming support in California and that he has such a huge mandate to knock heads in Sacramento that the Democratic dominated legislature in California will simply roll over to Arnold's demands. In fact, it is strictly an illusion of numbers.


ANIMAL RIGHTS 08.10.2003 22:01
Week of Action Against SHAC Grand Juries
The real terrorists have blood on their hands. Political witchhunts against activists have gotten out of hand with at least 8 known grand juries investigating animal rights activity. It seems we have another "Red Scare" on our hands.

Thankfully, activists have learned from history and are starting to fight back. SHAC activists have even traveled back to Little Rock this week to give the gang a little reminder of the animal rights movement (check it out at: http://www.shacamerica.net/lrgj/index.htm and http://www.shacamerica.net/witchhunts.htm).

Do your part protesting these attacks on the First Amendment!

  • Write Letters To The Editor: grand juries operate in secrecy and hate nothing more than exposure. So let's give it to 'em!
  • Register Your Disgust With The U.S. Attorneys In Charge Of These Political Witchhunts: they are public officials paid by us, and should answer to us!
  • Call Huntingdon (over and over again) and let them feel the heat!
    T: (732) 873 2550
    F: (732) 873 8513

The press has already covered efforts in Little Rock (read the full story.) So get writing and get calling!


PORTLAND POLICE STATE 08.10.2003 15:41
Officer Meyers leads Portland Police in eradicating children's garden

Officer Myers: pepper-sprayed a 12 year old girl on Feb. 15, 2003; destroyed children's garden today, October 8.
As I write this, the Children's Garden on SW 13th and Alder, created by the children of a neighborhood church, is being chopped, burned, and cut to the ground by bureaucratic "progress." Across the street, the children who planted the garden will, no doubt, be in tears when they discover what has happened.

Like hundreds of other people, I walk past the Children's Garden nearly every day. It was one of those success stories. A place once blighted by neglect, now a beautiful garden full of healing herbs and flowers. Once, this corner was barren, eroded, and full of garbage. But the children from the Presbyterian church across the street reclaimed it for the community. They composted, enriched the soil, and planted it themselves, surprising everyone with a newfound eden in the midst of urban decay and dead plastic "gentrification."

This was one of those success stories you hear about; People coming together to create something beautiful for each other for no other reason than the goodness of their souls. This is what community building is all about. In a way, this kind of action threatens the capitalist model, because it enriches the spirit of the commmons. It shows that people are willing and able to give of themselves with no market motive. It was a heartfelt contribution to an underground gift economy that thrives even under the thumb of the invisible hand. I found this garden a joy and an inspiration every day.

Today, I was horrified to come upon it as workers in orange vests assaulted the nasturtiums, the rose campion, the marigolds and the asters. Their weapons were weed eaters, poison and ignorance. The devastation was everywhere. Green leaves and delicate branches lay dying where they had been torn from the ground. The smell of gasoline mingled with the scent of thyme, rosemary, and chlorophyl. The soft curves of drifts of flowers had been replaced by the flat, wasted finality of progress...

Officer Meyers speaks...
Officer Meyers accidentally answered his phone, thinking I was someone else. Lo, the buck stops with him.

"I am the person that had it done, yes." That's what he said. Why? Because it's part of a sweeping pilot program he personally designed to deforest many public areas to cut down on crime. He feels that homeless people are deficating and urinating around the city, causing "drug-related property crimes" and by God, he won't have it.


Western Shoshone Indians Sue U.S. Government


Value of land in dispute and monies due exceeds $100 billion.

A lawsuit was filed by the WESTERN SHOSHONE INDIAN NATION against the UNITED STATES on Monday, September 29, 2003. The case was filed in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. (Case No. 03-cv-2009 RCL, Judge Royce C. Lamberth)

Western Shoshone Defense Project


07.10.2003 19:26
Forest Defenders Needed at Straw Devil NOW!
With the injunction ending tomorrow, Straw Devil needs your help!
Cascadia Forest Defenders invites anyone and everyone who wants to save the last of our ancient, native forests to come out to the Straw Devil timber sale now! The temporary restraining order against the logging of this magnificent forest expires tomorrow, and we could see logging of the sale (as well as East Devil, Pryor, and Solo sales) as soon as tomorrow, October 8th.

Anyone who can come out to the forest to stay for a day, a week, a month, forever is encouraged to come. Even if you cannot make it out to physically resist these ecocidal maniacs, those who are in the forest would greatly benefit from any donations of winter clothing (ie, wool, capilene, goretex), rain gear, camping gear, climbing gear, or money

If you want to join us, or just help out from afar, now is the time! Please contact us!

phone: (541) 684-8977
address: Office: 454 Willamette Ste 205, Eugene
Mail: PO Box 11122, Eugene, OR 97440


ANIMAL RIGHTS 07.10.2003 19:19
Activists streak at World Cup game in Portland
Two animal rights activists streaked across the soccer field yesterday at the Women's World Cup soccer tournament carrying a banner stating, "Adidas kills kangaroos" and "Boycott Adidas!".

In May 2003, the California-based animal rights group Viva!USA filed a lawsuit against Adidas based on California Penal Code § 653o, which states that the body parts or products of kangaroos cannot be imported or sold in the state.

In Defense of Animals is a national non-profit organization based California with an office in Portland.

Viva!, an international organization with its USA headquarters in Davis,CA, is organizing a global campaign against Adidas' use of kangaroo skins. For more information, including a copy of the legal complaint and video of the hunting, go to www.savethekangaroo.com. .


LEARNING OUR LEGACIES 07.10.2003 09:43
Weatherman Underground should be a feature on Indy Media!
A movie about an activist group that is peaceful for seven years then turns to violence seen from its inception, told by the peopel that were in it, and they look back and reflect on it today. There isn't a better lesson for Indy Media enthusiasts. The force of Peace, Love and Understanding generate Wisdom in your actions.

"If a picture speaks a thousand words, The Weather Underground speaks volumes. Using historic footage with present day interviews, the director tells a part of the compelling story that is late sixties and early seventies New Left politics.

It's entertaining, educational, and very reflexive for what is happening in the streets today. But it's not free and it's not on the internet, so most of you wiley pirates and ninjas who need to see it (my opinion) probably won't bother. That said I think you should, so here are my reasons why...

  1. The folks in the film resort to the violence that is sometimes flirted with on this site. It gives a real face to the hypotheticals that are so easily tossed around cyberland.
  2. Three members of the group die trying to build a bomb. The director interviews some of the other Weathermen about this tragedy. Their reactions are genuine and considered.
  3. There's great footage from the anti-war demonstrations during the Vietnam War. It puts the current actions into perspective and shows the naked hand of police violence again and again. There's also a great scene of an un-arrest. Very cool!
  4. Weather Underground members on film today are true pioneers. They went there and back. They learned their personal lessons and political lessons. They have a story to tell. Listen.

So scrape together the $7.00 and go to Cinema 21 (616 NW 21st Street). It plays only through this Thursday and the show times are 7:00pm and 9:00pm. You don't have to see it three times or anything like that. J Just go see it once and expect to learn a little something. You owe it to yourself and you owe it to the movement. Oh, and have fun!"

"Violence is a natural result of oppression and injustice. Abolitionist Frederick Douglass believed that when an escaped slave used force to prevent a slave-catcher from forcibly returning him to bondage, he or she was helping to lift slaves up from both their physical and mental bondage. It was the persistent lack of resistance in the face of unremitting oppression that had the most morally degrading influence on the oppressed"


CORPORATE DOMINANCE 06.10.2003 19:37
Answers to PGE's False and Misleading Statements in the Full Page Ads
In a Press Conference on Thursday, October 2, 2003, the Oregon Public Power Coalition responded to recent false statements made by PGE in their efforts to crush Public Power in Multnomah County.
  • Voting yes on Measure 26-51 to form the PUD does not have any affect at all on property taxes. Zero.
  • PGE claims that a PUD would have "less reliability" but has never offered a shred of evidence. When Columbia River PUD separated from PGE in 1984 and again separated a larger area in 2000, the number of outages went down, not up.
  • PGE contends that the result of forming the PUD would be "higher electric rates." In fact, every PUD in Oregon has lower rates than PGE
  • PGE is "not Enron:" -Yes it is. Enron owns 100% of PGE's stock. Enron's fate = PGE's fate = our fate.
WWW.OPPC.NET / 503-970-2069
[ http://www.100000votes.com/ | Clackamas PUD Effort ]


CORPORATE DOMINANCE 06.10.2003 19:30
511,000 Oregonians without Health Care
In Oregon, the problem of increasing uninsured has been exacerbated by cuts to the Oregon Health Plan. Since February, 40,000 Oregonians have been dropped from the Oregon Health Plan largely because they were unable to pay newly mandated premiums....

"We have seen a vast increase of families in crisis calling our health care helpline. These families cannot access the health care they need and are forced to use emergency rooms as their primary point of care further escalating our healthcare costs. I am very concerned about the consequences if another 85,000 people are cut from the health plan in February." -- Ellen Pinney, Oregon Health Action Campaign

homepage: http://www.oregoniansforhealthsecurity.org


FREEDOM RIDE 06.10.2003 12:55
Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride Rally a Huge Success!
As the culmination of Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride, on Saturday, October 4th, tens of thousands of immigrant workers joined friends and allies for a fabulous rally in Flushing Meadows Park in Queens, New York.

You could literally feel the joy in the air and the sense of solidarity as people from many different nations joined together for a common cause: to focus attention on immigrant rights and to help force the United States government to make pivotal changed in its current immigration policies.


Isidro Segundo Gil, an employee at a Coca-Cola bottling plant in Colombia, was killed at his workplace by paramilitary thugs. His children, now living in hiding with relatives, undersand all too well why their homeland is known as "a country where union work is like carrying a tombstone on your back."

In the lawsuit, Gil's union, Sinaltrainal, the International Labor Rights Fund (ILRF) and the United Steelworkers of America assert that the Coke bottlers "contracted with or otherwise directed paramilitary security forces that utilized extreme violence and murdered, tortured, unlawfully detained or otehrwise silenced trade union leaders."

Coca-Cola bottlers "contracted with or otherwise directed paramilitary security forces that utilize extreme violence and murdered, tortured, unlawfully detained or otherwise silenced trade union leaders," the lawsuit states. It also notes that Colombian troops connected with the paramilitaries have trained at the U.S. Army's School of the Americas (SOA) at Fort Benning, Ga., where trainees were encouraged to torture and murder those who do "union organizing and recruiting;" pass out "propaganda in favor of workers;" and "sympathize with demonstrators or strikes." This was made public when the Pentagon was forced to reveal the contents of training manuals used at the school. (For more information, see www.soaw.org...
"Labor unions and human rights advocates in the United States can stop these atrocities at Coca-Cola's bottling plants."

Colombian Union activist and Coca-Cola worker to speak in Portland!!!
Vandana Shiva's ZNet Commentary on Toxic Coke


PUBLIC POWER CAMPAIGN 06.10.2003 00:17
Where Is the Pro PUD Committee and What Is It Doing?
Is there any organized resistance to the anti-PUD "Citizens Against The Government Takeover", PGE-manipulated campaign?

I'm getting more and more disgusted with the giant ads, fliers, and (now) three anti-PUD television spots airing in Portland and paid for by the PGE puppet group, "Citizens Against the Government Takeover". I don't see any organized effort to counter the lies and half-truths, nor anyone speaking out regarding the heavy hand of PGE and its advertising agency, Gard & Gerber, in running the campaign. I have not seen, nor received one piece of pro-PUD literature explaining the situation in a positive way and that it will not cost "millions of dollars" in new property taxes or "add a new layer of government". I have written to the OREGONIAN and to WILLAMETTE WEEK and have not received acknowlegment from either so perhaps individual attempts will be doomed to failure. Hard to publish information countering a group that is buying up full page advertising in your paper . . . especially when the Portland Business Alliance has come out in support of the "Citizens" and against a PUD, I guess. Anyone out there know of a group planning to fight this steamroller?

Some Responses:
There's an AP piece on the lopsided battle over the PUD at KGW and at OregonLive.
Opposition is via the Oregon Public Power Coalition and its November ballot website.

[http://communique.portland.or.us/ | Some Answers ]


05.10.2003 19:37
Mount Ashland (OR) threatened with ski area expansion--ACT NOW to help protect
Mount Ashland, OR: proposed ski expansion would clearcut  old-growth shown here Mount Ashland, the highest peak in southern Oregon's Siskiyou Mountains is threatened by a proposed ski area expansion that would log 450 truck fulls of pristine old-growth forest, intrude into a roadless area, threaten rare plant & animal habitat, and threaten the purity of Ashland's only water supply. Please visit this website and send an email in opposition to the expansion: www.mountashland.com
Rogue IMC Coverage with Video


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